Nurse Suicide & Wrongful Prosecution

The emotional filled concept of an event that all medical personnel want to avoid is the knowledge that a nurse would commit suicide post unjust disciplinary action by a regulatory government al agency. The knowledge of the bloody fingerprints of fraud from a dedicated agency on many cases in Az., as well as other states like Tn., Tx., Fla., will grow by advancing that knowledge with a loud voice. The voice now heard throughout academia is as we here now say it is…more….now…will be satisfied . Remain silent no longer.


32 thoughts on “Nurse Suicide & Wrongful Prosecution

    1. HAHA sounds like a threat . ‘better get over it ” but hey good advise for the az nursing agency , get over your masquerade bag of tricks . admit wrong doing , and try working honestly . OOPS , forget not in your nature or up bringing .

      1. Remember it is Mark Brnovich office who hires and is responsible for their employees IE )Elizabeth A Campbell , Sunita Krishna . Brnobitch, aka numbchuck. Will be running for another office , he is termed out. Whether he is watching the two who are destructive and deceitful wenches , or not, it will all reflect on his office and his watch . You do not prosecute nurses in this enviroment, over gossip , and make bad decisions , it will rear its ugly head and come back on ya. This deserves a head line article , senator brnobitch NO WAY ! . Let the nurses put him out of work like he did to so many not watching those who need to be on probation at the AG office, and watched very closely . !

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    1. That crazy one on the board who does all the talking but what she says is just trying to convince everyone else to think like her ! (good luck with that one Carolin McCormies ! ) Shameful that she is representing the Bd and AZ , going to NCSBN . A real loser for sure . And all she is going to do is try to stop them from making it policy anyone who teaches have a phd. Know why ?? SHE DOES NOT HAVE ONE and appears to be too lazy to work on it. Lazy or just not higher education material for sure. Between everything she gets her self involved in, she just doesn’t not want to do it TOO BAD ! she thinks it’s great that starting degree be BSN but doesn’t want any rules on her . Her argument is brainless babble . Is this the best AZ has ?? Really ?? SAD day for nurses !

    2. Something for Emma Lehner Mamaluy; J R ; McCormies, Angela Fountain, to think about :: {A person commits conspiracy if, with the intent to promote or aid the commission of an offense, such person agrees with one or more persons that at least one of them or another person will engage in conduct constituting the offense and one of the parties commits an overt act in furtherance of the offense, except that an overt act shall not be required if the object of the conspiracy was to commit any felony upon the person of another, or to commit an offense under section 13-1508 or 13- 1704.

      Conspiracy to commit a class 1 felony is punishable by a sentence of life imprisonment without possibility of release on any basis until the service of twenty-five years, otherwise, conspiracy is an offense of the same class as the most serious offense which is the object of or result of the conspiracy.} Just sayin what your doing has consequences .

  2. board members and staff are too inhuman , and are only taking care of themselves to have any guilt at the corruption they are doing every day . Mouthing words , such as “we are here to help you ” . is not only a lie but a dirty nasty way to disrespecting a nurse . The biggest joke is carol mccormie , telling other to stop incivility in nursing when she is the biggest abuser . Then adds how they need to treat them well. So redundant . Take away a license unduly , then try telling others to act civil , a real strange bitch for sure , say they have to do it civilly . (barf all over your face mccormie)
    Being at the bd meeting it is very clear that those who have been through the terror attack by the board, they know all the inner workings and lies .

    1. Many nurses applying in AZ , who have worked without problems , appl7 9n AZ think , hey I’ll try AZ to work for awhile and see the sights on the west . Doing the right thing , you can only work under compact for so long , and get in trouble. So they have something in the distant past comes up . AZ one of the very few states who do not pay for psych evals. (“to be sure’ ) WHAT the AZBON “not sure’ and think some idiot with alphabet behind their names will save them . !
      There are some honest docs who know too well what these jokers , unprofessionals are up to . And can put them to shame. Which is justly so .
      SOME members of the board know a psych eval will only hurt the nurse , cna, not only their pocket book but make it a harder hill to climb out of.
      So psych eval board order but one who knows the damage their are causing , the rest thinking , “well its’ what they always have done ” (WRONG they lied to you ) ! SO thousands of dollars later , and the boards , “approved” quack writes what ever they want them too. MALPRACTICE . lThis is used in many professions , the BAR , medical Docs , psychologists , residents,
      SO it doesn’t take long for nurses applying to az to figure out they made a HUGE mistake , and try to separate from them , withdraw application , just get the hell away from tainted minds. BZut now they have a forever record. . Dirty players . Taking advantage of hard working caring nurses . Shame on wicked ones . They will only fool a few . Tell nurses do not ever apply to work in AZ , the board is crazy and out of control.

