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  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 11:56 am on January 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply  

    The truth will cause them to fear you.

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      Fear you and do everything they can to spread misinformation to everyone they can . Shameful ! Are people that stupid that they don’t think it is the bon nasty nurses who write the statement put out there . Are members of the AZNA that stupid to read a biased statement , and one that is not true, biased, and illegal and believe it ? Appealing it and another crooked judge siding with another state agency (BD) makes them right ??? Really that stupid ? Even nurses who agree that the BON lies, and investigative reports are full of untrue statements, will read what the board wrote , NOT the judges , but what the BON staff wrote , making all of their lying witnesses ‘credible ” . Shameful those who do not know the process and are ignorant making silly statements. But really SHAMEFUL to those who do know that the BON is corrupt, but yet read ones case based on biased misinformation and outright lies. You make a horrible nurse if this is how you operate . Until you have heard both sides , from the horse’s mouth you cannot make an informed decision. Stop the abuse of nurses. It can happen to YOU.


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      First case of COVID hit US on January 20th, 2020.
      The president at the time was Donald J. Trump.
      The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was Anthony Fauci.
      The highest daily COVID cases hit was 300,000 on January 8th of 2021.
      The last 5 days the lowest cases we’ve had in a single day was 704,000 and the highest has been 1,018,000.
      That’s more than 3x of cases during Trump.
      The current President is Joe Biden.
      The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases STILL IS Anthony Fauci.
      The only leader that’s been there during the entire pandemic for both administrations has been Anthony Fauci.
      It’s either time to impeach Fauci or hold his foot to the fire. EARN your job by having to make your case in front of opposing doctors who disagree with your handling of COVID.
      In corporate America he would’ve been fired a long time ago.
      Working for the government is more forgiving. It’s time for the government to step in and replace him with a new younger face that’s willing to work with both sides of the isle (DOCTORS/SCIENTISTS) and look for solutions.
      Something has to change.
      This is EXCEPTIONAL TRUE of the Board of Nursing . The situation with nurses has only gotten worse, the back log of cases, the revolving door of investigators , that are introduced to the job from those already there . They are so afraid of someone getting in that isn’t tainted in the thought process .


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      Something very odd , wanting to make changes to the corrupt board of nursing of arizona , which is because they know the scam , dirty ways of the board. But do not show up for a meeting with law makers that can make a difference . VERY ODD .
      No one needs any prep time to tell them what you know now . Odd isn’t the word. Think about it , what’s really going on here .
      Some very critical thinking , board members are gullible , dumb and being used , who wants to be like THEM !


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      It would be worth it to go to the law makers to hear jokey lie about the time tables on the investigations ! “average 7 months ! ” . ANd to hear JOKEY RIDENOUR tell the law makers that SHE is doing the work of the ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS . that no longer work there . Let’s see Janeen “DOCTER DON”, CINDY MAND , from County , and Robert all ASSociates , gone . When things go south the rats start jumping ship. What happened to Dawna Cato , wanted to be pres AZNA but send the lobbyist who was ON THE BON , so you know what she will say ! The connections are amazing !


    • Karol BSN 6:59 am on January 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      We all know the slogan LET”S GO BRANDON which has a meaning , {{— “Let’s Go Brandon” is a political slogan that has been widely used as a minced oath for “Fuck Joe Biden” in reference to Joe Biden”” A slogan of “LEt’S Go BRANDY JO” meaning Fuk JO RIDENOUR , can really catch on . “If your tired of the board of nursing abuse of power “LETS GO BRANDY JO !!” IF your tired of lies being printed on the www “LET”S GO BRANDY JO ” If your tired of the AZ BON run by a corrupt Director “LET”S GO BRANDY JO !” IF your tired of dirty board destroying good nurses careers “LET”S GO BRANDY JO” . Get fired up , this is the year ! LET”S GO !! Dump JO !


    • The Charge Nurse 9:39 am on January 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Be interesting to see if the hot air crowd actually acts . great place to pick up new victims . Unless they are one of the very rare chosen ones , that get a slap on the nursing cap.
      Students clueless , and their professors are not going to say chit . Knowing how this corrupt board retaliates.


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      For those of you who think the board of nursing has a public discussion and then comes up with a ‘result” for the nurse . Think again. The ‘investigator ” who may or may not be a nurse , or have any special talents to investigate cases, but in trained in witch hunting 101 . then the back room legal beagles and the ASSociate directors download what they want the ‘parrot ” board member to read out loud . For the first time in 10 years ONE BOARD MEMBER said, ‘these options are not appropriate and they did not download the right decision . WOW !!! A board member who speaks up , is not acting like a puppet and a “WHO CARES attitude ” . CAROLYN SPEARS . (Question authority and do not go along with what they think they can defend in court . ) Board members that have been on long enough to stop McCormies and her jaded ways, but do not speak , have NO RESPECT AT ALL . Those who are partners in crime with miss gotta have her way ” ANGELA FOUNTAIN ELIZABETH BOYER (puppets on a string and Mccormies is working the strings.
      GOOD FOR YOU CAROLYN SPEARS , tell them like it is , your not there to not read the paper work , just vote how morons did . Every case should have DISMISS as an option and as #1 ,not what Those not on the board want .


    • PA 7:35 am on January 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      https://www.thepetitionsite.com/423/443/415/end-all-board-of-nurses-denial-of-civil-rights-and-due-process/ Why are nurses so afraid to put there name on something ???? Oh that’s right the BON is acting like bishops controlling behavior on everyone , every word , every sh*t they take.


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  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:25 am on January 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply  

    National Nursing Advocacy Alliance 

    It’s fairly common for nurse advocacy organizations to promote patient quality care as their primary mission stated is often related directly to patient issues of care. A nurse in today’s market place can get into political hot water for being Dudley DoRight as often enough financial anchors keep bad health practices from floating to the surface of view. It’s that hot water NNAA wants to put under the big light and protect nurses from being abused for being good nurses. This helps the nurse to do a better job for patients. This organization will grow extensively in the near future.

    • ADN2BSN 10:31 am on January 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Advocacy is needed! Nurses who are asymptomatic, COVID + are now being asked to go back to work in California! Nurses (licensed or not) must ban together to change this toxic environment! NNAA has given us this platform. Thanks for the post, it is very accurate!


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:40 pm on January 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply



        • Rose 4:15 pm on January 19, 2022 Permalink

          The staffing was 3:98 , DON sitting at home (joke ridenour was a dirty don) . YOU can bet the 3 will get blamed . And licenses acted on. Boards are not going after mgt.

          2 found dead at understaffed Thomasville nursing home during winter storm
          Police said just three staff members were caring for 98 residents at Pine Ridge Health & Rehabilitation Center when officers got there Sunday night.

          Does anyone think they got all the right meds , hs care, oral care ? or instead a grave.


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    Tags: Vaccinations   

    So if you get all vaxs that are trumpted, as most are…preventative rx..,become ill and perhaps die; it doesnt matter. If your child gets cardiac damages this doesn’t matter either.

    • Pharmd 6:33 pm on January 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Hilary Clinton wearing a nursing cap and hair do like Nurse Ratched , is seen walking into Ghislaine Maxwell’s prison cell with a syringe ; ” I got your booster shot Ghislaine ” . Not so far fetched , but just Jeffrey Epstein death; no one is sitting in prison for it. Everyone knows what happened and is ok with it . Just like the agencies above, the head of agencies , they do similar damage , everyone knows it but no one seems to care. UNTIL it affects them , that is 2022 goal . Bring the state salary tit suckers front and center , big spot light on them . Not only their wrong doings but doing what they are not suppose to do . The bigger they are the harder they fall and the bigger the headlines.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:49 am on January 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply



        • Manuel H. 10:47 am on January 8, 2022 Permalink

          Anyone read about that former Dir of Prisons in AZ? Just as predicted, they retire and start reflecting on all of their dirty work. The harsh , punitive, and illegal ways they did to good nurses and start thinking about things as they are on the down side of life and what will really happen at the pearly gaits . This is a New Year’s resolution to Joke Ridenour Dir of BON agency , to happen to her before she bows out or right after . Any New Year predictions ! https://www.abc15.com/news/region-southeast-valley/tempe/former-arizona-corrections-director-charles-ryan-injured-to-face-charges-in-tempe-incident


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:32 am on January 9, 2022 Permalink

          Once Ridenour leaves a reform will appear.


