Kari Lake…the one??

The conclusion that a nurse of critical care experience in Phoenix will cost you about 2000.00, per shift or more is a poignant reality of failure. The failure lies not in shortage but staffing that finding the truth is not told. Lies at nursing board are easily found via many avenues of power and money. I look at Kari Lake for doing what D.Ducey could not. It would be so good to see the look on new governor’s face, a woman who takes immaculate care of herself, the first time she meets Ridenour and her deputies. I know you can pelt these hacks away from real working nurses. Dedicated to the laws in place already are all that is asked for. Be wicked delicate in the offices of AG. The home of where smart people do stupid stuff.

Peary Brown retired R.N. 10/26/2022

About 5 yrs of azbn posts. 1900 comments on 109 posts big returns with names like Ridenour Quinn Campbell Milhasky Trujillo Brown ..Comments, if any, will appear at the bottom of searched article. Comments are not seo friendly and can not be searched. Although there is no review here of the pill mill scams that have contributed the the opioid crisis so evident prior to the open borders policy. Such as the Ore. Waterfall Rehab debacle by S.Krishna. The Public knows Krishna as a criminal of newbe status looking to get ahead. God Will Give Her Justice.

http://www.nursingadvocate.org .Will be for the nurse to find protection from unwanted prosecutions.


Subjective Journalism Limited AZBN

The identification of evidence carried here is unneeded as it is mostly direct evidence and black letter law violations. The reason only for now is that all posted here not in comments is direct evidence such as nurse L.Trujillo being revoke for breaking the confidentiality on a corpse. And retaliated upon by being listed as nurse imposter. The volume of incredible civil, ethical.as well of criminal actions is way common considering the large number of listed cases disciplined, meaning 1000/yr lics go south?? Of course this not today the importance of known criminal acts inside the AZBN;confirmation is Nurse T’s case who meets new Nurse grad, 43 y.o. excop, male ; all clues In my world that in itself is a clue. They do not date but exchange online to her snapping and threatens Steven Gonos. He testifies to the truth, advanced practice Nurse dumps probation and loss of lic ×5yrs. The crime, at least in the real world, is putting a documented perjurious witness with a prior record for discipline and police officer job dismissal under oath Putting a known perjurious witness, with a record, under oath is only noncriminal when the witness is recorded as such. Creeps can legally testify as long as the court identifies as prior creep history. It doesn’t matter to the AZBN that Gonos had red flags stuck all over him. All behaviors in this case destroy social mores that send chills up nurse’s spine. The need for the Nursing board to pull power for a puke like Gonos is pure Satan. The relationship between police and nurses is a social more of major impact for our community to see the uselessness and social dangers of Director Ridenour. In this case Sunita Krishna was the blind pigeon. I’m easy to find. Peary Brown Retired RN

The Invaluable Use Of Power To Silence Selective Nurses

Elizabeth A. Campbell AZBN

As of 30 July 2022 Elizabeth A.Campbell AAG & prosecuting atty for the AZBN is evidently no longer in that position or so the net reveals that an announcement was made. A ten year history of falsely prosecuting nurses maybe finally at the end of an era. The long course some health care workers took to see the world of shit in the first person may hopefully find some peace knowing this criminal assistant attorney general is done. This situation makes one wonder what is next for this psychopathy managed unit known throughout the health care a system as a state to avoid.

When you look on the ground in front of you and see the evil shadow of the Valkyre above you; and do not see it when you look up- it means it’s too late to change the Rd you’re on. Where will you go?? It won’t go away, too many nurses you lied about. ANY hearing anywhere, any state, can randomly go sideways with the right gallery. Nurses!!!


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Chaotic Records & Statutes Violations AZBN Az Atty Gen Mark Brnovich Elizabeth A. Campbell

Peary Brown retired R.N.