  3. How does a nurse leave their job , after being reported for acting very odd, go and write a suicide note, then attempt suicide. BUT does not have a psych eval ordered ?
    IS this the AZ BON , acting with favor towards some . The nurse is suicidal but does not need to be watched, just ‘certain’ ones they want to retaliate against .
    Do not trust any of them at the Bd ! especially JOKE RIdenour !

  4. when you are brought up being told in school, on the news, you live in a free country , but find out that the communism reigns . The little Hitlers are around us everyday. Telling someone the ‘truth’ or their opinion of the vaccines , or unsafe process , will get you headlines , starting with their psych “o” friends with licenses to destroy human life, with the sweep of their pen . Or giving them the title prosecutor , which means persecutor or evil. Ganging up in numbers says there are many who are willing to go against one and take them down one at a time . DO they do this because they are working it in a gang style , and just “blend in” no one to blame ? “We operate as a team . When you look at the dirty az bon , the ones who quit and say if you want to play these dirty games do it on your own soul. They live much better lives and do not have to look over their shoulder at all times to see who is trying to trip them up .

      1. Where is Disgusted, hope that he is doing something to gather support . The same pattern is used on many . McCormies can’t read this because the quorum queers of twelve told the women not to read social media . And she is one obedient brain washed bitch . FIVE investigators, just giving report off to one another is time consuming , but them the entire board of nursing is a waste of money . The year to end game this low life corruption against nurses .

      2. Looks like Ducey is doing the dirty right up until he is out . Term limits for Gov mean something, not like the corrupt board of nursing . Ducey who is a lap dog for ALEC , Koch Brothers, appointed Don Herrington , another very ” mormon” name . Stacking more state agencies , with the corruption. All involved , like Robert Oaks, lst cousin to Dallin Oaks who is apostle , and head of the organization who tells them all what to think and how high to jump .

      3. Advise to nurses , do not sign if anything is lies in the consent agreement , this is pleading guilty . ! And drop any atty who won’t fight . You will come across an attorney who only wants you to accept a consent order, stipulation, or settlement agreement. Remember that these are all merely “plea bargains” and by signing this type of agreement, you will be pleading guilty to whatever offenses are charged. In most cases, you will probably be innocent of the charges and should request a formal administrative hearing in order to prove this. (chelle seems to be a plea bargain atty , ) But his name pops up first when searching nursing board atty .

      4. Well ducey does it again . Allots a ton of money for nurses to come to AZ. (you basically have to pay the big bucks and hope they haven’t heard about the crazy nursing board agency .
        If ducey was smart and not corrupt he would cut the head of the snake off (JOKE RIDENOUR) , then get rid of all those illegally holding positions.
        Brent Sutter who has a felony. Lying investigators and biased board members. Instead pay those who do not live in AZ , who do not pay into property taxes, maintain a household , come in make the bucks and leave. Anyone on staff would be smart to quit !

      5. Ducey is not running again he can’t , giving a ton of money to outside nurses to come and work in AZ . Why take care of citizens of AZ and their vote ? No need . just give free help to greedy hospitals , who will misspend, money for direct care workers, and run the same shitty hospital standards and short staffing. Banner is a lot like the bd of nursing nuts, now mandatory vaccines , hope they shoot themselves in the foot . It does sounds like a political decision . If your nurse is wearing a mask , n95 , gets temp taken daily, do you care if they are vaccinated? only those who don’t think , but take comfort in hitler ways of mgt .
        These same people ignore that Banner got caught doing medicare fraud , and over charging , got fined enough to staff a hall of nurses for a year . They hear what they want to hear. (Bd Boyer is a Banner employee , shameful, stay on staff with crooks ) . Always want one on the BD , they strive for it .

