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  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:37 am on May 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply  

    AZBN Drone From Glucose OverDose 

    My sister is a psychological therapist who claims that when you see a group of fat women wearing black, and in position of power, your future is dim. Nursing at the bedside is physically and mentally stressful. When I trained as a nurse you had to work and if you were fat you didn’t graduate. This women is after your blood; one of many who do anything to justify her meals from diabeticville ” You can not cover up diabetes by wearing black, it doesn’t make you look better.” Jack LaLane.

    Learning how to lie, alter and document false evidence, study law but never learned eat right?

    “Why is it some people wear the same style, over & over & over, when they thought they last looked good? They never looked good.”

    • LNA with scars 7:33 am on May 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      You’ve seen the pillsbury dough boy? well this is the pillsbury dough girl in black . Only this one doesn’t giggle , she can’t too busy thinking of ways to twist nothing into a pretzel .


      • V T 7:11 am on May 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Taught 3rd grade ? She was allowed around children ??? OMG SAVE THE CHILDREN !!!
        So she’s into the money , didn’t pay enough. figures . money = power and she is a power trip . Tries to play little bo peep, but is a real weasel when the mask comes off.


      • B O M 8:59 pm on May 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Had run in with her, a walking cesspool .
        Don’t trust her , she will retract what was said and blame shift. A con type , or else she wouldn’t be working where she is .


      • Back office observer 11:07 am on May 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        What would really top that picture off is to post what that security guard said to you , and then gave you a copy in writing . He “had to do what she told him” and what was that ? (this is the part that is so telling !) EMMA MAMALUY , you really do need to take better acting lessons, cause anyone can see right through your lying and denying , passive aggressive, and using fear . “if you can’t do this you won’t be working here anymore, you do have security training don’t you ? These people are dangerous, dangerous I’m telling you, and you need to be more aggressive, make it so they don’t want to come back . did I tell you that I AM THE CHIEF . ?
        Yes, but you forgot to tell the pour security guard that your the CHIEF BULLSHITTER in good standing .


        • Reg nurse , 11:56 am on May 21, 2022 Permalink

          OMG too funny , those power hungry love those worthless titles !!
          Does her calling herself ‘chief counsel ” mean that she is in charge of Elizabeth Campbell? Is she Sunita Krishna boss ? That she is in charge of Michelle Coury (calls herself independent counsel, ) that she is over Carrie Smith’s ? That she in fact is not a superior to anyone there . OMG this is hilarious ! Generally someone who goes by chief is over others who are in the same arena , or have some type of authority over others , is she pretending she is Chief of police ? and over security ? Is she An Indian Chief , ? what exactly is this title except to try to impress or puff her authority . IT actually has the opposite effect , knowing she is titling her way to having some type of authority , but yet she is a loser . Lying loser . and yes CHIEF BULLSHITTER .


    • We know what you did ! 7:37 am on May 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      This is EMMA MAMALUY manipulating people. She will use ANYONE who is dumb enough to act on her ‘wishes’ . She just keeps banging those lies into others ears who can’t think for themselves.


      • Sue 7:13 am on May 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        EMMA (uh please do not name your baby this , nurses will want to puke ! ) MAMALUY is a control freak . Wants to control everyone , and if a Bd member goes against anything in her scheme plan, you won’t see that member for awhile , if at all again.


    • NP (dont post my name) 7:41 am on May 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      This ‘woman is black ‘ needs more than a psychological analysis . Jokey Ridenour is one who is fooled , she thinks she is ‘taking care of things’ when she is making it way worse .
      a DARTH VADER , at the AZ bd of nursing .


    • Ant-man 12:00 pm on May 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Typical COW sized TWAT, but look at the ant-sized security escorting Jo-mama around, all of us who are seasoned and skilled critical thinking nurses have the ability to assess the ant-man an tell he has mobility issues, (feet). Well we now have a face with the twats name Emma. Anyone ever noticed how 90% of the sows at az BON are blonde and whale sized. Jo-mama was a second grade teacher before with minimal math education, slimed right into law school, just shows how all dumb asses gravitate to law and power. Nurses we have a lot of mathematical education, and that’s a fact, jo-mama (dumb-ass) has the bear minimal.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:23 pm on May 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Love this, I really do.


        • D R 9:13 pm on May 19, 2022 Permalink

          From one who saw the post and is in the know . Another victim of these sneaky dirty rotten lying lawyer . And his lawyer says . “”It’s true she is a problem also a problem is lobbying the legislature for their agenda we had identified the lobbyists in the past may need to look again. “”


      • M T , DON 9:06 pm on May 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        worked a lewis and roca and real scummy lawyer , as bad as working at the A G office . ambulance chaser types . Power hungry sociopaths .


    • PEE WEE Herman 12:56 pm on May 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Makes A Fella Wonder if Pee Wee Herman heads home after da bell rang for quitting time, just so’s he can stands in front of da mirror and practice his quick draw until his peripheral neuropathy gets the best of him, then he heads to da recliner and pops a few cold ones.
      I wonder if PeeWee Herman’s mama don’t tells him, “when da sh!t hit da fan you betta haul a$$ and hind, and only after da smoke clears is you allowed to show ya self, cause I’s cain”t lives on your puny pension, I need your full paycheck”.
      Well anywhoo looks like the Amazon Emma is on her own.


      • K P 10:03 pm on May 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        No matter what this women looks like, it is how her mind works . CRAZY , manipulator , sneaky . Corruption around every corner . When one lies you cannot believe a word they say from then on out . She is behind closed doors telling the board members why she picked the response they are to read out loud . Twisting and making up so called ‘facts’ . or she puts 2-3 choices but stars what she wants . Somehow they think that they are suppose to listen to her , and they will be all legal and no one can touch them . Sad. and Wrong ! Another follower of the wicked one is GARI CARROLL , secretary . She bowed down to MAMALUY , small minded who was impressed. Carroll ,suck butt . And it paid off . So now Carroll is an investigator. If that isn’t scary ! She is as qualified as Naira Kuterian who fell flat on her face in short order.


      • A G OFFICE CORRUPTIOn 7:18 am on May 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Once of BRNOVICH’s liars , bag o tricks , type . They cannot practice law with any ethics , and get away with what ever , so why not try the ‘trick bag’ they are all stupid nurses who don’t know better and if they hire a lawyer Mamaluy has her own ‘tricks ‘ threats for them .
        When MAMALUY got hired at AG where all loser lawyers start out, she must have impressed stupid Joke Ridenour , who made her a cohort , going to save her corrupt butt .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:23 pm on May 20, 2022 Permalink

          Cohorts of horror exist in our world as well. It’s a must to present this horror gone mad as well an to as many as possible, any just about anyway way. The time is now to open more up and can be more effective when we are more organized.


    • C H 7:08 am on May 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      EMMA LEHNER MAMALUY cannot speak the truth , she is a habitual liar .
      She tells Joke Ridenour how she conned other lawyers who are going to fight, she does under the table deals. to Get them to sign. ‘we dont usually do this ” but tells the bd members to say they are ‘consistent ” always talking out of both sides of her big mouth.


    • Steve 8:57 am on May 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      UH ! she is the one who talks in broken sentences, she does not make a statement only broken sentences of hints . weird actually . She really thinks she is “the boss’ which is a problem for jokey ridenour. You know that money gets slipped back and forth , all cash, tips ? haha .
      Really no one should listen to her entirely, because she is giving legal advise, but will deny it all . She is like a stinky silent fart that leaks out and she points to someone else, ‘who did it”. her husband left the state to get away from her , DENIS MAMALUY . pour guy has to deal with her .


    • Nurse 10:14 am on May 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Here’s a real worthy one, UNTRUSTWORTHY that is .
      no morals , a real unscrupulous big bag of wind .
      She can only fool the stupid women at the board of nursing . just like Elizabeth Campbell, they gravitate towards the easy ones to “control” and get to “obey ” them .
      Ones who can’t afford lawyers and are not trained in law , so it makes them feel they are superior in some ways, a win by either one is like a very unfair fight .
      It strokes their sick ego’s , but look how many know what absolute wicked weasels they are .


    • Robert 10:23 am on May 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      please tell me this fork tongued dirty dog didn’t reproduce !
      She tried to appear as little bo peep, but instead is a dead ringer for Pam Ruff , (the thing about pam) oh yea, Renee Zellwinger , knows the type . a real sociopath . Nothing will stop her , out of control . Just like Elizabeth Campbell she can’t run a law office , too much work . And who would she use as her puppets? Oh know they both have way too much fun , using the stupid dummies at the bd , as their puppets. Telling them what to do but making stupid board members think its their idea.
      MANIPULATORS , any one bucks them , just raise their voice and keep arguing .


    • Cobweb 5:58 pm on May 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Unfortunately this Amazon sized cow did reproduce. Back when mama-luy worked at the az att gen office she & her hubby boarded a flight back to the Midwest, & as all passengers have to do is put their car seats in cargo area, not in the cockpit, we’ll mama-luy the cow did not want to follow rules so she made a scene at the airport and wrote a letter later with her signature attorney general behind it. Hmmm…ok, well cows will reproduce unfortunately but there she stands with those tree stump sized legs waiting for some wild animal to jump up her canyon and clean out the cobwebs since her hubby hauled a$$. Hopefully Ant-man knows well enough to keep a ten foot pole between he and her.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 11:48 am on May 18, 2022 Permalink | Reply  

    When The Jokes Write Themselves AZBN 

    There will be so often seen in tyrannical organizations a point at which the routine round about used to illegally control, and more, fetches up in its own system. Now present and circling college curriculums is the study of nursing board actions causing direct workplace violence as well as pt. harm. It wouldn’t be so ridiculously and painfully comical if the AZBN didn’t have to approve state collegiate curriculum depicting themselves as a threat to both pts. as well as health care staff itself…approve their own executioner…that’s a stretch even for them.

