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  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:40 am on April 17, 2021 Permalink
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    I do not think a HIPPA violation would fly as statements about abortion are made by the the plaintiff 25 years ago in a police report that is unadjudicated; like no charges filed, therefore statute would have to be countered by notifying the woman who to this day has no knowledge of its internet posting. But no damages measured? Federal civil rights issues are matters this AZBN violates routinely, and is unrelated to HIPPA.

    • RED DRAGON 1:33 pm on April 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      “Ridenour’s biggest fear is social media”….YOU BETTER BELEIVE IT, BUT EVEN BETTER I HAVE SENT EVIEDENCE OF HER EVIL TO MANY STATE AGENCIES OTHER THAN AZ, AND OTHER COUNTRIES. LOL, LOL, LOL While Ridenour sits around calling nurses who fight her mentally ill, incompetent, imposter, crazy, drug addict, & sexual predator…,well colleagues I am doing my part to expose the head bovine Ridenour. Keep grinning like a possum heifer Ridenour because while you are dumb enough to think your evil goes unnoticed, people from other states, other agencies, & other countries have a picture of you, & copies of PURE EVIDENCE of YOUR CRIMES. OH I was kind enough to add the twin cunts Campbell & Krishna (EVERYONE KNOWS THE SUNITA KRISHNA CAIRO IS NO REPUBLICAN…SHE IS A RADICALIZE LIBERAL TERRORIST I HAVE PROOF).


      • Be the one who stops them 9:03 pm on April 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Isn’t that funny , Ridenour used the nurse magazine to smear nurses good names, and made it so the minutes of the board meeting go on the www so anyone using google would find the nurse was before the BON. Put under the nurses name “under investigation” immediately when a complaint went in , until a judge had to tell her it was not legal . If no one stops them , they just do what ever they feel like . And now nurses can write freely about Jokey Ridenour and her band of thieves taking licenses , on retaliation . I guess you can call it KARMA in the works. Now what would be sweet is for her to lose her house, car, and all the money in the bank , and stand on the corner with a sign “no money need food ” . While awaiting sentencing for her actions ! What would you like to throw at her driving by ? _______________.


      • Anne 6:29 am on May 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        There is A LOT of truth in this , and everything you do is appreciated. More people need to stick up and expose the head of the snake.
        A toxic group , for sure . One nurse said those who do not tell others what is going on, must be guilty not to fight them . Keep filing reports, officially , and thank you for doing your part .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:25 pm on May 1, 2021 Permalink

          Si…however remember loose lips sink ships!


        • Gil 6:45 am on May 2, 2021 Permalink


          But those who are doing it to you , and are well aware of their dreadful decisions , should happen to them , just one .
          IT is coming back to bite them in other ways.
          They don’t “believe” in unions , but have a strong need to become politically involved . Think about that .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:48 am on May 2, 2021 Permalink

          Actually its the discovery of WMDs and it turns out to be the Bd itself. Killing modern nursing.


    • Truth . 6:36 pm on April 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      TRUTH , !! Refuse to be shamed and silenced. Never bow to the mob. NEVER.
      “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.” — Theodore Dalrymple

      Any member of this bd , agency, azna , prosecutors, who follow this agenda are clearly communists .


      • R. H. 7:30 am on April 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Beware nurses , if they show up while your taking care of patients this is a violation, do not talk to them . ! Inappropriate ! The investigators showed up at my place of employment at the beginning of my shift…I had no inkling of what was coming, no one even spoke to me at work about any issue. I had no warning. I spoke to them…of course, no attorney yet, then they kept calling me at home. The investigators wanted to talk again within the first 5 days and I met with them at a public library…still no attorney and I didn’t even know there were attorneys for nurses at that time. All in all, it was only 3 months from beginning to end.


    • See them 4 what they R ! . 9:00 am on April 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Just when you think you know what these cult members stand for , this is how they treat their own (females) Check out u tubes NATASHA HELFER . a sex therapist. “A licensed therapist the church is trying to ex. She specializes in sexual health and therapy, and is vocal about sex positivity and not shaming people for the natural processes of their body.

      Oh, yeah. I’ve heard of her. I just forgot her name. It’s aggravating that the church wants to put her down just because she doesn’t say the same body shaming crap the leaders have been spewing for generations.”

      do not touch your body, do not masterbate , she tells patients it is ok, the cult wants her out because mormons only go to mormon therapists or will only listen to those who are ‘like thinkers’ . (just as brain washed as they are ). They believe in coversion therapy , what sick ones they are !! And this is what is judging you folks . None of them should be on a board to make decisions of normal people. ! none of them . She only wants to stay in to help these people who have been so damaged by the dirty old man’s club teachings .
      Parallel to this mormon controlled board . with stake president mccormies , as brain washed as they come . To the bishop, who decides .
      Not one person was aware of this cult controlled corruption going on . Just look at how weird they are in depth and not just what you hear, about quilt makers . It is way more than quilting, it is destruction of lives.


    • Fashion Styles 9:50 am on April 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

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      • Cindy and Don 9:51 pm on April 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        TIME TO GO !!! Who would like to send off JOKE RIDINOUR ?! Lots of nurses. She has in her time at the BON , destroyed many lives, and families. Never should anyone who is appointed be allowed to be a director of any agency. Petition will be updated. She doesn’t know when to retire , is this AM greed? or need for power ? Can’t give it up ? If you look into the pain and suffering she has caused , needlessly and unduly charging nurses. Name calling bullying, all in one warped mind as to how to run a nursing board. A huge disappointment . Expected that someone in this position would be a professional, have some common sense, and be fair . Just the opposite. Disgrace to nursing ! Go park your butt in your 8 bedroom 5 bath house in Paradise Valley . A twin to “MOE” on the 3 stooges. Never worked bedside but is a political hack and protects no public . https://www.change.org/…/arizona-governor-doug-doucey…


    • Dean 8:19 pm on April 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      IT isn’t hard to understand , that their investigations are way out of line. Deep diving with some, while others just seem to drift off the grid.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 4:21 pm on March 27, 2021 Permalink
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    Found a floating petition of 5 yrs with 1200 sigs and complaints to match. I knew there was more victims but met some new ones There are several @ Change.org

    • Sue 6:00 pm on March 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      post it and get it circulating again . Spread the word by those who KNOW what is going on . Lying investigators , Anything with sex in it gets the most attention. And in detail. Who would ever get a license to work in nursing knowing how boards really work ?? Arizona Board being the worst . Some revived who got hit with the complaint , and a board agency actually taking it as a case, had them stunned they may be ready to do something .


      • RED DRAGON 5:25 am on March 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, they all grid lock, & become hyper focused on anything that has sex in it. If you have read any of the consent agreements a good 90% have something sexual in it, or allude to sex. But they are connected to that nasty ass MF’er Juan Martinez, and that scabby cunt Paul Petersen, not to mention two stupid, I repeat STUPID ASST. AG’s campbell the cunt, & Kirshna the kunt.


        • GO ! 8:11 pm on March 29, 2021 Permalink

          Former Maricopa County prosecutor Juan Martinez disbarred. Paul Peterson what others referred to as a “good” mormon, is now sitting his lying , cheating, scum sucking women hating ways in prison. They both remind you of Randy A HOLE Quinn all wrapped into one big pompous ass. Paul PETERSON INmate, should have gotten the max. How many nurses got fired for questioning the Marshall Island woman giving birth in AZ as “residents” Lots of mormon mgr, turn blind eye to all of it should be locked up too. The Two boobie twins, lying prosecutors from BRNOVICH office story will explode and Numnuts won’t get reelected anywhere ! take out the Garbage !
          Lori Daybell MORMON, killed the kids , and now will see her fate, only idaho is full of mormons too, judges seems to be taking their sweet time trying to justify killing ones own children .


    • R E , MSN 6:04 pm on March 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Educate the public what is really taking place. And hope that the AZNA members who have opened their eyes , can now see how they have been conned. a peer governance system which is not run by our peers. Nor does it benefit the Public as it mandated to do. There needs to be more public education to the Public about how corrupted this system has become and more importantly how much their failure to uphold nursing standards by refusing to give nurses what they need to fulfill their duties is placing patients in danger. There’s also the fact that your registration fees are being misappropriated to some lawyers private law firm. And don’t forget who’s making the laws at your expense-NOT NURSES.


      • FLORA JESSOP 8:17 pm on March 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        CHURCH OF LIES : A book dedicated to all abuse victims and survivors . Freedom, love, and family were things twisted and rotten, but courage , strength, and dreams of safety carried us to a new life. Hold you heads high, know you are worth being loved, and let the world see your tears while you look them in the eye.
        God is not vengeful and vindictive . Believe in a just and loving God. Escape the fear and shame of abuse . Only by breaking the cycle can we finally be free.
        To those who abuse the sin is your, the crime is yours and the shame is yours. To those who protect the perpetrators; blaming the victims only masks the evil within, making you as guilty as those who abuse. Stand up for the innocent or go down with the rest.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:12 am on March 30, 2021 Permalink

          it seems violations stated through this page are moral issues. Like falsely testifying under oath of no God becomes the signature for tyranny when the governing body laughs at this AZBN. They really do enjoy it.


        • Help 4 nurses 4:44 pm on March 30, 2021 Permalink

          favoritism one of the biggest problems in nursing , and the board of nursing , and agency , in many areas. Those who run the joint and those who are appointed , all calloused and hardened black heart witches.
          I am so happy Flora saw the light , but not before her abuse. just like the BON victims .


        • Robert 2:38 pm on March 31, 2021 Permalink

          Get that petition back on here , the board is crazy ~!! so is the staff !!


    • i agree , and nurse is my bag 12:24 pm on March 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      word gets around when peers call another peer (atty saying elizabeth campbell , ‘made a mistake but too proud to admit it “. {{ROFLOL !!! LOL , good one ! truth !!) Several would agree. Yup nice to finally hear someone call a spade a spade and not suck butt , in any direction. actually Elizabeth aka ‘beth’ aka ” rug ” aka unprofessional , makes a lot of mistakes . She will lie her way out of it. attend a board meeting, just be aware of the underlying issues you’ll see and hear these dirty dogs over and over .


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:47 pm on March 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        id ask the fed but?


      • dreadlocks 12:26 am on April 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        I know right, heard that first thing at bd meeting, Campbell likes to pull some real sneaky tricks . As if someone who went through law school and a nurse who has never had legal issues , representing themselves in a kangaroo court is a even fight . This is why lazy Campbell does nursing board, e z work , not up against real lawyers . Just show up go through her smear campaign of unrelated nonsense . The Dirty judges in on it too, interrupting constantly , on purpose . Campbell and the board members know that these matters are retaliation . but do not care. run with it . make something out of nothing. Mamaluy definitely should know this, she is a retaliation queen . no integrity . zip. Another lazy one who has the bon members baffled with bullshit .


        • BUCKEYE RN 9:05 am on April 1, 2021 Permalink

          A number of us OHIO nurses new grads are applying to work as vaccine nurses in AZ . Go south , hike , and check out the Grand Canyon. The Gov has signed we can give vaccines. and can get a temp to work in Arizona . By reading this site, and seeing what seasoned nurses in OHIO have written on the petition , it seems we may be jumping from the frying pan into the fire with AZ being even worse than Ohio board. Here is the petition, guess they got in trouble airing their grievances public. https://www.change.org/p/senator-sherrod-brown-modern-day-nurses-face-life-sentence-in-ohio?redirect=false


      • MSN 12:50 pm on April 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        isn’t amazing how complaints against schools (nursing schools , get dismissed) ? they just have to find something so they can make it look like they are doing SOMETHING. too bad they don’t get paid for McCormies licking Dave Hrabe butt , talk about SUCKKKKKKK UP , dang then again “publically thank you , great job, and great job and great job , and easy to read, easy to read , easy to read and understand. ” Hey Dave why don’t you make coloring books for the dumbies !!! bet she did more than ………………………….. well you know.


      • Nurse HERO ! 9:25 am on April 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        do not ever let them forget what they did. Destroying a good nurses reputation over a bunch of liars , and a corrupt board of nursing is something they should be ashamed of. Add to the mix a AAG Elizabeth Campbell, but Sunita Krishna does this too. and you are fighting those who use tricks, nothing a lawyer with any integrity would do. A post is true today as it was when written. { The worst person to ask about this is a nurse, they have no clue what is going on. the AZNA is basically partners with the BON. No other agency operates and does shady things as this agency. People are taking notice. An atty stated at the meeting about the AG ‘s prosecutor (another trickster) ‘she misinterpreted the statues and too proud to admit it ” . She being ELIZABETH CAMPBELL , who works under Marc C Harris who is in the licensing department with John Tierney. (Who when it was brought up that Campbell AFTER the hearing was all over , went judge shopping, trying to find any “A” hole to sign another judges case. They found him MICHAEL DOUGLAS . (it is all in the record) he is retired now, and is a BISHOP mission creep. Campbell has done some real shady things. ( i found out, she sent certified and regular mail to a heroin drug addict nurses aide who lost her certification , so the real nurse would not be ‘notified” , all was ignored . ) . Emma Mamaluy is asleep on the job . Stay tuned!
        Bring this up in court, or at the board meeting and you get dumb blank stares . and a reminder ‘you have 5 minutes” . They only do this when you are telling everyone what dirty tricks they are doing.
        Nothing short of holding gun to your head and telling you sign here or we will steal you license , your property.


    • Ron 12:31 am on April 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Planned Parenthood has provided critical health services to women and men for nearly 100 years and its work must continue to receive federal support. Planned Parenthood should not be held hostage in the debate about contraception and abortion rights. Cancer screenings, mammograms, and other basic preventive care should not be a partisan issue — and it is unbelievable that this has now become a goal of Republican-controlled legislatures and the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee. I will fight to ensure that Planned Parenthood receives the political and financial support to continue these essential services.

      Tell me how you arrived at the decision to become pro-choice.

      I have always been pro-choice. A woman’s health care decisions must be made between her and her doctor. There has been too much political debate about limiting our freedoms. Women have the right to make their own choices about contraception and any interference from the government or employers is an affront to personal liberty.
      Jokey Ridenour is against all of it . Planned Parenthood law suit against her. Bd dropped.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 4:09 am on April 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        The argument may want to be looked upon as ‘rights’ but the heart beat issue eventually lands in the $$ issue which upsets many claiming the public shouldnt pay the cost of abortions. I dont think women’s rights are at stake but the cost and more government control is the argument.


    • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:14 am on April 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      There are many other petitions as well at change.org It almost looks like society has been flipped against the nurse by the government.


