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    Carol S. gives details of her case and adds to the general public’s view of governmental power gone greedy as this case is another $$ cause for action. Jealousy in this case is the nurse’s soul.

    Duringing those 8 years I was on PROBATION I was required to take a 3 month Rn- Refreshor course which did not make any sense to me because I had worked on the same floor at the same hospital for the last 34 years. I took my clinical at the Arizona Heart Institute. The cost of the course was over $ 2,000 plus $400 for the pharmacy class. i received a letter of recommendation fron the director of the program and the my clinical instructor. I received a award for keeping secrets (HIPPA) and staff at the AHI said I had a great bedside manner and great patient care skills. I passed the psychological examination. The psychologist said he wondered why I had to take the eval. I said i wondered the same thing myself since no one has ever mentioned that there was a problem with my mental status.
    I was soon to find out that none of this meant anything to anyone, not the employers,and certainly not the nursing board.
    A DON hired me for a job in outpatient rehab. I had passed the written and physical examin, even taking the TB test. The next day I received a letter from human resourses saying because of my PROBATION status the job offer was recinded. I was crushed to the core. They didnt even have the cajones to tell me to my face! I applied for a job as a hospice volunteer I was sent a letter of rejection in the mail they didnt give me a reason why, but I knew.
    Throughout my 8 years of PROBATION I would go through long periods of not looking for a job but if I did I would not get a response which hurt all most as much as out right rejection. One of the saddest things about PROBATION is the few nurse friends I did have left just seemed to slip away. The one friend that I did have left did not support me in the end I haven’t seen or talked to her in years.
    iF you think your nurse friends will support you think again they will turn against you. They will say things like, Oh I dont want to get involved. Oh I didnt see anything. I’m not saying anything cause I dont want to get fired… yes your good old nursing friends turn into back stabbing two face bitches. I begain to hate nurses and if I saw a nurse walk by in their stupid little uniform I just wanted to punch them! I felt the same about nursing students one student nurse told me If the board of nursing put you on probation its because you deserved it. I told him i’m not a criminal but they have more rights than I do. It sounds strange to say this, but I got more support from the temperamental yelling in your face egotisical surgeons and doctors then I ever got from nurses. So you think after 34 years of direct patient care I would have received a medal or a straight jacket or both.
    So after 8 years of being on PROBATION with no nursing job in sight around 2017 a nurse I knew moved to my town and offered me a nursing job in a detox center. Her previous boss would not let her hire nurses on PROBATION. Of course Human Resourse advised against hiring me because i was on PROBATION. My friend appealed to her boss, he was going to think about it. I asked a nursing instructor/nurse I used to work with for a letter of recommendation. She said yes. With that letter the CEO of the detox center agreed to hire me. I was so so happy and by this time i was so so poor.
    I soon found out that each nurse and Nurse Practioner had read my consent agreement even the Behavorial Health Techs, and secretaries knew about it. IF the nartoctic count came out wrong i would hear check with the nurse on PROBATION, or if someone left a med on the counter it was i think the nurse n PROBATION left it there. Durning orientation i was introduced to the Nurse Practioner she asked me what kind of nurse i was I said I was a Med/Surg nurse she responded “Well I believe only ICU nurses should take care of detox patients.” I told her I took care of patients having alcohol withdrawals on my floor when they should have been in ICU. A few days later the NP told me loud enough so everyone could hear you didn’t write the order the way i told you now insurance won’t pay and I have to eat this one up. l didnt know what to say . The secretarY later told me the insurance did pay for the patients stay. Then I began to realize that any mistake i did make I would be reported to the ASBN! THEN I BEGIN TO GET PARANNIOD. I would check every med I gave or charting i did 4 OR 5 TIMES. If the narcotic count came out wrong i was sure I made the error even though I knew almost all of the nurses working there were recovering drug addicts. One shift the NP told me to get some meds for a patient having withdrawals I told her nurse but she was in a locked area and asked me to give them. So of course when I checked out the meds it took me longer because I had to check it 4 or 5 time and I had to make sure what time she last took the meds which took me longer cause i was so paranoid about making a mistake. THE NP came in the room and said what is taking you so long?” then she flung the blood pressure stand right at me, So after that I just dreaded coming to work I was like paralyzed I didn’t want to say anthing to piss anybody off. I would think to myself so who am I I going to report this to certainly not the nursing board, HR ? Hell no they didnt want me there in the first place. Not my boss when I did try to talk to her about my concerns about NP she blew me off saying the NP was dramatic and would get over it. When I went home at night i would pray to God that I would not wake up in the morning. I didnt want to go back to this job from hell. I knew soon or later i would make some kind of error.
    One day I asked to be orientated on days so I could do some discharges about a week or so on days I was in nurses station charting, the NP came in the room and shouted come with me I want to talk to you, I followed her down the hall to her office, “Who ordered these vitimins for the parient” I said “You did” she said “You will be sorry you ever said that I dont order vitamins for patients on subboxon its contraindicated. I know your on PROBATION and i’m reporting you to the nursing board isn’t anybody watching you i’m reporting you to the nursing board she wouldn’t even let me speak and some of the patients came out of their rooms and looked down the hall, I thought oh hell now the patients know i’m on PROBATION they won’t want me to take care of them now. She continued with your practicing out of your scope isn’t anybody monitoring you . Whose monitoring you. I’M calling the nursing board I know your on PROBATION
    I finally said ok call them i know enought to know i don’t order medication or supplements i’m not a doctor. why would I order something that I know is out of my scope. I tried to call my boss they say go up the chain of command but the chain of command is either off, on vacation, or out of the building, After about 3 days of not leting me work I was called to the office I was told to quit or get fired my nurse friend that hired me was there offered no support for me. Yes another back stabbing nurse.
    So of course now the nursing board files charges against me for practicing out of my scope. The nursing investigator advised me to surrender my nursing license. I said no because I fought for so so long and paid so much money to keep my nursing license.
    Next I wil write about the Administration Law Judge, nursing board, investigators Inspector General , all charges against me that lead up to my nursing license getting revoked.

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      No one knows the affects of the corrupt boards actions until they are a target of the bon agency . And how statements like insensitive Caro Lynn McCormies is , Friday “we need to get moving on these cases” “I don’t want to be here until 9pm tonite ” “We have a lot of cases still ” . Well ms mccormies, it is not anyone’s fault that you took the position (by corrupt methods to boot Mekoba- Hill out ) you want the glory for YOUR career . You are the only one with a career ? Too bad you have to drive to the suburbs of byu, Safford, no one cares ! What ‘s up another marathon church meeting you want to make it back for . Did the male tell you be home early . You got the position by critizing Hill, on speed of cases , so just do the vote and who cares they are all guilty attitude.? Do every one a favor stay home , you cause enough trouble and grief at your college among the non mormon teachers.


    • Yavapai Regional dirty deed 9:35 pm on November 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      There was absolutely no reason for any of this . Randy (QUEER ONE) Quinn , sneaking in a meeting between meetings , so there wouldn’t be a lot of people , and telling Carole to “shut up ” . Talk about a dishonorable turd . You could see him making the full decision by himself , on the fly . Keep ordering more and more tests, refresher courses, over and over wearing good nurses out, costing them money and requiring what is impossible. Shameful , and the BON has not changed their ways , not one bit. Queer Quinn is gone but part of his back up bitches 1 was McCormies , another hard ass on non mormons . They couldn’t go on the psych evaluation because it was all in Carol’s favor. So they just changed the focus and took that psychologist off the list.
      “The list” is a list of dirty doc’s who are willing to write something , anything at all, so the BON can use that as their ‘expert” when all they are who remain on “the list” is a bunch of malpractice practioners who have dirty Bob Bohanski’s on their side. Another office that is run via CORRUPTION ! . Protecting their “court whores” is all they do . Don’t think that Bohanski , and Joke Ridenour , and Hanchett all in the same building , have their ‘little meetings ” how they will screw the nurse . Just like they did Carole who did not deserve any of this horrible night mare of her life. Thanks McCormies , and Brother Quinn.


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    Needless Things AZBN 

    It was no mystery when Lisa Wynn, former medical bd director, was terminated in Oct of 2013 that a wave of patient harm cases were indirectly brought in view to AZBN. One case a physician actually drove a scope through an esophagus, creating a big hole, and sent the pt. home and told them to drink water. Covering up these horrors is the AZBN’S specialty. Some of the horrors are still in hiding, often under a nurse’s body. The most important mission in the AZBN locker is to protect the largest cash register in the world and help themselves to that cash register.

    If there is a working nurse who believes they need the support of the regulatory agency to perform properly then they are greenhorns. The agency is grossly involved in producing false narratives to protect physicians and their $$ grabbing businesses. This is well known and well documented to which multiple levels of academia is presently teaching cases of blatant corruption ending in patient harm and death. And sometimes the nurse who is into quack exposure goes away as well.

    Nurses need to fight this corrupted agency with the help of an organization whose well aware of the legal world’s bd definition,”This is a monster” .Really? The criminality cruises down the $$ road to places like the Biltmore section, like Paradise Valley. These people are truly shoveling loads of cash into real estate, and large boats. Big real estate and big boats.. We had a good business raising boats that sank at the dock; that’s b/c we’re experts at knowing what sank them.