The violations by AZBN & AZ Atty Gen of ARS 32-1263.02 is uneventful to locate these cases and their perpetrators against nurses and patients as well. The nature of chaotic documentation helps assist the violators hide that such laws protecting nurses does actually exist. Neither AZBN or Adm Law Court or NCSBN includes this bill in their unlawful prosecution, and documented events of nurses. The Gatekeeper presenting cases without public witness or complaint is a common violation. Hiding existing laws reflects the depth of their chaotic motives. Why is this law hiding only in state laws passed?

A vote for Mark Brnovich is a vote for nurse and patient failures.

Radonda Vaught Opinion

Whatever the defense nurse Vaught had produced through her atty wasn’t enough to convince a jury to acquit her. The neglence of the case will be seen by many as a slam dunk which can easily undermine any intune atty to present evidence to demonstrate the many sources of distractions and systems failures that nursing must face; although you never hear about some human violations which play roles. But I would say criminal prosecution doesn’t always require intent, but should. There can be no absolute motive or intent to take this person’s life. I once knew a critical care nurse had a med error but zero results of injury and she told me this. “I was giving a med from not my usual unit and I was busy, I had not voided all morning had pms besides. I don’t know I just grabbed the wrong med in my distraction.” Not likely to be an acceptable defense to nursing bds but it is a very reasonable answer and is distrubing that a simplistic view of life in nursing was not focused upon. The concept of foul play here seems probable, like the Tn Health Bd cleared her initially only to revoke lic after charges filed? The message Tn sends in this case is very disturbing for all nurses, you can not be human. The reality of this is that if you gave Radonda her lic back tomorrow she would be the best.

National Council and nursing Boards x7 release Policy…

National Council and nursing Boards x7 release Policy referencing nurses giving misinformation about COVID.Check this statement out, “It is an expectation of the U.S. boards of nursing, the profession, and the public that nurses uphold the truth, the principles of the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses and highest scientific standards when disseminating information about COVID-19 or any other health-related condition or situation.

Nurse Suicide & Wrongful Prosecution

The emotional filled concept of an event that all medical personnel want to avoid is the knowledge that a nurse would commit suicide post unjust disciplinary action by a regulatory government al agency. The knowledge of the bloody fingerprints of fraud from a dedicated agency on many cases in Az., as well as other states like Tn., Tx., Fla., will grow by advancing that knowledge with a loud voice. The voice now heard throughout academia is as we here now say it is…more….now…will be satisfied . Remain silent no longer.

Lions Ten Christians Zero AZBN

I do not accept the Administrative Law Court rules related to hearsay and false documentation against April Cobia for factual reasons never brought forward. The adminstrative law court judge has the the final say as the trier to determine the resolution of a case. No nurse has ever prevailed against the court either on the first go around and or appeal. The rules of evidence seen in higher courts have no meaning in this court owned by the AZBN. Steven Kessel, the crooked Adm Law Court Judge, ruled on the Cobia hearsay and false documentations complaints that he had no legal standing to rule on that. But he did. Its ‘AZBN, its all good.’

I‘ve read 100s of adm law court cases and interviewed many disciplined nurses and few who deny the AZBN motions for monitoring ever return to nursing. Diane Milhaskey, the initial Adm Law Court judge was the usual repeat offender by allowing Sunita Kreshna to violate ARS 32-1263.03 by moving on several Cobia’s complaints by their own motions. Kind of basic law limiting people like Krishna & Capone from filing its own income taxes; fabricated in response for complaints she filed against former employers as this behavior of perjury and tampering with evidence is ancient history. Some of the dates of the complaints are older than four years which is in direct violation of the Health Professional Regulatory Act that was enacted in 2013. Its an act of Arizona Congress that is ignored over and over by the AZBN, Adm Law Court and Az Attorney general.

Details of the Nurse Cobia case represent many of the issues bedside nurses have experienced beyond the scope of fairness which when delivered by organizations that have No Laws to follow reveal details that make excellent evidence for Nursing History. The laws are written in English but to the AZBN they simply do not exist. They really don’t.

There is a perfect window into the destruction of nursing coming from the organizaton of nurses who’ve been retaliated against for reporting of quacks and hacks in the the health care system. The social and career annihilation of Nurse Cobia represents, ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’. When I first heard that I had no idea what it meant. I really did hear this early in my Az working career. After working in Arizona for a few years I know precisely what it means. Any reports of errors generally results in tar & feathering of the reporter.

