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  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:39 pm on January 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply  

    Gems Adrift AZBN 


    Once I had employment that sometimes would leave us unable to go to work and we’d be stranded in a big city for several days before the weather would allow us to return to work. I would find my way to the local/county /U.S. Courthouse to be entertained. New York City had 24/7 that was super educational. Once a prosecutor defined a defendant as presumed guilty for witnesses identified defendant as having unique Tattoo. Whatever error the prosecutor made became evident when stated defendant lacked any such tattoo. The defense attorney referred to the prosecutor’s work as a ‘Real Gem’. The look on the judge’s face, as well as the prosecutor’s face made it clear that ‘Gem’ is an industry known slang as idiot.

    So if you’re trapped on a deserted island and found a large valuable diamond on the beach what could you do with it?? There is nobody to exchange anything with. None-the-less its value remains high. So you’re a nurse whose been illegally rim-racked by the AZBN , and you’ve got ‘Gems’ for evidence, what can you do with it?? I mean we all know about the corrupt adm law court, not to mention defendant attorneys openly calling this Board an ‘Absolute Monster’ I know there are you going the way of an outside court. Many will appreciate your journey as to get more ‘Gems’ of evidence into documentation. This is critical to help make nursing history available in the future. Names and Dates and Locations….Super.

    The passing of this knowledge to active nurses, especially the students, is essential for morality to be be weighed. We, the ‘Gems’ Carrying crowd, have been duped by our own consciousness of innocence. Blindly adhering to the moral high ground thinking it’ll all be good as we got right on our side. I actually was totally unaware that a witness could be well into Alzheimer’s disease and still be considered a dash more than a crooked prop to make a case; as long as they are a physician or $ person. There is no moral high ground, and with this crooked adm and agency the only approach is yet to been seen in 21. Happy New Year to all. I’ll be seeing you in some of the usual places.

    • Excellent Nursing Skills 4:42 pm on January 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      OAH Court corrupt ? An understatement. . Not if you read the ‘comments’ on their site , you would think they were the most upstanding, law abiding , rule following , law abiding of the world. Of course those are ‘words” , and all lies. The Attorney’s who prosecute good nurses here are some of the lowest life skanks . Whores are more honest and forth right.
      It is so obvious the racket going on, anyone can see how they operate in corruption ! The so called investigator from the AZBON acts like a wanna be cop, not really looking for evidence , just the WOW factor . Who gives this unrelated crazy talk to the Skanks, who are more than happy to bring it up in court, as a laughable moment. IT is more of a hanging your dirty laundry child’s play.
      The ALJ”s are in on it , if not sleeping , they are ruling all the way in favor of the shanks. Never having any kind of order or professionalism . And to no one’s surprise they get the ALJ to sign the opinion , then the skanks get the BON low IQ sheep to motion , and a dumber BON than low IQ seconds it . And that is what they call , due process.
      Happy New Year, they will have a whole new batch of unknowing nurses who maybe haven’t even got their licenses yet, will lose them It is already decided.


      • Nurse Advocate 9:20 pm on January 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Be prepared if you are notified of a board complaint. First and foremost, realize what you are dealing with , these attorneys and ‘investigators ” are sociopath’s . If you had one in your personal life , you get away from them , a no contact. Since this is who Jo Ridenour , dir wants to be surrounded with , and the ones who want to be there. (this is fun to them ). Even after figuring out this board agency is corrupt , this is what you have to deal with . On the inside and to co workers they use charm as a tool. , excessive use of thank you, (oh that high pitched , little miss innocent who would believe she could do this!) manipulate circumstances, feed those who make decisions , the bd , small pieces of information and twist all real facts to create doubt. Then they will ask you to come in for a meeting , your thinking oh great my chance to explain myself , what nonsense this is . You do not have to attend this and they cannot say you were uncooperative (a big discredit of the nurse they like to use) . What they are doing is ‘sizing up their prey”. Have as little contact with them as possible . Since they tend to lie a lot, manipulate , they develop a fearlessness, and know there are no consequences to their actions. Mostly because they are backed by Ridenour who is a sociopath , she knows her behavior is wrong, but won’t stop. Many times they will resort to violence if they feel threatened, oh not them personally , they use others to do that . That is where the lying manipulators are good at sizing up allies to assist them. Make them think it is their idea. They do need professional help all of them


        • Went to a meeting DISGUSTING ! 6:02 pm on January 8, 2021 Permalink

          The board makes the final decision is a joke. Who is downloading their options ? limited options, but what the corrupt campbell and krishna are putting is what they want. BON discussion is just mumbling , by a few and lots of babaling by mcormies To assist them in getting a conviction . What other court is run like this , Giving too much authority to a group of incompetent yes yes dutiful woman, who are puppets of the attys hiding in the back ground, like Mamaluy , and ASSistants DAHN and MAND.
          might as well be in a country that brings out the whipping board. And this is the country they live it , like shitting in their own beds.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:34 pm on January 8, 2021 Permalink

          be careful we might have storm the capital!!


      • Wm 11:42 pm on January 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Sunita Krishna is a real piece of work . Silver spoon fed snot nose , who makes stupid statements . “he told me that it is none of the board of nursing’s business’ . Like the AZ BON is entitled to know everything about your personal life ?? Like Everything ? What a crazy ass statement stupid punk makes. Then she goes on to say , “SHE has no authority in my state ” THAT is what makes it NONE of AZ , bon business, man where do you get these crazy people ? She was shown the robes by Campbell another bad apple.
        Guess there are about 20 going snowboarding ? hope someone got tickets on line. Spread the word in AZ !!


      • AZ RNs vs PURE EVIL 8:39 pm on January 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        You must believe in God, Satan, good, and evil to understand this.
        The AZBON activities mirror those of big tech and media. Censor and oppress anyone with a differing opinion than their “narrative”. Most of the nurses who come in front of this corrupt board’s path are in a position similar to the one Trump is in. ( guilty until you prove yourself innocent, hated by an extremist group of wolves in sheep’s clothing [in the name of public safety/ AZBON] and because of extreme jealousy over the nurse’s overwhelming success and following).some will escape, or bypass the AZBON “corrupt system and processes depending upon.who they know or who they blow. But the majority of nurses will come against and face the harsh criticism, judgement and rhetoric meant to put a veil over the public’s and patient’s discerning eyes. This is the work of satan…this board is acting in the spirit of jezebel and none of these demonic forces will ever win against God. Just as it is unfolding in the political / physical world, the battle of right/ wrong and good / evil is being fought in the spiritual/ supernatural realm.
        As we speak the veil is being pulled back, truths are being exposed in 2021 [twenty twenty WON] and people will be exposed and WILL face justice and PAY A great PRICE for being on the wrong side of God.
        There are several whistleblowrs within the Twitter corporation bringing forth the evil rhetoric and exposing Jack Dorsey and what he is planning. God has acted upon their hearts and their consciences …and this is ONLY the beginning of what’s to come.

        If AZBON and AZNA members are truly reading these posts…then may you find yourself coming down on the right side of God before its too late, and the great exposure takes place.

        What this board thinks, feels, and unjustly rules means absolutely nothing to the Christian that knows God has a great plan out of this for each of us [the nurses that have become victims of this corrupt board].
        The spirit of Jezebels reign is coming to an end and the enemy [AZBON and Satan] hates it, and will be fighting like hell against it, until the head of the serpent is severed from its body.

        Again, if you are not in the biblical or the Prophetic this may make zero sense to you. But if you are, then wow you get it and can see the parallels playing out in Federal and State politics right now.

        God Bless you all Wounded Healers…stay strong….God’s got this !


    • C & W 3:38 am on January 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Great post, only nurses who have seen it first hand know all too well the differences in what one conceives to be how a court room is run and this Korrupt Kangaroo Krazy Konzentrationslager . Here is one nurse who tried to protect the public , who were in the hospital guarding inmates. and the ones back at the prison. Kudos to Corrigan Wright. who put herself out there, while the bd members sat and ate prime rib and bon bons . “””””At the end of October I sent an email to nursing administration at my hospital, YRMC, sharing concerns about jail guards not having the appropriate PPE and being ordered to remain in Covid-19 positive patients rooms without N95 masks on.
      I was subsequently forced to stay after work to meet with management and reprimanded for sending the email below because it “went all the way up”. I was told I had upset the warden and was asked to not send similar emails again.
      RIP Warden Jensen.
      Yes the Warden died , and not from being “upset” but COVID . SHAME ON Deborah Aders who reprimanded a good nurse for watching out for safety measures . BTW Nurse Corrigan quit Yuma (hell hold hospital) due to their lack of support , in ppe and reprimand for speaking up . SHAME this is happening in 2020 !! Silencing women, making an example , while mgt puts all their lies out there ! Sociopaths too . Twisting and creating doubt .


      • Sucks 2 b u 6:48 am on January 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        another real ‘gem” or screw up with her manipulation and underhanded tactics, made the top ten occupations. Any guess who this is ?
        there are relatively high numbers of narcissists who are…………….

        (This list is not rank ordered)
        TV News Anchor and Radio Personalities
        Police Officers
        Sales People
        Medical Doctors — Particularly Surgeons
        Attorneys**********bing bing bing !
        and nurses the most trusted honest caring people on earthy UNLESS they get politically involved, such as being a bd of nursing . Then you are a low life scrum sucker who should have never got a license , you don’t practice anyways. !


        • Avoiding being a target ! 4:06 pm on January 7, 2021 Permalink

          Oh hey, caught Emma talking to herself the other day , and here is what she had to say “”I’m not ashamed of being a good liar, and I’m even proud of my manipulation skills. I think I’m the best at everything I do all the time, and if you notice, I started using the letter “I” on it’s own a lot. I like talking about myself. I like inserting my interests into as many conversations as possible. I like asserting my opinions when I feel the need to be heard, and I can get somewhat aggressive in doing that. I want you to see things my way, because I’m always right.”
          scary isn’t it !


        • PEACE 4:36 pm on January 9, 2021 Permalink

          Got to use the code talker only , cause comments like that manipulative emma will put a spin on like no other ! acting like the ones at banner who attacked a nurse , and my fiance. The lies just kept building up , snowballing and getting out of control. She’s out of control , and is the head of the snake. We know your just , saying but not meaning but this is what they are watching this site for. SNOOP DOG, doing what ever she can to justify her dirty tricks . No plans to storm any capitol, can’t make it clearer than this . Just get nurses to beat these bitches in court. Against the ODDS (and the bd is ODD) .


        • E F 6:50 pm on January 9, 2021 Permalink

          YOUR right about one thing that lying lawyer with the nursing agency will blow that up bigger than her ass. And that’s pretty big , along with her swindling big mouth .
          She got her legal assistants to join her , and a couple of the stupid males , who acted for her . Just like the Wash DC , they are going after the INSTIGATOR . And that would be manipulative emma bama mama .
          Those who made it their business to involve themselves ELLIS , OLSON, ELSON, RICHTER, Gari CARROLL, KUTNERIAN , MAND , DAHN . always a gang that are not good at their job, so have to please the boss in other ways. Troublemakers.


        • R U paying attention. 10:41 pm on January 12, 2021 Permalink

          so they want to blame the instigator for everything other people did . Something to think about before your manipulation of others is instigated . ( speech is punishable as “incitement” if it’s intended and likely to provoke imminent lawless action. “)
          Yep this is why , telling others to do your dirty work gets you in trouble. Trying to make out that someone in the audience is out to get everyone , physically , and need to duck under desks and put on gas masks. When it is all drummed up , nothing but talk . But hey , couldn’t prove it before, so now try to prove your point with your little games . Using those who are stupid enough to obey, and play along, Throw in a few lies and waaaalaaaa. Got Cha . Makes people want to microscope the entire group out more. dirty players all end up laying in their shitty mess.


      • Ann 4:11 pm on January 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        on investigation Janeen Dahn NP , assoc dir az bd of nursing , her pay out law suit record “patient died unexpectedly , “contributed to untimely death of patient in her care. ” while she was in the room.
        it is a righteous belief to think she got on with the BON because malpractice wont insure her anymore. Too much of a risk.
        Dahn testifed at a NP hearing as a ‘expert ‘ she does not qualify as an ‘expert’ .
        The OAH , Diane Milhalsky (corrupt judge ) went bonkers; ‘went crazy ” was the report, when this was brought up ,the report shows, she was severely upset. ! Just another proof that the OAH court , hearings for nurses is biased. Why is this ALJ protecting board members who are testifying as witnesses , when their own back ground is brought up . The ALJ acts as a SECOND PROSECUTOR.
        Her court hearing has been ‘hidden” and the questions striken from tthe record. She should not be on the board , since this should have been reported to the BON. So it raises questions Ridenour doing her a favor , in exchange for taking other nurses down (unduly ) .
        OAH needs a special exposing of its own.
        Sunita Krishna prosecuting a good NP, who’s only complaint was she did not prescribe to a patient she had not seen . Lost her career. SHAMEFUL > Corruption.
        AZNA should be BEHIND THE NURSES not this dirty board and ASSociates.


    • Reporting the truth 11:34 pm on January 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Here is a nurse who spoke up about unsafe conditions , Corrigan Wright, ICU RN Yuma. Told mgt about prison guards who were not wearing masks while sitting with the prisoner in the hospital, and taking turns in the halls going for lunch, bath room breaks. Basically spreading it around. Then more guards next day who were not wearing proper ppe, the prison ends up with 1400 inmates with covid, and no visitors are allowed , strictly brought in by guards . So those prisoners are going to YRMC when very ill with covid with guards who take it back to the prison on further infect others in close quarters.
      Mgt at YRMC (horrible hospital yuma) reprimanded this nurses and said do not do this again because it “upset ‘ the warden . Warden Jensen .
      Then within weeks this is the Warden who was “upset “. {Dec 19, 2020 — YUMA, Ariz. (AP) – The warden of an Arizona state prison that has seen a major COVID-19 outbreak has died after being hospitalized over the …}


      • like it is 11:48 pm on January 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        and when Deb Aders is barking orders, spending all day trying to lure new Drs to the area, putting on a video of residents dancing with delight, have “fun ” in the swamp of a hospital , she will not help. As worthless as the BON members ‘assisting front line nurses ” HA HA ! dangerous to patients and dangerous to nurses! When you’ve got a four patient assignment and everyone else working with you does too and a patient codes, no one can safely help you! Nurses with four patients easily have 25+ critical drips running! Try proning a patient with no one able to help. Respiratory therapists with 10+ patients a piece! 30 AM blood gases! It’s OUTRAGEOUS! Dangerous! Corporate abuse of front line staff! Deb aders and her 13 years icu experience should get her ass into the icu and help instead of talking a bunch of fucking bullshit to the media on the radio that “there are some staffing challenges”. There aren’t fucking “SOME”. There are EXTENSIVE, SERIOUS and ONGOING HOLES created now as a result of this shit show they have created. No wonder 3-5 icu nurses quit at once ! (


    • judge the judge 1:41 am on January 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The ALJ’s at OAH, are just a bunch of poor actors . Not a tough job, just sit there and listen to the high paid rats , Campbell and Krishna. and never correct them , they are all on the same side. NO due process , a SHAM court, take Tammy Eigenheer, who is one of the crooks. Actually asks a couple of questions of the aag, but she knows from the start how the ruling will go. Eigenheer was the one who REVERSED a higher court decision on Tom Horne. . How one is found guilty in Yavapai Supr court then go to OAh and get reversed ??? CROOKED JUDGE. that’s how. Then Thomas Shedden, retired HAHAHAH he’s BACK , must have been boring not being able to knock off a nurse. Then Velva-Thompson, out of her league, but follows the script of running a biased court room, Jenna Clark, kinda abrupt one, and another team player but not on YOUR team , it’s called TEAM CORRUPTION AZBON, OAH, ALJ, AAG is the team . Sandra Vanella , did they add an “A” so Cliff Vanell would not be mistaken for being related. ” There was a very short lived male who looks like he booked it already. Didn’t give jokey what she wants? Then Kay Abramsohn, who is the first one and only one to side in one case with a nurse. So what is her fate. ? Looks like the AZBON is requesting hearings AND REQUESTING the JUDGE ! and it’s not her . highly ILLEGAL. Amazing the favors they can pull. Especially with emma manipulating the deal.
      would this SURPRISE ANYONE, Elizabeth Campbell all BUTT HURT and bitching she lost a case . So did JOKEY Ridenour say, ‘well well dear I will talk to the dir and we wont hire that judge anymore , there there now, and don’t shed a tear weepy eyed , you did your best and we all hate her too . ” We’ll get Tammy , or Jenna , or Thomas who put out for us , and make it happen .
      Diane Milhalkey is retired , what a shameful alj that was , just a real POS. Judicial mess. She did n’t make it as a waitress so she became a judge . She has to live with what she did to nurses.
      Don’t forget that Campbell’s husband was working with these judge at Industrial Commission, they all go to those stuffy cocktail parties and pretend they are the higher class , when they are dirty , and corrupt . They make Ciavarella and Conahan look like amateurs.


      • Stoned , walled 1:51 am on January 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Here is the newbie at OAH, Adam Stone. a child support atty at OAH, well they do seem to drift over from AAG office . Why would a successful attorney go to a salary position ? (maybe he wasn’t so successful. in fact his complaints were erased on yelp. here is his bio, read between the lines. Adam D. Stone was born and raised in West Bloomfield, Michigan. He attended James Madison College at Michigan State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy. Adam then attended Michigan State University College of Law where he graduated Cum Laude. Just a mere 15 days prior to September 11, 2001, Adam moved to Arizona. At the start of his legal career, he worked for general litigation law firms as well as a domestic relations law firm. He then opened his own law practice and later served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Child Support Services Section. While at the AG’s office Adam would often serve as a trainer for new attorneys and staff. Looking for a new challenge, Adam joined the Office of Administrative Hearings in June 2020.
        A new challenge or he was going broke ?
        clients not happy ? well as a alj who cares , you get paid no matter how shitty you are. Someone get the word out, we’ll be watching him ! Maybe E C will use him in her ‘settlement “.
        Yelp::2 reviews of Adam D Stone – CLOSED “I sought out Mr. Stone’s advice regarding a child support and custody agreement from a divorce I had already been …


        • Informant's friend 3:03 pm on January 6, 2021 Permalink

          When someone has a conscience , they reach out to you and send you this “( I was an Investigator with the BON . I was only there several months and this was a few years ago because it became very clear early on that nurses were not being extended a due process. What does that mean so…. I was told “why are you reading their response they are all guilty.” We were told that we needed to speed up our investigations. I was discouraged and even told no when I wanted to subpoena additional information, told NOT to speak to the “RESPONDENT” aka nurse…. it was horrible. I felt sick to my stomach I just couldn’t do it. When I asked who protects nurses and that there needs to be a union for us I was told I would be walked out of the building if anyone heard me. It was so surreal. )
          Some people won’t take threats, and will stick up for justice. They know if they don’t they will be next, they are leaving a path of destruction for their children and grand children . The real rotten nasty ones , will run around saying they got due process. The kind of due process you want when your on the defending end , for made up nonsense ?


        • eyes on U . 3:16 pm on January 7, 2021 Permalink

          Watching the chaos at the White House , reminds one of the corrupt arizona board of nursing . The biased reporting . Obviously using words to steer others thinking . Then a news bulletin “they need the public’s help ” any videos of those doing damage. Hmm wonder why the dirty nursing board agency doesn’t just run ads on nurses > “need the public’s help, if you have ANYTHING, ANYTHING at all notify the snoop dogs at the AZBON . Instead they sneak around , making unrecorded phone calls , digging for ANYTHING at all . They already have their staff watching and reporting ANYTHING . Instructed to do so . Who is willing to comply with their vendetta ??? Who is going to join in ?


      • Wake up public . 3:07 pm on January 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        IT is a kangaroo court the OAH. no due process for nurses. Who can be a party to this biased bunch of lies and work hard to line up liars to say what ever they are told. These so called officers of the court . Looks like Krishna, Mamaluy and Campbell are ORIFICES for the boys who are up for election ! No wonder Ridenour wants you to be kind to them . “working so hard” . None of them knows what an honest hard working day is without scheming .


    • BSN 8:05 pm on January 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Actually printed out cards sent to ICU nurses Yuma (crud hospital) “”THANKS FOR NOT DIPPIN WHEN TIMES GET TOUGH YOU ARE APPRECIATED ”
      Of course almost 100% have quit , and left, took some real DIP SHIT to think up this catchy slogan .


      • bd pa 6:30 am on January 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        it is truly tragic and at times evil. To think a legal process in this United States can deny defendants the standard of clear and convincing evidence or innocent till proven guilty. Both these standards are denied by the Board. I heard a Board attorney tell me that all she needed was “reasonable suspicion”. She proudly told an entire group she does need evidence. She claimed that even a positive drug or alcohol abuse test is required to charge intoxication on duty. That all she needed was someone to say the nurse was “acting strange”. Think about that as the standard to charge you with substance abuse….the subjective measurment of acting strange. Seems like every board member is on something if that is the basis for guilty. How ridiculous.
        Nurses are denied due process, the burden of proof is on them though they have no evidence subpoena power and are often denied discovery of what the board is relying on. Hearsay is considered true and nurses are denied the right to even respond to an accusers specific claims.
        Boards must change. They must be brought under oversight. Investigators should be nurses and Administrative Law Judges final proposed decision must be final and not over ruled by the board.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 12:57 am on January 7, 2021 Permalink

          its a battle nurses dont need to be fighting as AZBN it represents useless regs for clinical nurses.


        • Mindee 6:02 am on January 9, 2021 Permalink

          AZ The worst state in the nation for covid. Yuma Medical Center, reprimanding nurses for speaking out about unsafe conditions . One nurse told of guards at bedside of covid not wearing ppe . Her mgr told her to shut up because the warden heard about it and got “upset” the same warden (Jensen) who died of covid a couple weeks later , 1400 inmates infected. Yuma in bringing in strike team, to help because so many experienced ICU nurses have quit. The ratio of staffing in az is 2:1 in ICU for a reason , they have been giving nurses FIVE TO 1 !!! in icu, no wonder the death rate is up .
          IF a med center like this can treat nurses as disposable, silence them or else file a board complaint , it is no wonder the virus is spreading like crazy . The blood is on the AZ board of nursing , and the dir of that dept Jo E Ridenour . Running a corrupt agency. Dir’s appointed by Gov, no over sight except the legislative laws, which are all introduced by the R’s running that , and the Senate (a bd members husband is a Senator . Boyer . Remember this folks when nurses ask for your help in flipping the board in getting rid of the sister wives club and bring some type of justice to not only nurses but their patients (YOU! ) . This should interest everyone who is a potential patient , and that means you . St Lukes is not open due to no experienced nurses who cannot work due to this corrupt AZ Board of Nursing . Every person who dies , because no nurse , can look to them and say why were you strong arming these nurses for no reason ! Unduly taking licenses , putting them on a data bank. while protecting their own kind .
          They destroyed nurses , now they are killing people with their corrupt sick minds and made up lies on good nurses !


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 9:50 pm on January 9, 2021 Permalink

          Ridenour doesnt worry about the courts.


      • RN 8:28 pm on January 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        IF you don’t think the OAH court is a fraudster in motion. Why do the judges who just woke up state they will give their opinion , after they get the transcript , so they can have the ‘benefit of the court reporters transcript “. Demented judges, can’t remember what was said., Or just looking to see how the court reporter changed all the words ! So they don’t screw up. Anyone think for one minute that this doesn’t go on ? And guess who hires the court reporters , and pays them for each case (motive ). Why doesn’t the nurse get to pick what company , since they are paying too ? Nothing is fair about OAH SHAM COURT or the this Corrupt AZ BON !


    • Nursey 5:59 am on January 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      BLOOD IS ON AZ BOARD OF NURSING AGENCY STAFF / BD. /DIRECTORS/AAG’s /Attorney’s / Gov HANDS !! The people dying in AZ is a DIRECT result of not enough experienced staff .
      AZ The worst state in the nation for covid. Attacking nurses working in a conspiracy with hospitals , is backfiring , the public is listening now. We got their attention.


      • been there 6:02 am on January 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        OH yes the over the top punishment for CERTAIN nurses , while others go without a blemish . It is all about who you know, who you are connected with . That is a horrible way to run a board. In the past, people just leave disgusted with the entire situation. The nurse knows they were corrupt . The board knows they are corrupt. Those on probation don’t say anything or revocation . Board is abusing their power , the DA know it is all a farce, the ALJ’s know it is a big farce . they are keep straight faces , and await they next victim . I would never travel to AZ again , ever , a real bad taste and those board members are just plain wicked.


      • .Angela 2:47 pm on January 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        JOKE RIDINOUR doesn’t worry about the courts. She is worried about her money.
        Look at her neighbor Paridise Valley Steven Lonikar , lost his mansion PV and ended up pushing a shopping cart homeless in Mexico .
        She’s one step away .


    • Wake up public . 1:23 am on January 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply


      I found an article about how the medical board operates, with slippery psycho’s who will say or do anything. STEVEN LONIKAR ,the x of KYRA LONIKAR , public member.
      She was on cosmetology board and pharmacy board. 10 years .
      Seems like too much coincidence of the drugs, the controller of drugs, and people that wanna get high .

      Imagine a nurse who did this and now practicing no over sight ?as wild as letting this Board of nursing operate without any over sight !


      • Lou 6:08 pm on January 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        And thinking that they were married and lived together for years and she did not know? Or wasn’t ‘using” is a little naive . It is when she thought he lost his career and all his money she booked it and wasn’t going to be penniless.
        Hope she gets smart real fast , and realize how corrupt the AZ Bd of Nursing is , and make the same exit Dale did , and quite a few others .
        Just like the ones separating from Trump, they don’t need him anymore and want to appear to be untainted . Your in politics your running a dirty life. (being on the bon is political nursing , shameful)


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:22 pm on December 13, 2020 Permalink  

    Nurse Shortage AZBN 

    The concept that there is nursing shortages related to the pandemic is formed conclusively by the governor mandating nursing students be given temporary licenses; a latent response. The nursing shortage has been noteworthy in Az. for at least five years. One only has to know the amount of Travel Nurses employed by agencies doubling the costs for hospitals; I won’t do the math for you but think if you have 10 travel nurses costing at least 2000.00 per shift and multiply that by perhaps by 3000 a day which would probably cover about half of Arizona’s travel tribe per day. Not possible?? It is possible and happening for a long time, right now.

    The need for nursing needs have increased and the shortage factor needs to be put under the big light. The is no shortage of qualified, healthy, gifted nurses who have been tossed by the AZBN for bogus reasons. I know 25 right here today who worked unimpeded for at least ten years, or more, who define a useless Board that claims public safety. The complaints mounded up by the public treacherously combines with an out of control AZBN to dismantled modern nursing. If a nurse spends years in training and work supervised for years what can this Board do? I am going to tell you. They can suborn perjury, alter documents, harass nurses & aides, employ ridiculous stipulations, require treatment for non-exist issues, mail false documents in U.S. mail, and sit and get lazy and fat and never under-dressed for the performances of idots. The last people working nurses need in their profession is Regulatory agencies whose real function is to get a paycheck and shield physicians and hospitals true mode of operation from the people they’re hired to deliver the real message to and protect. All roads to hell are paved with good intentions?

    Nursing Boards are one of the major reasons of U.S. nurse shortage. The AZBN is one of the major reasons for the shortage in Arizona.

    “The 9 most dangerous words you’ll ever hear in your life….’Im the government..I am here to help you.” Ronald Reagan

    • Over them 5:55 pm on December 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      There is way more than 25 . that were political pawns of the corrupt AZBON. Not to mention the ones who got long probation’s THREE years , since when is that the “STANDARD” probation. ? pretty crazy . Board members are inexperienced . The only ones put on any probation should be for drug tests only . You left out a whole bunch of violations too but that is ok , takes another post to fill that gap. Why aren’t the board members working bedside since they think they know so much , you don’t even see JACHO around , non of these ‘deciders of those who work the trenches are willing to do what they do” .


      • HERO DR Cleavon Gilman 10:47 pm on December 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Hospitals health care in Arizona is the bottom of the barrel and the AZ BON is adding to the problem . Instead of watching nurses who are impaired they are going after ones who report unsafe conditions. Some hospitals worse than others YUMA MEDICAL CENTER IS THE ANUS OF THE U S . no healthcare worker should ever go there to work , do not trust them . They have been doing dirty to nurses for a long time . Now they went after a Dr , to silence him and it BACKFIRED!! Their mgt are made up of high paid morons , corrupt , gang infested mafia style control the forces . What stupid mistakes they make . THEN lie about it as ‘misunderstanding’ when it blew up in their dirty faces !!! This Dr not only did not silence , he got louder and put the YRMC HELL “s GATES in the national spot light . Way to go DR !!!! “Here is is statement ” “””KUDOS !! He is right this is WRONG !! “”” All I know is this hospital is trying to crush my voice, they want to silence me and they want to financially hurt me. This is all so wrong.” the doctor wrote on Twitter. “”


        • BE S EN 7:58 am on December 15, 2020 Permalink

          UH people haven’t learned the border town , shit show, where everyone speaks spanish because they don’t know English . SMH at this dump. OR buddy had his shoes stolen in the changing room . Employee thief probably sold them .


        • Theodore 5:22 pm on December 15, 2020 Permalink

          This Dr publicly humiliated, he repeated what he was told, but because it was all a lie, and others reading it would know the true , they attacked him. He counter attacked and rightly so . yet when the butt kisser’s post their rah rah , how great it is, that is ok . ??
          Sometimes stupid people misjudge others and what they will do , maybe if people STARTED running their jobs honestly they wouldn’t have to worry about cover up !


        • A L W 6:29 pm on December 15, 2020 Permalink

          Nurse Shortage ? they are not only firing Docs, in Yuma , but experienced nurses as well. During a covid crisis, firing nurses . AMY LOWERY WALTON , 15 years dedicated nurse loyal to the hospital , and gave no reason , just fire away. This is the disrespect this ‘uncaring ” money focused , underhanded so called ‘hospital ‘ works . If they will do this they will do anything ! yup the voice of reason speaks out : ” Just terminate all of us…..then where will you be YRMC?? I have talked to so many in our position. Wow. Unbelievable.
          I’m not saying my importance to the organization is anywhere near this physician. He is on the front lines saving lives and I was deep in the basement doing chart reviews for surgery patients, not performing patient care.
          But I am saying, if you’re not a “yes man” they will get rid of you! Instead of embracing different opinions and looking for creative solutions to problems or by finding better ways of doing things by asking the staff, the leadership doesn’t want to hear it.
          They wanted to tell us what the solutions were and we were expected to just blindly follow. If it’s not leadership’s way, it’s the highway. There is no collaboration.
          Edited to add: I have no idea what his “real” story is, who he is or any of the facts, but I know my story, who I am and my facts. Regardless, Yrmc is not the family I used to know.”


        • Retired RN 4:01 pm on December 22, 2020 Permalink

          glad to see your bringing up the horrible border town mess down here. Justin Farren is bailing ship . at 399,685 a year . This is why health care is so expensive . He was on the ‘leadership” committee . If this is leadership , just another high paid Bull shitter . grad marriott bus school and we know who runs that ! the dots are connecting again. He writes as he “”walks the halls of every department , what pride”” blah blah blah……. worked their icu 3 years and never saw that man.


      • Good one. 1:39 am on December 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        There is no way these inhumans will ever admit the truth , no way. When asked what really happened sad is that people will believe them over an accused. Why , ” they think that they have “inside information” they ‘ can’t just make stuff up ” They watch tv and think that trials you have to have some type of evidence. And it is not easy to charge someone. IF you are corrupt and every person involved is corrupt !! Including your own attorney . Don’t expect anyone to admit they were wrong ever ! They are narcissist’s . Let’s go over the basic tenets of NPD:

        Narcissists do not care about anyone but themselves.
        Narcissists never do anything wrong.
        If you think they have done something wrong, you are wrong and will be gaslighted.
        If gaslighting you fails, the narcissist will approach you in a different way.
        If you have genuine proof they did something wrong, they might offer an apology. It will not be genuine.
        Narcissists only apologize if it is necessary to advance their agenda.
        Narcissists are clever enough to act incredibly sincere when giving you a fake apology.
        If you think you can tell the difference between a real and a fake apology from a narcissist, you are delusional.
        Narcissists only apologize when they have something to gain.
        What the narcissist has to gain by pretending to be genuinely remorseful may not be obvious at first.


        • Reviewed 2:24 am on December 27, 2020 Permalink

          There are too few limits to the extremes to which a Board is allowed to go in the name of protecting the public. Ever-expanding and intrusive requirements (including some of truly dubious value), no commitment to efficiency in processing of paperwork, lack of due process to those accused, and failure to rein in the excesses of the hired staff are common failings of this state nursing Board. Some even boast of how tough they are, which seems odd to be – shouldn’t a licensing Board instead boast of how fair and just it is? It’s much preferable to be a Solomon than a Saul.

          Procedural safeguards to protect physicians from arbitrary, erroneous, or self-serving behavior by Boards can be shockingly few. It can be extremely hard to successfully appeal even a wantonly reckless Board decision to administrative Court.

          I support the ultimate goal of what nursing boards are SUPPOSE to do , which is to insure that nurses, np , cna’s are competent and qualified to practice. However, I also believe that they should conduct the mission in a manner that is prudent, efficient, and just. Right now, this AZBON fails that standard.


        • RN anonymous 6:40 pm on December 28, 2020 Permalink

          Great site , but lots of read that is for sure. Hold my name if you can. Just something for those of you out there who lost there license. There is one particular case, where a graduate nurse was before the board, the one named Randall Quinn, was extremely RUDE to her . Certainly wasn’t dressed like little house on the prairie woman . Then she gets her license on probation , of course you all know the probation is set up to fail. unless your a real kiss butt type, you will fail. Not exactly telling them how great they are and wonderful and thank you for working with me , kissy kissy. anyways , something on probation , did jive with this board, Machesky was against the rest taking a license , but they did anyways. McCormies of course was all for it . Now she comes back before the board. and guess who is the “investigator ” ?Emma Mamaluy. ! She ‘made a deal ” and saw this nurse’s lawyer would mop the floors with her , so it went very quickly by the board , who obviously discussed it earlier than the board meeting and ok’d another consent agreement ! On a revoked license . Did 5 yrs pass ? No, not even 5 months. When it comes to EMMA MAMALUY they is nothing too dirty , unscrupulous with this dirty dog . Not trying to out my friend but you may remember this ,one with unusual name Shenendoah K. I say good for her, but just saying is this how it normally goes??? Was Emma Mamaluy , handling the matter because she did want to tell another investigator “we’re going to give a consent agreement, don’t ask just do it ” . Sad that those who think a board of nursing has some people working there with integrity ! Nothing can be further from the truth !


        • Korn Kase 1:39 am on December 29, 2020 Permalink

          on the case with the nurse being revoked then a consent agreement, some back door sleazy tactics with Mamaluy. Emma playing favorites or just doing herself a favor doesn’t want the work of court, in return what does she get for ‘incentives” , palm greased ? Very telling when she actually takes a case, keep the verbal talks between her and the other lawyer then no one has the goods on her . she thinks . Of course JR ok with all of it, she may have benefited too. Sit back and watch who flips first .


        • Bettacha 6:47 am on January 1, 2021 Permalink

          Places all around are using new grads in ICU, beware folks ! Of course what the heck does a bd care who job it is to protect the public. Oh there are too busy hiring P I’s spying looking for dirt, set ups, stalking , telling blatant lies about . Let’s see who will join in the bashing party , who is low enough? Only a couple that may not , but we’ll see. Love it when they decide to join in, that makes them a party to the action. Keep coming . We’ll see this through 2021 and far into the future .
          oh and some of the new grads don’t have a license .
          smart if they don’t get one in AZ !!!


      • Hunter 3:24 pm on December 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        AZNA is so corrupt ! Siding and sticking up for the dirt at the board office . They use their “fabricated numbers ” to influence politicians to vote for bills. As if they are a huge group of nurses. They might have some with higher degrees who benefit from their dangerous bills introduced. Making it so no over sight on CRNA (talk about dangerous ) when you see what numbnuts can get that degree. Making it so another group can write prescriptions. CNS. scary . (a name that comes to mind, is Randy Quinn , the scary -odd ball ). Anyone who path in nursing is involving themselves in politics is not a caring nurse , is not anyone who has their heart in it. Turn on other nurses , we know how you are, you fool no one , they will screw their own mothers if told to do so . And they are always told what to do . That’s why Quinn the odd ball wanted to practice on the little women who come before the board . Like he is the ‘decider ” to those who do not follow the creeps he is extremely obnoxious , over the top , and a down right rude asshole . No other word for it but ASSHOLE .
        One politician who is working for the AZNA , like a puppet on a string , Heather Carter , introduced a bill for the board of nursing to investigate the shortage of nursing ! (that they created ! ) . Some people have figured it out, that is why she has an underground web page against her.


        • DDR 5:21 am on December 28, 2020 Permalink

          For about six months, I worked as an health care provider for a large psychiatric hospital. I had lost my previous job when that company went bankrupt, so this was at least a steady paycheck. The problem was that I hated the new job.

          My boss was female, which was no problem for me, but, since I was the only male on her team, she repeatedly found ways to belittle me in front of my coworkers. It was embarrassing and humiliating. Plus, I was a licensed therapist, so I was grossly overqualified for the job. In short – I hated what I did.

          I soon secured another position, and then sent an email to my boss as well as to HR, informing them of my two weeks’ notice. Almost immediately, my phone rang and my boss rudely blurted out, “If you are quitting, then today is your last day. Bring me your laptop tomorrow and you are finished.”

          This wasn’t my first time to resign a job, and I knew the law. I also knew that my predecessor was not only allowed to work out her two weeks notice, the boss even threw her a going away party!!

          So, rather than arguing with my boss, I simply hung up and called the VP who was her boss. He and I had always gotten along very well, and when he answered I simply said to him, “So, Ron, I have a question for you. Since when is it the hospital’s policy to fire an employee as soon as they turn in a two week notice?” He stuttered and stammered for a second and finally said that was NOT in line with their personnel policy by any means and then he wanted to know why I was asking the question. I explained it all to him and he apologized profusely (especially when I mentioned legal action). We finally agreed that I would work out one more week, and I started the new job the following day.

          The funny part was when the boss called me the day after I spoke with the VP and demanded to know why I had gone over her head. I simply told her, “Erica, there are policies and rules in place for a reason. I tried to be nice and turn in a two week notice, but you made it nasty. You can’t screw with me and expect to get away with it.”

          Only a few months later, she was fired.
          Many will get the same ax for their abuse of power trip at the agency . just watch .