    Nurses absolutely and conclusively do not need this agency in any way. Good for nurses work for them.

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      As nursing “evolves” it is critical that regulatory also “evolve.” The stagnation of the Arizona Board of Nursing is palpable. We must collaborate and stop this abuse. The research, though minimal is in on how these organizations abuse their power. They certainly do not believe that they abuse their power but the research we have differs. Peary is there an organization that can actually look into the regulatory injustice? If so where do I go?


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:51 pm on November 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        The fed has been informed about the bd. Although the Hacienda debacle reveals multiple federal violations that might go to bd the unknown of events remains unknown.


        • Hacienda debacle 8:07 am on November 26, 2021 Permalink

          3 nurses one a DON who did not recognize for NINE months that a woman stopped having periods, here abdomen was getting larger and larger, that a CNA was jumping the siderail’s and was with her alone enough to have sex with her . Why these incompetent nurses did not see any of this ? Did not get a letter of concern , did not get a DOC , charting was certainly off . Was it because the Dr was informed and did nothing. They are protecting someone , to save them money the true love of this dirty board. While the dumbest board member ever and most corrupt Randy Quinn , announces for the camera ‘this nurse will never practice again” . Read up on felony bars mouthy moron. And look in your own back yard at what the brethren have done for years to under age , get upset about THAT .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:11 am on November 26, 2021 Permalink

          The horrors also went to large amt of medicare fraud.


        • Good one 2:12 pm on November 26, 2021 Permalink

          feds as in DOJ, which has hired on mostly the mission creeps , so they are taking cases SELECTIVELY as well, as in mormon’s take care of mormon’s ONLY .
          Shame on all of them being hired taking an oath, just like Campbell and Krishna , just like the board members all liars . especially the admin law judges , clowns all of them .


    • Dusty 11:19 am on November 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I came across this. I had a Case Dismissed by the Board. I made a Complaint about a Nurse. I proved with Records from Court and Her records. I had actui Facts against the Nurse an it was dismissed.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:14 pm on November 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Follow the money

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        • Concerns of this corruption 8:12 am on November 30, 2021 Permalink

          It was not long ago that a CRNA was not part of the make up of the BON, Harris from Beus was lobbying to get that one in .With Randy Quinn in mind , a set up to get him in their to protect the CRNA ‘s who save the hospital big bucks, while playing little Dr. So when Angela Fountain who worked with Quinn group . (he had to form one couldn’t get along with real Drs, and had to have his way ) , got on the board, the CRNA cases are her decision and hers alone. She tells the board what to vote while protecting CRNA’s and saving hospitals money by keeping them working , no matter what !
          So that means any RN before the BON should be decided ONLY by the RN’s , no NP or public members should discuss anything . To be CONSISTENT (MCCORMIES THE LIAR). Angela Fountain is not fair, her brain has a padlock on it and MCCORMIES holds the key . Can’t think for herself , all pre arranged to hand out that LOC or dismiss . Keep that boy working , no matter what . Fountain was pre brain washed before joining the BON. She tried to act like a bd member , dismiss a case when MCCORMIES went nuts ! DISMISS !! MCCORMIES said , yelling out WHAT ??!!! She was not having that one ! did not wait for a second motion , and did not call for a vote , instead reprimanded Fountain as being “out there ” and making a stupid choice of decisions, by her actions and getting others to up the discipline , while saying “i don’t like to be harsh” . more lies by MCCORNEY !


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 11:03 am on November 30, 2021 Permalink

          Thanks for the info on privileges


      • Harry Styles 8:15 am on November 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        The board has a pattern . If an hospital reports top of the list. They work with hospitals . Joke the Director was on the AZ HHA , People who get on boards take care of friends in strange places.
        The nurse is still employed by the hospital ? It will get tossed. The nurse quit or got fired they run with it.
        Now i hate to say this because they will generally at the next meeting throw a case out there and do the opposite , just so they can say not true. But this is more telling, cause it was not consistent.
        The board has a pattern for sure . It is based on who it is and what friend they have at that hospital.
        They want to be on the board to impress someone (who is ignorant enough to think they must be a good nurse to be on a board or some how superior to others when in fact the OPPOSITE is true ! ) Nothing is fair about them , and in now way are protecting any public .


    • Donnette Saden 5:04 pm on November 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The very root of your writing while sounding agreeable originally, did not sit very well with me after some time. Somewhere within the paragraphs you were able to make me a believer unfortunately just for a while. I still have got a problem with your jumps in logic and one might do well to help fill in all those breaks. In the event that you can accomplish that, I could surely be fascinated.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 10:15 am on November 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        A bit of klandestine behavior is not totally flipping the evidence openly as the road to our goal is secret, for legal reasons as well group’s plans aren’t for the board’s eyes.


        • Registered Nurse in Good Standing 4:26 pm on November 29, 2021 Permalink

          Exactly . There is a lot for someone to go on if they took an interest, if your DOJ, just do your job , if your Gov office , your way too late and have done nothing to curb the corruption, your time is up and can’t go too soon ! Same as with the do little dumb ass director . This is not a fascination fantasy to be full filled , this is exposing just a little bit of what this distressful board and employees have been up to , and have gotten away with .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 11:06 am on November 30, 2021 Permalink

          One of the state laws allows for citizen’s arrest, it applies as felonies have occurred against nurses. But a sure way to get popped for wrongful imprisonment; I’ll do it if you bail me out.


    • ADN2BSN 5:45 pm on November 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks! I read your posts and I am going to contact this NNAA! I hope to become a member as the board is a major violator of over regulation! I am so glad there is an organization on our side! The ANA is a joke and so political anymore.

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      • Mychelle N D 8:21 am on November 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        The ANA and the AZBON are bed fellows . One bd member , who appears to be a “pay back ” an atty left the BON and immediately went to be the lobbyist for the AZNA .
        Robin Schaeffer who puts out there she wants to ‘help’ bedside nurses , which is a real joke !! But is against safe staffing ratios mandates for hospitals ! And now Dawna Cato who is just as wicked as Jokey , all run their mouths with ‘the talk” but know the bottom line is to side with the dirty agency and back them . And in turn they will have their backs.


      • former one 2:26 pm on November 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        ok , let us know what they are working on . The amount of work is tremendous. !
        If you look at the OAH court and all of their statements it is all lies . Anyone who wants to find wrong doing can find it very easy.
        I wonder if they group keeps the nurses name CONFIDENTIAL . Let us know that too.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:25 pm on November 28, 2021 Permalink

          I bet Tammy Greabell would love to nail the bd. Getting former employees to flip would be soooo nice, confidentiality d/c agreement


        • Letters of No Concern 7:01 pm on November 29, 2021 Permalink

          Then , as if not unprofessional enough, McCormies says they have never had anyone for counseling unless a MSN . Does she have dementia !??? many cases, Remember one clearly from county , reported male nurse going thru sex change , he kep the same counselor he had , and many others ! MCCormies wants her to fail NOT have someone she is familiar with ! get someone new who will fail her since she said she did not need a refresher course !
          When a nurse tells them what she needs COMPUTER CLASS it is IGNORED , just to have the upper hand and SHOW HER WHO BOSS , right BOSSY COW MCCORMIES ??? Then motion for consent agreement for 6 months, whopp tee do , ! but similar case was 12 months, YOUR all over the place and NON Consistent !
          She even has dippy do DUH !!! boyer calling out cases numbers , cause she can’t keep track of things , very poor choice of Pres for a Board !!! failure !


      • Anne 6:54 pm on November 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        They do need to look at cases and board members . For sure . A nurse before the board talked of her hearing , how the alj was saying things like “you don’t like Cathy do you?” so much chatter no facts no evidence . Sounds like a pit bull gone nuts and the man and woman owners saw she had a nursing license so “hey let’s fuck her up with the board of nursing “. Of Course incompetent Campbell who can’t get her ARS number right , and keeps calling dip shit McCorney “your honor” and doesn’t correct herself. Neither does MCCormies , ! which is really bad . NO one knows who these players are. A bunch of nuts jobs blurting out crazy talk, the ones to lazy to get to the board meeting have to be reminded to speak up . Boyer has to be told hourly to talk into the mic. Which is odd since she never forgets to clear her throat every five minutes loudly into the mic. SICKENING! Cathy stating many things over and over that were unrelated, Then switch from pit bulls attack and over to years ago job in Tucson , and oncology WTF?? No board complaint went in , BON witch hunters looking for dirt . Again , this madness needs to end. ALJ need to be reprimanded jailed !


    • Jackie Johnson INMATE 7:04 pm on November 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      SWEET ! “”The former prosecutor charged with misconduct for her handling of the Ahmaud Arbery case was booked at a Georgia jail on Wednesday . “”
      This is what is on the agenda for Elizabeth A Campbell . She will never admit wrong doings, or turn herself in . Every time someone rings the door bell , it just might be the cops coming to get her . Oh and BTW “beth” , it is the AG office who prosecutes these misfit attorney’s who try their underhanded , dishonest tricks. !
      A grand jury indicted Johnson, 49, last week on a felony charge of violating her oath of office and a misdemeanor count of obstructing police. Whereas “bethie” obstructs justice and a whole lot more !