    • CNA to RN 2024 7:50 am on May 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      IRONY , ‘protect the public” , so nurses are never a public person, just tool to screw over and make people think they are doing what they are suppose to be doing.
      Too bad Ducey did not do IQ tests on bd members , to see if they are smart enough to see through the hang woman on the top of the page.

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  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:15 am on May 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply  

    The Super Support fot Radonda is Remarkedly Effective in Rounding Up Nurse Passion & BRING THE WOLF PAK Back to Expose Nurse Horrors. Please support a colleague who went over the edge of political abuse.

    • AZ CORRUPT BIASED BON WATCH THEM 8:07 am on May 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      R Vaught case is headlines, this CRNA who took TWO patients lives isn’t newsworthy . Goes to show you the mind set of the AZNA members who seem to monopolize a sight . They won’t say s h i t against the corrupt bon. They have fooled some . Wake up see the light !
      AZ BON is extremely harsh , punitive, and will make up a case . So this CRNA has TWO incidents, fatal , and gets a LOC ??? Fountain has made some bad calls but this takes the cake ! Why is she protecting him? He tried to cover up things too , and delayed 911 call . And why is Fountain the deciding person . Sad for patients in AZ ! And for nurses who did nothing wrong get revoked ! Dental Deaths
      Lawsuits filed against AZ nurse anesthetist after two dental deaths
      Posted: 1:02 PM, Nov 05, 2021
      Updated: 10:27 PM, Nov 05, 2021
      By: Dave Biscobing
      A nurse faces lawsuits after two people died during dental procedures, one of which included a fire inside a patient’s mouth.
      dental pic 3.jpg
      An Arizona nurse anesthetist is facing multiple lawsuits after two of his patients died in separate dental procedures within a year.
      Tory Richmond is accused of medical negligence in the wrongful death cases of a woman who died from a lack of oxygen to the brain and a man whose mouth caught on fire during an oral surgery.
      Through an attorney, Richmond declined to comment on the lawsuits.
      Recent Stories from abc15.com
      How did these deaths occur and what actions have state health boards taken? Watch Dave Biscobing’s full investigation, tonight on ABC15 News at 10.
      Anesthesiologists and other certified nurse anesthetists told ABC15 that two deaths stemming from elective dental procedures is a rare and concerning anomaly.
      However, Arizona’s Board of Nursing essentially cleared Richmond of any wrongdoing and only filed a generic letter of concern that isn’t easily accessible to the public.
      During an open hearing, one board member also expressed sympathy for Richmond and commended him for his care in a case where a patient’s mouth caught on fire.
      “It’s like they don’t care,” said Teresa Rushing, who filed one of the lawsuits after the death of her mother, Sharlon Stemmons. “What bothers me most is that my mom shouldn’t be gone. She should be here.”
      dental pic 2.jpg
      On October 25, 2019, Stemmons underwent a procedure to have her teeth pulled so she could get dentures.
      The dentist was Ehsan Pourshirazi.
      Through a company named Lifeguard Anesthesia, Richmond was hired to provide mobile anesthesia even though Pourshirazi’s office was not properly licensed to perform sedation procedures, records show.
      During the procedure, Stemmons stopped breathing, and staff began to perform CPR on her. However, records indicate that no one called 911 until 11 minutes after the medical crisis began.
      “Upon information and belief, Defendant Richmond and Defendant Pourshirazi delayed in calling 911 because they did not want to draw attention to the fact that they were administering in-office sedation without proper license and outside their legal scope of practice and hoped that they could successfully care for Mrs. Stemmons without having to involve EMS or other providers,” Rushing’s lawsuit alleges.
      The lawsuit also alleges that Richmond failed to properly assess Stemmons before the procedure, failed to properly administer anesthesia, and failed to properly respond when her oxygen levels dropped.
      Pourshirazi is currently tangled in an ongoing battle with Arizona’s Board of Dental Examiners, which is attempting to pull his license.
      He did not have the required “1304” anesthesia permit, which allows dental officers to perform sedation procedures, records show.
      Stemmons, who was 71, never regained consciousness and died from a lack of oxygen to the brain 10 days after the procedure.
      DENTAL PIC 1.jpg
      Less than a year later, Ralph Chapman died.
      Chapman underwent an oral laser surgery at a different dental office, AZ Perio, which also used Richmond and Lifeguard Anesthesia on August 28, 2020.
      During the procedure, his mouth caught on fire.
      “Ralph Chapman was transported by ambulance to the Arizona Burn Center at Valleywise Medical Center where he remained until he died on September 9, 2020 from complications resulting from the thermal and inhalation injuries sustained during the dental procedures while under the care of Defendants,” according to a lawsuit filed by Chapman’s wife.
      Chapman’s wife and her attorneys declined to comment on the case.
      Their lawsuit further alleges that Richmond used an unsafe amount of oxygen during the laser surgery.
      In response to the lawsuits, Richmond’s attorney, Peter Wittekind, sent ABC15 an emailed response.
      “These were two cases with tragic outcomes, and our unreserved sympathy is with the families,” Wittekind wrote.
      Wittekind added, “Of course, if you have reviewed the Arizona State Board of Nursing file, you know that the Board combined both cases regarding Dr. Richmond, performed multiple interviews, completed a full investigation, and conducted a public hearing. After its full investigation and public hearing, the Arizona State Board of Nursing concluded that Dr. Richmond did not commit any unprofessional conduct. I assume you will include this in your research and report.”
      The nursing board discussed its review of both deaths during a May 2021 public meeting.
      The board declined to issue Richmond any formal discipline but issued a letter of concern.
      During the meeting, one board member, Angela Fountain, primarily discussed the cases involving Richmond.
      Fountain opened her comments about the board’s finding by expressing sympathy for Richmond.
      “I have to tell you Dr. Richmond, I am sorry. You have been through hell to say it bluntly,” said Fountain, who’s also a certified nurse anesthetist.
      Fountain also discussed the 11-minute delay in calling 911 during the Stemmon’s procedure.
      “The concern about the timeline as far as when the 911 or EMS was activated, 11 minutes goes by in like a second when you’re managing someone’s airway, when you’re trying to deal with any kind of crisis,” she said.
      “So the fact that he didn’t initiate the EMS, well he’s busy taking care of an airway and controlling that. So that truly to me was not as much of a concern because the dentist could have called 911. The other staff could have called 911. That doesn’t have to be all on you.”
      Fountain also praised Richmond for his level of care in the case involving the patient who died after his mouth caught fire.
      “In regards to the case with the laser, job well done as far as I’m concerned,” she said. “I’m sorry for the outcome. But job well done.”
      Richmond responded, “Thank you. Appreciate that. Thank you.”
      In advance of this report, Fountain sent ABC15 the following written response about her comments at the board hearing.
      “While I can not discuss details regarding a specific case I would like to provide some context to my statements during the May 2021 board meeting. First, and foremost, I have the most sincere sympathy towards any family who has lost a loved one in any healthcare involved incident.
      As a board member my primary job is to protect the public. We do that in part by ensuring that licensed and unlicensed nurses practice within their scope and follow standard of care. While others may not always agree with our determinations, we make every effort to decide the matters fairly and thoughtfully.
      My comments were to provide feedback about the resuscitation efforts made, despite a tragic outcome. Again, any time there are negative outcomes with a patient, I hold the most sincere sympathies for the patient, their family and all involved.”
      Richmond no longer works with Lifeguard Anesthesia.
      In advance of ABC15’s report, Richmond’s attorney, Peter Wittekind, emailed another statement after seeing a preview of the story on an earlier newscast.
      “I was advised that you intend to air your report this evening. I am concerned that it may not be fair, balanced and informed. In fact, if the teasers already aired are reflective of the full report, it appears the report may be not only grossly inaccurate, but malicious and defamatory.
      I understand media motivation to generate ratings at almost any cost, but you also have a duty to report fairly. As I previously mentioned, the Arizona State Nursing Board has investigated these cases, carefully reviewed the pertinent medical records, and conducted a public hearing. The Board concluded that Dr. Richmond did not act unprofessionally. These were two very unique cases, performed by oral surgeons (not “dentists”), with tragic outcomes. The way the facts have been aired so far, however, is staggeringly distorted, at least as I have seen them. Portraying alleged facts in a false light, simply to create a story, would be wrong, both ethically and legally.”
      ABC15 has spent years investigating health care providers and their state regulatory boards.
      Here are some key ways the public can verify licenses and check for any disciplinary issues and lawsuits.
      1. Check Arizona health board websites. Every Arizona board has a searchable directory of their healthcare providers. These directories will allow you to verify a license and check for any posted discipline. But, health boards often have hidden records that are considered public.
      2. Call health boards. In Arizona, some board actions are not required to be posted online. ABC15 has done extensive reporting on similar issues in the past. In the case above, Richmond’s letter of concern is not included on his board profile. The public has to call and request any addition records that are considered public. Also, it’s important to ask for any past meeting minutes or meeting recordings that involve the health care provider your researching.
      3. Google health care providers. Yes, it’s simple. But it’s also effective.
      4. Check for lawsuits. Many malpractice claims get settled before a lawsuit is filed. However, it’s important to check for lawsuits like the two filed in the case above. In Maricopa County, go to this website and search for the name of your health care provider and their business name.
      Contact ABC15 Investigator Dave Biscobing at Dave@ABC15.com.


      • Life Guarding by corrupt BON 7:04 am on May 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Over the top on some cases punitive and down right insulting to the family of these people who died a horrible death . This should have been emergency suspension. Who is the nursing agency saving in these incidents ?? Resusitation efforts ? how about not being properly licensed ? Why did it happen in the first place.
        The AZNA should call for angela fountain to resign , she appears to need some kind of a mental enema for sure . Sits too close to the other wack job Carolyn McCormies . If nurses knew the bon member make up they would never have a license in AZ . Never .