        • WATCH THEM ! 6:42 am on January 1, 2021 Permalink

          I see your mentioning yuma aka “hell’s gates” , so here is what we think. While a CNA got denied a certificate and destroyed her ability to get a job. DIRTY board members , and their dumb women who go along with them For those of you in Yuma may be doing an out patient procedure and will be getting anesthesia , something to think about. A group of CRNA”s , AZAS (az anesthesia solutions ) whose managing partner is Randy Quinn the unprofessional ,biased one with pour critical thinking , bad judgement, seems to do ‘favors ‘ for those who are of the same ‘faith” members , especially loves to dictate to woman . He got on the AZ BON by having a buddy , Harris who was lobbyist introduce a bill that CRNA’s can be on the BON. They represent a very small population of nurses, so this was directly to get randy whom many nurses refer to as “the village idiot ” on the board. (Harris takes cases to the BON and those nurse end up better off than most).
          So Randy Quinn; the former pres of the BON, made so many extremely pour decisions , all on his own , no Board decision he would just blurt out his nonsense to get the jump on anyone else and the woman on the board , were as gutless and mealy mouths as you can get. One of them yuma’s own Leslie Dalton, who like Quinn , have been indoctrinated with some odd beliefs. If you ever watched him operate it went like this ; most of the time he made the first motion, the sheep of women on the board would all follow , baaaaaa , a 2nd and a vote for his motion. A one man band dictator of nurses. Disgusting as they come.
          So Quinn and his partners have AZAS of which a CRNA is working in YUMA, at the surgery center. Now , you can’t say for absolute certain but there is a few clues ,and never been wrong , something don’t look quit right. His picture is on the site. Remember Anesthesia is the # 1 area that drugs disappear, are abused, and easy to get. Lots of reasons for this. So When Thomas J Muller who is listed as a CRNA who goes to YUMA, one has to wonder how this all took place.
          Muller got a nursing license in MI 9/20/79 but went inactive 3/31/13 . Now he then heads to Iowa where he is listed as an RN , not sure about you but someone who has CRNA , working in OR, and gives anesthesia, is now working as an RN is pretty fishy. Then he worked in California as an RN , hmmm. another what ‘s up with this . Gotta be a pay cut, and he would not be allowed to intubate as a RN , if you can put 2 + 2 together . Going from MI to AZ , where he gets RN license and CRNA in 2000 ! seems to have stumbled along the way. This is all one opinion , and not trying to cause alarm . But when citizens of Yuma careers are ruined by this board, and after 10 years still do not take the defamation off and cause them problems for LIFE , I do have a problem with someone possibly getting special treatment , especially when money is as stake.
          Then comes to AZ and he is listed as CRNA . To say on AZAS description of Muller , “his career began over 30 years ago”. accurate , well maybe, which career ? CRNA or Bedside Rn ? To post that he has “38 years of DIVERSE EXPERIENCE ” diverse ? ! ok. well, it is unheard of a CRNA , who works as and RN , then without any further schooling ? it appears is back to being a CRNA ? (he may have some CEU”S somewhere along the line. But obtaining a license in AZ without some type of background, and having a clean record, well like I say Randy was at the board, and now he works for him . What ever happened or didn’t happen it should be in the record for ever , never gets erased .
          Like I say something to think about , this is extremely important part of any procedure .
          Quinn made it so many nurses who were falsely or for reasons that were never put them out of work in other states. He alone made it so they could not work in their field . Destroyed families, destroyed good careers, but he is working , and others in the AZ Anesthesia Solutions . Certainly complaints have gone into the AZ BON on one or more of the members of this group, but the BON is not going to take the complaint . Just like they protected Yuma medical center, when Karen O’Grady , former Pres of the BON , got a ‘false rumor” brought it to mgt attention . The BON , does alot to protect one of their own. SHAMEFUL .
          That is NOT meant that a nurse working at YRMC is protected, the exact opposite.
          This articles written here are the soul opinion of the writer, many of the facts can be obtained from LARA, or from national council. Any other source , may have biased or simply just deny all. The writer here does more to protect the public, expose those who are not following their mandates, hold up the Constitution , and due process. Than the BON and they get paid to do so , and took an oath .
          Notice Angela Fountain quit this group.


      • C. A 6:16 am on December 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        actual case : C A , Rn
        As a DON, you are responsible for everyone else’s screw-ups whether you knew about it, condoned it etc. Find another job & call state board of nursing. I was a nursing home administrator for 10 years & always had great surveys. Until one facility: the nurse’s were documenting that a resident was abusing other residents. Yes, they wrote the word abuse. There were no incident reports, no notifications to DON or me, thus no notifications to Board of Health or other action taken. The abuse consisted of the lady smacking the hands of others as you would a child. She was demented & thought she was their babysitter. When state surveyors came in and witnessed this and saw documentation, they interviewed DON & me. Accused us of “covering up” by destroying incident reports, etc. I got reprimanded by the state board od administrators & could have done jail time for something I didn’t even know about. I had a lawyer, gave up my license & left nursing homes forever. So, get a lawyer & leave that job & nursing homes in your rear view mirror asap!!!
        NURSES WHO HAVE BEEN BEFORE THE AZBON KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS , TELLING NURSES TO CONTACT THE BON WHEN THEY HAVE A PROBLEM !!! Nurses have no idea the BON is not your friend , they are suppose to be neutral but they are NOT . Biased bitches, pretty much all of them . She lost her Admin license , but not nursing license. Don’t forget board member “‘TERESA BERRINGER ” “teri ” , WAS BEFORE THE NURSING ADMIN BOARD; many accusations . AND GOT OFF MOST LIKELY ONLY REASON WAS CAUSE SHE TOLD THEM SHE IS ON THE AZBON . Some who do not know how they act , will think she has special knowledge the rest wonder what this lpn is doing judging NP , Rn’s and always going for the jugular , like she could do one day of working direct patient care, we know she does case mgt , paper work shuffler.


      • Get out of this state . m lee 6:46 am on December 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        treat travelers like this and wonder why nursing shortage ! I for one knows first hand never to return to AZ . sounds like mgrs are like BON , everything is unprofessional , except THEM of course!
        Hello lovelies!
        I recently was cancelled unexpectedly for a 4wk crisis contract halfway and the agency still won’t give me a written explanation which is usual. They just interviewed my side of the story.
        What happened was I was overwhelmed as ratios are unsafe, no huc, had primary due to lack of pca/cna and had 2 patients almost deteriorate bc they removed their non rebreathers. (one case the doctor saw it and didn’t tell anyone)- yes total negligence and potential lawsuit…
        having not eaten lunch yet around 3pm, a random high level administrator asked me questions and asked about concerns. Well, I was hungry and burnt out and I’m actually a bit too honest and trusting for my own good so told him about the safety concerns due to lack of staffing. No griping, just short and sweet, hoping they will take considerations for patient safety.
        Next thing you know, they don’t need me anymore and my agency tells me they said I was “unprofessional and negative”. like what???
        So being honest and trying to answer the exact questions asked is negative? Sorry I care more about saving lives over their greed and receiving more money for covid deaths and not caring about our safety and license as well.
        So read your contract well and now I know what to include on future ones. “for any cancellations/terminations, the facility needs to give written proof otherwise they must pay for full stipends for contract.”. They can’t just let go of people for personal judgement and fear of being reviewed badly which will now be the case. (Abrazo – in phoenix)
        You know agencies don’t care about you and they will take the client’s side. They basically told me not to say anything next time. Oh really? like i didn’t know that…🙄
        I understand high pay is a good motivator, but it is not worth your health, patient safety and peace of mind.


      • RN, exited ! 7:12 am on January 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        This is the trust the nurses who left yuma med center have in the place
        QUOTE ::””Community Hospital gone wild!
        Lay off people, force nurses to retire, force ICU nurses to risk their license by caring for 5 to 6 critical patients when the maximum should be two patients per nurse.
        And why?
        So YRMC can complete their monopoly! Buy more property, more buildings, more practices, more golden parachutes and exit strategies.
        Perhaps deaths are up because care is down.
        Some nurses are quitting rather than risk losing their license or helplessly watching people die.
        The Operating Board could stop this reckless behavior.”””}


    • phd quote 6:38 pm on December 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Many people heard about A T case, across the country. Seems like this dirty agency gets off on dishing out pain, inflicting hardship onto others . Get them so stressed they will cave like a narcissistic mentally disordered gang . And that comes from a phd (and not the fake dr who has nursing phd )


      • anti mo 4:43 am on December 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Saw this site long time ago congratulations on maintaining it . Just some observations that maybe you haven’t thought of. A thought on how they operate, in other areas of their lives as well . TV Ads running in AZ for those who were sexually abused to contact these attorney’s. Never does it say a word about mormon’s but implies priests are the only ones who have done this. A picture of a man wearing black putting a priest collar on . While I am sure this happens , and if so the victim has until dec 30th to file, and pay outs are pretty much guaranteed while remaining confidential . From the knowledge of lds, and the huge number who have been highlighted (caught ) either with woman, children, or men , is substantial. Now we look at the sponsor of this law to increase the statue of limitations (there are none ) is Paul Boyer a mormon, directing this at catholics. His wife Sister Boyer is on the board . The firm has J. anderson, (notice the board of nursing has anderson on it. ) it seems to be close relationship with the sponsor of the bill. Another action that took place just before this new bill , was the mormon cult separated from the boy scouts . Did they know the suit would be coming and wanted to separate ? Many elders in this cult are listed as Eagle scouts, like they are proud of it but want nothing to do with them now. No way discounting anyone’s claim but making it focus on one group when the other group is just as bad or even worse. I certainly hope this was not an act to create a money flow to friends, or to use for future political feather in his hat. When one seems to be rampant with abuse, pornography, and discounting any woman’s accusation of mistreatment by males. To place the focus on their main competition for new recruits, is not what this should be about.


        • FNP 4:58 am on December 20, 2020 Permalink

          Elizabeth Campbell is suborning perjury , setting up witnesses encouraging them to lie, and they actually give false testimony . Not hard to spot, this is what we call suborning perjury. Who on the board is going to commit perjury for any one of these slimy lawyers ???


        • NYDR 7:18 am on January 3, 2021 Permalink

        • watch her !! 7:28 am on January 3, 2021 Permalink

          Everyone who has been through a board complaint , has found the stinky fart lurking in the shadows . Known as the “”head of the snake.”” Emma Mamaluy . Formerly with the AZ Attorney Gen office is now the chief bull shitter at the bd of nursing . She can manipulate people, J R is one . Through her dirty deeds has caused more harm . Very easy clients , caring nurturing nurses . To emma bama, she cannot relate , no way. When an atty gets involved , depends on if they are dirty like her. She likes to cozy up , take their cases and ‘handle ” them . certainly looks like a pay day for one of them . ‘deal?”


    • Angela G. 10:54 pm on December 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      YUMA SUCKS , Framed me and fired me over nonsense , put it all over the news. Part of the SHAME GAME, now Yuma SUN won’t run the truth about this DR !! Looks like this newspaper is corrupt too all of Yuma is ! HR, Mgrs, Dirty SOB:S they are the crud of the earth !! DO NOT TRUST YUMA HOSPITAL , LIARS , all of them ! Real Smart Yuma , fire this war hero in middle of pandemic , real A HOLES in YUMA . ” Dr C. Gilman served as a hospital corpsman in the U.S. Marines during the Iraq War before becoming the chief resident of emergency medicine at New York-Presbyterian Hospital during the beginning of the pandemic.

      In an interview with AzCentral, Gilman says, “The death toll during the entire Iraq War was equivalent to what we see now every single day,” he said. “You could leave a warzone if you couldn’t handle it. COVID is everywhere.”


      • Gusto $ News. 11:09 pm on December 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        NEXT UP DOCTOR SHORTAGE ! Your right what Dr (or nurse ) would go to YUMA and work in this mess !! You got management who are lying through their teeth. You got docs/ and dirty nurses who are on staff or were on staff on the boards. One big gangster wild wild west . Sound like a bunch of inbreeds doing the thought processes . Yes , it does look like they made big a big mistake !! They will have to really advertise a bunch more lies to over come this ! QUOTE DR GILMAN “”” can’t trust a place that would do this to an Iraq war veteran and a person that has been very outspoken about the pandemic trying to raise awareness about this and not allow me to work during this surge,” Gilman told KTAR

        Dr. Gilman has gained a following for his social media posts and received a call from President-Elect Joe Biden thanking him for his work. He was in New York City at the beginning of the pandemic and moved his family to Yuma in the summer.

        Gilman has appeared on CNN and in a livestream with former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke. On Twitter @Cleavon_MD where he had more than 92,000 followers as of Friday, he has memorialized victims of COVID-19 and also criticized Gov. Doug Ducey and the state response to the pandemic.”””
        Remember Ducey 2022 , NO – to what ever he thinks about running for !! useless !


        • RN anonymous 10:18 pm on December 14, 2020 Permalink

          Nurses that are on staff here in Yuma, were encouraged to retire when they started making top of pay scale and when they refused, BOARD COMPLAINT . One took two years to fight, with that lawyer up there in Phoenix. It is certainly pattern of illegal unethical behavior here . And yes , they are a hot mess to work for . New nurses are doing some really experienced nurse duties right now so some real board complaints will be hitting the bd. Everyone should just stay home or be a board member, if you are wired to be as crooked as the Yuma mess. I am anonymous because Yuma leadership committee likes to duct tape us from talking (unless it ‘s good ) but nothing is good here, not even the paycheck!


        • T B 4:24 am on December 18, 2020 Permalink

          looking up the article saw awhile back on kristi hunter , she was being a real bitch , sticking her nose into others affairs , taking one for the team . but wait ? what team seemed like she got out of this dirty gerdy board. i ‘d like to read that article about her again if you still have it on here. She did some real nasty stuff, to more than one.


    • Hairstyles 3:48 pm on December 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be really one thing which I think I would never understand. It kind of feels too complicated and very wide for me. I am taking a look ahead for your subsequent post, I抣l attempt to get the dangle of it!


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:42 pm on December 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        It really isn’t complicated. A bunch of ‘Jaba the Hut’ nurses who do not like labor; without throwing nurses under the bus there is no easy street.


        • No mo 8:29 pm on December 18, 2020 Permalink

          CAROLYN MCCORMIES , or known as SISTER MCCORMIES (haha ) ; She should never be on a board, never . Tend to take care of themselves , that why it’s a cult. . Yes, that ” put on” fake bitch. She joined the education committee and came in with that “overly chirpy demeanor ” that fake smile , that giddy forced happiness they have , like a permanent fixed grin. Fake , false prophets for sure. You can pick them out just by this . That brainwashing , don’t get upset your treated as a used object and you must shut your mouth and let the men have their way . Show us your ‘sweet spirits ” . Only Carolyn McCormies is not sweet she a wicked witch . Stab you heart and tell you it’s for your own good, what a sickening witch ! IF the students in Safford only knew ! According to her co worker they do know and lots of complaints on her . She also likes to attack co workers like she does nurses at the board . Acts like bishops handing out judgement calls on others . They wont let her do anything in that cult so she tries to look important , she hasn’t a clue how insane she makes herself look. just plain NUTS . fake as they come .


        • BSN to NP 4:55 am on December 20, 2020 Permalink

          Uh Carolyn McCormies , is not only a suck butt she is a put on fake , your right about that one. telling joke mecormies she has R E S P E CT for her ! Jokey the unscrupulous one . busy altering records, falsifying documents, and munipulation of the board . No wonder mccmormies thinks the world of her , she wants to do more unprincipled acts ?


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:39 pm on December 20, 2020 Permalink

          They All Swing….eventually!


        • Good one. 2:43 pm on December 23, 2020 Permalink

          If anyone thinks that many from az bd of nursing nasis are not reading these posts think again. When someone mentioned Paul Boyer introducing a bill aimed at Catholics, and then ads that show a male wearing black putting a priest collar on, it was Captain Obvious, he got the law passed so his buddies in the law field would go after them and make money . Then it was brought up about the Bishop mormons, and non bishop mormons, who are the biggest offenders, not in ads , then within a week , here comes the mormon ads ! highly suspicious !! Boyer doesn’t want it to look like he is focusing on another ‘faith” . Certainly someone got to the tv stations, run by byu, to run a few mormon ads to level the playing field. The timing of the incidents are very telling . Never should anyone that is part of this cult ever be tied up in politics. OR BE on the board of nursing !!! ).
          Just when the board gets accused of stalking the board with cult members they put a black woman as President (way against Quinn – wishes ) LOLLOL


        • don't need to be fly on the wall 2:55 pm on December 23, 2020 Permalink

          Why is it that JOKEY RIDENOUR is searching on Linkedin ? she will never know who is reporting what is really going on. She can trust NO ONE.
          Not even Valerie Smith , the one Janine Dahn is trying to emulate . Oh yes follow right in her footsteps.
          and especially the one who is pretending to protect her and her ASSets . Sometimes those with little to do create problems , to make it look like they are needed . and tell the trusting target , they will ‘take care of it.” . While taking care of themselves.
          Watching from within and P B will never rat out one who is feeding them first hand info.


        • Ter 6:10 am on December 29, 2020 Permalink

          A nursing instructor who spent the night at McCormies , (having meetings and driving etc) she said it was more than weird. Felt very uncomfortable , and btw her husband is definitely the boss around the house. Anyone surprised ? that time a nurse telling her story said a cop lied, and McCormies told the rest of the board “i don’t think the cop would lie, do you , no he wouldn’ t lie ” Just one of the stupid statements she makes and proves her worlds existence and thought processes , are as messed up as they come.


    • LORS FRIEND 2:07 am on December 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      No shortage of lying prosecutors . Now this one is on trial. Most of the comments want her *ss in prison. If This is exactly how ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL operates. Gets board members and any witnesses to look at her at trial and she ‘mouths” the answer to them . A pre set up signals back and forth. The board members know this , during covid when she thinks no one is watching, and 1-2 see these antics, waving arms , telling board members what to say, while lying thru her teeth “you can do what ever you want ” like its all the boards idea. Dirty SKANK , stinky liar .
      TOPEKA — A state official trying prosecutor Jacqie Spradling on ethics charges says her pattern of misleading juries about evidence in high-profile cases warrants the indefinite suspension of her law license.

      The prosecutor’s actions in Dana Chandler’s double murder trial suggest she was either incompetent or intentionally dishonest, said deputy disciplinary administrator Matt Vogelsberg.

      Spradling faces potential sanctions for her handling of the 2012 double murder trial of Dana Chandler in Shawnee County, and the 2017 trial of Jacob Ewing for sex crimes in Jackson County. Courts overturned both convictions because of false statements Spradling made to jurors.
      Investigators with the disciplinary administrator’s office arrive with evidence Monday before the hearing of complaints against prosecutor Jacqie Spradling. (Sherman Smith/Kansas Reflector)

      “Respondent engaged in a pattern of misconduct in these two complaints,” Vogelsberg said Friday in closing remarks of a five-day disciplinary hearing. “She committed multiple offenses. Respondent engaged in deceptive practices during the disciplinary process. And finally, she has substantial experience in the practice of law.”

      LJ Leatherman, a Topeka attorney representing Spradling, said she made unintentional mistakes at trial “in the heat of battle.”

      “My client has gone on a four-year journey, and in that four-year journey she has grieved that publicly she has been embarrassed for her mistakes,” Leatherman said. “But make no mistake, that’s exactly what they were — mistakes. And they happen in litigation because that is of the nature of litigation.”

      Alma attorney Keen Umbehr filed a complaint against Spradling in 2016 following oral arguments in the Chandler case before the Kansas Supreme Court. Justices grilled Spradling on a number of problems with statements she made to the jury about evidence that didn’t exist.

      A prosecutor who initially reviewed the complaint on behalf of the disciplinary administrator’s office concluded Spradling did nothing wrong. The complaint was investigated further after the Supreme Court concluded otherwise.

      Law enforcement authorities immediately directed their attention to Chandler following the 2002 murders in Topeka of her ex-husband, Mike Sisco, and his fiancee, Karen Harkness.

      Vogelsberg said Spradling knew a “fictitious” protection from abuse order didn’t exist when she asked a Topeka police detective on the stand to confirm otherwise. She then told jurors in closing arguments that they knew Chandler was guilty because Sisco had obtained the order and Chandler violated it.

      Spradling also had no basis for telling jurors about the details of a five-minute phone call between Chandler and Sisco shortly before the murders, or that Chandler had returned from Topeka to Denver by way of Nebraska after the murders. Those comments were based on unproven theories by law enforcement that lacked evidence.

      The prosecutor also told jurors that Chandler had searched for news stories about how to get away with murder, even though the internet searches for celebrity crime that had been discovered on a computer by law enforcement were made before Chandler had access to the computer.

      Vogelsberg said Spradling lied about the internet searches and protection from abuse order in sworn statements to investigators as part of the disciplinary review process.

      In the Ewing case, Spradling misstated evidence during closing arguments in an attempt to inflame prejudice and passions of jury members, Vogelsberg said.

      Leatherman said prosecutors shouldn’t fear every mistake they make during difficult trials will be used against them as evidence of misconduct. Every prosecutor who has reviewed Spradling’s actions at both trials concluded there was no misconduct, he said.

      For Spradling to knowingly mislead jurors about the nonexistent protection order in the Chandler case, Leatherman said, she would have needed cooperation in the conspiracy from the trial judge who didn’t stop her, the police detective who testified about the order, and the defense attorney who didn’t object.

      “What was she trying to do when she put in the motion?” Leatherman said. “She was trying to speak for the dead. You see, we have a horrible hearsay problem with Mike because he’s dead.”

      Leatherman said he doesn’t believe discipline for Spradling would be appropriate.

      “It simply doesn’t make any sense that the best prosecutor in the state of Kansas prosecuting the most difficult case, at least that I know of — circumstantial evidence — would be so dumb as to screw it up by creating a fictional order,” Leatherman said.

      A panel of three attorneys appointed by the Kansas Supreme Court presided over the disciplinary hearing and will issue a report and recommendation to the court. Justices can accept the panel’s recommendation, or impose lesser or more severe punishment. Options include a public reprimand, suspension or disbarment.


      • Former friend worked at Bd 2:16 am on December 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Emma Mamaluy’s part time job is lying . Let these two dirty dogs share a prison cell. Watch the cat fight, like female mud wrestlers , rip each others orange suits off , hair pulling, “bitch!” and blame game .
        Neither one can work anywhere else , they would never last . With Joey Ridenour in charge she lets them do what ever they want . No supervision at all , putting too much confidence in these two bimbos , lower than ambulance chasers. Guess she is used to the lower than whale shit on the ocean floor- lawyers ; when you live with one.


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      • support nurses 7:12 pm on December 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Hey , out there -fyi; Currently at banner . They told us in huddle we are in tier 4 charting, so it’s chart by exception. Only one true focused complete assessment required. Next we are told we are flexed at 1 to 6 and its banner wide, meaning all banners are using this system. What we were not told is. Staff will be at 1-4 for pt care. I’ve been floated to 7 different units. The last three nights I was in PCU neuro. Patients were very sick but the ED, bed board placement and the charge did not pass on the info one of my patients had been tested for covid but the results were still pending and because they wanted the person out if the ED they didn’t wait to put them in a rule out area. In fact the report I received wasn’t even close to what I actually received. 20 min. Before shift change the results come in… covid positive! But wait!!! We were told that “we will never have a rule out on our floor” I wasn’t even aware I was receiving this patient so I did not look into the chart. I trusted!!! Never again. I filled out an incident report because this person was put into a room with another. What a mess. What bothers me is, the charge nurse sat on her phone chatting. That they are not fair in staffing ratios. It’s nuts and I extended now regretting it.


    • Observation tower 3:16 am on December 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Great site. Never thought in a million years that a solid career could lead to an investigation over NOTHING. No wonder all you guys and gals are so wanting someone to stop the madness. Nursing in Az is like working in a 3rd world country . Shocking so many associated with this dirty board can go along with this craziness. Best to all of you who are victims of the monster beasts . And May the New Year bring some kind of sanity and justice to all of you hard working good nurses whose only mistake was getting a license in Az and getting mixed up with dishonest politically charged warped minds. HAPPY HOLIDAYS !


    • Charlie Schmutz 1:07 am on December 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      A motivating discussion is definitely worth comment. I think that you should write more about this subject matter, it might not be a taboo matter but usually folks don’t discuss such issues. To the next! Kind regards!!


      • Mandie 8:46 pm on December 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        There are lots more . Comments that will get the tall spikes in reader viewing. Hope it is paying off.
        The ones who don’t discuss just lie down and play dead. We like the ones who stick up for themselves. “folks don’t discuss ” haha apparently you have not read the unrelated pile of dog poop put in the ‘reports ” of fiction . some real made up bullshit , to feed to the bd members who are either too stupid to figure it out, or willing to go along with corruption and bashing. Never trust anyone associated with the corrupt az board, or azna ! You’ve heard of ‘cato ” institute , the new Dir of azna , Robin Schaefer is a New York rat jumping shipping.


    • Hairstyles 5:13 am on December 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      magnificent points altogether, you just gained a new reader. What would you recommend about your post that you made a few days ago? Any positive?


    • Josephina Vizard 6:56 pm on December 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The subsequent time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my option to read, but I really thought youd have one thing fascinating to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you would repair in case you werent too busy searching for attention.


    • Hairstyles 1:30 am on December 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for another informative blog. Where else may just I am getting that kind of information written in such an ideal means? I have a undertaking that I’m just now operating on, and I’ve been on the look out for such info.


      • RTS 7:08 pm on December 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        you found the right place . we know the az bd of nursing nazis are running that crazy court, they know that you will not win, stacked against you . Rigged . That’s why Campbell has the board meet with any attorney to warn them about being hard on any state witnesses , or anyone from the board. Prominent attorney went to the ‘biased courts hearing” the bon told the chief bull shitter to have the alj’s get in writing who is present . Goes in file, and is on the internet. They want to control everything , and anything leaks out , you will be retaliated by the bon atty who is thinks she’s clever but not smart at all . you do not have to sign in , the courts are open to the public, unless Campbell and Krishma want to do illegal exe session excuse again.


    • Orpha Licano 2:40 am on December 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

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    • Hairstyles 2:09 pm on December 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I’m still learning from you, as I’m trying to achieve my goals. I certainly liked reading everything that is posted on your site.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!


    • 2021 soon 5:03 pm on December 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      too bad ROB IN Scaeffer doesn’t take the joke of a director with her . Oh yes you can bet the dirty director wishes she had bowed out , she’s in too deep now she has to stay to get the state to back her . The Gov. is has no say so, but she is responsible for the entire shit show. She relied on incompetent , with know it all attitudes to save her .
      Lots of out of state nurses here , must have thought AZ would be nice in the winter. We’re all heading up to Flagstaff snowboarding , if anyone up for it. It was a blast last week , we dont go on the week end , middle of the week. Think about what message we can write in the snow. !


    • Hairstyles 10:11 pm on December 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

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  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:11 pm on December 1, 2020 Permalink  

    Artificial Intelligence AZBN 

    First addressing spam and back room comments, if that file is porno or unrelated ecommerce backlinks they go away. Don’t know why some comments go to spam, but get reviewed there anyways. The main issue here now is some comments wanting names and details about quasi opinionated information. Almost all of the interviewed nurses claiming what is stated here have asked for anonymity out of retaliation fears. Not all of them. Although there are, presently several working both sides of the court system, their cave on two are out of state. Good luck, it took 20 yrs to get Broadway Joe with many dead. Bad move pardoning this guy. Point is the future is more of the same Road to Hell Will Be Paved With Good Intentions. I don’t deny the court judicial approach but since the constitution in Arizona doesn’t exist its only function is documentation; that 007 is annoyed at. Although I do applaud the judicial documentation.

    Nightingale was clear about Nursing Boards remaining in education with no connections for monitoring for several reasons, but paramount was statistical gathering of nurse entities which associations with illnesses became a conclusive successful treatment. Clinical issues are clinical issues and determining evaluations should not be done from afar. Basically only the nurse, and more importantly, nurses in the field of patient contact were the only ones capable of assessing nursing functions. 

    The diverse nature of the industry created many practices where independent nursing was common hence the need for monitoring rolls in. Time stands still for U.S. to be very high in the field of health care quality practicing hands on training with Nightinel principles with classroom closely associated with hands on follow-up training. By 1988 the advancements created more patients whom were allowed less clinical time; the workload increases, the need for more staff increases the machines get more sophisticated to do the clinical numbers. The socially trained nurses disappears, or in the State of Arizona, gets busted for doing good deeds, the artificial intelligent control moves in. And keeps moving. 

    The robots now seen on the horizon compared to what is already in place, AKA homo sapiens is accepted as simply doing a better job. When have you seen a machine not do a better job? Artificial intelligence can easily take over regulatory agencies and do a much better job and free up those wasted positions of high dollar employee costs to reduce the massive nurse shortage seen everywhere. 

    Therefore, the future of regulatory agencies lies in the hands of robots as they’re incorruptible, way less costly than the millions paid out to employees whom are poorly perceived by the public; for good reason. Believing this or not, it is right in front of you. Can you imagine just having aka atm where you input the evidence of a compliant and get an answer in a few minutes. Its possible. Sorry Flo, somebody let the lamp go out. Peary Brown retired R.N.

    • over here electricians in san diego 11:17 pm on December 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your blog. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? Excellent work!


      • Elise 10:14 pm on December 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Paul Peterson, former County Assessor Maricopa County has been sentenced to 74 months in prison for selling babies in Arkansas. (Utah , AZ) . He was not only conning the women from the Marshall Islands to coming to his unwed mothers homes, to deliver but he was putting them on the states free healthcare . Now these women did not know the language , he was bringing them in the same hospitals with his helper (interpretor) they were reported for suspicious behavior many times . NOW , you know that someone in hospital mgt covered this up . Nurses may have gotten fired over this . The state paid out plenty of money while dirty corrupt mormon cult member Peterson , was selling the babies for 40k each . Did he learn this bad behavior while serving as on his mission in the Marshall Islands or does it come mandatory readings and memorization’s they must do ? A real sick mind set there , one that has no respect for women at all .


        • GONG HER ! 4:03 pm on December 7, 2020 Permalink

          His twin brother Boyer making a statement like he is a bishop . “these are elected officials I am not going to tell them what to do” . But Sister Boyer (BIZARRE BETH) loves to tell licensed nurses what to do with their personal time and dictate her glass ball psychic future actions of the nurse to extreme punishment. Motion a board order to put a nurse through psych evaluation , when she had one , told them that, was in treatment for years and helping others . The Nurse she was ‘telling what she had to do to keep her license ” was like WHAT ? What did you just say.? This is example of an idiot who reads what some other idiot put in the computer with NO COMMON SENSE !! NO critical thinking !! NO put brain in gear before you open your stupid mouth , affecting someone else’s license greatly. Boyer is not qualified , has no critical thinking going on, but is on the board because of the connection of her spouse , who got into politics because of his connection with the cult . And this is who your license hangs with folks . Those who think they are the perfect ones and you are all the sinners of society , and if your female your always wrong.


      • B. R . 3:07 pm on December 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Shame on whoever reported him to the Nursing Board. Did the uniforms the hospital once provided cause harm to a patient? Did standing up to this new policy harm a patient? No, the issue was the hospital administration felt they lost control couldnt make this brave nurse wear what they wanted him to wear. RIDICULOUS that this was even accepted as a case by a nursing board let one an investigation of him not wearing his own scrubs. Wow! If he hurt or caused harm to anyone I’d understand but uniform policy? Does the board of nursing in Minnesota have nothing better to do than to cause stress on this nurse who was probably stressed to be working in a facility making such a big deal out of a disease saying wearing a hospital uniform would cause it to spread. Wow I’m appalled


      • speaker of truth ! 10:16 pm on December 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Arizona has similar issues that have been flying under the radar, that demand investigation. In a time when nurses are urgently needed the “system” plays petty, political games that ends up hurting the people and taxpayers. As concerned Arizona citizens, we demand an independent investigation of the political appointees that sit on the Board of Nursing that have cost Arizona nurses their careers in the state and nationally, just for speaking up, whistle-blowing, and non-patient disciplinary issues. Our nurses are not respected in Arizona. So when the shortage occurs dig deep into Arizona’s BON! Are they working in the public interest or covering their behinds?


      • Ronica 3:50 pm on December 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Not one nursing board is for the nurses. The board is for the public. The nurse board are there to protect the public. . No Public Protection , just dictatorship” .Nurses can get reported for fussing with another employee. I do not understand how he is in trouble for wearing hospital srubs? But if that is the jobs policy. He violated.
        It does not matter if your a nurse for 5 minutes. The board/job will hold you responsible. Any school that teach the Nurse program should educate students about the dues and don’ts. Make hand out for cases. What can be reported.
        Its all in what the nurse has violated. Either the job’s policy or the Nurse Practice Act. What did you violate?? It jus depends. They will hold him by flaunt.And it will be on his license forever.
        He would have to explain this to every job he applies for. A nurse is punished for life. I recommend a good nurse lawyer. This is sad and ridiculous. This is a dignity issue. What if his uniform was soiled?? What if he had a ripe in his pants? Etc. Any nurse can make mistakes. I would hope not kill somebody.
        You never know what you will do until you are put in a situation. This type of punishment should be address in schools and in classrooms. I bet we would have less mistakes or less nurses.
        This was not spoken of in class while i attended nursing school. I went into nursing with no real knowledge of the back round noise. I wish it had been discussed more openly in school.
        If anyone know the true struggle of life they would be too excited to really read about becoming a nurse and what it really takes. You will be happy that your struggle is kinda over. Your no longer living check to check. I feel for this man. What ever they wrote you about that is what it is. Get a lawyer and do not sign nothing.


      • EXPERIENCED 7:13 pm on December 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        THIS is what is working in the hospitals !! This is NOT the time to ‘see one do one’ but this nurse had no clue at all ! You cannot go into hospitals to keep your eye on the staff so this is what is going on ! How did they handle this ? nominated the nurse who showed her how to do it, while she had her own load of patients UNACCEPTABLE ! lives are being used as guinea pigs . “” I had to carry out a difficult order of taking a patient who was declining off of Bi – Pap. I had never taken a patient off of a Bi Pap and was very uncomfortable and emotional to have to carry out this order.”””


      • D Bryan 7:19 am on December 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        I get lots of reminders of why I am proud not be a Republican. Leader after leader of the party pander for votes and abandon the principles they campaign and sometimes preach on. Jeff Flake, Doug Ducey and Mitt Romney are just a few of the reasons I am registered as an independent and glad to be free from both party labels.(2 out of 3 are bug time cult ‘leaders” (sarcasm) and the “Duce ” worked as ceo for them . OF all the Republicans in AZ , he picks these three . Now look at the make up of the board. Think about it . !


      • Disappointed to say the least 6:00 pm on December 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        I remember all the Nurses in my life only to see how a couple of them treat other nurse’s. In 2011 I got a DUI after taking Ambien. I had worked short staffed on a Cardiac step down until the night before and went home and took my Ambien to be able to sleep that day. I was pulled over at 230 in the afternoon sound asleep, driving. I self reported myself to the BON only to find myself in the middle of the most judgemental board which is made up of mostly nurses. Because of the DUI it has been very difficult to find employment. Nurses don’t want to hear I’ve went through all of the BON request with letters to show I’m not a drug addict and I’m very competent to care for my patients safely. I’ve found out that someone that has spent time incarcerated have a better chance of getting a second chance from a nurse than a nurse. Yet we are the ones that support and help everyone else. They will say ‘poor choice” but nursing mgrs mandating over time and giving you a load of patients they could not do safely is not ‘poor choice” . ? lots of poor decisions for sure ! How many nurses fall asleep driving after a disaster shift ?


      • J 1:30 pm on December 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Sad how the stereotypes about nursing surface over and over.
        Nurses eat their own or their young.
        Only BSN and above are really nurses.
        Bedside or Roadside, what are you?
        If you ain’t certified, you don’t matter.
        How about this?
        Bedside nurses. Protect your patients and the staff you work with, including yourself.
        Non clinical……
        Either stop calling yourself a nurse or adhere to #1.
        You are either loyal to the patients and the Nurses (all nursing staff, not just one title)
        Or you are loyal to the system.
        Any accounts assistant can do that.


        • Yousef 6:24 am on December 10, 2020 Permalink

          Sounds about right , southern states worse . AZ worse than that .


      • NOT ANA FAN ! 7:25 pm on December 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Im electrician by trade now ICU nurse and there is no fking way a nurse any nurse can possibly work ICU after two days orientation. Crazy . Mgrs are nuts to allow this and they should fry , unsafe conditions . But they wont because the corrupt boards are biased to mgrs, prof’s . SHAME ON ALL OF THEM !! not what they are in place for. This is the norm and ANA / AZNA stand is “do the best you can “. Go home is the best you can take care of yourself and your license !


      • Avoiding Yuma/ az 4:26 pm on December 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        And Nurses think that Yuma Medical Center will treat them any better !? Horrible !!! HELL HOLE YUMA MEDICAL CENTER ! This Dr is a hero, and a war vet . Yuma loves to silence, or try too . Bad decision.
        Dr. Cleavon Gilman, a well-known emergency-medicine physician, has been asked not to return to his work at Yuma Regional Medical Center for his social media posts about the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic in Arizona, according to him and his staffing agency.

        “What I don’t understand about this is I have been advocating for Arizona; I have been calling for a mask mandate, the closure of schools and indoor dining,” Gilman told The Arizona Republic. “I did all of this because we are seeing an unprecedented number of cases. This is my third surge — I know how this ends.”

        The hospital said in a statement late Thursday night that “there has been a misunderstanding” and Gilman is scheduled to work this weekend. “News to me,” Gilman tweeted.

        Gilman, who in June moved his fiancé and two kids from New York to work in Yuma near the U.S.-Mexico border and “serve the small community during the pandemic,” has not been to work since Nov. 23.

        It started on Nov. 22 when Gilman tweeted “Just got to work and was notified there are no more ICU beds in the state of Arizona.”

        “What happened to the 175 beds??? We likely don’t have nursing to staff them,” he added. The Arizona Department of Health Services at the time reported that 90% of ICU beds were in use.

        His tweet received more than 81,000 likes and 30,000 retweets. Gilman said he finished his shift that day “without a problem.”

        The next morning, Nov. 23, Gilman had just arrived at the hospital when he received a call from the health care staffing company he works for, Envision Healthcare. Envision told him the hospital did not want him to come back to work.

        “They told me it was because of the tweets and I couldn’t believe it because that was accurate information I posted to inform the citizens of Arizona,” he said. “It is a grave injustice and it’s not just happening to me. Doctors everywhere are afraid to speak up.”

        Gilman was scheduled the following three days but the “hospital did not permit” him to come in, he said.

        “All I know is this hospital is trying to crush my voice, they want to silence me and they want to financially hurt me. This is all so wrong.”

        In a time where Gilman said hundreds of thousands of his colleagues are forced to leave the front lines due to burnout and rising infection rates among health care workers, it is a “slap in the face” to sit on the sidelines for “no reason.” But regardless of whether or not he holds a position at the hospital, Gilman said he isn’t going to be quiet on social media anytime soon.

        Around 11:45 p.m. Thursday, Yuma Regional Medical Center said in a statement posted on Twitter that “While he is not speaking on behalf of YRMC, we respect Dr. Gilman’s right to share his personal perspective on the pandemic.”

        “We need good caregivers like Dr. Gilman here,” the statement said.
        Gilman outspoken about COVID-19 response in Arizona

        Gilman served as a hospital corpsman in the U.S. Marines during the Iraq War well before he became the chief resident of emergency medicine at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital during the beginning of the pandemic, a moment in history he said was “worse than war by a long shot.”

        “The death toll during the entire Iraq War was equivalent to what we see now every single day,” he said. “You could leave a war zone if you couldn’t handle it. COVID is everywhere.”

        Starting March 20, Gilman began documenting “what was happening on the frontlines” in his online journal, “#CleavonMDjournal.”

        His first post: “Tough night last night. Intubated a young woman with a history of smoking who decompensated very fast. There are so many COVID cases in New York City.”

        His posts about COVID-19 drew wide attention thanks in part to their insight into a hot spot in the early days of the pandemic. Approximately 203,000 cases of COVID-19 were reported in New York City during the first three months of the pandemic.

        In the spring and summer he talked with Men’s Health and Insider, but his prominence skyrocketed with the tweet about ICU beds in Yuma.
        Lawsuit highlights history of Catholic priests fleeing Arizona
        5 easy day hikes in Phoenix
        Rainfall breaks dry streak in Phoenix area
        As COVID-19 worsens, life in AZ stays more normal than during first wave

        Since that initial tweet, dozens of his threads have gone viral. Gilman has used his platform to speak out about pay cuts for health care workers, COVID-19 deaths among children and the “lack of action” from President Donald Trump. The posts have been retweeted by celebrities such as John Legend and elected officials such as Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. On Nov. 25, he was featured in the New York Times for an article about “covid combat fatigue.”

        “I truly believe I have a moral obligation to Arizonans to be honest with them,” Gilman said. “I can’t be quiet while more than 2,000 people are dying everyday. What kind of doctor would I be? What kind of public servant would I be? I can’t live with the silence they are asking from me.”

        On Dec. 5, President-elect Joe Biden called Gilman to thank him for his advocacy and his service. In a video of the call on the Biden-Harris Transitional Team’s Twitter, Biden said “I promise you, doc, you are going to have a full-blown partner. You have my word as a Biden.”