      • K R 8:48 am on April 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Things have to change, making the public aware of the problems . Not only the public but nurses in general .
        They can lie and somehow the public thinks the board is the authority . one big problem is nurses, thanking this numskull board , for what ?? nine month tech grad lpn’s making 13k a year 2018 to go to board meetings , thats about 1k a day to destroy your career . They do not work direct patient care, none of them do. Ducey needs to wake up .


    • Edward 11:56 am on April 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Most people when ‘caught” “exposed” and the heat is on, instead of being asked to resign , would bow out gracefully and leave. Put in notice , I’m retiring . It is too late to leave with anyone in their right mind saying she did a good job and thank you for your service to nurses. Self serving , is what she did. Got her dirty scheming mind to be in charge of it all, with no one that is her real boss, and is free to do what ever . Just ask Ducey , he can’t control her, or says so time after time when multiple complaints go into his office . eventually when Ducey wants to get elected or chosen for a position, he will find out his lack of taking charge and allowing this corruption to continue , with no one curtailing their constant adding of rules . Making up new rules daily , and changing wording, that only gives them more power, the AZNA is worthless . They are assisting in this travesty of justice . It will be a BIG Celebration by many when Joke Ridenour gets her corrupt stinky butt out of there . one former board member said “these things would not be happening if Fran Roberts were still in there . ” So those close to her know its her , shit runs down hill.


    • Happy Easter bunnies 8:21 am on April 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      ON this Easter sunrise day, deep thoughts . a) why don’t we get time and one half it is a holiday ? b) and The loss of a child is a life-altering event for parents, leading to grief that is individual, intense, and long lasting. The death of a child goes against the “natural” order of life. The young are supposed to outlive the old. It radically changes future dreams as well as parents’ present roles. While this is a sensitive subject the az board agency certainly doesn’t stop them in ANY area when it comes to anyone with a license , nothing is off limits to how low these monsters will go . But when you look at the over the top meanness of a couple associated with this agency , that is J Ridenour, and Melinda Preston. Both have lost children, does this change people or are the like this naturally . Maybe some have insight on this . My guess is this is how they are , people who knew Ridenour long ago, say the BON would not be like this if Ridenour was not in charge . Preston, well no one is that mistrusting of others , and say the stupid mean comments she does . Pretty much anyone who has gone against this board , has had some dirt dug up and put ‘out there” true or not, so anyone who thinks bad taste , needs to look in the mirror .


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:51 pm on April 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        never thought it was probative dirt. Spit balling in the 9th grade not much more. Even C.Hudson did not forget them. Ill be back. She is one of many cases.


    • LNA 6:16 am on April 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      They all need to file against these cult members running government agency like this ex mo mo >
      Former Mormon James Huntsman has filed a federal lawsuit against the Mormon Church, alleging the church engaged in fraud by misusing billions in tithing donations.
      Since the nursing board is a FRAUD UPON THE PUBLIC.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:31 pm on February 14, 2021 Permalink
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    Board Derangement Syndrone AZBN 

    If the 20th century revealed a bevy of newly dx neuropsyche syndrones from PTSD, Bipolar, Organic Brain Syndrone then there easily can be made a case for Board Derangement Syndrone. Having interviewed many nurses & aids whose connection here is noted as unjust, abuse and illegal, recipients of unjust discipline actions from AZBN. There is an enormous consciousness of failure that is derived from one’s own errors that accepts remorse to head in a different direction. Only the respondent can accurately pinpoint the location of illegal actions to which there is no gaining upon unless you accept failure that isn’t yours. Frustration to imploding. This page has many. Giving rise to the discovery of BDS & BDSW Board Derangement Withdrawal Syndrone

    Symptomatic demonstrations of symptoms not unlike PSTD although PTSD may have multiple stimuli sources of irritations, Board Derangement Syn drone easily could take the mind to a similar location. That would be an enormous rush of emotions whenever the name is heard ‘Arizona Board of Nursing’, becoming grossly irriated at the picture of Randy Quinn and or Joey Ridenour would be easily demonstrative of cardiac insult on the monitor. It really would. Fortunately most nurses and aids claim symptomatic relief once removed from the stimuli. However, some also claim a return of symptoms in a much milder form without being externally stimulated. These later symptoms are considered withdrawal symptoms from some zealot source in the John Q. Public gallery creeping upon communications so essential for the treatment this Governmental created illness.

    • Nurse Victim 8:31 pm on February 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Paid psychopaths running a state agency , self entertainment for their unhinged mindless abuse of nurses . Like predators hunting prey. They surprise attack their victims , then when they get enough lies to make it rise to “reasonable doubt ” , they go for the jugular, bombarding legal mail ,certified mail , court dates, blind sighting a nurse who only wants to take care of patients , and knows nothing about sociopaths and hasn’t a clue that a state agency can operate in this manner. It takes awhile to absorb that this is happening and that is why the ‘target’ nurse is attacked all at once from all sides .
      With no one watching what they do and how they do it , the nursing board remains the biggest corruption of government paid narcissistic individuals gathered in one agency . After they got the taste of blood and accomplished the kill , the next case goes smoother and faster . Then they can celebrate , high five one another , have a cackle session, while the victim is still in shock and wonder what communistic country they woke up in . The Board is definitely creating psychological impact , and they do know it . Site of Randy Quinn can cause a trigger in some, a real POS for sure , sick minded , pompous ass .


      • Rod 7:25 pm on February 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        All of them are cowards by themselves. Anyone see how mitt romney was running to hide on video at the white house ? very typical of them , I can see randy quinn the extremely queer talking one doing this ! “i’ m a dirty sob, and was protecting our budget , help their after me! ” haha . Will the woman all back his dishonesty up then ? Two peas of a pod, did you see Mitt the Twit running and hiding when no one was chasing him. Feared for their life , what a joke ! lol. bet he swats to pee too . ‘feared for his life, drama king” Cowards , put in positions of too much power, with no brains to back up their out of line statements , and too stupid to listen to legal . And the legal they have too stupid to gave advise unless it is fraudulent conduct .


      • warning to others ! 7:13 am on February 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        That one at the board is SICKENING , Caroline MCCormies, she is such a fake and put on. that mouth !! So many things wrong with her bullshit ! “telling people she feels smart ! WTH , ! sickening is the word . ! then adding ‘consistent “” right , !! in a pigs eye. babbling on & on & on. about ‘pattern , when i no such pattern existed , they she rambles on in another direction . wow , 100k +++ nurses is AZ and this is the best they can come up with to have say so over a nurses entire career ! wow , AZ is backwards. She is a perfect example of why no one should ever obtain a license in AZ. more later, (barfing wildly thinking of how SICKENING this dumb idiot is ! ) wow !


        • Agenda Nurse 4:23 am on February 20, 2021 Permalink

          McCormies is every psychologist’s night mare. Ask a question, one starts to answer and meth head mccormies is wound up like a cow ends with diarrehea spouting out ,loose stools shooting out mixed with pockets of empty air .cow fart s . yea one big cow fart. Sneaky witch too, brings up a subject , saying the most damning statements , then says i don’t know , …. not sure, …. what does everyone else think? <she doesn't care what you think, she is making you think the whole thing is YOUR idea. All along she is planting a suggestion to fellow dumb cows , who are sleeping while sitting up . Her power of suggestion usually works too , if not she will throw her tantrum until other board members tire out and cave. Hill is like a parrot, Cow Fart suggests Hill agrees . Pete and Repeat. Of course anderson is a zombie .. Just a dumb fence post. Gutierrez is easily influenced by power of suggestion , and is fooled by the cow fart false compliments . Then when someone tries to suggest some lower punishment , she immediately gets loud and stops them . She has to have her way, throwing out a suggestion, then seeing if someone takes the bait and makes a motion, if so she cheerleads them on , if they don't she goes back to repeating herself over and over . Like who can take ONE WORD and make a 5 min speech about it.


        • RHONDA NOVAK- POST 7:41 pm on February 20, 2021 Permalink

          I involuntarily “mutually separated ” from YRMC after things spiraled out of control following an email I sent to Deb Aders as well. In it were 4 words “Your communication was crap.” That was the beginning of the end for me apparently because her feelings were hurt. I was also called to my managers office. Like you, I also moved to Yuma from the east coast relocating my family for what I also believed was a hospital that wanted to turn things around. They don’t care. I feel for you and the community who expect more but are fighting an uphill battle of overpaid executives. So sad…


        • baffled 3:40 pm on February 25, 2021 Permalink

          For the life of me , why I worked as a NP for 36 years never had a problem , until this board of nursing , I’ll never know. Gave a returning patient to an urgent care , the right antibiotic and steroids to heal faster . F/U endocrinology. Janeen Dahn said in her investigation that diabetics should not get steroids. Which is wrong and a poor conclusion. So in order to save face for this incompetent associate dir, McCormies had a hissy fit, until she got her way. “I believe in my board” . How about modern day medicine ? She had to have SOMETHING on the license. So the way I see it you have dumb and dumber running a nursing agency who should be at the top of their game but are not . Hoping , someone can shed some light on why they act so strange . Maybe you psych NP can help me out here. After the vote went around and the demanding McCormies , who insisted on loc /vs dismiss , got one of her ‘friends ” who voted dismiss , change their mind 2 minutes later ! When the case was over she said “Thank you for taking such good care of your patients “.! What in a psychologists book of diagnosis is this bizarre and strange comment come from??? Good care , but not that good ?? Is this just TWO FACED or is there something else , this could be classified under? Such a strange comment, after her throwing an ‘I insist “rage . I am at the end of my long never a complaint career to end it like this is heart wrenching . But could be worse. I see the comments on McCormies so maybe someone can give me an idea what’s up with this person ??


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:00 pm on February 25, 2021 Permalink

          Relief is your own knowledge of innocence to define your case to the duped politics of power.


      • Cliff is a hero ! 7:43 am on February 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        When a nurse in Minn is retaliated against, the nursing community are made aware of the injustice to nurses . The nurse wore hospital scrubs, they fired him, then filed law suit against the hospital , the hospital turned him into the BON. For those of us who know this pattern very well although this corrupt board down in arizona will Deny it / ! of course. It is happening , and seems to be a pattern. stem from NCSBN, is this the tricks of the trade they share at their meetings. Dirty tricks, only if you watch them and read what has happened to other nurses. The media is now following the BON and retaliatory behavior of hospitals. The Minnesota case a will direct them to other states. reporters in AZ have no guts, so social media is what takes their lame place. Stick up for what is right and don’t let them keep on doing this illegal nonsense . !


        • COWART - COWARD 7:47 am on February 23, 2021 Permalink

          Got a heckler , a stalker, watching and putting lies out there. His company, has the information. We got this , keep ‘using ‘ others to deliver your message, cause again burying yourselves.


        • GCU Grad. 3:44 am on February 26, 2021 Permalink

          BAFFLED. I think maybe a shed of light. 1)you said urgent care, if you were employed by a hospital or office such as Banner runs for NP , you would have a Dismiss, no discussion. The Board of Nursing will only protect an urgent care if part of a hospital , or run by the LD$. They do have a pattern, some of the most severe cases , by a patient / family are dismissed faster than a speeding bullet. The person who has been damaged by a nurse , even fatal, are also hung up on immediately . Or run out, out in tears when their complaint of their child dying, is dealt with as a ‘nothing event”. Those nurses who have been wrongly attacked by this terrorist board , are not the only ones who despise their cold ways. Surely they tell others “we have to make hard decisions’ NO THEY DON”T they are corrupt protecting certain ones from litigation. ! PERIOD !!


    • Peary Brown retired R.N. 4:25 pm on February 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The status depicted in this reply substantiates a comeback. Even if it is from nowhere the openness of such at an open meeting would be educational. Although the timing presently would be difficult as meeting attendance is drastically reduced.


      • Sue, RN 7:51 pm on February 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        It is scary reading these stories about NPs who do not have an RN background and the harm done. One example missing sepsis in a young girl who died because of it. The sign were there. She missed it because of lack of experience.
        But yet AZ is dismissing NP cases. Did they get the word go easy during covid we might need them ? Or the nurses are so psychologically messed up , give them a break? The market is flooded with NP , No way should a NP work without supervision . The scariest ones are the CRNA , working without physician oversight! They get their Rn and never work, then on to NP.
        False advertising , need for professors for higher degrees, Now talking nurse shortage, their is no nurse shortage , lots of nurses quit after one or two years, disrespect from all angles ,mgrs , board of nursing , micro managing , adults are not going to take this , They need counseling to figure out why they enjoy doing the worst to nurses , no maturity at all . Figure out why they are so deranged. And abnormal.


        • HERO NURSE 7:59 am on February 16, 2021 Permalink

          It is hard to say , enjoy life, because your everyday plans have changed abruptly , you will be reminded of what these inhumanly objects , with too much power did . Time will change things, nothing further from nursing interests you . The free speech with out worrying who is going to repeat it to the board , who are dirt diggers by nature. Hearing current nurses and how their days go , no lunch, no breaks, write ups ,make you wonder what the heck you didn’t get out sooner . You’ll find that breaking your back to make over time is not the best way to live. Learn how to live cheaply and travel inexpensive , take those trips and enjoy life , sleep in, lay by the pool , you only live once. Realize these people who are attracted to this type of work , are a different breed . Like the ones who can work in a boarding school and do corporal punishment . (that is their make up ) The ones who can become cruel to best friends who drop out of their cult, the ones who can enjoy the ‘kill” and watch someone fighting to get someone to listen , the ALJ ? NO the BD investigator NO the BD members NO That is what they do not want to hear ! Be proud you refuse to sing their tune be proud you are not one of THEM . You are nurses hero’s , you refused to go along with corruption, and you are the HERO ! AZ needs more honest nurses , few and far between . . Stay 6 ft away from them long after covid.


        • MSN, I am a teacher too. 7:21 am on February 17, 2021 Permalink

          Amazing how these board types seem to “find each other ! ” Public is none to happy with brother boyer , who is husband boyer to bizarre beth boyer , here are just a couple of many statements they have to say, about the senate, not much different than what others have said about azbon “”It’s so infuriating to watch these hearings when it’s clear the decision is predetermined. Sen. Boyer DOESN’T listen. So many speakers including the incomparable
          Beth Lewis””

          and Senators Peshlakai, Gonzales, and Marsh made such clear, commonsense, well supported, and passionate pleas to help our kids, ALL of our kids. Every single time Boyer acted like he hadn’t heard anything they said, or, worse yet, he mansplained how they got it wrong. He does not represent his constituents (who voted overwhelming against voucher expansion in 2018) or our state. We MUST vote in representatives who will LISTEN to the people. “””
          why aren’t we voting in board members instead of ducey taking care of his supporters for his future aspirations , of course he will lose every backing of nurses who lost because of his failure to over see wrongdoings and putting those on the board who are recommended by those on the board now and in the past. They want those who will take care of their past wrong doings , no matter what , and they will because they only take care of themselves. And their kids are the only ones who matter , or will be paying to support the kook aid stands .