      • I'm REAL 6:30 am on May 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        When the BON makes a huge mistake like this one, when the discussion of the caseS is down right degrading ,when public protection is not being addressed This should have been an emergency suspension the first time he messed up ! He was obviously fired, and was that because there was NO CONCERN . Where are the liars who are against the way the BON operates ??? keeping their mouths shut , because they are cohorts in crime . BE LEERY ! Where are their comments ? Where is the public outcry ?


      • Still shaking head blantant biased board 4:39 pm on May 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Maybe when Tory ALEXANDER Richmond sets Angela Fountain ‘s mouth on fire , then she will stop saying stupid things . (alexander is the name of the abusive boyfriend of Jodie Arias, they tried to make out to be an innocent church boy, motivational speaker when he was selling prepaid legal in the MLM scam of the cult, a kinky want weird strange sex and was like every mission creep male degrade the women ) .


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 12:47 pm on May 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply  

    Radonda Vaught R.N. 

    The future of nursing must be protected against the onslaught of disturbing politics…appeals have a price…please help


    The mission for nursing safety from not only workplace violence but political abuse must be fought through this case. Please donate whatever you can as someday it could get you. Errors are not intentional and are not criminal.

    The new look at nursing should get better views for Nurse Protection..http://www.nursingadvocate.org

    • NP 1:05 pm on May 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      A nursing group had a huge donation a couple of years ago. She got plenty of money for an attorney. Where is the go fund me for nurses who did nothing wrong but got railroaded ? She did make a mistake, intentional or not , she made an error on the job , a system error . No she should not go to prison, and the big hospitals system will win out again , taking nurses down. The BON was in on this , who drops a case , then reopens it to revocation ??? Shows you they do not know what they are doing , when it comes to public safety but will jump on the bandwagon to save a corrupt hospital from litigation. She should take her money and sue Vanderbuilt .
      BON ‘s need to be sued for helping hospitals destroy nurses when the hospital got caught not taking care of business .
      You cannot advocate for a patient or you will pay the price.


    • Vecuronium 2:34 pm on May 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      It’s to bad Sunita Krishna was not the one who got the injection of the Vecuronium!!!
      Please higher power intervene to help take out all the slim in AZ, like Krishna & Campbell.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:45 am on May 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Both are aag security protected, just seeing them and talking to them is ill advise. In the past recent years security there has morphed to what we see today. On mtg days you’ve got the standard metal screening via security guards then there is Sheriff’s group you pretend to be unobtrusively wary but are crawling everywhere. The entire bldg is crawling in fear. Why??


      • William RN 8:05 am on May 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        They think they will get special treatment if they are in the hospital . Remember the pink ladies volunteers , they thought that too . Like the hospital board members . Veronica vecuronium will hail again . Vaught was made a national target because she is female , what about TORY RICHMOND, a crna who made fatal mistakes . Angela Fountain is rubbing his back and sack giving him pity . She is a mental mess for sure !


    • I am Radona 12:46 pm on May 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      three years supervised probation . a disaster . Supervised ? ? she doesn’t even have a license ! Supervise her so they can charge her for supervision . CRAZY . She should never have lost her license she would be the safest nurse out there.
      Lots of support out side the court house. Where is the support for AZ nurses screwed over by this dirty BON ??? The AZ NA would never support a nurse , just all them liars , and give their smirk looks. The biggest snake who needs direct supervision is JOKE RIDENOUR !!! Full time watched , she wouldn’t last a day .


      • DOUBLE JEOPARDY 10:11 am on May 14, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Double jeopardy is a procedural defence that prevents an accused person from being tried again on the same charges following an acquittal. So how was Rhonda’s case dismissed then she was retried.


    • DOUBLE JEOPARDY 10:28 am on May 14, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Joke Ridenour must be one psychotic FK’in sexual predator. Just think, once the nurse is sanctioned the nurse should be allowed to go on their way to complete the course of the sanction, however the predator Ridenour stalks us through her staff, and the maggot Sunita Krishna, and the wino campbell. They get into our bank account, phone records, credit card accounts, they harass us through our neighbors, and listen to our phone conversations.
      Ridenour and her foul scabby cunt staff stink, so does the STD filed trash mccorny. All of us who have experience and worked for years in our profession have seen our share of oral HPV, a hoarse barking voice is a symptom. Mccorny keep your mouth off cocks and get medical treatment.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:56 am on May 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply  

    Nursing students BEWARE OF AZBN 

    One of the many evals by students. Experienced nurses at azbn ??

    had to log into the reviews to make sure I wasn’t going crazy today about their customer service and I read a review that said: “they are so condescending.” YES— they ARE! I’m not the only one going through this! I processed my application on November 17, 2021 and have called at least 5 times for an update to make sure portal is reflecting the current status on my fingerprints, buuuut that’s not the point though. Only 1 of those calls did I get helped by this wonderful, most PATIENT woman(I wish I remembered her name). I asked for her direct phone line but said that wasn’t possible due to the calls going to random callers in their offices and could not decide and choose who would help me. The rest of the staff was just… their attitude just amazes me. They are so rude and expect you to answer your own questions. See, keep in mind I’ve worked with Radiology test taking students and have to 100% ENSURE every student gets the best customer service possible. I mean, they are afterall professional test-takers and have studied for years to be where they are. I mean, of course they deserve our attention and respect and I wish AZBN would train their staff the same way. It is nerve-wrecking enough to RENEW our licenses and hope it actually gets approved so we dont have to pay twice– I don’t think we should get nervous to not know who will be on the other side of the phone when calling AZBN customer service. HORRIBLE customer service.

    Student is of Latino ethnicity…

    • C L , NP 8:46 pm on May 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      And the nasty ones on the BON , reading reports , says “and she was rude to the employee here at the BON. ” Like only nurses who work there and staff can be rude but no one else. Smart mouths a lot of them. Kirk Olson likes to talk down to women, that’s just his upbringing , not far removed from Masonic disordered individuals. Gari Carroll is another smart mouthy one . Naira Kutnerian is another . Who is in charge of all these smart mouths ? Who’s watching how they treat the public ?


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:56 pm on May 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply  

    My Story AZBON Peary Brown R.N. 

    I was asked several times to tell my story r/t AZBON. Although this page is packed with bits and bits of evidence the structure of the cases against me completely avoided the clinical elements of the case reflecting on white crime.. What did I say?? White crime?The case starts and ends for me in 2011 whilst I waited next to my sig. other status post ENT surgery in UMC Vegas and it is like 2 am and I was still sitting in her ICU room and they let me stay. She was still in her first post op day and her surgeon came in and without hesitation said to me directly, “Are you the nurse husband who let this pt. drink fluids?” I had already met him but I think he forgot, and replied that I was but she was drinking b/c Dr. Thapedi told her so. I saw her discharge instructions. Dr Wang was of Asian ethnicity and still dressed in surgical scrubs complete with hat. He didn’t say anything but looked at Karla who was sedated heavily, “She could die from this. She has a major esophageal perforation with surrounding inflammation and we’ll probably start sepsis protocol soon. I am expecting the infectionologist in a few minutes.

    Wang stepped away from the bedside and said the silver bullet statement that is just as clear today in 2022 as it was in 2011. The photo image with captured facial intensity is always available “She has medistinitis and will need drainage with suction for a time frame to clear the infection. Fluids went to her chest cavity and contaminated the entire cavity. I’m going to consult another group, she could die from this.”

    The point of this story is to focus on actions of specific individuals, physicians, nurses, lawyers and judges and details are documented within their own system…although NCSBN is notoriously noted in alternative documentaion in its own time specific to the entering state board. As confusing as that sounds state boards change nurses’ records, as common as ten years from initial insertion date. It’s amazing how a keyboard jockey and an attorney general’s Pimp can make hell from nothing at all.

    Many locations in this publication may not be mentioned to protect the innocent.

    The student of nursing will be exposed to some cases like this one and will define awareness in lew of criminal activity in the health care system.

    I appeared 37 times in court hearings where there was swearing in in view of justice. Never a jury. Juries are taboo in search for the truth. I would take responsibility for my skills in communications via the email system of our own making. ‘Our’ represents a group of different individuals programing remailers to promote not only anonymous mail but fake emails identifying returns as real addresses, but not sent by that person. This may sound illegal, it is not unless fraud involved. Identifying this is of my profile in journalism as gaining information in almost any way possible. This case is jam packed with facts connected with criminal neglect leading to injuries. Like my significant other survived but Elisa did not. Just so you know the azbn protects murderers as long as they make money. That is the foundation.

    Felony endangerment places the victim in the path egregious harm by neglect in knowledgeable chioce to avoid. The cover up in this case revolves around the pt. being discharged by the physician responsible for injury that was created by him. It would seem highly unlikely for an informed surgeon to suggest clear fluids on a pt. whose esophagus is 25% missing. The point of ordering clear flds signifying ignorance of the perforation. The boldest of this act is Mother Jones herself. Everything sticks to Mother Jones. The research and refusal to negotiate was the ride through the imbalance of justice that leads to pt harm. The nurses can know these and here you go…

    My only responsibility for my own bd failures was making sure large groups of people, and unions had details of the case. The email scam was 10 yrs ago and was an effective aggressive and legal way of creating fear with the truth and riddle their liability shields. Four and five people in different locations can have early windows with original DOS, edit email headers to say whatever you want, and send them to say Senator Collins of Maine, from johndoe whatever.The remailers could id themselves in the text or not. Sending email to a surgical tech that he should stop doing surgeon’s drilling work is of soap drama quality but remember these people make money, alot, like Jerry Springer. What is the reason for surgery tech doing vertebral drilling remains an unanswered email. Why does a surgeon’s resume include chief of surgery where he did not do surgery. Too many more of its end of discharging someone home with a life-threatening injury, did not tell anybody and denied through his attny, T.Scott King, that he even knew about perforation of esophagus.