        In his reply, Gilman tweeted that the call “lifted his spirits.”
        ‘Envision has backed me 100%’

        In a statement sent to The Arizona Republic, an Envision Healthcare spokesperson said Envision “fully supports” Gilman and said the loss of his position during an ongoing pandemic would be “unfortunate.”

        “As a physician on the frontlines, he has continuously advocated for his patients and the health and safety of the Yuma community – a traditionally medically underserved community,” the statement said. “We recognize Dr. Gilman’s depth of experience, perspectives and voice he lends to those who might not have one due to the inequities in the complex U.S. healthcare system.”

        The statement concluded by saying Envision has teams based in communities across the country and each would be “fortunate to have a skilled and dedicated physician like Dr. Gilman by their side.”

        However, Gilman said he does not believe he should have to leave Yuma at all. Yuma County has the highest rate of cases per 100,000 people in the state, according to Arizona Department of Health Services data.

        “The people of Yuma deserve an honest doctor who gives them the truth, who cares about them and who advocates for them,” Gilman said. “They have trusted me and I am not leaving them without a fight.”

        Reach the reporter Jamie Landers at jamie.landers@arizonarepublic.com. Follow her on Twitter @jamielanderstv.


      • Avoiding Yuma/ az 4:46 pm on December 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Wow Yuma is such liars , they were posting they did not fire him . Such liars, they are saying “misunderstanding” SOUND FAMILIAR , a liars statement for sure !! https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-health/2020/12/11/er-doctor-cleavon-gilman-not-return-yuma-hospital-despite-claims/6516282002/


    • Hairstyles 7:52 am on December 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I am continuously invstigating online for articles that can facilitate me. Thx!


      • Big T D 5:27 am on December 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        By the set up of the agency it has gone 100% political in every case, by making this political plays right into their hands. We have to be willing to stand up collectively and say “NO, enough already”. The recommendation to play within the systems’ rules for slow and gradual change is pure nonsense. The stakeholders are snickering under their breath when we make statements like that, knowing that they hold all the cards, and how to play them, because they made the deck. If it weren’t a pandemic and you and your family might not die from this, then the arguments about ‘dangerous nurses ” which is a farce , and board knows it , with their little smear campaign , and working within the system MIGHT be pertinent. But it IS a pandemic, and safety is the key. Which means adequate staff and Experienced. staff .
        I recommend we start lobbying Congress for long term benefits for frontline workers, much like we offer VA benefits to our military. If they balk, we threaten to walk off the job. En masse. That’s what it is going to take to get their attention.
        Please do not yield the moral high ground and the bully pulpit we have earned with our sacrifice, it is much too precious to do so.


    • JimmyD 10:49 pm on December 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      There are counties that are defunding police depts. by degrees. New York City is planning 1 Billion $ reduction in NYPD.funding


    • over at this website electrician near me free estimate 6:28 pm on December 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You could definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.


      • BSN 6:34 am on December 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        thank you , we do try . Oh yes this is going on in AZ . Certain hospitals are using the Board of Nursing to take down nurses on issues that are not their business . IF a hospital thinks they may have a legal problem , they file reports to the Board of nursing who will distract, take away ability to earn a living, and smear the nurses name . Black ball . A single nurse cannot fight for their license and handle a law suit so they choose the license . This is a great article on what is really going on. AZ BON does not have any over sight. Appointed by Gov, but “has no authority over them . If you do not sign to agree to never sue the BON , any employees , they will take you to OAh sham court . No nurse has won since it started 94′,X one, a rigged system that is decided before you get there . Run by Ducey appointee Hanchett, who is got that prosecutor mentality . In other words a real sick fk . They will even play “judge Roulette ” and judge shop If a judge tries running the cases fairly the BON just whispers in Hanchetts ear they dont want that judge. Diane was a good standby she was corrupt enough for them and Tammy oh yea she is a slime bucket slippery bitch . She tries acting like she is intently listening , but is just waiting until its over to sign the bullshit on paper. most nurses are not aware of any of this. Of course they think it won’t happen to them .This entire masquerade of poor actors , playing court room drama, acting like a real court proceeding , takes place is paid for by the taxpayers ‘ What a waste of time and money. Campbell knows these judges are playing a part so does Sunita , who learned the dirty deed from the top doggy do Elizabeth Campbell. It is like a nurse working in a sloppy habit forming place such as a jail them trying to pull it off at kaiser . Campbell and Krishna will never make it out the joke oah


    • Raul Shadden 1:45 am on December 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

    • Hairstyles 4:25 am on December 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Admiring the commitment you put into your blog and in depth information you provide. It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed information. Great read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.


    • Daron Gosche 8:50 am on December 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

    • JR 3:29 pm on December 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      When someone makes a comment , that is RIGHT ON, and realize that this person “GETS IT ” . They know what is really happening, and if anyone applying for nursing school or is in school now or getting a higher degree , they really need to see what can happen to all of it . Career gone, by a corrupt board, student loans still linger. “”Hospitals, they want a docile workforce, they want a workforce they can control,” said John Kauch, RN, a retired 37-year nursing veteran who advocates for workplace rights. They do so “by fear and intimidation,” he added. “A nurse’s number one fear is to be turned in to a board of nursing for anything.”

      “If you’re a whistleblower and you speak truth to power, that will get you a disciplinary hearing even more so than if there is patient harm.””””(isn’t this the truth ! )


    • Asa Traster 1:12 pm on December 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

    • Anonmyous 3:13 pm on December 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      When I first read this site back a few years ago I was working at the AZBN in the investigation dept. When I saw the post here about the nurses being treated with bags over their heads I knew it wouldn’t be much longer that I would work at this agency. At that time there was little identification of authors on this page. Since then the author is well identified. I remember the case to which I was mailing documents and soon realized I was part of stated fraud. I knew all along it was fraud. I left nursing after this job and 100% regret ever working here.


    • righteous 10:20 pm on December 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Nice to know. I would think anyone who could work there , find out the dirty deeds, and stay is one inhuman sociopathic individual . The AZ BON is one of the worst. Thank you for coming forward. you are not the only one, though . It is confirmed by many what was suspected . Joey Ridenour has a lot to answer for ! And her minions.


    • Hairstyles 10:57 am on December 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

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    • Liza 9:59 pm on December 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Everyone loves it when individuals come together and share thoughts.
      Great blog, stick with it!


    • peary Brown 3:38 pm on December 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

    • Hairstyles 4:44 am on December 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      My partner and I absolutely love your blog and find almost all of your post’s to be just what I’m looking for. Do you offer guest writers to write content for you personally? I wouldn’t mind producing a post or elaborating on a few of the subjects you write about here. Again, awesome blog!


    • Hairstyles 6:21 am on December 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Nice read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing some research on that. And he just bought me lunch because I found it for him smile Thus let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!


    • Hairstyles 11:36 am on December 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      It is indeed my belief that mesothelioma is definitely the most deadly cancer. It has unusual properties. The more I really look at it the more I am convinced it does not work like a true solid tissues cancer. In the event that mesothelioma is usually a rogue viral infection, so there is the potential for developing a vaccine along with offering vaccination to asbestos subjected people who are vulnerable to high risk involving developing long run asbestos related malignancies. Thanks for expressing your ideas about this important health issue.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:59 pm on November 15, 2020 Permalink  

    The Other Side AZBN 

    There is little confusion in concluding that the founder of modern nursing was opposed to licensing nurse’s board in rules of registration. This fact is made evident not only from the U.K’s Nursing board’s original educational goals which remained paramount throughout Nightingale’s strangle-hold of the board, but also the lack of actual registration in U.K. for nursing. The U.S. boards convened generally by the 1930s and soon issued licenses with monitoring soon to follow. Nightingale’s Board issued educational certificates in basic health issues: implementation and monitoring of patient care was managed in the field. This approach to the betterment of nursing care is the foundation of modern nursing. U.K. licenses issued for board monitoring were not implemented until Nightingale had long departed.

    As this page is well informed of criminal activity through the AZBN connecting several others non compliant with the state’s laws which end up causing innocent victims harm. That sentence was not meant to be eloquently stated. AKA a crime in anybody’s book. The justice in search of rectifying these crimes is nonexistent within the system that created it. The long history of Arizona’s corruption within the inner circles is seen on the outer edges by studying the courts within the system that make these cases fly in favor of the system’s $. The revival of the Nurse Trujillo case, so eloquently posted here recently is a good knowledge shot in the arm.

    If the unfound justice continues on the inner road known to go to hell is altered to go to the other side I myself do not believe in either side. The are many cases in Az., and Nv., not to mention others, whose total outcome does not favor the truth. The effort is profound and the passion is with you, and support can be found simply by continuing to advance upon the documentation of such visits to the other courts and fossilize that evidence in Nursing History. As taciturn behavior this may appear to the progressives my part is documentation of these events and even to support’s Nightingale’s principal in Modern Nursing that registration and monitoring is not a board function and conclusively does not support public safety. Making this part of permanent Nursing History is crucial.

    Not fully sure of the passionate fluid that ran through Nightingale’s veins but surely was pumped via the heart of a lion…..”The world is put back by the death of everyone who has to sacrafice the development of his or her peculiar gifts to conventionality.” Welcome to Arizona nursing.

    • not fooled 10:03 pm on November 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      One cannot deny that there are some people who should not be in nursing . And have some type of agency who looks into complaints But this corrupt board of nursing is AZ is over the top with their ‘control”. Down right illegal investigations and gathering of information they use against you . Integrity issues. This was certainly not what anyone had in mind when they thought of a agency to oversee those who lose their way . But when certain parties (mostly hospitals) are ‘using” the bd to help them out of what might turn in to a legal ordeal , that is plain wrong/ illegal . The Bd is NOT an innocent party . That is why they must attract those control freak types and dirty nurses to ‘go along with it ” and the personality type who loves having upper hand . Fairness/ common sense is never a factor.
      I have been in contact with many narcissists and other people with various forms of personality disorders, and this is what I found.
      The narcissists is only happy for a short while in their lives, this often happens when they are in the role of manipulating / controlling someone . While on this board the narcissist will feel a boost to their ego when they are being admired/ praised and full attention is all on them. But then as we know, they start to get exposed , one by one, and it will not last long with a narcissist. It doesn’t matter what your degree it, they will attack, always wanting someone new to put that spark of ego boost back into their lives.

      As for being successful, only in their own minds, and those they can impress with titles. Maybe they might be financially wealthy, or have a good home etc, but the real successful life for a narcissist is from within themselves. But the money wouldn’t really make them happy if they were alone and full of discontent with the fact that they are so insecure and cannot ever be the same as other people .

      They lack various emotions that they cannot truly display, confidence / love/ empathy etc. They are always very jealous of others who have these qualities and will try to break that person down in order to make the narcissist look more superior.

      A narcissist cannot ever really feel successful – unless they know that they can keep hurting others and get away with it .
      Sound like your investigator / board member / atty gen assistants’/ assoc directors / director /board employees/ . It should.


      • former az rn 6:55 am on November 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Certainly sounds like someone who knows something about the operation of this assaulting agency . Basically a terrorist group. create shear terror . Single one out who is not connected to any political, important organization, and easy pickens , and do a surprise attack. They get paid for these punitive decisions so find a target who appears wear ,and you can intimidate easily .
        By its nature a coercive relationship. Is impossible to volunteer in a coercive relationship. Nurses may not feel like they are free to say no and that they might be punished for not cooperating. I believe this is an abuse of power.


        • former 2:12 am on November 23, 2020 Permalink

          Two ExMormon sisters and their siblings share cocktails and expletive filled stories of growing up in a dysfunctional Mormon family and other tales of deviance, debauchery, and overall questionable life choices that probably shouldn’t be repeated in public. watch spotify on BAD MORMONS .


        • Self thinker 4:32 pm on November 24, 2020 Permalink

        • AZ BON still the worst ! 7:41 am on November 25, 2020 Permalink

          It appears that even with nurses risking their lives , working long hours, and exposed to a risky virus , hospitals just do not care . Looks like a nurse who wanted to wear hospital scrubs, to prevent bringing the virus into his home has been fired. Which is lunatic to begin with . (allina hospitals minn, where some of their hospitals allowed it , this one had a mgr who was nurse crotchty (in other words personality of elizabeth campbell) . Anyways , the nurse was fighting back , legally and SURPRISE ! Bd complaint. Seems like Minn lowered itself to the dirty trenches of az style of (with much sarcasm “protecting the public” ) when they are protecting the hospitals. so it seems that the board investigator SHARON COOK , is a couple of bricks short of a full load , who can attack a nurse , when the board needs to keep their noses out of employee / employer events. AZ is a podunk , basically red neck, backwards state, 49th in corruption, so when Minn pulled this nonsense , absolute craziness , they lowered themselves to the gutter swines and mirror az bon. home of mayo, nurses better educated, unions (who are giving him a lawyer) as opposed to backwards AZ . Who would even think of nursing as a career when they treat you like this !! Never would do this to a cop ! never to a fireman ! Why would anyone choose nursing , let those swines get out there and go to a code without have time to fully gear up and have sputum zingers on your clothes. Protecting the public ? JOKE ! but not your own children at home ?? stop lying dirty boards !! SHAME ON MINN BON , And ALLINA hospital and the supervisor who is black and white . maybe she is taking care of covid patients now (joke you know she is NOT ! just having her ‘committee sit on your ass and jaw jack away with bullshit ! ) At least what you write back to that BON , is confidential , whereas the game players , in AZ love to publish your vasetomy pictures .


        • Enjoying Life 6:09 pm on November 27, 2020 Permalink

          Hope you all had a Wonderful Thanksgiving . Got to admit nice not working the holiday , or all night like the past years. Getting called , guilt tripped into coming in. Nice to have time off get the unemployment check and just kick back . Especially with the conditions of the hospitals and the push to do more , no breaks, the back of your mind what virus, am I gonna catch.? Scrub hands til they bleed. Not sweating under gowns and cheap masks . Oh yes Walmart , is looking really good maybe when UI runs out . Take them food stamps and get a nice filet . Fk those pizzas for running your legs off. No worries about getting ‘write ups” from nurses who have the same sick mind set as the board. Mgrs who you never see unless they want you to work over . No , not missing none of the BS . De stressed , just relaxing with family and friends , like Santa sitting in the sun. Good Times!


      • NP , anywhere by AZ 7:06 am on November 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Got an email from someone who moved out of state because of the shady az bd , anyways a quick read of the agenda , and saw a ‘talk” aka bullshit session by elizabeth campbell, on recusing or conflict of interest . Here is his comment : “, they have to be educated as to what is a conflict of interest???? really???? ”
        When you think about it, it does sound kind of juvenile , doesn’t it (the he added ” and is elizabeth campbell part of the education department now?, she sure doesn’t know any technical legal information that is FOR SURE ! ,, just connected and AG hasn’t caught on” . I agree.


        • Son of Samantha 1:59 am on November 24, 2020 Permalink

          A Southern Supporter “There’s a very dark force working behind the board of nursing. And they only appear to give second chances to nurses who are chronically implicated with substance abuse, DUI’s, ETOH many times…. which, as you may know, these substances can make a nurse vulnerable in hurting others in their care again, without appropriate rehabilitation . Hence….dark forces. “”
          Got enough addicts on the board to ‘coach them” .


        • S G , BSN 1:04 am on November 28, 2020 Permalink

          Many narcissitic sadistic minds at the board of nursing agency. If you feel sorry for them you are part of the problem . You can always see the narcissist’s True Self. The narcissist will sacrifice your happiness, your dreams, and their control with you over and over again, they will kill that sweet, innocent child. You will have an awakening , that these types of humans are on this earth .
          They do this right in front of your face
          to horrify you, to terrify you into submission. They will throw their inner child into the flames of hell just so as they can watch your expression.
          Do not be fooled by the fake faces , telling you , “we only want to help you” , “I really want you to suceed” . ” really really want you to be sucessful and ‘get better” implying there is something wrong with you, wheb their minds are so messed up they can never be normal, and they want to be part of your success. they have to ‘play the role to stay in power and control of others . They have nothing going on in their lives but a controlling spouse. If a male, they like to play little bishop , and tell you how to run your life. They are some sick mother fkr’s for sure !.
          They are relying on your compassion, they know nurses have a lot of compassion , so the majority are attracted to this agency especially. As you try to save their inner child, as they relentlessly throw you into the flames, screaming. You never can. You can’t get inside. They’re behind glass, through bars, behind an iron wall. You can’t get inside the head and heart of someone else. You can only watch helplessly as they murder their soul.

          If you try to help them “see” you are never going to be free of narcissists. They will always rule your life. You will stand by helplessly as they throw the baby to it’s doom. They’re only doing it because they have an audience. They sacrifice themselves to gain power over you, in a most wicked ritual.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 4:07 am on December 1, 2020 Permalink

          throwing their children into the flames in front of you….thats outstanding semantics of pain.


    • Ed 3:55 am on November 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Definitely they have some mental issues , to some degree , and variety of diagnosis . Remember Preston, wow, talk about angry, nasty, She really did love to sound off her forked tongue while having upper hand. Narcissists will dish it out , the amount of sh!t that they heap on the victim and there is no end to how far they will go with it. The victim will eventually get tired of this treatment and let the narcissist have it with both barrels. This is only human nature. You can call it a narcissistic injury, but these people have it coming when they constantly mistreat an individual and don’t expect anything to come back at them. I’m a firm believer that if you don’t want sh!t coming back at you, stop throwing it at a fan. Narcissists don’t get this. When the victim retaliates, they don’t expect it. They realize they are not dealing with a mannequin but a real live human being made out of flesh and blood. The members of the board are so used to fake faces in their personal lives and on the board/ agency that suck their butts to get the best outcome. The love that the person cows down to them , the love making people really nervous, and held as a prisoner but these , predators , but it seldom works . Just like mgrs who have their stool pigeons. Each department has their dedication, the paralegals/ legal secretaries will bow the atty who is a complete psych evaluation on its own . The love the gang style stick togetherness, their superior will love them for it.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:54 pm on November 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        a complete psyche evalau on their own ‘ good one!! theres something about a complete intentional state law violation on repeated offenses I dont get passed.


        • Thumb's up , way 2 go 7:03 am on November 25, 2020 Permalink

          Found this hahaha the ex dir of the azbon got a ‘board complaint” .sound well deserved too. She has a license, and violated the NPA , kudos to this one !
          September 2020

          Intentional infliction of emotional distress and embarrassment .
          AKA JOEY RIDENOUR License No. Rn 022148

          Fact: Ms Ridenour is the executive director of the AZ Board of Nursing.

          Fact: During the June 2020 Board of nursing meeting which is an open public meeting and attended by the entire Board , Associate Directors , public members , attorneys , nursing students, and instructors. Ms Ridenour spoke and was UNPROFESSIONAL in her speech and content.
          Ridenour made a comment that they must not allow anyone to advertise in the AZ Nursing Journal, or that “anyone can “ take out an ad , implying it would be negative and she wants to stop this , with no proof or past actions by anyone. Ridenour is fabricating a false pretense of what someone may or may not do . Her reasons stated is that the Board has some “UNUSUAL TROLLS , following the meetings” . This comment is extremely unprofessional conduct , and is abusive behavior, damaging , bullying, publically disparaging . Insinuating that those who “follow the board meetings “ will take out a ‘negative ‘ ad on the board, is a ridicule and mockery . Ridenour seems to be focused on followers of the board , which I do not know of any besides myself or have seen and are not licensed so of no concern to her. Ridenours time is spent more at targeting certain individuals that do not even have a license to discourage myself from attending open public meetings to gain information on the Arizona Board of Nursing meetings. How is that ‘protecting the public which is what her mandate is ? Keeping ads out of the Journal she is worried about her / the agency’s reputation. It was a personal attack , name calling , belittling, increasing a hostile environment for public members to obtain information that is discussed at the board . Ridenour is in a leadership position, and by her unprofessional actions, stooped to name calling . With her mockery remark she got some giggles and dirty laughter from those nearby. Bullying encouraged by someone who should be discouraging any type of abuse to a member of the public. Not only a bad example of someone who was put in a position of running a multimillion dollar budget, but to keep the nursing profession on a professional level . Ms Ridenour represents the entire state of AZ Nurses and to protect the public she has sanctioned nurses to be charged with unprofessional conduct while off duty . This event happened during an open public meeting . Which makes this insensitive and mean comment all the worse doing this in a public meeting . A building, and meeting place where everything and everyone’s salary is paid for by taxpayers money , with expectations the person who is running the show be a ‘leader” and have a professional demeanor. Ridenour show’s obvious signs of weakness and insecurity, and is not only a poor example to other employees at the board but to students as well. Ridenour is not only guilty of UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT but ARS 32-1601(24)(d) (2) Intentionally causing emotional injury . This derogatory belittling encourages others to go along with it, add their comments, and therefore ‘gang “ up . One can only guess what she is saying between board meetings, if she acts like this in a public meeting.
          Ridenour has tainted the board members , along with allowing rumors to go unchecked , and has caused conversation to discuss someone who is not there to defend themselves. I submit this complaint in good faith, and that the Board members put this on the agenda asap , and find out why the Dir of the AZBON is calling public members “unusual “ which is derogatory, as strange, odd ,outlandish, peculiar, and “trolls”; if you don’t want people watching your actions , then public service is not something she should be in . Calling attendees at meeting ‘trolls” when any member of the public has a right to attend public meetings and not be insulted or harassed.


        • Help 4 nurses 10:17 am on November 26, 2020 Permalink

          “you can fool some of he people some of the time ” Others start investigating you -BON !, and wholly crapola what a brick load of deceit , crooks, snakes , down right nasty tongue twisters, and thieves this agency is.
          IF any nurse hears of a nurse , cna before the board , do NOT assume they did anything wrong . Do not think that this agency is above any of the dirty deeds they do . Then you argue , “well you can sue them if they are doing that ” Yes, you can but they smear and blackball you so you cannot get work , and have the money to fight this injustice . All you can hope for is a front line runner who will inform the public of the corruption . And hope the public who this agency is suppose to protect will get behind them . Not until it affects them , they will not act. Those paid to watch , have been put in positions to protect them . It will crash, cause even those people know they can’t be trusted.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:54 pm on November 27, 2020 Permalink

          Keep it up, do not hesitate when your gut tells you your gut knows….thanks for the post!


    • Hairstyles 3:58 am on November 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      We’re a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with valuable information to paintings on. You’ve done a formidable task and our whole neighborhood might be grateful to you.


      • RN 7:55 am on November 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        glad you found us . IT is seasoned nurses that are a hard nut to crack. They seem to think that it is all about them. It is natural to think that people in the same profession would be up in arms at what is going on, but only if it happens to them and they think that it will never happen to them . If they made it to retirement , same thing. They would make good board members because they want nothing to do with it . They have no interest in mgt, chg nurse, or board, they loved the hands on . Whereas the ones on the board, never touch a patient, outdated , control freaks. The ones who get on the boards , are horrible nurses , to turn to the politics of the profession , is sad that one can cheapen a noble profession with their dirty politics.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:24 pm on November 17, 2020 Permalink

          Super post


        • Saint Teresa 3:03 am on November 23, 2020 Permalink

          Here is another one : Take a look at a case before the AZBON , whose mandate is to protect the public.
          What happened to the nurse in the article? , that appeared in a report (one time) and then disappeared .
          Linda WEIGAND , RN128658 ;Arizona, who worked for Dr Rahul Kamar Chawla , discovered that someone stole >102 prescription pads, and wrote for over 15,000 opioid pills . This nurse used her mother, and husband to ‘fill the prescriptions”. Which is abusive itself to get the elderly to do illegal activities. Fraud , theft , forgery, impersonating a Dr .
          Scottsdale police report 16-18019. Ended up being 15,030 pills and 5 pharmacies. Arrested rx fraud.
          Of course with arrest and theft, forgery the AZBON would take action. Probation , not revoke. Weigand denied drug use , so lied to the board . 1/24/17 Weiland violated probation by working and failed to disclose she was on probation. 1/27/17 arrested / court/ felony possession / police got a warrant for her house , found many vials of fentanyl , morphine, hydrocodone , stolen from a hospital . Was placed in a relapse prevention stipulation agreement. Because on 1/6/17 while on CANDO and ATD she tested positive for fentanyl. The date of action was 3/9/2017 which was “revised “ 7/6/18 . According to a report by ? (appears to be the AZBON, but was unsigned , with this article when originally written , on Drs insistence who is willing to prosecute her and still scratching his head how she is getting away with this ). The report said they cannot take away her license because she is “following the probation”. Which is pure 100% Bs , she did not follow the agreement probation she agreed to .
          BTW her license in PENN, is “failed to meet license board “ ‘failed to disclose suspension “ .
          She is working in AZ someplace and this could be your nurse. So if you don’t get pain relief , well , sometimes what goes in that IV might not be what they say it is , if you get the drift here.
          This is not meant to single nurses out, but when the AZBON tends to allow egregious matters go unscathed , while hammering others who are just targets to protect hospitals, clinics, silence them in speaking of dangerous Drs/ anyone in mgt. Anyone who tells the public the truth . AZBON appears to be a very corrupt mafia style run outfit, taking down who is truly being a good nurse and protecting their patients. Going to any length. Abuse of power . AZBON likes to make out the ones who speak up about bad surgeons and outcomes , reporting to others the NURSE is dangerous not the Dr , not the hospital, not others who lied . It is not unique to turning the tables on the good nurse , cops do it , dirty prosecutors that are part of the circle of corruption do it.


      • AZ Citizens 4:50 am on November 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        After attending a recent hearing, one person’s comment to others “The AZ BON needs to be investigated. Nurses have lost their careers for whistleblowing and disciplinary actions (unrelated to patient care) that have been covered up for years. We need these nurses reinstated to help in the pandemic crisis. Meanwhile, the following is who they keep? An independent investigation is needed. The BON are unqualified political hacks.

        Arizona coalition of concerned citizens, taxpayers and voters


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 12:32 pm on November 24, 2020 Permalink

          The legislature wrote new laws to help protect nurses from Ridenour. She is just one of the many criminals there, they ignore the law!!


    • G BSN 8:10 am on November 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Look at how innocent people -nurses , a caring professional, can become the victims of a faulty system, untrue testimony, bad actors, and a variety of blinding cognitive biases on the part of law; and a nursing board/ personnel, prosecutors, and judges, and why the system so tenaciously defends the status quo, even when it’s guilty of railroading innocent citizens. nursing board has it in their minds that every nurse before them is a liar , that they are just there to lie and be deceitful. Yet the bd members do some whoppers . Do they really think giving very punitive to some while others get dismissed , bares any honesty, they do not look at that as being a person with NO integrity . That lying about reading the transcript and lying about discussion behind closed doors , is ok ? The board taking the word of a lying investigators recommendation over a judge or common sense . Untrusting to the point of , pointing the finger back at themselves !


      • Texas or bust . 6:32 am on November 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Looks Like Ducey is giving hospitals 25 million for extra help for healthcare workers . So that being said , agencies will get contracts , nurses will see the $$$ , a short term goal, in AZ . They will be lucky to leave without the AZ BON , leaving a big ding on their record , like probation or revoke it . Nurses do not count the pennies and loose the dollars . Lots of other states to go to !


        • Travel Away ! 6:51 pm on November 21, 2020 Permalink

          maybe Ducey can appoint a board that is fair and treats everyone the same . That would take care of a lot of the problems .
          When going to the board 2 months ago, they were stopping people from talking very rudely, attorneys , defendant nurses, and made up some nonsense about the defendant and the attorney add up to FIVE minutes together . But seems like a case involving FOUR witnesses who spoke for over 6 – 10 MINS each is OK ? meakoba- hill , when you say it is not a hearing they stop running it like a hearing. That stuff is for the court room , why weren’t these FIVE people (defendant and FOUR so called witnesses, all friends , limited to FIVE minutes collectively ? ) Because you want the damaging information against the nurse told loud and clear and repeated over and over , but when the defendant nurses speak cut them off , interrupt them and be rude to CERTAIN attorneys ! I am on travel so you can’t retaliate on me , but I will speak my mind and the truth.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:10 pm on November 22, 2020 Permalink

          The actual desolving of the agency and replace with one agency for all depts is being done in many states.


        • Mother In Law 5:48 pm on November 22, 2020 Permalink

          This is one nurse in Arizona who was disciplined : CHARLES ALAN BENNETT

          1) reported by Health Temp he ran potassium and propofol without a pump At Maryvale Hospital and was made DNR

          2)11/21/08 Boswell , they found a foot print on the toilet seat and looked in ceiling found vials of benadryl, valium, toradol lopressor, dilaudid , percocet . He denied this ceiling hoist, but matched what he removed from pyxis. ON ) 11/26/08 MMNC reported late poor attendance, used cell phone left the hospital multiple times w/o telling anyone to watch his patients .

          3)9/22/08 failed to return questionaire from BON , or update address the BON (bd of nursing ) found correct address in employment records.

          4)denied putting drugs in ceiling because he is 5’4 , 3/18/09 ED St Joe Bennett told bon he was doing well and was employee of the month.

          5)3rd c/o to BON employees said he wanted 2nd signature for proof of waste , the other nurses did not see the drug being wasted and complained about him . BON found errors in 89/of 90 charts substance abuse evaluation ordered failed to comply. pulled narcotics out of pyxis for patients he was not assigned . did not document as given. Charting errors .

          6)Applied for a travel with med solutions failed to tell them he was under investigation , on application .

          7)5/4/09 anonymous c/o he was injecting toradol into family members and giving them IV”S (including a 14 yr old step dtr) (later admitted) .

          8) 2/09 – 3/09 took a month off St Joes and wrote “to ‘grief for his MIL” who died , but admitted later she was not dead .

          9)put his MIL and his wife as RN”S for ref on his application, but admitted neither were nurses or worked with him as supervisors .

          6.8/09 failed to appear for psych evaluation on 6/18/09 he was given a consent agreement by the AZBON. the BON also did revisions to his consent agreement on 7/25/14 ,10/29/13, 7/19/12 ,and 6/18/09 .

          10) 6/20/2011 licensed revoked in Calif, arrested for unlawful possession of a vehicle , failed to report to any board.

          11)Psych evaluation buy Philip Lett ,<who recommended 12 mo psychotherapy stress mgt and psychiatric disorders (ie mood disorders ) professional ethics and boundaries evaluations .

          12) currently a Supervisor with AZ Center Adv Med Gilbert AZ , his license is free and clear, and can work in any of the compact states , he also has a NPI# he must have NP now. with all his noncompliance he completed probation ? ALthough it was a stayed revocation if he did not follow ? it was 12 months STANDARD (the AZBON does 36 month on almost every case now). (it does not say he takes medicare pts so may not be able to w/ revocation on license in CAlif.) His license expires 2024 . Eligible to work in any Compact state as well .

          13) Doesn't look like he had an atty. He is free and clear to be your nurse tonite !

          Don't think AZ BON lets anyone get away with a lot, they are 'selective " in who can get away with multiple violations . And don't think that public safety has anything to do with what how they make decisions . Others they revoke over a unreported hang nail.


    • AZBN a major stain on nursing 4:58 am on November 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      If I had it all to do over again….I’d stay the hell away from nursing and have told everyone I love and care about to NOT go into nursing!! Never in a million years did I even fathom a government entity could be so corrupt. Never did i think in a million years that what one worked so hard for over 30 years to build could be taken away in the bat of an eye over false allegations.

      The AZBN will hear and follow up on all false allegations despite how absurd or illogical they might be. Talk about lack of critical thinking skills (this bunch has ZERO collectively!)

      Additionally, no matter the credibility or character of the person reporting the false allegations or their nefarious intentions, this board will consider the information as factual until the nurse can prove his or her innocence. This is in stark contrast to the US criminal justice system where an accused person is innocent until proven guilty. Criminals in the system have more due process and civil rights than any nurse up against the AZBN.
      The AZBN will search high and low, even go back decades, searching for even a single instance or hint of any issue in the nurse’s life (even if it has NOTHING to do with nursing, caregiving, patient safety, or even dealing with human beings) ..

      In pursuit of their corrupt goals, the AZBN will call past and current employers, coworkers, estranged family members, and even remote acquaintances of the nurse in search of someone / anyone that might have something negative to say about the nurse (again, it doesn’t have to be about nursing, caregiving or patient anything at all) all in attempts to build some sort of case against the nurse.

      All this at the expense of AZ taxpayer, in the name of “patient safety”, and to discredit the nurse in some manner. Once discredited, this board will order a psychiatric evaluation by a “paid off” mental health provider. The tainted, non factual evaluation will be full of errors and omissions (further damaging the nurse) and end with a plethora of unnecessary, expensive, unrelated recommendations that are next to impossible for the nurse to follow. This, in turn, leads to the revocation of the nurse’s license and earns him/her the label of

      This crooked board is jaded, vile, and tarnishes the nursing profession. Thie AZBN corrupt methods are numerous, well documented on this website and prove the lack of integrity of each of its members.

      Warning to all readers…avoid nursing, avoid Arizona…nobody can steal your life or livelihood decorating cakes, arranging flowers, or event planning. There are so many other career options!!


    • Search Engine Privacy 4:13 pm on November 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

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      Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile Thus let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!


    • Travel 10:59 am on November 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research on this. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more clear from this post. I am very glad to see such excellent info being shared freely out there.


    • Corrin Sundeen 5:00 am on November 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, regards.


    • Isaac Larita 4:45 pm on November 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply

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    • Claiming MORMON can be your get out of jail card in Arizona 5:54 pm on November 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      If you are Mormon look what you can get away with…..hmmmmm

      This is what one nurse in Arizona who was disciplined : CHARLES ALAN BENNETT

      1) reported by Health Temp he ran potassium and propofol without a pump At Maryvale Hospital and was made DNR

      2)11/21/08 Boswell , they found a foot print on the toilet seat and looked in ceiling found vials of benadryl, valium, toradol lopressor, dilaudid , percocet . He denied this ceiling hoist, but matched what he removed from pyxis. ON ) 11/26/08 MMNC reported late poor attendance, used cell phone left the hospital multiple times w/o telling anyone to watch his patients .

      3)9/22/08 failed to return questionaire from BON , or update address the BON (bd of nursing ) found correct address in employment records.

      4)denied putting drugs in ceiling because he is 5’4 , 3/18/09 ED St Joe Bennett told bon he was doing well and was employee of the month.

      5)3rd c/o to BON employees said he wanted 2nd signature for proof of waste , the other nurses did not see the drug being wasted and complained about him . BON found errors in 89/of 90 charts substance abuse evaluation ordered failed to comply. pulled narcotics out of pyxis for patients he was not assigned . did not document as given. Charting errors .

      6)Applied for a travel with med solutions failed to tell them he was under investigation , on application .

      7)5/4/09 anonymous c/o he was injecting toradol into family members and giving them IV”S (including a 14 yr old step dtr) (later admitted) .

      8) 2/09 – 3/09 took a month off St Joes and wrote “to ‘grief for his MIL” who died , but admitted later she was not dead .

      9)put his MIL and his wife as RN”S for ref on his application, but admitted neither were nurses or worked with him as supervisors .

      6.8/09 failed to appear for psych evaluation on 6/18/09 he was given a consent agreement by the AZBON. the BON also did revisions to his consent agreement on 7/25/14 ,10/29/13, 7/19/12 ,and 6/18/09 .

      10) 6/20/2011 licensed revoked in Calif, arrested for unlawful possession of a vehicle , failed to report to any board.

      11)Psych evaluation buy Philip Lett ,<who recommended 12 mo psychotherapy stress mgt and psychiatric disorders (ie mood disorders ) professional ethics and boundaries evaluations .

      12) currently a Supervisor with AZ Center Adv Med Gilbert AZ , his license is free and clear, and can work in any of the compact states , he also has a NPI# he must have NP now. with all his noncompliance he completed probation ? ALthough it was a stayed revocation if he did not follow ? it was 12 months STANDARD (the AZBON does 36 month on almost every case now). (it does not say he takes medicare pts so may not be able to w/ revocation on license in CAlif.) His license expires 2024 . Eligible to work in any Compact state as well .

      13) Doesn't look like he had an atty. He is free and clear to be your nurse tonite !

      Don't think AZ BON lets anyone get away with a lot, they are 'selective " in who can get away with multiple violations . Others they revoke over a unreported hang nail.


      • AZBN WILL violate your civil and due process rights! Truly satanic people here 6:02 pm on November 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Looks like a clear case of biased bs
        if you are MORMON you can divert drugs on multiple occasions which CAN AND DOES affect patient safety on MULTIPLE levels…and keep your license….but
        If you are NOT MORMON…false allegations can destroy multiple years of perfect practice…its about civil rights violations with the AZBN….and the MONEY !!!….Pay up nurse so we can take it to our evil cult temple or you are out of the game !!

        Shame on these rotten, corrupt vile scumbags…karma is a bitch is all I can say…if you have no morals or integrity you worship satan….
        See where that gets you in the end!

        BTW the satanic Bible is called the MORMO and the satanic eye symbol is on the main temple in Utah..


        • keen on u 5:29 pm on November 27, 2020 Permalink

          Due process to them is having a pre rehearsed hearing and everyone knows theirs lines aka lies . Just grab anyone willing to say anything derogatory , then pick that statement out put it on the ‘recap of untrue events page ” and make that person ‘credible’ , while bullying the person who is considered a ‘threat” for attempting to get due process. All done with a UNcredible board, prosecutor , judge and associate director willing to hand it over to a legal secretary put their name on it, who thinks they are the experts . Ridenour thinks she her butt is covered having a lawyer on staff to answer any questions that might look like ‘legal ” , when that staff lawyer is the one who missed A LOT and is the reason for the season, that will keep on giving them head aches, and giving , and giving .


    • Hairstyles 6:00 am on November 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

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    • Health 8:27 am on November 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You could definitely see your expertise in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.


    • Rock the Boat 6:12 am on November 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Cindy McCain stated she voted for Biden the pedo, and she changed parties to be a democunt, McCain I always knew you were a Democunt. Well I knew years ago that that scab old dead man of hers was a traitor too, so is she and they always have been. AZ southern poverty law received funds from Soros and I have the info. Now if I remember correctly McCain and Ridenours are tight with one another. Cannot figure why American nurses are being taken out of the profession, check out this article.


      AZBN surfed my FB page in 2016, and many other sites, if you don’t like my views (God, Guns & Family) thats your problem as long as I do not allow it to affect my patient care, which it never has.

      Dukcey is giving AZ hospital 25 million to get nurses, wonder where that moola came from and where are the nurses coming from? Dukcey is a traitor too………….

      Taking a High ranking Honest Democratic General (Gen. Mike Flynn) out of his profession because of lies is evil, but Sidney Powell has him back in game, & Trump Pardoned him (Thank God), Gen. Flynn was innocent just like nurses who blow the whistle.

      Jeff the flake voted for Joe the pedo too, damn America I guess PEDOFILIA is what the democunt in crowd does in AZ, go figure!

      As for my stance: Joe the pedo & his Hoe gotta go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Delbert Adolfo 10:41 pm on November 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

    • Isaiah Aaberg 5:56 am on November 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Wow that was strange. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say superb blog!


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:46 pm on October 22, 2020 Permalink  

    Totalitarianism Delight AZBN 

    I know it must be quite the professional cake walk to prosecute nurses, as well as other health care professionals, through a system that basically has no rules. If you have the power to violate one rule, you eventually violate them all; THEREFORE finding professional success in serving up nurses in a totalitarian regulatory agency is a win win for the likes of Krishna, Campbell and the likes.