    • PCH did a NP dirty 2:14 pm on November 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      If you think Wynn was a bad medical board director , look at BARRY CASSIDY . a PA as dir. crazy stuff. He went to get credentialed as a cop , sheriff’s department. Dirty cop at that , he thought he was mr medical cop rolled into one. The jerk off very typically let the power trip go to his pea brain. Reported a NP , but it was a FALSE report. If this was a criminal charge it would be over . Oh no , not when dealing with the corrupt board of nursing agency . Of course the dirty board of nursing,went on a fishing expedition . Found charting errors they can find one ANYONE ! Barry Cassidy lost his job, boo hoo now the “loser ” “has not” been never was playing wyatt burb sits on the couch sucking up the suds . Cassidy had a night mare that he showed up to work without his badge ! And now the dum dum’s night mare came true , but not before creating a nightmare for a very professional , good NP . Gave the boy too much power, showed him at the medical board how to over power anyone with a license , and it went to the morons head. And now he sits without a badge , saved Phoenix Children’s incompetent Drs from a law suit , not even a complaint on their license for their MISDIAGNOSIS ! and MALPRACTICE ! Medical boards know the Dr brings in money the nurses cost them, so protect those under the medical board.


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    Major violent street protests throughout several European areas to push back Covid lockdowns and vax mandates.

    • Erica 8:23 am on November 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Yesterday was a hard day! I watched as some of the best, most compassionate, hardworking, knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated staff worked their last shift. It was my honor and privilege to work alongside you for so many years. Thank you for all you have taught me. I watched all week so many hugs, tears, stories be told and concern for the future of all of healthcare. This past almost two years has been hell for the healthcare system and all these people leaving have fought hard to get us through. These once so called hero’s now being forced to voluntarily resign when they all would be showing up tomorrow to continue a job they love. All because they question a forced mandate when we should have the freedom to choose.
      The experience we are losing is not replaceable. These people some of which hold 30+ years of experience we need to continue to help mold the future of the hospital. To help train the newbies to one day be just like them. To bounce ideas off of in times of uncertainty or unfamiliar tasks. It’s how the cycle works.
      On top of those being forced to leave we are losing staff just because they are frustrated with all that is going on. Taking higher paying contract jobs because why not, they don’t feel appreciated at the job they dedicated themselves too.
      This mandate will continue to cripple an already overwhelmed healthcare system. I fear not for those leaving but for those left behind. I know most leaving have made peace with this decision and will continue to fight for their beliefs. They will figure out their next chapter. I’m not sure how much more these healthcare systems can take however. I’m worried. I worry for the future, I worry for us remaining staff, I worry for patient care. I pray for us all!
      IT takes an experienced bedside nurse to save your life . Experience counts ! Irreplaceable.

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      • Reporting Today on Watchdog page 8:33 am on November 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Anyone on the board who says nurses should have ‘a choice” are scared to death they will be mandated to work bedside . Scared to death. !
        Right now they show their ignorance daily being on a board who judges others nurses . They hide behind being in a ‘group’ thought.
        Not one of them can do what an experienced nurse can do . They would be put on a 90 day probation , and have to watched . Watched and reported almost by the minute . Unable to stand at the bedside and talk to patients, but literally run their butts off , while bladders burst and make minute by minute decisions of what was threatened by mgts. Get those ‘white boards updated”, get those medications out on time, stop your sterile dressing change and answer that phone from the numerous family members , all on the one patient who has money and might be dying.
        And everything you chart , and everything you do can be put under a micro scope by the board members and corrupt staff who can sit at a desk and decide if you did enough. Like “Mann” on the board . “if you don’t know the answers , get your butt in their and find out”. #1 nurse there, she does it all the time, right ? We will never know. Is she that stupid that she doesn’t know the reports are written BIASED , and AGAINST the nurse ??? Judge me , and you will be JUDGED !


        • Kris 7:30 am on November 23, 2021 Permalink

          Well, I have 1 year plus a few months until I’m free. I’m retiring 2 years early…cannot wait to leave. I’m tired of the bureaucracy, doctors looking for every excuse not to do their job….why does a nurse have to track down a doctor because they did not write their discharge diagnosis? Why do nurses have to chart medications doctors give…oh that’s right the Electronic record was not set up for them to do so…it takes too many clicks, and oh yes, they want scribes to do that for them, enter the nurses job now. I could go on. Housekeeping has no staff…. nurses clean rooms, departments responsible to book appointments lacking staff…enter the nurse again. We are tired and our working conditions not our pay is the problem. Although it can be a pay issue in some institutions and states.Facilities all over put all responsibilities on the nurse rather than employ enough people. Everything new involves nurses yet no additional staff is allocated….not required by law so don’t ever expect it. Just expect to be trained during working hours while doing your job taking care of patients. Sometimes multiple must complete training requirements in a short period of time so a project can be pushed out to meet some administrative goal. This happens in many facilities across this nation. Nurses should be demanding protected training time. Protected staff meeting times, mandatory increase in permanent staffing ratios anytime another responsibility is added to their roles. Nurses need to wake up and realize how much danger their licenses are in. My time is ticking down….yay. Then there is COVID……and the constant threat of a board complaint .


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      This design is incredible! You certainly know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!


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      Today, I went to the beach with my children. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone!


    • Davi 7:39 am on November 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Elizabeth A (for a55hole) CAMPBELL , aag is worse than Laura Hogue , who brought up in closing arguments that the murdered black man had “long dirty toenails ” Campbell can DEHUMANIZE nurses much worse than this , with unrelated nonsense , all allowed by biased judges . Quote: ” in his khaki shorts, with no socks, to cover his long, dirty toenails,” Campbell would lose every case if not a rigged court hearing , disgusting what state hourly paid attorney’s get away with .


    • Audrey Roth 7:49 pm on November 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      People should be upset about over reach , abuse of power and government control. If the corrupt board of nursing was over 1/8 of the people an uprise would be taking place. Surrender Ridenour it’s over, too many have heard about your vicious ways , torturing nurses, and unlawful use of government money. Turn your self in , and admit your wrong doings . You are a wicked women . This is not the way any of this was meant to be. You have run nursing into the ground, everyone is getting out , anyone with half a brain would not get in . The profession is a loser ‘s world , you have destroyed many dedicated real nurses dreams and ‘calling ‘ , to help those in need. You have created many unsafe conditions, staffing shortage, punishment for those who did nothing wrong to help your political friends . So you can keep your 8 BR 5 bath house , and live amongst the biggest snobs in the country , trying to impress others with your big house, big car, big desk . Your a nothing and are ground floor types who remain in the dirt like a pig. Nothing is lower than you , except your cohorts in crime.


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      Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:59 pm on November 6, 2021 Permalink  

    Advocacy Nurse Alliance Az 

    Not a big leap to be suspect of any nurse organizations in Az. simply b/c of prior azbn abuse, and claim distrust fingerings some ultimate financial gain motive can not be accurate. The new Az initiative now smoking the net is legally a non profit organization.. now The leaders do not work for the government in any way and are well known to be zealots for the truth..The people we want to protect nurses from have lots of money and own big real-estate in and around Maricopa County. Big real estate; How does a punk assistant atty gen. own such luxuries? Governmental costs pay huge for regulating nurses that need to be free from pt. care interruption by liability fraudsters. Any questions about this Az initiative can be answered by clicking on the nnaamembership@nursingadvocate.org

    P.S. A.C. The anger can be guided here…the text was mine but but not specific to you.

    Membership is free for 2 mos. Lic status and name is not shared with anybody.

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      This website online is really a stroll-through for the entire information you wished about this and didn抰 know who to ask. Glimpse here, and also you抣l definitely uncover it.


      • Harry Styles 11:44 am on November 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        HI ! Looks like we have the same last name ! sweetie .
        We checked out this board , me and my friend Chuck. Yes they do hate blacks , gays, former mormons, queers, homosexuals , and women in general who speak up . How can they be nurses and have this odd prejudice ?. Because the real odd balls are ON THE BOARD ! Cult members who stick together as a gang .
        Maybe you all can contact the pride group who had a nice parade we attended and the night activites , everyone was dressed so nice and friendly , gay actually it was great > !
        Of course they are not mean like the nasty bitches on the board . We also discovered that mormons are NOT nice , NOT good, and are someone to stay away from.
        Wish you all luck getting them cleaned out ! Maybe a new gov will do that , but I;m afraid a republican wont because they are all republicans . and guess who put Ducey in office Koch brothers who are mormons too . I is dead so that’s a start .
        Have a fairy nice day ! Love and peace to all !


      • it can happen to YOU . 6:42 am on November 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        MS styles, good to hear from you some top concerns that nurses and nursing students need to hear ! I spaced it out for easy reading .
        Abuse of power. Why are nurses subjected to prosecutors? Yet as a profession prosecutors have NO accountability, NO oversight, NO transparency and have absolute immunity?

        YES ! who have no over sight , no control over them , but the AG office . Most nurses do not know the pattern , thank you !