    The AZBON’S support of this person calling himself a surgeon was it the 70s. Or was 1950s and dutiful staff accepted abuse from physicians as they are never wrong and their word is from God. To this day of me being an R.N. forever had not seen the incredible boldness of suborning perjury, perjury, tampering with evidence and being openly demonstrated another emotional factor of ‘Creeps’. And yes these creeps get this social icon simply by violating a mountain of state statutes. Going into the sub basements of lies by name and with heavy ‘Creep’ dosage, Diane Milhasky. Former Adm Law Court. If she walks around Phoenix she must wear a disguise. T.Scott King is a wicked Creep who plays dirty and documents it. Beth A. Campbell is an assit atty Gen. And illegally prosecutes nurses whose lists of wicked creepiness is the highest grade of social evil possible. A very high grade of creepiness for a woman as most high grade creeps men. Campbell is in a league by herself but sleeps with Milhasky. I don’t have forensic $ numbers but what else could Dr. Issac Thapedi buy?? Therese Rowan is the former office manager of Dr. Thapedi whose cover up of her lover’s hacks are the mainstay of the Medical Mafia. A physician who is convicted of neglect able homicide escapes to kill again. Although very expensive, lawyers clean up all details.

    Of details in Chicago.. and it’s off to Arizona to hide mental illness. Some forensics$ on her but not yet. Linda Monas is one of many investigators who has casulness during perjurious testimony. She has lied under oath many times. No doubt, in one of the many azbn sub basements of creepiness sits the queen of creeps. She controls the entire Creep package via Her Husband Bill Ridenour.

    Of those dead pts. And victims of this crew a few still are alive and suffer years after their abuse. The clinical courses of the abused depends on age. Whether the actual need for surgery exists the manipulation is certainly a narcissist dream come true. How a crew could destroy a perfectly good cervical spine is where the money is. Yes, zip wrong with the spine to start with. The azbn supported this system and is a criminal organization equal to the criminals whom are incompetent who Lisa Wynn allowed lics. of Isaac Thapedi to go forward inspite of factual evidence in states of prior moronic events. The word ‘moron’ was tagged to him by another surgeon. He really did.

    My consideration for exposure of hacks and quacks… is as it’s always been…knowledge of emails and social media. Creating fake emails and spreading the truth about health care crime to the general public. The Medical Mafia routinely serves up nurses as fall people so quacks like the above have clear path to the bank. Actual impeachment conduct of Ridenour to indictable offenses obviously has a standard not to ever interfere with their established multi$$ system. That now well known horrors in clinical nursing is reaching into the public’s pocket and killing its loved ones with its greed and ambition for the blind. The staffing rotation at azbn must belike a shooting gallery as people escape all the time; and to avoid Potter’s field or worse, keep you mouth shut. Getting caught in downtown Phoenix by a former nurse victim has the Vendetta rule for each nurse victim. Wittenberg may some day eat more than his lunch.

    There are huge arrays of spinoffs in my story and to you in Vegas are the primary character to walk with 1.5 million$. I’d be real careful when and where I spend that. The freedom and pleasures you think you successfully won…don’t count on it. There are many more events not portrayed here and now in this crime story, and this is a crime story involved with white privileged crime as the main participants are white criminals. Why I call it white privileged crime is b/c the primary criminal is black and claimed racism of my actions were because he was black. Had it been known he had dementia while doing surgery quarter would’ve been presented. But the one who walked with 1.5 mil knew of his illness and said nothing. This case and more need to be served via ramparts.

    At the point of self literature isn’t a real goal of promotely ugly finds. Does ugliness find ugliness?? It did for mean in Dec. 2013 @ ADM LAW CT in Phoenix, in the foyer office prior to hearing that day. The main entrance enters to large hallway where a 45 yr o. Round woman sits in a glassed in cubical and looks to be the only one around. I gotta open a door to get in and she immediately and very loudly says “What do YOU want?” There is a counter top b/w me and her but stops half way to access to full cubical. I’m initially set back by the abruptness but state myself and needs and her response about the log in book in front of me is now vague to me except her insisted issues of needing to sign in before such and such a time. Her rudeness and pointing finger define it all. Who am I? A 66 y.o. r.n. for 35yrs, veteran for ten , a diver u.s.n., and can do anything. Although clearly a rule of social violation the event I keep solo and say zero. I move towards her space and this.woman became another of many to demonstrate blatant fear only feet away from me. Major parcels of these people are guilt and fear . The only positive aspects is generally psychopathy has little fear and reasonable people feel and express it it. Seen fear many times. Fear is a threat. “It’ll take the rest of your career to understand human nature, but do not trust anybody until you do. You must plan your moves, pick you’re fights; don’t make any threats…but please do not walk away from one.

    • Ken 6:57 pm on May 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      A law suit against Jokey Ridenour , as a send off, for allowing the nursing agency to take down nurses exposing unsafe practices , by others , and rigging law suits to put the plaintiff in a bad light . Some of the BON members are really gullible about all of this, but McCormies the lying creep knows what her role is . She is still training and weaning ‘angie’ the dumber than dumb , to go along with this .
      They are so stupid they are impressed with McCormies being president, I guess after 12 yrs the creep would have learned something . But then again last meeting she asked difference between doc and fines. WHOLLY CRAP, ! Relying on back room bull shitters to down load the forms so they can read them.
      Glad that this Dr was exposed and the wife is ok, now expose the corrupt board.
      How some can have their licenses stolen by thieves and be quiet , walk away if beyond any reasonable persons actions.
      Called all the players right , MONAS liar , Whittenburg LIAR , Eliz Campbell LIAR , AG pimp is right , a whore who uses her mouth .


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:13 am on May 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        The victim, today has no esophagus of use. Better than 20 Gen anesthesia surgical procedures and more coming.


        • Eva 10:08 pm on May 6, 2022 Permalink

          And yet the BON agency , who state they are there to protect the public , but will turn the reporter of a Dr who brings in big bucks, into a victim of their own.
          A Corrupt Bd Of Nursing needs to be stopped, who on the BON will vote in honesty ? Who will do that ?? Which ones ?


    • BSN 7:13 pm on May 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Computers down order written , true story at a hospital NEAR you .
      A newer nurse on nites got order for rocephin 2 gm q 24 /hrs . The nurse supr becomes pharmacist on nites, she is married to a Dr, but never worked beside or really at all, but they put her in charge. She gets 6 bags , tells the nurse q 2 hrs is how she read it . The patient got all 6 doses over the nite shift.
      any exp nurse knows it is 1 – 2 gms q 24 hrs, but neither of them had any experience , really at all .
      What do you think happened to the kidneys ?
      When pharm came in , in the AM he questioned why 6 BAGS were taken, saw all six given , the Supervisor brought the nurse in the office, and told her “let this be a lesson learned ” .
      HUH??? Lesson is for both of them . turned in to BON ? NO. Both are still out there practicing and practicing . While the BON members are hashing over with great scrutiny a NP who forgot to chart something , or using a microscope looking at a dui from 20 yrs ago, or running their mouths about ‘best practice” . While calling each other ‘dr so and so , fake dr, nurse ‘ The nite nurse, the nite supervisor, the BON which is the most dangerous to the safety of the public ?


    • Brian F 10:17 pm on May 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Now comes a case by a Dr , who put in a BON complaint on two NP PAUL DENCHY and DEBORAH MCGARRY .
      Normally the nurses fry if any Dr wants to file a complaint . This Dr is an inmate so you just know that the corrupt board of nursing agency will take that piece of information and use that , and that alone and make a decision.
      Being an inmate does not mean you are a guinea pig for poor nursing care .
      But the BON does know that DOC is run by the state, the same ones who sign their checks and they are not going against another worthless state agency .
      In any other setting would these two NP be dismissed , ? Not when the BON is corrupt biased and downright cheaters . Do inmates get the protection from bad nurses ? not in az .


      • DEBORAH MCGARRY 7:36 am on May 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        DEBORAH MCGARRY….is a Banner Health Pon & will screw another nurse in a heartbeat. She has called the nursing board many times on other nurses and played the AZBN game to take other nurses license. If anything Paul Denchy will be the nurse who carries the sanctions, the AZBN whore DEBORAH MCGARRY will walk free, mark my words. DEBORAH MCGARRY is a AZBN PON, & a Banner Health PON, I have video of her. DEBORAH MCGARRY is one crazy psychotic, power hungry, drama queen.


        • RN 8:26 pm on May 9, 2022 Permalink

          good to know. The whole thing smelled , from the beginning . Can pick them out . Thanks for update . Nurses who report other nurses just to get someone in trouble should be fined and lose their license . We have an entire list of them .
          Sounds like Deborah McGarry , fits right in with the AZ BON . Just like Banner does. And a few other nasty hospitals in AZ


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:46 am on May 10, 2022 Permalink

          Post by new grad…Electronic fingerprint background check has taken 10 weeks or more – was told 6 weeks max.

          After getting the runaround multiple times when calling the office, I was told *in person* (very condescendingly) that nobody in the office had reviewed my background check, and that they can’t for another week. What in the hell were you doing for almost THREE MONTHS?

          I would like to get a nursing license after graduating school, eh? I’m nearly to the point of just trying to get a license in a different state.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:02 am on April 30, 2022 Permalink  

    I like to repost the Columbian University study on unjust disciplinary actions every once and a while. I like to state the obvious and this study needs notice. The notice is to inform the students and expose the abuse.Paradisis_tc.columbia_0055E_10838

    • C. H . NP 8:32 am on May 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      OH yes, and why isn’t ASU doing a study of the corrupt AZ bd of nursing ? Oh William Ridenour , the greedy spouse of JOKEY Ridenour , is on the bd of regents. Remember when Billy Boy , was in charge of nursing grant money . And who was the decider of who got the money ? Let’s see what that fly on the wall heard. “And miss want a grant of money for free, would be be willing to be on the BON after you get those worthless initials behind your name and go along with what nonsense the bd pres suggests to the rest ?”