    The prior article about the corrupted Nurse April Cobia case created large enough responses to the closing of comments. Overflow spam locker, along with many personal emails announcing gratitude for info. All of the articles/posts on this site have collaborative documentation, and in most cases already in evidence, which is critical to support all of the complaints of perjury, suborning perjury, mail fraud, tampering with evidence and the purity of fact of simply immoral behavior. The knowledge of defense failure in a totalitarian government is only uselful for the future when the accumulation of immorals is noteworthy enough to help the catalysis of the ‘Third Leading Cause of Death’ declaration is the U.S. health care system. That knowledge of uselessness associated with the claim of ‘Protecting the Public’ only survives in the world of developing permanent history of such with names and locations and dates. Presently many, many nurses know about these facts. What is needed is to have that very same info net accessible 25 yrs from now. A very well respected alumnae, with a .edu site, has goals so decades from now Campbell’s name can be brought up as well, in evidence, documents supporting the creation of corporate controlled health care where no good deed goes unpunished. Peary Brown, retired R.N.

    • Mr. MSN 6:15 pm on October 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Most Definitely an Orwellian situation going on with the corruption at the AZ BON. “Orwellian” is an adjective describing a situation, idea, or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society. ” Most definitely Ridenour, assoc directors and the aag ‘s she allows to do what ever at the board , is a party to this ANIMAL FARM !


      • NP be there 5:30 pm on October 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        IF you watch MANHUNT, about the wrongly accused security guard , and have had this corrupt board who obviously do not know what they are doing but have those who don’t want to lose advising them! You can relate to this man (Richard Jewell) and the similarities . Take the lunatic FBI agent (sam rockwell ) who only focused on any tidbit of dirt on this guy, knowing some things were not true, but feeding it to the ‘press” . (the press is the dumb board members buying it and acting ) MCCormies could be the reporter , Olivia Skruggs, who can put her own spin on anything . Eric Rudolph is the snake in the grass liar , hiding in the woods, that be Elizabeth Campbell , sneaky, then the black woman assisting the moron fbi who only wants to file charges and make them stick no matter if the guy did it or not , is Janeen Dahn. Who will help , or could be Cindy Mand who will do ANYTHING , any spying dirty trick to help the (chg nurse , or in this case JR ) ! The ATF agent who keeps pleading with the thug fbi agent, they have to wrong guy, could be all of those who resigned the corrupt board of nursing. Because they are not with him on this, and part of the corruption and can never clean up the mess , they leave. (those are the ones who would make GOOD bd members ) . Oh and don’t forget who instructs the legal sec to put ‘select items ‘ on the www , like the dirty media spreader who can’t admit she broke a false story , that be Emma mamalue . She is even training the new “journalist ” how to twist the tales, and that is what separates us from ‘reporters’ . It may be what separates them from the jail to the prison. ALthough all of them got sued and rightfully so . Publicly shaming should never be, it takes a real low life who is running the show, of course both would tell you they are ‘protecting the public ” . Oh yea , that is what their fall back statement when cornered is suppose to come out of their mouths , just look at who told you to keep repeating that bs, and you’ll find the guilty one !


    • Go Gurl ! 7:13 pm on October 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Most definitely have the ultimate respect for any nurse who fights back, you are the Ruth Ginsberg in the making . Fighting for all nurses, only they are too ignorant to figure that out . Kudos’ to April for being a fighter, while many will join or repeat the rumors , bashing by the AZBON and members of the agency . And other nurses who join them, who are not real smart,and do not do any thinking on their own and are very gullible. Many will say , ‘get on with your life” , this WAS your life, why should you cow down and allow then to continue , after destroying your career? Don’t do it for other nurses who will never thank you, unless it happens to them . Do it for your own dignity and self preservation. A Dr who knows the scoop, had a comment the other day, ‘don’t give up’ that is what they want you to do ” . OF course ! Take the (undeserved) punishment and be silent . While people look at April as, ‘why bother” , others think who would not stick up for themselves ? Why are nurses in the AZNA , gossiping and dissing a nurse who is sticking up for themselves ? Because they want to stick with those who hold the power that can cause them severe distress ? cowards all of them. Running their mouths , “year of the nurse” “nurses most trusted” as if they are the ones to BE trusted ! Even some who lost their license , will say , not going to bother , you won’t win, is that because they are afraid you will win and they took the easy road? (btw even if you ‘win’ they have taken so much because of their wicked ways. )


      • Seahawks fan 5-0 8:13 pm on October 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        You are right about the duplicity , of the entire agency. How many nurses know , that have not gotten a complaint how their little rigged up system works ? How many know that if you take it to court , the ALJ”s are 100% biased , in fact referring to the BON as “their client ” . Ducey appointed the chief alj, and so there is ZERO oversight there. DD is too busy sucking up to Pres T to get his next job lined up . Ducey appointed the members of the BON who the current members recommended their friends join, like thinkers who’s mind are molded by the BOM. Ducey appoints , reappoints the Dir who has gotten so nasty, she can’t hide her real thoughts. And of course Ducey does not watch this group either . NO OVER SIGHT, the DOJ, can’t find their *ss with a flashlight and map. fudging records, While the deception just keeps on going. When a board complaint, by a patient, goes in on a NP , they are SUPPOSE to look at the matter and decide if this rose to violation. Then if investigated weeded out, but go on to the BON . Amazing how much fraud takes place right in this little corner of the room, triage. When one investigator has 11 NP cases, and ALL ARE DISMISSED , except the one who said she ‘messed’ up . A minor slap on the hand. So when lying Janeen Dahn says only _% of NP are disciplined , that is because they are favoring them like Drs, now. some pretty big screw ups, even fatal and dismiss ? How did this rise to a bd meeting , makes you wonder doesn’t it. Well I can tell you , the NP messed up , falsified records, bilked medicare , and dismissed , so protecting the public you are right is BS , and they will all walk away saying, the az bon is very fair, and they think they are doing a good job. So not all nurses before the board are created equal . This fraud goes on in Oregon but Wash would not allow it , nurses are tough with union backing !


        • fly on the wall 5:38 pm on November 7, 2020 Permalink

          Just to show how two faced Elizabeth Campbell is , she pretends to be republican at the board ! haha From California and Washington , This crazy board can’t figure this out . LOL . Brnovich too ! LOL . Just ask her m this is what you’ll get : , “I dont talk politics at work” HAHAHAHA


      • clean up AZ Nursing BD ! 1:22 am on November 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        And look where we are today , no improvement what so ever. Still running a punitive state !


        After multiple invitations to a civil dialogue regarding AZ BON, Governor Brewer has not replied or addressed any of the issues raised. In fact, the only response to date hase been an increase in the seeming intimidation and abuses of power directed at a Nurse, Amanda Trujillo, whose seemingly frivolous and abusive case before the Board has languished unresolved for a year to date, leaving her unemployed and impoverished.
        Ongoing research suggests serious corruption in both local Nursing management and BON functioning, with many serious conflict of interest, intolerably poor accountability and transparency, and a system that allows for and even tacitly encourages abuses of power. All these concerns threaten the ability of Nurses in Arizona to meet their ethical and professional obligations, and thus threaten patient education and safety. Nurse Amanda Trujillo’s case is but one example.
        While reasonable people can disagree on the interpretation of the case that led to her firing, no informed person can reasonably doubt that this case shows the regulation of Nursing in Arizona to be inadequate at best, and harmful to the public safety at worst. It also encourages an environment in which Nurses cannot perform actions within their well-established Scope of Practice and professional responsibilities without fear of retaliatory abuse that can easily ruin a career with little or no accountability on the part of those who file even the most ridiculous complaints.

        Amanda’s next Board Hearing is scheduled 3/19/12, and the Arizona legislature is in the process of a scheduled reauthorization of the AZ BON’a rules and powers. These two opportunities for positive change, and the pressing situation I just described, have led a group of Nurse Advocates to post this petition calling for pledges to shun the following until we see credible, concrete evidence that these long-ignored issues are effectively addressed:

        1) All Arizona-based tourism,
        2) All possible Arizona health care,
        3) All Arizona-based Nursing employment and education,
        4) All conventions and other public events held in Arizona, and
        5) All businesses who, on learning of these issues, nevertheless schedule events in Arizona.

        The time has come for accountability in Arizona health care and regulation. As the local business community and government have shown no interest in providing such necessary changes, all American Nurses, patients, and citizens need to shine light on these dark areas and provide an impetus for responsible change.


    • JimmyD 11:14 pm on October 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      So true and so sad about our government.


      • Truth, believe it 5:50 am on October 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        There are six things which the LORD hates, seven which are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and a man who sows discord among brothers.
        Proverbs 6:16-19 RSV


        • Truth, believe it 3:17 pm on October 25, 2020 Permalink

          I’d say this sums up nicely how God looks, feels, and will judge each and every member of this evil board of nursing. The eternal lake of fire awaits ! Repent and exonerate or face your eternity in hell ! Don’t say you weren’t warned or advised.


        • Evie 5:09 pm on October 25, 2020 Permalink

          First they would have to admit wrong doing . That will never happen, they love the deceit , they love to have upper hand using taxpayers money .The entire control and ride is thrilling to them and would be extremely frustrated to have to be completely honest , they just will not stop and think before spewing those lies out of their mouths. breaking rules all the time, getting away with and developing sloppy unethical habits, in a real court room would get them tossed, cited . Even at flunky fudged oah hearings, but in front of the bd anything goes. Just us “mean girls club chatting” .
          Look at all of the nurses who suffered , mostly NP due to opioid , it was the timing of it . in the 90’s nothing happen, now over regulate and ding a good career, Especially the one who took on other providers patients and was trying to wean them down and dirty bd member cost her lots . Here is one company when caught admits it . Don’t hold your breath with this corrupt board of nursing admitting anything. All liars get caught in their lies and deceit.

          Purdue Pharma, the Maker of OxyContin, Will Plead Guilty for Fueling the Opioid Crisis
          The company will admit that it “knowingly and intentionally conspired and agreed with others to aid and abet” the use of its drugs.


        • Lori 9:38 pm on October 27, 2020 Permalink

          Hey guys we gotta go to bat for our aag beth campbell, she looks so tired, and much older than her age . What do you think, I am so happy with my new job, and busy so send me your thoughts . ::))


        • observationist 4:00 pm on October 31, 2020 Permalink

          The entire organization is about to collapse the charade is up , reality knocks . The false self , makes their looks catch up with them. Former supporters steer clear , the whole victim narrative string of lies is exposed. And the ill perceived “success” is a pattern learned from their parents , who have appearance of wealthy well to do, but are actually low lives dirt bags living in a big house of appearance and if they keep a distance will fool neighborhoods for a while. House of cards , falling down.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 10:37 pm on October 31, 2020 Permalink

          Well……?? I like to.look into the eyes of the one nemesis of a 40 yr stellar; and done fraudulently.


      • BSN to NP 10:35 pm on October 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        An any Ex Dir be trusted ??? By the time they get that title they think they are 10 ft tall and bullet proof, and can do what ever. He stole from homeless and Ridenour made many CNA’s Rn’s – homeless, jobless, loss of a lot . Do not think anyone is not capable of the worst crimes imaginable. ! { (headlines) Executive Director of Verde Valley Homeless Coalition arrested for embezzlement}


        • Mature BSN 9:32 pm on October 27, 2020 Permalink

          It is the ones who are liars and working hard to find dirt on others is the reason hopeless Joke Ridenour is still there . Not counting the corrupt politicians , who she surely supports in more ways than one. Who keep reapppointing the cheater of nurses queen bee who acts like a destroying hornet. (helpers such as cindy mand janeed dahn, emma FOS liar Mamaluy , who think being ASSociate dir’s means getting rid of anyone who goes against their way of doing corrupt acts .


        • Will never forget 4:58 am on November 2, 2020 Permalink

          For many who are thinking of going onto nursing, you might want to further investigate the consequences of even applying for a license. Not all states are the same . A Nurse , who happens to live in Yuma , had no idea , and now has the scarlet letter . Back in another state she got her license, worked over 15 years, decided to apply in AZ . (BIG MISTAKE !!!) Back in the day, at an age group one would call adolescent . She had a scuffle with another female. She was young, did not get corrections to the record, which did not hurt her in other states. Admitted all of it when applying in AZ, who denied license. Now that doesn’t sound like a big deal , but once you are denied license, it has very long tentacles. Most nurses have no idea their is a DATA BANK , but the ‘board employee does. Delores Hurtado, who has proven to the ‘boss’ she is willing to do what ever for the organization, The one who sends in reports, not accurate , like everything the board puts out there. Any license in anything, this will show up on your record for life. Does the ‘punishment ‘ fit the ‘crime” ? Absolutely not , THIS is what those who are ‘thinking ‘ about going into nursing need to know. “it’s my calling” fine . Does your calling include ruining your life, your reputation to be a caretaker ? Stop watching those fake shows, about drama, ER, it is not the real world . Just as corrupt administrative law should never be part of anyone’s life . A very few who are in the profession already have any idea the total operation and what it can mean. This is not true for all occupations. Get into something, where you are not a target or potential target to destroy your entire career. Remember this person never worked a day in AZ, but the Board of Nazi Nursing , kept her from many jobs. Not only do most >99% of those who work or even retired know the destruction of AZ Bd (not all boards are like them ! some have members who can be professional about things use common sense, but AZ is extremely punitive , selectively . ) Your source of information is not the Bd for SURE ! , or someone who is a nurse, s o you think they have the ‘inside info” , but this site will give you what is really taking place. Atty’s won’t tell you this, they just want $$$ when the Bd attacks and some seem to be working with them.


        • Nan 11:26 pm on November 8, 2020 Permalink

          This dirty board is so biased . They go after some with full force ahead , while doing focused on others , and generally dismiss or loc. I think that the President of the Board , for no matter what reason she is not attending meetings in person , needs to get her butt to the meetings. If nurses are told “this is your main focus ” then you need to have it as YOUR main focus ! And put some type of CONTROL on that wanna be Carol Mccormies ! After all Hill is the PRESIDENT . The worthless ones need to be booted out , Anderson, is one, Boyer is another . Any monkey can read what is put in front of her , the problem is she does not have ZIP for critical thinking !


        • LCNA 5:02 pm on November 9, 2020 Permalink

          so many on this board and working at this bd of nursing agency have some serious childhood programming issues . It would take some long term therapy to even bring them up to the middle of the meter on what is considered someone safe to be in society . Never ever should any of them be in charge of a decision on others . They manner in which they take false statements out of context, play a game of blame shift , then project it all on the CNA and nurse no matter what source, and the manipulation is over the top. Sad a dirty director that is allowing all to be published under the guise of an agency with interest in public safety. There fore the readers are convinced that the nurse who is being taken to the cleaners has done so many bad things no one reading the ‘fixed ‘ statements ‘ written by twisted minds at the board, with no conscience would want this person as a nurse. Even those CNA”s who have been damned knowing their statements are false, will read others and still believe the fake reporting . When they know the azbon puts a lot of untrue remarks in there !


        • Fear to give name 5:09 pm on November 9, 2020 Permalink

          Can’t you just see when JOKEY Ridenour is finally pulled from her abuse of power position the cheering of many nurses !! DING DONG THE BITCH IS GONE ! Their will be many nurses who are like the democrats cheering in the streets . “And take your stink with you”. Meaning clean house ! Good Riddance to BAD Rubbish ! “They will screw your butt in the ground when you die your so crooked ” Concede now ! Stop the abuse of nurses !!
          She is one unhinged sicko for sure ! Former workers , say Fran Roberts would never had run this agency to the ground like Ridenour has . Most are nurses who see what is going on , just leave , cause they know how vile they are and will attack them as a whistleblower. Sad this agency tries to silence everyone, except the AZBON WATCHDOGS .


        • NURSES GET JUSTICE ! 12:52 am on November 10, 2020 Permalink

          HEY HEY HEY ! EX DIR BOARD OF NURSING FIRED , Georgia . Getting close jokey , clean out your desk , stop shaming the profession, and get the hell out ! take your dirty workers with you ! ! “” Head of state board of nursing in Georgia was fired. He was also an executive with NCSBN. Georgia law forbids a state employee from receiving gifts or financial compensation from outside entities. And, if NCSBN caused him to break the law, they may be in trouble. Ethics laws related to non profit status.””


      • Bets 9:35 pm on October 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        that jekyell and hide personality, the switching of masks, none of them are ‘good’ in their profession. look at mamaluy any lawyer who is ‘good” would not be on a salary dead end job, same for aag campbell. Elizabeth UNETHICAL Campbell will never make it anywhere, just dead end aag job that is a starter position, a diving board for other firms or other positions, She killed it be being herself .


        • Tamara Val, 3:17 am on November 9, 2020 Permalink

          this board is co crooked elizabeth campbell lies too. i had my lpn for a long time, my ex husband filed some bull crap , like what board is going to listen to him? how normal is this for a spouse who I am divorcing going to try to ruin my only income and career ! This bd does ! He beat me up , and we were arrested cause he had scratches, well the judge knew more than those closed minded minions at the bd, cause it was dismissed . So the board does not want anyone working who is a victim of a spouse beating . So they send for records from EVERYONE under the sun . Everyone knows nurses get fired , and for no good reasons ! When the judge threw out the abuse charge dismissed it the ex was so mad he contacted the board said I stole money at work . Again the board should KNOW BETTER !! Hello. to look at the source but they do not care , just revoke and let him have his way . So I was abused twice once by a fist of the ex then by the board . Hateful spiteful stinking board.


        • No justice for nurses ! 6:40 pm on November 10, 2020 Permalink

          This is how the medical board rolls . imagine this being a nurse , with fatal outcomes , as in many of these complaints . Talk about outside of scope of practice ! with no formal training doing bariatric surgery with fatal outcomes and blame it on the patient . one court hearing over 7 patients, OAh did not revoke . IS this why Elizabeth BETH Campbell and SUNITA KRISHNA do not do medical board, they cant revoke and have their FUN ? Nurses are disposable , the road to obtain the license is a tough one, but can be taken in a heart beat . And with nurses a he said she said will be enough for revocation . Practice Restriction – Stayed Revocation w/5yr Probation (Practice Restriction)-Unprofessional conduct (conduct which may be harmful to patient).Shall not perform any bariatric surgery nor perform thoracic surgery w/out supervision.5-16-03. Motion filed.6-10-03 Motion Denied. Probation terminated 5-19-08.
          07/20/2004 Decree of Censure – Stayed Revocation w/10yr Probation (Practice Restriction)-Unprofessional conduct (conduct which may be harmful to patient).Shall not perform any bariatric surgery nor perform thoracic surgery w/out supervision. Probation terminated 10/7/09; restriction remains in effect. 6/13/15 Restriction Terminated
          08/18/2004 Probation – Stayed Revocation and Probation. In accordance with all terms and conditions of the Board’s previous Order dated 6-15-04 effective 7-20-04. Probation Terminated 6-13-15


        • damn shame 6:47 am on November 11, 2020 Permalink

          wondering did anyone see that special on the take down of warren jeffs and how this cult operates ? what a sick person , arranging marriages , making a girl go to a run down shack motel in NV marry a male , age 14 , a cop who she hated, she cried through out the ceremony , her mother was encouraging this , afraid to speak up for her child. How sad to have your own parents promote such sick monsters to tell them what to do with their lives and bodies. So sad. Then the 12 yr old who’s parents held hands with 4 others around the marital bed, while warren had sex with her . This is sick ! and going on , how sad to be a sex object female and males think they are prophets , and having visions of another wife . Rape , is all it is , and the mothers not protecting their children . While warren sat there with it written on the bottom of his shoes STAY SWEET. to the girls and women . Then written on the side of the buildings , STAY SWEET . No way that things have changed if at all , and this is what is being passed on to outsiders who had no idea the board of nursing agency is run by a cult . No wonder if a female asserts themselves, and speaks up for themselves they just cannot stand it . One questioned a psych evaluation , ” to make sure’ when she said TEN YEARS clean and no issues is proof . Then a “Your having a psych evaluation , motion for psych eval , to be done blah blah blah. We’re not playing bartaring here . Oh yea give em that black mama bitch slap . As if , you question these DICKtators , like randy weird one quinn, and you will pay , we will give you more punishment . Women have not advanced , not in az , and it is the stupid women who are the ones enforcing the male domination and dicktatorship . Right Sunita ? Right Campbell, ? Right McCormies ? Right Mand? Right Hill? it is like their is some kind of bludgeon going to take place if they don’t follow the males DICKtatorship.


      • The Good Nurse 5:09 pm on October 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        So Bethy Campbell is tired ? oh BS !! she brought in another aag (ANOTHER ONE ) to do a case, oah . she wants to play victim, and feel sorry for me , a real sociopathic mind set . She’s got a full staff, doing her work let me tell you . She even manipulates them , Right MS WHITE ??? All she has to do is bring up every unrelated nonsense and blab her mouth. “and would it surprise you ?” damn she so outdated and developing SLOPPY UNETHICAL habits she could NEVER work in a real court room. ! Oh but that is when she had to bring in ANOTHER AAG , Harris to back her up . A real chicken shit, she can only attack nurses who are victims of domestic violence who have had a tough go of it , and really knock them down and drown them in legal paper work , a really big mental misfit. Like when she supposedly had some surgery to get out of a court date, who knows she lies so much, “im not healing well” , that ‘s what happens when you have to look over your shoulder to see who’s talking about what a witch you are . A prosecutor can have a little more professionalism, and act like a human but this is what those who are uneducated and comfortable being with the same mind set, as the game players and gossipers at the board. Remember the pharmacy board , tossed you out on your ass , cause your ways are not something anyone with integrity would do ? Still rolling their eyes over your crazy talk. The lawyer who go there are in with the big dogs, you will never make it . Now go for the free lunch at the board office, and stuff your mouth to STFU !


        • MSN, I am a teacher too. 6:04 pm on October 29, 2020 Permalink

          UH , the worst atty in AZ now that Juan Martinez lost his license , and Jodie Arias atty did too and does ‘stand up comedy “. <which someone like Elizabeth Campbell could NEVER do , she is the most dead head in this area !! So Elizabeth Campbell takes the title., worst atty in AZ currently . While the cases are moving along, I stopped talking to my nursing student , but this got my attention! one of the board members stated she would not have voted the way she did if she had known a couple of facts at the time (I know I know, a board member come clean , admit wrong doing ? an isolated event for sure ! ) . So Campbell's argument , was , (in a loud elevated crazed woman voice bouncing off the walls, and to the tune of Oprah Winfrey , "YOU GET A NEW CAR , YOU GET A NEW CAR " !! Got the picture ? Here's that's Campbell, yelling "WHO'S GOING TO CHANGE THEIR VOTE ? WILL IT BE YOU ??? WILL IT BE YOU ??? WHAT BOARD MEMBER WILL CHANGE THEIR VOTE ??? "YOU , WILL YOU CHANGE YOUR VOTE ???" She was pissed, angry bird for sure, certainly discourage anyone from admitting the truth ! This person off the board now and did 1 right thing, certainly never to happen again. Campbell not getting this spoiled little bitch's way , priceless . lol !


        • EX MO 6:31 pm on November 2, 2020 Permalink

          a comment by former mo mo, who wanted to know who was reporting masturbating of those on a mission ; which we have already discovered it true. mormons are MASTERBaiters ! They have an agenda ‘watch each other and report “, no matter what it is . Stool pigeons, you can see it in the board members . Anyone in any nursing job of being in charge, will say “these are the kind of things we need to know” encouraging this behavior. (mccormies does this , and no clue how she’s lasted on a bd of nursing ! except her ways ! Pretend she is perfect, and damn everyone else, except her mo mo sister wives .) Here is the comment , Can I get a like if you think it is true , we have figured it out , {The mormon church really only succeeds cause of snitches. It’s not just masturbating. I can’t tell you how many times I was called into my YSA bishop’s office to hear “Someone in the ward told they saw you doing xx” like at least tell me who it was so I know who needs stitches} (comment from a former mormon, who tells the truth NOW ! )
          This is also , how they can think anonymous complaints are ok . Bet ya didn’t know Joseph Smith has a hand in your nursing license did you ?


      • educating 1 at a time 11:14 am on November 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        n 2011, 50-year-old nurse Kimberly Hiatt made a mathematical error while administering calcium chloride to an infant, which proved to be fatal. Hospital administration investigated the incident and subsequently fired Kimberly after 27 years of service. Unable to secure a nursing position, she became isolated and depressed; seven months after the original incident, Kimberly took her own life (Grissinger, 2014).
        The infant did not die for 3 days and they were not sure it was related to the dose , but she was escorted out of the hospital , peer shamed, labeled that ‘dangerous nurse” black balled , and she committed suicide.
        Isolated ? hardly , happens in AZ , many nurses have ended it . Who is their for the nurse? Certainly not a union in AZ, most definitely not AZNA . , and the joke of a ‘rapid response ” team the BD of nursing , who wanted to make a “show” of support . You couldn’t get these ‘talkers ‘ of nursing , those who table top make decisions, those who have to have report from direct care nurses because they don’t know what is going on , and could not do the job those nurses do.
        Not a word about her 27 years of stellar work , and not just a one person event . Why wasn’t pharmacy drawing it up ? why didn’t they have a 2 nurse check ? What was the staffing ? So many things wrong that do not point to the nurse. Many things changed after this, but it is not much different then a nurse losing their license over hipped up garbage. She was stripped of her field, cut off from her work that she knew, her life turned upside down. If she was a cop and killed someone , because the cop said “THOUGHT they had a gun , she would at the most be on admin leave, paid time off , and come back a hero. No probation, no records shown to public, cover up by peers and management sticking together . Compare to AZ BON who ‘sticks it to nurses at random.


        • SUPPORT NURSES 6:02 am on November 9, 2020 Permalink

          so sad , unfortunately the inhumanly ones at the board agency will say , we told you that nurse was unstable. Without batting an eye. OF course they have their pockets lined with tricks, ordering psych evaluations to place a hint in the minds of readers , should this case move forward . A very low stooping for any agency. Then they have their crazy Drs who love money and being on the naughty side. Take the “docs on THE LIST” . all of them are Dr Deception, dispensing psych evaluations like they’re flu shots , but the reports are useless and pure fiction. And the top nut job of all Bob Bohanske .


    • Hailey Carlino 8:59 am on October 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I’d like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in penning this website. I really hope to see the same high-grade content from you later on as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has motivated me to get my own blog now 😉


    • 4 UR INFO 12:33 am on October 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      MITT ROMREY….it appears he is a biden supporter, well from all I have been seeing, it appears mitt is typical of a pedophile supporter. J.Dahn, C.Mand, S.Bonner, V.Smith, S.krishna, E. Campbell, and the rest of you anti-American, extremist radical liberal terrorist….stop telling the POLICE, FBI, CIA, and our MILITARY that people on this site does not support them.
      I have your papers and you are the ones who are the radical extremist anti-America police DEFUNDERS. MAGA!!!!!!!!!! Mitt Romney is just another chicken shit as far as I am concerned…if it runs like chicken shit, looks like chicken shit then it is chicken shit.


      • Keep them straight . 4:47 pm on October 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        What? the nursing board agency spreading rumors to other state organizations to get them in a mind set frame to go against the ones exposing the boards corruption . Let’s see what cops are dumb enough to ‘work for the board of nursing members , and their lying lawyer ? ( you forgot the biggest rumor spreader liar , EMMA MAMALUY , the drama queen of all , who can turn a pumpkin into a witch , just with her twisting of tales , adding her version of events that were taken from “THE DEVILS IN THE DETAILS” . And Biden is promising old brother mitt a cabinet position, as if he wouldn’t turn on anyone, the old turncoat himself. Backstabbing , take care of himself. He won’t be the first one to attack women who come forward because of old men who want to diddle young under age girls.


        • Watch man 5:03 pm on October 27, 2020 Permalink

          If a cop wants to stick their nose into something, that is none of their business , or be dumb enough to let a lying bitch put a noose in their nose and guide them around like a stupid cow, that is up to them , but be ready for the back lash. Never knew any real man who joined a bunch of gossiping , rumor spreading old hens, who add so many strange twists to any story they can get away with .
          Seen them spew the rumors to others at the board of nursing and get the gossiping girls to believe it all , and act on it. But generally you won’t see someone with any kind of backbone, jumping in a joining the little stir the pots. Guess this is what really separates the men from the boys. The same ones who think their gun is for fun .
          Still and all you can see the connection, both love to intimidate, have power and control and silence . Looks like the board is admitting they are weak, not too bright, and cannot do a man’s job , so bring in those are dumb enough to do it for them . (silly boys, as if you can’t make the next headline, by name .
          watch for newcomers, aka “board spy’s” .


    • Neomi Joffrion 8:34 pm on October 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a colleague who has been doing a little homework on this. And he in fact bought me dinner due to the fact that I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending time to discuss this subject here on your web page.


      • Woman stand up ! 2:41 am on October 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        people are talking about Trump disrespect for McSally. Well the bd meetings with randy quinn the big “A ” hole of all . you don’t remember WRAP IT UP YOU GOT 5 MINS! ” , and SHUT UP , and ” i want 4 students down here from different schools or NO ONE goes to lunch , hurry up move it , we don’t have all day, quickly , take seats I said move ! , and HURRY UP , get moving when someone tells you . and Randy the big A hole, Quinn, “tell us what you LIKED about the meeting !” (nothing like planting a forced compliment ! like students have a clue or will say negative remarks, . Women are 2nd class citizens in this cult Randy Big A HOLE Quinn, is a fully brain washed all in, member, and is caring over his BIG mouth, disrespect to the bd meeting. A mainly female profession where Quinn likes to DICKtate to the little women, who will NEVER hold a higher position in that temple mess. The only position they want them in is flat backing and pregnant and keep your mouth shut . And correcting Campbell, a real pos . Quinn the big A hole, making motions , using “i can’t allow that ” , “I ” , yep DICKtating , while Ridenour sits on her butt , thinking of her next scheme ! So messed up , and the March of Dipshits , voted him ‘nurse leader ” what a crock of sh*t ! March of Dipshits , is not an organization that anyone should be part of ! or donate to !!


    • Moving on 10:31 pm on November 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Do these old goats really believe they are walking right with God ? Do they really think their life’s work on earth is setting them up for eternal glory and happiness? Or better yet, do they even know about or care about spending their eternity in the lake of fire and never ending pain, burning, and suffering?
      God asks us to love our enemies and forgive those who trespass against us, that is if we want Him to forgive us. This has been very personally challenging…we must remember this life is merely a granule of sand in the spectrum of all eternity and of the real heavenly treasures that await us that have been wrongly accused and dealt injustices beyond belief by this vile, corrupt board of nursing…versus those that will face the wrath of God for their evil ways.

      These are the thoughts that keep me propelled forward towards a positive future full of hope. I pray for all of the victims of this board daily..that they will too experience the peace that surpasses all understanding.


    • C U 5:18 am on November 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Their minds are so warped , they will believe anything that is told to them . Even when spelled out and evidence shown , they will still sway back to their mind controlled beings. Brainwashing involves isolation and all sources of information; an exacting regimen requiring absolute obedience and humility; strong social pressures and rewards for cooperation; physical and psychological punishments for non-cooperation ranging from social ostracism . So yes they believe what is told to them, and they are the only “right” ones. It is a tough nut to crack that is for sure.


    • Maryjane Serio 12:19 pm on November 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I am really impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a nice blog like this one these days..


    • P U 6:09 pm on November 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      When those who have degrees , higher degrees do stupid things, it makes you wonder if they didn’t cheat on that to get ahead. like attending a byu funded school ? The arizona board of nursing has had it share of really dumb people . Ridenour seems to be clueless , and seems to let them run the show. no leadership at all . wonder what she is even doing there ? Remember that real mouthy frustrated one. Melinda Phenis , or something like that , one crazy broad , caught up in the gossip willing to join in . Like robert ellis, take one for the team . “team or ‘gang ” members . gangster ways how they act.


    • Help 4 nurses 4:39 am on November 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      anyone get an email from this groupie ? When someone contacts you to see ‘if your alright” or ” they are concerned about you” but you have never heard from them before , it is always a red flag moment. Beware , the board of nursing has no concerns over your well being . They just want those naive enough to believe the false concern to ‘think” they do . They can tell you to your face, they are “only trying to help you ” while putting a large blade in your abdomen, twisting , slicing and gut you out , while still grinning and saying “we just want to help you.” “it’s all about public safety ” . They have no common sense, not a lick of human decency , not a caring bone in their body , and will never have any remorse of their actions.


      • Nik 5:54 am on November 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        By ‘groupie” is that the az bd of nursing? , then YES. IT was over the top that is for sure. No way will this nurse respond. The AZ bd of nursing has no interest in the ‘caring’ aspect of nursing in any manner, nor the ‘public safety ‘ nonsense they use as a catch all phrase. I would caution any nurse not to respond. This board does not want to ‘partner with pee on’s ” which is what you are to them . They have enough partners in crime. It is a ‘us’ or “them” and you are not part of them , and who would want to be !
        Also caution here that you are being honest with them, if you are they will take that and run with it . “im stressed out ” EQUALS psych evaluation. Now if you lie to them , what they can determine is a lie (with no specific proof) , then they will take that and run with it. As you can see , you do not want to have any contact with them at all . In fact my best advise is to do as I did and move the hell out of AZ and put your license on inactive, retirement, and do not renew it !


    • Peter principled 10:13 pm on November 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Elizabeth Campell is guilty of barratry. That what happens when you take on cases that an investigator who is a real dramatic liar, sends over their ‘findings ” . A book of lies. Then it starts unraveling , when the nurses side is told. Campbell and Mamaluy are creating legal business by stirring up disputes and quarrels, to benefit the agency funds. With no legitimate claims. they just keep digging and putting lies in print. All that is needed to charge them of a crime is repeated acts . Disbarment is the usual punishment . Oh, the irony, two nasty dirty lying lawyers , putting nurses out of work , now without a license / any takers on their pity party ?


    • Hairstyles 3:22 am on November 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      There are some interesting closing dates on this article however I don抰 know if I see all of them middle to heart. There’s some validity however I will take hold opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as well


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 4:00 pm on September 24, 2020 Permalink

    Lions Ten Christians Zero AZBN 

    I do not accept the Administrative Law Court rules related to hearsay and false documentation against April Cobia for factual reasons never brought forward. The adminstrative law court judge has the the final say as the trier to determine the resolution of a case. No nurse has ever prevailed against the court either on the first go around and or appeal. The rules of evidence seen in higher courts have no meaning in this court owned by the AZBN. Steven Kessel, the crooked Adm Law Court Judge, ruled on the Cobia hearsay and false documentations complaints that he had no legal standing to rule on that. But he did. Its ‘AZBN, its all good.’

    I‘ve read 100s of adm law court cases and interviewed many disciplined nurses and few who deny the AZBN motions for monitoring ever return to nursing. Diane Milhaskey, the initial Adm Law Court judge was the usual repeat offender by allowing Sunita Kreshna to violate ARS 32-1263.03 by moving on several Cobia’s complaints by their own motions. Kind of basic law limiting people like Krishna & Capone from filing its own income taxes; fabricated in response for complaints she filed against former employers as this behavior of perjury and tampering with evidence is ancient history. Some of the dates of the complaints are older than four years which is in direct violation of the Health Professional Regulatory Act that was enacted in 2013. Its an act of Arizona Congress that is ignored over and over by the AZBN, Adm Law Court and Az Attorney general.

    Details of the Nurse Cobia case represent many of the issues bedside nurses have experienced beyond the scope of fairness which when delivered by organizations that have No Laws to follow reveal details that make excellent evidence for Nursing History. The laws are written in English but to the AZBN they simply do not exist. They really don’t.

    There is a perfect window into the destruction of nursing coming from the organizaton of nurses who’ve been retaliated against for reporting of quacks and hacks in the the health care system. The social and career annihilation of Nurse Cobia represents, ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’. When I first heard that I had no idea what it meant. I really did hear this early in my Az working career. After working in Arizona for a few years I know precisely what it means. Any reports of errors generally results in tar & feathering of the reporter.

    If you are a student and remembering your history, throughout your entire life you’d best rethink filing for nursing in Arizona, If you spit balled somebody in the the six grade the AZBN will find it and they’ll not give you a license if you failed to declare you were a former spit baller. No joke.

    Nurse Cobia’s disorderly conduct charge that was dismissed was presented, again, as a Board’s motion which is also a violation by presenting evidence not jurisdictionally reviewed. I can not count the number of police reports, ancient history, that are included in cases that were dismissed or not reviewed in the county they were written in. In most states this is a civil rights violation, they don’t even know in Arizona. Not all public documents are meant for republication.

    The long list of violations in the April Cobia case is not outstanding and is another case that can be added to Nursing History which this site’s primary mission is. The fact this site contains names and evidence of corrupted Board members. Like Randy Quinn, J. Ridenour, Kim Delorenzo, Shawna Bonner, Linda Monas, Beth A. Campbell, Sunita Krishna, Katherine Eldridge, Lola Folre, Dolores Hurtado, Doug Parlin and Savahna Keliipuleole. If you don’t see you name here, be patience, we’ll get to you or Karma will get you first, We Hope.

    Can one ignore the extraordinary, absolutely eloquent depositions posted by Krishna in the Cobia case? No one can not. I thought Hemmingway would climax at the bold, smooth sarcasm exhibited on a platter of student optimism so commonly seen in automated cases. Under scrutiny there are different students doing the legal briefs as some got the omnipotent flare of a corrupted shoe in government, when other students do not.

    The display of the modern day card swipe treatment of nurse issues can create Hall of Fame Social Abortion events such as creating false documentation confirming perjury as in the testimony of K. Williams. Not sure how AZBN investigator can testify to Nurse Cobia’s ethnicity roots and the use of the ‘N’ word when the only person who heard it was a black person dressed in African garb whose twang trained ear heard Mississippi. Repeat after me, “Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is made up.” Case dismissed but still brought forward. Perjury by documentation unrelated . Just another violation that falls apart as another lead into alledged HIPPA violation is not supported by federal statute and must include fraud for violations to be considered. The fact Nurse Cobia had medical records, off site, of former patients in itself and by itself is not a violation of federal statute whom has standing on these records. The presentation of documents aligning Nurs Cobia’s possession of alledged medical records is easily countered with computer timing accuracy and demonstrates nothing but arrogance and or negligence. There are multiple documents available throughout this case that will remain in Nursing History.

    Peary Brown retired R.N.

    • M gormen 5:36 am on September 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      When you look at the march of dimes web page and see randy the moron was nominated nurse leader of the year???(leader ?? ) . Well that did it , March of Dimes will not get one dime , and now will be looked at as one of the corrupt donations requesting organization. Quinn wants to help moms and babies (more puking) he does anesthesia, they do ob cases . Quinn is a brain washed lifetime mormon, He may ‘get off” seeing the results of breeding the women . But as far as doing anything for anyone but another male and the bishop or queers of 12 , not buying the BS . Then of course look at Pam Fuller , Chamberlain College , Pres who brags about being on board of nursing education committee, for two years. Boot licking each other. Chamberlain where lori gutierrez was , using her to keep from getting cited. Fuller appointing quinn the creep , It looks like one big corrupt connection. Oh and throw in the Franklin Covey. which fuller promotes, which is run by mormons, and what a frigging mess ! So many hours of brain washing , watching these mindless creatures. If quinn thinks in his own mind that is ‘set up ‘ is ANY TYPE of reflection what he is really all about he is living in a real bubble .


      • Can't fool me 3:15 am on September 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Just when you want Ridenour’s scum out of there and try to clean up the mess she created , robin schaeffer is retiring. of course that’ s good news . Certainly a start . But then , along comes replacement dawna cato, UH ! ! no chance for clean up ! She was the smirk with ridenour at the committees when the vote went around. Just plain evil she is . Here’s a good one !! Ridenour is part of a rapid response !!! HAHA . This group is trying to make front lines nurses who wear masks on their feet all day running the halls putting up with patients families and sweating under garb, worrying about getting a deadly virus, no breaks no water at the nurses station allowed, bladders full , and tension’s high. tired burnt out, watching death daily , refrigerated trucks waiting for more bodies TNTC. And JOKE RIDENOUR is going to assist THEM !!! LLOLOL TOFLOL !!! and the AZNA !!! LOLOL ROFLOL !!! Rememer they are all against UNIONS for safe staffing, and nurse protection , that will actually stand up for the hospitals doing the right thing !! BUT azna and the azbon are all for THE HOSPITAL !! so how is that going to work ! ? it wont !!


