Radonda Vaught Opinion

Whatever the defense nurse Vaught had produced through her atty wasn’t enough to convince a jury to acquit her. The neglence of the case will be seen by many as a slam dunk which can easily undermine any intune atty to present evidence to demonstrate the many sources of distractions and systems failures that nursing must face; although you never hear about some human violations which play roles. But I would say criminal prosecution doesn’t always require intent, but should. There can be no absolute motive or intent to take this person’s life. I once knew a critical care nurse had a med error but zero results of injury and she told me this. “I was giving a med from not my usual unit and I was busy, I had not voided all morning had pms besides. I don’t know I just grabbed the wrong med in my distraction.” Not likely to be an acceptable defense to nursing bds but it is a very reasonable answer and is distrubing that a simplistic view of life in nursing was not focused upon. The concept of foul play here seems probable, like the Tn Health Bd cleared her initially only to revoke lic after charges filed? The message Tn sends in this case is very disturbing for all nurses, you can not be human. The reality of this is that if you gave Radonda her lic back tomorrow she would be the best.


38 thoughts on “Radonda Vaught Opinion

  1. That AG in TENN can kiss his reelection good bye , he’s even back peddling.
    Just like Marky Mark Numbchuck Brnobitch. Who in Az will vote to give him a new job when he prosecutes good nurses , without an evidence of anything , and steals careers ? Who , well Jokey most likely , she is right into the corruption, wadding in a shit show of her own doings . Like wearing an attends all day she pissed and shit in , it is a part of her . Looks like Diane Caruso has diaper duty. Wipe it kiss it powder it .

    1. Diane Caruso is a husband thief, I worked in the burn with her.., she was married and so was Dr. Caruso. Diane Caruso Messing around on her husband with Dr. Caruso, while Dr. Caruso was messing around on his wife. That’s slimy and unfaithful, no wonder Diane Caruso got the job at the nursing board in AZ.
      Slimy is as slimy does

      1. Why doesn’t the BON charge these adultery nurses with unprofessional conduct ? After all your a nurse 24/7 , everything is looked at why not this ? to look at the review , she looks like the grieving widow .
        Or someone who hooked up with a Dr saw big bucks and then he passed away and now has to work .
        Certainly Joke Ridenour knew her , the husband head of the burn unit , the Dr brings in bucks so she would be ‘friendly’ with the black widow.

      2. Seems like Jokey Ridenour brought more than Judy B from County. And Valerie “drug researcher ” Smith , Cindy Mand was a burn unit , and would have been friendly with Diane Caruso , real or not . There is another one was a charge nurse too . Like a reunion at the BON. Jokey hiring old buds, she has to be very careful , letting someone in who will rat them all out . Psssst , hey Jokey they are already there !
        Like who snuck in your office last week …….

      3. Good observation . And why is jokey telling her friends from county to apply ? Got to get in their those who she did a favor for , then they “OWE” her ,
        You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. Get one in who they have the ‘dirt’ on.
        Every hospital mgt loves those who put out for the Dr’s , they know what’s going on. Many places, during work, in the dirty utility room, bend them over in the Drs lounge , one place broom closet , ICU. What ever keeps these Drs happy , they do not care . Ethics evaluation for Diane ? Nope that is saved for ‘others ‘ .
        Sure likes to strut around at the BD meetings like she is something , but turns out a has been , unable to keep up with real work she will help in the corruption.

    2. Brnobitch must be so excited. Maybe him or Elizabeth Campbell can inject the fatal dose. Good times ! OR Emma Mamaluy she looks like the picture of death by injection , queen would get off on doing this .

      1. Anyone of them could kill someone and not bat an eye. But the real Uncompassionate one is Carolyn Jo MCCormies . She needs to practice of injections. Easy to picture her doing this while eating a hamburger . And telling everyone else at least 4 times, all the reasons why it is necessary . Then the sheep on the BON would all vote yes, like bobble heads on a bumpy road . IF McCormies repeats herself enough they just agree with her sick ways just to move on to the next case . Cause she will argue until she gets it HER WAY and please the back room crowd.