      • 1 nursing boards friend , guess who? 11:22 am on May 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        board members on committees together , should never be . Carolyn McCormies calling Angela Fountain for 2 hours , should never be . Anyone think these two cohorts in crime are not talking about board cases ?? I call it BS , if they deny it . Fountain has a lot to lose and she doesn’t even know the con game McCormies is pulling her into . Recommended by ‘cousin’ brother Quinn. She’s another one needs to think of an excuse and exit left immediately .


    • Protect the public from pathetically prosecutors 8:40 am on May 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Maricopa former prosecutor dead at 45, ( I know your all wishing it was Elizabeth Campbell , sorry next time !) (Mamaluy’s eyes are bugging out right now, and wet her pants trying to turn this into a death threat, she loves to s t r e t c h , the truth) . Got ya !!! Rachel Mitchell is already trying to drum up more staff and blame everything on that . (Notice when a nurse before the BON mentions , short staffed the BD ignores it all, refuses to listen, you must be super nurse and no excuses ! So here is Rachel Mitchell who is running for this office, whining about short staffing , a post if comparison to BON , blaming all their problems and short comings on short staffing ! “” It happens when you have an office that is drastically low in staff and just overwhelmed by the numbers,” Rachel Mitchell, a top prosecutor at MCAO told Team 12’s, Brahm Resnik.
      Mitchell was recently appointed to replace Adel. Mitchell was also among the deputy chiefs at MCAO who called for Adel to resign in February.
      Mitchell confirms there’s also a large backlog of felony cases that haven’t been reviewed by prosecutors.
      “There needs to be a plan put into place to say, ‘We’ve got to address these shortages.’ You cannot continue to have more and more crime in a larger and larger county with fewer and fewer people and expect the work to get done,” Mitchell said
      (This is the same excuse that the Dir of the corrupt BON gives , short staff . Try taking care of too many critical patients . Short staff but they have time to manufacture cases, do investigations with as much man power as a murder trial , focusing on those who speak up about unsafe conditions , and bash them any way you can to take care of friends in mgt at hospitals . Maybe if they focused on their job , and actually prosecuting cases that they are mandated to prosecute , instead of filing false charges then making a case around it. That is what the BON does and appears the Cty Atty office does as well . Wasn’t Ms Mitchell involved in the Courtney Bisbee matter as well ? The public needs to be protected from these criminals.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:46 pm on May 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Views total here are significant. Thks for the word.


        • LNA 11:30 am on May 2, 2022 Permalink

          If this new TV show outrages the Mormon church, ‘they have themselves to blame’
          Under the Banner of Heaven , Don’t miss it !
          of course the cult members , aren’t “allowed” to watch it. Got to control the dummies minds ! Just like prosecutors , all atty’s at the BON do to BON members . Control their thoughts they are fed.


        • Flym Flam 8:41 pm on May 3, 2022 Permalink

          crazy some of the things this bd does . just crazy . read some of the probation cases , over the top for sure . Someone licensed for over 30 years all of a sudden has to jump through the hoops that are over the top ! Flynn Carey is not a good lawyer for nurses, just talks the talk but doesn’t produce. Fined over 10k , that ‘s crazy . Of course it makes McCormies so happy to nail another nurse . She is so sick ! Remember the case if the NP got a doc she would lose her 100k grant money , well the bd members were between LOC and DOC and McCormies as wicked as she is , the black hearted cunt she really is, stomped her feet and kept repeating her BS until she got her way .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:11 am on May 4, 2022 Permalink

          May the insurrection be with you, reunion soon??


        • Wanda 2:43 pm on May 4, 2022 Permalink

          Your right about Flynn Flam sham . Two atty’s gave his name but won’t anymore ! within 30 secs says ” you had due process”.. A real QUACK .
          most of the one who go to the BD all the time are only good at charging the nurse a over priced figure .


    • not fooled 7:53 pm on May 3, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      last person on earth to vote for Gov .Karrin Taylor Robson . Putting out ads with Brewer , nasty ex Gov , and then putting in her ads MARK LAMB , of course another dirty mormon . He ‘s got his entire ‘church’ group working for him, that’s how he got in, he a huge swinger . It’s been posted a woman he hit on reported him to the sheriff’s office Pinal Cty . The was harassed by deputies, then she reported him to the Bishop , this woman is now dead. Car ‘accident” . Asking a group of former mormons , would he do this ? “They have killed people before ” . You decide . Lamb is a nut job with his reality tv shows, cowboy wanna be , Joke Arpaio is his mentor . Some real sick thinkers . Imagine what a democrat Gov would do to this dirty BON ! . hmmm .


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:01 am on May 4, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        The politics for this board’s actions is ours.The bd must be shaken down.


        • Nurses, you can be next 2:39 pm on May 4, 2022 Permalink

          the bd members are appointed by the Gov, not voted like some states, the Dir is also appointed , with no term limits. It sure would help to have a Gov who knows what is going on and will make positive changes.who also made statements about douchbag ducey . The cult creeps tend to be repukans . this is where straight party is not wise.
          Even in national articles AZ is mention as one of the top 3 in punishment . Avoid AZ as a nurse ! “When I started digging, I was horrified, really,” said Aurora Kim Paradisis, EdD, RN, a law student whose 2018 doctoral dissertation was subtitled, “The Lived Experience of Unjust Discipline Among Registered Nurses.”

          “It’s really retaliatory,” she told MedPage Today. “People are scared because it’s their livelihood and they don’t want to get to the point where it gets to nursing boards because once they get you, they don’t let you go.”

          “To my knowledge they’re doing an excellent job. I know they are extraordinarily conscientious about their mission and their role,” said Maryann Alexander, PhD, chief officer of nursing regulation with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)
          NOTE here: Maryann Alexander is just plain NUTS . She is one way closed minded cannot see anything but what she has been brain washed to believe. A real sad soul that should never be at national council . She made laughing stock whack job at TAANA convention .

          But nursing advocates cited several states for egregious actions over several years, including California, Arizona, and Missouri.


        • Wm Wallace 6:54 am on May 5, 2022 Permalink

          review by a nurse of a hospital near you , and the BON flaps their jaws about ‘best practice”. Well here it is . No phlebotomy. Night shift draws all the am labs. Yes all seven patients have am orders. In orientation you are told the PCT does them but they merely do vitals. If by some chance you have fallen into their good graces they might stick a patient for you once throughout your entire 13 wks. No, the rapid nurse does not help with hard sticks. The lab results will wait until a floor nurse can get them.
          Mostly the ratio is 6:1 but don’t be surprised by 7:1. It’s not as rare as the phone interview makes it sound. Most nights you’ll have one PCT to get your vitals. From midnight to 4 am the PCT will mysteriously disappear like a whimsical creature. Good luck finding help with your total care incontinent patients. No remote tele. You have to care for six to seven patients and listen out for your tele alarm.
          The bed alarms are 50/50 and if they do work they don’t ring through the call bell system you get to play Marco Polo while hoping your patient isn’t crawling on the floor looking for his marbles.
          Staff is almost nonexistent. Usually we get one staff nurse on the unit at night. Almost all of night shift are new grads waiting for their 16 month commitment to end so their suffering will end with it. Not traveler friendly. Be sure to do a head count of the patients at the beginning of the shift. If not you might have two while the staff nurse takes five so she won’t get any admissions. Or the unit will be full and she will then gives you seven while she takes four.
          Prepare to work long and hard. Pack your new Hokas by the end of your assignment those kitten heels will become flats. The acuity is as high as the ratios. Trachs, heparin drips, post op, post cath lab, AMS, psych that will attack unproved, you name it.
          Dietary sometimes forgets to bring trays, the trash isn’t picked up consistently, supplies are hard to find. Fruit flies roam the halls like dragonflies in a grassy meadow. The beds are from 1980s like the dinamap and tele boxes must be at least 45 to know how to operate.
          There is no ED to floor report. Hopefully transport brings the patient up in a stretcher that way you’ll here the locking of the wheels which will notifies you that an admission has come to the unit. Otherwise you’re likely to find a patient in an empty room you staring at him and him staring at you. Oh yeah did I mention double beds…😬.
          Airbnbs are expensive but there’s a hotel across the street from the hospital their rates went up when the pay went down…😳. The area is nice and the food is mediocre. havasu falls is beautiful and must see before you quit.
          This might be one of the best paying contracts available right now but it’s not for the faint of heart. Entire units of travelers (14, unit 14 beware) have quit. Travelers walk in see the assignment and literally walk right out before report.
          If your looking for a challenging assignment pls reach out to your nearest recruiter. Lace up those Hoka’s, tighten that Fanny pack and pull that surgical bonnet down low while remembering the famous words of William Wallace (Braveheart), “Run and you’ll live – at least awhile.”


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:14 am on May 5, 2022 Permalink

          Wonderfully informative thks for posting.


    • Marc 6:17 pm on May 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      the number of cases of DUI”s, in Maricopa county over 180 were tossed due to negligence . So how many of those were nurses ? How many of them get a free ride . A dui cost about 12k plus classes plus wheel lock fee increased insurance , court fees sentences, but yet the BON , will nail a nurse , because they are so against alcohol , and coffee (weird ya we know they are very weird bunch! ) What about bankruptsy those getting divorced , those who have fetish’s , foot fetish . have sex with married people , gambling, Nope just what are the big no no’s according to some idiot making all the crazy rules .


    • F. R. 10:33 pm on May 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      oh yes, Pinal Sheriff department up to no good again ! Thieves , low life thieves who steal from newlyweds! What a snake . But hey who isn’t at pinal Sheriff’s office ??
      LANDON RANKIN, oh yea , another mo mo , (remember the hit that bashed the mormons , “The Book of Mormon’s” , not at all flattering to the creeps ). Written/ prod by rankin, a kin to the other rankin’s ) .
      Well this Thief , dressed like a guest , waited until everyone was busy watching the couple get married and he hauled off with the gift envelopes). Hit about 11 weddings , sneaky cop , fit right in with the rest of the dirty cops at Pinal Cty. A former sheriff’s deputy has been arrested after police say he crashed weddings throughout the East Valley and stole thousands of dollars worth of cash gifts.