        • Rn-NP 4:15 pm on January 9, 2022 Permalink

          Pinal County Arizona is illegally using their criminal courts to COVER UP for their Government Corruption and their federal crimes committed by their Government Workers criminally violating Citizens of Pinal County
          Pinal County DA, Kent Volkmer, and his Prosecutors are liars and frauds who are intentionally filing fake and false criminal charges against innocent people who are VICTIMS to their corruption and their Federal Crimes committed by their Government Workers which includes Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb and his cesspool of corrupt lying Deputies.
          Wrongful incarcerations are going on in ARIZONA to cover up for their Government Corruption and to extort MONEY out of their Victims….
          Arizona Government Workers along with their Government Contractors ALL stick together to COVER UP for their Government Corruption and horrific federal crimes committed by Pinal County Sheriff and his cesspool of corrupt sneaky lying Deputies who are dangerous violent criminals.
          This is a fact.


        • D O C 10:19 am on January 10, 2022 Permalink

          Ok this Director of Federal prisons is in hot water , lots of cases pending . So he decides to up and quit ! Can nurses do this , ? Murder , sexual assault, just turn in your badge. Oh no , the greedy board wants a piece of your A55 first Nurses working in prisons , better be careful . blame game for sure . Any accusations will do , who cares . Just call the BON and Hurtado will put words into the complainers mouth . !! Yes she does ! Any agency that is run by the state are all on the ‘as jeff put it ” the tit of the state suckers . Federal Bureau of Prisons Director Michael Carvajal is resigning in the wake of highly publicized allegations against BOP staff, including murder and sexual abuse. His successor will inherit an agency rife with corruption and a detention system where COVID has devastated prisoners and staff.

          The BOP, an agency under the Department of Justice (DOJ), oversees a national system of prisons and detention centers for people accused of or convicted on federal charges. More than 135,000 people are currently in BOP custody. The Trump administration appointed Carvajal director in 2020, and President Biden retained him in the role.

          In November 2021, the Associated Press reported widespread arrests and convictions among BOP staff, which the agency often did not investigate. The allegations included murder, coerced sex, bribery and smuggling illicit drugs and guns into BOP facilities.

          Carvajal spent three decades in the agency. He will remain director until a successor is in place, the timeline for which is unclear.

          Under Carvajal, the BOP has also faced Congressional investigation and lawsuits over COVID precautions. To date, BOP has reported 275 prisoners and seven staff members who have died from COVID. Nearly 42,000 prisoners and nearly 8,900 staff members have tested positive and recovered.

          “People in prison are really reluctant to file grievances because of a fear they’ll suffer retaliation from prison staff.”

          “We’ve heard problems from day one from family members about widespread outbreaks, not being quarantined, not being isolated, not getting the proper sanitation materials that they needed,” Molly Gill, vice president of policy at Families Against Mandatory Minimums, told Filter. “People sleeping next to people who were very, very ill and just waiting to get ill themselves.”

          During the pandemic, prisoners in BOP facilities have faced severe overcrowding with little or no ability to isolate, medical requests ignored for months and retaliation for protesting.

          “Each prison facility is its own sort of fiefdom,” Gill said. “There’s not a lot of consistency across the system about how facilities are run. People in prison are really reluctant to file grievances because of a fear they’ll suffer retaliation from prison staff.”

          The BOP also has no dedicated independent watchdog agency. The DOJ’s Office of Inspector General (OIG DOJ) is responsible for investigating the BOP, but it’s also busy with other agencies like the FBI and the DEA.

          “What really needs to happen is independent oversight of this agency,” said Gill. A new entity needs to be established, with “the power to walk into a facility at any time and do an inspection.”

          “They are married to a culture that is corrupt and tainted and needs to be changed.”

          Kara Gotsch, deputy director at The Sentencing Project, noted the BOP has routinely failed to comply with investigations by both OIG DOJ and Congress, which also oversees it. The abuses didn’t start with Carvajal, and won’t end after he’s gone.

          “The BOP hires and promotes from within,” Gotsch told Filter. “Those are folks who literally grew up in that agency and have worked there almost their entire careers. That, to me, is part of the problem—they are married to a culture that is corrupt and tainted and needs to be changed.”

          She hopes that Carvajal’s successor will have a track records of improving conditions for prisoners. She identified the highest priority as reducing the prison population.

          “With legislation we can do a lot,” she said. “Ending mandatory minimums, capping sentences at 20 years, second look at 10 years—there are a lot of legislative opportunities that Congress absolutely could enact.”


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:17 pm on January 10, 2022 Permalink

          Hate to burst your idea or somebody’s


        • Report card for lawyers 10:19 pm on January 11, 2022 Permalink

          Need a star board for lawyers starting with Zero stars . (or syringes , what ever 0-shitty 1=could improve 2= would not recommend 3=middle of the road 4=better than nothing 5=worked my case, knew it well and was a fighter in court and said what needed to be said. (you get the idea) .
          Name , # of stars , recommend or not , not recommend and why .
          ( A Second nurse got a shitty deal from MIKE GOLDBERG . Ineffective , more like a socializer in court . ) More on this later ! And if Goldberg is interested he will get an answer. Hint :: You do not work FOR the board .
          BTW that one on here ELIZABETH CAMPBELL looks like a -0 LOSER !!!! LIAR!!! remember your tax dollars wasted on the witch .


        • F R 12:00 am on January 15, 2022 Permalink

          AZ Board had an audit , 2021 . the auditor general contacted the AZNA for concerns . A real joke for sure . Maybe when your group gets bigger , like it has been growing you will get the phone call . When you look at who is doing the audit at the AUDITOR GEN , don’t hold your breath ! Then AZNA sends in Kathy Busby . a lobbyist for the AZNA , no one thought her being on the BON was a conflict .


      • Jerrod 9:23 am on January 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Mgt are liars , this is why smart nurses get out , and smarter nurses won’t even apply or better yet think about nursing as a ‘career” . It is who can fool the newbies , who can lie the most .
        They are lying to you. Long term care advertises that they are hiring, but they don’t hire. As long as they say they are looking and no one is applying. Then they can’t get in trouble for being short staffed. They are following a manufacturing protocol called lean manufacturing run everything with less people you have more money. Also hospitals got PPE loans and they won’t have to be paid back if they are short staffed/

        I called the health department board on a Friday night . I was the only RN in the house down 2 LPN and 4 stna according to their formula. The sign they stick out front in the lobby to let family know how many workers are on duty. The health department came in at 4 am she got count residents to staff. Obviously short staffed. Nursing manager came in took her up to the office and it all was smoothed over. Nothing happened. Soon after I left I knew we all were being played.


        • JG , BSN 10:59 am on January 8, 2022 Permalink

          Right ?! First thing I thought of was JOKEY RIDENOUR , crooked old hag , director of the corrupt board of nursing . If she self inflicts , will they blame Bill? surely it will be a pill over dose , just save up what’s in the bottle , and take at once. Contact partner in crime Valerie Smith, she sat on her butt for years looking up drugs and alcohol . Rattled off stats she copied and impressed those too dumb to know she did not do any research or write anything constructive . Smith just had free rein to do what she wanted. Jokey directs NOTHING .
          Headlines , Police at former director of the Board of Nursing Paradise Valley home , ………..fill in your New Years Wish !!
          TEMPE, AZ — Former Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry Director Charles Ryan is expected to face criminal charges following an incident at a home in Tempe Thursday night.

          At approximately 9:30 p.m. Thursday, Tempe officers arrived at a home near Rural and Warner roads for reports of a possible self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to the Tempe Police Department.
          Authors note : Charles Ryan never rehabilitated anyone or let anyone out for reentry into society before their sentence was complete.
          Authors note : Jokey Ridenour , never protected the public from any nurse, it is all a big farce , big front to rake millions of taxpayers money with future predictions based on hyped up and false statements.


        • C.D.;NP 9:55 pm on January 10, 2022 Permalink

          Does this sound familiar ? HOPE all you pre nursing students are LISTENING !!! Research , do not shadow anyone in nursing , research how getting a license in AZ can ruin your entire life .
          Just a warning for all of you who may be on BON probation or are close to getting off soon…99.9% of places will not hire you even off probation. I had high hopes that once I finished that it wouldn’t be much of an issue. It is. Most won’t even look your way no matter how long it has been. There is no difference of being on probation as opposed to being off of probation. I’m working on an alternative career right now. It just irks me that a field that is supposed to be understanding and non- judgemental is one of the most judgemental fields when it comes to their own. Honestly, I regret ever choosing this career. Sorry for the rant.