      2. SOMETIMES COMMON SENSE needs to kick in , YOU won’t see that in AZ at least with the one track minds of ELIZABETH CAMPBELL and SUNITA KRISHNA
        TX has the hard core mind set like Carolyn McCormies who wants to do the worst possible for nurses, and tell them ‘we want you to be successful’ What a crock and mouth full of shit you have spewing out . Lying dirty dog MCCORMIES . No wonder she raised a son with that persecutor mind set , sickening . The pour victims of these KKK kult kick offs.
        {{A Texas district attorney dropped charges against a woman who was arrested for “murder” for a self-induced abortion.}}

    3. These “creeps ” must stick together , normal people could never tolerate this extreme and strange ideas , and habits these kook aid drinkers follow without question. When one of a couple starts to think for themselves , and makes a tough decision to stop leading a life of lies, and stop breaking up families , they will separate . and so the stats are what they are .

      Between 51 percent and 69 percent of mixedÂ-orientation Mormon marriages end in divorce, well above the roughly 25 percent of Mormon couples who split up.
      If such a ‘family centered ” experience , so many just cannot get along . Turn wicked towards family members . Then get on a BON and take it out on ‘normal ‘ nurses. Stay busy so busy you don’t have time to question the real ruler of the messed up family .

      1. Brnovich’s cowardice in refusing to defend the rights of 90% of Arizona voters to use mail-in voting is only one of numerous examples of how he has inappropriately used this critical office as a launching pad for his political ambitions.
        not to mention he pays no attention to the illegal antics of those a hole attys ASSoc w/ the BON . Namely “BETH” CAMPBELL and Sunita Krishna .
        The writer would welcome more info kris@krismayes.com

  2. This is what the kult kreeps have done to their own. Raised , brain washed , they cannot think for themselves . This is one who escaped to finally clear her thoughts . Her journal says it all.
    I was born a slave, sold as a slave and bred as a slave in the United States of America. My life is not unique. There are literally thousands of us. In the name of Freedom of Religion, our only choice is obey or be destroyed. Blind obedience is required to save us from eternal damnation, and if we don’t comply, we must pay Atonement, the ultimate price to save our evil souls. Many crimes flourish among our ‘holy people’. The constitutional rights of the victims remain non existent. American courts continue to uphold the rights of the perpetrators, as it is all done in the name of Freedom of Religion.
    The victims are the ones targeted and false reports given to the BON, followed up with a phone call the Jokey who says , don’t worry we’ll take care of it . With a sneaky sly grin, hangs up the phone , then tells the hand picked investigator , ‘sick em ” . You have all the time you need.
    Jokey taking care of friends, Dumb Ducey , ignores all pleads of ‘look at what is happening”. While the nurse is being stabbed slashed beaten and no help.

    1. Wonder what Denise Atwood , would do with this ?? ? Jeremy Duda report on AG Brnovich : “”The amount of disinformation being attributed to Brnovich’s letter is already out of control”””
      LOL !!!
      In AZ Nurses are sentenced to ETHICS EVALUATION by an attorney. The only one who does ethics evaluation. When have you ever seen any atty with ETHICS????
      Of course the nurse pays and Atwood makes her money, so she is on board with all of it !!
      Notice how the BON sets up the nurse to fail, like Atwood wouldn’t do what ever they want . Set up Scam alert !
      Disinformation vs misinformation . (splitting hairs) .
      And it all filters down from NCSBN. (another political hack group. and are hard nuts to crack for sure ! )

    2. Subject: Color of Law Abuses…………….. Title 42, USC .

      Title 42, USC., Section 14141 makes it unlawful for state or local enforcement agencies
      Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law Statute.
      All this is supposed to be handled by the FBI………………. Not me.

      18 USC 3,4, Secs., 241, 242, 371
      Whoever knowing of felonies, CONCEALS……..
      Whoever, under Color of any Law,
      deprives any person of any rights secured and protected by the Constitution.

      Case has been filed at the Federal Court in Phoenix, AZ
      pro se, In Forma Pauperis
      and, will be dismissed in a few days,
      unless someone URGENTLY gets involved and rectifies things and protects my rights.

      defrauding me of wages,
      perpetrating fraud upon Courts,
      Bad Faith,
      altering an attachment to an e-mail, removing the hiring date, aut. dep. info., wages…
      fabricating other documents,Â
      perjury by notarizing a Certification stating documents as UNALTERED…..

      That irrefutable evidence PRECLUDED all that entailed anyway.

