Documentation of Permanency AZBN

Continually posting here at this page does get the attention of many that stumble upon it and perhaps plant seeds of curiosity amongst  influential viewers. Keyword would be ‘perhaps’. Many of us, the damaged set, only have a vision of hope that someday truth will be found and that nurses will find justice. The conflicts demonstrated here with the AZBN and its ancillary departments is, in many cases, very clear and leaves little room for doubt that the AZBN is nothing more than a political arm of corporate owned health care. I would say that there are a substantial number of nurses disciplined for stealing and abusing drugs giving Board righteous images of public protection. There are nurses today, this minute, using drugs stolen that are not disciplined out of political inconvenience. Somewhere in the U.S. today a nurse will die of a drug overdose from drugs stolen from the workplace. They are not disciplined because they’re dead; that data remains locked up in police reports. End of story. The evidence in the Radonda Vaught case of Tennessee and Vanderbilt hospital is the foundation of known uselessness and political highlights of nursing boards where and individual can kill a patient out of sheer neglect and be cleared by a Nursing Board as the truth is bad for business. There are many stories of patient abuse and errors reported by nurses only to end up in disciplining actions against the nurse. Many of those are listed here on http://www. although some are aliases out of fear of retaliations. Their stories represent the back room activities of the AZBN. Many nurses are wrongfully disciplined trying to protect patients and or being human in a domestic dispute totally unrelated to nursing. All of this is not new to this site. This information is in this moment a passing knowledge which truly isn’t a part of nursing history. Although many cases are in court documents these documents are generally entered into governmental databanks by nursing boards themselves. Shoring up the statement that the definition of justice is seldom connected to any part of the justice systems. This page will often carry a completely different version of the same case. Giving this information validity will require more than the internet can provide. It is long lasting but still is basically temporary. The need to make nursing board activities a permanent part of nursing histories that can be assessed 25 years from now lies, at this point, with the international standard of book numerations which will allow a constant published account of say the actions and definitions of corruption. Therefore those actions such as Diane Mihalsky and Beth A. Campbell can easily be found with their own ISBN, at a glance 25 years from now. This is as critical to patient safety as Nightingale’s basic nursing works. As easily as these individuals tarnished the reputations of many nurses they themselves can have that behavior of corruption and perjury identified in a permanent and easily accessible databank. These events must be known for patient safety reporting to be effective.

Peary Brown retired R.N.



Diane Mihalsky Adm Law Court AZBN ‘The Firm’


Do not confuse the definition of justice with anything related to the justice system.

It has long been known that the AZBN has not complied with state laws that involve felonies and several ethical issues that would get another state governmental agency in hot water. Many have posted comments here which support that statement, however posts maybe vague to dates, times, and people the overall consistency creates validity in spite of undetermined accuracy. Meaning the volume of statements has value. There is absolutely nothing that can remove vagueness as well as accuracy of names, dates and times. The following account of an AZBN case covers ten years which accurately defines felonies by many. Case began in 2010.

The patient is a hysterically converted personality which had Freud confused by not being able to focus on anything except anxiety founded. Supporting major surgery of the spine would normally require a diagnosis. For Dr. Isaac Thapedi, formerly of Chicago, doing major spine surgery requires only a perfectly normal spine with a patient claiming paralysis. The crooked implants tore up the patient’s esophagus causing huge weight loss and major dysphagia. This knowledge came about after a year of moron exchanges between Thapedi and family, with a dash of Bullhead City Municipal Court corruption.

The surgeon’s continuing practice during this time was nightmares for patients and staff as well. Infections and redos were common. Putting drains in on Saturday or Sunday to avoid too much exposure was the norm.

The main focus of this article is not necessarily to define Dr. Thapedi as an incompetent and ruthless person but for the failure of the AZBN to avoid the clear evidence of patient abuse. The intimidation by Beth A. Campbell AAG and Dr. Thepedi’s counsel T. Scott King are the make up of the well known 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. today; the health care system itself. Another patient subsequent to this case died at the age of 38 with a very similar condition. Had an appropriate intervention been applied her life would have been not lost. That is a fact.