    • Master of None 9:33 pm on January 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Shame on Mayo. Phoenix nurse fired from Mayo Clinic for being unvaccinated says process was unfair.{GUESS SHE HASN”T DEALTH WITH THIS CORRUPT , UNFAIR , UNETHICAL BOARD OF NURSING !!

      One of the most prestigious hospitals in the country is firing its employees if they are not vaccinated. The Mayo Clinic gave its employees until Monday to comply with its mandate and now some workers are out of a job.

      PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — One of the most prestigious hospitals in the country is firing its employees if they are not vaccinated. The Mayo Clinic gave its employees until Monday to comply with its mandate and now some workers are out of a job.

      Kaitlin Elcock has been a nurse for roughly three years and has been in the medical field for six years. On Monday, she was fired because she wasn’t vaccinated.

      “On Monday, Jan. 3, I worked my shift and was terminated after that, which was so surreal,” Elcock said.
      Mayo Clinic fires 700 unvaccinated employees, including in Arizona
      Mayo Clinic fires 700 unvaccinated employees, including in Arizona

      Mayo Clinic said that employees were required to comply with its mandatory COVID-19 vaccination program by the Jan. 3 deadline.

      Elcock was one of roughly 700 Mayo Clinic workers fired for failing to comply with the company’s vaccine mandate. “I worked really hard to get to where I was,” Elcock said.

      In July, the hospital announced the mandate. Since then, workers have been able to apply for religious or medical exemptions. Elcock said she did apply but was ultimately denied. “It is a personal decision and what’s best for us,” Elcock said.

      The Mayo Clinic says the roughly 700 workers let go make up 1% of its staff. “It was really weird saying goodbye to my patients and knowing I wasn’t going to come back,” Elcock said.

      Elcock said throughout the pandemic, she has been working in a COVID-19 unit at the Mayo Clinic. “This past Christmas, I worked, so I missed my son’s first Christmas. To then be terminated was really upsetting,” Elcock said.

      The hospital said the mandate is crucial to keeping everyone safe. “The whole process just doesn’t seem fair,” Elcock said.
      Phoenix area hospitals pause non-emergency surgeries

      In Elcock’s eyes, she hopes this doesn’t keep her from her passion. “I joined nursing because I genuinely love caring for people,” she said.

      The Mayo Clinic sent the following statement to Arizona’s Family on the firings.

      “Because employees are making a new decision to become vaccinated this week, we don’t have a final answer to your question. Overall, we don’t plan to break the numbers down for each of our sites. While it’s clear we don’t want to lose a single team member, we anticipate the number in Arizona not in compliance with our vaccine policy will be less than 1 percent of employees.”
      (SAME BULLSHIT THE CORRUPT BOARD OF NURSING PUTS OUT THERE !!! LOL!!! < ! % OF ALL NURSES GET DISCIPLINED , if your into gambling get a license and work in Arizona , it's a real CRAP shoot !


    • More to the story 8:58 pm on January 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Anyone look at the AZ BON page , under staff , hardly recognize the new names , lots of newbies but more importantly , both ASSociate Directors Janeen Dahn , Cindy Mand (gone , vacant ) the rats are jumping a sinking ship . 2 gone (recent) , is a start , plenty have left, clean house.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:08 am on December 31, 2021 Permalink
    Tags: Az, T. Scott King AZBN Bowwlaw   

    The Rear View Mirror AZBN 

    Remember the ”How to write law” was written by Ridenour. And Capone wrote his own taxes. The courts do not support legislative statutes in ARIXONA
    • EYES of AZ 12:19 pm on January 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      SO MUCH TRUTH to this . Been going on for years. Koch, giving financial support . Supporting not only their own but with understanding they appoint their own . Check out UNkochmycampus./Pres ASU/ regents/ etc .
      BON watchers not the only ones to see the connection. This meme should also say Senate/ House/ state agencies / gov jobs / judges/ A business model , pyramid scheme. Many are a part of it but just like Epstein’s Girl friend , didn’t think the spot light would reach her . Just like those intertwined with the corrupt board of nursing . And the first one to flip on the rest will be sneaky Emma Mamaluy . That’s what Jokey Ridenour liked about her , bring her on staff . NO one should trust anyone else at the AZBN , as soon as one taken down , will start giving up names AND their part in it .


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 10:13 am on December 27, 2021 Permalink  

    The Advocacy Needed 

    Join Now And Protect Your Patient By Protecting Yourself


    • Adv Practice 3:04 pm on December 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Advocacy , more like a pit bull to be a watchdog over this gang associated with this corrupt board !


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:03 am on December 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Having right on your side, including legislatures, doesn’t matter. The bd hides the truth.

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      • ADN2BSN 9:36 am on December 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        You are so right…Great group this NNAA! They responded to all of my email questions in a timely manner and want those of us who have been unjustly disciplined to join! I sure did!! They are very organized and transparent! Thanks Arizona Watchdog group for informing me of this NEW advocacy organization!

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      • RED flags all around 1:11 pm on December 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        several red flags…this colleen person is associated with azna, in bed with corrupt azbon.. if you want to advocate, go advocate, you don’t need a bunch of victims of crime to join you in the efforts…..ie..if you want to advocate for victim rights, you don’t need victims in the fight with you…you can lead the charge and the fight alone because its what you want to do. the group cannot even post their full names, only initials, this group wanted to know the names of all the people on this website writing comments….why?? this group does not show up to board meetings, nor get victim names off the azbon website or in the back of the azna magazine …really how concerned and really how proactive are they? all i can say is let them go about their bad self, advocate until the cows come home without us, and if we benefit great….however, highly doubt it…seems like advocacy would benefit futuristically…so why are they not approaching student nurses to join? This group cannot even state their mission or plan on how they are going to go about advocating for change/s.

        just a few too many red flags here…wish they would just move on, stay off this site and focus on their target…the azbon, not the victims.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:22 pm on December 29, 2021 Permalink

          True to a point which is this group isn’t rwo Mos old yet and getting it started legally took longer with lots of passion. Therefore your experience and knowledge of BS is critical. All good points that’ll be noted.


        • RN 6:38 pm on December 29, 2021 Permalink

          Some excellent points . I do know nurses are afraid; if they know the board of nursing , they know they snoop at everything . Even if it does not concern investigating; or nurses who have made big mistakes and get them on the right track. The NNAA wanted names of posters? if and when that happens , this site will no longer exist . Anyone thinking they are anonymous and then given up will not have anything to do with the sight. You can TRUST NO ONE ! especially the ones asking the questions. Like the poster says, lots and lots of names of those who have had board complaints , even back years ago, would have an interest . Those who were revoked wouldn’t get a care if the board saw it or not.
          And who would be dumb enough to even HINT at the posters . They new groups wouldn’t be able to trust them either . If they can’t keep quiet in one area they’ll trust the wrong person and then the effect is lost . ALWAYS keep them wondering . Who trusts a nurse who talks about the patient in the next room ? NO ONE . you’ll do it to one, you’ll do it to them. Let the AZBN members be unprofessional . AZNA is partnered up with AZBN. both sickening in their dirty ways. Thanks Red Flags !


        • RN 6:48 pm on December 29, 2021 Permalink

          Red Flags, excellent . if this is going on , and someone does not have tight lips , adios amigo’s . It would sure be boring w/o the many who trust to keep things private . Like a good nurse who obeys HIPPA rules , LONG before HIPPA laws came out . It is the professional thing to do . Something Ridenour and her gang do not believe in .
          So let’s see , you know Joke Ridenour knows you would never trust HER or her minions .So they say , hmmmm , let’s get _____ to invade the group and see who is behind this . So that makes Ridenour the puppet master, and the members of NNAA puppets .

          Excellent , points Red Flag. If they are starting a group, they should know what the problems are . And work on that .
          Remember , act like your being questioned by the cops, that is the type of SILENCE that needs to be held to . not ONE WORD . No facial expression . Just ‘I gave my word and my word is my integrity, names are on a need to know basis and YOU don’t need to know’ . Anyone wants to join you will , you have a lot of names if you want to contact anyone. Encourage you to do so .
          Focus on your target ! bravo .
          No excuses . don’t be gullible . !