        Prosecutors drive the criminal justice system and legislation. Prosecutors NOT police “grow” mass incarceration with charging felonies. The nursing profession disciplinary should NOT be handled by prosecutors whose culture is one of “convict-at-all-cost”. Nurses should not be treated like criminals. They train to help and care for people in life’s most difficult situations. Where is the presumption of innocence.

        Sounds like the politicized Board of Nursing needs to be torn out by the roots and a new 21st model created with true nursing professionals. Who would want to become a nurse if they knew how they would be treated? How at risk they are to lose their professions after years of study and hard work? Nursing shortage in Arizona?


        • N.R 5:04 pm on November 16, 2021 Permalink

          it is also the imbalance of the cases ! definitely favoritism. that should never be, but the hogs got on the board to play dirty politics and they are in pig heaven , rolling around in the dirt.


      • S I 10:18 pm on November 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        AZ State hospital severely understaffed , two patients committed suicide in the last three weeks. Staffing is unsafe . A number of jobs not filled . Now that the board of nursing and nnaa are aware we expect that the director of nursing the CNO, and all charge nurses be investigated promptly . Remember !!! Patient safety !


        • R D, 9:06 pm on November 13, 2021 Permalink

          YES what is the board of nursing doing ??? Those DON are sitting on their butts just like Jokey did when she was at county , (with Valerie , and Cindy Mand , Judy Bontroger etal, ) and brought them with her , so they could do her job duties that go ignored at the BON. ) .


        • probably not 1:24 pm on November 17, 2021 Permalink

          That is truly a joke. This Arizona Board of Nursing is about MONEY, POWER, and GREED…not one thing to do with or about patient safety !

          They let nurses off the hook that have had truly egregious actions, while persecuting others on false allegations and heresay.

          If the Board does not perceive money to be made or a nurse whom they think should have his or her career destroyed, along with public humiliation and board website slander (because he or she is not one of their besties) then, of course, nothing will be investigated….or if investigated, a letter of concern or no concern issued.


        • Jacob RN 8:15 pm on November 18, 2021 Permalink

          And to think that AZ BON member Eliz Boyer is on the committee to discuss ketamine . SO unqualified !! Paramedics should not have listened to stupid cops , bad call ! Let’s see what the paramedic board does to them , Oh wait there is no paramedic board . !
          Nov 18, 2021 —

          Aurora has agreed to pay $15 million to Elijah’s family to settle the civil rights lawsuit. The settlement is one of the largest police-related settlements in U.S. history.

          Elijah’s mother filed the federal civil rights suit last year targeting the city of Aurora as well as the police officers and other first responders who remain responsible for Elijah’s death.

          The officers and paramedics who killed Elijah will soon be on trial. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to pursue justice.

          – Justice for Elijah McClain


        • name withhelf due to numerous events of retaliation of nurses 8:17 am on November 20, 2021 Permalink

          As if the president (who got her church buddies to vote her in ) isn’t a big enough Imbecile, CAROLYN MCCORMIES , she rags on and on about nurses stating things to others and they will go after them . (covid BS ) because the NCSBN said so . ) Of course saying that her covid shot must have made her ‘brain foggy” , would be against all rules , she makes up as she goes along.
          Cases before the board , of course they want to intimidate , scare tactics, put something on their license . not based on SCIENCE but FDA and CDC ,
          Just follow the imbeciles example. Do not tell patients to grind up shark teeth and take that to cure what ails you . Oh yes she did say it and said it over and fuking over and over again , until she wears out board members who finally vote her way .
          You must uphold that nurses are the most trusted profession. But what she doesn’t say , is , it is Bon , that make everyone not trust them ! Such a fine example of a political hack lying ,fact twisting , dirty corrupt board.


        • Valley Wise 4:09 am on November 24, 2021 Permalink

          Once in awhile there is good news. Paul Boyer is not running again , GOOD ! Acts just like the rest of his kind Flake, Romney all turn coats. He was a lobbyist for department of corrections , but is resigning over death threats now ? Yea right . He says he would ‘win’ , haha , but has had a couple of recall attempts from angry voters . He teaches apparently at one of the charter schools who got funds by passing laws that stole money from public schools and children who attend those , (check out millions via Brother Farnsworth .) Wife ELIZABETH BOYER , is so unqualified in experience and common sense to be on a board of nursing , and is what appears to be a “seconder” , McCormies hints around , what she wants , waiting for some dummy to make a comment , then asked ‘is that YOUR motion ?” Then someone makes a motion and Boyer seconds it . or orders psychological evaluations on everybody at their cost. Looks like they both need to get out , certainly no public service going on . Self serving hacks .


        • Geezzzz 4:20 am on November 24, 2021 Permalink

          Sometimes a good laugh feels good , like reading Paul Boyer is not running again so he can be an ‘ordinary citizen ” . What the hell does he think he is now ??

          Something in the water this gang- drinks . And appears to be pertaining to the male , a flash back of weird over himself over the top Randy (queer one ) Quinn . Another Brethren , some real serious” programing” been done on these boys.


      • Better at it then DOJ 1:38 pm on November 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Harry , The DOJ is watching the site ? They must be sleeping on the job then , getting paid to sit there and pretend to comprehend matters.
        What part of ALJ’s being corrupt do they not “GET” ??? Just a peek sneek at the cases that have been won by a nurse is extremely telling. You could bet the farm in Vegas on those odds and come out with 99:1 in fifteen years of doing this .
        You would never see a case like these in any other court room or the corruption !! Just a couple of cases they masterfully got slipped through . Not good enough not to be able to see through it ! DOJ”s making big bucks, but are too stupid to find their a55 with both hands .


      • Watcher 9:36 am on November 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Anyone else go to the az board meeting Friday 11/19 ? Seems like some real deliberate stuff going on there . Lots of cases with attorney’s but seem to put ‘select “ones on hold . Atty could wait no longer listening to cases that were flied four years ago , and left . He would be on the phone later but loses some of the effect . Now in the matter of DDR , a couple of things , he filed appeal which really pisses this board off . They are trained to be OBEDIENT creatures , do what ever crazy notion they come up with . He was able to expose Janeen Dahn , Fatal outcome with her patient . (That is when she was actually working in nursing. Now Carolyn MCCormies and Janeen Dahn relationship is similar to “close encounters of the third kind ” . Must discussion , like amateur hour over and over . Like this board is clueless how to handle a nurse who moved out of state and like it has never happened .
        AZ BON wants him to ‘move to AZ to take a refresher course ” !! (the courses are about 3 months long and very expensive. So quit what ever job you have , move away from elderly parents , and just pick up and move to AZ to take a nursing refresher course ! Because ……..no other state does them . .????
        Then add on to that 24 months probation, and the stupid stupid McCormies says “you might as well move to AZ for 2 years !! NO shit ! When a board says ‘clear things up in AZ ” , then a board member who is another clueless dummy , wants all probation done in AZ , and we will get the quarterly reports . IF a person moves out of state to get away from AZ draconian ways, why can’t they just say , do a refresher course in Mass and apply to that board for license. Because they want to retaliate ! They want to trip him up. Hey Carolyn McCormies why don’t you move to Mass for two years??? Just pack it up and go ! rent a place , pay for courses , due to your being an incompetent hack for BFF Dahn who you look to for answers , which is SCARY !!!
        And if ANYONE thinks back door talk did not go on , i got some news for YOU! . And if anyone thinks when Mcorney says , ‘we wish you well , we REALLY REALLY wish you well , isn’t lying thru her buck teeth and lying tongue , he we got some ocean front property for you . Of course the ONLY thing that was said of any truth was , If we get reports , WE CAN TAKE ACTION ” . And that is their goal ! A set up for failure . Make it as hard as possible for someone to get a license anywhere. These new board members had a back room talk OBVIOUSLY , and illegal .


    • Hairstyles 4:11 am on November 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I have learned new things through your blog site. One other thing I would like to say is newer personal computer os’s often allow much more memory to get used, but they as well demand more memory space simply to operate. If a person’s computer can not handle a lot more memory as well as the newest application requires that ram increase, it might be the time to buy a new Laptop or computer. Thanks

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      • Matt 4:39 pm on November 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Well , missy nurses getting sick of the liars , and the same old blah blah lies “public safety” Yes, nurses are “talking with their feet.”
        At least 2,000 Mississippi nurses have resigned since the beginning of the year, severely straining hospitals as COVID cases multiply, Aug 26, 2021,:”Yet at least 771 medical-surgical and 235 intensive care unit beds in the state were going unused last week due to a lack of staff to man them, according to the Mississippi Clarion-Ledger.
        The University of Mississippi Medical Center was forced to open two field hospitals in its parking garage to house COVID-19 patients that the hospital didn’t have beds for, according to the Associated Press. One hospital in the state has begun canceling brain and heart surgeries due to a lack of ICU beds to house the patients waiting for them, as Insider’s Yelena Dzhanova reported, while another was forced to close its neurosurgery clinic completely as most of its federal COVID-19 relief money had been exhausted.”
        NURSING STUDENTS listen to those who know !


