Subjective Journalism Limited AZBN

The identification of evidence carried here is unneeded as it is mostly direct evidence and black letter law violations. The reason only for now is that all posted here not in comments is direct evidence such as nurse L.Trujillo being revoke for breaking the confidentiality on a corpse. And retaliated upon by being listed as nurse imposter. The volume of incredible civil, well of criminal actions is way common considering the large number of listed cases disciplined, meaning 1000/yr lics go south?? Of course this not today the importance of known criminal acts inside the AZBN;confirmation is Nurse T’s case who meets new Nurse grad, 43 y.o. excop, male ; all clues In my world that in itself is a clue. They do not date but exchange online to her snapping and threatens Steven Gonos. He testifies to the truth, advanced practice Nurse dumps probation and loss of lic ×5yrs. The crime, at least in the real world, is putting a documented perjurious witness with a prior record for discipline and police officer job dismissal under oath Putting a known perjurious witness, with a record, under oath is only noncriminal when the witness is recorded as such. Creeps can legally testify as long as the court identifies as prior creep history. It doesn’t matter to the AZBN that Gonos had red flags stuck all over him. All behaviors in this case destroy social mores that send chills up nurse’s spine. The need for the Nursing board to pull power for a puke like Gonos is pure Satan. The relationship between police and nurses is a social more of major impact for our community to see the uselessness and social dangers of Director Ridenour. In this case Sunita Krishna was the blind pigeon. I’m easy to find. Peary Brown Retired RN

The Invaluable Use Of Power To Silence Selective Nurses

One thought on “Subjective Journalism Limited AZBN

  1. The Amanda Trujillo case stands out as the foundation of the field of nursing to come aware of Nursing Boards and their uselessness.

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