      6. I went to Domino’s tonight to pick up my pizza, and before I even walked through the door I saw the suits and ties. The Elders were inside Domino’s. I tried my best to look busy and to ignore them, but they obviously cannot pick up on social cues and decided to engage in conversation anyways. Then the following conversation took place.
        Him: Hi, I am Elder *insert name*
        Me: *Nods* Hello.
        Him: What kind of pizza are you ordering?
        Me: Before you get too far, I just left a therapy session trying to unpack the 27 years of trauma I went through being brain washed in your “church”, and have no interest in going back.
        Him: I am sorry that you couldn’t find the truth within the church.
        Me: I found the truth, hence the reason I left your cult! But, if you need help out blink twice.
        His companion’s jaw hit the floor, and I couldn’t contain my laughter as I took my pizza and walked out.

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  6. This is the appropriate blog for anyone who desires to seek out out about this topic. You notice so much its almost exhausting to argue with you (not that I really would want匟aHa). You definitely put a brand new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Great stuff, simply great!

  7. Paramedics will feel the powers that be who say, no man u cannot just listen to stupid cops and inject a whopping dose of ketamine and get away with it. You killed a man, who did not need any ketamine ! You acted negligently . This is like the barbaric days of psych wards where they come after people with huge needles . No , this is not how you handle a situation ! Betting this paramedic , is wishing he would have never listened to the abuse of power cops! (and don’t say you misjudged the dose , and his weight by almost 100 lbs it makes you look dumber ! And no you did not have a standing order for that at all . The blame game starts . The man was innocent the dumb cops had no business even stopping him ! Stupid cops always escalate situations , and act like this az board of nursing . Take a hearsay bs comment and turn it into probation . BS!
    “A Colorado grand jury has indicted several police officers and paramedics in the death of Elijah McClain, a Black man who died in police custody in 2019 after he was stopped while coming home from a convenience store.”

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  9. Nurse Abuse reflects a collaboration of dedicated staff nurses, professors of nursing and nurse researchers devoted to exposing the grave injustices of the nursing profession. Our goal is to finally acknowledge the unaddressed abuse and ultimately change the face of nursing altogether. Our situation has not changed; it’s time to make a difference! Anyone who teaches nursing , cna, lpn need to give students a full disclosure of what can happen and does everyday in AZ . (But first they have to acknowledge it , and stop painting an invalid picture ) .

  10. Rat out your neighbors for their medical decisions and the state will pay you $10,000. Hell Elizabeth Campbell and Sunita Krishna have been doing this to nurses for a paycheck for a long time. And you thought only mormon’s are taught to tattle on each other ! Part of their nature and upbringing. No wonder everyone thinks of them as freaks.
    Only the ‘rats’ list of tattle tale type like the cult who are taught to rat out others , have none nothing worth talking about . Control game . Control everyone else, point the finger, and it all comes from the fictional sky daddy . Who would want to be a part of that groupie mind think ? Obedient , do (whatever !!!! ) you are told!

    1. Looks like Robert Ellis (bookkeeper ) has decided to exit left the corrupt bon. so who will get the big raise will it be Butler ?? Or Dejong <lots or mo mo's with this name) who will sell out for the AZBON corruption ? BS and money both talk with this crud gang . ! which one will it be ?? kinda like sports betting . JOSHUA DEJONG or MICHELLE BUTLER who is going to take the money and do the dirty dance for them ? Naira Kutnerian who looks like a sneaky russian spy that would slit your throat if you turn your back , is willing to do anything ! and has given it up for the corrupt board. Most likely spying on Andrea Vasquez to see if she does what she was told (in so many words ) . (insert picture of watchdogs eating popcorn with big smile as the fun is ready to begin ! Just take a seat ,sit back and relax and watching the fun begin ! ) .

      1. IF the DOJ”s don’t pick up on this huge tip something wrong. The same wrong with the dirty BON , too many brain washed cult members working there who won’t do their job or go against another brother .

  11. JO KEY Ridenour is more corrupt than most have figured out . She is attracted to low life lawyers who will do anything to assist her in her “Hitler ” style of running an agency . She can watch those with licenses and retaliate on them ,should they decide to sing like a canary . IF a nurse speaks up , she will tell the HR/VP/ Mgt “send in a complaint , to get the process started, and we will take it from there” BTW , partner in crime, the complaint does not have to be valid or any truth to it, it will give us reason to dig further , and I will make sure it is assigned to the dirtiest digger and give them unlimited resources to stack the deck ”
    The psych board is made up of one of jokey’s bff Bob Bohanske , who knows which dirty docs to stop any complaint on . Such as docs on Jokey’s list . Shameful, stop agencies from keeping the abuse of power turds from staying on year after year.

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