Kari Lake…the one??

The conclusion that a nurse of critical care experience in Phoenix will cost you about 2000.00, per shift or more is a poignant reality of failure. The failure lies not in shortage but staffing that finding the truth is not told. Lies at nursing board are easily found via many avenues of power and money. I look at Kari Lake for doing what D.Ducey could not. It would be so good to see the look on new governor’s face, a woman who takes immaculate care of herself, the first time she meets Ridenour and her deputies. I know you can pelt these hacks away from real working nurses. Dedicated to the laws in place already are all that is asked for. Be wicked delicate in the offices of AG. The home of where smart people do stupid stuff.

Peary Brown retired R.N. 10/26/2022

About 5 yrs of azbn posts. 1900 comments on 109 posts big returns with names like Ridenour Quinn Campbell Milhasky Trujillo Brown ..Comments, if any, will appear at the bottom of searched article. Comments are not seo friendly and can not be searched. Although there is no review here of the pill mill scams that have contributed the the opioid crisis so evident prior to the open borders policy. Such as the Ore. Waterfall Rehab debacle by S.Krishna. The Public knows Krishna as a criminal of newbe status looking to get ahead. God Will Give Her Justice.

http://www.nursingadvocate.org .Will be for the nurse to find protection from unwanted prosecutions.


8 thoughts on “Kari Lake…the one??

  1. Oh yes Oregon board of nursing . Working it with AZ corrupt bon. The woman who was on the Oregon BON coming to AZ meeting ‘to see how it is run” . Right !. Oregon had a case they lost, when the NP went to AZ to work , AZ BON finished her off . Did nothing wrong . Got a quack dirty doc in the same building to run his mouth over and over . Then Krishna ‘bridge the meds’ about 18 times . As if she has a clue . Milhasky , went nuts when ASSociate dir was asked about killing a patient herself as a NP . Very telling that a ALJ who is suppose to be fair is upset when past dirt on a so called ‘witness to nothing’ is brought up . Forget God justice, expose her dirty butt now . There are a ton of Indian Drs around, and guess who got on the medical board. ?

  2. Kari Lake is republican . She will keep the bon stacked with republicans . A democrat needs to come in as Gov, AG, Cty Atty office to clean up the mess that Ducey made stacking the agencies and courts . One candidate did say they would ‘fire them all.” when the BON was brought up . Lake states ‘her mother was nurse” you can live and work in AZ for 40 years and retire and still have no clue what the license holders do ,have done, or how they operate. But ask any nurse and they will tell you with authority how it works . She has no clue.

    1. You can be right but the conservative platform is suppose to limit regulations and criminal activity. Times change and criminal actions and workplace violence against against health care workers is getting a lot of attention.

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