Dr. Thapedi had an attempt at WARMC in Bullhead City to promote them to file  AZBN complaint against me which they refused. To their credit they denied his request and cancelled his contract with embarrassing stipulations to which he spent a year and 6 months in court to be relieved of. The restriction he opposed was a limitation of employment at WARMC’s competitor, Valley View Medical Center; where I worked after being terminated from WARMC for allegedly threatening Thapedi. After he won petitioning out of his contract he put all his rotten eggs in one basket to work at Valley View. I was terminated from there shortly before his hacks started there. His performance remained unchanged and he was thrown out of surgery soon after. By this time Dr. Thapedi was the Bullhead City Icon of surgical horrors. All of this was known before he and the AZBN came after me with false allegations. Patient safety is secondary to politics.

The attorney general’s office is responsible for prosecuting cases when respondents refuse probation. Dr. Thapedi and his nurse manager, girl friend  Therese Rowan perjured themselves in December of 2013 at the bequest of AAG Beth A. Campbell. Leading witnesses to make false statements under oath which sways a judge is a felony, suborning perjury is a serious crime. This is routine at Adm Law Court, as many of my colleagues can prove. 

My application for renewal after about six years of useless investigations was denied for violations that the statute of limitations had run out 25 years prior. A 5 inch stack of police reports of complaints from former girlfriends was illegally presented as my ‘long criminal history’to which I failed to state on decades old applications. Any police report that isn’t used in open court is NOT for public knowledge. Not to mention I was acquitted at trial anyways, in 1990. Diane Milhasky said I had a long criminal history. I DO NOT have a lengthy criminal history. I was never ever arrested or convicted of a moral turpitude crime. To which is the foundation of injurious crimes and it never was a licensing issue as there was none.

Throughout 2019 I attempted to get licensed and denied through the sham court of Diane Mihalsky of the Adm. Law Court of Phoenix. I must admit that this was the most exciting and obnoxious demonstration of all the injustices seen in this case. The Amended Law ARS 32-1232 and many more of the Health Care Regulatory amendments was a major accomplishment for the legislatures, Nancy Barto,  and the governor. In that law it states, amongst others, the AZBN can not move on their own motion. When this was brought up at trial Judge Mihalsky played very dumb at the direction of Beth A. Campbell and power pointed in the overhead an old law. You can always tell when somebody is singing karaoke, however coming from a family that has lawyers their Interpretations are different. I call it karaoke, my people call it this. ‘Any attorney or judge that does this is coded fruitcakeville.’ They fly around in their own flying saucers waiting to crash. 

The facts also place Linda Monas as a lying perjuror at several different levels with the rum and cokes not seen. If I was any of these people I would be a hopeless drunk. Lying under oath, ignoring state statutes, tampering with evidence and suborning perjury would be something I could not live with. 

Many years ago as a young Navy recruit I was sitting in a classroom with many other similar personnel listening very attentively to  Cdr Nurse Eleanor Parker giving her introduction to hospitalcorpsman instructions. “You will not ever falsify medical records while working as a hospital corpsman in the Navy. One false blood pressure documentation is grounds for a court martial and a dishonorable discharge. If I find out I will travel around the world to get you court martialed.” Commander Parker was a hard ass in true Navy fashion and she trained hard asses. Failure in medical ethics costs lives and my involvement in this case saved a life. This case costs $1,750,000.00 in medical bills alone. Undetermined amount of social misery; on a case that never needed surgery and fraud was what brought it forward. The only point it was good for was identifying the corruption in the Attorney General’s office, the AZBN, and the Bullhead Municipal Court Justice system. The management knew already, before this case, that Dr. Isaac Thapedi and Therese Rowan were bad providers but hired then anyways. There are several untold pieces to this story, the end being one of them.

Peary Brown, retired R.N. 



National Mentoring Month

January is national mentoring month and the father is Ben Franklin. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” There will be students today, 24 January 2020, that will read this and remember the visuals they got by watching the AZBN meeting and conclude how important their position of protecting the public is. There are a boat load of revoked nurses whose complaints to the FBI have merit of corruption and you as students must some how change this corrupted regulartory agency. You do have the governor’s help with new laws and regulations but still your help is needed in exposing the Banner collusion. Banner is the largest nonprofit organization in the world and sends more $$$ to the Utah Locker and cheats the state out of enormous tax revenue. So when you think today the meeting is impressive take your birth control pills, as if you get a nurses license in Az., you will eventually get screwed. Good Luck. 