      • Dietary but aware 9:08 pm on November 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Stop signing those consent agreements ! DA’s like plea deals better. (plea is consents ) They get an admission of guilt without the burden of proof. Too many people give up their right to a trial because some DA has scared them into accepting a plea deal.
        Not only giving up a hearing but by signing , you are unable to appeal , and it is admission of guilt !
        IF NNAA got screwed years ago, the timely of doing something is really a big hint what is really going on .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:48 am on November 14, 2021 Permalink

          The Bd is a criminal organization. Everybody knows it. EVERYBODY


        • Shiver my spine ! 10:02 am on November 21, 2021 Permalink

          Nurses cannot win because the ALJ’s at the OAH (office of administrative hearings) are biased towards the agencies. How many cases has a nurse won. ? A Bench trial of the worst kind . No one pays attention to anything because they know they will follow what ever corruption the aag ‘suggests ” by saying “the state wants” and so does she because they don’t want to deal with them anymore so just REVOKE the license . Destroy the nurses career so they can continue with their corrupt career of using the states money to take nurses down one at a time.
          With National tv and watching the case, justice can prevail but not in a admin law court will you find due process or justice of any kind. Rigged and Rogue all the way . ! Here’s how the story started, just so we all remember. 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse wound up on the street in Kenosha in the first place with a gun for one reason: He was there because in the summer of 2020 the leadership of the Democrat Party endorsed mob violence for political ends. That’s why there were riots in Kenosha that night, because people like Kamala Harris supported those rights.
          More than a year later, as Rittenhouse stood trial for murder, those very same people implied there would be more violence if he was acquitted. So imagine being a juror on that case. Imagine the pressure and the fear. It would take enormous moral courage for any juror to ignore the threats and follow the evidence to its logical conclusion. So much courage that at times we doubted it was even possible in a country as politicized as ours now is.
          But as we learned today, it is still possible, thank God.
          This afternoon, the jury acquitted Rittenhouse on all charges. The jury affirmed what was obvious from the very beginning: He acted in self-defense. It was a wonderful moment. Anyone who believes in impartial justice was vindicated.


      • Jessika 8:31 pm on November 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        The law was passed that the dir (aka JOKEY RIDENOUR ) can order psych evaluations to speed up cases. Joke doesn’t want anything to reflect on her decision and be responsible. She is too incompetent to run an organization . How many cases are going on 4 years old and waiting on getting a psych evaluation ? The reason for referral to the board . Jokey will roll over on the Board in a heart beat . Listen to how many times she said “that was a board decision ” . As if the slimy cunt has clean hands . Just like Emma Mamaluy , does (laugh out loud ) .
        NNAA should work on a petition to toss her out . And then work on a bill to put the expense of the psych evaluations back on the Board of Nursing , and they won’t be ordering them to place a stigma on nurses. It appears the members on the board need psych evaluations , the “sociopath bell would go off and each one of them , bells and whistles , bing bing bing , HIGH READING !!


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:57 am on November 19, 2021 Permalink

          All good suggestions, however, profound violations of law already on billbosrd…it simply does not matter what the legislature orders


        • Word 9:55 am on November 24, 2021 Permalink

          You know I’ve been thinking about it And I must say…. For all those who take it upon themselves to Judge another person, be it a personal judgement of character/sanity ( say in your neighborhood) or a professional judgement from setting in a seat of government authority; These, Who think they are qualified to judge others have forgotten that they Will be held to the SAME ” Standard of Review ” which They Themselves Use On Those Who They Judge.. The Torah/Bible is blatantly clear that YHWH will hold each person accountable for his/her own sin and the harm they have caused others….. That being said, For all those who have created habits, life styles, Antisocial Actions, and Professions out of Judging others and causing them Harm to their Lives, Careers, etc… Your day of reckoning will come…. And you will not be permitted to say ” it was my job ,” or ” I was just following the others ,” ” I had to go along with the decision the Boss made about these people, ” ” I based my judgement on Gossip or what was told to me by a person in authority ”…. You Will be standing alone and held accountable for Your judgements,,,,, Alone… The tables will turn, For each and every one of you…. If you cherish your potential salvation, and charter before the Creator ( who will Judge You!!!) , You must put down your corrupt and Bias standard of Judging others….. For you will be Held To Answer To The Same Standard Of Review Which You Use On Others!!!
          These people have created plenty of victims, And the tables will turn, Ere not going to be happy with the outcome, at the end… We have plenty of this BS which goes on in the Courts, agencies , But yet, when they SEE, On the TV, a story with video clips of a cop beating a handcuffed man , while yelling ” stop resisting, stop resisting”, than their tune changes to supporting the victim and judging the officer as being in the wrong… But if they don’t SEE it themselves, these people judge the others around them quick and harshly, based upon what the cop wrote, the label the judicial system ( with its crooked cops/judges), placed upon them, etc… I’ve never been able to figure this out, People love being over and judging others, maybe its a self-esteem problem they are trying to compensate for, all to make themselves feel better about themselves or a control issue from their pasts that has surfaced and not they are in a position to control and Judge others, to make themselves feel better about themselves. Or brain washed by church leaders they are better than others , and everyone should act as queer as they do. Or maybe its a need to be accepted by others, so they go along with the groups judgements… I honestly don’t know, the root may be different for each person, In Light of The Day That They Will Be Judged By the Same Standard If Review,,,, these people must really evaluate their own lives and determined why they do the things that they do…. Whether their judgements were based upon actual hard evidence, or gossip and rumor…. One being righteous and one kicking them out the gates of heaven… This Life It temporary… They have a lot to fear….


    • A bunch of phonies here 10:33 am on November 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Sorry trust nobody and nothing out of AZ. A wretched corrupt state that I pray God sucks into the pits of Hell first in the 2nd coming of Christ. You have one of the world’s largest cult , the Mormons, populating and polluting AZ government positions and offices.
      And to the moron, Nana, that thinks it’s still a conspiracy theory and a big lie…do more research than listening to the liberal elite owned CNN and MSDNC…the John Durham special counsel just indicted a 3rd person this past Thursday..the lies are being revealed and unraveled..the Russian collusion big hoax all lied and tie back to Hillary Clinton and the fbi..if you are too stupid to believe that the same party and people that wove a web of deceit to spy on and attempt to take down her political rival, Trump, isn’t capable of stealing an election. Then I’m sorry their is no fix for your special kind of stupid.

      And how stupid it is of an organization (NNAA) to claim to want to help nurses that are the victims of corrupt licensing boards to open membership to only licensed nurses is nothing short of dumb and dumber. Did they ever once conceive that probably those nurses that are the victims no longer have licenses due to the corruption?

      Trust nobody and no organization claiming they want to help when they cannot even reveal their full names, nor welcome the nurse victims they claim they want to help.

      It’s comparable to a non profit organization claiming their goal is to help victims of crime, but deny those same victims membership to their organization…just as stupid as Nana !


      • J.Lamon 8:53 am on November 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Think about this : Anyone can get a non profit going . azna is a pac too.
        The mandates will only be effective very short term . Biden is a fart face fool . Look at Biden’s comments on the Kyle Rittenhouse case Kenosha , influencing only the stupid . Seems like the prosecutor is just as whacked out as Elizabeth Campbell , another case of dumb and dumber , only this Judge is on tv and it is all being televised so he is watching it .
        Campbell (BETH) Court whore makes Stormy Daniels look like Princess Di.


      • Go fund her 10:13 pm on November 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        That prosecutor in Rittenhouse case was as stupid as Elizabeth Campbell . Really stupid. Maybe all nursing cases be filmed on a closed circuit tv for those who wish to watch . No one would get into nursing NO ONE !


      • Nicole shivers 9:34 am on November 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        The BON would love this brain washed obedient one. Yep she is threatening to call the bon on other nurses . And what do we think of nurses who do this ? (part of the BON !!! , ) notice how the NCSBN statement (with bon members on the line came up with their statement and many nurses are all for this but many are not , wait until this happens to them !! They are ratted out for actual patient harm , what do you think they will do ??? Tell the BON hey I one of your type, you don’t discipline me ! I am one who is a ‘like thinker” messed up mentally like you . So there case will not be investigated, or put on hold for FOUR years , like most cases ! The author of this mouthy know it all opinionated (nurse????) is written in name column (of course she did not write the heading of course !! ) many do not agree with her . But this is why people at the BON do not win, too many like her that are all too willing to cause harm to another nurse. (just like the BON when they know the matter is just a bunch of drama ! )
        I totally agree with this policy 100% and am willing to report ANYONE INCLUDING FAMILY FOR VIOLATIONS. I respect everyone’s decisions and their reasons but if you are a nurse caring for my loved one and reported anything that was YOUR myth and not factual I would sue the SHITTTT out of you and report you to the board and I’ll do the same in that order……. IDGAD if you take it or not! IdoGAF if your reasons and misinformation is preventing others from making a decision that CMS provides. Whether you took their advice before or decide to do so today is YOUR business but again if CMS said it about cardiac meds or injections and you told me or my loved one you disagree and YOUR myth in other words spread your opinion I’d sue you and report you for that too. I really don’t want a debate as I said what I said and respect your decision but do know I’ll be following up on this information tomorrow morning with the board and I promise I’LL COMPLY! Please be respectful in your comments because I would prefer Facebook not put me in jail because respect will be MUTUAL!
        NOTE : would you want THIS nurse taking care of anyone you care about ??? Sends shivers up my spine !