If you are a student and remembering your history, throughout your entire life you’d best rethink filing for nursing in Arizona, If you spit balled somebody in the the six grade the AZBN will find it and they’ll not give you a license if you failed to declare you were a former spit baller. No joke.

Nurse Cobia’s disorderly conduct charge that was dismissed was presented, again, as a Board’s motion which is also a violation by presenting evidence not jurisdictionally reviewed. I can not count the number of police reports, ancient history, that are included in cases that were dismissed or not reviewed in the county they were written in. In most states this is a civil rights violation, they don’t even know in Arizona. Not all public documents are meant for republication.

The long list of violations in the April Cobia case is not outstanding and is another case that can be added to Nursing History which this site’s primary mission is. The fact this site contains names and evidence of corrupted Board members. Like Randy Quinn, J. Ridenour, Kim Delorenzo, Shawna Bonner, Linda Monas, Beth A. Campbell, Sunita Krishna, Katherine Eldridge, Lola Folre, Dolores Hurtado, Doug Parlin and Savahna Keliipuleole. If you don’t see you name here, be patience, we’ll get to you or Karma will get you first, We Hope.

Can one ignore the extraordinary, absolutely eloquent depositions posted by Krishna in the Cobia case? No one can not. I thought Hemmingway would climax at the bold, smooth sarcasm exhibited on a platter of student optimism so commonly seen in automated cases. Under scrutiny there are different students doing the legal briefs as some got the omnipotent flare of a corrupted shoe in government, when other students do not.

The display of the modern day card swipe treatment of nurse issues can create Hall of Fame Social Abortion events such as creating false documentation confirming perjury as in the testimony of K. Williams. Not sure how AZBN investigator can testify to Nurse Cobia’s ethnicity roots and the use of the ‘N’ word when the only person who heard it was a black person dressed in African garb whose twang trained ear heard Mississippi. Repeat after me, “Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is made up.” Case dismissed but still brought forward. Perjury by documentation unrelated . Just another violation that falls apart as another lead into alledged HIPPA violation is not supported by federal statute and must include fraud for violations to be considered. The fact Nurse Cobia had medical records, off site, of former patients in itself and by itself is not a violation of federal statute whom has standing on these records. The presentation of documents aligning Nurs Cobia’s possession of alledged medical records is easily countered with computer timing accuracy and demonstrates nothing but arrogance and or negligence. There are multiple documents available throughout this case that will remain in Nursing History.

Peary Brown retired R.N.

Spy Rigging AZBN

There is little doubt that whenever dealing with the AZBN you understand they are not your friends. Whatever you are involved with them, in this case, nurses first hand first understand the need for spy rigging. Which is somebody who is gathering information and following the evidence first hand. That would be the respondent or the person standing beside you.

There are several events which add fuel to the fire to burn the AZBN. The events following federal guidelines & lead toward criminal intent and devastating damages of several nurses. it won’t be fully required to have it all float in the legal law canal of spite and revenge which has deep pockets; but the every day communication through social media and other venues to touch so many many in the court of public opinion. The light shines upon these cases of justice wearing an eye patch. From state senators and representatives to attorneys to police officers to moms at home to 1000s of nurses the word is being spread to activate a dire need for change in AZBN policies. All we ask is to obey the law.

The volume of minds that have heard about what we say here is more important than the Bd’s back room ability to continue its reign of horror unimpeded. Its been proven that no law will stop the AZBN from doing what it wants to do. Spy rigging of cases continues and when you walk into an investigative interview the image of intimidation can only be painted in blood. The future of nursing is dim enough considering the prersent day horrors. When can a strong experienced nurse make a decision that common sense rules right in real time against a group of heap, big unknowns 100s of miles away can make honest decisions? A question most nurses here already have the answer to. The whole valley knows.

We must not fade in spirit and of spirit of the law as somewhere along the watchtower there is an honest attorney.