      It escalated in the hands of the AZ Nursing Board,
      as they violated Due Process in NUMEROUS manners……………
      Violating Due Process also PRECLUDED all that entailed.

      it grew to cover up the errors and failures of the AZ Nursing Board…………….

      That is all crimes now.

      I need the FBI to URGENTLY protect my rights.
      NO ONE is above the law. EVERYONE has rights, and is entitled to Justice.
      The evidence is IRREFUTABLE.
      PNS ALTERED the wage part. That is FRAUD.
      Everything is mandated rectified ab initio, from the start…………..

      The Federal Court will just get rid of me though I have irrefutable evidence.
      Evidence is Good Cause. Case has Merit.
      So, they’ll say the paperwork is wrong………….

      This has escalated to Corruption………………

      I NEED the FBI to do the right thing, and take immediate action.

      Dirty EMMA MAMALUY had her hands in this one too .

  3. Remember this young nurse had a board complaint , she tagged along with “Beth the Bitch Campbell like a puppy, she not only took a sit right next to her , which was odd, but Beth the Bitch told the Bd . “and she worked well with me, and easy to to work with ” . Campbell had NO BUSINESS adding her opinion at all. Just because this nurse was too stupid to know that Beth the Bitch was screwing her over and was the enemy , doesn’t mean that she should get special treatment. the Nurse sounded like a mormon, what ever some wicked witch hands out for punishment , just take it , accept it and be an obedient one. THIS is why the Bd should not have these ‘bad’ mormons on it . NEVER. They just do not think normal . Someone tries to screw you over , when they have no evidence and they are just making up a case as they go along. It is NORMAL to say , your fuked up Campbell , your a thief, your a liar, and your witnesses are not witnesses you just found a bunch of NO integrity like your self to blab their mouths . Poor nurse probably has a couple of sister wives , her husband screws around, abuses her , and told by the bitchup ‘go home and make him a nice dinner. Cause that is all the women in the mormon kult are good for . RUGS to walk on , and take that abuse . And so you don’t smarten up and walk, put their butts on many committees , keep them so busy they don’t have time to look at what NO BODIES they are . just absolutely NO BODIES , trying to rule the nurses . Sickening bitches , all belong in a trough someone . or locked up !

  4. From someone who watched the hearing , sent emails out “Why are more ppl not talking about this “expert nurse witness” ?!?! Did anyone watch her testimony?! I have stayed quiet for fear of losing my job as a RN, but this testimony was insane! She admitted to never using epic for pt care, never using barcode scanning nor was she familiar with what “just culture is”. That doesn’t even touch on how biased she was against RaDonda as she became angry with the defense during cross examination! Shew!!!!! My blood has been boiling over her! ”
    1) no nurse should worry about their license by stating their opinion.
    2) this expert is as insane as the AZ BON ‘expert’s , and just as silly. . Never scanned , that is something that a nurse should rely on . So when no scanner you are in the habit of no scanning, programmed , just look at it . But with so many meds generic , 2 and 3 names each , Did she ever over ride pyxis or weren’t they invented yet.
    3) was this person to show everyone what was a ‘prudent nurse would do ? ”
    4) why isn’t she reported the BON for anger mgt classes ? As a nurse you must remain numb and emotionless , never speak up and don’t show your anger . In a public setting for all to see how unprofessional she is , and losing it.
    5)in AZ is you testify against a nurse they invite you to be an investigator right LORAL PULTZ ??? yes she is a rat, and the az bon sure loves those kind. eventually they will find out they can’t trust them either !

  5. Sent on tic tok a message to all nurses :
    vanderbilt university medical center has TONS of nurse positions they can’t fill-even with 20k sign-on bonuses.
    This is what you call f*ck around and find out 🤔

    And this is what is happening in Arizona , big chain hospital cancelled contracts or reduced the pay mid contract. Reporting nurses to the board of nursing , for something not mandated, is another thing that will get you a F”ck around and Find out .
    Lots of hospitals are like this in AZ , surely desperate brnovich would prosecute , he wants his name out there so he can get another job . well Numbchuck F’ck around, with nurses and you will FIND OUT.