    • Hairstyles 6:52 pm on November 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the e-book in it or something. I believe that you just can do with a few to force the message house a bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back.


    • Andreas Giombetti 10:56 am on November 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!


    • Damian Vinroe 6:20 am on November 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Hey there! Someone in my Myspace group shared this site with us so I came to look it over. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Great blog and outstanding design.


    • just wondering 1:18 pm on November 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Just wondering if this advocacy alliance group is going to board meetings to witness for themselves the shady actions of this corrupt board? Seems like if they are truly wanting to help people, that they would need to put their peeps in the place that is generating he victims.

      Also, is this advocacy group reaching out to these shady board members, calling them out on their biased, corrupt tatics?

      Is this advocacy group collecting names and contact information of the board of nursing victims? After all, it is public information? And secondly, are they reaching out to the victims and offering advocacy to them?

      Let me guess……..NO…hmmmm how did I know?


    • Earbud 2:03 pm on November 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Oh great now we got another pencil pusher on the BON , never a direct patient care always some one who drank the kook aid ! she will fit right in .


      • Earbud 2:03 pm on November 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Christine T.D Ellis RN, BSN
        Board Member
        Christine T. D. Ellis (BSN) is a registered nurse, serving the community with over thirty years of elder care experience. Nineteen years ago, she saw the vision for her own company and founded Cedar Sanctuary LLC, realizing that families needed an alternative to the “mass-care” approach in caring for their loved ones.

        Prior to establishing Cedars Sanctuary, Christine worked as an RN for many large established hospitals and care facilities, holding many high-level positions, such as Director of Nursing in the Phoenix-Metropolitan area. Her focus has been primarily on assisted living homes, and Christine has devoted countless hours to advocating for improvements in the industry through education and action.

        She has received appointments by the Governor to serve on many different boards representing assisted living homes. Her life-long goal is to serve her community with the idea of developing the next generation of caregivers with attention to the spirit, soul, and body. She taught medical assistant and certified nursing assistant classes for many years in Arizona’s community colleges.

        In addition to the years of caring for the elderly, she was also inspired and directed to pursue another passion: feeding the needy/homeless. She has been part of the foundation of the Foothills Community Services/The Bridge Ministry for over 17 years which helps feed the local homeless population and provides for their spiritual needs, partnering with countless other ministries in Arizona.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:04 am on November 18, 2021 Permalink

          All we ask is that you follow the law, good luck, you’re going to need it. Can you you follow the law? Where you are, it doesn’t matter.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:32 am on November 5, 2021 Permalink  

    Comments against new Az nurse advocacy are way premature. Leaders of this group are very tuned into AZBN, as leaders are victims as well. Negative opinions will be posted by site policy; this is totally an Az initiative for the exact same reasons this page was created.

    • Nana 8:11 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Andres Fontes wrote “It’s unfortunate we have a prosecutor using his (BRNOVICH) office to continue the conspiracy theories and the big lie. He knows it’s a lie but is still pushing it for political gains. That’s why it’s dangerous.”
      Anyone want to comment on Brnovich’s prosecutors in the Licensing department taking away licenses from nurses:: GO …………….


      • SSO 8:14 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        The prosecutor named ELIZABETH CAMPBELL knows her so called “witnesses” are lying to but uses them anyways . Even when you prove their lies the BON just ignores anything you say .


        • EX RN VA 8:24 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink

          What she was allowed to pull off at the BON meeting , having a discussion with McCormies ‘don’t stop them from talking” and getting 3 liars from the VA to talk as so called ‘witnesses” when they were ‘witness’ to NOTHING . running a mini at the BON . all LIARS. And pulling off getting the judges to deny allowing the RN time to get a lawyer over Christmas holiday , Campbell is nothing but a CORRUPT DIRTY SKANK BITCH
          Mccormies too , running that big mouth of hers , we are consistent , but letting THREE talk more than 5 mins each . YOU dirty lying POS! Both of you !


        • Valerie retired 8:29 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink

          How about when her lying witnesses get on the phone “it’s Beth ” like old buddy buddy , fleas of a kind do flock together , Beth or “the one who told you want to say , while thinking ‘there testimony is not even a part of the case has nothing to do with anything, they nurse Im fking over has never even met this person but it will look like we ran a through hearing and we can put on a nursing report 10 witneses ) and it will look good to whoever reads it .


        • anonymous 8:33 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink

          How anyone can live with this bitch is either a minor no choice or a very similar type of un-human kind of dirty dog .
          ELIZABETH CAMPBELL (BETH” haha ) needs a psychological evaluation (by board approved , so they can share their ‘screw the nurse ‘ jokes .
          Bastards all of them .


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 10:59 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Campbell has large lifestyle…beautiful home …government big bucks, real big bucks!!!


        • Throws head back laughing 8:44 am on November 7, 2021 Permalink

          She likes material things in attempt to impress others ?
          And can she take those ‘bucks’ with her ? She’ll wish she had nothing , min wage job, when she starts losing it .
          Only the bottom of the barrel work ag for too long , those who can’t afford an office and staff, and the women never get promoted .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:19 am on November 8, 2021 Permalink

          There is more than one very wealthy attny associated with the AZBN. Jan Brewer, off the shelf RT, was one of the many who got very wealthy from public service.Abe Lincoln knew very well. Real Estate easy tracking, boats not so much: Lots of money there.


        • Chamberlin knows 8:49 am on November 7, 2021 Permalink

          bethie’s life is her fake friends at the board of nursing . the get together’s, she uses a case to go there and get free lunch. And stuffs her purse with left overs to take home . Shitting with board members , insistent they do her dirty work . , sit on her butt and run her mouth .


        • Big Bang theory 9:48 am on November 7, 2021 Permalink

          Oh yes Campbell is a mess that’s for sure . Manipulative mental mess . She got her paralegal to respond to comments made about her on FB . Then removed it when caught . Is she so stupid to think no one knows her paralegal who does all her work for her , is named WHITE ??
          Then she gossips; spreads rumors , and gets them to act out against the other party at OAH to the staff , and when that fails to get the results she wanted she meets with the dirty board members behind closed doors. She can’t say what she is saying behind closed doors in public because she would be called out on her LIES . LIAR Eliz Campbell. Big house? big liar .
          Sometimes when someone gets into others business for no reason that person starts looking at the troublemaker , she does have her dirt , saving it for later .


        • Kyle prosecuted like AZ nurses 9:35 pm on November 13, 2021 Permalink

          surprised , thought she lived in her car . Jokey has been “trick of treating ” staff , paying for all to get ‘treatments done” and guess who owns the shop (public board member ) and big tips , just think about this , you can buy people cooperation / vote .
          Campbell looks as though she lives in a car , or shelter and keeps a gym membership to shower once in awhile . Low class for sure.
          If you watch the Kyle Rittenhouse trial , another shitty prosecutor Thomas Binger, is twins of Eliz Campbell. Change the name Binger to Beth and you will have what she values, and his her ‘calling’ . or hauling it in .
          Binger is a thug. He’s trying to steal Kyle’s life when he knows damn well the kid was defending himself. Binger is a man-stealer- that’s a Throwback to slavery days – a name for slave traders – there aren’t many crimes worse than man stealing.
          Binger wears a suit and tie, he speaks in a calm voice, he even has a haircut that says, “I’m hip”, he has college degrees on his wall and he talks to TV reporters and he argues in court, all things that we associate with being “civil”, “professional”, “productive”. But he is trying to convict an innocent man that he KNOWS is innocent.
          Binger is civil in his outwardly calm
          , stoic manner, but inside he is a cold-blooded savage thug. He commits his crimes using his office of assistant DA. Just like Elizabeth Campbell !


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:46 am on November 14, 2021 Permalink

          The fed is watching and can file if they want.


        • Rn 6:31 pm on November 15, 2021 Permalink

          Beth Bitch Campbell has nothing of beauty around her , nothing ! evil witch. love to whine and whine . judge he wrote about me !! He’s still talking about me !!! Judge , throw the book at him !! (oh but randy a hole quinn is not a judge, but confused Campbell called him one on purpose acting like it was a mistake. brown noser in good standing , just a real bitch all around , and not a smart one ! ) .


      • You hoo facts matter 1:41 pm on November 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Educate yourself on the facts.


      • figured her out it was EZ 10:38 am on November 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        The sad thing about Elizabeth Campbell is she knows what she is doing is corrupt . She is well aware , but we have figured out her pattern . And just like an alcoholic expose them for what they are , she is vicious to shut those up who figured her lying mouth out.
        Nurses and NNAA are assuming that the nursing boards care and that they are truthful. Neither is true. They see a power trip nothing more and nothing less. You can hand them witnesses that contradict their accusations and they simply ignore them. The “board approved doc” programs have gotten worse. They have your report written before you arrive. It does not matter what you say or how you perform on their evaluations.
        My advice to any one who is heading in the direction of a psych doc on ‘the list” program is to immediately get a complete mental health evaluation. When you arrive ask for who you treating physician will be and insist on meeting with them. Advise them that you consider them your treating physician and maybe ask them to sign a letter stating that they are your treating physician. At this point it will be difficult for them to hide under board protection.
        We need to develop a packet for nurses who agree to psych evals. Give them the tools to protect themselves. The investigative reporters are trained to tell them a pack of lies , on phone calls, the nurse is not on a 3 way . Just like CAMPBELL”S exe sessions . Hiding lying her head off !
        The whole “psych in AZ ” is a sham and a tool to separate nurses and others from their money. They are not providing medical care. Just my opinion.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 12:23 pm on November 8, 2021 Permalink

          NNAA doesn’t trust the bd either!