      • terroist watcher 6:58 pm on February 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        A couple of lawyers at the board of nursing should be pretty nervous , it is happening , arrests disbarment , and prison time . Campbell, Krishna , and Mamaluy , most likely females, will be targeted before the males . Then they can be in the hot seat like the majority of females they have damned . Add Carolyn McCormies to the list. known liar , not recusing , but lied about it , then when many sleepless nights went back and tried cooking the books. CRIMINALS ON PUBLIC SALARIES!! TERRORIST MEMBER A Nashua judge Julie A. Introcaso is facing numerous charges including two felonies after being accused of altering documents in court related to a case with an attorney she should have recused herself from being involved with.
        FAKE HERO= SHIT HOLED TERRORIST JUDGE Julie A. Introcaso, 56, of Bedford was arrested Thursday on two felony counts of falsifying physical evidence as well as two counts of tampering with public records or information and a single count of unsworn falsification.


      • Hyde, M 7:00 pm on February 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        When these evil Bastards of the public sector do such heinous acts against the trust of the American public, they should lose their citizenship, lose their benefits, and have to pay back the money the taxpayers paid them for fraudulent Behavior. And there should be mandatory sentencing for at least 20 years for such corruption. I really hate these people.


        • still laughing 4:35 pm on February 18, 2021 Permalink

          It will come back to them 10 fold . They know what they are doing is dirty to others . Atty Flynn Carey , told the board , or tried telling hard headed Carol McCormies how PUNITIVE they are , when she bitch slapped him , and snapped back , with an elevated voice ,in a scolding manner , WE are for PUBLIC safety NOT punitive ” . hahaha . Yes , McCormies you stupid blond bimbo keep telling people that lie and pretty soon you’ll believe it yourself. After all it was emma mamaluy who told you to keep saying it so it must be true (Sarcasm galore here !!) .


        • Behavorial Health observer 11:36 pm on February 20, 2021 Permalink

          AWWWW ! I know who you mean ! that woman with the scratchy old woman’s annoying voice , who rambles on . Disgusting ! My friend a sociology prof says she is
          A SOCIOPATH, acting like little miss innocent, and would blame someone else in a HEART BEAT . One , “my mistake” but that was only to make herself look good, if she does make mistakes that count she will immediately blame someone else. Which is a big part of why she ‘calls on people” not only to involve them but suggest they make a motion. Even after she did the most damaging comments of all . A real sneaky one. Oh and he added that , she has to have some control over others such as a teacher student relationship . She would lose big time if ever confronted by someone who is down to earth, “real ” like cut the shit blonde I can see right through you lying mouth !

          Constant praise and validation
          Complete obedience
          Belittle you so they can feel important
          Push your buttons…to get a reaction out of you (negative or positive, doesn’t matter)
          Pathological liar , always ‘on stage” , acts like she is important when she is really a common everyday plug .
          Constant attention to themselves
          Acts above others always thanking them , like you would dismiss a maid or butler. The thank you is even fake THANK YOU !!! .
          WOW did he hit the nail of this board members make up !! WOW Carolyn McCormies , from SANFORD . Works at the BYU run school . Which is also a big reason she has to have attention, she is female and pretty much worthless except to cook and spread the cult word .


        • abuse of nurses needs to end ! 7:37 pm on February 21, 2021 Permalink

          WOW the case i heard back in Nov was shocking but Behavorial comments put it together for me ! It was the sociopath CAROLYN MCCORMIES who did not trust a applicant and stuck her nose out further then she should have . Board ordering this applicant who wanted to withdraw application to prove he told Calif about his dui. It was Mccormies the nutty one who wanted this then he came back to the board (C J S) he did what was asked of him , and she stopped a motion by Hill, who has NO GUTS ! and changed her mind within secs ! Then when vote went around YOU ARE RIGHT, she acted as if she felt bad and hesitated to say “mccormies aye ” IT was a a PLAY ACT !!! She is the one who wanted that DENY , what a SOB, then acted as it hurt her to do so, but the ‘tears ‘ soon went away , like a faker would . She has some real mental issues ! Of course background snake EMMA MAMALUEY , was part of the team to down load this, and no other options. Then the real PSYCHO came out, and said “IF THIS IS WHAT HE WANTS ” you BITCH ! . not only ruin this mans working career , not only for nursing but in many areas, and then you make a statement like that knowing the details , wow a real dirty dog there and not this sneaky one is president of the board. something is really fkd up in AZ to allow this . What does the AZNA say about their queen turd !!


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 9:24 pm on February 21, 2021 Permalink

          The adm lacks the gift of the bedside nurse. There is personality differences in the two groups that both call themselves nurses; in fact only one is a nurse.


    • justoneofthekids 9:30 pm on February 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I have not seen updated meeting minutes on their “site”……..hmmmm


    • Renee 9:42 pm on February 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      None of them work as nurses . Teach nursing , of course no personal experiences they have none. The lpn’s who take 9 month tech program, are in the office , and Anderson is about as far fetched from nursing as the get . well , Joke Ridenour too , been screwing good nurses over too long time to put her out to pasture.


    • AZBN WILL violate your civil and due process rights! Truly satanic people here 5:42 pm on February 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Sewing discord amongst Christians and bearing false witness is all this Arizona Board of Nursing is about. This is Satan’s work…vile, evil and it IS written God absolutely hates this behavior Psalms 105 v5
      Expect no better from this satanic cult of Mormons…the satanic Bible is called “the Mormo”…wake up nurses..you are dealing with an occult operating under satanic demonic influence.


    • AMEN 6:31 pm on February 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      This pretty much sums it up this person has hit the nail on the head, a definite spiritual control thing going on there with that nursing board.


    • AZBN WILL violate your civil and due process rights! Truly satanic people here 8:46 pm on February 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Lin Wood was asked by the Georgia bar to undergo psychiatric evaluation because he MUST have a mental issue or disorder, or perhaps even be mentally incompetent because he believed/believes the evidence that he has in his possession reveal heinous crimes committed by individuals in powerful government and legislative positions. He stated as a knowledgeable, top-notch, very successful defamation lawyer he knew his rights. Instead of having his evaluation by someone appointed or off an approved (corrupt) list of paid hacks .he had his own personal physician perform the psychiatric evaluation.
      . It was determined he indeed is mentally competent….so now the real show begins between good and evil.

      Does any of this sound like some of the same illegal bull sh*t that was pulled on us?

      This article discusses some of this evil


      I guess its time to contact Lin Wood for a class action !

      This is just another classic example of how our rights were and are still being violated by this corrupt nursing board. Not only no due process, and heresay treated as evidence of absolute truth and proof of something illegal, unethical, or immoral.

      The evil that comes forth from this nursing board and its members is surely and purely sinful and worthy of God’s harsh wrath. The Bible tells us this about injustices https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Injustice,-Hated-By-God

      It makes for good reading knowing what lies ahead for these people.


    • And to think we thought 9:24 pm on February 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      And to think we thought so niavely that we were dealing with a government entity…why certainly they must be operating truthfully and with the utmost justice….HA…after this whole corrupt election steal and censorship of the Conservative voice..did my eyes FINALLY open WIDE as to just how corrupt our government is and to what depths of depravity and hatred they operate in. This is no different then how this Arizona Board operates..total lies, fraud, corruption and brainwashing of Arizona constituents and Healthcare consumers in the name of public safety.

      This board is nothing but a pack of demon possessed evil intended souls destined to face God’s wrath and eternal damnation should they choose to not repent and make right all the injustices they’ve done to so many victims and turn from their ways….their time is drawing near to an end.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:34 pm on February 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        In today’s world Snowden told you Big Brother has keyword your world so remember God is there. The evidence of the behavior you note is in the net.


    • renae 6:19 pm on February 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      A post by a nurse who applied at yuma, said ‘they will fly you out ” i guess free trip to yuma , in Feb if your from Maine is a different kind of week, but don’t they realize –“”-YUMA medical center trying to lure nurses and other professions out to their mess. One posted how ‘quick the interview was” oh yea they’ll take anyone. And they will set up a flight to Yuma and acoomodations (don’t they see that as desperate??
      Surely the meet and greet is packed with lies, and fake smiles. “hello SUCKER ! ”
      just like the travelers who went to Banner for big bucks all cancelled, early , screw the contract.
      Imagine a board member telling a nurse , who says she can’t afford an evaluation , your making huge wages now and your company is paying for your housing . yup the MOUTH McCormies, who likes to dictate everyone’s life. She should not be in ANY position to judge anyone ! Like Another board employee telling a nurse , they should have spent there money on their teeth. (they really do think they are in charge of your entire life don’t they ! just like sitting in a review of the week , meeting with their bishops wanting to know if they touched their bodies this week. SICK O’S !!!


    • ADN 20+ yrs and proud of it. 6:36 pm on February 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Because in TX if a nurse is fired it is reported to the BON. Like nurses aren’t disposable objects to start with, they also have big case loads due to CEU’s violations. AZ BON does not even care enough about patients to require CEU”S . Surely this atty is being nice ,he has to work with them, but reasonable. that is where board atty, and board in AZ are out of control. No reasonable person would think what they are doing is a tiny bit reasonable . read this with great interests, as I represent health care providers before the Texas Nursing Board, the Texas Medical Board and licensure boards in another state. I also SERVE as a Board member on a health care licensure board. I understand that the Board’s role is to ‘protect the public’. I believe that many Board investigators and attorneys are reasonable. I have generally had favorable interactions with them, Board members and panel members. However, Board rules and statutes regarding investigations are highly skewed in favor of the Boards. which have almost unfettered power to expand investigations to irrelevant matters, and to require absolute compliance with same. A licensure board can keep investigations open for years with no consequences; can subpoena records without notifying the provider; and does not have to provide any information regarding evidence or allegations until 45 days before a hearing is set [Texas]. The Board expert reviewers remain anonymous and the complainant can choose to remain anonymous. The provider has no ability to independently subpoena records [pharmacy, other treating providers], and often has no ability to obtain information about the investigation in order to prepare a defense. Contrast the administrative procedure to civil litigation rules, where both sides have equal opportunity to obtain medical records and facts, and in which the parties are required to specifically state and support allegations and defenses well in advance. If licensure Boards are genuinely interested in protecting the public, rules and statutes must be amended to provide equal opportunity to obtain information about the allegations/evidence, so that Board members are presented with ALL relevant information needed to render a fair and just decision.


    • the real truth 7:17 am on March 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      At first a person is told , you know that AZ board of nursing is a bunch of mormons, and you think well , what does that mean and how related ? VERY RELATED ! listen to they way they judge and talk, this is not normal. in that ‘church’ or ‘temple of doom , they put members of the ‘religion” on probation . !! No Sh*T ! No wonder this comes to them as something “NORMAL ” . Who in the hell would stay with a church who puts the members on probation. !! Like prisoners. “we’ll see how you act. Even if you don’t believe and ACT like you will be obedient, they we can let it slid . Otherwise the UNABLE TO REGULATE< (WHO THE HELL TALKS LIKE THIS ???? someone with a stun gun , if you get out of line or don't act like they want you to , ZAP !! Unreal . How anyone can teach this shit and live it , is beyond strange.
      It is RELATED to how they are to others , brainwashed bimbos !
      It is not a "RELIGION" they are tax free by doing so, people actually send money to them !
      it is a CULT.
      They are worshiping a dead man who was arrested ,the people hated him so much they broke into the jail and hung him.
      1820 joseph smith polygamist 'had a VISION !
      Between this nonsense and some golden plates, he is a statue at SLC whom these crazed whack jobs praise .
      Then they sell out good honest hard working nurses who truly only want to help those who are at the worst time of their lives. But money and politics prevail, that is the extent of their kooky faith./ or no faith just want the bucks and power to control others. Some real sick pups for sure.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 4:00 pm on September 24, 2020 Permalink
    Tags: azbn   

    Lions Ten Christians Zero AZBN 

    I do not accept the Administrative Law Court rules related to hearsay and false documentation against April Cobia for factual reasons never brought forward. The adminstrative law court judge has the the final say as the trier to determine the resolution of a case. No nurse has ever prevailed against the court either on the first go around and or appeal. The rules of evidence seen in higher courts have no meaning in this court owned by the AZBN. Steven Kessel, the crooked Adm Law Court Judge, ruled on the Cobia hearsay and false documentations complaints that he had no legal standing to rule on that. But he did. Its ‘AZBN, its all good.’

    I‘ve read 100s of adm law court cases and interviewed many disciplined nurses and few who deny the AZBN motions for monitoring ever return to nursing. Diane Milhaskey, the initial Adm Law Court judge was the usual repeat offender by allowing Sunita Kreshna to violate ARS 32-1263.03 by moving on several Cobia’s complaints by their own motions. Kind of basic law limiting people like Krishna & Capone from filing its own income taxes; fabricated in response for complaints she filed against former employers as this behavior of perjury and tampering with evidence is ancient history. Some of the dates of the complaints are older than four years which is in direct violation of the Health Professional Regulatory Act that was enacted in 2013. Its an act of Arizona Congress that is ignored over and over by the AZBN, Adm Law Court and Az Attorney general.

    Details of the Nurse Cobia case represent many of the issues bedside nurses have experienced beyond the scope of fairness which when delivered by organizations that have No Laws to follow reveal details that make excellent evidence for Nursing History. The laws are written in English but to the AZBN they simply do not exist. They really don’t.

    There is a perfect window into the destruction of nursing coming from the organizaton of nurses who’ve been retaliated against for reporting of quacks and hacks in the the health care system. The social and career annihilation of Nurse Cobia represents, ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’. When I first heard that I had no idea what it meant. I really did hear this early in my Az working career. After working in Arizona for a few years I know precisely what it means. Any reports of errors generally results in tar & feathering of the reporter.

    If you are a student and remembering your history, throughout your entire life you’d best rethink filing for nursing in Arizona, If you spit balled somebody in the the six grade the AZBN will find it and they’ll not give you a license if you failed to declare you were a former spit baller. No joke.