        • Richard RN 2:34 am on September 28, 2020 Permalink

          Do not work in Arizona I can tell you, nurses have worked and licensed all over the country, apply AZ and they get a record for life . Other states do not have the hard noses such as Az . It seems that , the president , black broad has lost her way . Been to too many NCSBN and mingled with the hard asses. How many said the same thing I did < "i have NO intention of working in AZ " try and get out without a huge mark on your entire career. Something is really wrong at this place , really messed up that is for sure.


        • REVENUE 6:02 am on September 29, 2020 Permalink

          Bet JOKEY Ridenour , would really CRINGE , when and if she has to show her income tax returns. Running two sets of books ? one for you one for irs . Is big BOY robert going to give tips on how to skirt around it , certainly he knows what happens to those who try to hide funds . But then again way too much credit has been given to pretty much all of them. The IRS can and will look at bank accounts .


        • tips to live by 2:38 pm on October 4, 2020 Permalink

          Statements are relatively easy to secure if you fall for the tricks.The investigator typically suggests:1)“This could help avoid disciplinary action…”2)“I am here to give you a chance to tell your side of the story..(yea right!)
          .”3)“Youcantellyoursideofthestory…”;and4)“IamheretomakesureIhavealloftheinformationtotelltheBoard.”All of theseicebreakerssuggestinnocence,butareclearlyandsurreptitiouslyusedtoimplythestatement willhelpyou. Admitting toanimpairment,druguse,ordiversion willonlyhurtyouandyourlicense.Ifyougiveacatharticadmissionofdruguseordiversion,thinkingsuchwillappeaseandconcludeaninvestigation,youaresadlyincorrect.
          2Inmanycases,theonlyevidenceofdrugusestemsfromthelicensee’s(your)ownmouth(theadmission).Whilethereisaconfidentialreportfromwhichtheinvestigationstarts,thereisnofaileddrugtest,workplaceadmission,criminalcase,orDUIB.A.C.testresult.Thereisnoevidence.An admissiongivestheinvestigatoryreasontocontinuetheinvestigation


        • I c they do need help 4:49 pm on October 8, 2020 Permalink

          There are those who are on the board and those who are on the pay roll (emma mamaluy, cindy mand, janeen dahn, jo ridenour, who have been using rumors, lies to manipulate the rest. Lying to hurt someone else is a HIGHLY aggressive act and the accuser needs help. Their need to have a scapegoat in their sick belief to make the group “strong bond”, to help find meaning in their empty lives. They lie so much they believe their own distortions. It is a ploy to ‘defend” self , by acting against others. One person initiates, cowing intentional behavior , emotionally manipulating the rest , this type of underhanded behavior , is thrilling to gang up , it gives them a common bond. The lower the IQ the easier it is to ‘use ‘ the rest to join in their manipulation and get them to act and lie .


        • I Smell trickery 4:45 pm on October 9, 2020 Permalink

          why are all of these so called “investigators ” , lying and trying to trip up nurses ? Sending mail to an address out of state when they KNOW the person is working in AZ ? 10 days change of address , is a short time . Who is going to change their address when they don’t even live in az? what a dirty board , and the dates on things are just weird too. We all know how they manipulate these pitney bowes machines. Right Beth Campbell ??? This is done to miss the trial , and not give you a chance to be heard. sinful gang at this board for sure ! .


        • RN 9:46 am on October 13, 2020 Permalink

          I’m relying on my lawyer a lot and he says that it will be impossible for me to secure another job in nursing, or probably in any hospital, while this is going on. And that will take many more months, even up to or more than another year.

          I have a complaint from a family member and I just tried to renew my license and I had to tell them I have a pending litigation against me and I don’t know if I will be able to renew my license or what my punishment will be. I haven’t even been in front of the nursing board yet. They cancelled my first appearance. I am nervous .
          (any advise out there?)


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:16 pm on October 13, 2020 Permalink

          There is that period when we all think it’ll be OK. And it can be if you do virtually everything the corrupted Board tells you, and you do it. Some of us just can not follow the guilty plea if we are not guilty Guilt and remorse is irrelevant. Innocence consciousness and truth will only get you in deeper. Get out of nursing before it destroys you. Never look back.


        • Ned 6:28 am on October 14, 2020 Permalink

          This is ELIZABETH CAMPBELL”S (home ) ADI reported on a case involving members of the Snell and Wilmer law firm. Documents obtained through a records request showed that in April 2015, the Chief of the Criminal Division of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Don Conrad, gave final approval for the prosecution of attorneys from the firm. At the time Conrad approved the prosecution, agents and attorneys in the Horne administration had already obtained 5 plea agreements from conspirators lower on the food chain in that case.

          “Because Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich had benefitted greatly from the support of attorneys with the firm during his campaign, any other action by that office would have been considered unprofessional at best,” reported the ADI. “Despite the fact that Conrad and Andy Rublacava, Chief of Special Investigations approved proceeding with charging Snell and Wilmer attorneys and taking the case to the State Grand Jury by executing a Fraud and Special Prosecutions (FSP) case open document on May 5, 2016, Brnovich’s office did not immediately hand the matter over to another jurisdiction. In fact, rather than taking the appropriate action, the Office went to the extreme and tried to shut down the case altogether. Those extreme measures included firing several staff members with knowledge of the case.”

          As the ADI predicted in that article, because the Attorney General’s office came under scrutiny, Brnovich handed the matter over to Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles. Voyles, who is currently under investigation by the FBI, made the case go away. Allegedly the Attorney General’s Office made it easy by withholding key information from Pinal County prosecutors.

          The entire case had to be undone in order to ensure that the mastermind conspirators could breathe easy. Due to the fact that voters only replaced Voyles in the 2016 Republican County Attorney Primary with Kent Volkmer; a less attractive version of Voyles, the case was sure to die. In January 2017, a Pinal County attorney asked a Maricopa County Superior Court judge to vacate all of the plea agreements. She did as asked, but with hesitation. She had little choice. She would not agree to dismiss the case with prejudice however.

          A sliver of hope

          The judge’s ruling in the matter might have been a death knell for justice. Fortunately for the many victims in that case – which now include former Attorney General staff members – the FBI opened an investigation into the matter. As a result of the actions by public officials in the case, what started as an investigation into civilians’ criminal acts, morphed into one that included public corruption allegations.

          The aforementioned case is not an isolated instance. There are at least two other instances in which the Arizona Attorney’s Office took steps to protect politically connected subjects from prosecution


        • Narcan Them 5:42 pm on October 14, 2020 Permalink

          not sure about how many nurses have drug or alcohol problems , but it is on the rise. A board of nurses needs someone (at least one) who knows how to treat these people , with addictions . What I have seen , is some very ignorant people on the board, who are so one sided thought process, and trying to ‘rule” the world based on the ‘religion’ they practice . One that is certainly not everyone’s choice, but to really be into it that much , one would have to had some real long exposure and quite young . To even think that nurses , should follow this crazy path of fake front , is lunatic to begin with . To hear a couple of the board members , comments in this area , when as someone mentioned they are of the lds,is just plain craziness . Alcohol addiction goes far beyond having a glass of champagne at a wedding or a couple of beers at a ballgame. It’s drinking to excess and developing a dependence to where you need a drink to function. Indulging to this degree causes more than just physical issues. Relationships suffer, work is no longer a priority, and you continue to use despite the consequences. It’s an utter loss of control.
          they do not have to send people to what they call ‘experts ” who are mostly alcoholics themselves ! to determine this ! Certainly not the ones currently on this board , who act like authorities on the subject. Maybe they are, who doesn’t know a lds who doesn’t drink ? and lie about it .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:29 am on October 15, 2020 Permalink

          Drink and lie about it ? Absolutely!


      • 4 UR INFO 1:55 am on September 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Who is Sigmund Popko:
        Popko is an instructor of law at Arizona State University in Tempe AZ, which is one of the Universities where Joey Ridenour’s husband William Ridenour is the Regent to. Sigmund Popko was elected to rule on Nurse Cobia’s case in Maricopa Superior Courts. Well America you guessed it, Nurse Cobia did not win. But Popko put in his dirty little comments, “We Do Not Answer to Pennsylvania”. Geeze why would W. Ridenour’s friend Popko write such a statement? We got the goods on dirty Popko and his little photo studio business.

        Who is J. Ridenour:
        Past President of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing 1998-2002; past Chair of the Nurse Licensure Compact Executive Committee 2009-2013. Well America remember Jockey also sat on the Arizona Hospital Association.

        Who is Peter Fine:
        the CEO of Banner Health, he also sits on the Arizona Hospital Association Board, and oh boy did not Jockey sit on this board too? Now remember Penis Fine is involved with the regent who dictates to the University Medical Center in Tucson that is now Banner Medical Center if I remember correctly, which is a teaching hospital with the University of Arizona. Boy oh Boy!

        Who is Ram Krishna:
        the dirty daddy to skunky Sunita Krishna. Now American you do remember when Ram Krishna sat on the Medical Board in Phoenix Arizona, and the Medical Board was investigated and exposed for having doctor’s in Arizona which were not licensed. Now America if my evidence and documents read correctly then dirty daddy krishna gave one million dollars to the University in Tucson where nasty Sunita went to school, oh boy no wonder stinky Sunita graduated. I believe Ram was on the regent in AZ with william Ridenours, yes, yes, yes, here is the picture of them side by side. One more thing America Sunita Krishna does not write briefs for court cases against nurses, she seems to be to stupid, it is the law clerks, first year law grad’s, and others in the courts.


        David Farnsworth: https://www.eastvalleytribune.com/news/mesa-senator-corruption-infests-the-state-somewhere/article_82c4c5ae-6ab2-11e9-a123-837e857170a9.html

        Mr. Farnsworth, Maybe we should start with you, and possible your secretary who is your very own Brother.

        Oh yes America, one final word on Cindy Mand an executive at the AZBN.gov, she is telling police that certain nurses under investigation does not like the police, and we are part of an anti-police group. This is far from the truth, I have the info on this one too and she is a Clinton lover, yes the old cow herself. Cindy Mand is a typical liberal and a Sociopaths wanting control, (divide and conquer is her modo). Cindy if you don’t like our current President leave the country.


        • TEE HEE 6:43 am on October 2, 2020 Permalink

          This is VERY informative 4 ur info . oh yes . Cindy Mand also worked at Maricopa County medical center , and so did Jockey Ridenour. coincidence . ? Not sure who is the bigger liar Cindy Mand or Emma Mamaluy. or A tie. Mand is ASSociate dir her and j “dr don” both trying to suck up to be dir . if they want to be on the corrupt board of nursing , well “the higher you go on the ladder the more your ass shows” . Just getting started. A recent case just won , another one, persistence !


        • tennis ee 3:05 pm on October 2, 2020 Permalink

          sigmund popko is a f”ing COUNTY COMMISSIONER . Doesn’t even make the judge’s list. “we do not answer to Penn?” hmmm .Although the azbon tries to rule the country with their over stretch . POPKO looks like a hand picket puppet . Now who is the puppet master. WILLIAM RIDENOUR ? President of ASU , who spoke at the BYU pulpit ? Yep medical board exe dir fired , pushing licenses through for foreign doctors , lots of them at banner and yuma where krishna made his bucks. Maybe sunita can tell daddy do do to ‘bridge ” medications . she must have said that word 20 times STFU already ! she continues to sit in board meetings and court rooms while I am hiking out enjoying the real things, avoiding the corrupt politics .


      • C. C 12:15 pm on September 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Elizabeth A Campbell is losing it for sure. Scattered . She likes to talk with nurses lawyers , and use her “it’s BETH” . first name basis , trying to get cozy with them . “like your GF ‘BETH” . Referring to them by first names, like ‘we’re ‘ friends ” only a fool of an attorney would allow this . She ‘s so unprepared, and ditzy acting . (remember no names , remember given out , or ‘insider trading of info ceases) I read it is all .top secret , and if so you will get others who can give lots of input . Like “Campbell can’t chew gum and walk at the same time ” .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:07 pm on September 30, 2020 Permalink

          very true in many ways, there us something I am missing? I dont ever remember violating clinical rules to gain the higher ground on anybody. Simply immoral.


        • R N 6:03 pm on October 1, 2020 Permalink

          in general , I did go to one care and yes , she is half cocked and over stepping Campbell is losing it . Unfocused , unprepared, and flustered . Like her biggest job is to tell the participants to not give patient names. That seems to be her only job. Campbell keeping something confidential , but when it comes to the nurse an invasion of their internal organs. Nothing is CONfidential . Especially mental health she likes to state this loudly over and over . It looks like ELIZABETH CAMPBELL is the mental case . She is dealing with board members who are complete simpletons. She wants the defendant to have a limited knowledge so she can rake them in court, but was she counting on a board of uneducated no common sense too ? Not every nurse is this stupid but they gravitated to the BON ! Of course her job is to rake them in but she is having “private meetings with them” NO not Campbell the way she is: an adult tattletale, she will go to Ridenour to tell them . More HER STYLE. A rat, snitch, got to have her way type of bitch , and don’t ever make her look bad , or embarrass her , right RUG !!
          ROFLOL !!!


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:58 pm on October 2, 2020 Permalink

          There is. or within the past five yrs., large turnover in most departments there. Doubt its the money, what is the motive for this?


        • May 2019 2:55 pm on October 4, 2020 Permalink

          Who stays at the arizona board of nursing office , is either making good money , loves to play little detective, and get people in trouble , loves to have things stirred up and cause hard ship for others. It is a very toxic enviroment for sure . Covertly belittling , bullying , devaluing . They do this to pull the rug out from under you and any statement you make will not taken seriously . They are hoping . They know what you say is true , other wise why bother ? Why bother Cindy Mand, you are one of the big bucks, so to earn that you gotta get the ones who attack JR , be careful playing with fire. Meanwhile , what s happening with your reputation? Mand seems to move around a lot, bedside got too hard . Those who leave will not say the truth, they do leave to save their own skin. Notice the ones who leave are the smartest ones after all . One in education was short lived for sure , not impressed with off the wall mccormy. who ASSociate dir describes as “not ready for her”. only small town hicks like safford , and some of them got away from eau , quickly , others were victims of the, fake put on.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:09 pm on October 17, 2020 Permalink

          Dont know how splendid post got misplaced but it is now here and recommend all students read this three times and spread it to colleagues.


      • 4 UR INFO 9:39 pm on October 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply


        I passed through the doors of the ER and tuned the corner on my way to the burn unit, I felt an unusual dark silence in the atmosphere. While we dressed for our shift, my colleague’s nor spoke because they sensed the dampened mood of the unit too. I sat down for report, and the night shift RN informed me a whole family with 4 small children perished from smoke inhalation in a fire, and we have the 4 children who were all on ventilators as we waited for the extended families to decide how to handle the precious bodies. The 12 hours that day the mood of the unit never change, my colleagues and I worked mostly in silence, and only spoke when needed. The report to the oncoming night shift RN was a carbon copy of what he gave me from the morning because nothing had changed, and we were still waiting on directions from the extended families.
        My drive home from work that night was in silence as well, no radio, no phone conversations, just thoughts. My routine before I went to bed was to kneel in silence, so I did. I saw their faces and their eyes, not just the children but of so many others who I was assigned to care for, not their color, political belief, nor their religion, just their eyes and the pain from their eyes.
        There are those who are called and then there are those who are chosen, I felt blessed to have been chosen, I am sure my colleagues felt the same.

        I have heard it said that Banner Health is the Anti-Christ Hospital of the world, I happen to believe it too. America….See BECKER’S HOSPITAL REVIEW, the website is where Banner Health barely made the cut for largest health systems but DID NOT make the cut for the LARGEST HOSPITALS in the NATION.


        P.Fine you are nothing but a big fish in a bowl of water…..When people like you (p.fine), and the AZBN staff flat refused to accept that we nurses are subjected to stress, and see horrible depressing illness from the people we treat, then you show your pure hatred and IGNORANCE for my colleagues and myself.


        • Vel 2:31 am on October 3, 2020 Permalink

          While those employees such as joke ridenour , cindy mand from the burn unit, sit with a cup of coffee at their desk and eat bon bons’ , emotional less , just thinking, lets get the kids and family out asap so we can open those beds. All you will see in their eyes is the look of turning out the next victim nurse. Digging for dirt. The power and control over those who have a calling and are not political machines , robots , soul less douche bags. When you think of banner , then think of the religion of the charge nurses, the major contributors, those who run the place , all connected ! Infiltrating the medical community , from cardon to dental offices. And they all think they are banner- rific like ELIZABETH Boyer the dummy on the board UH!!! geez is she stupid !! , do not allow a pediatric patient to be cared for by her ! it was “johnson, from Banner, kathy scott , michael herring, rebecca schwarting .


      • ex momo 1:48 am on October 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        For some reason the NY Times thinks that mormon woman can think for themselves and if they dislike Trump he is in big trouble. So many people have no clue about this dastardly cult. Many nurses soon figured out what the real problem at the board of nursing was about the cult influence. The women believe they are good for “breeding” purposes . Also pound it into the daughters heads to marry a returning missionary . They also have a strong hatred towards blacks, and feel God made them black to pay for something they did in earlier life. wonder if Harris Knows that ? They also have a very strong dislike of anyone who is gay , lesbian , and will force them into ‘conversion therapy”. . Females are never allowed to hold any higher offices, they are encouraged to get on boards and be very busy so they don’t think of leaving their husbands. Any woman that is raped must go discuss it in detail with the Bishop who was always ask “what were you wearing ???” If beat up, “what did YOU do to make him do this??” it is always her fault , she’s a liar. Elizabeth Smart is mormon, her rapist mormon and his (lst wife Mormon) he did not see anything wrong with taking a child and making her his new wife. Mormons are taught ‘ your parents would rather you come home in a pine casket then not be a virgin” That is why E Smart, thought her parents didn’t want her and did not try to leave. BTW ED Smart her father is married to a man now leading his true life , not what they told him, marry a woman and have lots of babies. He was miserable .


        • Victim azbn June 7:23 pm on October 3, 2020 Permalink

          Saw this posted and great advise ! “Looks like simpleton ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL , ELIZABETH BOYER, and ELIZABETH RIDENOUR , should have listened to Walter O Scott . Too late now ! “””O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!


      • Todays News 7:31 am on October 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Found on another site , how true ! Betting either one of these two do not tell others what they REALLY DO !!!
        There are two who work as aag , with the az board of nursing. Elizabeth A Campbell aka “beth “campbell and Sunita Krishna Aka “Cario ” . They will tell people , they are ‘prosecutors” but both need to wear on their badges and backs a big sign “I PROSECUTE NURSES AND MAKE IT SO THEY CANNOT WORK AS A NURSE AGAIN”. (OH, daddy must be SO proud ). and in small print, “even if they did not do anything wrong ” !


      • BSN 7:55 pm on October 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        still cannot get over the nurse who was turned into the BON by a friend, the nurse took hot water from a coffee pot poured it into a diaper , placed it on a infants heal prior to blood draw and it blistered ! no sh* t .! the nurse worked for Banner, the ‘pediatric preceptor ” on the board voted this was OK !!! Elizabeth BETH Boyer, married to Paul Boyer (another moron) un-believeable , protect the public , right ! Boyer voted nothing punitive on this nurse. Beth Boyer is more interested in protecting Banner , than a baby .


      • nobody's fool. 8:03 pm on October 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        NO ONE HAS ANY RESPECT FOR PUTO PANOOCH PROCECUTOR ELIZABETH CAMPBELL (JUST IN CASE ANY MISTAKE HERE SHE GOES BY “BETH”, AND DOES DIRTY WORK FOR ATTY GEN OFFICE ) I KNOW HER WELL !!! THIS IS HER TYPE OF RETALIATION TACTICS ! “”After I went public about about a prosecutor and two cops selling illegal protection to corporations, they threatened to have my ex-husband make up.a story that I was neglecting my child. When the Judge found out they lied, and that a prosecutor was instructed such an egregious lie he was furious. When you come across people in the judicial system with no moral compass its shocking. It makes you grateful for those that respect the oath they took.”””

        I should forward this to her, along with other’s opinion, to her and her boss Nunchucks


        • nobody's fool. 6:49 pm on October 12, 2020 Permalink

          bahama mama reads it all , like sherlock holmes. Only she is not as smart, think she is. still trying to prove her cases, never admit mistakes ! never , A real Cheese head , WIsc is only state no BAR exam is required in. and pass rate is very high and is considered the easiest BAR exam second to So Dakota. She would pass a character test?? , haha. when I get a bd complaint, about not calling a dr, (when he was in the hospital rounding every hour ) and this was my day . who knows, another shitty az hospital of unprofessionals.Hard to refuse assignment , when sometimes you have already taken the assignment , realize report was messed up, and finding the disaster after you start rounds. Ie 1)the patient reported to you as having pna , is post open heart. 2) the patient on SI has a sitter, you find the sitter is in another hall talking with co workers, 3) the patient who’s wife from hell was on another floor day before , as was i, moved because she was raising hell so much and now that is my patient the one who is ‘stable’ ; surgeon had still not seen him bowels hyperinflated , screaming in pain , but wife is louder. 4) pt integrilin d/cd dk stools suspect retrograde paratoneal bleed, tell Cardio who says it is not, tell Cardio 4 times, resident is watching it all , finally repeats hgb, came back 5 . blood stat , icu stat, Charge nurse pulled CNA to watch monitors while she ate bagels and ignored everything I told her. SO every call light that went off for bathroom or fill water pitcher went to me . My power ? I saw supr asked her who chief of staff was, only way i got surgeon in . first time the chg nurse pulled the chair out of her *ss. And they had a poster , TEAM WORK .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:40 am on October 13, 2020 Permalink

          veteran nurse post!! Outstanding!!


      • NR 3:01 am on October 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        This is pretty much how the sick members at the nursing agency act. : “”They are finding out how much they enjoy giving free reign to their sadistic side so they carry on with their good guy or gal act in public and once you start to complain that they are dishonest or abusive they flip the script and accuse you of being the abuser and lying while they play the victim.””
        Oh yes, you are the one who is “dangerous” , “unstable” “lying” “has made threats ” “acts strangely” “crazy ” “bizarre” “unhinged” “odd” . This is what the repeated say to people who work at the board, contact the board, always labeling , and making the rest believe how simply ‘off the charts you are” . Many simple minds , are working there or on the board, and will believe it if enoug people say it. Without ever witnessing anything, but just being told to ‘watch them “, will make people see things or elaborate , just like the one lying to them . Just remember who is starting these rumors , through constant texts, emails, verbal has 4 fingers and when pointing one at someone three are pointing back at them . They are fixated, they want the person who was wronged to be looked at as not knowing what they are talking about and not believed so they are constantly getting others involved . Are you part of the gang , that is being created? Are you repeating things because you heard something ? are you doing this to ‘suck up ?” . Please your boss , so you’ll get promoted. IF you are getting involved in any way, you just may have to answer for your false information and the fact you do not know what you are talking about. Think about what you are really doing , you could be next . Don’t care who told you to do what ! Be careful ! They are using you to save their butts for wrong doing . Are YOU the one who is going to help them , from their mistakes ? You might just think about , what you are really doing .


      • Karma 's Bitch 2:56 am on October 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

    • Court Watcher 7:34 pm on September 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      There have been a couple pay law suits . You just have to get away from the corrupt OAH court . One nurse prevailed a couple months ago, posted how ELiz Campbell had her panties in a bunch over that but had to advise board to accept what a NEW alj , who is probably short lived there . OF course they will request another judge, highly illegal , but Greg Hanchett runs the sham court. I would discourage no one from appealing . In other courts Campbell is quit nervous, and judges seem not to like her . She has to take her ‘penis ‘ with her Harris, who is another A G hack. Just goes to show what a crappy atty she is , and is only comfortable where she knows the judge is “in ” on it .


      • 4 UR INFO 12:21 am on October 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        After reading all that is posted in the NCSBS.org about nurse Cobia I then googled her name and it obvious she is not liked at all by AZBN.gov staff or Jockey because they had one of their cozy friends post false information about her. Nurse Cobia must have some serious evidence against the State of AZ, well good for her. This reporter (Mary Anne Pazanowski from BLOOMBERG LAW)……. does not like Nurses, read her hateful comments about nurse Cobia.


        Many nurses in AZ who have be the subject of complaint have been harassed by neighbors, co-workers, and so on….there are a number of nurses from AZ who after having complaints go in on them by their employer are jumped, kicked, punched and assaulted. America I have their names because something is wrong in ARIZONA when a Nurse fights back against false allegation from medical facilities & the Arizona Board of Nursing and is then physically attacked, harassed by employers, harassed by staff members from the Arizona Board of Nursing, and courts.
        This is serious corruption and J. Ridenour is in the mist. Notice they said she called someone the “N” word, well Valerie Smith wrote the same thing about another nurse, yes VSmith I have the nurses write up by you, you race baiter. America these are not the only two Nurses accused of such lies, I have the names of other nurses who were accused of calling someone the “N word”. So who’s idea was it to start this type of lies to take nurses out of their profession when they are not liked, and not an addict?


        • Reviewed 9:27 pm on October 3, 2020 Permalink

          Wow , all day all nite mary anne, sounds like the type to lay on her back for anyone willing to feed her info . “properly stripped ” what kind of reporting is that ? BIASED . I would think Cobia could sue them . someone who is in court , hopefully with a jury read this biased journalism ? And gather reports from all who have been abused who fight them . Another nurse lost his career over a patient telling him , he did not want a nigger for a nurse. So that is ok, and you must take it , which he did. Maricopa Medical did not want to fire him for that , it could come back on him. So they made a paper and story about a med error. (low lives at the BOARD . (but they messed up trying to rig that one up ) . So willie’s a victim as well . (any decision by the bon is not a final decision, they lack legal authority . that is why appeals are so important. Yes some serious corruption going on at this nursing board. Yea who’s idea was it to start this idea to take licenses. SHAME ON SUNITA . No wonder Ridenour picked Valerie Smith to take with her from County. She certainly knew she was underhanded, dirty player .


        • RTS 10:43 pm on October 3, 2020 Permalink

          wow, this is paradigm, they have a nurse charting system , seems like st lukes does this. This is how the az bn does things. they get someone from another state to post negative stuff about the nurse. ( remember the one from southern calif who went after amanda on the internet. she even made the trip to AZ for the hearing !! ) yep they try to find someone who “looks ” unrelated , and gets them to do dirty work . yes they get people to physically attack nurses who fight back against them . They will ‘use ‘ anyone. Looks like dr “DON” is fitting into valerie smith corrupt ways really well. Cindy Mand is just as SNEAKY ! and will take over that part. the idea to attack is to play politics who has a license or not make you obedient, to their bullshit ways , and make waves. beware they will come into your neighborhood, did it to a NP who “all of a sudden got complaints about his yard” . Oh yea they will harass at every turn . don’t get discouraged. Be as ruthless ! becareful tonite going out dancing , they will have cops watching, but have 90% of your life having fun and 10% fight back against crime of the AZBN !! Don’t turn into a AAG look at those sour puss’s !


        • O'henry 8:09 pm on October 6, 2020 Permalink

          “properly stripped ” this ‘reporter ” friend of joke ridenour, is another joke ! so obvious .
          Nothing this corrupt bd does is proper .
          Ridenour is still working because she needs the money. after filling everyone’s , buy out, ‘tip jars” for paid favors , she’s broke.


        • I know 4 a fact 4:14 am on October 8, 2020 Permalink

          Yes you are all right about how horrible these mormon’s are and what they do and have done in the past. Barbaric , to do this to a little boy . ! My father was part of the “Indian placement program,” that the LDS church ran. When he was 8 he was taken away from his mother, baptized (he had no idea what was even going on) and placed with a family of Mormons with 12 kids. He was told to get rid of his old ways and start living the gospel?!
          My dad has hardly any connection with his heritage now, but who gets volunteered to talk about Native American stuff at cub scouts?! Yup my dad… as one scout leader once put it “he really looks the part.” 😡 So they stripped him of his heritage and then used him? To this day it makes me sick, that’s just another of 1000’s reasons why I left.!


      • RESEARCHER 1:17 am on October 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Seminole Tribe of Florida: After much research and Nurse Cobia being accused of being racist it appears all that the AZ BN is doing is diverting attention from their own racial hatred. Calling Native American’s RED NECKs is “RACIST” Sunita. AZ nursing board have demonstrated to me with their every turn what bitter sociopath’s they are. J. Dahn, C. Mand, S. Krishna, S. Bonner, V. Smith, J. Ridenour, and many others who I have researched indicate they are radical liberals, who play the police against nurses by saying the nurse under investigation hates the police. Anti-law and anti-order appears to be the motto of AZ BN, not to mention their hatred for the current leader of America.


    • Be there ! 9:03 pm on September 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Nurses CNA’s DO not contact the az board of nursing if you get an email , they want to ‘discuss your employment with ____________ (inject underhanded hospital who is using the BON ) . They did that with me and turned the phone call into a investigative interview ! unprepared, and no attorney consulted . Dirty Board up to their tricks again. ! DO NOT CALL THEM ! Also do not do an interview , it is NOT required. They interview is like going to a police station “to answer a few questions” then get a copy of the police report that does not even reflect anything you said, twisted it on you. Do not think you can go in and “explain it ” and it will not go against you ! You do not have to . Sneaky nasty board who would send you an email /tricking the nurse into talking about an incident , then write it out . When one word does not match, because your nervous or just woke up, they will say you changed your story. When the ‘story ‘ line came from the lying mgrs at the hospital. And do not work in AZ especially verde valley .


      • Notta fool ! 3:21 am on September 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        YES you are right ! This ‘rapid response ” has beens never was , group. Want to help mental health of nurses who are experiencing increased stress at work . !!! (this is not a joke they actually have some nurses fooled ) BUT AZ nurses do NOT fall for it !!! This corrupt BON does not care about you at ALL!!! Tell them you are having problems coping and you will be ordered a PSYCH EVALUATION !! AT YOUR COST !!! They will put this on the www , and everyone will say your CRAZY. AND you get to go to their approved doctors ! who are high paid LIARS , and will write any kind of BS they board needs to put you on PROBATION.
        DO NOT FALL FOR THIS !!!
        the only mentally disturbed ones are on the board, or work there , or do cases for atty gen office. Unhinged to the max .
        By you saying, I need counseling NO WAY OUT OF THEIR TRAP !!!
        take advise , nurses in AZ and DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS CRAZY BOARD !!


        • BD's Fake news, caution 5:28 pm on September 26, 2020 Permalink

          This makes me sick ! Rapid response is usually a group of highly trained ready to jump in and take over , nurses with some knowledge , of how to work with patients . So JOKE Ridenour is going to make it look like she is ‘supporting’ nurses ?? Is that right ? That this JOKE ‘has their backs ? ” really . IT takes some really naive nurses to even think they have a caring thought in their sick wicked minds . Where was Joke and the BD when nurses who spent their entire life in nursing taking care of patients sacrificing their own home lives, marriages, missing childrens events , going in on days off, working over time . One of those nurses who comes to mind , was framed by the hospital , weeding out those who are at the top of the pay scale, only to be ordered a psych evaluation, <this psych Dr Stewart said "Your not crazy the board of nursing is ! " . (Dr Stewart is no longer on the boards list right after this ! " This nurse did everything that was asked and was still revoked, which what was in the plan from the beginning . Where was 'caring JOKE then and the BON ??? Kicking her when she's down . Smearing her good name all over the internet, destroying her career, ordering psych evals, and every other test they can think of . Joke and the BD and staff can fool some of the people some of the time , those who know the truth say to nurses who get these "caring notes " from the corrupt board DO NOT FALL FOR IT ! FAKE NEWS ! FAKE NEWS !!


        • "d" 2:53 am on October 10, 2020 Permalink

          ridenour is trying to clean up the last 10 years of being a lazy sow, adding more ‘investigators ” if they are as qualified as Nadia Kuterian, who fell flat on her face , of course not qualified , can’t even sneak around the back of the building and spy w/o being caught, a real russian that one is. so 3 new ones so far , Amy Elizabeth Winkler – Heistand, Kandice Coleman, Amy Sammito. See how long they last . THREE new ones to add to the snakes already there ! in 2 months time , 1 ‘so called investigator had 3 nurses , that ‘s 8 weeks to dig dirt on them. are nurses really that bad in AZ? A full list of ‘investigators ” mailing to wrong addresses on purpose, and sending ‘trick emails” out, with no notification. No other state goes off into so many areas. anyways be interesting to see the background of these new ones, amazing how they got hired when no job was posted . ! “Friends of Friends” . not licensed that long either . When the bd looks at you, then look back at them ! IF they did’nt get into your business , we would have never known how they really work. S LOW and low life style .


        • C the big picture 5:42 pm on October 10, 2020 Permalink

          This applies to narcissist’s associated with this board, what happens to them when they hit their 50’s 60’s . can’t we all see this slippery slope happening to mamaliad and beth ie campbell , oh yea . you get away with nothing . Dirty dogs are generally well down the slippery slope. Likely to be divorced,they have less money and kudos than a decade or so before. Many friends have long gone,having suffered from their associations with them. No-one believes or trusts them. Their looks are fading: They are terrified of being left alone. Their children have figured it out, just like momo’s when they get older start sorting out what they were lied to about , and resent it . Yet they still believe they themselves have nothing to do with their downfall. Eventually they will become paranoid and won’t leave the house,for fear of meeting someone who has seen through them. It is all downhill from there.
          No matter where you move , people know what you did and the lies you tell.


      • MSN- 5:23 pm on September 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        If anyone took an interest in how this agency (board of nursing agency in Az is run) , they would be quite shocked at what a draconian government this is in Arizona . Don’t look for Doug Ducey , their governor to to be the one who will look into anything as far as this board is concerned. Anyone from a state that is civilized , would be very shocked to learn even 10% of the corruption.


    • GO SAINTS ! 3:11 pm on September 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      kim delorenzo a mtn vista , another ‘ mess of works” in az , and doug parlin Sr investigator quit the AZ BON geez can’t imagine why ?? haha he’s gone to azsbt . looking up savahna r/t mathew google shows his immate number 203841. steven kessel, maybe a different court . but diane the goon was making weird decisions . remember when she went nuts when janeen dahn fatal attraction with a patient was brought up . , reported to everyone by np who saw it unfold. diane biased alj retired from lifetime of LYING , and playing private judge for the bd of nursing. Diane and Elizabeth Campbell seemed to have a ‘thing” going on, both on the same team, and all against the nurse who went their.


    • Willie 5:04 pm on September 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      UH, Diane Milhaskey is a mess. Now she can reflect on how she really earned her money. IF she was honest , but don’t hold your breath on that one ! Slowly the philistine types go away. We still have high hopes of getting some fresh faces at the board. Help us all if Joke finally leaves and Dahn , or Mand get in there. They have spent too much time around Joke the stink has infiltrated them . You would think Willy Ridenour would tell Joke, get your butt home- your finished, your found out, you are only going to be under the microscope more and more, but maybe he likes her gone .


      • Mr Nurse 1:05 am on September 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        these brain washed bimbos on the board , need to separate their life time bull shit from judging the nurses before them . a dui when i got it, was ISOLATED , my evaluation showed NO ADDICTION . truthfully told them i drink occasionally , special events, holidays, take uber . but still a bd member told me to be quiet when i tried talking, and that it was ‘better this way” and she was “trying to help me” but stated it was a huge concern to her that I would still have an occasion drink. that i should never have another drink the rest of my life. There is a difference, in having a drink and having someone else drive , even though one drink and having a problem with drinking that could affect my work. I think this is one tea toting terrible two’s mentality . if your religion is against drinking or even drinking coffee and you think that other nurses should follow your crummy cult creeps way of thinking and run my life. you are nuts !! You are typical in your messed up mind, that you are ‘good’ or better then others, because that is what you have been told. This person is . this person should no way in hell be on a board or any kind , that places any type of judgement on others who have a life outside of nursing and can enjoy an occasional glass of wine , I suggest that she might loose up her tight arse and become human , instead of automatic repeating of what she was told to think on sunday’s . she really needs not to be on a board or ever serve on a jury , ever ! too controlling, and out of line ! her name is maccorimy’s . you will see her pic if you look on the bd’s web site, always trying to ‘look’ like she is so much fun, but a real buzz kill for sure .


    • I Fashion Styles 3:33 am on September 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

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    • Help 4 nurses 1:40 am on September 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Another one of the boards investigators DAVID ELSON , is a snake in the grass. Sent a questionaire to a wrong address , out of state knowing the nurse was working az . (another BIG mistake !!) Then holds it against them . Then he sends her an email asking her to contact the bd about her employment in az. She does and he is recording asking her what happened and called that her INTERVIEW ! BE ware nurses , SNAKES LIKE ELSON also seem to gravitate towards the temples on sunday , you cannot trust these SOB”S . dirty and nasty all the way around . ANyone have any comments on this , think it is ok way to conduct ‘business”? .


    • T E 6:18 pm on October 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      If anyone caught a show mon , cbs, MANHUNT. It is about the wrongly accused bomber in Atlanta . A dirty fbi agent trying to make a person look bad, putting lies in reports , lying to the accused, using the publication to dirty their name and turn citizens against him. (this is how emma operates calling employers giving many false statements) . If this isn’t how this corrupt board of nursing agency is run .!! A real pattern of snakes. the complaint can be ANYTHING , just to get the foot in the door, to get a list of those to send supeona’s too , by the handful . just witch hunt the nurse. Then get a dirty investigator to dig, write a report the stupid members of the board will read and as dumb as they are will vote for evals up the ying yang , skills testing, refresher courses , even though the nurse that is FOCUSED ON with manifying glasses can work circles around these dip shits on the bd who are in mgt, little pretend nurses , dummies who can say “second” . Then put the nurses name in the nurse magazine to go all over the state, then put the name on the computer to put them out of work . Squeeze them , increase stress so they do something foolish (the bd hopes) ! (they put this wrongly accused man on the front of newspapers) Tricked him into an interview (just like the corrupt az bon does ) . so many dirty little tricks . Why would a show so blatant in corruption remind us of the azbon , if they aren’t using underhanded tactics , liars. ! I would hope that dirty cop went to prison, at least everyone knows what he did to this poor man NO INTEGRITY AT ALL ! the criminal on the inside, just like the az bon .


    • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:05 pm on October 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Tammy Greabell knew she was in the deep end and lacked immoral virtures to contunue.


      • Goliath 7:35 am on October 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Looks like you answered your own question, why do some leave, why do some stay? Why is their turn over ? Sure seems like Michael Pildner saw the handwriting, and EXIT LEFT ! The smart ones get out quick when it hits home. Seems that Pam Millbern , MUST know what is really going on. If she does and stays, she is just like them . She is a gossip, what else ? Not the ‘faith follower ” she portrays. ??


        • Helping Watch those dirty dogs 3:24 pm on October 7, 2020 Permalink

          Anyone gets involved with the nursing agency / board ends up with a spot light on them . Turn the flood lamp to DANEE GARONE , who is with Omsbudman , which is basically playing short stop for the board of nursing . He’s a jock strap for Emma Mamaluy. Of course who knows what she is telling him, the way she lied her head off to the cops. If he wants to get paid for investigating violations, but yet do nothing with bullsh*t excuses, just like the bon not what he is there for , everyone should file a complaint with that office . One that worked there found a substantial complaint , and wanted to file , but another ‘corrupt ” agency, protecting the dirty dog. the honest ones leave , when they see they are not really “citizens aides” . But denying any and all violations .( posting for one who is keeping it straight , post no where , but hey they can’t help what others do . ) THIS is the kind of stuff the dogged lawyers love to talk about, gossiping , avoid the issues. Yep EM and DG gossiping , spending most of their time trying to silence . Getting second request to do a focus column on Emma L Mamaluy , if possible and others can weigh in.


    • Interior 1:40 pm on October 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading it, you can be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back sometime soon. I want to encourage you continue your great job, have a nice evening!