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        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:53 am on December 30, 2021 Permalink


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        • I still wear white 7:20 pm on December 29, 2021 Permalink

          SO is this group going to attend bd meetings , from what is understood? They will have their hands full with some odd happenings for sure.
          Like allowing an atty who looks like good will took pity on her , to speak during the morning when all attorneys are there . Waiting for their case to be called. She was allowed to rag on for over an hour while they sat , unimpressed , at this communism she is promoting , gagging nurses . More like a warning from NCSBN , more communism . All the while calling herself and Ethics Queen . Denise Atwood . (but she has a steady stream of victim nurses board actions to have an Ethics evaluation , and guess who is on ‘the list” . Would never trust anyone who is hooked up with this dirty board. NO ONE.


        • CNA to MSN 9:31 pm on December 29, 2021 Permalink

          Doesn’t that seem odd they do not know about current events or care to be involved . ? just lots of questions . Can you spell Q U I E T . SSSSHHHHH . SHUSH !
          No one needs to be running their jaws like Carolyn McCormies . her mouth looks like the talking butt on the seat geek ad .
          Always moving but nothing coming out .
          Nothing on here bothers them cause they are raised in the cult , you’ll hear BIGOT spouted out faster then a dumb response she gives , mostly ‘guessing” . MORON !


        • ADN2BSN 9:07 am on December 30, 2021 Permalink

          Just because someone is an ANA member, which if you live in Arizona makes you AUTOMATICALLY an AZNA Chapter MEMBER, DOES NOT MEAN they are in bed with the board of nursing. POSTS LIKE THIS ARE PURE RUBBISH! It’s these talkers and BLOGGERS who do NOTHING but complain ARE THE ONES WHO PROJECT their disinformation and lies. Anyone with common sense should see a RED FLAG here. Grow up please! Totally sad and pathetic!

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        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:19 pm on December 30, 2021 Permalink

          Still in a crisis.


        • KW 10:17 am on December 30, 2021 Permalink

          I am the President of NNAA. I am very disheartened to read some of these post about our newly founded organization. I can personally tell you that I have received NO email or calls from anyone on this post except two. We are working together to hopefully change the status quo. I know many nurses have had a terrible time with injustice by the AZBON. What I can tell
          you is that you may call us anytime to ask questions, join to help and/or see what we are doing to help. Slander about our organization is certainly premature and not productive. This organization was created to help nurses like yourselves. Throwing ad hominem attacks and accusations such as not attending board meetings etc is unfair and untrue. You have NO idea what we are and have been doing and these posts are purely speculative. I hope the readers who are truly interested in change and justice will contact our organization to see how they can help. Thank you and God Bless you.

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        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 11:02 am on December 30, 2021 Permalink


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        • Bets 12:11 pm on December 30, 2021 Permalink

          Living in AZ and getting a nursing license makes you automatically a member of ANA ??? Since when ? No way can this be true . !
          What do we have to do , those who have licenses , write and ask our records not be a part of ANA ? Kinda like sending in a CES letter .; like those kind to to ask to ” Remove me from your books.” IF AZBON selling lists they are in big trouble .


      • J R , BSN 4:56 pm on December 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        IT was 10 days off work if Pos for covid then 7 then 5 and now we find out it is the ANA recommendations ! Oh yes keep those sick tired exhausted nurses at work. “The ANA’s criticisms of the guidance for healthcare workers and healthcare professionals mainly is regarding the reduced amount of days for quarantining and isolation” ANA is NOT 4 NURSES !!


      • ENd Qualified Immunity,com 2:14 pm on January 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Compare two cases :
        In the case of Truck Driver gets 110 years , now 10 years . Everyone is looking at the judge who had mandatory sentences to render. Let’s not over look the prosecutor who gave it little thought and was willing to bring in false allegations . Just throwing out nonsense , in court . Much like ELIZABETH A “BETH ” CAMPBELL does .
        The public says :
        Efforts to reconsider the sentence are “disingenuous.” (of course Campbell would NEVER think of admitting errors or attempt to correct them. Just leave it alone, They can find other work . HER career is all that matters.
        Deputy DA Kayla Wildeman argued the case, and essentially claimed that that Aguilera-Mederos was either negligent — stating “the defendant didn’t catch [the brake malfunction] like he was supposed to” — or perhaps reckless — claiming he might have “drove on his brakes the entire way and caused them to be that way,” and that he could have taken an off-ramp but thought he did not need to.
        Might have ? suppose to ? Sounds as stupid as Campbell who tries to talk nursing , ridiculous!
        It is good that Deputy DA Kayla Wildeman is named in the press: her actions in this case show the kind of person she is.

        “I find it interesting that two weeks ago they were fine with 110 years and only now that public outcry has blown in their face do they not want 110 years,” Colgan said. “It’s just politics.”
        Mederos was charged with 42 counts — the most serious of which was first-degree assault, a class-three felony, and was found guilty by a Jefferson County jury of 27 counts.

        The prosecutor is not getting off the hook , in the 110 year sentence of a truck driver .
        1) not sure the truck driver even made a mistake .
        2) The prosecutor knew the ramifications of what prosecuting this is inexcusable .
        3)If DA Alexis King ALEXIS KING , who name is MUD , just like ELIZABETH A “BETH ” CAMPBELL . is truly serious about fixing this injustice, she should do it herself.

        And while prosecutors are not authorized to lie in undercover law enforcement investigations, Weir and his prosecutors did so in order to help police conduct “To Catch a Predator”-style stings. After the public found out former Centre County (Pennsylvania) DA Stacey Parks Miller exhibited similar behavior, she had her law license suspended for over a year.
        As far as Arizona’s own misfit prosecutor ELIZBETH A CAMPBELL “BETH” . She should be fired, disbarred , and jailed until she can get her prison sentence.
        Where is the public outcry . Truckers passing around petitions, cuban’s in uproar, nurses are in demand , but who cares if a nurse is wrongfully acted against ? Nurses belief that a BON acts in any honesty or fairness. Nurses too afraid of sticking their neck out because they will be on the chopping block and victim of ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL “BETH” lies, false stories, lying witnesses, and a paper trail as long as the truckers trailer .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 4:24 pm on January 1, 2022 Permalink

          There it is..


        • New Year hope they find a Cure 10:02 am on January 2, 2022 Permalink

          That prosecutor Sunita was the worst . A bit more subtle , but in court she was a nasty little “b” .
          Who would ever take a job , or any amount of money to do what these two do ? WHO?? Emma Mamaluy would.
          Someone wired these three in a tweaked way for sure . Nothing to be proud of for sure ! They should all be ASHAMED .
          When they go to the hospital , don’t let them say “work for atty gen office’ oh no, they PROSECUTE GOOD NURSES WITH NO EVIDENCE OF ANYTHING . tell the truth for once, oops forgot your habitual liars.


    • ADN2BSN 5:06 pm on December 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      No, getting an Arizona nursing license DOES NOT MAKE you an automatic member of ANA. That IS NOT WHAT I WROTE. If someone joins the ANA, whatever state they reside in has a chapter. That state chapter is what the new ANA member is part of whether they like it or not. The ANA organization has chapters in all 50 States. If a nurse who lives in Idaho, decides to join the ANA they are automatically part of the Idaho State Chapter. If they move to Arizona then their membership transfers to that specific state chapter such as AZNA. To believe all ANA members are in bed with the board of nursing is nonsense. Now are there some AZNA members who are close to the board of nursing members, no doubt. Being an ANA member is not a bad thing in of itself. The chapters are suppose to listen to their membership. So just because a person is an ANA member DOES NOT mean they are evil or working with the board of nursing. That belief is complete nonsense and is a lie period! Many have left the ANA due to their pro hospital non pro nurse stance. I do believe that is why this NNAA was started? You would need to ask them if your interested in their organization. NNAA is NOT ANA or has any affiliations with ANA THEY ARE COMPLETELY SEPERATE!