    Nurse Cobia’s disorderly conduct charge that was dismissed was presented, again, as a Board’s motion which is also a violation by presenting evidence not jurisdictionally reviewed. I can not count the number of police reports, ancient history, that are included in cases that were dismissed or not reviewed in the county they were written in. In most states this is a civil rights violation, they don’t even know in Arizona. Not all public documents are meant for republication.

    The long list of violations in the April Cobia case is not outstanding and is another case that can be added to Nursing History which this site’s primary mission is. The fact this site contains names and evidence of corrupted Board members. Like Randy Quinn, J. Ridenour, Kim Delorenzo, Shawna Bonner, Linda Monas, Beth A. Campbell, Sunita Krishna, Katherine Eldridge, Lola Folre, Dolores Hurtado, Doug Parlin and Savahna Keliipuleole. If you don’t see you name here, be patience, we’ll get to you or Karma will get you first, We Hope.

    Can one ignore the extraordinary, absolutely eloquent depositions posted by Krishna in the Cobia case? No one can not. I thought Hemmingway would climax at the bold, smooth sarcasm exhibited on a platter of student optimism so commonly seen in automated cases. Under scrutiny there are different students doing the legal briefs as some got the omnipotent flare of a corrupted shoe in government, when other students do not.

    The display of the modern day card swipe treatment of nurse issues can create Hall of Fame Social Abortion events such as creating false documentation confirming perjury as in the testimony of K. Williams. Not sure how AZBN investigator can testify to Nurse Cobia’s ethnicity roots and the use of the ‘N’ word when the only person who heard it was a black person dressed in African garb whose twang trained ear heard Mississippi. Repeat after me, “Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is made up.” Case dismissed but still brought forward. Perjury by documentation unrelated . Just another violation that falls apart as another lead into alledged HIPPA violation is not supported by federal statute and must include fraud for violations to be considered. The fact Nurse Cobia had medical records, off site, of former patients in itself and by itself is not a violation of federal statute whom has standing on these records. The presentation of documents aligning Nurs Cobia’s possession of alledged medical records is easily countered with computer timing accuracy and demonstrates nothing but arrogance and or negligence. There are multiple documents available throughout this case that will remain in Nursing History.

    Peary Brown retired R.N.

    • M gormen 5:36 am on September 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      When you look at the march of dimes web page and see randy the moron was nominated nurse leader of the year???(leader ?? ) . Well that did it , March of Dimes will not get one dime , and now will be looked at as one of the corrupt donations requesting organization. Quinn wants to help moms and babies (more puking) he does anesthesia, they do ob cases . Quinn is a brain washed lifetime mormon, He may ‘get off” seeing the results of breeding the women . But as far as doing anything for anyone but another male and the bishop or queers of 12 , not buying the BS . Then of course look at Pam Fuller , Chamberlain College , Pres who brags about being on board of nursing education committee, for two years. Boot licking each other. Chamberlain where lori gutierrez was , using her to keep from getting cited. Fuller appointing quinn the creep , It looks like one big corrupt connection. Oh and throw in the Franklin Covey. which fuller promotes, which is run by mormons, and what a frigging mess ! So many hours of brain washing , watching these mindless creatures. If quinn thinks in his own mind that is ‘set up ‘ is ANY TYPE of reflection what he is really all about he is living in a real bubble .


      • Can't fool me 3:15 am on September 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Just when you want Ridenour’s scum out of there and try to clean up the mess she created , robin schaeffer is retiring. of course that’ s good news . Certainly a start . But then , along comes replacement dawna cato, UH ! ! no chance for clean up ! She was the smirk with ridenour at the committees when the vote went around. Just plain evil she is . Here’s a good one !! Ridenour is part of a rapid response !!! HAHA . This group is trying to make front lines nurses who wear masks on their feet all day running the halls putting up with patients families and sweating under garb, worrying about getting a deadly virus, no breaks no water at the nurses station allowed, bladders full , and tension’s high. tired burnt out, watching death daily , refrigerated trucks waiting for more bodies TNTC. And JOKE RIDENOUR is going to assist THEM !!! LLOLOL TOFLOL !!! and the AZNA !!! LOLOL ROFLOL !!! Rememer they are all against UNIONS for safe staffing, and nurse protection , that will actually stand up for the hospitals doing the right thing !! BUT azna and the azbon are all for THE HOSPITAL !! so how is that going to work ! ? it wont !!


        • Richard RN 2:34 am on September 28, 2020 Permalink

          Do not work in Arizona I can tell you, nurses have worked and licensed all over the country, apply AZ and they get a record for life . Other states do not have the hard noses such as Az . It seems that , the president , black broad has lost her way . Been to too many NCSBN and mingled with the hard asses. How many said the same thing I did < "i have NO intention of working in AZ " try and get out without a huge mark on your entire career. Something is really wrong at this place , really messed up that is for sure.


        • REVENUE 6:02 am on September 29, 2020 Permalink

          Bet JOKEY Ridenour , would really CRINGE , when and if she has to show her income tax returns. Running two sets of books ? one for you one for irs . Is big BOY robert going to give tips on how to skirt around it , certainly he knows what happens to those who try to hide funds . But then again way too much credit has been given to pretty much all of them. The IRS can and will look at bank accounts .


        • tips to live by 2:38 pm on October 4, 2020 Permalink

          Statements are relatively easy to secure if you fall for the tricks.The investigator typically suggests:1)“This could help avoid disciplinary action…”2)“I am here to give you a chance to tell your side of the story..(yea right!)
          .”3)“Youcantellyoursideofthestory…”;and4)“IamheretomakesureIhavealloftheinformationtotelltheBoard.”All of theseicebreakerssuggestinnocence,butareclearlyandsurreptitiouslyusedtoimplythestatement willhelpyou. Admitting toanimpairment,druguse,ordiversion willonlyhurtyouandyourlicense.Ifyougiveacatharticadmissionofdruguseordiversion,thinkingsuchwillappeaseandconcludeaninvestigation,youaresadlyincorrect.
          2Inmanycases,theonlyevidenceofdrugusestemsfromthelicensee’s(your)ownmouth(theadmission).Whilethereisaconfidentialreportfromwhichtheinvestigationstarts,thereisnofaileddrugtest,workplaceadmission,criminalcase,orDUIB.A.C.testresult.Thereisnoevidence.An admissiongivestheinvestigatoryreasontocontinuetheinvestigation


        • I c they do need help 4:49 pm on October 8, 2020 Permalink

          There are those who are on the board and those who are on the pay roll (emma mamaluy, cindy mand, janeen dahn, jo ridenour, who have been using rumors, lies to manipulate the rest. Lying to hurt someone else is a HIGHLY aggressive act and the accuser needs help. Their need to have a scapegoat in their sick belief to make the group “strong bond”, to help find meaning in their empty lives. They lie so much they believe their own distortions. It is a ploy to ‘defend” self , by acting against others. One person initiates, cowing intentional behavior , emotionally manipulating the rest , this type of underhanded behavior , is thrilling to gang up , it gives them a common bond. The lower the IQ the easier it is to ‘use ‘ the rest to join in their manipulation and get them to act and lie .


        • I Smell trickery 4:45 pm on October 9, 2020 Permalink

          why are all of these so called “investigators ” , lying and trying to trip up nurses ? Sending mail to an address out of state when they KNOW the person is working in AZ ? 10 days change of address , is a short time . Who is going to change their address when they don’t even live in az? what a dirty board , and the dates on things are just weird too. We all know how they manipulate these pitney bowes machines. Right Beth Campbell ??? This is done to miss the trial , and not give you a chance to be heard. sinful gang at this board for sure ! .


        • RN 9:46 am on October 13, 2020 Permalink

          I’m relying on my lawyer a lot and he says that it will be impossible for me to secure another job in nursing, or probably in any hospital, while this is going on. And that will take many more months, even up to or more than another year.

          I have a complaint from a family member and I just tried to renew my license and I had to tell them I have a pending litigation against me and I don’t know if I will be able to renew my license or what my punishment will be. I haven’t even been in front of the nursing board yet. They cancelled my first appearance. I am nervous .
          (any advise out there?)


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:16 pm on October 13, 2020 Permalink

          There is that period when we all think it’ll be OK. And it can be if you do virtually everything the corrupted Board tells you, and you do it. Some of us just can not follow the guilty plea if we are not guilty Guilt and remorse is irrelevant. Innocence consciousness and truth will only get you in deeper. Get out of nursing before it destroys you. Never look back.


        • Ned 6:28 am on October 14, 2020 Permalink

          This is ELIZABETH CAMPBELL”S (home ) ADI reported on a case involving members of the Snell and Wilmer law firm. Documents obtained through a records request showed that in April 2015, the Chief of the Criminal Division of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Don Conrad, gave final approval for the prosecution of attorneys from the firm. At the time Conrad approved the prosecution, agents and attorneys in the Horne administration had already obtained 5 plea agreements from conspirators lower on the food chain in that case.

          “Because Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich had benefitted greatly from the support of attorneys with the firm during his campaign, any other action by that office would have been considered unprofessional at best,” reported the ADI. “Despite the fact that Conrad and Andy Rublacava, Chief of Special Investigations approved proceeding with charging Snell and Wilmer attorneys and taking the case to the State Grand Jury by executing a Fraud and Special Prosecutions (FSP) case open document on May 5, 2016, Brnovich’s office did not immediately hand the matter over to another jurisdiction. In fact, rather than taking the appropriate action, the Office went to the extreme and tried to shut down the case altogether. Those extreme measures included firing several staff members with knowledge of the case.”

          As the ADI predicted in that article, because the Attorney General’s office came under scrutiny, Brnovich handed the matter over to Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles. Voyles, who is currently under investigation by the FBI, made the case go away. Allegedly the Attorney General’s Office made it easy by withholding key information from Pinal County prosecutors.

          The entire case had to be undone in order to ensure that the mastermind conspirators could breathe easy. Due to the fact that voters only replaced Voyles in the 2016 Republican County Attorney Primary with Kent Volkmer; a less attractive version of Voyles, the case was sure to die. In January 2017, a Pinal County attorney asked a Maricopa County Superior Court judge to vacate all of the plea agreements. She did as asked, but with hesitation. She had little choice. She would not agree to dismiss the case with prejudice however.

          A sliver of hope

          The judge’s ruling in the matter might have been a death knell for justice. Fortunately for the many victims in that case – which now include former Attorney General staff members – the FBI opened an investigation into the matter. As a result of the actions by public officials in the case, what started as an investigation into civilians’ criminal acts, morphed into one that included public corruption allegations.

          The aforementioned case is not an isolated instance. There are at least two other instances in which the Arizona Attorney’s Office took steps to protect politically connected subjects from prosecution


        • Narcan Them 5:42 pm on October 14, 2020 Permalink

          not sure about how many nurses have drug or alcohol problems , but it is on the rise. A board of nurses needs someone (at least one) who knows how to treat these people , with addictions . What I have seen , is some very ignorant people on the board, who are so one sided thought process, and trying to ‘rule” the world based on the ‘religion’ they practice . One that is certainly not everyone’s choice, but to really be into it that much , one would have to had some real long exposure and quite young . To even think that nurses , should follow this crazy path of fake front , is lunatic to begin with . To hear a couple of the board members , comments in this area , when as someone mentioned they are of the lds,is just plain craziness . Alcohol addiction goes far beyond having a glass of champagne at a wedding or a couple of beers at a ballgame. It’s drinking to excess and developing a dependence to where you need a drink to function. Indulging to this degree causes more than just physical issues. Relationships suffer, work is no longer a priority, and you continue to use despite the consequences. It’s an utter loss of control.
          they do not have to send people to what they call ‘experts ” who are mostly alcoholics themselves ! to determine this ! Certainly not the ones currently on this board , who act like authorities on the subject. Maybe they are, who doesn’t know a lds who doesn’t drink ? and lie about it .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:29 am on October 15, 2020 Permalink

          Drink and lie about it ? Absolutely!


      • 4 UR INFO 1:55 am on September 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Who is Sigmund Popko:
        Popko is an instructor of law at Arizona State University in Tempe AZ, which is one of the Universities where Joey Ridenour’s husband William Ridenour is the Regent to. Sigmund Popko was elected to rule on Nurse Cobia’s case in Maricopa Superior Courts. Well America you guessed it, Nurse Cobia did not win. But Popko put in his dirty little comments, “We Do Not Answer to Pennsylvania”. Geeze why would W. Ridenour’s friend Popko write such a statement? We got the goods on dirty Popko and his little photo studio business.

        Who is J. Ridenour:
        Past President of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing 1998-2002; past Chair of the Nurse Licensure Compact Executive Committee 2009-2013. Well America remember Jockey also sat on the Arizona Hospital Association.

        Who is Peter Fine:
        the CEO of Banner Health, he also sits on the Arizona Hospital Association Board, and oh boy did not Jockey sit on this board too? Now remember Penis Fine is involved with the regent who dictates to the University Medical Center in Tucson that is now Banner Medical Center if I remember correctly, which is a teaching hospital with the University of Arizona. Boy oh Boy!

        Who is Ram Krishna:
        the dirty daddy to skunky Sunita Krishna. Now American you do remember when Ram Krishna sat on the Medical Board in Phoenix Arizona, and the Medical Board was investigated and exposed for having doctor’s in Arizona which were not licensed. Now America if my evidence and documents read correctly then dirty daddy krishna gave one million dollars to the University in Tucson where nasty Sunita went to school, oh boy no wonder stinky Sunita graduated. I believe Ram was on the regent in AZ with william Ridenours, yes, yes, yes, here is the picture of them side by side. One more thing America Sunita Krishna does not write briefs for court cases against nurses, she seems to be to stupid, it is the law clerks, first year law grad’s, and others in the courts.


        David Farnsworth: https://www.eastvalleytribune.com/news/mesa-senator-corruption-infests-the-state-somewhere/article_82c4c5ae-6ab2-11e9-a123-837e857170a9.html

        Mr. Farnsworth, Maybe we should start with you, and possible your secretary who is your very own Brother.

        Oh yes America, one final word on Cindy Mand an executive at the AZBN.gov, she is telling police that certain nurses under investigation does not like the police, and we are part of an anti-police group. This is far from the truth, I have the info on this one too and she is a Clinton lover, yes the old cow herself. Cindy Mand is a typical liberal and a Sociopaths wanting control, (divide and conquer is her modo). Cindy if you don’t like our current President leave the country.