Peary Brown, retired R.N.

Failure For Nursing AZBN

The time frame this page has covered is about 3.5 years and roughly 50-60,000 views, or more. Comments are not deleted for bad language or character assassination, or even opinions that seem not within the page administrator’s realm of reasonable. All comments have importance. The comments are definitive in many cases to give evidence of facts that can be crossed referenced into specific data bases as accurate. The responses this page projects, if untrue, should silicate actions from civil approaches which none has occurred. The fact that many cases define criminal and unethical behavior transcribed here which go nowhere means that the statements are true. I, Peary Brown, do not need Willie Mangum or Amanda Trujillo to shore up the validity of this page. I have myself. If a known incompetent physician and unethical nurse and lying assistant attorney general lawyer falsify evidence while motioning illegally then I openly call them Isaac Thapedi, Therese Rowan and Beth A. Campbell. Many of my colleagues have more. The administrative law court doesn’t count because they do not even know the law. The many issues for the public nursing community to be aware of focuses on the ability of the nurse to give quality care within a safe environment that has a reasonable cost effectiveness application. This is not happening. The community is hoodwinked by the appearance of the AZBN to be honest and fair and protecting the public. I can prove all kinds of illegal & unethical behaviors except the most suspected one which is bribery. Meaning what possible reason would an AAG attorney knowingly falsify evidence and suborn perjury? I am not a forensic accountant but do know the hardest money to track is cash. I can think of no other reasonable explanation for this illegal behavior.

Years of not many ago I could track a leopold in a rain storm and draw him out of his cave. Today I can’t get a couple of low level rats to snitch at unbaited cheese in the middle of the desert. What am I missing?

Peary Brown, retired R.N.

Code Brown AZBN

If there is a single factor promoting nurses to advance on their education and get degrees after their names it would be for better pay with less work. The intensity of the workload in the clinical area has increased greatly in the past 25 years secondary to not only the increased acuity of the patients but the load of patients each nurse is assigned. The for profit industry has fought nurse patient ratio laws to keep profits up by reducing the availability of nurses. This view is not in dispute through out the real world of nursing. Many nurses who’ve moved on up to management and regulatory positions have avoided the horrors of code browns with the accompanying endless regulations created by those not tuned into code browns. I use this fecal festival event as not only first hand knowledge of this horror but the answers to interview questions that caused the nurse to further their education. So as odd as it may sound many nurses moved away from staffing positions and into management because their discomfort with cleaning and attending to patients. The very reasons they used to claim why they went into nursing. It would be a redundant topic for this page if there weren’t huge complaints about the present day nursing care that is commonly complained about by patients. Patients who’ve laid in feces for two days, even after the fecal festival was identified. Patients who never saw a wash rag or a basin of water through an entire admission. The list is lengthy of complaints that one would not have seen 25 years ago. Can an excessive amount of filthy patient complaints be placed in the lap of the AZBN?? The leaders got to be leaders because they mainly didn’t like patient care, it stands to reason when at a meeting you never hear a complaint of an extended fecal festival left unattended as our leaders aren’t concerned with nurse staff ratios and over working. Real nursing involves properly managering fecal festivals. And why is this never a topic, ever. Never addressing the increased infection rate? They’re controlled from the 40 billion dollar year for profit industry that wants that figure to remain as profitable as possible. Addressing the filth and increased infection rate costs money. 

The above opinions are based upon interviews with patients that were former nurses whom are known to make the worst pstients. Also the best assessors.

Peary Brown retired R.N. 

Sultans of Defamation & Quackery AZBN

There are many articles and comments on this page that give evidence to the  regulatory agency known as the AZBN which clearly defines them as anything but honest. This article is just another.

The public information that is transcribed from the AZBN to the National Counsel of Nurses is in many cases fraudulent. By wire transfer and USPS mail. What makes it fraudulent is that much of that information is not public information. When a complaint is filed with any law enforcement that does not make it into that county court then that information is not public and has no legal business being published by either the AZBN of the Nation Council of Nurses. Many nurses have been unable to be hired for work, of any kind, as employers could search these databases and come up with non public information. This has been going on for some time. The amount of files is absolutely huge.