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 12:46 pm on September 8, 2020 Permalink  

    The Twenty Five 

    The title ’25’ refers to the number of nurses that have have been through the disciplinary process, successful completion or not, and have been interviewed by me from Dec. 2013. Each case was researched through deposition investigation and nurse interview. Some cases involved clinical issues, many did not. There is only four of the 25 that openly allowed their names to be attached to their story. The reason for that is retaliation well demonstrated from many case beginnings and carried through of many ancillary departs.; that would be immoral behavior and state law violations by the the Arizona Regulartory Agency; the acts of the Arizona Administrative Law courts, Attorney general’s office, Board of Overseers, Ombudsmen firm and, of course, the AZBN . Being red flagged here is no monumental attachment to pursue justice only to conclusively demonstrate that there is no law within the department of human services and public protection can be only a Bannerific shakedown or scam to serve the nurse up to protect a financial issue. The world of the bed side nurse is made up of the realities of the fallout from issues like Medical Directors such as lisa Wynn whose termination for allowing unvetted physicians creating horrors in Arizona. The rubber meets the road always at the bedside and the need for Nursing Board involvement is a backward journey in modern nursing. The AZBN has little accurate knowledge of modern bedside nursing. The enlarged bureaucratic churning of so called public protection efforts is carried like a Roman Emperor eating grapes. Like these Board meetings are perfect sharades of $ 1000.00 clothes horses carrying fancy brief cases which house peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. How many pts. did Lisa Wynn jeopardize away from a safe hospital visit? How did Nathan Southerland have enough time to impregnate an encapacitated victim. Why was her menses not documented? Why did nobody notice a bulge?The Nursing Boards origin of life goes to nurse education. The loss of public confidence in the health care system comes from state law violations by the regulatory agencies.

    • Bty hunter 11:57 pm on September 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Way more than 25 , this corrupt nursing agency , dir is 25 years making money while playing , “protect the public ‘ little game . A large salary which has nothing physical and no brain work , just scheming , and plotting, using usual tricks on each and every one. At age 73 , you would think she would give it up . But enjoyment to a sociopath is screwing people over , using the misplaced power to “get” them for friends, allowing unlimited hours of witch hunting on some cases while others are focused only on the complaint and quickly dismissed. She loves watching them suffer and telling them ‘see what you made me do “. Like an abusive husband. The longer she stays the worse the board gets. If this board wasn’t up to no good , they would be very open , but everything is secretive with them . But like sick minded Joe Arpaio, they love the control , the trickery . The entire agency that she has run into the ground, put az on the map for ‘avoid ‘ at all costs . If the AZNA wasn’t so corrupt and political , along with the board of nursing , they would send her a request to turn in your seal , and go to pasture . Ridenour , (RID OF HER ) has taken a noble profession like nursing, and used her entire employees as a mafia team against one nurse (selectively ) at a time . Delores Hurtado, puts words in peoples mouth, trying make a mountain out of a molehill. Something tells me she gets a really nice bonus. What is this off the street uneducated bimbo doing making nursing decisions , and making senior investigator salary ? Taught the intake when complaints come in , the long term devils worker , willing to do anything for a buck, ‘old faithful” to pick which cases to ‘prosecute ” , based on what hospital sent in the complaint . If the complaint is against a nursing prof , it is not only tossed but the person gets a phone call . The prof usually figures out who did it , and that person fails the class. Obedience starts early, the members on this board learned it at an early age. How often she gets a complaint and immediately goes to RID OF HER office and says , “we got it ” ! Should I give this one to , you know the investigator who can really screw them up , and is good at lying and getting people fired ?
      Rid of her, thinks by contacting the head of admin law herself , that no exparte is violated, by her sending messages out , instead of directly , like a diversion tactic she is protected. Joke Arapio had his hench men close to him, and if they turned on him , well they’d find there son on death row . RId of Her , has her old stand by’s to protect the agency. And wants those on the board to invite their friends to join. Surely the old coot doesn’t want anyone invading or knowing what they are really up to . What do she have to hide ?


      • Keep up the good work ! 1:54 am on September 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        TERMS LIMITS or you have the mess like this . Abuse of power . They start thinking they can do what ever they want . While spending taxpayers money. Here is a thought, Maybe she’s broke , paying off judges ? Funds funneled indirectly. Or maybe she’s so well set , with that “tip” jar from hospitals. Yes they have a lot to hide , we wouldn’t be watchdogs if we did tell others what really goes on , and it is NOT any public safety . That’s another lie the cops use too . While protecting each other and not the public. They sure aren’t ready for this , but RID OF HER blames it on social media, nope she did it to herself ! Run a nursing board right to the ground ! And you are right about those who have heard, do not work in AZ as a nurse ! Only the most dirtiest of players would stay at this agency . Look at how the victims see these creeps, while the Ridenours think they are high society . ! They can make up their own reality ! I guess if you measure everything by the almighty buck. Jokey’s neighbor a gynny, hinted at her being a real joke among those who “know” .


        • Stonewall 4:34 pm on September 9, 2020 Permalink

          Just in case anyone has any doubts that Patrick Bearup son of Arapios henchmen , “”” Judge Warren Granville, who retired on May 31, wrote that the death sentence wasn’t justified and “justice was not done” in Bearup’s case. Some wonder if disbarred former County Attorney Andrew Thomas, who once had what a judicial panel called an “unholy collaboration” with former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, helped Arpaio get revenge on Bearup’s father for running for sheriff in 2000.
          “This case has an odor to it,” Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts wrote in 2015.
          Tom Bearup, who’s lived in Alaska for the past 14 years, had been Arpaio’s top aide until 1997.got a raw deal :”” If your not from AZ, lots of corruption, and while most will say, ‘that’s everywhere ” Did your sheriff buy a tank without a motor with tax payers money to ride in a parade ? TERM limits or they start to think they can do what ever they want. Does your Board of nursing have 4 armed police officers, and 2 security officers at the meetings ?
          IS this why the revolving door at the AZBON, is this why the security guards are “””out there ” and a special lunch ordered and invite them all for some ‘extra brainwashings” ? Trump up some bullsh*t to get someone arrested. They do lie! Put nothing past the evil doers who will do anything to save their dwindling ‘reputation” . Too many know of their projected actions , a trap is set. What do they have to hide?


        • G E BSN 5:40 pm on September 10, 2020 Permalink

          The board members getting ready at rehearsal “now I work with this guy , yea he does have some issues, but if he doesn’t get a doc or less he can’t teach” (2nd member of board who is willing to do dirty work for CRNA #! , (and expect ‘favors” in return , says “ok , since you know him and work with him , I will make the first motion, and 99% of the time it will go , watch , cause you know Andersen , Gutierrez, Boyer, Ferrigan, don’t know what they are even voting on, might get a ‘little ‘ argument from Smith, but Hill thinks cause I was on the Bd before that I know what I am doing, so I think we’re good” <2nd scheming nurses knows all along she can convince the other 'dummies' how to vote pretty much all the time, she can blow up a small point or down play the real violations, depends on what nurse it is and " (" they aren't paying attention, lied about reading the case, and will vote with who ever makes the motion, why stand up for what's right?mindset of bd props " let everyone else make all the decisions , not my license " . ) it is a set up on many cases . Protecting friends, bias, unethical, and down right unfair , not good board material at all ! But for 25 years this is what JOke , sits and watches with smirk written all over her moe face


        • MSN 3:04 pm on September 11, 2020 Permalink

          Some nurses get up after being beaten down , only reason they were defeated in the first place is because the corrupt azbon has more money to spend . Money will buy any verdict . That nurse , a fighter , will turn distress in determination . Won’t let them get away with it, not without a fight. You can either be their worst night mare, or just wander away and take it, let them get away with their tricks .


        • ESQ 3:35 pm on September 11, 2020 Permalink

          Well it seems the corrupt Arizona Bd of nursing , honcho, is afraid that someone will take an ad out in the AZ Nursing Journal . All attorney’s cannot advertise in this journal . So nurses are stuck with goggle Bd atty arizona, and something like david klink pops up. To those who are unaware of atty’s , he would not be ‘nurses choice” to those who are in the know , but is bd chosen one . There are a couple of those . To those nurses who’s name went out in the ‘journal ” of shame , (should be BON shame ) , they should get together and file a class action. Your name was drug through the mud, but it won’t happen to the ones now . Like how many are going to go on the Bd web site and look up who has been disciplined , that is how it will be done so that Joke , can sleep at night . Shame to the bd who voted this, so Joke’s ‘reputation ‘ and source of contacting all nurses in Az is cut off . Joke will also use the excuse “it was a BOARD decision”. those dum dums will do anything asked , sad for AZ nurses !


        • Right ! 5:58 pm on September 19, 2020 Permalink

          When cops, judges , attorney’s and board of nursing get their checks from the same source , their is no justice . Biased bad actors .


        • Stand your ground 8:16 pm on September 21, 2020 Permalink

          Attorney’s are very corrupt, do not trust any of them . The minute you sign with one the board will not talk to you. So every long winded bs conversation with the liars at the board you are paying an attorney for. The arizona nursing agency is long known for it’s public shaming of nurses . All of them are nasty . Some attorneys went into other fields. If your attorney is not introducing bills or fighting the boards constant bill making AGAINST nurses , they are not in it for you. Don’t think you need an atty who is familiar with the board of nursing . They love to wine and dine and have private talks to find information about you. See there, how SLIMY !! And do not trust that mamliey as far as you can throw that cheese head lard base .


        • Stand your ground 8:25 pm on September 21, 2020 Permalink

          This is great info, read it when you get a chance. Never before bed. Having the time of my life , laugh ins comedy hours, good friends, wine, short trips . yep will always run into someone who is a nurse, invite them to site, tell them they won’t listen, but someday it will happen to them or someone they know and think back , should’ve listened. Never too late for those already caught by their snare guns.
          It is like a big weight lifted when you are out of the cults controlling ways . Very controlling. Who goes and tells a male about being raped ? to have them say , what were you wearing? Just how the board acts, turn it on you. And some of their ‘witnesses ” are such trashy druggies, that is the ONLY time they will team up with them is when they can use them and their lies ! “CHEERS ” to the dirty dames !!! stop warning the newbies , who don’t believe this, let them get caught in the snare traps !!! WEEEEE , fun times for them !!


      • D M , BSn 5:06 am on September 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        cannot figure out the sick mind set of someone who wants to get someone in trouble , and make stuff up, gather a group of liars and walk about thinking their job is rewarding !! Messed up minds as prosecutors, especially the ones who know there is no case , but do it anyways. just no conscience at all .


        • C B 6:19 pm on September 13, 2020 Permalink

          Interesting , a judges show, that are real cases , the Judge said ,( “you have been bullying this person for a long time and when you do that just like in grade school sometimes the victim will turn on you, and when that happens , YOU DESERVE WHAT EVER YOU GET ! ” That was the reason/ purpose to bully them in first place to get a reaction, so now you GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED. ) (the person who brought the case, with the Bs statement “i m afraid of her” was called on that too. ) “You are afraid of NO ONE ” . smart judge , called them on their game , they also lost in court .
          Something to think about for those who take on the role and encourage others to attack someone . Either intimidation, lying, digging for dirt in their file , dirty investigation, name calling, back room derogatory statements , laughing at someone else doing the deranged comments, you do not have clean hands, you are part of the problem and willing to add a spin on things. You know who you are.


        • Stolz 5:47 pm on September 14, 2020 Permalink

          I was extremely disappointed in the board , listening to the ‘decisions’ is so hap hazard. Just throw out there a case . One who makes the final decision but is calling on others , to chime in, like kids playing school teacher . she tried it on non board members who threw it back on her , they wanted the board of make a decision. Looks like a loop hole she is using. I would be extremely careful about passing what this loop hole wants them to pass,i don’t think there is a rule or decision that the board has not voted in for her . Extremely stupid people and biased. then dishing out severe punishment on those who do not deserve it. Or you have another randy Quinn who is pretty much “out there ” .Acting like a prophet , like warren jeffs . and likens himself to being a God . even from his prison cell. Maybe the one who tells nurses “SHUT UP ” . should be his cell mate. creeps !


        • Clear Record 1:21 am on September 18, 2020 Permalink

          after the board does their corrupt acts and lies, and then they have the nerve to think you are not going to say anything ! Really ? Oh no, people need to know. The ones who remain quiet, are the ones, who did something wrong .


        • Sound Advise 1:25 am on September 18, 2020 Permalink

          I certainly hope no one is this stupid to think the NCSBN is even in the slightest on the nurses side !! After all the BON goes to their meetings , further brain washing. Recently a number of nurses have received in the mail a brochure called “What Every Nurse Needs to Know” published by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. It gives advice in response to the question: “What should you do if you are the subject of a complaint?” It advises the nurse to contact the Board of Nursing (BON) immediately in such an event and states that the complaint will be handled in a “fair and appropriate matter.” It advises that a BON representative will describe the investigation process and answer any questions that you may have about an investigation if a complaint is filed against you.

          This does not appear to be sound advice and we would warn nurses against following it. Such advice may cause great damage to any defenses you may have, even if you are totally innocent.


        • Geoff 6:04 pm on September 22, 2020 Permalink

          Looks Like the “plant ” aka lifesaver for RANDY ‘screwup ‘ QUINN; Angela Fountain,aka ‘save his face’ has separated from “Arizona anesthesia solutions ” is this to give the appearance of being totally separate ? like they can fool everyone on this . Or is she got one foot out the door from the bd she had no idea was so politically corrupt . option 2 would be very smart of her before she gets the look over , that the agency is guilty of , and read about herself. Not sure that she is swift enough to see the hand writing on the wall before too late.


      • Bets 6:13 am on September 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        We will continue to have more of the same WITHOUT ongoing, immediate, independent oversight, authentic, timely reviews (routine, decades-long affirming appeals are indicative of the systemic, systematic nature of the beast), adequate and legitimate avenues for redress and remedies, serious accountability and appropriately harsh consequences.
        Repurposing and misuse of our courts, entrenched legal system abuse are rampant throughout jurisdictions and venues. Be part of the solution.


        • Any day now. 10:54 pm on September 16, 2020 Permalink

          Great post. they way it is seen by many , is like this. A) If you don’t like what your reading, change your sneeky ways. B) if you are with the nursing agency in any manner, it is so encouraged that you come forward and tell the authorities of what you have seen with copies to newspapers. They will flip on you, so get the jump on them C) Ridenour and the assistant atty’s are all dirty , Robert is too but for the other side , like an inside spy. repeating what they say will make you responsible for your words . D) Don’t believe a word they say, they will lie, and use any avenue they can conjure up . E) Don’t throw away or delete any of the ‘inter office memo’s . Evidence . Save everything .Make notes. Anything being copied, make copies of . F) Offer to wear a wire. Notice the ones who do not go through the metal detector are most likely the ones already wearing wires. < why is Elizabeth Campbell and Sunita Cario not going through the metal detector ? They do not work for any agency in that building , they are employed through the A G office . They should be scanned and frisked , be sure and look behind their ears for bugs . Notice they always have their hair hanging over their ears. Also watch for any cash exchanging hands, tipping security guards, purses not going through the scanner. F) trust no one. G) All of the phones are bugged H) sent up a 'code word" that someone knows, to have the swat team bust in, and send that word via text to a trusted loved one . Then act very neutral , smile, but look straight ahead. Be extra cautious in the parking area , get mirror glasses and don't be followed. Dart in and out of cars to get to your parking spot to throw them off . Sometimes whistle blowers get fired , so option here is to get out now before the other shoe drops.


      • Bets are on DECENT HONEST NP ! 6:19 pm on September 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        One of the most classy ladies and PROFESSIONAL at all times, is a victim of this corrupt board. A child was misdiagnosed , by CHILDRENS HOSPITAL , 4 Drs in demanding mgt file police report/ cps on this NP (never happen if she was a Dr) . Gets in the hands of a PA , at the medical board who is going to comply arrest warrant . Handcuffed jailed 40 hrs false arrest , and charges nothing but BS ! all charges had to be dropped. But the AZ Board who started a case could not see to drop it. Nope their usual witch hunt . The board snoopers could find a charting error on every nurse and np in the state. But they have to keep up their charade of how “dangerous ” this person is. And distract them from going after Childrens , who put in a false complaint , by stupid drama Drs. ; by doing this the nurse is too busy saving their license. Raises a few questions. When the malpractice by the DRS at childrens was discovered, certainly raises concerns , in the authors opinion , raises questions , did Joke Ridenours daughter , say I ‘ll get the bon on this my mothers the director , or something similar ? and she will be in big trouble ? Was she involved in the conversation ? Daughter “JO” works in pediatrics . Hard to believe she was not part of the ‘get a another NP in trouble , mentality , if she was raised by “BIG JO” . It appears to be their modus operandi . Ridenours daughter STACEY “JO” GROHALL , a chip off the old block ? If we took a toll, and asked those who know how Joke runs the show, what do you think we would get for answers , 1) yes most definitely 2) dont know 3) no . I do know that I would not trust working with her not for a second seeing how corrupt the agency is run . Protecting hospitals and dump on NP . the real ones who need a jail term are still running the illegal operation.


        • Betsy Ross patriotic 2:57 am on September 16, 2020 Permalink

          When you see someone retire , they write about someone who does their job with integrity , treats people fairly, and has done an honest days work. When we finally get ridenour , ; out of there it should read something like “served her self well, but did a shitty job as a dir and nursing leader, she cared deeply about herself and her money, she basically filled up a chair took an office space with her lying butt , sneeky ways, wicked , taking down the most honest hard working nurses who loved deeply taking care of patients, took that away from them And when they looked back at her, figured out how corrupt and destroyed their being, their calling . ridenour was never a nurse, not inside she is one sick soul ! Hitler never killed anyone to their face, he got his followers to do it. shame on those who will join in her dirty work


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:56 pm on September 16, 2020 Permalink

          And dresses very expensively!


      • Stop the abuse of nurses ! 5:48 am on September 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, We can see this at the nursing board . We can also see how and agency that goes unchecked , no one watching , no over sight , how they take advantage of that and do what ever they want. And the longer this goes on the worse the damage to the public/ nurses gets.


      • most honest one 5:58 am on September 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Not only did the abuse of power of the board members ruin an agencies reputation, but it also exposed how corrupt the mormons are . When you attack someone , who knows they did nothing wrong, no medication errors, no late for work, no problems, educating patients, you wonder WTH is going on. Then when several find that the cult is behind this, and how they pretty much operate , many appearances of buy people off, get into Government positions to get laws passed for themselves, you start discussing with others . They see it very clearly . No one knew anything about mormons until the corrupt board did some odd , strange , and down right dirty deeds. Another victim wonder’s how this ‘church’ who have been exposed , for the nasty mormons who are on the board or work there actions, is making excuses . A BS part of their brain washing , ‘did you treat your fellow man right?” (what they really mean is did you do what ever you had to do to take care of a fellow mormon ? ) read a couple of books about these whack jobs , you will think you are in the 1600’s in the deep jungle of africa somewhere.


      • NO SIGN 8:09 pm on September 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        DO NOT SIGN THOSE CONSENT AGREEMENTS ! don’t make mistake we did, if you sign you then cannot get a copy of the investigative report. Which the agency does not want anyone to get or see! That is where the investigator wrote a ton of lies, the board hears about it, and then goes with the lies and orders punitive orders when the nurse did not do 1/2 of those lies ! No one should have to sign their pack of lies to save a license and who would want to stay in the stinky profession , the board of nursing members have made it a mafia minded corrupt organization . STOP SIGNING to put it behind you! Did your attorney tell you this ??? If not drop those who are pretending to be against the board .


      • Geoff 9:36 pm on September 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        you should hear that one named campbell yelling at the board meeting , you are giving HER PHONE NUMBER ON A PUBLIC MEETING. WTF is wrong with these bitches ??? REALLY , like having a PHONE NUMBER IS SERIOUS BUSINESS !!! they would rather put certain nurses sexual orientation and other irrelevant INFORMATION . This CRAZY WOMAN GETS PAID TO SAY THIS CRAZY STUFF !!!! when are they going to GROW THE HELL UP !


    • Hairstyles 2:42 am on September 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!?


    • Mature BSN 11:23 pm on September 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Coming from Illinois , I can tell you Arizona board of nursing is disorganized , rude, and require the craziest things . Even though I have two degrees, they wanted my grades ! Ridiculous ! If you passed or got the degree you don’t need grades. they do NOT answer the phone in 2 mins , a lie more like 20 if your lucky. ANd they do not have a fast turn around on licenses. Very disorganized. Passed on the janene , who was double talker , not much help , keep the state license you have and be better off ! And they are expensive too !


      • Char W 5:51 pm on September 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        You are right to avoid the entire state of AZ. The boards who are entrusted to protect the public are not doing so , not in a fair impartial way . As a victim of this board, who put me through a living hell trying to jack me around for three years then dismiss it , I know from first hand experience ! I was also reported to the Board of Nursing because they were trying to get me to resign and I would not. I was speaking out against our working conditions and they wanted me to go away. That damn thing was hanging over my head for three years and recently dismissed. By the way they reported me 3 days after receiving my 30 year service award.
        Just messing with people , is what they are doing , nothing is what they rely on to maintain an agency ; the slogan the board members pete and repete, ” for their BS public safety! ” a joke !


        • former az resident 5:25 pm on September 15, 2020 Permalink

          I think most people know that AZ and UT are half or mostly Mormon. What upset me was how men would take all these women as 2nd, 3rd, 4th, wives and have them live in separate homes and make them apply for welfare so they could collect the money. I had one of these women who shared how she and her kids were starving and how he would come and take all the money and leave them with barely any necessities. They were not allowed to see anyone outside the church. I didn’t know much about them even though I was raised there until I started working with them and was told that none of the Temple ones could be friends with me because I was not a member. I found this weird and cult like. It was later when I went to college and in my social psych class we learned of their cult status and how their brainwashing techniques surpass our military’s. It was quite shocking to say the least. They stepped us through the whole process they use. I had a friend who was dating and wanted to be engaged to a Mormon and she verified this is how they snagged her son. Of course they used the girl as bait and sent him off on a mission and the girl was assigned someone else to be engaged to. It’s all about taking in talented people who can work and bring in money. Only 200 people to a ward so they can keep an eye on you at all times. My downstairs neighbor was terrified her house wasn’t clean enough for those bullies on bikes with the white shirts who come and inspect member’s homes. They didn’t approve of her leaving her abusive husband with her two little ones. Her house was frick’n spotless and she was terrified….that says it all in my book. I dated a guy who is an ex Mormon and he said they make the women join all these groups so that they are busy every single evening except on the weekend to spend with their husbands. That way the groups keep an eye on each other and they never have time to contemplate leaving. Some of the women like the groups because it gives them a sisterly feel to them and they feel safe. If you want some real horror, read DOC and The Mormon Murders. Both eye opening and educational books about the church and how they controlled the FBI for decades


        • Ms Paul 3:50 am on September 19, 2020 Permalink

          Elizabeth Campbell wouldn’t make a pimple on Ruth Ginsberg’s ass . Just the opposite , assisting males to have more power and make more money. Instead of making this country a better place for females, daughters and granddaughters , she is a big part of the problem , putting woman back another 100 years . Martyr . Adding to a patriarchal society . Krishna as well , but she comes by it naturally.


    • Observation tower 4:40 am on September 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I can tell you for a fact this board is messed up. They do not know what the hell they are doing . From the bottom to the top spoke with and very strange suspicious characters . Confused double talkers. Like talking a different language.


    • Julie 3:01 am on September 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Hi. Do you have any recommendations for someone to perform a substance abuse evaluation as well as a neuropsychological exam. Thank you in advance. Julie


      • Sun So AZ 5:51 pm on September 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        The only one who is honest , and will not write what the BON wants is Dr Mark Walters.
        I hope you can get into him. (do not sign the board can have telephone conversation with him, they lie their heads off ) .


    • Mature BSN 7:21 pm on September 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      looks like Angela Fountain , may be the only board member who is honest, saw the hand writing on the wall and got the Fk out. She is not with quinn the creep group anymore. Not with the group and not at the board on Thursday or Friday. Very smart of her . randy thought he had his stool pigeon all set . if queer looking quinn thinks this march of dimes award is not as fake as him purchasing a purple heart on ebay, he is in his own brain washed mind a real legend of its own kind (NOT ) leader ?? a JOKE , just like j r ridenour is a LEADER , she is trashy as they come .


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:24 pm on August 14, 2020 Permalink  

    Successful Deodorant Director Ridenour 

    There is little doubt that a successful career is wonderful to keep the stink of the unknown behavior from being smelled by the uninformed and general public. The fact that the University of Arizona puts out awards that director Ridenour has inspired excellence in nursing and has subsequently plastered her name on specifics awards to qualified recipients has got to be the most expensive award known to man. Can one easily wonder what would the recipients think if they knew about the corruption at the AZBN. There is little need to repeat the activities of Ridenour’s accomplices of Beth A. Campbell, Diane Milhasky, Administrative Law Ct, Ombudsmen, and lets not forget that group of hipocritical attorneys that call themselves overseers. Criminal behavior is well established which is now easily smelled throughout the nursing industry. Nurses randomly questioned as to the credibility of the now notorious corrupt AZBN hit about 90% off the mark of confidence that this board can ever be fair and toss it off and claim, “Well, this is Arizona’s government and I am so glad I know.” You can file appeals, complaints,lawsuits and the fair system simply does not exist. Some of us have been at this wall many times in the past ten years and would add the longevity of that statement gives a hint that some of us are in this for life. Was glad to see Milhasky split and delete all her trash. Yeah, sweetie, I signed my name to it. Did your deodorant wear off?? The above have made their bones destroying some very good nurses for political and financial reasons by criminal means that will not be forgotten. You can pass out all the deodorant awards out you want the world still smells your stink of corruption. Your surrounded by the the truth of the people you hurt whom you were paid to protect. Some of us can track a Leopold in a monsoon so we are with you until your last miserable public abusive day.

    I’ve smelt my share of burning flesh, never got over the smell of my own burning flesh.

    Peary Brown retired R.N.

    • JimmyD 9:49 pm on August 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Burning flesh, yeah, it never leaves you. Decades down the road i can muster up its ordor from memory. Never again.


      • Being honest 4:23 pm on August 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        U of AZ , is ‘partners ‘ with the CORRUPT board of nursing in az. WILLIAM RIDENOUR on the board of regents , had anything to do with nominating this POS , dir of the BON ? U of AZ should be scared of nurses unionizing. Mormons are against unions. So is the AZNA and the AZBON . Two hospitals union in az for first time 2020, Tucson . The BON will take care like a mafia mob any nurse who speaks up or tries rocking the boat to make things better for patients , safer. While It is Ridenour’s job, she is not doing that . Protecting her own stinky butt , and her partners in crime. A wicked woman, who has the power to run an honest , fair , board and take care of hard working nurses who are working directly with patients . Instead she is taking care of her own stinky armpits . her and Billy BOY, gonna have a sweet retirement? Only if in their own minds can pretend they are doing the right things. Paradise Valley greed !


        • two can play 3:19 pm on August 18, 2020 Permalink

          When a nurse tells the board , ‘the cocaine in my purse was my boyfriends , a prominent atty in Scottsdale” and nothing comes of it with the boyfriend or the nurse. Like who believes that craziness . Carry cocaine for your boy toy , uh huh. even the nurse got off without much. But in another case an atty was disbarred for the same. Not sure anyone would hire the clucks from ag as paralegals after this . ” Lourdes Lopez, who resigned as prosecutor after being indicted in federal court, continued to work as a defense attorney after disciplinary action had taken place. A complaint was filed against her by the Arizona State Bar as a result of her involvement with Bradley Schwartz’s drug fraud. The Arizona Supreme Court officially disbarred her for her connection to the drug case. The result was one that reportedly pleased the state bar. She continues to work as a paralegal.


        • Worried about future of nursing 1:21 am on August 21, 2020 Permalink

          A Nurse of 21 years said she is afraid that when Ducey gets rid of Joe Ridenour (the director) that she won’t leave ! If she stays does that mean she still gets paid . ? I hope she just leaves .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:31 am on August 21, 2020 Permalink

          Statue in front of state house?


        • Want 2:34 am on August 25, 2020 Permalink

          Always amazing how people can read something and make a decision of guilt . Read the nurses final decision paper. Which is written by the the AZBON. Talk about biased. They have these moron money monger judges who will sign anything. When someone tells someone the lies the unbalanced reporting , and especially the AZNA who tells them “read what is written under their name’. Even though they add in the end , the nurse says it is retaliation by an employer, ex husband, cops who they have reported in the past, The reader seems to discount this as an excuse . when many many nurses say the same thing, they are all guilty . Or is this a set up and the BD agency knows it but willing to go along with corruption. People using the BON to take out their own frustrations , and get someone in trouble but a BON that is either so stupid or so corrupt they go along with it. Seeing the name of a “doctor ” adds crediblity? haha . NOT the ones who are hooked up with this dirty board ! When a nurse says a cop can write what ever they want in their reports , they are not wrong ! reports written by cops are hardly ever accurate . Biggest liars in the work force .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 12:13 pm on August 25, 2020 Permalink

          Police Reports that are not seen by jurists review in the jurisdiction theyre written in are NOT legally republished by AZBN; which they do all the time.


      • CALIFORNIA NURSES ASSOC 4:25 pm on August 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Those are NOT random questions asking about the board performance.
        Sending out questions to licensed nurses , like what are they going to do , trash the board, and wonder if they will retaliate ? HAHA YOU can bet on that one ! Retaliation is the name of their GAME !

        Liked by 1 person

        • J. Gotti 2:59 pm on August 18, 2020 Permalink

          Once the organization is exposed, and the corruption that is taking place is out there. No turning back. That hut in Morocco should be looking real cozy to E C about now. And New Mex is not far enough to pic the lock on the hand cuffs, for Mamaluy , nail her before she makes it to non extra diction territory . This group don’t play ! Should have been honest and admit your incompetence, instead of looking at ways to continue your defaming . Our Mission:
          ​To expose Arizona Prosecutors and Police Officers abusing their role to sell protection to corporations and wealthy individuals.


        • Gong them 7:42 pm on August 19, 2020 Permalink

          Anyone on the board or works for this dirty nursing board agency , who thinks for one minute that the legal beagles Campbell , Mamaluy , Krishna , Harris, are going to save their butts , their bank rolls from their dirty deeds, is a few bricks short of a full load .


        • W R 2:49 am on August 25, 2020 Permalink

          When cops lie, the newspaper reporters print what they say, then about a year later when the camera video surfaces, the lies pointed out , in small print ,people have already been brain washed , and actually repeat the nonsense reported. Take for instance Scott Peterson. When you read what the cops lied about, and the amount of discrepancies, you wonder how he got convicted ! MEDIA conviction. There is no real evidence to support their claim , none . Just like the corrupt BON is using LIES through out their BS , comments taken out of context, fiction police reports . thus the title of the book “Presumed Guilty” . This is how this crazy bd operates. Investigative reports written by high paid “assoc directors ” who can’t get a honest job anywhere else, packed with lies. Lies that if goes to court disappear , because they will be brought out as lies . Is it any wonder, that people lose their licenses , when fiction writers are coached to ‘do her in” “take care of this one”. By the mother of all evils ?
          just like a commentator on S Peterson case, it all fit , and many people were brainwashed and bought it all, until the other side of the story comes out. “Allegedly, however a recent documentary on Hulu has shown that the detectives lied about a lot of stuff and covered stuff up. One has to wonder, if Scott Peterson is so guilty, why did the detectives have to lie about the day of the burglary, lie about witnesses seeing Laci, lie about the concrete anchors? Detectives who have done a good job don’t need to lie” Maybe people will not even entertain any possibility of not guilty. He was screwing around ,so he did it. BUT adultery doesn’t mean murder , does it Selina ? Watch the other side of the story before making comment , the only thing people know is what was fed to them on the boop tube, just like the BON the only thing people know is what was written by them biased , making all of their so called ‘witnesses ” statements true or not in the report but nothing else , This is how the BON operates ,


        • two can play 3:17 pm on August 26, 2020 Permalink

          a statue of the joker (J RIENOUR) ? , uh , well most statues are to honor someone who has done a good job and is honest , runs a business with fairness, honesty, non biased , without promoting hatred , and speaking from a depraved sounding mouth , and actions. Can’t imagine anyone thinking this wicked woman is deserving of anything but a pair of handcuffs. Surely there is a pic somewhere , of this shameful law breaker in orange jumpsuit , maybe strips will fit her better , no orange mug shot , that’ is very doable . padded cell , isolated to keep others safe . Only one who can lie and say they ‘respect ” this monster is Mccormies , lots of fake words fly out of this venus fly traps yap ! Cell mates !


        • Puking at the thought 12:56 am on August 27, 2020 Permalink

          Another nurse who Elizabeth Campbell screwed over , was telling me last night, “there are a lot of assholes come and go in my life and some have done some real damage to me, some have done down right nasty things, but nothing compares with the lies that Campbell tells, knowing they are lies. and destroyed my career ” ” there is no one in my entire life I hate as much as Elizabeth Campbell” . And she meant it, that is a heavy burden to carry Campbell, cause she has had some real bad things happen to her, but you take the number one spot as the worst , most hated. . I hope you feel the hate. It won’t bother you, but in some ways it will come back and bite you . I know the pain you caused, YOU CAUSED , the nurse did nothing. ! YOU CAUSED ! Your a whore that is for sure.


      • GO UNION ! 4:32 pm on August 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Well Joke Ridenour , take that award and bury it with your stink, see if false plagues keep you from burning in hell.
        As a licensed nurse in AZ, I can tell you that Ridenour is running a corrupt organization , and anyone who has had any dealings with them can post here , and do a poll here , where she can only guess who wishes her nothing but a dark future , like she passed on to nurses.
        When you have the power to make things right and over see wrong doings , and have that smirk on your face, you are possessed by the devil lady . And those around you have been infected .
        Too late to leave with any kind of integrity or ‘service to the public” award by those who have found out what your really made up of.


        • a b c 3:16 pm on August 16, 2020 Permalink

          Here’s one, and why the word needs to be out there. (nurse says AZ bon is lenient , so she says she did not renew and ‘they only gave me a fine ” . “in Ohio I would have been in big trouble” . WELL further investigation, in OHIO she was ON STAFF at a hospital, in AZ she was not working . big difference . She said her hospital was on her months before renewal , but AZ doesn’t send out anything. THERE YOU GO , they are unorganized, and only care about money !!
          Just remember AZ is the most corrupt and the most punitive state in the nation for nurses, you just got to compare apples to apples .
          Board if full of sociopaths running an Orwellian system .


        • R G 4:35 pm on August 30, 2020 Permalink

          when a nurse mgr tells a nurse , “your in a lot of trouble , I have friends on the bon ” that is a problem ! So this is a friends taking care of friends org. . The proof is there. Always one who lets’ the cat out of bag.


      • G R 4:40 pm on August 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Talk about lazy lawyers that beast Elizabeth Campbell is suppose to be the only aag for 3 months but lazy butt who plays on sympathy, has another one from aag doing cases. another harris, as if their aren’t enough of those creeps around.
        Yea Campbell NO ONE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU , just want to sit on your butt and eat free food at the board office , where you fit in as one of the gossiping ‘girls” . Whine to them how over worked you are . Maybe joe eliz (get – rid of her, will give you a massage , and kiss your wounds . poor thing. Or maybe Janine Dahn, she can massage you, instead of reading columns like this . LOL Manipulating others , you do it all the time . Sociopath’s do this too.


        • DOC 1:03 am on August 16, 2020 Permalink

          Mention Ombudsman, and what has this , another wasteful spending organization doing for nurses ? SUPPOSE to be looking into gov agencies that are not doing what they are suppose to , but seems every nurse has contacted worthless omsbudman and got the ‘form letter ” . A page needs to be for that pretend agency too. like the BON pretends to protect the public , how do you MEASURE that ? And that is why they get away with their unscrupulous ‘work”.


        • not much but nil 1:12 am on August 16, 2020 Permalink

          Campbell is a nasty witch. When she asks questions that have nothing to do with the case, to try to bring up subjects . She can only get away with her dumb questions in this court of shame. sham court oah, where the judges allow the dip sh*T from bernovich’s office to do what ever. When the name of the school admin comes up , Campbell “AND IS THAT THE FATHER OF ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN ???” Then in another UNRELATED , statement , asking how much money was made by the defending nurse, and replied that the nurse didn’t want a check Campbell’s ignorant outburst “IS THAT SO YOU COULD KEEP GETTING ACCESS INSURANCE ???? ” (access is the states low income insurance ). While Campbell has insurance for her whole family 2 girls and a boy , one self employed husband thru her shabby work for the state ! Then admin for the schools name came up again and Campbell , “DID YOU TO HAVE A FALLING OUT ???? AND BREAK UP ???” We’ll remember that Campbell when “Andy , grows a set and divorces your sharp nasty tongue !! “


        • Rob 1:15 am on August 16, 2020 Permalink

          Waiting for more info from LAKESIDE , WASHINGTON, and it will be a good one, two can play “beth’s ” game , of shame and blame .
          Got a direct line to past embarrassing episodes , and it’s not american’s got talent ! So Beth’ can clog up a razor shaving but , can’t change the past ! right rug !!! LOL !!


      • A D,bsn 1:09 pm on August 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Not only two sets of look up for nurses , wait until the two sets of records for the financial comes out. Who’s cooking the books ! Those hidden ‘gifts’ , those cash spending accounts, and the rest we’ll save for a big surprise. A poll on who’s gonna go to prison ROBERT ELLIS or JO RIDENOUR would be fun ! Watch them flip on each other. Robert pulling the Nuremberg defense , while JR “he’s the bookkeeper “. JR is the board’s worst enemy too, when the going gets tough, and nitty gritty comes up, as JR has said many times “that was a BOARD decision”. Shift Blame.That is why we have an attorney to watch for illegal things . (belly laugh insert here) Is JR really implying she has clean hands ?


      • H R 9:43 pm on August 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Pretty much how ‘select ‘ cases at the board go. “select” because some have zero investigation, just tossed . Those involve Board members who bought a license.
        So first you get a ‘investigator” who ‘s only experience is writing up other nurses, they are usually quite good at this .
        2nd comes the prosecutors misconduct . Sorting through the most damaging, true or not , the most intrusive and if any type of sex involved Dahn drools and focuses on it. Then comes the ‘expert’ who is quit the expert at being a puppet for the incompetent investigator . Then any and all relevant information is ignored, CINDY MAND sorts this all out , any evidence beneficial to the accused is tossed. Then add some bad lawyers who want to make the matter blow up more by adding things to make more money, then judges who are pretty much props in the court room, waiting for it to be over to sign the crazy talk that Janine Dahn and Cindy Mand wrote ,making all the boards so called ‘witnesses ” credible and none for the nurse (amazing isn’t it ? ) and some junk science , have a meeting with the dutiful dumb morons on the board, to read what was downloaded for them to read, without even hearing from the nurse, and lying about reading the transcript , vote . Then on to the next victim. pretty much a revolving door of thugs beating nurses out of their careers.


        • Report how you see it 12:23 am on August 21, 2020 Permalink

          anyone know that BRETT SUTTER who is with the nursing board ? in the CANDO area, that means the get off of drugs , alcohol , a is very discreet. well as discreet as this board can get , and that doesn’t say must . Anyways looks like ole Brett had a felony conviction for marijuana possession/ use . maybe got dismissed so he could keep his state job. Think he put that on his application ? and To those who have lost their careers due to Marijuana, like they killed someone, seems a bit odd that his is working at this board. oh yea Brent Dean Sutter , their are many people who have served and still serving many years for exactly what he did and it was a felony . Just saying, J R will hire anyone . if you need the case number we got it all . Guess he was lucky boy Montgomery wasn’t at cty atty office , cause he does NOT like anyone talk of legalizing it AT ALL


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 11:50 am on August 22, 2020 Permalink

          not sure it was marijuana, could be, I remembered a meth conviction in one of the males in investigations. The marijuana initiative is moving toward the ballot box which I think can negate prior possession charges.