        • TEE HEE 6:43 am on October 2, 2020 Permalink

          This is VERY informative 4 ur info . oh yes . Cindy Mand also worked at Maricopa County medical center , and so did Jockey Ridenour. coincidence . ? Not sure who is the bigger liar Cindy Mand or Emma Mamaluy. or A tie. Mand is ASSociate dir her and j “dr don” both trying to suck up to be dir . if they want to be on the corrupt board of nursing , well “the higher you go on the ladder the more your ass shows” . Just getting started. A recent case just won , another one, persistence !


        • tennis ee 3:05 pm on October 2, 2020 Permalink

          sigmund popko is a f”ing COUNTY COMMISSIONER . Doesn’t even make the judge’s list. “we do not answer to Penn?” hmmm .Although the azbon tries to rule the country with their over stretch . POPKO looks like a hand picket puppet . Now who is the puppet master. WILLIAM RIDENOUR ? President of ASU , who spoke at the BYU pulpit ? Yep medical board exe dir fired , pushing licenses through for foreign doctors , lots of them at banner and yuma where krishna made his bucks. Maybe sunita can tell daddy do do to ‘bridge ” medications . she must have said that word 20 times STFU already ! she continues to sit in board meetings and court rooms while I am hiking out enjoying the real things, avoiding the corrupt politics .


      • C. C 12:15 pm on September 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Elizabeth A Campbell is losing it for sure. Scattered . She likes to talk with nurses lawyers , and use her “it’s BETH” . first name basis , trying to get cozy with them . “like your GF ‘BETH” . Referring to them by first names, like ‘we’re ‘ friends ” only a fool of an attorney would allow this . She ‘s so unprepared, and ditzy acting . (remember no names , remember given out , or ‘insider trading of info ceases) I read it is all .top secret , and if so you will get others who can give lots of input . Like “Campbell can’t chew gum and walk at the same time ” .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:07 pm on September 30, 2020 Permalink

          very true in many ways, there us something I am missing? I dont ever remember violating clinical rules to gain the higher ground on anybody. Simply immoral.


        • R N 6:03 pm on October 1, 2020 Permalink

          in general , I did go to one care and yes , she is half cocked and over stepping Campbell is losing it . Unfocused , unprepared, and flustered . Like her biggest job is to tell the participants to not give patient names. That seems to be her only job. Campbell keeping something confidential , but when it comes to the nurse an invasion of their internal organs. Nothing is CONfidential . Especially mental health she likes to state this loudly over and over . It looks like ELIZABETH CAMPBELL is the mental case . She is dealing with board members who are complete simpletons. She wants the defendant to have a limited knowledge so she can rake them in court, but was she counting on a board of uneducated no common sense too ? Not every nurse is this stupid but they gravitated to the BON ! Of course her job is to rake them in but she is having “private meetings with them” NO not Campbell the way she is: an adult tattletale, she will go to Ridenour to tell them . More HER STYLE. A rat, snitch, got to have her way type of bitch , and don’t ever make her look bad , or embarrass her , right RUG !!
          ROFLOL !!!


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:58 pm on October 2, 2020 Permalink

          There is. or within the past five yrs., large turnover in most departments there. Doubt its the money, what is the motive for this?


        • May 2019 2:55 pm on October 4, 2020 Permalink

          Who stays at the arizona board of nursing office , is either making good money , loves to play little detective, and get people in trouble , loves to have things stirred up and cause hard ship for others. It is a very toxic enviroment for sure . Covertly belittling , bullying , devaluing . They do this to pull the rug out from under you and any statement you make will not taken seriously . They are hoping . They know what you say is true , other wise why bother ? Why bother Cindy Mand, you are one of the big bucks, so to earn that you gotta get the ones who attack JR , be careful playing with fire. Meanwhile , what s happening with your reputation? Mand seems to move around a lot, bedside got too hard . Those who leave will not say the truth, they do leave to save their own skin. Notice the ones who leave are the smartest ones after all . One in education was short lived for sure , not impressed with off the wall mccormy. who ASSociate dir describes as “not ready for her”. only small town hicks like safford , and some of them got away from eau , quickly , others were victims of the, fake put on.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:09 pm on October 17, 2020 Permalink

          Dont know how splendid post got misplaced but it is now here and recommend all students read this three times and spread it to colleagues.


      • 4 UR INFO 9:39 pm on October 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply


        I passed through the doors of the ER and tuned the corner on my way to the burn unit, I felt an unusual dark silence in the atmosphere. While we dressed for our shift, my colleague’s nor spoke because they sensed the dampened mood of the unit too. I sat down for report, and the night shift RN informed me a whole family with 4 small children perished from smoke inhalation in a fire, and we have the 4 children who were all on ventilators as we waited for the extended families to decide how to handle the precious bodies. The 12 hours that day the mood of the unit never change, my colleagues and I worked mostly in silence, and only spoke when needed. The report to the oncoming night shift RN was a carbon copy of what he gave me from the morning because nothing had changed, and we were still waiting on directions from the extended families.
        My drive home from work that night was in silence as well, no radio, no phone conversations, just thoughts. My routine before I went to bed was to kneel in silence, so I did. I saw their faces and their eyes, not just the children but of so many others who I was assigned to care for, not their color, political belief, nor their religion, just their eyes and the pain from their eyes.
        There are those who are called and then there are those who are chosen, I felt blessed to have been chosen, I am sure my colleagues felt the same.

        I have heard it said that Banner Health is the Anti-Christ Hospital of the world, I happen to believe it too. America….See BECKER’S HOSPITAL REVIEW, the website is where Banner Health barely made the cut for largest health systems but DID NOT make the cut for the LARGEST HOSPITALS in the NATION.


        P.Fine you are nothing but a big fish in a bowl of water…..When people like you (p.fine), and the AZBN staff flat refused to accept that we nurses are subjected to stress, and see horrible depressing illness from the people we treat, then you show your pure hatred and IGNORANCE for my colleagues and myself.


        • Vel 2:31 am on October 3, 2020 Permalink

          While those employees such as joke ridenour , cindy mand from the burn unit, sit with a cup of coffee at their desk and eat bon bons’ , emotional less , just thinking, lets get the kids and family out asap so we can open those beds. All you will see in their eyes is the look of turning out the next victim nurse. Digging for dirt. The power and control over those who have a calling and are not political machines , robots , soul less douche bags. When you think of banner , then think of the religion of the charge nurses, the major contributors, those who run the place , all connected ! Infiltrating the medical community , from cardon to dental offices. And they all think they are banner- rific like ELIZABETH Boyer the dummy on the board UH!!! geez is she stupid !! , do not allow a pediatric patient to be cared for by her ! it was “johnson, from Banner, kathy scott , michael herring, rebecca schwarting .


      • ex momo 1:48 am on October 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        For some reason the NY Times thinks that mormon woman can think for themselves and if they dislike Trump he is in big trouble. So many people have no clue about this dastardly cult. Many nurses soon figured out what the real problem at the board of nursing was about the cult influence. The women believe they are good for “breeding” purposes . Also pound it into the daughters heads to marry a returning missionary . They also have a strong hatred towards blacks, and feel God made them black to pay for something they did in earlier life. wonder if Harris Knows that ? They also have a very strong dislike of anyone who is gay , lesbian , and will force them into ‘conversion therapy”. . Females are never allowed to hold any higher offices, they are encouraged to get on boards and be very busy so they don’t think of leaving their husbands. Any woman that is raped must go discuss it in detail with the Bishop who was always ask “what were you wearing ???” If beat up, “what did YOU do to make him do this??” it is always her fault , she’s a liar. Elizabeth Smart is mormon, her rapist mormon and his (lst wife Mormon) he did not see anything wrong with taking a child and making her his new wife. Mormons are taught ‘ your parents would rather you come home in a pine casket then not be a virgin” That is why E Smart, thought her parents didn’t want her and did not try to leave. BTW ED Smart her father is married to a man now leading his true life , not what they told him, marry a woman and have lots of babies. He was miserable .


        • Victim azbn June 7:23 pm on October 3, 2020 Permalink

          Saw this posted and great advise ! “Looks like simpleton ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL , ELIZABETH BOYER, and ELIZABETH RIDENOUR , should have listened to Walter O Scott . Too late now ! “””O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!


      • Todays News 7:31 am on October 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Found on another site , how true ! Betting either one of these two do not tell others what they REALLY DO !!!
        There are two who work as aag , with the az board of nursing. Elizabeth A Campbell aka “beth “campbell and Sunita Krishna Aka “Cario ” . They will tell people , they are ‘prosecutors” but both need to wear on their badges and backs a big sign “I PROSECUTE NURSES AND MAKE IT SO THEY CANNOT WORK AS A NURSE AGAIN”. (OH, daddy must be SO proud ). and in small print, “even if they did not do anything wrong ” !


      • BSN 7:55 pm on October 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        still cannot get over the nurse who was turned into the BON by a friend, the nurse took hot water from a coffee pot poured it into a diaper , placed it on a infants heal prior to blood draw and it blistered ! no sh* t .! the nurse worked for Banner, the ‘pediatric preceptor ” on the board voted this was OK !!! Elizabeth BETH Boyer, married to Paul Boyer (another moron) un-believeable , protect the public , right ! Boyer voted nothing punitive on this nurse. Beth Boyer is more interested in protecting Banner , than a baby .


      • nobody's fool. 8:03 pm on October 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        NO ONE HAS ANY RESPECT FOR PUTO PANOOCH PROCECUTOR ELIZABETH CAMPBELL (JUST IN CASE ANY MISTAKE HERE SHE GOES BY “BETH”, AND DOES DIRTY WORK FOR ATTY GEN OFFICE ) I KNOW HER WELL !!! THIS IS HER TYPE OF RETALIATION TACTICS ! “”After I went public about about a prosecutor and two cops selling illegal protection to corporations, they threatened to have my ex-husband make up.a story that I was neglecting my child. When the Judge found out they lied, and that a prosecutor was instructed such an egregious lie he was furious. When you come across people in the judicial system with no moral compass its shocking. It makes you grateful for those that respect the oath they took.”””

        I should forward this to her, along with other’s opinion, to her and her boss Nunchucks


        • nobody's fool. 6:49 pm on October 12, 2020 Permalink

          bahama mama reads it all , like sherlock holmes. Only she is not as smart, think she is. still trying to prove her cases, never admit mistakes ! never , A real Cheese head , WIsc is only state no BAR exam is required in. and pass rate is very high and is considered the easiest BAR exam second to So Dakota. She would pass a character test?? , haha. when I get a bd complaint, about not calling a dr, (when he was in the hospital rounding every hour ) and this was my day . who knows, another shitty az hospital of unprofessionals.Hard to refuse assignment , when sometimes you have already taken the assignment , realize report was messed up, and finding the disaster after you start rounds. Ie 1)the patient reported to you as having pna , is post open heart. 2) the patient on SI has a sitter, you find the sitter is in another hall talking with co workers, 3) the patient who’s wife from hell was on another floor day before , as was i, moved because she was raising hell so much and now that is my patient the one who is ‘stable’ ; surgeon had still not seen him bowels hyperinflated , screaming in pain , but wife is louder. 4) pt integrilin d/cd dk stools suspect retrograde paratoneal bleed, tell Cardio who says it is not, tell Cardio 4 times, resident is watching it all , finally repeats hgb, came back 5 . blood stat , icu stat, Charge nurse pulled CNA to watch monitors while she ate bagels and ignored everything I told her. SO every call light that went off for bathroom or fill water pitcher went to me . My power ? I saw supr asked her who chief of staff was, only way i got surgeon in . first time the chg nurse pulled the chair out of her *ss. And they had a poster , TEAM WORK .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:40 am on October 13, 2020 Permalink

          veteran nurse post!! Outstanding!!


      • NR 3:01 am on October 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        This is pretty much how the sick members at the nursing agency act. : “”They are finding out how much they enjoy giving free reign to their sadistic side so they carry on with their good guy or gal act in public and once you start to complain that they are dishonest or abusive they flip the script and accuse you of being the abuser and lying while they play the victim.””
        Oh yes, you are the one who is “dangerous” , “unstable” “lying” “has made threats ” “acts strangely” “crazy ” “bizarre” “unhinged” “odd” . This is what the repeated say to people who work at the board, contact the board, always labeling , and making the rest believe how simply ‘off the charts you are” . Many simple minds , are working there or on the board, and will believe it if enoug people say it. Without ever witnessing anything, but just being told to ‘watch them “, will make people see things or elaborate , just like the one lying to them . Just remember who is starting these rumors , through constant texts, emails, verbal has 4 fingers and when pointing one at someone three are pointing back at them . They are fixated, they want the person who was wronged to be looked at as not knowing what they are talking about and not believed so they are constantly getting others involved . Are you part of the gang , that is being created? Are you repeating things because you heard something ? are you doing this to ‘suck up ?” . Please your boss , so you’ll get promoted. IF you are getting involved in any way, you just may have to answer for your false information and the fact you do not know what you are talking about. Think about what you are really doing , you could be next . Don’t care who told you to do what ! Be careful ! They are using you to save their butts for wrong doing . Are YOU the one who is going to help them , from their mistakes ? You might just think about , what you are really doing .


      • Karma 's Bitch 2:56 am on October 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

    • Court Watcher 7:34 pm on September 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      There have been a couple pay law suits . You just have to get away from the corrupt OAH court . One nurse prevailed a couple months ago, posted how ELiz Campbell had her panties in a bunch over that but had to advise board to accept what a NEW alj , who is probably short lived there . OF course they will request another judge, highly illegal , but Greg Hanchett runs the sham court. I would discourage no one from appealing . In other courts Campbell is quit nervous, and judges seem not to like her . She has to take her ‘penis ‘ with her Harris, who is another A G hack. Just goes to show what a crappy atty she is , and is only comfortable where she knows the judge is “in ” on it .


      • 4 UR INFO 12:21 am on October 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        After reading all that is posted in the NCSBS.org about nurse Cobia I then googled her name and it obvious she is not liked at all by AZBN.gov staff or Jockey because they had one of their cozy friends post false information about her. Nurse Cobia must have some serious evidence against the State of AZ, well good for her. This reporter (Mary Anne Pazanowski from BLOOMBERG LAW)……. does not like Nurses, read her hateful comments about nurse Cobia.


        Many nurses in AZ who have be the subject of complaint have been harassed by neighbors, co-workers, and so on….there are a number of nurses from AZ who after having complaints go in on them by their employer are jumped, kicked, punched and assaulted. America I have their names because something is wrong in ARIZONA when a Nurse fights back against false allegation from medical facilities & the Arizona Board of Nursing and is then physically attacked, harassed by employers, harassed by staff members from the Arizona Board of Nursing, and courts.
        This is serious corruption and J. Ridenour is in the mist. Notice they said she called someone the “N” word, well Valerie Smith wrote the same thing about another nurse, yes VSmith I have the nurses write up by you, you race baiter. America these are not the only two Nurses accused of such lies, I have the names of other nurses who were accused of calling someone the “N word”. So who’s idea was it to start this type of lies to take nurses out of their profession when they are not liked, and not an addict?