      1. SMARKIE BRNOBITCH , ELIZABETH CAMPBELL’S MENTOR : Wants to start killing inmates, even those mentally ill, so he can get a feather in his hat from those who think like they do. Kill Torture Beat ; repeat , save a buck on 3 meals a day . No wonder they can do what they do to nurses . More thoughts , from others , IN AZ two cases come to mind , a woman Debra Milke , a man Ray Krone , both on death row 35yrs collectively, innocent and out . Yesterday the same AG office who prosecutes good nurses unduly announced he is going to start killing people on death row (for votes of course , running for Senate), so ‘he can stop feeding them 3 squares a day” . This is the mind set of that office . Last execution they used unapproved drugs , took 2-3 hrs repeated injections , while the prisoner flopped like a fish out of water . torture. Imagine if a np used outdated unapproved drugs ?

      2. So the Corrupt Board of Nursing Agency says good bye to Shawna Bonner , who heads to the VA.
        Cindy Mand to the VA .
        The worst set up case of the year was based at the VA . Think these two were involved . Messing with fire . They can run but cannot hide.
        Joke Ridenour going down .
        Elizabeth Campbell already down for the count . Sneaky fart Emma Mamaluy behind all of it . She might take pride but sure shows on her the wickedness .
        McCormies board member knows about it all, a couple of them haven’t a clue , and BIG mistake trusting any of them.

      3. A board member LAWANDA MANN , has been missing some meetings. Seems like she caught on quickly to a couple of “tricks ‘ of the dirty AZ BON. First off you think the BON sees and hears your case for the first time at the meeting and they decide. nope the ‘back room dirty devils , are picking out ‘options’ for the BON members to ‘read out loud . They are really clueless , they are told that ‘these are the BD options’ . And cannot think for themselves that , who ever downloaded these is not the one to take the fall when it comes to a head. They also know the BD members are not real bright , in fact pretty stupid.
        Now Ms Lawanda Mann, who hasn’t been on the BD that long, “they did not load the option that this case takes’ . OBSERVANT ! yep, she knows that those options are NOT the only ones, and that they are the WRONG ONES. And that the BD members are not limited to those, in fact they can dismiss all of them . Of course that option is only put out there for the patients family of loved ones who died by a nurse DISMISS , faster than lightening. So Ms Mann, can think for herself , think outside the box and speak up that this is not what is appropriate for this case. Maybe that’s why she’s not there ?

      4. Anyone attend the bd meeting , that blabber mouth who not only does the talking but repeats herself like people are stupid , OMFG , put a sock in that mouth please ! Bd member Ellis , said “motion to dismiss ………….LOUD SCREAM LIKE SOMEONE DIED OR WAS BEING SLAUGHTERED !!! bY GUESS WHO ?????? Loud mouth out of control Carolyn McCormies (MCCORNEY ass bitch ) . Damn you should have heard her SCREAM NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (you cannot dismiss a case unless it is her idea , ) They she told her she read the wrong option. ! wtf is picking these options ! Then McNUT JOB McCormies, tells every one to be kind to each other and not rude. HAHAHA look in the mirror you cross eyed c*nt lurch look alike , those weird eyes like daddy warbucks mccormies .

      5. UNREAL STEVE TWIST , and look who he partnered with . Another Arizona sick mind set !
        A simple search , long article , but lots of corruption . he is in the lead with Jokey Ridenour(twisted sister) at corruption ! And sick minds !
        The Invisible Hand of Steve Twist
        How an Arizona man who’s never held elected office has shaped one of America’s most punitive criminal justice systems.
        by Nicole Santa Cruz
        April 5, 1 p.m. Propublica

    1. News from AZ , the wild wild west . The “top” (DOG) law enforcer says , we got to start killing inmates to gain attention to get more votes. He is not happy that are eating 3 ‘squares” a day. Not sure what 3 squares is . Sure looks like he doesn’t miss a meal . Him and the BON , who put lunch on the credit card, no wonder their broke , and want more money , more money .
      Brnovich so desperate he thinks killing inmates will get him more votes ? Ray Krone on death row 10 yrs innocent. Debra Milke , death row 25 years, and we fed her 3 SQUARES during that time. Tax payers pay out for mistakes . don’t forget numbchuck used an UNAPPROVED drug and messed up last time (60 mins) INCOMPETENT .