On board meeting days when all those shiny faced students sit there in awe of the white shirts and those with their special underwear on, are blind to the back room activities of this board. When a physician testifys against a nurse at an administrative law court hearing that testimony is NOT in the transcript. When false information is heard at one of these hearings that information is transcribed. Happens ALL….THE….Time.

The hope of the future of nursing and the safety of patients and our families, at least in Arizona, now lies in the hands of the students. The present AZBN agency is a branch of Mormon Totalitarianism which controls much of the government in Arizona. They own the courts, lawyers and the governor’s office. Many of us here who fell prey are of no help to you. Other than the fact you now know what to expect if you convince a patient that they are being used. Our ranks, of experienced nurses, are  filled with nurses with cult corrupted tattoos for life. You the student must stop them. Since we all know you can not, as do they, you should leave Arizona and never come back. Good Luck.

“My influence and decisions have power but can not compare to the sunlight on infectious corruption that the general population can do.” Louis Brandeis, Sumpreme Court Justice 1918.

Peary Brown retired R.N.

Sterile Abscess AZBN

Views as of 26 Dec 2019…Right off the chart!

If the last noteworthy comment by the governor about his inability to terminate AZBN members is to be believed one can only assume that their governor’s appointments to that position is just plain queer. The recent racist revelations comments by newly appointed board member Lajuana Gillette got the governor’s dander up enough for him to openly claim legislation was needed for him to legally terminate her; we here would say nothing new. The AZBN, attorney general’s crew, and the administrative law court are  sterile abscesses in the soul of the governor’s administration. A sterile abscess is an infection of rotten bugs surrounded by an impervious wall that nothing can penetrate. They all do not follow the states laws and do whatever they want. Open meetings are a sham of righteous appearances to define their roles as public protectors. They are not. They are now well established and documented abusers of the system and cost the state a fortune in salaries and resources and the now well documented horrible patient care seen by so many causing emergence of economic and emotional pain to nurses and patients as well. Like all sterile abscesses they must rot from the inside out, and Lajuana Gillette is fresh breeze of putrefied bacteria to help the community see what these abscesses are made of. Leave her right where she is Mr. Governor, she is perfect. The passion felt in comments comes from real nurses that are not the ordinary drones who do everyting they’re told to do. 


Peary Brown, Retired R.N.

The Immorality of Camelot AZBN

There is no doubt that the law, or what is called the law, doesn’t need evidence of motive to convict a respondent/defendant of a violation and or crime when the AZBN decides to apply the Az Attorney General’s office to get the decisions against a nurse. The one point every nurse knows is what they did and what is claimed they did, or didn’t do. The lynch mob including Mark “Nunchucks” Brnovich, Beth A. Campbell, Linda Monas, Joey Ridenour, Diane Mihalsky, Isaac Thapedi, Therese Rowan and Randy Quinn are violators of what is suppose to be the law in Arizona. The laws depicting perjury can be vague in terms of the way the statute is written. However, a lie under oath which causes undo influences upon the outcome of the case, is perjury. Leading witnesses, physicians, psychologists, investigators to make statements under oath about evidence that doesn’t exist is called suborning perjury. All are felonies and serious felonies. has anybody in this administration ever been charged with these crimes? Nurses generally know the answer to the questions they ask. In this case it is NO, and HELL NO. This law Section 32-1263.02 states the AZBN will not file a complaint on its own motion or from an event more than 4 years old. This behavior by these individuals is premeditated and motivated by the immoral desires from greed of success. A deadly sin.

How one develops good moral character maybe a road traveled that Naval Intelligence states you WILL NOT talk about events that occurred in a foreign land for 55 years. And yes they actually do that. The protection of our integrity relies upon the laws we obey, or do not obey, and what we are willing to do to to keep it quiet. Its  easier to say Sgt Hestor was killed by enemy gunfire instead of murdered for child rape of a young girl. One for morality. Point, there is somebody who has the hard evidence of immoral testimonies, and motions that isn’t going to wait 55 years to tell the whole valley and the country. Many nurses know and does it make a difference?? The strongest Bull with all the power that continues to waste his power on uselessness will eventually tire and get stuck in barbed wire. 

