Elizabeth A. Campbell AZBN

As of 30 July 2022 Elizabeth A.Campbell AAG & prosecuting atty for the AZBN is evidently no longer in that position or so the net reveals that an announcement was made. A ten year history of falsely prosecuting nurses maybe finally at the end of an era. The long course some health care workers took to see the world of shit in the first person may hopefully find some peace knowing this criminal assistant attorney general is done. This situation makes one wonder what is next for this psychopathy managed unit known throughout the health care a system as a state to avoid.

When you look on the ground in front of you and see the evil shadow of the Valkyre above you; and do not see it when you look up- it means it’s too late to change the Rd you’re on. Where will you go?? It won’t go away, too many nurses you lied about. ANY hearing anywhere, any state, can randomly go sideways with the right gallery. Nurses!!!


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