        • Reviewed 9:27 pm on October 3, 2020 Permalink

          Wow , all day all nite mary anne, sounds like the type to lay on her back for anyone willing to feed her info . “properly stripped ” what kind of reporting is that ? BIASED . I would think Cobia could sue them . someone who is in court , hopefully with a jury read this biased journalism ? And gather reports from all who have been abused who fight them . Another nurse lost his career over a patient telling him , he did not want a nigger for a nurse. So that is ok, and you must take it , which he did. Maricopa Medical did not want to fire him for that , it could come back on him. So they made a paper and story about a med error. (low lives at the BOARD . (but they messed up trying to rig that one up ) . So willie’s a victim as well . (any decision by the bon is not a final decision, they lack legal authority . that is why appeals are so important. Yes some serious corruption going on at this nursing board. Yea who’s idea was it to start this idea to take licenses. SHAME ON SUNITA . No wonder Ridenour picked Valerie Smith to take with her from County. She certainly knew she was underhanded, dirty player .


        • RTS 10:43 pm on October 3, 2020 Permalink

          wow, this is paradigm, they have a nurse charting system , seems like st lukes does this. This is how the az bn does things. they get someone from another state to post negative stuff about the nurse. ( remember the one from southern calif who went after amanda on the internet. she even made the trip to AZ for the hearing !! ) yep they try to find someone who “looks ” unrelated , and gets them to do dirty work . yes they get people to physically attack nurses who fight back against them . They will ‘use ‘ anyone. Looks like dr “DON” is fitting into valerie smith corrupt ways really well. Cindy Mand is just as SNEAKY ! and will take over that part. the idea to attack is to play politics who has a license or not make you obedient, to their bullshit ways , and make waves. beware they will come into your neighborhood, did it to a NP who “all of a sudden got complaints about his yard” . Oh yea they will harass at every turn . don’t get discouraged. Be as ruthless ! becareful tonite going out dancing , they will have cops watching, but have 90% of your life having fun and 10% fight back against crime of the AZBN !! Don’t turn into a AAG look at those sour puss’s !


        • O'henry 8:09 pm on October 6, 2020 Permalink

          “properly stripped ” this ‘reporter ” friend of joke ridenour, is another joke ! so obvious .
          Nothing this corrupt bd does is proper .
          Ridenour is still working because she needs the money. after filling everyone’s , buy out, ‘tip jars” for paid favors , she’s broke.


        • I know 4 a fact 4:14 am on October 8, 2020 Permalink

          Yes you are all right about how horrible these mormon’s are and what they do and have done in the past. Barbaric , to do this to a little boy . ! My father was part of the “Indian placement program,” that the LDS church ran. When he was 8 he was taken away from his mother, baptized (he had no idea what was even going on) and placed with a family of Mormons with 12 kids. He was told to get rid of his old ways and start living the gospel?!
          My dad has hardly any connection with his heritage now, but who gets volunteered to talk about Native American stuff at cub scouts?! Yup my dad… as one scout leader once put it “he really looks the part.” 😡 So they stripped him of his heritage and then used him? To this day it makes me sick, that’s just another of 1000’s reasons why I left.!


      • RESEARCHER 1:17 am on October 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Seminole Tribe of Florida: After much research and Nurse Cobia being accused of being racist it appears all that the AZ BN is doing is diverting attention from their own racial hatred. Calling Native American’s RED NECKs is “RACIST” Sunita. AZ nursing board have demonstrated to me with their every turn what bitter sociopath’s they are. J. Dahn, C. Mand, S. Krishna, S. Bonner, V. Smith, J. Ridenour, and many others who I have researched indicate they are radical liberals, who play the police against nurses by saying the nurse under investigation hates the police. Anti-law and anti-order appears to be the motto of AZ BN, not to mention their hatred for the current leader of America.


    • Be there ! 9:03 pm on September 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Nurses CNA’s DO not contact the az board of nursing if you get an email , they want to ‘discuss your employment with ____________ (inject underhanded hospital who is using the BON ) . They did that with me and turned the phone call into a investigative interview ! unprepared, and no attorney consulted . Dirty Board up to their tricks again. ! DO NOT CALL THEM ! Also do not do an interview , it is NOT required. They interview is like going to a police station “to answer a few questions” then get a copy of the police report that does not even reflect anything you said, twisted it on you. Do not think you can go in and “explain it ” and it will not go against you ! You do not have to . Sneaky nasty board who would send you an email /tricking the nurse into talking about an incident , then write it out . When one word does not match, because your nervous or just woke up, they will say you changed your story. When the ‘story ‘ line came from the lying mgrs at the hospital. And do not work in AZ especially verde valley .


      • Notta fool ! 3:21 am on September 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        YES you are right ! This ‘rapid response ” has beens never was , group. Want to help mental health of nurses who are experiencing increased stress at work . !!! (this is not a joke they actually have some nurses fooled ) BUT AZ nurses do NOT fall for it !!! This corrupt BON does not care about you at ALL!!! Tell them you are having problems coping and you will be ordered a PSYCH EVALUATION !! AT YOUR COST !!! They will put this on the www , and everyone will say your CRAZY. AND you get to go to their approved doctors ! who are high paid LIARS , and will write any kind of BS they board needs to put you on PROBATION.
        DO NOT FALL FOR THIS !!!
        the only mentally disturbed ones are on the board, or work there , or do cases for atty gen office. Unhinged to the max .
        By you saying, I need counseling NO WAY OUT OF THEIR TRAP !!!
        take advise , nurses in AZ and DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS CRAZY BOARD !!


        • BD's Fake news, caution 5:28 pm on September 26, 2020 Permalink

          This makes me sick ! Rapid response is usually a group of highly trained ready to jump in and take over , nurses with some knowledge , of how to work with patients . So JOKE Ridenour is going to make it look like she is ‘supporting’ nurses ?? Is that right ? That this JOKE ‘has their backs ? ” really . IT takes some really naive nurses to even think they have a caring thought in their sick wicked minds . Where was Joke and the BD when nurses who spent their entire life in nursing taking care of patients sacrificing their own home lives, marriages, missing childrens events , going in on days off, working over time . One of those nurses who comes to mind , was framed by the hospital , weeding out those who are at the top of the pay scale, only to be ordered a psych evaluation, <this psych Dr Stewart said "Your not crazy the board of nursing is ! " . (Dr Stewart is no longer on the boards list right after this ! " This nurse did everything that was asked and was still revoked, which what was in the plan from the beginning . Where was 'caring JOKE then and the BON ??? Kicking her when she's down . Smearing her good name all over the internet, destroying her career, ordering psych evals, and every other test they can think of . Joke and the BD and staff can fool some of the people some of the time , those who know the truth say to nurses who get these "caring notes " from the corrupt board DO NOT FALL FOR IT ! FAKE NEWS ! FAKE NEWS !!


        • "d" 2:53 am on October 10, 2020 Permalink

          ridenour is trying to clean up the last 10 years of being a lazy sow, adding more ‘investigators ” if they are as qualified as Nadia Kuterian, who fell flat on her face , of course not qualified , can’t even sneak around the back of the building and spy w/o being caught, a real russian that one is. so 3 new ones so far , Amy Elizabeth Winkler – Heistand, Kandice Coleman, Amy Sammito. See how long they last . THREE new ones to add to the snakes already there ! in 2 months time , 1 ‘so called investigator had 3 nurses , that ‘s 8 weeks to dig dirt on them. are nurses really that bad in AZ? A full list of ‘investigators ” mailing to wrong addresses on purpose, and sending ‘trick emails” out, with no notification. No other state goes off into so many areas. anyways be interesting to see the background of these new ones, amazing how they got hired when no job was posted . ! “Friends of Friends” . not licensed that long either . When the bd looks at you, then look back at them ! IF they did’nt get into your business , we would have never known how they really work. S LOW and low life style .


        • C the big picture 5:42 pm on October 10, 2020 Permalink

          This applies to narcissist’s associated with this board, what happens to them when they hit their 50’s 60’s . can’t we all see this slippery slope happening to mamaliad and beth ie campbell , oh yea . you get away with nothing . Dirty dogs are generally well down the slippery slope. Likely to be divorced,they have less money and kudos than a decade or so before. Many friends have long gone,having suffered from their associations with them. No-one believes or trusts them. Their looks are fading: They are terrified of being left alone. Their children have figured it out, just like momo’s when they get older start sorting out what they were lied to about , and resent it . Yet they still believe they themselves have nothing to do with their downfall. Eventually they will become paranoid and won’t leave the house,for fear of meeting someone who has seen through them. It is all downhill from there.
          No matter where you move , people know what you did and the lies you tell.


      • MSN- 5:23 pm on September 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        If anyone took an interest in how this agency (board of nursing agency in Az is run) , they would be quite shocked at what a draconian government this is in Arizona . Don’t look for Doug Ducey , their governor to to be the one who will look into anything as far as this board is concerned. Anyone from a state that is civilized , would be very shocked to learn even 10% of the corruption.


    • GO SAINTS ! 3:11 pm on September 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      kim delorenzo a mtn vista , another ‘ mess of works” in az , and doug parlin Sr investigator quit the AZ BON geez can’t imagine why ?? haha he’s gone to azsbt . looking up savahna r/t mathew google shows his immate number 203841. steven kessel, maybe a different court . but diane the goon was making weird decisions . remember when she went nuts when janeen dahn fatal attraction with a patient was brought up . , reported to everyone by np who saw it unfold. diane biased alj retired from lifetime of LYING , and playing private judge for the bd of nursing. Diane and Elizabeth Campbell seemed to have a ‘thing” going on, both on the same team, and all against the nurse who went their.


    • Willie 5:04 pm on September 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      UH, Diane Milhaskey is a mess. Now she can reflect on how she really earned her money. IF she was honest , but don’t hold your breath on that one ! Slowly the philistine types go away. We still have high hopes of getting some fresh faces at the board. Help us all if Joke finally leaves and Dahn , or Mand get in there. They have spent too much time around Joke the stink has infiltrated them . You would think Willy Ridenour would tell Joke, get your butt home- your finished, your found out, you are only going to be under the microscope more and more, but maybe he likes her gone .


      • Mr Nurse 1:05 am on September 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        these brain washed bimbos on the board , need to separate their life time bull shit from judging the nurses before them . a dui when i got it, was ISOLATED , my evaluation showed NO ADDICTION . truthfully told them i drink occasionally , special events, holidays, take uber . but still a bd member told me to be quiet when i tried talking, and that it was ‘better this way” and she was “trying to help me” but stated it was a huge concern to her that I would still have an occasion drink. that i should never have another drink the rest of my life. There is a difference, in having a drink and having someone else drive , even though one drink and having a problem with drinking that could affect my work. I think this is one tea toting terrible two’s mentality . if your religion is against drinking or even drinking coffee and you think that other nurses should follow your crummy cult creeps way of thinking and run my life. you are nuts !! You are typical in your messed up mind, that you are ‘good’ or better then others, because that is what you have been told. This person is . this person should no way in hell be on a board or any kind , that places any type of judgement on others who have a life outside of nursing and can enjoy an occasional glass of wine , I suggest that she might loose up her tight arse and become human , instead of automatic repeating of what she was told to think on sunday’s . she really needs not to be on a board or ever serve on a jury , ever ! too controlling, and out of line ! her name is maccorimy’s . you will see her pic if you look on the bd’s web site, always trying to ‘look’ like she is so much fun, but a real buzz kill for sure .


    • I Fashion Styles 3:33 am on September 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I want to show some appreciation to you just for bailing me out of such a scenario. After looking throughout the search engines and meeting techniques that were not productive, I assumed my life was gone. Living minus the approaches to the difficulties you have resolved by means of your good website is a critical case, and ones that would have adversely damaged my entire career if I had not discovered your website. Your primary expertise and kindness in handling all the stuff was excellent. I’m not sure what I would’ve done if I hadn’t come across such a step like this. I am able to now look ahead to my future. Thanks very much for your expert and effective guide. I won’t think twice to propose your web sites to anybody who requires direction on this subject matter.


    • Help 4 nurses 1:40 am on September 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Another one of the boards investigators DAVID ELSON , is a snake in the grass. Sent a questionaire to a wrong address , out of state knowing the nurse was working az . (another BIG mistake !!) Then holds it against them . Then he sends her an email asking her to contact the bd about her employment in az. She does and he is recording asking her what happened and called that her INTERVIEW ! BE ware nurses , SNAKES LIKE ELSON also seem to gravitate towards the temples on sunday , you cannot trust these SOB”S . dirty and nasty all the way around . ANyone have any comments on this , think it is ok way to conduct ‘business”? .


    • T E 6:18 pm on October 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      If anyone caught a show mon , cbs, MANHUNT. It is about the wrongly accused bomber in Atlanta . A dirty fbi agent trying to make a person look bad, putting lies in reports , lying to the accused, using the publication to dirty their name and turn citizens against him. (this is how emma operates calling employers giving many false statements) . If this isn’t how this corrupt board of nursing agency is run .!! A real pattern of snakes. the complaint can be ANYTHING , just to get the foot in the door, to get a list of those to send supeona’s too , by the handful . just witch hunt the nurse. Then get a dirty investigator to dig, write a report the stupid members of the board will read and as dumb as they are will vote for evals up the ying yang , skills testing, refresher courses , even though the nurse that is FOCUSED ON with manifying glasses can work circles around these dip shits on the bd who are in mgt, little pretend nurses , dummies who can say “second” . Then put the nurses name in the nurse magazine to go all over the state, then put the name on the computer to put them out of work . Squeeze them , increase stress so they do something foolish (the bd hopes) ! (they put this wrongly accused man on the front of newspapers) Tricked him into an interview (just like the corrupt az bon does ) . so many dirty little tricks . Why would a show so blatant in corruption remind us of the azbon , if they aren’t using underhanded tactics , liars. ! I would hope that dirty cop went to prison, at least everyone knows what he did to this poor man NO INTEGRITY AT ALL ! the criminal on the inside, just like the az bon .


    • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:05 pm on October 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Tammy Greabell knew she was in the deep end and lacked immoral virtures to contunue.