      Chandler police arrested former Pinal County Deputy Landon Rankin, who is accused of stealing up to $12,000 worth of gifts from a pair of weddings in April. Sgt. Jason McClimans says Rankin posed as a guest.

      “Really wasn’t a guest, was not invited, but dressed to appear as a guest,” McClimans said. “While at the businesses, Rankin stole the wedding card box.”

      McClimans says the investigation expanded beyond Chandler after Rankin was taken into custody.

      “After his arrest, we have connected him to a total of 11 wedding card box thefts here in the East Valley,” McClimans said. Authorities believe Rankin struck weddings in Mesa, Gilbert and Pinal County.

      In a press release, Chandler police say Rankin also possessed drugs and drug paraphernalia at the time of the arrest.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:15 am on April 24, 2022 Permalink  

    Inconsequentialism AZBN 

    When you read this post of Jenny you don’t see that violations of nurses and their rights are held in due process events well known to be illegal. The term, ‘Inconsequentialism is the governmental tyranny that ignores Bill Clinton’s illicit sex lockers as irrelevant to his job. The following case continues on to many state and federal violations that matter not to AZBN and its constitutents; the end justifies the means and that end of nursing careers is endless. .

    Its such a long story I think its best I break it up. The AZBN called Scottsdale PD and had them forcefully remove me from my condo and taken to Honorhealth ED for 6 hours. All my rights were taken from me because the board told them I was a harm to myself. I had to get dressed with 3 male police officers and 1
    male paramedic watched for “my safety.” Thats not illegal or against policy btw I checked. The ED nurse used bargaining basic essentials (food, water, etc) in order to get me to do things I didn’t want which normally a patient can refuse any treatment. Well, not when they mark you a danger to yourself. If you don’t want your blood pressure taken they will do it forcefully. Thanks again to the ED for not letting me use a phone charger so I had to walk home. It was one of the worst days of my life. They tried to get me committed to shut me up because I have proof that none of them do their jobs. They even subpoenaed the body cam footage to try and find reasons against me to take my license. Since entering the non disciplinary program they call ATD my life has been hell. My depression and anxiety have never been worse. Thanks AZBN! Doing a great job destroying good people who meant no harm to anyone. Why are you punishing sick people instead of helping them heal? The board must of sold their souls to the devil and do not have human emotions anymore. I know I messed up a lot. I made stupid choices which led to me hurting my loved ones. Im not sure if I will ever forgive myself for the pain I caused my family, but I know they will forgive me. Because my family is good and kind with human emotions. I am so tired of hearing the excuses of why we can’t change things in society we know aren’t working. Everything takes so long to change and while that’s happening people are suffering. I can’t help that I suffer from depression and anxiety. I have been fighting for 20 years. The AZBN knows I signed my contract for both substance abuse and mental health. I verbally have told them I am trying to focus on my health and find new treatment options so I can get myself to a good place again. All they have done is watch me drown while standing on the shore laughing. AZBN has too much power, every agency needs to be governed to regulate this power. These nurses are not lying when they say the discipline varies so much between nurses. They aren’t lying about the corruption. To all the nurses before me that went through this, I know you are telling the truth and I am sorry. (I decided to start my story at the end, more to come…)

    • Alan 8:39 am on April 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      This should be headlines . SARA STARK is a horrible atty . Works at CHELLE law . Just avoid this entire office ! Any atty can’t fight hard and write a better contract than they do ,do not deserve to have any nurse pay them for their ‘services” . Looks like they are ‘servicing ‘ that cow jokey ridenour and staff .


    • Bobi 10:53 pm on April 28, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Need a list of attorney’s who are not total suck ups . One’s who can fight and not just write up settlement agreements . These loser attorney’s just want to write up consent agreements tell clients to sign , knowing laced with lies and stipulations that they will fail and no recourse ! Nurses would be charged by the corrupt board for falsifying information but they wont’ if the sign an agreement of fraud that let’s them off the hook.


    • Darly 1:50 pm on April 29, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The biggest enemy is # 1 the BON #1 the staff of investigators # 1 the rest of the staff at the BON , especially the long haulers . From the office to the education . Ridenour takes care of her presidents of the bon, even 20 yrs ago they still have a position at the BON . All eat out of the same trough. Nurses are also enemy # 1, cause they think they know it all, like one said; about a nurse speaking up getting fired. BON expects all nurses to obey them no matter how whacked their ideas are ! This is the way it usually ends up . And of course anyone who ends up with a BON complaint , you can be sure they will headline this one , “and did you get fired?” . And if you already quit and they want to get even for reporting unsafe conditions, they use the corrupt cohorts of the BON who are more than happy to comply . Conspire and concur . Coworkers can be a problem but who expects a BON to assault , public shame, demean, lie, harass the nurse ? Nurses don’t believe any of it , having a license makes them an authoritarian on the subject, just ask them.


    • PENN STATE 4:19 pm on April 29, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Wow, this is really disturbing. Makes you wonder why you would want to be a nurse in AZ. I was thinking of moving to Scottsdale but will definitely reconsider. Wish you guys luck. You know, Pennsylvania is always looking for nurses (hint, hint).


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:57 am on April 17, 2022 Permalink  

    The time for nurses to set aside their personal agendas and join in and stand up to over regulations and abuse.

    • Observations and opinions 7:38 pm on April 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Love the site, learning a LOT !

      Liked by 1 person

      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:22 am on April 18, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        There is a Bd serve up in the hearts of many.


        • Ms Tanner 10:07 pm on April 21, 2022 Permalink

          When a person who was in the kkkult gets out the rest try their best to destroy them . Isn’t this the same pattern of psycho behavior they do to nurses who are not obedient . Who say , ‘get out , you crazy fools, if you think your going to try that with me “, GTFO , over the top , all based on the brain washings done through their lives. Stay away from people who didn’t have parents who were dumb enough to fall for joseph smiths lies and visions. And keeping paying that mandatory tithing . Lori Daybell types , using religion to say how holy they are then kill their own kids and anyone who gets in the way. Sick puppies like warren jeffs , your all the SAME no DIFFERENT !


      • S RN 4:23 pm on April 18, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Anyone hear case of reissuance . A male Rn was applying for AZ license. Oops DUI in record. As the case was opened up, Elizabeth Campbell made a comment. “He enjoyed his travel assignment in Az” please tell me WTF does that have to do with ANYTHING ? and WHY is Campbell using ‘table ‘talk ‘ the the stupid BON members who are easily influenced , have no mind of their own. ??? She needs to keep that trap shut !
        If you have a bad experience as a traveler then you won’t get a license ? Still trying to figure out what the hell this busy body mouth bitch is making off the wall comments of influence ?? basically the a55 hat from AG office is telling the board what to do . not the first time,
        she goes really crazy is she thinks one of them will motion for rehearing, oh she goes just fuking NUTS , can’t shut that mouth up . A rehearing ??? imagine how that would make the dirty diva look? Not happening . Anyone investigating this board needs to look at this area !


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:38 am on April 22, 2022 Permalink

          Appreciate ‘Campbell’ statement. Elizathen A. Campbell AAG creates net spiders…thks.


        • reporting on County Hospital left overs 11:26 pm on April 22, 2022 Permalink

          Big notification of ‘lunch is here’ and bon takes a break . they all go in and pig out , all on the state of AZ credit card , that someone mistakenly gave to Joke Elizabeth Ridenour . She needs to have an evaluation because her mental faculties are slipping . snoring loudly and drooling , can’t sit through and entire meeting , naps , diapers , comes back in the room with half her head of hair flat . (and not the back half ) that is for flat backing tricks by Diane Caruso , sashaying around in her queen attire . A name tag that reads , Husband Stealer .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:31 am on April 23, 2022 Permalink

          PostCards from within!


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:48 pm on April 24, 2022 Permalink

          It’s industry which needs nurses to function its own motions of illegal motions.


    • Blind Brianna 7:38 pm on April 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Although many are aware of the corruption at the AZ BON . many new nurses are coming in and won’t cat unless it affects them . The public needs to join in .
      As one really self centered , with a survey of ONE ! Herself said , “ive been a nurse for 13 yrs and never had a problem “. Can nurses really be that stupid to think that AZ license is a good thing because they worked for 13 yrs and have been ok , that this is reality ? crazy to not even , think this is possible ! just crazy .
      Many nurses have blown the whistle in places like the prison . Articles showing Pat Borden , admits committing fraud on records , to save the prison money. Why did the BON follow up on this? Or an lpn telling the huge errors are the prison , (Public safety !!!) but yet the BON does nothing.
      The sound of coworkers crying. Sprinting to stabbings and hangings. The hiss of an empty oxygen tank. The inevitable loss of life. These are the memories of Jose Vallejo from his time in an Arizona prison.

      Vallejo worked for Corizon Health in the Arizona Department of Corrections for two years from December 2016 to December 2018. He alleges the company is violating state regulations, purposefully misleading state auditors, and putting patient lives at risk.

      U.S. District Judge Roslyn Silver, overseeing the Parsons v. Ryan prison health care settlement, recently appointed an independent expert to review the entire Arizona prison health care system after similar allegations were made by previous whistleblowers. Vallejo read their accounts and came to KJZZ with his own story, after he says his concerns fell on deaf ears at Corizon and the Department of Corrections.

      MORE: On The Inside: The Chaos Of Arizona Prison Health Care

      Vallejo is no stranger to the correctional world. He has worked as a correctional officer and a police officer, as well as a correctional nurse. For the past two years, he was employed as a licensed vocational nurse at the Arizona State Prison Complex – Eyman in Florence. Much of his time was spent working in the SMU-1 unit, where some of the most seriously mentally ill patients in the state prison system are housed.

      Vallejo worked as an hourly employee for Corizon Health, logging 12-hour shifts, four or five days a week. His duties included distributing medicine and providing health care to thousands of patients. He estimates he was putting in between 120 and 150 hours every two weeks at the prison.