        • Anna 8:16 am on November 9, 2021 Permalink

          Jan Brewer is not an atty. Her son went to work for Jokey Ridenours husband’s office . Her other son is in the mental institution in AZ . He raped a women in Glendale, and she got it fixed so he would not go to prison by having him committed. ALthough when she got sworn in he was running around lose no one watching him. She does not like people to tell this story . This is the BON style , and Janeen Dahn’s , Emma Mamaluy, and Elizabeth Campbell’s !
          The underlying cause of rapes is by son’s of mothers they hate . Hate women. Mothers who have to be right , get their way all of the time . (EC!!!) The son picks this up , and ignores consent , no to them does not mean no.
          ” experts note one last trait shared by men who have raped: they do not believe they are the problem.” And the aag Campbell , Emma Mamaluy , Cindy Mand and Janeen Dahn will make anyone look like a ‘problem’ to the gullible incompetent corrupt board members .


      • C. Schwab 8:16 am on November 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Numchuck lost in his court case . It was just to gather votes for his next office. The bottom of the barrel of 5 running between him and justin olson (keep these creeps out of office ! they are too selfish and only take care of themselves ). liars .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:40 am on November 11, 2021 Permalink

          Addresses your address in email which is anonymous..nothing to loose and everything to gain at nnaa. The virtual fantasy must get landed.


    • P 8:46 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you! Reading the comments of some very hurt nurses hurling ad homminen attacks at an organization trying to change things is very discouraging and does nothing to solve the problem. I wonder if any of these keyboard warriors have joined? Geez it’s free and you continue to point fingers? Get involved, give them a chance! At least someone is doing something other than bitch about it!


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 11:05 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Love you!


        • Q 11:17 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink

          Guess they are getting a taste of what it is like trying to tell nurses and warn them about the corrupted b d of nursing down in Arizona . Once you figure out the true motives and actions of how down right underhanded tactics are of the board and staff , you will trust NO ONE.


        • P U 11:19 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink

          Seems like the ‘warrior ‘ word was used before . If you remember .
          If you believe in your mission nothing discourages , nothing can make anyone waiver.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 12:27 pm on November 6, 2021 Permalink

          You bet!


    • Watcher 9:01 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Victims with licenses ? AZ BON will not allow anyone to go away unscathed that is actively working or in any way against them. Time will tell . If they are out to make change , that’s a good thing .


      • Cathy 10:43 am on November 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        I know her (elizabeth campbell , beth the BITCH ) (if you can make bitch about 2 inches high, and

        post that would be perfect .

        Beth the BITCH .

        NO !!!! What she is doing is not “her job” . get that out of your mind . !

        Burn no bitch needs to get fired.


        • Speak the truth 7:57 am on November 9, 2021 Permalink

          Burn no bitch’s all of them . Smark is trying to get votes by saying he is fighting for Arizonians . Every time he writes these lies , you got to remind the tax payers who fund this cluster fk , he is fighting against nurses , under his watch , Good nurses taken out of the work force .


    • LOL 11:21 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      mormons spreading more than the false prophets visions . Laugh out loud !


      • GRD UNIV 7:52 am on November 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        They have no business being on a Board of Nursing or judging anyone. Biased brainwashed bimbos . looks like they got a new one of the cult coming to join them ELLIS , when will this gang of bandits end ??


    • Matt Allwright 10:11 am on November 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Punk aag , good one ! Doesn’t matter what they own, just more to lose . And most people have a dislike for someone with money. Especially those who are doing the doggy style regulation.
      never identify texts origins , not even your own . keep them guessing.
      Heard by one who says he knows, two are not getting along . for sure .
      Be proud , your a hero . !
      A watchdog is a person or committee whose job is to make sure that companies do not act illegally or irresponsibly.


    • Kat 6:35 pm on November 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      If you want to take care of your family member stay home and therefore you can get paid . But wait ! Money sucking , control freaks AZ BON had to make it their business. So now a HHA license is needed. And guess who doles those out ? NOW , if you must be a family member or guardian then here goes the dirty bon sticking their nose into private matters again !
      Separating families causing hostility. This should never happen . ! Only thing worse than Elizabeth Campbell is Emma Mamaluy and real snake with fangs .
      HB2706 passed 2019, why are they require licenses by the corrupt AZ Board of nursing ? who didn’t act until 7/29/21 (but voted on it 7/22/21 ). A chance to make a buck . HHA a license but they cannot take care of anyone but a family member if they are the guardian . How will they regulate family members , just a money grab . Jul 29, 2021
      Licensed Health Aide – Draft Rules
      During the 2019 first regular session of the Arizona State Legislature, with the support of home healthcare stakeholders, HB2706 passed, creating a new form of licensure to allow parents, other family members, and guardians of children with developmental disabilities to be eligible for licensure.
      Only took them two years to act , because they are busy still trying to proof cases from long ago. .


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:53 am on November 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        The legislature doesn’t enforce its laws it passes, hence the horrors we now have clear view of. Remember, this is the AZBN and the $ Slash politics comes first. The patient & nurse are least concerns.


    • Lpn 7:40 am on November 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      You got hold them responsible . Lets see new group what they do , gather students to help . the nursing profs certainly can’t tell the truth , some of them are clueless. New ones on the BON appear to think they are actually protecting the public .


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 9:20 am on October 27, 2021 Permalink  

    The Lived Experience of Nurse Abuse AZBN 

    Part 1 of Az Nurse Carol Schaeffer whose story is demonstrated in.part 1 as her heart and her loss of her gift to society.

    This post omits the cause of the initial complaint which is another of many museum like cases where experienced nurses of many years get unjust disciplinary actions over tainted clinical issues that grow and blossom.with power of AZBN. Just so you can feel it.

    Nurse On Probation 
    I will tell my story in two parts   part 1
    Though out  my nursing career I alway thought that only nurses that took drugs and abused patients stood  up before the nursing board.  I was so wrong. I want to talk about my experience when I  was put on probation  for 2 years in 2010  by  the Arizona State Bourd of  Nursing.   I remember my  lawyer advising me to read the consent agreement sign it  or lose my nursing license  handing  me the consent agreement and  leaving. I just stared at it.   I just  couldn’t read it.   I just couldn’t.  I signed it.  I didn’t want to lose my nursing license.  The next thing I knew I meet my lawyer at the nursing board.   She proceeded to tell me I was dressed provocatively.   She told me not to speak to the board because if I put the blame on someone else the nursing board would look at  it as me not taking responsibility for my actions. I looked down at my chest I didn’t see any cleavage.  I was wearing a below the knee skirt I thought to myself I’m about to lose my nursing career, my identity,  my means of survival, my dignity,  and  this lady lawyer is bitching about the way  im dressed!    I don’t even remember what my lawyer said to the nursing board.   I just remember looking down I felt  so ashamed.   I couldn’t look up but I could feel the  room full of people and nursing students staring  at me and judging me.  I just wanted  to crawl away. Besides probation comes stipulations.  Mine were:  I could not work travel, or registry, or home health,  I could not work nights.  I had to take a 3 month RN refresher course,  pharmacy class, and psych evaluation.  I had to work as a RN on probation for 2 years before I could get off  probation. I was then told  to turn in my nursing license to get stamped PROBATION.   I looked at it and I thought who in the hell is gonna  want to hire me  with probation stamped clear  across my nursing license?   I felt degraded and humiliated.  How can I face any employer? They might as well have stamped probation  right across my forehead. When my boss found out I was put on probation she fired me saying  since I was not a nurse in good standing  not only was I fired I would be denied  receiving unemployment  benefits.   I had to go to court to  fight for unemployment.  I didn’t have a lawyer and I didn’t understand the legal terms but some how I won. No one would hire me not even the nursing home nobody wanted to work in.  To be rejected over and over again was more than I could bear.  Rejection is even harder to face if you are a nurse  who thinks  being  a nurse defines who you are.  So for the next 8 years I just wondered aimlessly.  I was in limbo.  I became a  eccentric recluse.  I wouldn’t even check my mail for fear I would get  a letter from the ASBN adding another charge to my license.   To this day I still have that same fear. Since I could not find a job as a RN the nursing board would not take me off probation even though I  had been on probation for 8 years. After 8 years a  nurse that  I  knew   moved to my town.  She offered me a job.  I was so happy!!!   I thought this is my lucky break, I was so excited but this lucky break turned out to be a disaster…….To be continued

    • Rob 6:45 am on October 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Nicely said . And very sad to end a 34 yr career like this . Many will read this and empathize , but not one from the jaded board members . Carolyn JO McCormies was a part of this, but grand stands about “nurse incivility” . Not only two faced but forked tongued. Not at all prepared for this position , but look who appointed the stupid broad .