The vision of this page has been directed at bringing a regulatory agency called the AZBN into the view of the public eye. With its large number of views it has been successful at presenting evidence the AZBN does not. Defining it by long standing nurses who’ve worked the field is invaluable for the public to see the wasted resources which has led the U.S. into the most expensive and the most dangerous health care system in the industrialized world. All of these informational pages can vanish so moving it to hard copies and manuscripts to be forever etched in nursing history is imperative. Physicians and nurses and investigators falsify evidence to protect their income. 

Peary Brown, retired R.N. ” The best don’t come for money, only the ordinary do.” T.E. Lawence

The Flip Side of Bad AZBN

About 20 years ago I was working the med surg unit in a small community hospital in New England and sharing the lunch room table in the break room with a traveler from Arizona. On the T.V. was a sheriff interviewing a prison inmate whose complete interviewing clearly was designed to humiliate the young prisoner and to demonstrate how he, as wayward young man, had destroyed his life and disrupted the lives of innocent civilians. This was on the then Court TV Channel and the sheriff’s demeanor seemed he was enjoying this interview. The nurse I was sitting with was a Latino from Arizona and I said to her, “Why is this sheriff allowed to do this, and on national TV?” 

She said, “Thats Broadway Joe Arpaio, he promotes himself in the media by using prisoners, mostly Hispanics whose life he says has caused damage to the community.”

I could tell from her tone the Latino nurse was not impressed and further went on to say, “I get pulled over in Phoenix probably 5 times a year and harrassed about nothing. I know other Latinos who’ve been robbed by the Arpaio posses.”

“Doesn’t the administration there know this and step in?” I said in emotional disbelief.

She calmly said, “Of course, they allow it.”

By the time I traveled to Arizona to work as an R.N. I was a seasoned clinician whose immediate assessment of desert nursing was they needed help, and lots of it. A long time went by and I reached full retirement and decided it was a good time to open up a quack or two. I had heard about the Medical Mafia whose own laws of Mormon Delight wrap themselves as Angels of Rightenous and burn everybody in their way of making $. The Navy way is what I did.

Of the many interviews this page and group has done very few allow their real names used. However, all were asked tell us something good they’ve done that the AZBN’s disciplinary account of them did not mention. One nurse had worked 72 hrs straight in the middle of 911. Another had delivered a baby in a remote camp during a blizzard by candle light, and all was well. Another, whom I know personally, dragged a 200lb marine from a burning building while under enemy fire. All were experienced R.N.s who never saw the AZBN coming. Why oh Why are their names unknown?? The fear of an administration that would allow dickheads like Broadway Joe to get away with murder makes these quality nurses hide. Nurses should avoid Arizona as there is no law this corrupt board aheres to.

Correction= Better Than 65,000 Views

Peary Brown retired R.N.

Unintended Consequences of Governmental Corruption AZBN

There is no shortage of evidence linking governmental corruption with public injuries. I would define the Hanoi rat scandal as the perfect scam linking the horrors of glory bound and greedy public officials to the manifestations of the ultimate downfall of economic failure and public health disasters. The poor designs of the city’s sewer systems lead to a massive amount of rats roaming the city looking for snacks, and of course spreading disease. The government decided to put a bounty on each rat tail to signify each death. In one day better than 20,000 tails were turned in for the bounty. It wasn’t long before rats were scurrying around with no tails and the rat population continued to grow. Not long after that public officials were caught breeding rats on the outskirts of the city and releasing them into the sewers to collect the bounties. Disease and death were rampant. 

The AZBN have created the perfect environment of the demonstration of unintended consequences of corruption, not unlike the rats of Viet Nam. We have the hard evidence in the public domain of nurse destruction via corporate power to eliminate nurse trouble makers reporting the many hacks and quacks in Arizona Health care. The rats are still in Viet Nam and actually have befuddled biologist and environmentalists in their micro-evolution demonstration not only to endure but quadruple in size. I’ve seen some of these rats and they’ve got tails big enough to tow the Queen Mary. The unintended consequences of nurse abuse and destruction by this corrupted agency has not gone unnoticed by students, leaving Arizona is a nursing priority. The AZBN has a bounty on your license. 

Peary Brown retired R.N.