      “It’s mentally exhausting — emotionally — physically,” he recalled in a recent interview at his home. “We have to stop what we’re doing to respond to emergencies. We have inmate stabbings, inmate hangings. It takes a toll. It really does.”
      Lack Of Staffing, Training

      When Vallejo first started at Eyman, he said he was forced to hit the ground running. Instead of the two weeks of training he was promised, “I literally got two days of training, and I was thrown into working nights by myself.”

      He says his previous work experience helped steel him against the pressure, but other nurses were simply not prepared.

      “There’s RNs there that don’t even know how to start an IV,” Vallejo said. “There are nurses that can’t operate an oxygen tank. A lot of them have no type of training. They’re book-smart, but when it comes to a hands-on situation, they have no idea what’s going on.”

      Vallejo says the lack of training provided by Corizon sets nurses up for failure.

      An independent expert hired by Magistrate Judge David Duncan in 2018 to review Corizon’s staffing woes found that “recruitment and retention are an ongoing issue, resulting in staff being stretched too thin to provide coverage.”

      Vallejo said not much has changed. He says he and his colleagues were run ragged.

      “You have nurses crying in the middle of their shift — it’s horrible,” he said.

      Despite Corizon’s contract with the state guaranteeing 90 percent staffing fulfillment, Vallejo claims his unit was usually only 50 percent staffed with health care personnel. He says the turnover was like nothing he has ever seen.

      “Corizon is just hiring bodies, trying to get their numbers up,” he said.

      Vallejo kept internal employee logs that he claims show several units at the Eyman prison were continually understaffed.

      Vallejo says a registered nurse should have been at the prison complex at all times, but often there was no one working with that level of certification. Many times, he says, licensed vocational nurses were forced to make decisions that should have been handled by someone with more experience.

      “We’re making a call that someone else should be making,” Vallejo said. “We’re making calls that someone with more education should be doing.”

      Vallejo says this led to many dangerous situations.

      “We’re putting people’s lives on the line,” he said. “When we’re passing medications to so many inmates, it creates room for medication errors.”

      Vallejo says this included inadvertently giving inmates the wrong medication, “which can ultimately kill them, depending on what you’re giving them. I mean you have blood pressure medications, heart medications – critical stuff.”

      Vallejo says inmates with chronic illnesses suffered the most.

      “There was a lot of times, due to lack of staff, that diabetic inmates weren’t getting their insulin until 9 or 10 o’clock in the morning,” Vallejo said. “That’s pretty dangerous considering we turn around and give it to them again at 3 p.m. So they’re not even hitting their peak when we’re turning around and giving them more.”

      In addition to serving thousands of patients’ daily needs, Vallejo says there were constant emergencies.

      He claims during one shift he worked in early November, there were 28 Incident Command System (ICS) responses. An ICS is an emergency situation at the prison requiring an all-hands-on-deck type of response from health care providers and Department of Corrections staff.

      “It was everything from inmates cutting themselves to cell extractions to chest pains,” he said.

      Vallejo said the health care staff wasn’t alone in dealing with staffing shortages.

      “The Department of Corrections staff is hurting just as much as we are,” he said. “There’s times when you have one correctional officer running an entire wing of several hundred inmates. So you don’t even have eyes on you like you’re supposed to 24/7.”

      “The [Arizona] Department of Corrections staff is hurting just as much as we are.”
      — Jose Vallejo

      Vallejo says one night at SMU-1, the inmates set the building on fire.

      “We had fire trucks out there, ambulances sending people to the hospital.”

      He claims several patients and Department of Corrections staff were injured. He says the inmates were rebelling because they had not been receiving their medication.

      “They warned us that they were going to go off,” Vallejo said. “But nobody listened, and they ended up setting the unit on fire.”

      Improper Medicine Distribution

      Vallejo says despite the short staffing, nurses were expected to perform the work required of a full roster of employees. He claims Corizon supervisors repeatedly ordered him and his colleagues to improperly distribute medicine to patients.

      “She wanted one of us to pop ’em, while the other two went and handed them out,” he said.

      Vallejo says instructing one nurse to “pop” pills from their blister packs while directing another nurse to distribute them is against guidelines established by the state board of nursing.

      “We told her we weren’t going to do it. It’s illegal. We can’t pass medicines that somebody else has poured. But they didn’t care.”
      Empty Oxygen Tanks And Broken EKG Machines

      Vallejo alleges a lack of resources contributed to a dangerously deficient level of care.

      “We have cancer patients not getting cancer treatment like they should be,” he said. “There are follow-ups by providers that aren’t happening. They’re just being overlooked.”

      Dr. Jan Watson, who also formerly worked for Corizon as a health care provider at the Eyman prison, made similar accusations about poor access to specialty care to KJZZ in December 2017. Watson ended up testifying in federal court along with another Corizon whistleblower, Dr. Angela Fischer, who expressed similar concerns.


    • each has their own focus 7:40 pm on April 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Nurses screwed by AG/ AZBON and AZNA all have the same agenda STOP THE ABUSE OF NURSES BY THE CORRUPT BON !!


    • Nurse who sees what is up ! 8:58 pm on April 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      A man in prison complained about his nurse (rightfully so) he was on the phone at bon meeting. Elizabeth Campbell who can’t keep her big bazzo closed , yap yap yap . says “reminding you (the president ) to keep him to 5 mis ) WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      what the hell is CAMPBELL doing telling the BON how to run the meeting???
      Notice Campbell did not do that THROAT CLEARING that childish McCormies does , when others talking ) when she brought in 3 big liars in Manny Gonzales case . OH NO ELIZABETH fuking CAMPBELL never said a word. That is called , want to win her case and get the board to agree with her . and slimy twat will do ANYTHING , .
      “remember bd pres he has 5 mins and tell him that hold him to that . UP YOUR HAIRY RUG ,
      keep your mouth shut ! McCormies is crooked enough.
      very biased ,
      And why is the Bd allowing Campbell to add to her 5 mins, after the respondent has spoken???????
      she just keeps adding information but the nurses doesn’t get a 2nd bite at the apple . BIASED BITCHES, Don’t bother answering, can your such LIARS !!!


    • Never MO MO 11:57 am on April 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      And why is there president of BON from Safford / Thatcher , where your brain washed actions and comments are saluted but laughed at by real people !
      Never should a mormon be on any Bd ! Take that Supreme ct creep judge , Robert M Brutinel lived in Safford . Went to Yavapai , firm of Brutinel and Jones )of course ! another creep )
      From Safford, Arizona, more Conspiracy Theory
      Do you remember the movie “Conspiracy Theory?” In the movie, Jerry Fletcher could see conspiracies when no one else could. (A somewhat lonely world when you’re so gifted.) Based on peculiar coincidences, Jerry tells Julie Robert’s character that NASA is using a secret weapon on the Space Shuttle that triggers earthquakes to kill the President of the United States. In two fast moving scenes easy to miss the first time through the movie, he passingly tells her an earthquake will occur during an upcoming presidential visit in Turkey. And sure enough, in a later somewhat chaotic scene, she briefly catches a TV news report that there had been a 7.3 earthquake in Turkey while the President was visiting!

      Well, I don’t have that kind of evidence of a conspiracy, but while re-reviewing Justice Bruntinel’s application to the JNC to be an Arizona Justice, I noticed another piece that fits my Conspiracy Theory. Brutinel’s mom is from Safford, Arizona. (YUCK) !

      Hmmm. Safford, Arizona. Anyone know the demographics of Safford? (Answer below.)

      In my “Conspiracy Theory” post, I postulated that Mormonism might be involved here. For I am a Christian Evangelist who spent about a decade witnessing to Mormons and judge Mary Hamm, a BYU graduate, presumably Mormon, was assigned to a case of mine in Prescott. Maybe by Judge Brutinel.

      Since pre-trial “evidence” had been presented that I was what Mormons call an “Anti-Mormon,” and knowing that Mormons are taught in their temple ceremony that people like me are paid by the devil (see my recusal motion for Mormon federal judge David Campbell, where the temple ceremony is cited in an affidavit by a former Mormon) I filed a pre-trial motion that a judge who was Mormon or who had taken the oath of allegiance the Mormon church (called the “Law of Consecration”) recuse themselves from my case. (they should all recuse !! permanently !)

      But Mary Hamm, BYU graduate (BYU stands for Brigham Young University, a Mormon church owned institution, if you didn’t know) did not recuse. Instead, she engaged in a horrifically biased “trial” in which she engaged in ex parte communication with the opposing party and acted as counsel for the opposing party, even calling and questioning witness for the opposing side! (A federal civil right lawsuit is in process. CV-10-8049 in the Arizona District.)

      I previously postulated that this peculiar coincidence was the result of Judge Brutinel extracting revenge for this blog and for being used to remove former judge howard hinson (another creep !) from office. All good motives. But then I noticed Judge Brutinel’s mom was from Safford.

      Safford is a predominately Mormon town! As long as you stay in the brain washed creepsville , no one cares . they are all FAKES , but pay for that celestrial island (YES they are that stupid ! ) and will back another one , always biased .


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 12:38 pm on April 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        I watched a nurse confront a judge with Mormon connection. Old judge turned whiter shade of pale then bright red. Had not seen that before.