      1. Brnovich has the one sided mind set of prosecutors ‘everyone is guilty” . Az needs it’s own Cameron Todd Withingham , to reverse what the AG is trying to do . Gain votes by killing inmates. Only Oops killed one proven was not guilty. Tx Perry won’t admit it , Just like Sunita and Eliz Campbell , never admit they did anything wrong. NEVER . In fact go out of their way to stack things so they get their way, then do more dirty work to cover up how they got their way. “”” Texas Governor, Rick Perry, impeded the investigation by replacing three of the nine Forensic Commission members to change the Commission’s findings; Perry denies the allegations.” “” Just like Ducey stacked the BON . Corruption.

      2. So much corruption going on Notice Matt Gress Ducey’s boy is running and has that turd Lamb from Tucson speaking at his meetings . crazy . guess how they get the signatures. So much corruption going on , just expose it and see if the ones who should be watching those are paying attention. (snail mailed , date time stamped so they cannot say they do not know ! )
        Arizona Government Workers ALL stick together to COVER UP for each other.
        Arizona Government Workers are liars and frauds who will do ANYTHING to COVER UP their crimes committed by their Government Workers including killing them off or wrongfully incarcerate VICTIMS to their crimes to shut their Victims.

        Maricopa County Constable waited several months to “SERVE” BARRY A. BISHOP with Restraining Orders who was death threatening to murder off his VICTIMS to his sexual assaults.
        Pinal County released BARRY A. BISHOP from their JAILS who went on endless CRIME SPREES in both Maricopa County and Pinal County including threatening to MURDER OFF his Victim to his sexual assaults and his non stop attacks attacking women while released from PINAL COUNTY JAILS.
        While BARRY A. BISHOP was released from Pinal County Jails with several Restraining Orders filed against BARRY A. BISHOP filed against BARRY A. BISHOP trying to get him to stop his CRIMES and sexual assaults … The Pinal County Sheriff MARK LAMB and his Deputies provided BARRY A. BISHOP with loaded guns so BARRY A. BISHOP can carry out his DEATH THREATS to murder off his Victims.

        Maricopa DA Allister Adel is a liar and Fraud just like the Pinal County DA KENT VOLKMER who colluded with Allister Adel to help them COVER UP crimes committed by BARRY A. BISHOP who Pinal County released from their JAILS … including the fact that Pinal County Sheriff MARK LAMB and his Deputies provided BARRY A. BISHOP with loaded guns to carry out his death threats to murder off his Victims to his crimes.

  6. Shawna Marie Bonner the blind beached whale. She is not starting a job at the AZ Veterans Administration Hospital in Phoenix, she has been working there for years on telemetry as a assistant nurse manager while working at AZBN. She has been calling other VA hospitals in the US getting information on vets and giving it to the HEAD CUNT JOKE at AZBN.
    They use mafia style tactics against whistleblower, they harasse, threaten, & intimidating by using other people who live around the nurse. They call the police department in the city the nurse lives in and tell the police: “the nurse is mentally ill, and they feel sorry for the nurse, Just keep an eye on them and report any calls you make to the nurse’s residents.”
    Sunita KUNT Kirshner is a slimy shank too, and so is the stinky fart Emma mamalay on her back, they are all anti-gun.
    The Vetran nurse needs to call this number and find out if the if the HOUSE OF CUNTs IN AZ at the AZBN have requested information on them: 202-745-8000 opt. 0. Check your files, ask for a file review, no one can look at a Vets file except HR, see if your file has been accessed and how often, if your file was accessed out of AZ it’s SHAWNA BONNER THE BLIND BEACHED WHALE, you need need to file military charges against SHAWN MARIE BONNER.
    Shawna Bonner ejected her whale sized ass into court hearing in another state, Shawna Bonner and her buddy lost in court. Shawna Bonner is a RADICAL EXTREMIST, ANTI-GUN CUNT. I would think this would be a conflict of interest for her to work with Veteran’s who defend AMERICA, and be anti-gun.
    They are now using the witnesses who falsely testified (committed perjury) in court to harass us who won. It’s all on cameras too, the CUNTS at AZBN DON’T like cameras when the other side has them.
    All veteran who are nurses need to call the VA in in WA D.C.
    I will be giving the moderator of this site the address and phone number of Shawna M Bonner, so anyone can contact Shawna and let her know what you think.