      • Rob 5:50 am on December 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        ANA pro hospital is TRUE AZBN is pro hospital as well . “the chps are suppose to listen to their membership” is just like the AZBN saying “we are here to protect the public” .
        “you can fool some of the people some of the time …….. ”
        Most nurses across the country who want better working conditions , will not be a member of ANA, and those who are pencil pushers , will support ANA , to keep their 9-5, 1 hour lunches, go to meetings coffee clash , and dictate to nurses in the trenches what they would not want for themselves .
        Thanks for clearing that up, but that was how it was written , glad to hear not true. Glad that NNAA is not representing ANA .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:04 am on December 31, 2021 Permalink

          Their course of growth is nursing hx since the the 1800s. The evolution of nurse regulation should be reversed to follow the law.


        • ADN2BSN 9:05 am on December 31, 2021 Permalink

          Might want to read that again Rob. It was clearly written. No where did I state anything about having an Az nurse licensure and automatically being an ANA member, no where. I stated if your an ANA member in Arizona, you automatically are an AZNA chapter member. Pretty clear there.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:43 am on December 25, 2021 Permalink  

    Fear Unleashed 

    The free person walks into AZBN BiMonthly Mtg and maybe be accompanied by hostiles armed and ill tempered personnel not far behind. All well and good in the $ thriving industry of protecting the public. This free person is an experienced, well trained critical care nurse whose worldly journey brought them to the fondling home of the AZBN. The experience of bedside nurses is one of attention to detailed expressions of everything you see, hear and touch. The assessment and critical thinking skills can bring us to places where fear and pain is so commonly seen and identified we could paint by the numbers. And fear in the faces of the ruling class whose public safety mission fails to protect and truly the expression of fear can be seen in the face of Beth A. Campbell as the free person holds the door open for her and the closeness is measured in inches. As is the worldly adventure in the Central Highlands in Oct. of 67, stepping out of the surveillance houch for micteration, the faint view in the moonlight despite monsoon, a teen Asian with shouldered AK is but inches from my face. I slowly remove my KBar as it is all I have. The young boy’s Vision is the deer in the headlights stare and my first view of fear, and the little speedster splits. The expression of fear maybe easily associated with knowledge of failure, incompetence related to self guilt from loss of credibility. The understanding that this emotion is demonstrated by many in that Phoenix In-Group AKA AZBN should not be evident at all. Why does it? I guess I never saw it it in Mihalsky at the Adm Law Court on Washington St. I must have been her retirement Pkg, All psychology knows of the lack of fear for those who perform wrongs with intent, repeatedly belong in a category not consistently accepted as normal.

    • Dave 8:05 am on December 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      There is nothing normal about these people. Knowing what actions they take is scary enough that they are not locked up behind bars to protect the public. But just let your mind wander what actions the vicims don’t know about that runs through their heads. Joke Ridenour keeps a revolving door going and those who are sick minded stay . Those DA’s willing to do the real dirty are invited to be on staff , like EMMA MAMALUY , and those who are rotten to the core are welcome back over and over . Elizabeth Campbell finds the BON her second home , rats are attracted to those who leave out food to welcome them back. Why sit at the AG’s office , where other attorney’s may have an oral argument with her and expose her entry level law knowledge. When she can gossip about nurses caught up with an office who has too much power and no brains to back it up , and stuff what ever treats Janeed Dahn put on the state’s credit card. thieves , worse than welfare recipients who fudge the paperwork.


    • Hal 3:47 pm on December 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Those who really pay attention to detail , can fairly quickly find out that they are shyster’s . Between the mouthpiece Carol Jokey McCormies and the small brain Boyer who is so full of hokum .
      The pour excuse for a state agency dir JOKE Ridenour , biggest fear is social media , that’s why they attack nurses who speak up on social media . Attack and retaliate .


      • Pratt 3:12 pm on December 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        How these people can make the statements they do and keep a straight face. Practiced liars ! Carolin McCormies , changing the time frame for the nurse to sign from THREE DAYS AWAY to SEVEN days. By saying , “we just want to give her every opportunity to be successful . (so hard to believe someone does say , STFU you lying bitch . FOUR additional days over a holiday to sign to have yourself on probation for years. So BIG of her , isn’t it ! First they take a year to bring it to the meeting , then discuss personal life to the ground and then put her into a “non public ‘ arena . Disgusting what they do and what they say are doing . No one is dumb enough not to see it. ! no one !


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:01 am on December 29, 2021 Permalink



        • rebecca's friend 8:32 am on December 29, 2021 Permalink

          OMG , THIS IS THE BOARD OF NURSING FOR ARIZONA ?? holy shit , one would think they are up to speed , know what they are doing . And I looked up the one who said this has been on the board over 6 years ! WOW ! Maybe you ‘all will get a jolly from this .
          Next case Nurse Rebecca , investigator Ruth . Both being called, Ruth too lazy to drive in to the meeting which is every other month ! The problem is McCormies too busy blabbing that mouth of hers and not listening .

          Ruth answers phone : This is Ruth .
          Mccormies : Is this Rebecca ?
          Ruth : No this is Ruth .
          MCCormies : Is Rebecca there ?
          Ruth: No, this is Ruth , I work with you .
          THEN when Rebecca got on the line McCormies who appears cannot be wrong had to make up some crazy excuse !! And tell Rebecca about it ! OMG , dying over here !

          (next case young nice looking man , waiting ALL DAY , to this craziness , got up and left. )


      • Ken 7:35 am on December 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Anyone Omsbudman? , don’t bother , some real state butt heads , just like the BON !! Nasty folks, They could never work beside they would have a ton of complaints ! Maybe they should take the worthless state employees who take many days off work short hours and long breaks over to this agency ! The customer ‘service” at the board of nursing is just as rude , and obnoxious . Including the board members .
        Horrifying that these people work for an agency that promotes social welfare. Here’s a letter from one of their directors toward me– and my response. Unbelievable.

        Ombudsman Letter:

        Mr. Frenette, ,

        My name is [redacted]. I am the Arizona State Ombudsman. The Ombudsman office is a small agency that handles a very large volume of complaints from across the entire State. In fact we are experiencing a record number of complainants coming to us.

        Time spent with each complainant must be severely limited in order to accommodate the record volume we are experiencing.

        You are being placed on written correspondence only from this point forward. Do not call us as we will not answer your call.

        You have tied up an inordinate amount of our time with your numerous phone calls, and quite frankly, we have been more than patient with you.

        Direct your written communication to [redacted] or myself at [redacted]@azoca.gov

        [redacted name]
        Arizona State Ombudsman

        My Response:

        Evening Mr. [redacted],

        What an entirely unpleasant and unprofessional letter! I don’t think I’ve engaged you in a single verbal (or digital) conversation once in my life. I’m sure you must be under an enormous amount of pressure in these unprecedented times. However, if you’re under the impression that a couple of voicemails and trying to reach your office during the limited hours of morning until 2:00 PM (when [redacted] leaves) is somehow “tying up all channels” of communication— perhaps you should petition the state for additional staff.

        I’d like to point out that the directive of your office is to facilitate coaching, assistance, and investigations on behalf of residents concerns— not to punish and belittle people who come to Citizens’ Aide for help. If I needed to pull up my Verizon call records, and highlight all the places where an actual conversation took place with anyone in your office— I could count that number on one hand.

        As it stands now, your office is refusing to engage in an investigation at my request. Even though several weeks have gone by where there has been no communication with the DES offices (and if there has been communication or developments) it’s not being relayed to me.

        I have over seven weeks of unpaid weekly filings, zero open or active issues on my PUA account, and no further requests for documentation from the DES offices. I expect the Ombudsman Citizens’ Aide offices to perform their duties as outlined for those who need assistance.

        I don’t appreciate you limiting me to written correspondence— painting me as an insatiable and unreasonable person who never stops calling, because that’s simply not true. My concerns are completely valid and deserve to have the assistance and investigative capacity available to the Ombudsman offices.

        –Zachary Frenette


        What a wonderful agency. Sticking up for us when Uncle Sam knocks us down. Thank god for Arizona Ombudsman-Citizens’ Aide. I’d be better off with Ted Bundy as an attorney.


    • Next Cube 9:06 am on December 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Andrea Vasquez a new employee seems to be able to have her thoughts bought and paid for, molded into one way controlled mind set . The modeling clay , make it her way on the wheel of ‘everyone else is lying’ , and putting the mind back in place, is Doctor Don. You would think someone with a master’s would be able to think for themselves , and take everything she hears as “Don is not only exaggerating but out right lying through her teeth” . Common sense . Unless she is only there to whore herself out , do what they say and want , easy money ..Time tells all.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:42 am on December 24, 2021 Permalink  

    You are 5 x less likely to die from dx covid at home than the hospital.