        • send certification NP 9:18 pm on April 20, 2022 Permalink

          Old men who want to diddle little girls is all they are .
          you just know by the atty how cases will go , Greg Harris for one , LOC , no matter what. Harris who is one homely looking big nosed, 4 eyed strange looking “alf ” creature to begin with then add those garments . UH ! McCormies knows he is one of them/ Former lobbyist for JOKEY RIDENOUR , called him every 5 mins, cause she is so STUPID ! Harris is a real piece of work . Killer mormon cop , Brailsford , got hired at that firm serving papers . Slayed this pour man who was laying on his stomach , don’t shot me wasn’t even armed . Brailsford , one of those “good’ mormons etched on his work rifle “your fucked” . He wrote in his yearly evaluation , his goal was to arrest one person a day. Dang if this like minded isn’t related to Carolyn McCormies , She would be right behind this sick person all the way . Got to ruin someone’s life , got to be the biggest a holes in the world . Keep them OBEDIENT ! Makes them look like they are better than others ? They think. when they are the MOST CORRUPT DIRT BAGS IN THE ENTIRE STATE ! MCCormies pushing for the longest probation highest action against any cna or rn , she just loves to influence the rest, a bunch of dummies who go along .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:40 am on April 21, 2022 Permalink

          From the view


        • Edsen Nursing school 3:21 pm on April 21, 2022 Permalink

          well it is common , and happens a lot, at least with this cult , it is all they talk about , masterbation . Betting this old hoot , was sitting there bored when he started to play with himself , and boom , that’s when the face turned red. bright red, blood engorgement both ends . willy whacker .


      • Jackson 2:49 pm on April 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        McCormies got herself a real prize with CARL MCCORMIES , beer belly , cocky . He runs the roost . She runs her mouth .
        Typical of them , they get in front of people and talk , but what they say is so stupid . Just because you can hold a mic and talk, only proves what fools they are . Jo Jr even thinks it’s her weird voice , well that too ! ditzy !


    • Ashamed to say 'im nurse" everyone should be in AZ ! 12:27 am on April 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Told my atty years ago that the dirty dir of the AZ BON might as well retire and get out while she has a 1/2 a55 , reputation. Fast forward. 2022 , she sat there during Senate House renewals’ vote of BON, while nurses got up and told what a corrupt out fit she runs , with many examples , and she needs direct supervision. Never happened before , the azna sitting there got to hear but did they hear? The booze it bimbo high paid to stop any comments . They reduced time from 8 yrs to 4 yrs renewing the agency , like it makes a difference, then a comment went in to those voting “all you have done it allow this dirty dir the opportunity to work until she is 80 without going through a BON audit ” Too bad she did not gracefully bow out, but stays for the power trip , like so many who have got to be the little hitler’s of the world . Her epitaph is already written by many . “she had the power to do the right thing, but never did , disgraceful to the nursing professional who work hard each day , how they are treated by a rogue board, and director”
      It should just say FUCK JOKEY RIDENOUR ,
      make it sweet and simple . Sits in the sidelines and let’s it all happen , forgot she is responsible for all it it.


    • Susan RN too 8:57 am on April 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Take the case of SUE MCCOY , she turned in two nurses , charge and mgt, they turned it around on her ! When has the BON never dug deep on a nurse , no matter if they think it’s all bullchit ? When they are in MGT ! Well Sue went before the BON, Randy Quinn the HUGE ASSHOLE of the world ! Lifetime mormon messed up mindless one. She told the BON with many interruptions by “Beth” Campbell , can’t keep her mouth shut ,while others talking because she wants them to hear HER only . HER nonsense. Well Sue McCoy was in the hospital the entire time the notice for hearing came . (of course Campbell shortening the time frame ! by corrupt tactics) Campbell was interrupting NO NO HEARING !!! NO , !! well Randy worried about being sued and his own money, said we have to give her proper notice . They made this nurse prove she was in the hospital then asshole “BETH” shouted out “She ‘s been in the hospital many times for psychological reasons’ . Unreal that this person who runs that yap doesn’t have a problem stating in a open bd meeting about a nurse who is a patient , her history or what ever but yells when patients names are ‘almost stated’ has a fuking fit about that ! So turns out the BON voted to have a rehearing, well “BETHY BITCH” does’nt want the rework he reflection of a rehearing , god forbid on her record , so they had a ‘special meeting ‘ and put her in atd problem . TRICKS by the BON, Bethy behind the scences got her way , who ever she whines to . She literally went nuts on this ! ALthough she did NOT QUALIFY FOR IT ! sneaky as they come ! Sue’s husband was older and very ill , and she was forced to comply or go to hearing and listen to ELIZABETH CAMPBELL badgering , blurting out anything in court they can quote for the www to place shame on someone who has seen a counselor . Campbell appears to be very unstable , wacky, goes NUTS when someone wants a rehearing. This would be a real good one to show how Ridenour does not direct her office but takes care of friends who do corrupt things to suit her .


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 11:41 am on April 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        It’s difficult to imagine Campbell has a clear conscious. If so…she is documented sociopath. A court officer known to lie in court @ Adm Law Court raises many questions thatlast lifetimes.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:17 pm on April 14, 2022 Permalink  

    Shauna Bonner AZBN 

    Shawna Marie Bonner the blind beached whale. She is not starting a job at the AZ Veterans Administration Hospital in Phoenix, she has been working there for years on telemetry as a assistant nurse manager while working at AZBN. She has been calling other VA hospitals in the US getting information on vets and giving it to the HEAD CUNT JOKE at AZBN.
    They use mafia style tactics against whistleblower, they harasse, threaten, & intimidating by using other people who live around the nurse. They call the police department in the city the nurse lives in and tell the police: “the nurse is mentally ill, and they feel sorry for the nurse, Just keep an eye on them and report any calls you make to the nurse’s residents.”
    Sunita KUNT Kirshner is a slimy shank too, and so is the stinky fart Emma mamalay on her back, they are all anti-gun.
    The Vetran nurse needs to call this number and find out if the if the HOUSE OF CUNTs IN AZ at the AZBN have requested information on them: 202-745-8000 opt. 0. Check your files, ask for a file review, no one can look at a Vets file except HR, see if your file has been accessed and how often, if your file was accessed out of AZ it’s SHAWNA BONNER THE BLIND BEACHED WHALE, you need need to file military charges against SHAWN MARIE BONNER.
    Shawna Bonner ejected her whale sized ass into court hearing in another state, Shawna Bonner and her buddy lost in court. Shawna Bonner is a RADICAL EXTREMIST, ANTI-GUN CUNT. I would think this would be a conflict of interest for her to work with Veteran’s who defend AMERICA, and be anti-gun.
    They are now using the witnesses who falsely testified (committed perjury) in court to harass us who won. It’s all on cameras too, the CUNTS at AZBN DON’T like cameras when the other side has them.
    All veteran who are nurses need to call the VA in in WA D.C.
    I will be giving the moderator of this site the address and phone number of Shawna M Bonner, so anyone can contact Shawna and let her know what you think.

    15 April 22…This post expresses the emotions felt by injustice…not to mention some very interesting investigation rules. The VA records are considered non public unless dishonorable d/c. BuPers seals all records and seldom release specifics except for criminal acts and federal prosecution. Although AZBN commonly fills in the blanks even while under oath, or what they call ‘Oath’ . The above nurse posting focuses what the queer tactics are; interviews with veteran target recalls many questions about military hx. Then during testimony Linda Fucking Monas fills in the Viet Nam thing. Never mentioned it, ever. LIARS.

    • Monas dirty cop 5:35 pm on April 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Between Bonner and Mamaluy not sure which is the most wicked. Cindy Mand , is in the mix too. Elizabeth Campbell , going after a excellent nurse . He was off work like 3-4 times for allegations , they never found anything . Then when he came back , he met with his boss who had it all planned with 3 other liars. That he attacked her . The VA police would not write a report . NO police report and he got emergency suspension. MCCormies the slimy stink butt knew it was a set up letting 3 liars talk and run a minnie hearing , 3 liars who were witness to NOTHING ! . revoked . after all these years . SHAME ON THE DIRTY GIRDIES . If anything thinks McCormies is not a thug who would do anything , illegal or not , your mistaken . Oh and hope she doesn’t think for one minute that allowing speakers on O’malley case at all makes up for what she intentionally did with Manny .

      Liked by 1 person

    • RN 5:42 pm on April 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      When ELIZABETH CAMPBELL lost in court , Bonner and Mand stuck their tails between their dirty legs and went wimping back to the VA , rats jumping ship.
      Mamaluy the chief bull shit ter , will go down with the ship.
      Yep the corrupt BON loves to use mental health . IF they paid for the number of psych evals they ‘d go broke.
      Ridenour needs to go . she is sitting on her big arce watching it all , acts like Ducey taking care of friends.
      Good info, to know about the dirty nurses at the VA !
      Linda Monas is sharing a house with Jokey’s assistant , long term , liar


    • DIRT ON KIRK caught ya ! 7:00 pm on April 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Face it –the entire Bd of nursing agency is filled with those who love to get people in trouble . And the ones who are the highest paid do the most dirty work.
      Take Kirk Olson , a real ‘team ‘ thug player for jokey . His stalking and reporting finally paid off he got promoted. a dog fker for sure.
      A real coward when he gets caught , cannot run fast enough . Squeal like a short little 4 eyed pig you are . OINK OINK , get those hoofs running baldy , bad spy .
      Why do loser’s choose to involve themselves. ?
      Ellis was same way , they will do anything for raise or money or against a female , anything .
      Real cowards , they wouldn’t go after a big male , chickens . pussy chickens, relying on his own kind .
      And in the end, can’t get out of it YOUR INVOLVED , you did it to yourself. , When you didn’t have a dog in the fight . What else can you be talked into to doing pussy ??
      Real men do not do these things .
      Any nurse who has this creep for an investigator contact the site , willing to help you .
      (lots of write ups on last job) . !
      not the choir boy , boy yes but not the innocent kind .


    • I am witness kirk , Alex 10:30 pm on April 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Notice when nurses go before the bd , they say open for questions ? one screwed herself by doing so . Tell the corrupt BON that you will answer a question for a question. Notice they need to hide behind closed doors call it exe session and together make up some line of BS , as an answer. ? well they come by it naturally . The one who is not open to questions is the guilty party , or nurse alone the smart one.
      “Quote “{{The church is really good at letting you know what the approved questions are that someone should consider about life. If there’s a question the church doesn’t have an appropriate answer for, the question isn’t approved.}} ”
      isn’t that the truth !?


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