        • Smooth 8:22 am on August 31, 2020 Permalink

          Hey y all , remember the post about Elizabeth “BETH ” aka “RUG” CAMPBELL, well there is a new product on the market it is called “FUR” . Made exclusively for ‘down there” , so instead of clogging up a whole package of straight razors “RUG ” Campbell, ya know stroking away , with that trimming of the hedge , what it really needs is a weed wacker , check this out . Those Jewish girls really know how to grow more than a throw rug don’t they . See if Andy or is it Chad , likes that ? We only like discussing your privates , to give you that special feeling , like you do to nurses , “privatize ‘ it, “personalize it ” to them specific . Let everyone know they are on “ACCESS INSURANCE ” or what an acrobat someone is in the bedroom, and what pictures they have on their phone, neighborhood disputes, and their marriage ended in a bad divorce. Yes this has nothing to do with a person’s professional life , but you thought you would bring it up to humiliate someone, so now you get the full picture. Guess you can say , learned it from you ! Wait until next month . ! YIKES !!!


      • Ang 9:51 pm on August 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Unfair. Out of control. Corrupt. A travesty of American justice. Venal. Self-serving. These descriptors barely carve a small chip off the surface of the list of infractions committed by and under the AZ STATE BOARD OF NURSING . The extent of the rot eating at the base of the already rotten legal edifice is – for those that still believe in the concept of “rule of law” and impartial, reasoned, balanced application of impartial, reasoned and balanced laws – almost beyond cataloguing. Those who work and remain with the corrupt AZ BON, have selected one little microcosm from a very broad potential palette of connivance, and warped, perverted, distorted applications of pseudo-science and twisted good nurses into monsters, with the aide of dirty prosecutors CAMPBELL and KRISHNA – CARIO .


        • I'm a , RN 5:07 pm on August 31, 2020 Permalink

          When Joke Ridenour finds she has a willing employee who will pitch in and help with the ‘dirty ‘ work, spying, telling anything they see, focusing , watching and reporting , extra curricular activities in other words. They will get extra credit. That is promoted, of course they aren’t qualified, just sneaky . Such is the case with NAIRA KUTNERIAN , like a spy, she gets advanced to investigator, then all of a sudden she is legal ass. Yep JOKE, can run a place right into the ground, that’s where the dirt is, . Naira set up a meeting , it was obvious she was more than wet behind the ears. But is doin everyone she can. Terrible , at her ‘work” but a real game player , and games are played all day long at the az bn . Naira ; no knowledge of human kindness, she would make a Turkey soldier fight for it , with high expectations of return favors.


      • STOP MORMONS 2:52 pm on August 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        THIS was take from a completely different blog ,totally unrelated but someone who can see the real bacteria that is the cause of all of the eruption going on in many areas. Notice he is bringing in SAFFORD , and the dirty connection there . The AZBON has a member from SAFFORD , and it is a dirty connection , taking care of other mormons. All the way . (Former BD member queer quinn from Thatcher, another mormon eastern town. All appointed by DUCEY, the former ceo of cold stone a mormon run company . (even the mormons knew they could not get a mormon gov elected so take the next closest thing ) . This is why nurses have such a fight in courts that are suppose to be fair non biased non partial. (so is the BON) , but is not , and ms mormon from safford is dictating to others how to vote and act while pretending not to . Your nursing career in AZ is being DICtated by the cult of mission creeps. (here is partially what he wrote ) It takes a keen mind to connect the dirty dots and think outside the box, so stop with ‘it is their religion” NO IT IS NOT A RELIGION , it is org conspiracy and money making business model ) . no nurse needs the crazy talk the mormons told to them and dictated to in a nursing board meeting . (HERE)””” I’ve written at least twice already about a possible Mormon conspiracy involving former Yavapai County Presiding judge Brutinel. (Now a “Justice” in the Arizona Supreme Court.) It starts when you know his mom was from Safford, Arizona, which is notoriously Mormon.”””” Someone else can see the worst thing about AZ is the CULT taking over Government ! ANd they are corrupt !


      • jacked the price up 1:19 am on August 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        maybe someone can help , who is making all of the money here? the nurses or the Drs? what gives, I could have bought 10 cases of this for what they charge for one pill. Does the board of nursing look at greedy nurses ? advise is sought , anyone? YUMA TO REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER they billed me $3077 for a shot n ibuprofen SENT ME COLLECTIONS I DIDNT HAVE INSURANCE AT THE TIME BUT I WAS ABLE TO GET INSURANCE 3MONTHS AFTER MY SICKNESS.. THEY BILLED MY DAUGHTER 1882$ for the same ibuprofen this year and she didnt have INSURANCE at the time but 2months later i was able to get insurance , IM A SINGLE HARD WORKING FATHER’ CANT CATCH A BREAK .. ANY LEGAL ADVICE I CAN DO FOR THEM TO WIPE THIS OFF ..


      • Ed 12:08 am on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        This is exactly what I was looking for ! much truth , in all of it !! wow .


      • Dot 5:36 pm on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        so common, this is the trick the corrupt az board of nursing agency uses too. Uses it so much the nurse in az pays to get a dirty doc to write mumble jumble , The board members need psych evals, and especially Ridenour to see why she feels the need to have power and control over others , and put them into a deep suffering mode, while smiling as she is doing it . That is a mentally disturbed individual . Here is how they treat others who do not go along with the corrupt crowd . use MENTAL , make they CRAZY, report ANYTHING , that will give the impression of crazy . AZ is full of these tricks. Sad those involved , very sad, because SOCIOPATH’s are certifiable ! Mentally CRAZY and LIARS , should rename the entire agency . “”The claim alleges Erlichman complained about some of his clients’ rights being violated by other county agencies and was subsequently placed on leave and replaced on high-profile cases. He was told he was unfit to perform his duties, had “mental health issues” and was a liar before he was eventually fired this summer, the claim states.””


      • Prof. 3:43 pm on August 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        When they have a shady case, a silly nothing matter, instead of putting on big girl panties , Emma Mamaluy , and I mean BIG GIRL panties, they spread rumors with staff, very CON vincing , or the ones who get the ear full are just not that smart. Want a raise , keep their job, they join in. Act like teens who are in a mob . Stir the pot , trouble making . Who is going to join her , will it be YOU ? Are you that immature ? Will it be YOU ? You might try to remember what your job is , and how to act like a professional , it just might be YOU , next . time to GROW UP. Did I mention that BAR exams are not like nursing exams ? they are not the same like NCLEX, in fact Wisc is the 2nd easier BAR exam to pass in the nation. Doesn’t say much for cheesy curd girl does it ? Seems like part of that curriculum was “game playing 101” . Be careful joining her crusade for her incompetence . Very Careful.


        • 4 UR Info 7:35 pm on August 27, 2020 Permalink

          The reason mamaluy, krishna, & campbell want put their big girl panties on their a&& is because they have their panties on there head causing to be blind morally.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 10:32 am on August 28, 2020 Permalink

          karma does exist. I was watching and patiently waiting for 18 yrs. Itll come to evil.


      • Surfer Girl 2:28 pm on September 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        While none of this clogs up any part of thoughts when a walk thru the door. Leave it all outside like dirty nursing shoes . When out there, what happened is told to many. The reactions are varied. Somewhere along the line someone will be snagged by the corrupt agency if they are in nursing. And think back . Having so much fun with it, and reminded by those who exchange past occupations “aren’t you glad your not doing nursing NOW ! ” . The bd may have saved our lives, (HAHA) , destroyed lives at the time but saved lives, We aren’t in that mess , and who would want to be ! ( Heading to San Diego the beach is a beautiful escape, enjoy the moment ! and run into a nurse for sure , and spread the word .)


      • don't mess with texan 4:20 am on September 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Campbell whiner so over worked , has HARRIS (yes another HARRIS (Mark H) doing cases. Geez no wonder they get the verdict their way, they are given HOURS and HOURS to do a case, drag it out. Besides having crooked judges helps ! Then a more corrupt board ! Must be exhausting , being a YENTA , all day in court . (what amounts to a witch running her mouth about everything under the sun , except any EVIDENCE ! . Yap Yap Yap , with Judges going along with the crazy court routine , over and over . Some people never grow up , childish, gossip relayed in court , Wouldn’t happen in a real court, with real judges , she be tossed on her ‘rug’.


    • xhamster 7:21 pm on August 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Y᧐u really make it seem reallʏ easy together with your presentation however I in finding this matter to be really something
      which I feеl I might by no means understand.
      It kind of feels too comρlex and very vast for me.
      I am tаkіng a look forwaгd for your next post, I’ll attempt to get the hang of it!


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:16 am on August 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        The complexities do exist as this page represents nurses who got in the way of Az Banner(most often). Basically discipling nurses who expose quacks and bad practices causing pt harm. Which is more common than the General public is aware.of


        • Tad 3:09 pm on August 16, 2020 Permalink

          Banner laid off nurses, cut staff, but just paid 200 million for Wyoming Medical Center . So many nurses have been fired from Banner who just say they weren’t “bannerific enough ” which is really not a compliment for Banner , who’s mgt staff can be quite anal . JOKE RIDENOUR knows too well being on the AZ Hospital association . how can she possibly be fair (she can’t and isn’t , dirty political social climber all the way ! )
          Ridenour will be carting her dirty arm pits to Chicago to get an award for 25 years of service from NCSBN . SERVICE ????? Remember JOKE when you get this , every year represents a huge number of nurses who lives and families you have destroyed, stolen careers, dreams, and ambitions, when you had the power to do the right thing, the longer you drove your lazy political butt to the bd meetings , the worse you got , if that is possible. Walking in like your own the place in your fluffy bedroom slippers , looking down at the very ones you will expect to wipe your butt in just a few years. Your kids know how you are , not fooling anyone, they won’t speak up too much money involved and they want it . Just like you , have a love for money , and causing hardship on so many who are barely making ends meet , you cause them more pain. Yea go get that ‘award” , imagine getting an award for be a dirty director ! just remember , you are fooling NO ONE ! Like Preston says ; to a nurse , who said I have been a nurse for 30 years “it just means you haven’t learned anything “. LOL ,


      • get them out ! 2:52 pm on August 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Simple . selectively the corrupt board of nursing in AZ has members appointed by a Gov who puts anyone on there the current members recommend. That means your part of a LD$ ward, or you are connected in some way. Prof of nursing, in some type of mgt. No one on the bon current works direct patient care. Even those who say they do . The BON protects certain ones, if a nurse brings up a dangerous situation or Dr , they will be fired , if they look like they are going to sue that hospital, the hospital turns them into the BON . So the nurse is so busy saving their career they can’t do both , at least not for long . Because this corrupt board get nothing done in the way of protecting the public. In fact they work against public protection. This site is designed so you can post , with anonymously so if you have a current case with them , you can post to those who have been through it. The BON illegally tells nurses not to discuss their cases, but the BON members and staff run their BIG MOUTHS with lies about nurses . Basically a DICTATORSHIP. Those who have a case can read about the little tricks the BON is doing , and how they REALLY operate . Your email will not be given to the BON who are dying to get information ! (amazing the people who are speaking up on other sites, what they are saying . “that big one on the bon is trashy my friend lives in the neighborhood and in the pool she runs her mouth about her aches and pains , loud mouth , no one cares” she gone now, clean house ! JOKE Ridenour needs to boot, and not allow Janine DAHN to take over, clean the diseased board out completely !!


      • Wic Anne 3:20 am on August 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        An Ogden man is in jail after allegedly choking his son for refusing to go on a church mission.

        Scott Keith Warner, 49, remained in the Weber County Jail on Monday in lieu of $3,900 bail. He is charged with aggravated assault and committing domestic violence in the presence of a child, both third-degree felonies.

        The alleged victim told police the two were arguing Friday and he told his father he would not be going on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

        He said his father grabbed him by the arm and they began to fight.

        “The victim reported that during this fight he was knocked to the ground and Scott began to strike the victim’s head into the wall repeatedly as well as squeeze the victim’s neck with both hands,” an Ogden Police Department probable cause statement said.

        The investigating officer said the son had scratches on the right side of his neck and redness on the back of his neck.

        “The victim was visibly shaking while speaking with me about the incident and was hesitant to provide details,” the officer wrote.

        Warner told police he tried to forcibly remove the son from his home “as it was his house.”

        Asked how he had tried to get him out of the house, Warner said he “grabbed” him “wherever I could,” the arrest affidavit said.

        Told by the officer of his son’s version of the incident, Warner said the son shoved him first and he had done nothing wrong.

        Warner said he was injured, pointing to a scrape on his elbow.

        The son told another officer that he struggled to breathe while his father allegedly was “choking” him, the affidavit said.

        Police said the victim’s sister called 911 and said she saw Warner choking her brother.
        A mormon father chokes son for not wanting to go on a mission. (SOMETIMES YOU JUST HAVE TO CHOKE , BEAT THEM , AND KICK SOMEONE’S ASS BEFORE THEY SPREAD GOD’S LOVE ) . It is many of our opinions that we can see Randy Quinn doing this real easy ! can’t you ??


      • Prove it 6:54 pm on August 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        morally bankrupt , a board that uses over reach, and unregulated board wants to regulate nurses. (regulate +control the fk out of them , control every word, what to say, what to wear, what is proper for miss obedient . It ‘s not nursing they are controlling but just the bishop momo’s control every aspect of your life, including your sex life. Carrie Smith another one? or is she watching and reporting those incompetents ? Spy atty, unique. Time takes the mask off each and everyone.


    • 4 UR INFO 2:00 am on August 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Black balling Nurses in AZ:
      While talking to a friend of mine today, they told me a few things about being a manager at a Medical Center in Arizona. There are two NURSYS for nurses to be looked up on for active license. However they explained it like this, NURSYS.com is for nurses to search for other nurses, and for the public to search for a nurse, then there is NURSYS.org. NURSYS.org is for medical organizations and other state boards to search for a nurse. On NURSYS.org you can see if a nurse is under investigation, it is supposed to only be when a nurse has an emergency suspension of their licenses due to being a danger to the public for things like drugs.
      Well you can guess there seems to be a lot of nurses on NURSYS.org from Arizona under investigation without emergency suspensions any time the AZBN is investigating that nurse. When you call AZBN they say oops that was just an error, but we are looking into a complaint against that nurse. This is illegal, you sewer rat Sunita Krishna, and Easy Campbell (yes Campbell’s nick name is easy, yeah, go figure, easy on her knees and on her back).
      There you have it American Nurses, corruption at its worst, oh and let’s not forget the AWARDS, yahooooooo, laughing so hard I peed myself, jockey only get awards where her old scabby nosed man has his fat stubby fingers in the pot, check out the professional community the old man is a part of.

      W. G. Ridenour
      • Board of Directors, University of Arizona Foundation
      • Board of Directors, University of Arizona Alumni Association
      • Member, Arizona Board of Regents, 8 year term, 2014-2021
      • Judge Pro Tem, Maricopa County Superior Court
      • General Counsel, Arizona Banker’s Association
      • Board of Directors, Hope and A Future
      • Board of Directors, Arizona Nurses Foundation
      • Board of Directors, Arizona Bar Foundation
      • Governor’s Task Force on Human Trafficking
      • Member, State Bar of Arizona
      • Member, Arizona Bar Association
      • Board of Directors, Arizona March of Dimes
      • Board of Directors, Heard Museum
      • Board of Directors, Scottsdale Museum of the West
      • Board of Directors, Old Tucson Foundation
      • Board of Directors, Park Western


    • 4 UR Infor 2:12 am on August 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The right to Know.


    • E W ; azbon 2:36 pm on August 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      NO wonder the appeals judges are so corrupt , dirty William Ridenour has his grubby hands in it. and just like the bon , putting a male in the middle of all the women at the bd (moron randy queer one quinn, a male has to be in charge of the little women’s money (AZ NURSES FOUNDATION) lookie who gets the scholarships , the names of the clique, azna members , all of them cause they ‘support” candidates who pass laws for AZBON. heard museum, haha wee willy according to an atty he tried to get join his firm “runs around the state with his Indian dolls ” . hmmm interesting . and human trafficing , another joke. Ducey, CINDY mccain, and wm ridenour , all on a committee of over priced dinners, but yet when they were done with their ‘task force ” human / sex trafficing went SKY HIGH ! so the task force was a FLOP .


      • A D,bsn 1:22 pm on August 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        That is the ticket , Wm RID EN NOUR , on a committee with Doug do little, so Wm got’s the dirt on him. What the committee really accomplished . Doug do little putting cindy mccain on a pedestal as well. Take care of those who know. A donation to the Duce 4 Gov , didn’t hurt them either . So that is what keeps the head hore sticking it to nurses while taking care of those in mgt . Not what the money was intended to be spent on . Don’t give up all the secrets . The end of the reign of terror is coming to a big black head rising out of the infected wound ready to pop . First the black head then the line of infected pus (excites you doesn’t it janine ?) .


    • c d 3:47 pm on August 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The sewer rat if off til october, home teaching jr how to screw others . Looks like learned it from her father, how to play dirty politics , and her mentor ‘RUG ” campbell. Both on the payroll to screw over good nurses for the malevolent board. Takes a special kind of dirty bag to go against other humans for money . Whores .


    • ช่วยตัวเอง 9:48 pm on August 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Ꮋi there, after reading this remаrkable aгticⅼe
      i am too cheerful to share my eҳperience here ᴡith friends.


      • Report how you see it 4:08 am on August 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        you can sure tell this woman is not the closed mouth keep quiet don’t speak dummy like the bd of nursing is made up of . ” “I believe that the people of this Valley voted me in for a reason to begin with,” Woodman previously told the Gila Herald. “And it was because they knew that they were supporting an individual who has the spine to stand up to the good ol’ boy attitude of this county and they’re tired of oversight and not being compliant and they knew that I had the backbone to stand up and do what was right.”
        A woman that can think for herself, not some dumb moron, “boyer ,aye”
        Anderson”aye ” They act like a prop, with a string attached to their traps to open and close when those who are telling them what to think and what to say , have the trap door opener and closer .


    • 18+ 4:06 pm on August 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I beliеve whаt you comⲣosed was actuallʏ very logical.
      However, think on this, what if you typеd a catchier title?

      I mean, I don’t wish to tеll you how to run your ԝebsite,
      but suppose you added a poѕt titlе to maybe grab folк’s ɑttention?
      I mean Arizona Board of Nursing Watchdogs | Tһis
      site ѡas created for the purpоse of d-efining the
      AZBN, Attorney General's office, & the Adm ᒪaw Court that iѕ desіgned
      to give the imɑge of protecting the publiс. All of the mentioned departments above
      are captured departments of corporate controlled health care whⲟm decide
      what these departments do. The pageѕ and posts and comments
      are from nurseѕ ԝhо are not the ordinary drones who most ⲣatiеnts are familiaг with.

      The nurses are dedicated to quality care and have not done everything they've
      been told to dߋ. They dіd not come for the glory or the money.
      The mentioned departments above come for the money and the glory
      which maҝes them oгdinary. The nurses here are the best.
      The paѕsion is theіr hearts. Вeth A. СаmpЬell is the ilⅼegal henchman for the AG Mark 'Nunchucks' Brnoviсh.
      Routine iѕ mail & wire fraud, suborning perjury,
      tampering with еvidence and defamatіon of charɑcter. We can not help you stop them; even thе governor can not do that, however we can tell you where, who, when and what the unethical eviԀence will
      ƅe before you get there 928-201-4002 is a
      little boring. You coulԀ peek at Yahoo’s home
      page and note how they write neԝs headlines to grab viewers to open the links.
      You mіght try adding a video or a picture or two to grab people excited about everything’ve written. In my opinion, it could brіng your posts a little livelier.


      • Ana 12:07 am on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        anyone can post, and write their views or thoughts, but if someone was searching for board of nursing, they might use azbn azbon or arizona board of nursing, or nurses who have had board complaints in az, which is higher than balls on a giraffe , last count. we do love to read what others have discovered and am looking forward to the post, ding dong the witch is gone !!! (that pretty much covers it ! ) . hey maybe a different board employee name , star them each for what we all know. help az nurses should anyone there be taking J R”s place , she groomed them, look what campbell did to Krishna , training that one !!


    • nice to know 7:52 pm on August 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The incompetence of this agency is so outrageous , sometimes you just have to laugh . How they attracted so many stupid women to run an agency And got the same mind set of morons gathered in one office. This is AZ but , certainly anyone with any intelligence knows this house of cards will crumble . Door locked, records seized , handcuffs place, name tag won’t open door, keys to doors locks all changed, Some feds are corrupt too, but not the ones taking them down. Phones all collected , and then the flipping on the others begins ! Let’s plan the party !


    • injustice reporter 3:55 am on August 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I am reminded what a waste of lives and taxpayers dollars for years and years wrongfully convicting innocent nurses men, women which affects their children . A nurse living in poverty with loss of job and income, losing the car, the house, losing it all and identity, the children suffer the most . Seeing what happens to their parents, confused, and torn. Having to tell them no Christmas this year, and why we moved out of that apt , into new schools systems . Turned down for many jobs due to the AZ BON crooked ways. Arizona has yet to recognize the thousands of wrongfully convicted/ condemned nurses , and their people — torn apart families for all posterity. A stain on Arizona’s justice system. The stain caused by those who took an oath are willing to disobey the rules and do what they know is wrong . Sinners .


      • Willy 5:33 pm on August 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        If you don’t think they put a black woman in as Pres to distract people from thinking they are not biased, think again . ingrained, And bet she doesn’t even know she is being used . “I have an older Mormon friend that went on a mission somewhere in South America in the mid seventies, before the 1978 “policy change”. The bishop of the local branch they attended was a South American man who, as a child, was raised solely by his South American mother. As an adult, and while he was serving as bishop, he was introduced to his father, a black man. The bishop was a humble man who alerted the church authorities and one of the twelve apostles flew from Utah down to their area immediately to not only release this man from being the bishop but to also excommunicate him.
        I was told this story about twenty years ago. It’s never left me.


        • G R 8:07 pm on August 29, 2020 Permalink

          there seems to be a whole gang of game players, all being told what to do by the lying lawyer . this is so routine, someone calls you on your corruption , and you make that person look bad , you think, but a number of different avenues . who will join you game player ? who will play your game , childish incompetent, who will be part of your bully brigade , your immature , nonsense . well we found another one will to join the wicked women of az “bon” . But who will really take the fall ? developing details.


    • We have souls 1:24 pm on August 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Nurses In Arizona , are given a ultimatum with no explanation or proof of anything , just a DICtatorship style. SIGN HERE OR NO LICENSE. The paper is laced with lies. If you are a person of integrity you will not sign anything of the sort. We know , nurses get scared and want to work . You do not want to be like them , you do not want to cave in and sell your soul like them . Let them have their power trip , there is a higher power coming after them . Apply for grants, apply for one under nursing foundation, to retrain into something else . After all the AZNA does nothing for nurses , everyone is guilty, they did it to them selves. When the AZNA had a hand in it too . AZNA should stop working for the AZBON. and they do , although they have a ‘pat ” answer . “we are a separate professional organization. ” . So is Wounded Healers. (although UNPROFESSIONAL JO ELIZABETH RIDENOUR , calls them Wounded Warriors . ) Anything to defame, degrade, name call and now there are plenty of more fitting names for that incompetent disrespectful fool. A real tool that is , no Gov cares about the nursing board, just keep putting her back in , with her fake credentials . {STOP SIGNING THOSE “agreements ” . STOP AGREEING WITH CORRUPTION , you are better than they are , you have more integrity , more soul, more honesty . STOP SIGNING your rights away.


      • 4 UR INFO 9:17 pm on August 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Signing anything this evil bunch from the AZBN puts in front of you is showing compliance to corruption. The corruption in AZ is the worst in the nation.


    • JOY! 12:18 am on August 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      It appears that other people have had problems with the “citizen’s aide” which turns out of be a person who is just playing short stop , middle incompetent who have no intention of finding any fault. Imagine if the bd investigators went after him. different story ! Danee Garone – Staff Attorney (recorded voice message from JOY A COLLURA)
      •Nov 7, 2018
      Joy Collura
      35 subscribers
      Danee Garone – Staff Attorney
      Danee Garone is a staff attorney for the Ombudsman’s office


    • proud mary 7:39 pm on August 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      to the one who called but left no number , Yea I know the AZ BON “sucks” I think any of us with any dealings with these creeps know that. And we all know they lie their heads off. Yes, there may be 1 or 2 good attys for this, but that’s about it. They rest sell themselves to the BON , lawless like the ones who prosecute for the bon.
      I’m glad you’re ok, , that you are a man of faith and recognize the importance of moral support. In our training and careers, we fear showing any sign of “ weakness” with good reason. This profession eats its own. Shame can be as much a danger as Is the threat to our careers itself. I survived an abusive time ; in part by recognizing that I did nothing to cause the abuse. You will survive this abusive system in part by recognizing the same.


    • Jacinto Swilling 1:46 pm on August 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Your style is unique in comparison to other folks I have read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll just bookmark this blog.


    • ช่วยตัวเอง 1:54 pm on August 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Wonderful articⅼe! That is the type of info that should be shareɗ around the net.
      Disgrace on the ѕeaгⅽh engines for now not positioning this submit ᥙpper!
      Come on oѵer and ԁiscuss with my web site .
      Thank you =)


    • Ralph 8:21 pm on August 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      sharing a post , from a letter to the editor, and does this person know the TRUTH ! “”At least since Brigham Young, the Mormon Church and Mormons have been a hate group. In 1978 they made a feeble attempt to convince people they aren’t. But as I’ve watched over the past years with the church’s fight against gay rights, and the support and enabling of what has been going on the last four years, they’re still rife with hate.
      Mormons have no problem being lumped in with such hate groups as the KKK, the Alt-right, white supremacists, Neo Nazis, Neo Confederates, anti-gay rights, anti-women’s rights, anti-immigration, news media haters, Russians, anti-pro-choice, anti DOJ & FBI, anti BLM, WikiLeaks, anti-Jews, anti-Muslims, racists, bigots, and now QAnon. There’s a reason these hate groups support what has been going on, and Mormons are right there with them.””


    • observation inside deck 10:24 am on September 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      SUNITA KRISHNA CAIRO , wonder when this dirty looks by dot head took place, because apparently she had another kid, and is off until Oct . Imagine the real words when “beth’ campbell was training Krishna . “now , we look for anything that we can bring up to make the nurse get upset, and get defensive , anything anything at all ! Nothing is off limits. This is how it works. We don’t really care if anyone is safe to practice that is just what we say. ” “and we tell the board members to say it over and over and they are so stupid , well they might even believe it ! ” (normal people scheming would chuckle at this point but Campbell has no sense of humor at all. In fact it is well believed that Campbell doesn’t dare get out of the A G office , too scared , what will happen. She is in deeper sh*t , that gets deeper everyday . Can’t get out. And the AG office is wickedly retaliation geared 100%.


    • r w 9:46 pm on September 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      More running of government agencies by these NO GOOD greedy mormons. ! Z State auditor says 100 charter schools, of which “4 in 10 are rated by the state as D or F schools when it comes to actually educating children”, can keep PPP funds meant for small business that had loss in income, despite having no loss in income. Huh?

      Charter schools can double dip up to $100 million in public funds and that’s OK in Arizona. The reasoning behind this is just bizarre. https://azcentral.com/story/opinion/op-ed/laurieroberts/2020/08/31/charter-schools-double-dipped-and-arizona-ok-how-bizarre/3447401001/
      via @azcentral And you know these dirty mormons have got to run the school boards too , controlling everyone , dirty crud cult .
      of course the dirt bag mormon Farnsworth owns charter, got millions and he is in on passing the laws to make it happen. Stealing money from childrens education ! No wonder McCmormies can make a motion that would cause a NP over 100,000 in education money by HER DECISION. It is a joke to say “well I ‘ll make a motion see if it goes around, when the dumb plugs , vote with what ever is introduced . McCormies is bitch dog. she would never do this to a mormon . The bishop would have her butt in a sling cause they want their cut . that’s what it ‘s all about a cult protecting their own brain washed bimbo’s .


    • Ax mormon 10:21 pm on September 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      when people tell you to get on with your life, take the unjust and move on. It is like telling Mrs Shaver to ‘get on with her life ” Her husband shot by a dirty mormon Philip Brailsford. RIgged like BON the courts, and the police dept. , In a class she had an assignment to write, and this is what she wrote. “””It’s taken two years to get here. For two years, I wondered what this moment would look like and feel like– how surreal it is to be here now, finally. In my experience, it’s nothing like they show in the movies. The light is harsh and bright, but it’s not like one would take much notice when there’s so much more to be observing. I sit, nervously, and study every detail of the strangers sitting across from me who will be deciding the fate of justice for my late-husband. I analyze every last detail about them, from the color of their hair to the outfits they chose to wear. I wonder if they even notice me. There’s about a dozen of them sitting in their stiff chairs. I make a note of their facial expressions in response to the testimony given. I search deep within their eyes for any signs of compassion, as my heart silently cries out, “How would you feel if you were my grieving children or me?” But the rules of this broken system say that they are instructed to stick to the facts and not to let emotions guide. I wonder, would those same rules still apply to them if they were sitting in my position? This room, and these strangers, offer no sign of warmth. My stomach turns, and I clench the blanket in my lap, as it helps soak up the perspiration that is seeping out of my hands. On the opposite side of me, there is a sea of black and blue. They have their freshly pressed uniforms on and are as clean-cut as they come. They intentionally did this, as they know that those uniforms represent a universal sign of trust and safety. I pray that the strangers in front of me will see past this shield this blue brotherhood hides behind, so justice is finally served. I pray for this, but I know that the odds of that happening are slim to none in our current America. But still, I pray.”
      That dirty Cult Cop took these childrens father , her husband , then he claimed ptsd and hired back on one day in a rigged police dept so he could get a pension every month for life . dirty cop dirty cult .


    • on the road again ! 7:45 pm on September 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      A nurse gets a license in AZ, invests times / money/ finally has a license to work to pay back loans. Then compare a PONZI scheme, people invest, money with the thought of getting a return . Then look at those who were screwed over by the Madoff’s , and others who run a Ponzi scheme. Those victims of ponzi schemes , is just the type of thoughts and puke directed at ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL, EMMA MAMALUY , SUNITA KRISHNA , by nurses. (the one in the middle, is like a silent fart, hides in the back ground , but when she gets on that phone, the wicked spews out of the , stirs shit mouth, and the stink is just as bad. Only these dirty bitches are doing dirty work for men, to make the big money. Whores all of them. While we head to Flagstaff , and have a nice camping trip, qualify for food stamps now the sirloin steaks are good and free the beer or wine we have to buy. It does make for a great laugh though . We always toast the board bitches to make it happen . Keep working whores, someone has to pay for that free food . (loud belly laugh , cheers !) And free Access insurance , all compliments of the prostitutes on the board, and the tramps above. Never made the trip without running into a nurse or relative of one. Word is spreading.


    • online panadol 11:50 pm on September 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t even understand how I ended up right here, but I believed this submit used to be good.
      I do not recognise who you might be however definitely you are going to a
      well-known blogger for those who are not already. Cheers!


    • หนัง 10:40 pm on September 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

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      gеtting more from tһis web pɑge, and your views are pleasant designed for new people.


    • exmo 10:05 am on September 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Doesn’t this killer cop look like Randy Quinn, same sperm bank pool ? never forget this man killed , and got off by the mormon mafia . Brailsford (lds) https://www.reddit.com/r/Bad_Cop_No_Donut/comments/guns84/never_forget_that_this_dickface_exists/


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 11:23 am on September 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        I remember and not 100% sure but think he moved out of country and perhaps to avoid the massive, horror fallout. The court of public opinion is on our side.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:43 pm on August 9, 2020 Permalink  

    Missing Posts? 

    If you’re not seeing a recent post its WordPress’s anti spam factor collecting posts that need additional approval. I approve saying its not and it will soon be posted. Stay strong.

  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 4:04 pm on July 24, 2020 Permalink  

    The Eye of The Storm AZBN 

    Like a drop of blood which leaves the lt. ventricle and returns to the rt. atrium and a nurse that gets dropped into a Board investigation, each gets a good view of the inside of a maze; one the government. the other, the human body. In more of a conclustionary connection today is getting the reader future nursing to ask for safety and justice and can find that simply by following those laws now mandated. Those laws by which the AZBN and AzAtty Gen. do not follow; whose evidence is already in documentation.

    The wide spread bad news about Nursing Regulatory Agencies being news worthy for false reporting has hit New Jersey, Tennessee, California hard in recent years. The situations related to false audits in California and evidence tampering in Arizona pales to the Tennessee Board clearing a nurse who gave recurronium instead of versed. The list of failures and civil rights violations to both patients and nurses is stacked up these days and without much solicitation we can muster up 25 nurses with hard evidence, already in documentation, to slide pandora’s lid open.

    Like that drop of blood the nurse has the unique position of being in the the center of the investigative storm that frequently gives inaccurate views no matter where you look. You are surrounded illegal activity, you really are.

    Violations into the thousands is established via the AZBN garnishing police reports that were not either prosecuted or reviewed judicially in the jurisdiction they were written. Although this can be seen as puiblic information its not legally republished by the AZBN and the Admin Law Court. Confidentiality is legally broken, thus a HIPPA violation, once that police report is published. Does anybody have any idea how many dismissed cases are republished by the AZBN?

    If you spit balled somebody in the 9th grade, and the AZBN finds it, expect to see that in print somewhere if you work in Arizona long enough.

    The 25 are talking but request anonymity here. One whom recently stated she didn’t think AZBN republished unverified police reports were HIPPA violation as not related to clinical issues or records. Although a civil rights violations for invasion and defame.

    Defund Arizona’s regulatory agencies?? The governor has had this in is mind for years.

    Peary Brown retired R.N.

    • jizz 6:35 pm on July 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Amazіng! This blog looks exactly ⅼike my old one!

      It’s on a entireⅼy different topіc bսt it has pretty
      much the same page layout and design. Great choice of colors!


      • dottie 1:56 pm on August 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Yes amazing , and hopefully lots are looking at this and finding out the truth about how corrupt the board of nursing and the entire agency in AZ is . much worse than other boards in many respects. If nurses knew what incompetent people are voting and making decisions about their licenses they would never become a nurse. NOT in AZ . no way. Very obvious they are taking care of certain ones who have done things wrong, many things and big deals . While slamming ones who have not done anything to deserve to lose their careers . Just frame jobs . Poor choices that Ducey has chosen. But then when they keep getting “friends” to join them , well , they stick together . SHAMEFUL AGENCY !!


        • Fred 12:23 am on August 12, 2020 Permalink

          IF this isn’t they way the board of nursing is operated , always a life time mormon, running their biased mouth, making motions for the stupid ‘sheep follower woman to vote the same way . NO THINKING by any of them . Gutless winches , all of them . Read what someone else downloaded in the computer , zombies all of them ! Stupid woman, all the way around . Even the corrupt politician mormon farnsworth says this. “I think a lot of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are guilty of waiting to be told how to act or what to do,” Sen. David Farnsworth said. “I believe it’s our responsibility to get behind Donald Trump.”
          I wonder how members of the LDS church feel about Farnsworth’s characterization of them?


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:14 pm on August 12, 2020 Permalink

          Zombies you got that write.


    • hjordan3820 7:05 pm on July 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The bowel will break, it cannot sustain the weight of so much corruption, and when it does Jockey Ridenours scummy deeds.


      • A E T 3:49 am on July 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Jo ELIZABETH RIDENOUR , was don at county , she didn’t want to dirty her hands there either. When her husband who was bumping butts as a gov aide got her the job she knew she was not qualified at all , so gathered her gangsters who would back her for the job to get into an office and away from the dirty patients . (cty patients , are not like Scottsdale mayo) . Valerie SMith, retired 3 times, from the state made a hefty wage, pension, and is off with her partner who also got a job at the BON as investigator . Kerrigan . Then Judy Bontrager , never had any children , driving her convertible , like the good life, she is a faithful friend, or high paid liar for jokey, you decide. Yep she took them with her , so they could speak for her and make sure she kept her job , so they would keep theirs . After a short time, Ridenour head got big she could do what ever she wanted and take care of old friends , AZ HHA. yea , the ones who run the hospitals. She’s gotten carried away and lost her way , as a former board member says , “none of this would be happening if Fran Roberts was still there” . Time to retire you old bitch, you will be remembered by many GOOD nurses as a devil woman .


        • E. L> 12:29 am on August 2, 2020 Permalink

          The ones with nursing licenses at these boards may well be on their way to trading street clothes for scrubs, and actually taking care of patients. Their is legislation introduced they will have to , imagine that !! I know this will scare the hell out of the board members . And would be very dangerous to patients to have them taking care of them . A visual here of Janeen Dahn and Cindy Mand taking care of patients !! (yea right !!!) Cindy George , UH HUH< another site ! And the ones who say they have 'other ft jobs" like McCormies are full of sh*t , not even part time , just enough time in the office to try to fool others. Think they will protect hospitals then ? Of course they will have to be chg nurse, love telling others what to do , what's best for them, and do and think like they do , some real whack jobs long term brain washed , passing off their weird ways on others who are unaware of the cult crud throughout the organization.


        • observation inside deck 3:42 am on August 3, 2020 Permalink

          so strange as insider view , watching two board members start acting like one who has been on before . It is amazing to see this develop. As if they are animals following a duck and acting like mother duck. Not sure if anyone else notices but they must ‘think ‘ that the ‘whacked one” is the way to act . What she does they do . These are suppose to be free thinking adults here . These two usually will second the whacked one’s motion very fast . It ‘s like they want to “play board of nursing ” but don’t have the guts to make a motion for fear of looking stupid. Which is a real concern for sure. This is very sad to see because whacked one, is very harsh, a 1 -2 gut punch, then thinks she is softening it by saying stupid things. Whacked one sounds as it she has some type of superior knowledge or qualified to give opinion and advise . A nurses aide could do much better . More common sense . Although nothing about nursing skills or precise sound examples of what it is she is even running her trap about. I know that others at the bd have noticed, it is like listening to chalk squeak on a chalkboard, but this is messing with peoples lives. Students would never get it , not in the one meeting they attend.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Not fooled 4 a minute 2:45 am on August 4, 2020 Permalink

          Ridenour was able to fool people she knew what she was doing. She just had her own harem that would back attack to any critics. ALL appointed ASSociate directors , with big raises , so in order to keep their jobs she must keep hers or take a chance on someone new coming in a replacing them with professionals. McCormies is another CHARLATAN. The bosses have no idea anything about nursing so they just believe her silly analogies , and she certainly knows how to pass out the worst for nurses before the board, all except for the ones who are part of the cult . IT is amazing how C M thinks she is the model NP that everyone should be like her and do what she does. If they did they would be screwing over co workers at the college that have different back grounds , while no remorse at all. That is the biggest joke of this sicko. Imagine if every nurse was as cold hearted and fake as this pompous jerk . Watch how she uses PROJECTION in her maneuvers . Th irony the one who lashes out at others for their negative feelings is often guilty of the same failings in thought, word , or deed. When someone attacks you for something you did not do it says more about her than it does you . ! !


        • honest lee 7:41 pm on August 14, 2020 Permalink

          Ridenour is one AMORAL , character. She promotes , and runs a adulterate organization , who can distort , anything to put the nurse in a character assassination . She doesn’t like it when others do it to her. Can’t even follow the 10 commandments, do onto to others , as you would have done to yourself. Wonder how she would like daughter STACEY, treated like she treats nurses ???? Yea STACEY who works at Children’ s . If she’s as stupid as Ridenour , she is dangerous as a nurse . And if she is as vindictive as mommie dearest, she shouldn’t be around humans. But hospitals would never turn in board members they love them on staff, makes them think they have an “in” with the board, and they will do as they want them to . And the hospitals are right, Ridenour will be their puppet for them .