    • Jake 2:02 pm on December 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Happy Holidays to everyone . Rest up , take care of yourselves. 2022 will be a lot of changes. A plumber did work at a nurses house. She told him when someone dies , mgt told them it’s COVID ! When he found out I am a nurse, he stopped . It’s a small world . If you have pneumonia , it’s COVID . Let’s hope this corruption stops at the bd level , work on it . Tell others , what’s the truth is.
      Political year , you got those who ignored the problems by the balls. Deck those balls (oops halls , no mistake just adding the holiday spirit to the real meaning . ) Fa la la la la


    • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:49 am on December 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The anon of the net is narrowed greatly by content of message. Thks. Do not put unclean objects near your mouth itll be fine. But unionized nurses is a must; it is.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:00 pm on December 21, 2021 Permalink  

    The best parallels are the navy divers that had a great business raising sunken vessels, that is b/c they precisely knew what sank them.

    • Male Nurse , keep guessing 9:17 am on December 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      In case anyone does not know the board members , there is one , who is on staff at Banner (their king pin to getting their way with nurses , no matter how flimsy the accusation to mess them up ) . is ELIZABETH “BETH ” BOYER . A born and brain washed mormon . Why does that matter ? Because you cannot have that mind set when you are on a board making decisions about everyone !
      EX Mormon -votes most punitive choice
      Mormon- slap on the hand , IF IT GOES TO THE BOARD
      non mormon- they are considered not as “good’ as mormons , CNA RN throw the book at them NP let them slide , Banner uses them instead of Drs which is scary . saves money .
      I researched this , because in my matter this little bitch , said , “he gave his testimony” WHO the FUK talks like that ???? MORMONS . Keep your cult crap off of my case , out of the board of nursing, and go and get a shrink to clear out that stinkin thinkin , cause you cannot separate the two . Get off the Board, your stupid too , Dumb Boyer. ! Ducey did not one a favor by appointing this bimbo who is married to Paul Boyer , and loser at the Senate, like to be a turn coat just like all the other mormon’s . Flakey Romney. none of them can be trusted with the general population .
      “gave his testimony ” Kiss my non mormon ass bitch Boyer !! “He told his side of the story ” . (with many interruptions by rude cult creeps. )
      And case after mine , Dummie Boyer made a comment, then asked that other sickening mormon , “i don’t know , what do YOU think? ” Honestly , this woman who acts like a child is NOT qualified to be on a board that is making such important decisions . Undecided , just playing with peoples lives . Sad for AZ who is worse than Utah !


    • Poet 2:39 pm on December 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      We know what sinks nurses , not only loose lips and sinking ships, but a corrupted board. A board agency that will use anyone willing to be used . Infiltrate a group. They can’t do anything legally , they have tried over and over so , follow the way of the real sneaky . Send in an undercover. What better person is someone just like yourselves. except has a license. hmmmm . Get the groups focus on cowing down, focus them on accepting the bullsh*t the board flings , and move on . Be very careful, next thing you know watchdog will be dead, gone , disappear . power of suggestion. Never roll over on like minded. Quiet is all to beautiful , before the storm erupts . Silence is better yet before the deafening thunder clap.
      Just listen , to what the wild wind bag is promoting , is it the mission or a false front . Then ask , why are they really doing this , why now , what is the underlying current that is trying to sink this ship and what is it that will make it sink. Gullible writer , promise of false gifts, No one controls the navigation route or continue of its goal which has been so successful and education people as much as it has. To the point of getting attention , to a destroyer to murky the waters. We know how intelligent the captain is, and can put 2+2 together. Let them talk , answer nothing. A torpedo is about to be discharged. More than one, from all directions. You can see the minnows are desperate while the sharks are circling .


    • Joelle 10:23 am on December 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      So the “director” Mrs Hitler , the DICtator , aka Joke Ridenour , has made a decision to not put the nurses names in the AZ Nurse magazine. Hmmm. So Ok Carolyn (Consistent ) McCormies , is THIS CONSISTENT with what you have done in the past ??
      The names of those who had board complaints , mostly false accusations , names were put in the magazine many times over and over . Once when complaint went in , once when psych evaluation board ‘decision’ next when probation ordered, next when hearing scheduled , next when revoked . So you publicly and peer smeared names , but now J R , joke , takes that out . When ever this dirty dir makes a decision it is always the wrong one .
      Who are they protecting ? Certainly did not have a problem with it before . Guess we will have to focus on those nurses who they seem to be protecting and highlight their names . Like the “director from hell” did in the past . Take notes on how to be a narc . She’s got a big bag of ‘tricks’ .


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:38 pm on December 17, 2021 Permalink  

    National Counsel State Boards Over Regulation 

    The best way to describe over regulation without the thesis state mind and endless content is addressing the massive imbalance of nurses this band of cohorts gobbles up in staffing numbers. Estimates of 17% of the 500,000 admin personell in health care are nurses involved with nursing regulation. Reading the history of the origin of THE NCSBN you can count on not finding any of us. A bazillion chiefs forever.

    The importance in point of over regulation is establishing fabricated charges and the documentation defining the regulators greed and needs for justifying their success in the discipline of nurses. The creation of violations is imperialism of injustice; Many examples.

    The night supervisor, registered nurse, needs access to the printer for an admission but password doesn’t work. The nurse is aware of other supervisors passwords and uses one to complete the admission. After a few days off the nurse learns of termination because of supposed HIPPA records violation. The facility notifys nursing board who issues a warning although zero notices as to Hippa violation. The application for az nursing never asks for board warnings so nurse never mentions it. Nurse works Az for over 3 years before getting compliant for failure to report disciplinary actions. The ill tempered board nurse never conceded the error of the app not ever listed warnings as a reportable event but actually said that the next time it was imperative to answer all the questions? This is not over yet, and began simply by accessing a printer and remains in the graduating mode to registering the warning with the NCSBN as a HIPPA violations. Do these buffoons have any knowledge of what they’re doing?? They do not and should be ignored at every opportunity The astronomical imbalance of those nurse numbers in regulation is drowning the understaffed clinical nurse staffing which in today’s world is another major reason causing nurse shortages everywhere. You can not buy a nurse today without bribering somebody. Sign over AZBN downtown Phoenix entrance, “Do not even think of confusing us with the facts in the real world of nursing, our minds are made up.”

    • Ronda 10:35 pm on December 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      If you ever watched NCSBN in video, or met one in person , you know they belong as guards in a death row prison somewhere . Just as callous as can be . No wonder the State board of nursing members following their barbaric ‘lead’ , and go along . UNLESS it ‘s not in their blood to be evil and do the nasty to others.


      • Kingman Nurse 12:37 pm on December 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Listened to my companion case and others involved Kingman AZ Out patient treatment center . Crazy , how the person on the board went on and one about consistent. in 2 of 3 cases the respondent nurse allowed to speak , many interruptions. Between lazy board members at home pouring coffee, washing dishes, hacking into the mic, the ones at the board throat clearing, snorting their snotty noses . Do JOKE Ridenour provide KLEENEX ??? for those pigs. ? From Boyer having to be told over and over and over , to speak into the mic, to those who cough loudly into the mics which sounds on purpose, because it is when the complainant or the nurse is trying to tell their side. What a bunch of rude pigs . Anyone taught them any manners at all . The Case with the Kingman Nurse Hopkins , McCormies wanted to give operating out of scope in the worst way . She got shot down , but argued over and over. Stating consistent , a big lie. Because the Rn got to not only speak over 30 mins but several times, when others are cut off and not allowed to add anything once the stupid board members who obviously have no clue what they are doing, and have no idea the laws, rule , or what goes on in the real world ! What a huge disappointment to be silenced , then companion cases come out differently , WEIRD real WEIRD !! One guy’s case from Winslow was FOUR YEARS OLD . These people need a real leader someone who can run an agency , and it sure isn’t who is now, or the assistant who had no real answers either just changed the subject. (just to let others know , who haven’t had this experience ! )


    • CSS-Tricks 10:30 am on December 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blkog that’s both educative and interesting, and without a
      doubt, you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is something that not enough men and women are speaking intelligentlyy about.
      Now i’m very happy I stumbled across this in my hunt for something
      concerning this.
      php patterns


      • Rick 10:05 am on December 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Got to watch what is posted , guess who gets paid salary and by the hour to read ? Lots of people know what’s up , just can’t trust them .
        think about it NO ONE on here trusts the board of nursing !
        Liars , about as bad as they can get. TY keep reading . PHP patterns .coming up .


    • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:01 pm on December 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Thks for posting


      • RN 5:51 pm on December 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Mass exodus ,some people are able to separate the bs lies from the truth , and get out ! Just like nurses who can see a case and separate the bs from the truth . And see what they are really up to . I hope this man gives it to the people who really need it , and it sure isn’t to send a steady supply to the church to pay off politicians ! RESIGNING: Utah native Jeff T. Green, believed to be the wealthiest person from the Beehive State, pledged last month to give away 90% of his wealth. But the former LDS missionary and BYU graduate won’t be giving any of his money to the state’s largest nonprofit: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


      • Will 11:47 pm on December 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        What a messed up outfit this is . Just heard like 2 cases before mine , the girl in the front sobbing for the one telling her story. board members cold as ice , the only one worse was (you’re right) that Elizabeth Campbell , like a robot . Wearing full mental jacket . It is possible they don’t know how strange they are ? So abnormal ? I’m serious if anyone can shed some light on this .


      • Bets 10:10 am on December 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Young man Excellent work history , dedicated . A woman too tired to drive back for her shot to build her up , so he went to her . She was driving and pulled into a safe parking lot . Which it clearly says in the record. So why did the lying board members change it up verbally LISA SMITH : You can’t just go give meds ‘IN A TREE ” McCormies , back up liar ” OR UNDER A BRIDGE ” . Are they trying to be FUNNY ? This is fraud , making up their own agenda , making up stories , and extreme exaggeration , this may be a laughing matter to these two , cheap entertainment is what they really are . BTW this is NOT out of scope, McCormies is an idiot and thinks she knows law , she makes a fool of herself. What if the patient came back ? out of scope NO!!! There was an ORDER , and a ROUTE of administration , It did not specify location . Do these incompetent board members think when a nurse goes into a home that it is OUT OF SCOPE ?? The only violation , if policy was not scanning before admin. BUT then , you can bypass the scanner if it doesn’t work , or other situations Like this one. When are board members going to stop LYING . Ridiculing , and stop destroying a nurses career ?? Show me the pattern McCormies who has changed her constant line to “CONSISTENT ” . Still trying to ride that dead horse to the ground on “public safety ” .
        Legally : would the patient be better off with or without the medication is the question . As if this would ever happen again , and no harm was done . Stop ruining nurses careers .


    • F T 6:13 am on December 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      And right under that sign , should be written , “WHAT MINDS ?”
      can’t say enough how corrupt this crazy board is , and how different from other states . all over the place ! just all over the place, no direction, just some kook running that mouth . And the dummies doing what ever she tells them to do .


      • Rick 10:28 am on December 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Hey , haven’t seen any good posts on “RUG” CAMPBELL (AKA ELIZABETH CAMPBELL ) still laughing ! when you see her , well , “rug” comes to mind !
        Did she really think that nurses cannot do to her what she did to them . (NOW that part is funnier that the first part ! I do know the man who said it the first time, a bust a gut laugh over it ! Throw head back , snorting, tears running down face , feels good .


    • Don't mess with nurse scorned 2:06 pm on December 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      AMAZING that Ducey can replace the entire board of massage therapy, but tells nurses , he has no authority to do anything about this out of control AZ BON ! (That he appointed !!! )
      The Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy took emergency action Monday to suspend the licenses of two massage therapists after allegations they sexually abused women during massages.

      The unanimous action means both therapists are prohibited from working as massage therapists while they await formal hearings before the state regulatory board on potential violations of state laws governing massage therapy.

      The licensing board, whose five members were all replaced in September with new ones by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey after an investigation by The Arizona Republic, took the action after reviewing complaints from two women at a meeting Monday.

      One woman alleged therapist Adrian Hernandez digitally penetrated her and touched her breasts. Another woman alleged therapist Charles Peck fondled her vagina toward the end of the massage.

      This is the third time in two months that the massage board has summarily suspended licenses following accusations of sexual abuse. In October, the board suspended the license of Flagstaff therapist Timothy A. Williams after allegations he failed to report a recent sexual abuse charge and falsified his application for a massage therapy license.

      The previous board rarely, if ever, used emergency suspension measures when dealing with complaints of sexual abuse. The measures are used when the board believes there is an imminent threat to health and safety.

      A Republic investigation published in September found that the massage board routinely gave many therapists second chances when they were accused of fondling or sexually abusing their clients. This puts customers in danger, and there is very little they can do to protect themselves. The governor replaced the board less than two weeks after the stories published, saying “it’s critical the State Board of Massage Therapy protects massage clients, especially those who are in a vulnerable position.”

      Current board member Myriah Mhoon, who was appointed following The Republic’s stories, called the allegations an emergency and something that cannot be tolerated.

      “We should be taking emergency action,” she said.

      Florida attorney Adam Horowitz, who is not involved in the Arizona cases but represents victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault, called the emergency actions a positive development for public safety.
      Florida attorney Adam Horowitz, who represents victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault, recommends women choose a female therapist for massages. Males account for the vast majority of sexual misconduct complaints, he said.

      “In the past, it took so long to get to a final hearing that massage therapists and other health care providers would continue to have access to patients for months or years even if the therapists had multiple complaints against them,” he said.

      Emergency suspensions strike a fair balance between public safety and due process, he said.

      This is the second time Hernandez has faced a sexual complaint before the massage board, according to a discipline database maintained by The Republic. Hernandez is accused of sexual misconduct and improper draping while working at a Massage Envy location in 2018.

      A female client accused Hernandez of placing his hand on her breast without explanation during a 2018 massage, which made her uncomfortable. The way he draped her leg made her feel exposed as well. The woman asked that he not work on her chest. But he did so anyway, stating during a hearing with the board that he had forgotten about her request.

      After the complaint, Hernandez was terminated from the Massage Envy. But he stated during the 2018 hearing he had started work at an Elements Massage. He also said he’d taken classes to improve his draping skills. The board issued him a nondisciplinary order, which included eight hours of communication education.

      On Monday, board members were told that Hernandez on Oct. 29 was accused of digitally penetrating the vagina of a woman, touching her breasts and making an inappropriate comment. He was working at an Elements Massage at the time, although the location was not disclosed in the public meeting. Board members were told that Hernandez admitted to digitally penetrating her.

      The client, identified at B.H., reported the incident to the Mesa Police Department, who investigated and has submitted the case to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for review.

      The woman told board members on Monday that she has been getting trauma therapy and is taking daily medications.

      “I am currently no longer working because I let my job know what was going on and I wasn’t given really any time off,” she said, her voice choked with emotion. “I did want the board to understand how much this has affected me, and I hope the appropriate actions are taken.”

      Hernandez, who was at the board meeting, said the information board members had before them on Monday was “up to date” and “true.” Later in the meeting, he said he was open to questions to clarify what happened, adding that he wanted to show how “I can be a great value to public safety and how I can continue to help people.”

      But board members had no further questions and moved forward with summarily suspending his massage license. A formal hearing on the allegations likely will take place in February.

      After Hernandez, the board dealt with allegations against therapist Charles Peck. A detective at the Southwest Family Advocacy Center made the board aware of a client, identified as B.H., who said she fell asleep on the massage table and awoke to find Peck’s hands between her legs “in a sexual way.”

      Peck told the board Monday the touch was accidental. He had been working the inside of the woman’s upper leg when he shifted too far to the left, and his hand contacted her vagina. He said the area was draped — which means covered with a sheet — at the time.

      “I feel very bad about this and immediately told her I was sorry,” he said.

      He said he had been seeing the client for massages for about five years.
      Massage board suspends licenses of 2 massage therapists after allegations of sexual abuse
      Federal investigation launched into monkey farm run by University of Washington
      Tempe to discuss ‘options’ for land where Arizona Coyotes propose new arena
      Ethics investigation of Brnovich could alter election laws in Arizona

      Board Chair Angela Reiter, a licensed massage therapist for nearly three decades, said she has never accidentally come into contact with someone’s genitals while massaging.

      “I personally don’t see how that’s possible as a massage therapist,” she said. “I’m not saying it’s impossible. But in my almost 30 years I’ve not had that.”