      • Goliath 7:35 am on October 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Looks like you answered your own question, why do some leave, why do some stay? Why is their turn over ? Sure seems like Michael Pildner saw the handwriting, and EXIT LEFT ! The smart ones get out quick when it hits home. Seems that Pam Millbern , MUST know what is really going on. If she does and stays, she is just like them . She is a gossip, what else ? Not the ‘faith follower ” she portrays. ??


        • Helping Watch those dirty dogs 3:24 pm on October 7, 2020 Permalink

          Anyone gets involved with the nursing agency / board ends up with a spot light on them . Turn the flood lamp to DANEE GARONE , who is with Omsbudman , which is basically playing short stop for the board of nursing . He’s a jock strap for Emma Mamaluy. Of course who knows what she is telling him, the way she lied her head off to the cops. If he wants to get paid for investigating violations, but yet do nothing with bullsh*t excuses, just like the bon not what he is there for , everyone should file a complaint with that office . One that worked there found a substantial complaint , and wanted to file , but another ‘corrupt ” agency, protecting the dirty dog. the honest ones leave , when they see they are not really “citizens aides” . But denying any and all violations .( posting for one who is keeping it straight , post no where , but hey they can’t help what others do . ) THIS is the kind of stuff the dogged lawyers love to talk about, gossiping , avoid the issues. Yep EM and DG gossiping , spending most of their time trying to silence . Getting second request to do a focus column on Emma L Mamaluy , if possible and others can weigh in.


    • Interior 1:40 pm on October 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading it, you can be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back sometime soon. I want to encourage you continue your great job, have a nice evening!


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:56 pm on May 26, 2020 Permalink
    Tags: azbn   

    Spy Rigging AZBN 

    There is little doubt that whenever dealing with the AZBN you understand they are not your friends. Whatever you are involved with them, in this case, nurses first hand first understand the need for spy rigging. Which is somebody who is gathering information and following the evidence first hand. That would be the respondent or the person standing beside you.

    There are several events which add fuel to the fire to burn the AZBN. The events following federal guidelines & lead toward criminal intent and devastating damages of several nurses. it won’t be fully required to have it all float in the legal law canal of spite and revenge which has deep pockets; but the every day communication through social media and other venues to touch so many many in the court of public opinion. The light shines upon these cases of justice wearing an eye patch. From state senators and representatives to attorneys to police officers to moms at home to 1000s of nurses the word is being spread to activate a dire need for change in AZBN policies. All we ask is to obey the law.

    The volume of minds that have heard about what we say here is more important than the Bd’s back room ability to continue its reign of horror unimpeded. Its been proven that no law will stop the AZBN from doing what it wants to do. Spy rigging of cases continues and when you walk into an investigative interview the image of intimidation can only be painted in blood. The future of nursing is dim enough considering the prersent day horrors. When can a strong experienced nurse make a decision that common sense rules right in real time against a group of heap, big unknowns 100s of miles away can make honest decisions? A question most nurses here already have the answer to. The whole valley knows.

    We must not fade in spirit and of spirit of the law as somewhere along the watchtower there is an honest attorney.

    • Disgustedw/AZBN 6:32 pm on May 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I’m the one! I have worked way too hard to allow the AZBN to get away with trying to destroy my life. The lies and deceit from the plaintiff as well as the investigator and interviewers is beyond crazy. These people, and I use the word loosely, have gone completely off the rail. Yes, I’ve attempted contacting the Governor and Ridenour but she never responded. I have contacted several other agencies who are looking into the matter. My attorney was a joke to them. (That was before I realized there are expert attorneys in this arena).
      I am not going to be black-balled nor will I go down without a fight for no other reason than I am innocent in their alleged accusations. This is all in supposed public protection? In my case, there was absolutely no patient, resident or client, no medication error, no hospital, clinic or facility involved. This was two people speaking outside of employment. Why are they involved? Because one of the two told a heinous lie. It will come out! Several people including the one that told the heinous lie defamed the character of the other. So why am I guilty? I was not the one who told the heinous lie. I have proof, but did AZBN want to hear it? There needs to be an FBI criminal investigation into every last person involved in the AZBN. This is more corrupt than Bernie Maddoff!!! They make Manson look innocent! No, no no, I will not stop until something is done!!! If anyone is with me and willing to support my efforts for not only myself, but for every nurse that has been harassed, black-balled and erroneously found guilty by these ……, please let me know!
      I can’t believe all that I have been reading in these posts. Nurses are strong and we have a loud voice. Why have we allowed AZBN to get away with this for soooooo long? We have to stand up against them. As long as we do absolutely nothing, they will continue to get away with all they do! We have the numbers, we have the proof of what they are doing. Come on NURSES, we have to speak up!!! Especially those of us who have been abused by them. If you have had your licensed revoked, suspended or even if you’re on probation you need to fight to get your life back. I’m not talking to the ones who know they’re guilty. Serve your time and learn your lesson, then petition the AZBN for your license back. I am speaking to those of us who are innocent, wrongfully trampled and humiliated! If we don’t speak up now, this will continue. If we come as an army of NURSES, we will win. One cannot do it alone! We must speak up and stop this charade of a board. They get paid to destroy us. Why should we allow that? How many have and still are paying student loans off?. How many single mothers/fathers are struggling to put food on the table and pay rent because of what has been done against them? Now is the time to stand strong and not just here on this site but in every senators office, legislator, governor, mayor etc. This is an election year and NOW is the time we can make a difference!
      PLEASE hear me. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!
      I purpose a public tea party


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:43 pm on May 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        What you are doing applies, the courts need to be federal.


        • Rob 12:07 pm on May 29, 2020 Permalink

          You would think that eventually honest people would give up and finally say they made a mistake, admit it (as nursing leaders (sarcasm) and get over it . But that is not what their make up is about.What happens is they finally and silently realize it’s time to give up on trying to dupe you and then they desire to move to discard you with no intention of admitting anything to you much less admitting defeat. It doesn’t matter how thoroughly and indefensibly you exposed them nor how outrageous, ludicrous, or ridiculous their lies, gas-lighting, and games appear to be in the face of any amount or any kind of evidence.

          This is how they roll they will stay glued to their lies even if your evidence proves beyond any doubt whatsoever that their claims, statements, and actions are in every part and in whole completely and utterly unsupportable. These are the type people who will continue to lie even when they are caught on video. That’s pretty much what it will look like in a nutshell for many people who experience a narcissist and try to expose them with concrete evidence. One exception, they may not do so well in court and you might beat them there. We can all hope and won’t know until we try . What do you have to lose. Certainly not your reputation, only theirs. The real problem is finding a honest judge, and lawyer good luck with that !


        • they'll see you later 4:03 pm on June 8, 2020 Permalink

          Here is one person’s take on what will happen to these creeps from the atty gen office , the board of nursing , and those who choose to do dirty game playing, like janeen dahn, Cindy Mand , and Bonnie the unhinged one. “””they sleep very well & when they are in their 70’s,80’s,& 90’s that’s when what they did to people haunt them & they find Jesus asking for forgiveness & they accept baby Jesus in their black little heart & ask for Forgiveness 😊”” (i do think this is true, i see people draw to church’s as they age. ) but why are they sleeping well one asks, drugs and alcohol ! oh when u say fed, it was one of the nurses on the phone , when the dirty board voted against rehear, he said ‘see u in fed ct” , the women called him wm, but he said willy. so whoever you are we wish you the best. Oh and one other thing, this statement may ring true , but the ones who are truly heros the ones who are truly good people are the ones who when they recognize what this board does to people , quit leave , get out , those are good people.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 12:42 pm on June 9, 2020 Permalink

          New meaning to karma you identied!


        • A D,bsn 2:21 pm on June 14, 2020 Permalink

          some more stupid stuff, a nurse who was working and was threatened when when she went outside , 3 men ” lets get her now” , no security around, she pulled out a knife to defend herself. She was reported to the board of nursing ?? like wow, not only think they are little lawyers but cops too. a nurse is not able to defend themselves ? A nurse is not suppose to pull a gun or knife on someone she feels is a threat in an off duty outside in the dark situation ? this board is crazy . when you have someone who lived in the slums , hood , or inner city, their like WTF ? this bd did what ? disciplined , doc. “what crazy ass old hens , az is nuts ” . (not every one but the ones on the board, and they are not changing ! ) inbreeds.


      • GO 4 IT 3:19 am on May 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        this sounds very encouraging, but not on public forum, and do not expose the name because the corrupt board of nursing and staff love to really go after you. the moderator should not give up anyone’s identity either, under no circumstances. a non disclosing email , so others can contact. notice 3 on may agenda have filed , should be discussed in public but the lie and say legal advise. always violating rules to follow. also to be discussed off label , another case and treating self and family another case . Yes it is high time that something be done. If Ridenour does not respond she is as unprofessional as ever . this needs to go on line !


      • behind the scenes 2:19 pm on May 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        How can we do this, ? What would be the first thing to do ?
        send email address and not one you normally use. Or the board will not only revoke for talking to neighbors, but are known to lie and get detectives involved. Their is no end to the amount of money they will spend and certainly from standby looking in, will pay anyone off. A public uproar , and connect with those who are exposing killer cops, there is a close similarity here! Just like killer cops the board has a blood lust going on. Fresh blood on their fangs still .


      • not a twin 2:47 pm on May 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        In a weird way, this posting sounds almost as if they are trying to ‘sound like someone else” and make it look like it came from someone else. Or there are a lot of off duty private conversations that are being stalked on, and snowballed into something they are not. Or trying to make it appear similar . What ever . If this is what happened I suggest they file a law suit , keep that strange, sold her soul DOCTOR (joke) DON, busy. Yes , it was someone who is in the front office who said a couple of times, “they hate when you appeal” i bet they do , put it back on them. Liars will get caught and they sure know how to down right lie !


      • Truth, believe it 4:47 pm on May 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Let go
        Let God
        Not worth any of the stress for something that is out of your control.
        Everything happens for a reason.
        What comes around, goes around.
        Karma [some call it God’s wrath] is a beotch.
        I would not want to be any of these people on judgement day.
        There IS peace found within the pages of the bible.

        I pray for peace for all of us.

        God will deal with the spirit of Jezebel that is dwelling in the AZBON.


        • ANGEL To the GLory of God 8:16 pm on May 27, 2020 Permalink

          The angel’s that we are , we can assist God and move it a long faster. And like anything that is not good for the soul of decent nurses, a warning horn needs to go off loudly and clear. Then those who choose not to believe our message will be tomorrow’s victims of this Jesebel jury of jerk’s . This is your chance to assist God with a miracle and show the decent nurses who are caring , and have a good heart, that this behavior of theirs will not be tolerated on this good earth.


        • Peary Brown 9:25 pm on May 27, 2020 Permalink

          Following spiritual guidance can be effective for not creating a problem that you have to be a graduate of the Police Academy to settle. However, much of the evil that has fallen our way was from Satan. Satan can only be beaten if you know where he is. Confronting Satan is an absolute as he still can convince people he does not exist. He does exist and must be confronted openly.


        • C is 4 confused 10:13 pm on June 12, 2020 Permalink

          Attorneys don’t say much about another attorney, just one word says it all . When asked the atty what is your impression of Elizabeth Campbell, the response , is short but to the point and right on ! “she’s confused”.


        • the "C" word 2:03 pm on June 14, 2020 Permalink

          Very observant , “the atty for the a gen office is CONFUSED ” . now we have other atty’s who confirm that . When she looks at her competition is the deciding factor . Will they play court room “acting” with me and the dirty judge , or be contradictory all the way, too much effort , lets shut it down and give that BS line, ‘in public interest ” . Yet who from the public is interested and had a voice ? It was all a waste of money and time to begin with , now it looks like ‘work” , so give it up, your out smarted, and you will lose . sickening, costly , waste of everyone’s time and money (including the public) but “nice try”.


      • RUN Forest ! 8:24 pm on May 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        SERVE YOUR TIME AND LEARN YOUR LESSON ! and what “lesson” might that be ?? To never get licensed under the most corrupt board in the nation ! You learn your lesson. In AZ you cannot even surrender , and tell them to stick it, keep your fing license without them putting defaming comments under your name and calling it discipline. 46 other states allow this but not az they have to fck up your entire ability to survive and earn and income. They have to make sure you don’t move out of state and start over , away from the crazies. Shame on them , so if you surrendered, you have a discipline on your record that other states do not do , the majority of them do not do this . Dirty SOB’s in AZ , no wonder people want a blue wave, to get away from this corrupt board and the dirty SOB”S at the senate and legislature . And in AZ NA, dirty Robin Schaefer, could not get away with her sh*t in other states . CORRUPTION of AZ , SO learn your lesson ! Disgusted .


    • behind the scenes 2:39 pm on May 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The board members are not your friends, an understatement. Although they should not be, they are suppose to have common sense , and be fair to nurses and recognize when someone is retaliating against someone . But then again , they will not hear that part , they will not recognize anything that is to the nurses evidence . Getting a letter , which says dear (first name written out ) excuse me , but I am not your friend board bitches. A ploy to make it like we’re friends , and first name basis . HA ! This is unprofessional as they are . How did they acquire so many to be ‘like thinkers”. So be revengeful. But yet, try to make like they are such do gooder’s when they are a joke. Signing up for birthday donations to vets , like they have feelings for little guy. Collecting donations for homeless like they have heart. But can join in the wicked , first motion, and back them in their over the top punishment over nothing . Like the comment , two people talking, nothing to do with nursing , their are hundreds of cases like this . And why are they trying to control nurses , and use slimy ways to imprison them . Of course how many prison nurses are on the board, now those are a heartless crew, if you work there more than a week. You have done some real nasty things or ignored some real abuse , and that is ok for you to do . SHAME ON YOU! You know what is really going on with this corrupt board, you are one nasty ole ho. !


      • anthony d 4:13 pm on June 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        can’t believe a case , i mean why would anyone advance to get their Rn , if they are a CNA to deal with these morons ? A woman who is doing everything right, had a dui, 4 yrs prior, is in counseling and aa, counsels other nurses, admits a problem , had one nite where her marriage of 34 years ended and she over consumed. She is a model aa member who has stopped drinking and is very involved in testing , got help, and no common sense , miss lifetime brain washed against alcohol and COFFEE , yea you got that right ! make a motion to get a psych eval !! WHERE does this board get these uneducated, simply off the wall excuses for nurses on a board?The poor woman , was confused and should have been . pay for an evaluation when she is under the care of a psychologist and is sober for 4 years . What planet do they get this crazy biased notion of a nurse who can dictate to someone who has admitted is under treatment and is helping other nurses to put her in debt for a psych eval , what will that prove ? This is a board member who does no thinking at all , not critical thinking that is for sure, but should get the boot , what a complete moron! Oh and her name i just looked ELIZABETH BOYER . (talk about nurses eating other nurses , what a crazy moron, this made me so made to hear this case, I read on here Boyer loves to order psych evals, I think she needs an intensive psych evaluation to find out where this dumb blonde even think this is appropriate .