  7. There are those with no conscience ,who can do the unspeakable to someone who did nothing wrong. Like this judge they don’t develop a conscience, they just know they have been caught and not going to be locked up so they take the easy way out.
    A veteran New York state judge killed himself less than two weeks after his home was raided by investigators, according to one of his attorneys.

    John Michalski, an acting justice on the Erie County Supreme Court, died by suicide Tuesday at his Amherst home, where federal and state law enforcement officers had executed a search warrant 12 days earlier, the Buffalo News reported. He was 61.
    ( he tried getting hit by a train after first indicment came down and messed that one up . ) a real loser. Will this be Jokey when Ducey is gone and others look into what dirty work she’s really doing ? That /protect the public bs is what it is .
    Or will her retirement consists of checking the back yard, seaching thru the blinds, having a loaded gun close by , and checking if anyone is ‘out there’ like Charles Ryan, guilty conscience ?

  8. Dolores Hurtado, Sunita Krishna, Emma Mamalay, & Shawna Bonner are calling the home owners association, apartments complex managers, and job sites of nurses who are under investigation. They are doing this for pure harassment. Some people are telling us who has been calling.

    1. EMMA MAMALUY has been calling employment agencies ,and places that the nurse told her they were ‘starting a new job” . When the Nurse does not get hired “all of a sudden” she tells Mamaluy , you cost me a job, and Mamaluy the LIAR SHE IS , said “oh I was HOPING that wouldn’t happen” . Lying Bitch ! Dirty , slimy cunt for sure. They usually hide behind, “i work at the AZ BON” .
      EMMA LEHNER MAMALUY is a Schadenfreude . A really really sick minded a hole atty . DO NOT TRUST THIS ONE AS FAR AS YOU CAN THROW HER !
      You can also add Trina , and Naria to the list !
      Thanks for telling us and comparing notes, they do have a pattern of bad behavior !

      1. When this same type allow one of their own to do this behavior and turn a blind eye to all of it , they are capable of ANYTHING.

        Horrific Details Emerge on Arizona Foster Care Pedophile Trafficking Ring where Children Were Raped and Sodomized
        April 11, 2022 5:03 pm
        We have exposed the deep corruption in the State of Arizona for years now, where historically they have a higher percentage of children taken away from their families and put into the foster care system than any other state in the U.S., as a state that is deeply entrenched in the child trafficking network with corruption reaching the highest levels of government. Statistics from 2015 showed that one out of every 100 children in the State of Arizona was in foster care. One of the most horrific stories we have covered from the State of Arizona was the case of the little girl named Devani, who was taken away from her mother against her will, and put into a foster care home in Sierra Vista with David Frodsham, mormon who was running a pedophile pornographic and child sex trafficking ring. David Frodsham worked with the U.S. military at Fort Huachuca in Arizona, and had previously worked in Afghanistan as a “top civilian commander,” but was kicked out of the country for sexual misconduct. His commanding officer wrote: “I would not recommend placing him back into a position of authority but rather pursuing disciplinary actions at his home station.” Nothing happened, however, and he continued as a licensed foster parent in the State of Arizona, where according to the lawsuit brought against him he repeatedly raped little Devani. He was convicted and is now behind bars. Little Devani was not returned to her family, however, but put into another foster home in Arizona, where the foster mother burned 80% of her body with scalding water resulting in the loss of her toes. Earlier this month (April, 2022), Michael Rezendes, writing for the Associated Press, provided new details of this child sex trafficking ring operating through the Arizona Foster Care system, as two adopted sons of David Frodsham have come forward to file lawsuits for the years they were sexually abused. There is no way that something as horrible as this could be allowed to exist without participation in almost every level of government within the State of Arizona. From social workers, to judges, to politicians and law enforcement, everyone has to either be complicit or too afraid to expose the corruption, in order for something like this to exist. And it includes religious and private businesses as well, benefiting from the lucrative child trafficking system funded through foster care and adoption services.

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  10. Add these prosecutors who think they got a ‘win’ but failed to think it through.
    AG in TENN is FUNK , and his clan ,
    Funk, at the helm of the office since 2014, was not involved in courtroom proceedings against Vaught. Assistant District Attorneys Debbie Housel, Chad Jackson and Brittani Flatt
    The four of them will rot in hell , with Elizabeth Campbell, Emma Mamaluy, and Sunita Krishna

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