      • A E T 4:04 am on July 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        The one who just could not wait to waddle out the door when the meetings were over JANA MACHESKY . She DID NOT want to be on the BON again. R Quinn talked her into it. He knows she is a puppet , and yes yes woman, and will say what ever the rest say. Another lying board member who does not read the transcripts, just let every one else make motions and she sits there like a pumpkin head, “aye “. She did sign up again. And the Gov office doesn’t care about a nursing board. Terms are 5 years . Within 6 months she resigned and headed to Delaware , where she is planning on getting on the board there . (which is laughable) She actually THINKS she has experience, sitting like a watermelon “aye”. Once in awhile she would get frustrated, and find the rest of the board was being way to anal on a case and way to punitive and actually say something. A rare moment . But in most cases she was a dumb moron who allowed the rest of the BON to do her thinking for her . What BON has TWO LPN”S on it ? Like LPN”s who does that anymore ??? who do they represent ? when BSN is the start for hiring. And both LPN”s are not direct patient care. Funny that Machesky said the heat made her leave when she has psoriatic arithritis and the heat and pool therapy is best , well unless she taking those ‘pills” , “they start with an “O” . suspected it for years. Thinking if she does any work she won’t be happy unless having the upper hand on people so back to the prisons where she can sit and watch the guards beat inmates with handcuffs on and laugh about it again. When all bloody up she can blame them, and give them ‘the look” , like told ya so .


        • justoneofthekids 3:16 pm on July 27, 2020 Permalink

          Just wondering where you get your information from?


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:05 pm on July 28, 2020 Permalink

          Research at Nat Data nurse council.Nurse intervirews is a main source.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Trusted 1:07 pm on July 30, 2020 Permalink

          A better answer might be , “where the hell does the board and their so called “investigators ‘ get their information from ????” And , why are they submitting statements they know are not true ?? And why are you reading a site that is for nurses to inform new nurses about this nasty board ? Instead of attacking and reading every word looking for some kind of ‘threat” , something you can turn into a murder scene , practice admitting you were wrong instead of attacking those who tell everyone what you REALLY do . AZBON is probably the most corrupt agency in AZ at this point . Along with AZNA , who do nothing for nurses, they are ‘working it together “. sad .

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        • L E P 2:03 am on August 2, 2020 Permalink

          THE AG office is not exactly on the up and up . No wonder Elizabeth “Rug” Campbell works there , and does what she does in an unethical way. ( https://arizonadailyindependent.com/2018/04/29/arizona-ag-should-have-prevented-autumn-maya-becoming-an-officer/amp/?fbclid=IwAR37kMzrFyitYKdFHihQA9pMXoLjcLD2m9Dob_NkhIUEqkOwNeZiWRY3V-o


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 9:39 pm on August 2, 2020 Permalink

          The AG’s office not folliwing rules, talk about an under ststement


        • fair weather friend 2:02 pm on August 2, 2020 Permalink

          A couple of new board members in the last year or so , for what ever reason; they got on this board, might want to think about what the outcome might look like. They most likely got on because one of their church members thought they’d be good, and they may even think they will climb the ladder ., or like the intimidation factor , power trip. what ever. A poll of nurses think that a board member must be a high standard person. What could be FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. ! Just like a nurse who is in mgt cannot be trusted , neither can this board . In the not so distant past , board members who saw the corruption and how they were treating nurses , got the h*ll out of dodge , said oh no , I’m getting out of here. And to that nurse you are an honest person , a person with a soul, a heart, and caring of another human being. One who has integrity and will not join others in their dirty work . Unlike the ones who stay on the AZBON.
          If a person own agenda , who doesn’t care what others say or think of them or what kind of dirty work they must do to stay, and stay’s; well they deserve all they get and more .
          yes, some nurses screw up, and some type of over sight is needed, but many others do not , it is retaliation by corrupt people , and this BON SHOULD be smart enough to see through it but just goes with it . Playing dirty politics is part of your make up then you will be recognized like all dirty politicians. Anyone who has worked hard for their career , and their reputation ;will say this is not for me, and save their future from those who are not going to let this dirty board continue with their nasty ways. I guess you can look at this as a friendly , “reminder”. Generally the more people involved the less they will say, “im not doing that ” or “im not getting involved’ because the gang mentality , they will be protected. Each and everyone will be held responsible , as long as your name is on the ‘bd member list”.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 9:46 pm on August 2, 2020 Permalink

          the road of a crooked board member is a lot longer than you think.


        • You- self 7:30 pm on August 11, 2020 Permalink

          the board of nursing members accuse almost everyone of lying, like they are human lie detector tests. Of course who’s the biggest liars. But when they don’t want to do anything to a nurse (because she works for local tv stations), they can ignore bull shit. For instance “the cocaine in my purse belonged to my boyfriend who is a prominent Scottsdale atty ” who believes this ? And did the Bd contact the licensing for the atty and report him? nope just let her slide, and give her a break . it’s not what you do, even if you do nothing, it is who you are when you do it. BIASED LYING board . and agency . shameful what az has on the board , dirty players .


        • F G 3:52 am on August 13, 2020 Permalink

          The board might get something done if they stop reading about themselves. LOL ! Must really bother those who love their power trip to keep scheming what to do next . sad sight for sure . pour things , they want that state federal money but don’t want to be watched, no dictators want to be looked at , just do what ever , with your money . they can get wicked and pull some real stunts like jr high , remember mean girls club , nasty witch’s how they were , well they are still at it , it’s is called AZBON


        • Justoneofthekids 11:11 pm on September 16, 2020 Permalink

          I left. I am not Mormon. I went far away. Maybe for personal reasons I didn’t want publicized. Maybe making up fake news so as not to be judged. So much negativity being spewed here about people you really don’t know, perhaps at least one. Just wish someone had asked me directly, really that afraid of just a person. Especially a person you obviously see as lesser than yourself. I don’t know. But, no worries I am gone.


      • Ml D 1:02 pm on July 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        well , well well we just might have a decent honest judge at oah.( let’s not hold our breath). Congratulations to Ms Dils , they offered a LOC , and when she took them to court, Elizabeth “rug” Campbell, requested a DOC! nothing changed , just wanted her due process rights, is this up the ante “rug”? because you did not want to do the case , teach her a lesson, do what the DICtators say ? but BACKFIRED ON YOU ! CAMPBELL LOST ! beat out by a nurse w/o an attorney HAHA !! the ALJ said dismiss . Ms Kay Abramsohn . ALJ, (That’s right dismiss this BS ! brought on by another board retaliator Cindy George !

        Liked by 1 person

        • shocked 8:16 pm on July 31, 2020 Permalink

          Not shocked ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL , lost case , (except this OAH is rigged , the fix is in before you get there, most of the alj’s are crooks liars and playing “judge” , a cardboard prop could do better . Otherwise she would lose them all . With her court room tactics, that would get her as disbarred as show boat Juan Martinez. This legal lunatic is losing it , if she ever had anything going for her. She must say in her own mind “just doing my job” as often as the lying board members say “public safety”. NO Bethy , your not just doing your job , you are part of a conspiracy group of robbers , thieves, hoodlums, and down right dirty scum of the earth. I love that a PRO PER TOOK HER OUT IN COURT !! {laughing very loudly while wiping tears away , then another big belly laugh } Not only did that crazy, LOC , {that anyone would sign HAHA} not hold up but DISMISS THIS CROCK OF SH*T !! And how much did that waste of tax payers money cost ?? Campbell should pay to work there , sleezy !


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:57 pm on August 6, 2020 Permalink

          Abuse of some nurses is common. as us criminal activity. What we going to do about it. love you.


        • Nit wits all of them 7:41 pm on August 5, 2020 Permalink

          “”this was the MEDICAL board, not the nursing board. they are shit… both of them are shit. the nursing board called me once to say they were taking my complaint seriously and then i never heard from them again… BLAH… i survived their nitwittery.””

          yes sir you are correct the AZBON is a real SHIT SHOW , dirty gerty’s working there.

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        • kingman native 12:53 pm on August 10, 2020 Permalink

          Seems like the board has no ‘connection” to kingman area. a np who took on other practioners patients who abondoned them , over loaded , lots of opiods but then reduced that number, education and lots of cleaning up, only to get bitch slapped by McCormies . this Np has a grant of 100,000. she would lose if doc , and not loc , which it should have been . 100k for education, but hey no part of the cult gang of thugs , so she gets doc. like going before this corrupt board isn’t punishment enough. remember that McCormies when you stick that fork in your big mouth, you stole a lot from a nurse who really didn’t do anything wrong, and was cleaning up the mess over whelmed. Then a second Kingman nurse who was railroaded by BS! 3 ‘incidents ‘ all of which are nonsense . she would have been revoked if up to hard core , berrigan, who was pushing for revoke. An incompetent lpn deciding the fate of a RN who was excellent nurse, no proof just calling her out with no proof of nothing. said they had a video but couldn’t produce it , etc Good job to atty TS , first nurse on board schedule , or revocation by a callused board .


        • HOMOgenous 7:11 pm on August 12, 2020 Permalink

          This is what mormons believe in . They not only will disown someone from the temples and turn their backs on them , they use CONVERSION THERAPY. or Reparative Therapy. Maybe they should try this on Dahn. One girl 14 mentioned she thought she was attracted to females, her family ordered conversion therapy, she had to stand for 12 hours with a back pack full of rocks stand no sitting no water nothing. Then they had other plans or torture until she said she is heterosexual . What wacked out thinking these nut jobs have and are running a board of nursing . SHAMEFUL all of them brainwashed ! “Conversion therapy, sometimes referred to as “reparative therapy,” is any of several dangerous and discredited practices aimed at changing an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Conversion therapists use a variety of shaming, emotionally traumatic or physically painful stimuli to make their victims associate those stimuli with their LGBTQ identities.” The Trevor Project.

          Conversion therapy is still legal in the state of North Dakota, even despite the fact that it has been proven to be an ineffective and abusive practice.

          LGBT youth need to be protected—rejecting them and putting them through such practices leads to higher rates of depression, suicide, and drug use. It’s our civil duty to protect our children. Sign the petition to stop this crazy behavior , forcing people to not live their true sexual orientation. It seems just as weird they would act this way as they think about someone who does not want the traditional men/women ways. What kind of a “religion ‘ would do this to someone ?


      • EYES ON YOU 3:09 pm on July 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        The funny part of all this, is attacking a nurse and thinking it will all blow over . The way I see my informant is this victim nurse of this corrupt board of nursing agency was quite the traveler and spent most of the time away. Once the license was worthless, sticks close by and has time to be a watcher of the corrupt board of nursing. So hey looks to me like it back fired. ! Trying to smear a good nurse , and now has the time and lots to say about you creeps . Honestly so much info i can’t remember half of it , but just wanted to let people know, that backfire happens in nursing too. We are guessing that’s what they get , doing dirty to someone who did not deserve it , so now they can read about things that are true ,and going on . Really enlightening we must say , because we had no clue this boards motives or really activities and the players involved. Most licensed nurses do not know a lot about this set up . It also appears their are members who are on the board who do not know what is really going on, some really stupid stupid nurses, and corrupt public members . Why they can’t just do people justly , why cant they just look at what a nurse did and say ok here is what you will do . Nope psych evaluation keep those corrupt doctors in the money trail. Bring in mental health, make them look crazy, it’s all a big old trick . Shame on all of them . Just wanted to let the ones who are being paid big bucks to read that you made a big mistake, too bad it doesn’t come out of your pocket ! YES JOKE RIDENOUR IS A SCUM BAG A REAL DIRT BAG . makes the rest of us ashamed she can even call herself a nurse . People are finding out the TRUTH !


        • 2 the point 1:40 pm on July 29, 2020 Permalink

          When Heather Carter has signs all over stating ‘backed by nurses”, which is very misleading, (she is NOT supported by this nurse ! )She is backed by AZNA , and why is that ? Carter is on health committee, the AZNA is doing ‘political work ” for the corrupt Board of nursing, and they are buying her off early so she will be THEIR puppet . Get involved and replace these who have a price tag on their vote OUT ! She will introduce any bill they want , always for the bd and against direct patient care nurses . Ducey appointing “beth ‘ boyer to the BON , and her husband Paul Boyer a mormon Republican senator ,should never happen !
          Honestly AZBON
          , why not just change your name to AZ Nurses of Republican Mormon’s R US ; & Monopolies which include AZNA Political hack groupies , and stop pretending you believe in bipartisanship, fairness , equality or running a non biased organization. ?


        • Nurse Ned 11:21 pm on August 12, 2020 Permalink

          A hearing at OAh and the ALJ says after the DA speaks, “at this point the nurse will generally start saying all of the statements made are lies . the nurse will report the untrue statements and pick apart what ever was just said and “I don’t want to hear any of that ” !!! WTH , alj rules the court room rules are you cannot tell your side of the story or correct the other parties lies ! But then state’s she wants to make a ‘good’ record ‘ for the agency . This is just plain crazy , everything that was said or not said, you cannot add later. What are you in court for ? listen to lies by Sunita Krishna and Elizabeth Campbell ? You cannot provide your evidence , your side of the story . That OAH is a real mess . JOE E Ridenour is a real SUCK UP To the chief alj , who cares about due process or what is right. ! Going to court in AZ at least at OAH is like calling the cops , can and will get shot that way .


      • K. knight 2:06 pm on July 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        What do nurses think of this hospital treating us patients like this ? ” I walked out of the Emergency room last night and want to give everyone a first hand view of what was going on there. I went to the ER by ambulance at the direction of my doctor. I have symptoms of heart problems. They did tests and almost everything was normal except some of the heart tests. They wanted to admit me for more tests because I obviously have something wrong. Their machine was down so they could not get my virus results back till today. They were going to admit me to the corona floor because they have to assume I have it till they have results. I would have no protective gear like the nurses. So chances are very high i would catch it if I didn’t already have it. There were three codes in the ER while I was there. Everyone was running around like crazy. Then the people died and they walked out like it was nothing. I know that is their job but it was hard to see. The doctor and the nurses were not nice, all business. You are just another body coming through that door right now. I was not helped to the bathroom or given anything to drink for hours. I chose to check myself out against medical advice and wait for my test to come back today. I ended up being covid negative. So basically anyone who presents with anything that could remotely be covid is sent to the covid floor even without a positive test. That is the most dangerous place you can be right now. Catching covid with a heart issue would have surely killed me. I tried to ask the doctor a few questions before deciding to leave and she said “just go away”. I asked to be checked out. They didnt even want to help me out of the ER in a wheelchair. My mother tried to call my nurse to see what was going on and they told her not to call they were busy. If you dont believe in this virus fine, but believe that if you have anything wrong with you do not go to YRMC.(Yuma) Your loved one is just another of many sick people they are trying to get moved out. i am negative So i will have my family drive me to another state to be put in the hospital. Things are that bad there right now. Third world status. If you dont have corona virus, dont go to YRMC it is overrun with it right now. If you do have it, i would still consider another hospital if you can make it to phoenix that is better equipped. Things are not good at YRMC.(Yuma) “”
        This is a look at what is going on inside of a hospital . Nasty Nurses, and Drs ! Infection control in the pits ! Would you be put on a covid positive floor ?


      • K K 2:55 pm on August 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Beth RUG Campbell is such a joke, hiding behind words, “THE state requests revocation” no Campbell it is YOU who do not want to deal with the nurse anymore , it is YOU who is the cut throat , end a career . None of this bullsh*t rises to a case. And RUG just found out , DISMISS this bull shit and nip it in the bud, the alj told her . THE STATE, if people know they were spending their tax dollars on this over paid gossip , stir the pot, they’d throw her out. And to think she is the one who trained Sunita Krishna . Yuman daddy do, was on the medical board , how many revocations do they do ??? RARE event . the amount of workers at this agency and cannot get it right , but do they want to . Seems like one big joke event. Joke is on you! RUG liked OAH cause she gets her way 100% of the time. What ‘s betting that Janeen Dahn told RUG , there there now defiant one, it will be ok, there there , we will have this nurse back in here in no time , she won’t get away with this. Yes the RN who did not have a lawyer and won will be in the board ‘s cross hairs for sure. (take time out of your day to get a visual of Dahn and Rug with the jar of vicks.> priceless> got to be a meme of this . This is also a LOSS FOR the CHIEF bullshitter EMMA MAMALUY , and JOKE-Y .


      • Safford Son 1:21 am on August 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        LOOKS LIKE SAFFORD COPS IN DEEP DO DO !!! MCCORMIES ( Jorden Simms accused 2 officers of sexual assault. Then she died in police custody
        Chelsea Curtis
        Arizona Republic
        Jorden Marie Simms spent last Christmas — her favorite holiday — behind bars. During a trip to the hospital the next day, she slipped out of several restraints and fell from a moving Graham County Sheriff’s Office vehicle. The 28-year-old laid shoeless in the middle of a Safford road with a puddle of blood around her half-shaved, half bleach-blonde head.
        Simms died Dec. 28, days after promising her mom she was going to improve her life. Authorities said she may have been suicidal. Her mother is skeptical, especially considering Simms had just accused a Safford Police Department officer and sheriff’s detention officer of sexual assault.And of Course “CARL ” McCormies is tight lipped, haha. ! HMMM. Graham County Undersheriff Carl “Jeff” McCormies told The Republic he could not discuss the case due to potential litigation related to the notice of claim. Safford police Captain Brian Avila also declined to comment for the story citing “litigation.”
        Doesn’t look goof for this good old boys cult , non mormon women won’t take it or take the ‘advise of the bishop, ‘go home and make a nice dinner , think about HIS career ” .


        • T D 6:24 am on August 14, 2020 Permalink

          many times nurses who have not had a board complaint , “think’ they know how it goes and lives by CYA. They will soon learn it is not CYA , it is CTA cover their ass, is what the board is really all about. Why do you think all those psych evals? Some dirty psych will write what ever the board wants , which = probation , to stay on “THE LIST ” the dirty doctor list of those willing to do what ever to keep the cash flow running . They don’t have to hire a snoop dog to weed out who can be bought and paid for, it is well known in the circle of corrupt boards. And Joke Ridenour is running a corrupt board. When you are in a position too long , you THINK you can do anything you want. Well when the ship starts sinking the rats will jump ship. Think Judy Bontrager is a long loyal friend ? remember everyone has a price tag. Valerie Smith, she’s off with her main squeeze she got hired at the bon, time to think about the damage and lies she got paid for while on the Board. Reflect on her nasty ways with good nurses . No wonder they are still working, power trip , hungry , just like Joe Arpaio, can’t and doesn’t know when to give it up , they have to be told , sad. Ride a horse too long , and that sunset last ride , is all BOO”S BOO”S good rid of her, no class, nothing, the integrity of a lying rug . When JOKE – JOE of NURSING, would get the same pay doing her job as she is suppose to do , but her wicked ways are her make up.


      • Rach 1:28 pm on August 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        abuse of power, she has been at this board too long, doing her dirty deeds . remember larry , moe, and curly . well she is a dead ringer for MOE . with that ‘bowl cut ” mop of her dark dyed hair, which makes her look GOTHIC . A zombie . If you ever talked to her , or see her in action , she has a very fake front, but she has wicked thoughts that come out , Janine Dahn is learning well from the nasty lying ‘leader” . That one can report to her dictator what she wants to hear faster then the speed of sound , sucking up, means uneducated , it’s one or the other.


        • D t t 6:32 am on August 14, 2020 Permalink

          What makes people do what they do, is it bad parenting ? Look at Randy Quinn how did he get away with what he did ? He somehow KNEW Ridenour did not care , in fact promoted , what ever he did and was behind him. His little “tricks” telling students the meeting is over, and after their file out, have a case heard by the BON? Sneaky Fuk that is for sure. Since no one trusts him, he got caught. Want to give your ‘friends’ a free ride , even though they did patient damage, sneek in a meeting.
          ANd then the next meeting when they approve the minutes, ask everyone “does anyone have any questions about the minutes ”
          YOU mean before it is time to vote and they QUESTION YOUR SNEAKY WAYS ????
          One act of dishonesty , will follow you forever . Won’t regain any integrity you may think you had, your a snake , a lying , biased dirt bag.
          If Angela Fountain doesn’t figure it out real soon , her reputation is going right down the tubes . Stick around , and you ‘ll see . It will NOT be worth it. Just remember when asked the hard questions , do not lie .
          Just remember , when asked the hard questions, do not lie.
          You will get caught, and then you bury yourself.
          You were talked into this for a reason, tread carefully , and do not lie.


    • hjordan3820 7:11 pm on July 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The bowel will break, it cannot sustain the weight of so much corruption, and when it does Jockey Ridenours scummy deeds will be exposed.


      • broken 1:20 pm on July 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Any thoughts on nurses who do this ? Go to NY make big bucks come back don’t Quarantine .” We wore surgical masks until we had our first positive case. Outbreak caused by a nurse that came to work sick knowing she had been tested and failed to report it. We now wear N95 or KN95, face shield, gown, and gloves while inside the building.
        We wore surgical masks until we had our first positive case. Outbreak caused by a nurse that came to work sick knowing she had been tested and failed to report it. We now wear N95 or KN95, face shield, gown, and gloves while inside the building.

        25 positive residents, 8 staff, and 3 deaths so far. We are only about 2 weeks into the outbreak. All were on the same unit.

        Reminds you of the board members who go to NCSBN , get their brain washing in and return to AZ and knock off a few nurses . NCSBN is all about demolishing nurses careers . And if anyone spoke up , ” hey this nurse was swamped, short staffed, put in a horrible position and stayed,” they are shut up very quickly . Group thought, do the worst and put it in your head, you are doing this for everyone’s good. Brainwashed . The worst FAAN behind their names. Funny watching those who sit in an office and call themselves nurses , they do not want anyone around who works the floors, they do not want a bunch of bugs near them. Just sit in meetings eating bon bon’s and talk, then walk out like they did something, {you can fool some of the people some of the time ….}


        • got a DOC 1:34 pm on August 10, 2020 Permalink

          more people showed up to appear for the bd’s meeting , i got doc, which was not deserved, but guess I’ have never been one of the chosen ones. The comments by those who have attended before i guess were very insightful. one , that “beth” not the aag but bd beth, seems to be very ditzy , like she really has no clue. I have worked in business models before, and whether it is a nursing bd or other, she is just plain not qualified for this position. She is actually a huge disappointment, and is a very weak link. Not performing at all as I would expect someone chosen to be on a board of nursing. Making motions just to participate is not ok. make a motion and everyone else have to correct her. one nurse waiting for cases said she looked her up and her husband is a senator, well she is going to lose votes for him, that’s for sure. No man marries and ditz blonde and goes far , he may be pretty dumb too . but choose her to have children with ??? Poor decision, taking chances on low i q babies. She seems like she is going to do what ever that v pres does , right or wrong, a real FOLLOWER . Then the one older woman who just votes how everyone else does , but looks like they gave her a case to read out of the computer. zombies running a career ending agency so sad. !!!! I will contest my case for sure. doesn’t look like the aag is must swifter. !


      • the more you know 1:35 am on July 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Most people think that to be on a board you must have superior knowledge in the area of focus. Nursing. And to be on a medical board, there are Drs. who are resource people. Well , going before the AZBON , my friend the new grad, wanted to withdraw his application. That is a problem with AZBON , an ongoing problem . Well he had old dui, and they of course what that never ending psych eval and probation. So yea, get the hell away from these crazzzzzzy broads. He wants to move to California, and start his career after the long work he put in to get a license. So McCormies has concerns , {as we have about HER , lots of CONCERNS} that he will not mark the license correctly , and she even states that SOME NURSES DO NOT . Now , how would this know it all , know that ??? We know for a fact that AZ will illegally contact Calif , with heads up . They do it all the time. Then LISA SMITH , asks a question of friend, “what would happen to him in California if he does not answer the question truthfully ?” No Shit, she is not only agreeing with ‘trust no one McCormies, but takes it a step further. Like in case you don’t know it !!! and have to be told LISA , what happens outside of AZ is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS ! Stupid question by board member, that just keeps proving they are NOT cut out for the job ! Even thinking of that question makes one wonder , why is she completely changing the subject? Why is the focus on what Calif will do . What if he moves from Calif to Wash, what will happen then? .Talk about OVER REACH and trying to control someone the minute they get a license for life . Unprofessional conduct wasting people’s time, you should pay his lawyers fee cause they charge by the minute , and the question was OFF THE WALL STUPID ! Lisa Smith (uh another f ing SMITH ! ) you should have spent time doing nursing instead of putting initials behind your name !


        • WILLIE 1:41 am on July 26, 2020 Permalink

          Whoa this is so true . !!! That atty from atty gen office SUNITA , asked nosey questions about PENNSYLVNIA . i told her it is none of your business, miss. Well she sat their running her trap to the BON , he said” it is none of the boards business ” Yea that’s right some things re NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS . As much as you want to strip nurses down naked and check every orifice. The fact you cannot send supeona’s out of state is intructive to you that it is NONE of your business . DiG DIG DIG , dirty board .
          OVER REACH of authority . Nurses do not tell them what they ask, find out if they can ask, then tell them you’ll have to explain your reason and show me the statue that gives your ass the authority to check my underwear size.
          No other board is as crazy as Arizona , CRAZY !!!


      • MR Rn 1:09 pm on July 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Diane Milhaskey (retired July 1, 2020) . Now she can have time to reflect on her time as a ALJ. Maybe this is the reason she ruled in favor of a nurse, she knew she was heading out the door . Or do one honest case . MSN Nurse never licensed in AZ , another case of “just keep the fking money and I don’t want the az license , not if your going to treat me like that and destroy a life that is turned around , and a career that mucho money spent on ” Board over reach, but they haven’t learned their lesson , rt willie? , some things are just none of their business .
        And that substandard, person in charge of the courts Janeen Dahn . another joke .


      • Wilma and Snell 2:26 pm on July 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Never , NEVER answer anonymous/ or any questions.
        or questions .
        The board of nursing operates with no questions,
        but someday they will have to answer. !
        So someone is reading and wondering, let them wonder. Guess What they can’t figure out is going to eat at them.
        Those who question are not on your side . Besides the leak will get fired , pronto . when ya got a canary singing you don’t expose them . It is the SOB’s on the board and agency that need EXPOSING .
        Got some good stuff.
        EXPOSE THOSE dirty dogs ! J R thinks that this will blow over and she will go out with a special dinner like she gave randy the idiot quinn, haha , she may go with handcuffs and come back with ankle monitor .

        Liked by 1 person

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    • R T 3:39 am on July 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Hey guys , how does a case get from complaint to the investigator ,to the board, to the courts, and DISMISSED !! From Sept to June in the courts . So there was not enough evidence to get a loc , is janeen dahn smokin crack, is mamalie, doin doobies . How does a case get notice of charges , and board so off the mark it doesn’t even rise to LOC !!! When Michelle Dils beat out ELIZABETH (RUG ) Campbell in court without a lawyer .!! HAHAHAHAHA Campbell is a fool . A LOSER ! All of that personnel who was involved and taxpayers money wasted on BS , and dismissed . What a CLUSTER FK at the BON ! Not to mention JOKE RIDENOUR !


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      • dottie 1:39 pm on August 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        don’t put porn on this site. the biggest users of porn is mormon’s. Oh yea, they talk so much against it , I think they are promoting it ! They sure are crooked dirty players , and this board is the epitome of corrupt mormon’s !
        Biggest liars , money lovers. wake up people get rid of this sickening crew who holds your career in their sick minds !
        very biased.
        Hopefully Makoba- hill will be back and get rid of the one who is very brainwashed mormon’s cult card carrying member .


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    • EYES ON YOU 2:55 pm on July 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL AKA “BETH ” CAMPBELL, is what brings this to our attention . She works for the a g office in Phoenix , so any kind of corruption or illegal activities goes to our in box. check this out , and thank corrupt Campbell for giving us the alerts box for this agency ! “The old saying, its always the cover-up that causes careers to dissolve.
      DES Investigator Autumn Maya was arrested with her husband Phoenix Police Detective Mike Maya for various theft offenses related to pawning state own firearms. A closer look at the timeline points to a much more serious problem stemming from Autumn Maya’s previous employer, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.
      The Arizona Attorney General’s Office has a permanent seat on the AZPOST Board. Paul Ahler is not only the Criminal Division Chief prosecutor but also a AZPOST Board member and has been for a couple years. Paul Ahler most certainly knows the AZPOST rules for reporting integrity issues since he sits on a Board where these rules are explained and enforced on a regular basis and has been a prosecutor in Arizona for many years. Being an experienced prosecutor Ahler is far too familiar the reporting of bad cops. Ahler only has a single vote of a twelve-member board who votes to strip bad cops of police officer certifications. The question still exists why Ahler, the Chief Prosecutor at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office would allow erroneous information to be entered into AZPOST permanent records and not notify DES of a police officer with “integrity issues” and under investigation. The answer may be rooted in that Ahler also has a duty to report integrity and chain of custody issues to perhaps several hundred criminal defendants and their attorneys under the Brady Giglio rule that requires criminal prosecutors to notify defense attorneys of any integrity issues relating to the potential witnesses or evidence of their cases. With Maya being the evidence custodian and having access to all the evidence and evidence records for the AG’s Office, this could jeopardize several hundred cases spanning back years.



      • J R 1:01 pm on July 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Elizabeth Campbell LOST A CASE , she goes in way ahead of the game being a state agency , not a fair fight so losing is a big deal . There is no case never was, why isn’t she telling this board I’m not prosecuting this nurse you don’t have case! Cause she is gutless! Her reputation is circling the drain real fast. She’s unhinged for sure . S he acts like a CRIMINAL prosecutor . If the nurse doesn’t take the consent agreement the “lost ones ” on the board who haven’t got a brain dreamed up, then they want to punish for taking them to court . Kudos to a nurse for sticking up for the truth , even though the board and agents for them cannot do the same . How many ‘cases ” there is NO CASE , but rather retaliation by someone . I almost every case it is retaliation on the nurse . When is this agency going to stop playing , ‘you speak up nurse you must be punished, where is that dunking tank ? , “


        • honest one 7:45 pm on July 30, 2020 Permalink

          ELIZABETH A “BETH” CAMPBELL is a dirty lawyer, she attacks people s personal lives . and knows these judges won’t tell her to SFU. Gutless judges. Campbell brings in unrelated nonsense . Runs a case by humiliating, embarrassing, and bringing up distractions . This is not clever in any shape or form, this is just looking for anyone who will talk trash and bring them in as a “witness” . She relates to TRASHY LIARS , her type of acquaintances . Trailer trash types , like Campbell. And tells board members what to do with her scrunched up face, is that a legal advise to make faces at the board ? Why is she coaching these liars when speaking, she’s a better liar , giving them the answers, why don’t THEY KNOW THE ANSWERS ??? OR coaching them when they change their stories because when making up wild stories it ‘s hard to get your STORY straight !. Queen of the turds. you’ve heard of life coach well campbell is LIAR COACH


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:35 pm on July 30, 2020 Permalink

          She does not love the law as most successful counselors do, many nurses roam the streets with pain in their hearts.


    • Z N 4:14 pm on July 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Don’t forget this part watchdogs !! I found this thanks for heads up ! ! There’s more ! Guess oh BETHY should have reported integrity issues, but she’s too busy lying her head off ! Trying to humiliate the defendant, with UNRELATED personal stuff . DO NOT WORK AS A NURSE IN AZ !! And if the Board members dont like their stuff in print, YOU STARTED IT , you are a part of it being on the board ! Figure it out ! It is not normal behavior it is childish low life scum sucking ways . “”In other media reports Ryan Anderson from the Arizona Attorney General’s office told reporters that Maya had “integrity issues” while employed at the AG’s office and another investigation were underway on Maya including the familiar pawning of state owned weapons. When asked why the AG’s office had not reported this to AZPOST as required by law, Anderson would not comment. Neither DES or the Attorney General’s Office would elaborate further or produce requested public documents.

      The AG’s office is in very rough spot. With Anderson’s zeal to dirty Maya, he may have exposed the AG’s office to severe evidentiary issues they desperately wanted to keep under the rug. Autumn Maya was the evidence custodian for the AG’s office and controlled all the evidence statewide for many years for all the criminal cases the AG’s Special Agents have investigated. This mudslinging effort gets much messier and Ryan is probably wishing he wasn’t so quick to dirty Maya.

      The Arizona Attorney General’s Office has a permanent seat on the AZPOST Board. Paul Ahler is not only the Criminal Division Chief prosecutor but also a AZPOST Board member and has been for a couple years. Paul Ahler most certainly knows the AZPOST rules for reporting integrity issues since he sits on a Board where these rules are explained and enforced on a regular basis and has been a prosecutor in Arizona for many years. Being an experienced prosecutor Ahler is far too familiar the reporting of bad cops. Ahler only has a single vote of a twelve-member board who votes to strip bad cops of police officer certifications. The question still exists why Ahler, the Chief Prosecutor at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office would allow erroneous information to be entered into AZPOST permanent records and not notify DES of a police officer with “integrity issues” and under investigation. The answer may be rooted in that Ahler also has a duty to report integrity and chain of custody issues to perhaps several hundred criminal defendants and their attorneys under the Brady Giglio rule that requires criminal prosecutors to notify defense attorneys of any integrity issues relating to the potential witnesses or evidence of their cases. With Maya being the evidence custodian and having access to all the evidence and evidence records for the AG’s Office, this could jeopardize several hundred cases spanning back many years.

      Ryan Anderson may soon have that “got a minute” talk with Mark Brnovich about his quick willingness to dirty an already exposed bad cop and to publicly push blame to another governmental agency for her actions when the AG’s office could have stopped it a year ago. Governor Ducey can only blame the AG’s Office for not notifying AZPOST and DES of a bad cop and not following the existing law all while criminal defense attorneys quickly review cases from the AG’s office for appeals based on the discovery of new evidence and possible prosecutorial misconduct. The old saying, its always the cover-up that causes careers to dissolve.”””

      too many ANDERSON NAMES FLOATING AROUND !! DES / anderson/ new investigator / anderson/ ryan anderson /


    • thaiporn 8:43 pm on July 28, 2020 Permalink | Reply

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      Wonderfuⅼ stuff, just ɡгeat!


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      had to share it with ѕomeone!


      • Right on Rob 3:46 am on August 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        i think someone dropped “beth” Boyer on her head. And to think she is taking care of young children, not really taking care of them just ‘judging ” others and orientating them . like a resource person . no different than old days when they would put the new grad in charge. IT always ended up bad. But Banner is a political pac too. If being on the board makes your employer happy or gets you a job , hope it’s worth the permanent record of public evaluation .
        Whats really down right sickening is allowing the vp to be her mentor . EWWWW Like a gang of thugs sticking together no matter what . backing up each other , sad , no self thinkers . easily persuaded and change their focus . down right dangerous .


    • T M, RN 1:29 am on August 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      A nurse who attended the board meeting and hearing of another nurse recently recalled how Elizabeth RUG Campbell, told the BD , “and he was posting things about me on his site ” (HILARIOUS ! ) really Campbell, your whining to the BON because nurses you have Fked over big time are telling the TRUTH about you and your ways. !!! Too funny ! . Everyone involved and doing stupid stuff will have their turn to put on the DUNCE HAT ! If you want to be a part of a systemic abuse of nurses, with no common sense , then you will be exposed. What kind of moron can’t read what is pre printed and loaded in your computer ? Then look up the “formula” for what kind of punishment was dished out in the past. And how stupid is that . All dreamed up in randy village idiot mind what to motion and the harem of hateful women all like that dog in the back of cars that is a bobbing head , nodding in agreement. Because they cannot think or reason anything out . Bubble heads all of them .


      • Safford Son 1:27 am on August 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Graham County Undersheriff Carl “Jeff” McCormies told The Republic he could not discuss the case due to potential litigation related to the notice of claim. Safford police Captain Brian Avila also declined to comment for the story citing “litigation.” (you think he can shut his mouth ? if he’s anything like carolyn NO!!
        CARL McCormies , a prisoner sexually assaulted then ends up dead. ! These non mormon women aren’t going to take this like sister wives club, Jorden Simms accused 2 officers of sexual assault. Then she died in police custody
        Chelsea Curtis
        Arizona Republic
        Jorden Marie Simms spent last Christmas — her favorite holiday — behind bars. During a trip to the hospital the next day, she slipped out of several restraints and fell from a moving Graham County Sheriff’s Office vehicle. The 28-year-old laid shoeless in the middle of a Safford road with a puddle of blood around her half-shaved, half bleach-blonde head.


    • สวิงกิ้ง 7:30 pm on August 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Greеtings! Very helpful advice in tһis particular post!
      Іt is the little cһanges ԝhich will make the biggest changes.
      Many thanks for sharing!


    • Fermin Drouin 6:35 am on August 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You made some decent points there. I looked on the internet for the issue and found most individuals will go along with with your website.


    • rob 5:34 pm on August 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      those mormon’s are a bunch of old white men who want to fk little girls, they think woman are for their games and enjoyment . Just knowing how they are in their lives , this woman sexually assaulted, will be shamed and blamed, but hey i can believe EVERY WORD OF IT. they think they can say what ever and no one will believe her . run this cult out of this state and stop voting for these dirty dogs ! (and guess what the prosecutor is ??? dirty cops all of them


    • Right on Rob 3:37 am on August 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I wonder what ole morris k udall would approve of what this sham oah court using his name (uh and udall is very cult carrying name ) . notice every case has this in it, and the BON pretty much puts his name in DARK BLACK Large letters. Like they are proud of this, he shames the entire due process scene , time to throw them all out. Such a mess in AZ that the corrupt money hungry , power hungry mormons have caused and some will not notice until they look around at the crazy things this board does and wonder what is going on !! (this is what they put on every “opinion” it is not a ruling but just someone’s opinion, the morons on the board do the ruling, which is really scary ! “1. “A preponderance of the evidence is such proof as convinces the trier of fact that the contention is more probably true than not.” MORRIS K. UDALL, ARIZONA LAW OF EVIDENCE § 5 (1960). A preponderance of the evidence is “evidence which is of greater weight or more convincing than evidence which is offered in opposition to it; that is, evidence which as a whole shows that the fact sought to be proved is more probable than not.” BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY 1120 (8th ed. 2004). ” Just a bunch of words , mean nothing , there is no evidence , and nurses are not heard, the decision is in before the case is filed. Sickening putting garbage like this is a case, when it is all horse shit.


    • NNU 6:51 am on August 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      FIRST EVER RN UNION CONTRACT IN THE STATE !! (ARIZONA if you can believe it ! !!)

      RNs at St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s hospitals in Tucson make history for their patients

      In a historic move, registered nurses at St. Mary’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tucson, Ariz. voted overwhelmingly to approve their first contract with the National Nurses Organizing Committee/National Nurses United (NNOC/NNU)—which also happens to be the first contract ever for registered nurses in the state of Arizona.

      “This contract is a culmination of all the collective actions and the union strength of our nurses. What we have achieved here will give nurses at St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s a voice in patient care and working conditions moving forward,” said Christine Valenzuela, an ICU registered nurse at St. Mary’s.

      The three-year contract runs through May 31, 2023. Nurses say that in addition to being proud to vote yes on the first-ever RN contract in the state, they feel good about negotiating the important safe patient care protections during COVID-19.

      Contract features include:

      A voice for nurses on personal protective equipment (PPE), optimal patient handling, lift equipment, and communicable disease issues, helping them advocate for their patients.

      A Professional Practice Committee (PPC) made up of bedside nurses from units throughout the hospital who meet monthly to discuss optimal patient care and nursing practice.

      Rest between shifts of at least eight hours to ensure nurses are able to give high quality care.

      Ensures nurses only work in units of their clinical competence.

      Establishes a fair and transparent wage increase and wage scales for new hires to ensure recruitment and retention of experienced nurses. Nurses will receive increases of two percent a year for the next two years on top of any increases already received earlier this year.

      Staffing protections to ensure the hospital is in compliance with its staffing matrix.

      “We are excited to be able to achieve the things we did in the first RN contract in Arizona. Our NNOC/NNU agreement will help us recruit and retain qualified nurses and be able provide optimal patient care. Having this agreement now is even more important for nurses during this pandemic; we have the protections and the ability to voice our concerns when it comes to patient care,” said Fawn Slade, a registered nurse in the orthopedic unit at St. Joseph’s.


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