        • G W 4:19 pm on June 5, 2020 Permalink

          forgot about that one, yea you are right on, bro. the one with the lame lawyer , “david klink ” he had a few I think that were about drinking , one for sure. this ‘client ‘ a female, had dui, and a bac, forget the number) anyways , this dumb lawyer actually said , that the , get this !! the test tubes could have been defective !
          hey klink you are obviously one of this boards , chosen ones, but take this to court , criminal court and say this, you will be laughed out on your ear.
          stick with this crooked bd , cause they seem to favor your cases , and they are not too bright most of them , in criminal court, like I say laughed out the door. maybe they would even order a psych eval on you ! (lol )


    • Napoleon Josilowsky 2:53 am on May 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Pretty amazing post. I just stumbled upon your article and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your article. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!


    • hjordan3820 3:43 am on May 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      AZBN:>The House of Looney Tunes
      We are moving forward with or without others, AZBN, their staff, the skanks (krishna, campbell, Mammaluy), and their slimy skanks from the OAH have committed Federal Crimes. I have 10 years of evidence on them. The administrator of this site has been tight lipped with names. I am sure AZBN and their dirty ass kissers have been posting on this site too, just to keep us from raising up to take them down, don’t be afraid of AZBN and their threats. Religion has nothing to do with this, isn’t that correct Sr. Rachel Torrez, the one who likes to use the race card to play in her investigations. Sr. Rachel Torrez (catholic, just like K. Malloch) if you don’t think your ex-coworkers are not telling on you and V. Smith you better think again. Divide and Conquer is your motto Torrez. Trying to keep us from Uniting will not work.
      Remember J. Ridenour and her sitting on the AZ Hospital Assoc. board during the violations of the Sherman Act, because I do, tell everyone again Jockey how your resume was posted on the NCSBN site showing how proud you were of your accomplishments. LOL LOL LOL, jockey you are a real bag of numb nuts, you’re definitely not a nerd.
      If a nurse signed a consent, had their license revoked, surrendered their license, so what, but Jockey you, your staff, the skanks from AZ attorney gen.s office, and all the rest who are sworn in to up hold the law, have committed crimes when you indict us under false allegations. You taking nurses license under false pretense is not good for you but good for the nurse, and it does not matter what we signed you stupid stupid idiot JOCKEY. Krishna you are nothing more than a Bag of FARTS, that little youtub crap with you saying the pledge of allegiance in the republican etc…. you are a Communist Dictating Nazi just like campbell.
      Dear Bag of Farts
      Dear Communist Dictating Nazi
      Dear Bag of Numb Nuts
      Dear Race Card Player
      Dear Looney Tunes
      Dear Bangs (Fat Ass)


      • Go get em, they deserve it ! 4:32 am on May 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Some of them have had their bad luck , look at loser Randy Queer Quinn, by Queer I mean DIFFERENT ODD BALL !! , a real pompous ass . Surely he has lost some dough in the last couple of months. Remember when that goon, who worked Maricopa Medical Center too, along with Ridenour, Smith, Judith Bon Bons . He started Anes. solutions . well this would not be my solution. Quinn the queer one makes so many stupid decisions, so many wrong 100% not just a little or some of the time but , big mistakes. He ran his stupid mouth and thought he was the cat ‘s ass , the real meow. in fact he has no idea how stupid he is ! Unable to be told anything , head strong, and likes to brag about how they do things for the little guy , while revoking a nurses ability to make a living wrongly accused. Yea tell us what a do gooder you are again , liar Quinn . And Randy’s only fake friends are those nurses who were in contact because he was on the board, and those politicians he could manipulate so he could do things without Drs over seeing him . Randy needs to be watched 24/7 he should not be on his own , on anything . He has referred to himself as a leader !!! LOL ! and an EXPERT , dream on goon !! Your an idiot and nothing else ! Torrez was not good, a sinner , with a habit . or habitual sinner . Malloch , hmm her husband name Ellsworth , hmm. sounds like a member of this devil filled cult. We need a hero take them down to the ground, make them pay for their stupidity . Ridenour, her resume !HAHA , her name is MUD ! And I believe she will be asked to LEAVE , just like GILLETTE . If AZNA had 1/2 brain they would start this process and get rid of her , try to salvage the pieces of a broken board.

        Liked by 1 person

        • az is not for nurses 4:03 pm on May 28, 2020 Permalink

          UH that idiot moron RANDY QUINN, wow this guy is so messed up , in the mind , not sure that 10 years of long term counseling would make a dent . So sad, how he has been a life time member of a dirty gang lot. Has to be what tainted him and how he turned out so different , if this is what a ‘leader” is in AZ , that is just plain and simple sad. He is all about the money that is for sure, makes him think he is powerful, but then who else brags about 100 billion in the bank. When you compare your worth to a dollar , you are the biggest LOSER ! And the dirty politics, but even that is ok with this gang lot , cause they have a love of money. He may be gone but those lowly females who think a male has to be in charge and were impressed , like Gutierrez, ! showing off her stupidity and how simple she is , plain stupid. Ironically looks like she is main support of a male , or a sponge bob .


        • Minn nurses rock 3:56 am on May 29, 2020 Permalink

          No way should any new grad even think about going into nursing. Think about what you are doing . Mgt does not want to give the proper ppe, and you are the one who will suffer. It could be fatal. Now in AZ they are trying to sneak bills in against nurses , that you cannot sue them if you are forced to wear a mask that is NOT proper protection , and you get sick or die or take it home to your children. Don’t even think those drama shows on tv are anything to what it is really like . Then of course there is the corrupt board of nursing run by jokey ridenour to the ground ! dirty players all day long !


      • J F 4:28 am on June 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Someone who was employed , working at the board of nursing , for like …well a stretch would be 6 months , a year, seems like 6 weeks, resigned , Heather Healy, she was too educated to stay . While some stay , for some sick reasons. If someone told me they were on a BON , i’d get away from them, not trust, them and know they would be willing to do some really nasty things to people! The general public has no idea, it is really a mark against you to be on THIS board . And it is , especially this board . Congratulations on being able to jump ships , save your reputation, and do something meaningful, instead of lying every two minutes “public safety ” , like Mamaluy tells you to say. “polly want a cracker ? say public safety ! “


    • Rob 12:15 pm on May 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      As for A HOLE Randy Quinn , just say this : don’t let those wearing white shirt’s , tie’s, while carrying a BOM fool ya. Brainwashed Devil worshipers spreading lies while trying to recruit newbies, keeping woman second class , and praising dirty old while men with warped ideas.


      • Geof 3:55 pm on June 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        three times hearing the nausea producing voice of the jerk off quinn, ended in barf city, now his cousin mccormie is a double dose of zophran to stomach the “mouth” . She’s about as professional as watching a cock fight , throw out the chicken feed for the hens. Who does she think she is rushing cases so she can get on the road and leave early . everyone is suppose to cater to this selfish dumb blonde , if you want what you think is “impress the students ” being on the board, then you do what is expected of every board member , and what is Mekobe Hill doing catering to this request??? You don’t listen to nurses special needs, why should unorganized dumb blond, needs be met ? , why should someone’s career be short changed by dippy do , YOUR the one who wanted to be on the board and fake complimented everyone and their sister to get there , if you can’t organize your time it comes as NO surprise , your flakey and too bad . Randy tried to tell the board members not to vote for M Hill because she missed meetings, but it is ok to short change nurses , on their careers , Oh mccormies doesn’t want to MISS anything cause she has to have HER INPUT on everything . Because miss ‘im special ‘ do what i ask, I get my way (except at home, it is the male in charge , no way spout off your MOUTH , in that arena , you know your place , and stop playing little lawyer , stay out of the man’s locker room your just a dumb , never in any leadership position no matter how you play it, your a no body.and your co workers you got fired hate you , really bad. Your a cruel old bitch , to make sure this is about CAROLYN JO MCCORMIES , make no mistake about it.


      • Sober and Single 6:27 pm on June 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Here is a quote , and you are all free to use this. This is by the dumbest , board member mouthy blond dip-shit C M , “IF IT WASN’T HARD IT WOULD BE EASY”. Profound , right. These is her statement , right after telling a member of our group who is doing so well and helps others, that if she spoke any further at the board meeting it ‘would make it worse.” She said she told her , she didn’t care , and told them her 1 time dui was after a failed marriage , this was right after the first motion by another blond dip-shit boyer, to get an evaluation ! Where is the COMMON SENSE ?? Right ! after being in treatment for 4 years ! She told them her isolated dui was after my divorce of 32 years, which went over their head. As a member of a group who are in counseling and doing well year after year remaining sober, that someone on a board who is judging people like this , do not recognize isolated incidents ? do not and are not able to justify an evaluation . to have her pay for an evaluation , for what purpose ???? She admits she made “A ” mistake . She is doing her counseling on her own. What does this serve this board of nit wits and I mean dumb nurses ! right is to have an evaluation , and have the evaluator state she needs no counseling she is fine . (when this person wants to remain in a group setting and help others , and is sober. So UDS, or mandatory expensive psych evaluation is just plain nuts , I hope this board can get the education they so badly need . Sad , when the nurses who are in counseling are far more educated and less dangerous than the ones who got on this board , by someone’s error in judgement ! it sounds like a history of kooks get on this board .


        • you dont kill the children 1:49 pm on June 11, 2020 Permalink

          As if their ‘thought ‘ process isn’t messed up enough, add today’s headlines , and a comment by one in name only member of this cult. “””Their cult is a mormon cult. LDS Mormons aren’t the only Mormons. Also they were LDS their entire life’s. Their obsession about the end days is very common in Mormons. Chad’s books were read by LDS members who supported him and his beliefs for years!!! Yes they are an extreme group. But their beliefs and messages were widely accepted in the LDS community. So many of my Mormon friends have bought books and loved them from their printing company. “”
          Then add, the kids had to die because they were zombies , to try to figure out this mind set , of strange beliefs and whacked out brain washed mindless ones , what they do at board meetings , but in their home lives is plain crazy . Would be very hard to be around anyone of them for any length of time .


      • P is for paranoid 7:26 pm on June 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Campbell is for sure paranoid . with a capitol P ! And with good reason.


    • Hairstyles 9:11 am on June 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

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    • M . 5:26 pm on June 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      To do what the tramp Elizabeth A Campbell does, selling her soul, in 2018 she made annual wage 94,123. monthly 7,844. 00 no wonder the state is broke and when you look at what she does , to nurses with no protection of the public WHAT SO EVER. She is to nurses the Atty Gen version of the killer cop who put his knee on George Floyd (all in the NAME of public safety) we all know what she is really up to . Cut off their “air supply” or ability to earn a living. Spend it wisely “BETHY” , you certainly did not earn a penny, you are a political hack, and whoring yourself out for Mark Brnovich.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:13 pm on June 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply



        • M . 11:24 pm on June 7, 2020 Permalink

          Someone who sells their soul for monetary gain is a whore, Elizabeth A Campbell is a whore. She is not ambitious, she has a very easy job. She can lay flat on her back , while the paralegals, the office staff, the bon prepares all the filings, mailings, no keeping track of her hours, very little rules to follow and knows fully well before the hearing starts the outcome. Every judge knows their “role” , and is keened in before the hearing . The chief alj discusses with ridenour-dippy dahn-mamaliar the case; therefore exparte never comes up , Everything is put together , in notebooks, by staff , she just skims for the unrelated dirt on the poor nurse , and runs her mouth , like a low paid hooker. She may have gone to law school but is not practicing law in an ethical manner what so ever . Very easy , most nurses do not take a lawyer and the nurse goes up against tall drink of water , campbell, who knows the drill, is very comfortable in the court room, which is a joke to call it that . Brings in “witness” from the BON, more liars , witness to nothing. The sham court, where ALJ’s of low caliber integrity gravitate. If Campbell had any ambious bones in her body , she ‘d be in a big law firm and made partner , they wouldn’t want her, in fact she’s rather lazy. If she had an ounce of integrity , she ‘d be away from the BON, like the rest who had the job before her . No one stays that is righteous. Spends most of her time sitting in board meetings protecting patients name, big job, a monkey could do. Flat backing for the state. There is no difference in what she does , than a whore who does favors for “john’s ” , only in this case the “john ” is joey.


        • D A=DOG 1:59 pm on June 11, 2020 Permalink

          educated in SNAKE University , her only interest is in getting the ‘conviction rates ” high .
          I sure hope she is not of the frame of mind she is good at anything. Maybe BS , gossiping with the ‘girls’, coffee chats, and showing up. With her resources and politics , and corrupt court system , judges who are just as lazy as her , all looking at their deposits slips, money is motivator , with very easy targets and kill shots . Geez she must feel so good about her self .
          Take a good long look in the mirror Campbell , take a look at the devil .


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    • A. G. Rn 9:47 pm on June 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      When people obtain a nursing degree but know early on they want no part of being around patients , directly that is , taking care of them . But can read books and dictate to others the BS they learn in their meetings. Many meetings, all food catered, lots of chatting , nothing really gets done. Every now and again someone will change a few things, more rules , more laws , all to the benefit of the agency , to have more power, while nursing groups , sit by and let it happen , and in fact are behind a lot of it because they are the “in ” crowd, nothing with ever happen to them. No not them, they have done so much for the board politically , not caring how this pans out for future nurses and really don’t care. Virtually all nurses who seek and have attained political office do so for self-enrichment, leaving their Oath in the closet, their soul in the toilet , and all sense of integrity is lost because they think doing dirty in a group or gang style is ok. just like punk teen agers would never do something alone, but when everyone else is doing it, so what ?
      Can anyone name me a nurse and politician who continued to be a patient advocate while in office? Self center , selfish, just wing it and no one will notice. Take care of themselves , only , so glad they got away from any real patient caring . But then they are taking my friend , my dear friend, who has a heart of gold, and a track record of truly being their for people , out of the work force she dearly loves . And for that reason and many others i have seen damaged by the flippant unhinged board members and staff , I encourage no one to get a license in AZ ! Your not safe anywhere in this state ! I would further encourage anyone to not go into nursing, too much to lose by an ill minded board that is out of control. With no one watching , except those of you who run this web page . thank you .


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