      She said massage therapists have to be aware of proper draping, especially when working in vulnerable areas.

      The board voted unanimously to summarily suspend Peck’s license. A formal hearing date has not been set.

      Williams, the Flagstaff therapist accused of failing to report a recent sexual abuse charge and falsifying his application for a massage therapy license, was scheduled to have a formal hearing before the board Monday.

      But the board postponed the hearing until Jan. 24 because Williams has been recovering from an illness.

      Reach the reporter at anne.ryman@arizonarepublic.com or 602-444-8072. Follow her on Twitter @anneryman.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:53 am on December 12, 2021 Permalink  

    The focus here for politics is the issue of the poster and policy is to post all. It can be easily completed anonymously except for isp belonging to big brother, Immorality filters work & weed out to spam., private message by typing in porn anywhere in the headers to end up in spam locker for admin. Whatever. Can be used as remailer by typing in :: where your would be otherwise typed. TAKES 2-3 days but totally anon. 

    • Truth 11:00 am on December 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Someone having a problem with truth in politics. As the saying goes..if you’re not a Democrat liberal by age 25 you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative Republican by 40 you have no brains.


    • Truth 12:22 pm on December 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The politics are mentioned to discuss how these colleges and universities have liberal educators that are indoctrinating students with wokeism mentality. This dysfunctional teaching leads to dysfunctional, political mandates. The jab is unconstitutional, as was forcing Americans to buy health insurance under Obama care or ger a $1000 fine. The FACTS remain…fully vaccinated people have caught covid and covid omicron variant AND have transmitted covid and civil omicron variant …Natural immunity is totally REAL and more effective than any vaccine or booster or mask combo…but this crap released by nbscn is politics in action…zero to do with science or individual liberties. When I see people with masks on..I think first how dumb can you f*ckin be, secondly, what happened to common sense, thirdly, how effective the government is at controlling people and convincing them it is for their protection and the protection of others…really follow the REAL science..NOT political science. Either you didn’t pay attention enough in the respiratory portion of you nursing education or you are a person that believes that anything and everything on the internet is true…I really feel sorry for you. This belief that the government knows best is the first step in the brainwashing for end times… mark my words…in the end ” what is EVIL will be called GOOD ( abortion) and what is GOOD will be called EVIL” ( JUDEO- Christian values….what our country and constitution are founded on)….please use your brains people….name one country that proves socialism is a good thing….right..you can’t…and that is exactly where this current administration is taking us towards.


    • A fitting analogy 1:00 pm on December 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Mitch McConnell acts just like the Arizona Board of Nursing, and we, the Watchdogs are just like FoxNews


    • S D T 5:38 pm on December 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of the nurses who have been and are now victims of this vicious board , the agency , the Dir , the ‘investigators ” who are all willing to do nasty reporting, and investigations of someone’s underwear than, any facts , or evidence of anything. ! Be careful nurses , when you fill out applications, anything and everything can end up on the www. One NP application was subpoenaed she named her father her emergency contact . Writing down honestly his name and information. In case something happened to her at work . You can no longer do this ! You must make up a name and put your own phone number, this application is property of hospitals but are working with the illegal board. The whack job investigators at the BON , see this as a contact to call and ask nosy personal questions. What a shame that you have to lie , and watch what you write , because tomorrow it can be under some witches microscope.
      I hope the victim nurses , can get together and have a cup of cheer , gather with those who know only too well the draconian ways of the board , the employees, the associate directors, the director . Let them gather as fake friends , and have their laughs , and tricks exchanged . Who knew a state agency acted like this would ever work in AZ as a nurse ! No one !


      • Tina's watching 5:48 pm on December 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Yes ! a huge lump of coal to the fake bitches and the pussy males at the board . Who is willing to go along with the ways of the board ? who ?
        well Stacy Ridenour Grohall , NP at PCH, Jokey’s daughter, she will stand by mommie dearest, she wants to inherit her money why rock the boat?
        sounds invasion of family members , guess where we learned it from . Kristi Hunter , the head hunter of nurses, another nasty NP , who is not at the BON anymore but certainly put bodies and ripped out hearts and souls of nurses , on her record.
        Along with help from Tammy Eigenheer , the Jezebel Judge , an impudent, shameless, or morally unrestrained woman.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:23 pm on December 12, 2021 Permalink

          The ‘Sleepers’ scene 10 yes after.


        • Sal 7:50 am on December 17, 2021 Permalink

          a large class of new grads from ASU , they are young . What people will think :
          Janeen Dahn : look at the revenue we will collect from them getting licenses (ASSsuming they would be dumb enough to get a license in AZ )
          Joke Ridenour: I wonder how many of those back ground checks will come up clean (and we can punish them to start their careers .
          Carol MCCormies: Not of one of them will be as good as nurse as the ones from my school, and they love me ! not ASu profs they LOVE ME , I know their back grounds and they are good sister wives . We will be so proud when they get married to a mission boy and pop out a baby in 9 months , like my daughter did , there are not only nurses they are breeders .
          Elizabeth Campbell : I like those who are so young and naive they think they have any rights ! Wait until they get a license in AZ in Nursing, we can Fuk up the rest of their lives and put their most embarrassing moment on the internet.
          Cindy Mand: I will spy on every one of them , or get my friends to .
          Beth Boyer : “Fresh Meat ” , let them even try to get a UNION in at Banner and they are in big trouble , I am lifetime trained to rat them out , that’s why mgt loves me.


    • Hairstyles 9:34 am on December 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I’ve really noticed that fixing credit activity needs to be conducted with techniques. If not, chances are you’ll find yourself damaging your positioning. In order to reach your goals in fixing your credit rating you have to make sure that from this second you pay all your monthly fees promptly prior to their slated date. It is really significant because by not really accomplishing that, all other measures that you will choose to use to improve your credit rating will not be efficient. Thanks for expressing your strategies.


    • A new career 2:00 pm on December 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Soon it will be the BORED of nursing , no one wants to do it anymore . The only reason a few are left is because of high pay, but not for long.
      This is what we are hoping to find something other than sucky nursing .
      https://scontent.fphx1-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t39.30808-6/p526x296/267454216_10209768054153892_5244527163329472557_n.jpg?_nc_cat=102&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=825194&_nc_ohc=iqWLw5NFAAQAX86QVbg&_nc_ht=scontent.fphx1-2.fna&oh=00_AT8G6fMl7g9KnPxc6gNmyAXTXE5ciPXSxVBXiY315otCVw&oe=61BE2D3D Think you get the idea,


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:08 am on December 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Lots of nursing will never be old school nursing again.


        • Truth of Consequenses 12:17 pm on December 15, 2021 Permalink

          This is the committee members 2008, notice some of them still around destroying lives. There is not a person on here that can be trusted or you would want as a friend, or anywhere near you !
          Denise G. Link, DNSc, WHCNP Chair
          Susan K. Bohnenkamp, RN MS CCM APRN-BC
          Janice L. Bovee, CNM
          Jennifer Brodie, MS, CPNP
          Martha Carey-Lee, MS, FNP-C
          Nancy Denke, MSN, FNP
          Carol E. Feingold, MS APRN PMHNP BC
          Elizabeth Gilbert, RNC, MS, FNP
          Julia Griffin, RN MS AOCNS
          Carol Harrigan, MSN, NP
          Jacqueline A. Keuth, RN MS CCNS CCRN
          Anita Martinez, RN MS CNM
          Marianne McCarthy, PhD, RN
          James Mitchell, MS, MBA, Psych/MHNP
          Rodney Moffett, CRNA MS
          Claretta Munger, BSN, MSN, CPNP
          Agnes Oblas, MSN, ANP
          Janeen Dahn, Advanced Practice Consultant
          Karen Grady, Advanced Practice Consultant
          Karen Gilliland, Board Staff
          It is the ones who figured out the actions of the board are corrupt and down right wrong that left or separated from them . But what did they do ? ?
          No wonder whistle blower laws always get shot down .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:19 am on December 16, 2021 Permalink

          The very interesting present issue is clinically absence of bedside nurses. The volume of regulation types who I guess would easily give pts vercuronium instead of versed and walk away eating popcorn, is the DreamWorks of this group who make millions.YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO BUY A BEDSIDE NURSE IN TODAY’S MKT. Now in regulation you have a degree in STUPIDITY & GREED.


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