      • Carol is a Great Nurse ! 7:28 am on October 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        And just like in many cases the snake who was willing to do the dirty work for the board, the low life who is pretending to be , better then the rest of the nurses , who will rat one out , give the messed up board a statement, add a few exaggerations , she is out working as a ‘nurse’ . Although she was giving looks that kill to those who were speaking up for Carol. Threatening type looks. She got fired from YRMC, her husband and son went to prison, Went to S/w eye got fired there , and several agencies . THIS is the type the BON likes to team up with . This is the type they want, and can relate to . But are accusing nurses who go before the board they are not holding up that nurses are the ‘most trusted professions”.
        Have a traveler who is manipulative come into your work place , buddy up with the sick minded mgrs, , let them know they will do what ever to others , watch and write you up for basically nothing, and lose your career over these sociopaths , and then sit before a board who is further abusive, then tell Mark Kelly they just do not know why nurses are getting out !!!


        • empathizer 4:54 am on November 5, 2021 Permalink

          Carol is a good nurse . A strong person . Working at one hospital 34 years should give her some credit , and wonder how she made it that long . But because Yavapai Regional wanted to weed out the ones at the top of the pay scale. A real snake nurse willing to watch and report was after several of them . Some got out unscathed. Now compare Carol’s exit her name smeared, her reputation , and abuse by the AZ BON to another employee Selina Bliss , worked at Yrmc Prescott 35 years PART TIME. Worked in the Er but they did not want part timers so she went to a floor part time . BUT she was a nursing instructor and member of AZNA , and later President , ran for office but was not voted in by the public. Supported by AZNA financially . Selena knew exactly what happened with Carol at YRMC , but it was after how the BON handled it , no one cares , supports her and follows up , they think it won’t happen to them . To speak for someone in this position most likely would not do any good in front of a closed minded , dictator board . But it would have helped Carol so much . Unless you are fighting for your license before a dirty BON, you have no idea how painful it is, how devastating to not only lose a long term job and be fired , over and over because of the BON complaint . And then have your license on the line. Many nurses asked Selina to step up to the plate and find out what this corrupt AZ BON is up to . Not a word . Nothing changed . In a position to make a difference , make things right, but instead is siding with the political hacks. It’s all about them .
          Carol is supported by true friends, she has nothing to be ashamed of , a strong person she is been abused and shamed by a Corrupt board . Who works with hospitals, to do people in . Where is a nursing organization that helps nurses , really helps other nurses?
          Everyone has their dirt and Selina and Lassie are no exception . The BON would post it all on line, this is how I have seen them operate . to many good nurses . IF they don’t like this; they surely would not like what the BON prints ! What kind of a nurse would stand by and allow this to happen to any nurse? Oh yea lots of false friends who are using her for their agenda fake friends kudos here and there.
          Compare how the long careers ended .
          Both worked same hospital , same number of years , sad the ones who have the power to make change but just ignore requests to get involved. It is all self serving .
          Besides the false friends others will remember you , but not in a congratulations way.


    • Blessed with His peace 2:01 pm on November 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      This board will take false allegations and consider them as absolute truths. They will search high and low in and outside of healthcare and patient care arenas to find anyone willing to speak unfavorable things of the nurse to somehow discredit and devalue the nurse. There is no due process..you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. Your licensed is emergently suspended in the name of public safety (based off allegations and heresay). You are too unsafe to treat patients, but not too unsafe to represent yourself legally. You are given a consent agreement full of twisted versions of the real truth and told you have 3 days to admit to and sign their version of trumped up wrong doings, without legal counsel, and under extreme duress. The board is extremely corrupt and sick. Get out of nursing before you even deal with them ( the devil)..its not worth your soul or integrity.
      Unfortunately, I signed because I was told by this evil, punitive board that it was my ONLY way back to licensure. Shame on them. I won’t give any of those old satanic hags the benefit of knowing any hurt or pain I may or may not have endured. I walked away, held my head high knowing the truth, knowing God sees all, knows all, and will dish out His wrath accordingly.
      I have found many more interesting and fulfilling ways to spend my life, so perhaps a blessing in disguise.
      To know how miserable each of their lives must be since each is willing to bear false witness, go after nurses with malicious intentions and destroy others’ lives and livelihoods in such dirty and threatening ways. Also, if anyone has to answer to the azbn, then they are automatically ordered to pay for their own psych eval. The board members then work with that author on what to include in their final report so they can somehow seem justified in demanding a ridiculous recipe the nurse must follow (and pay$$$ dearly for) to be rehabilitated enough to go forth and practice with a scarlet letter and with the label “on probation “.
      Everyone will face God on judgement day and have to answer for their life actions, and may God have mercy on their souls.


      • anonymouse 8:37 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        EXCELLENT ! You have described what has happened to a number of nurses ! A huge number, so to those who think it wont happen to them , good luck ! and to those who think”there must be more to it , stop judging , and THINK for a change !


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 9:24 am on October 25, 2021 Permalink  

    National Nursing Advocacy Alliance 

    It’s fairly common for nurse advocacy organizations to promote patient quality care as their primary mission stated is often related directly to patient issues of care. A nurse in today’s market place can get into political hot water for being Dudley DoRight as often enough financial anchors keep bad health practices from floating to the surface of view. It’s that hot water NNAA wants to put under the big light and protect nurses from being abused for being good nurses. This helps the nurse to do a better job for patients. This organization will grow extensively in the near future.


    • former mo 8:05 am on October 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      LOL !! Vallow the crazy mormon from AZ kills her kids , then blames a hospital worker for tell her to contact the Mormons in Utah for legal help . (blame shifting ) . Do not advise your patient to get legal help , In AZ the BON would be ALL OVER THAT NURSE to protect one of their own !!! Can they get any more crazy ?


    • Mike 9:36 pm on October 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      might want to re think this one . Stand back and watch , First they want money to join , sounds like AZNA,since they are non profit– do fund raiser, get sponsors . Actually do something . They look like they are promoting Brnovich, and why is that ? Then looking for licensed nurses and certified nurse aides but are supposedly are going to have a ‘talk ‘ with those who are making all these regulations, and looking for licensed nurses. Like the ones who licenses were acted on , by retaliation are the ones who know exactly how the board rakes nurses over the coals. Sounds like a lot of ‘talking ‘ hot air .


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 4:42 am on November 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        The significance for point of our interests is its Az origins. All cases in study are Az. AZBN


        • Jared 7:24 am on November 1, 2021 Permalink

          No doubt , Jokey was told she is on thin ice . She won’t skate to retirement . She’s dirty . They want you to go to them and not make it public . Don’t cave or roll over. No surprise at all that AZ was origin, since the AZ BON is the MOST CORRUPT AGENCY of all. Many people do not know by reading the real problems .
          And people at NCSBN have all drank the kook aid, talk to a wooden fence will get you further .


        • ZERO Questions 7:43 am on November 1, 2021 Permalink

          Many have tried face to face , people with higher degrees that mean something legally , NOT phd in nursing either ! , Maryann ALexander , NCSBN your right like talking to a wooden fence . Boards of Nursing do not have to follow what they say, or suggest .
          Or the ALJ , which means the Board is RESPONSIBLE for all their underhanded actions. Jokey wants the power , she’s responsible , but they will NOT even head in that direction. Watch, and see , SILENTLY . answer ZERO questions . Fishing .


        • R J 6:20 pm on November 1, 2021 Permalink

          Become an NNAA member starting on 11/1/21 for FREE! We are offering an exclusive deal to all licensed RN & certified NA till end of 2021!! This way you can try it out before you buy!
          {but yet are there to help those who lost their licenses by a scum nursing agency ? Yea charge the ones who aren’t working , can’t get a job in any field , and say your helping them. uh huh ! LPN”S aren’t included either it seems.
          Actually they sound like the board of nursing nut job carolyn mccormies, “we’re doing this for your own good, see you back here after your psych evaluation ” Yea , thanks . Basically , “don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining “.


      • JR 10:52 am on November 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        You got this ! “get sponsors ” . Which brings up a good point , why isn’t Robert Chelle doing SOMETHING to stop the abuse of power . Why isn’t David Williams , Doing something to introduce bills to help clients . Why isn’t David Klink , Kelly McDonald , James Weiler , Jason Barrat , Michael Zoldan, Flynn Carey, Brenton Barber, Sara Stark, Michael Goldberg, Kathleen Lambert. Scott King and others
        They are making money off nurses to help them . Why can’t they get the playing field level? put that in their bio that is the atty I would go to if needed legal assistance.
        Is every lawyer a money hungry greedy freak , or just Sunita Krishna and Eliz Campbell .


      • P 8:34 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Well maybe you should try it out. Right out of the gate you discredit and point fingers at this organization. Maybe you should join and see where YOU CAN HELP. It’s easy sitting back and being the critique and not doing a thing about it!


      • P 9:00 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        I think that’s the pot calling the kettle black! They do not support the AG but I am sure they will have to have discussions with the AG to solve issues. You cannot accomplish anything by shooting others down you have to work together.


      • P 10:20 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        I just went to the website and DO NOT SEE ANYWHERE where unjustly disciplined nurses cannot join? Looks like you need to revisit and actually read what they posted! If you have questions about membership why don’t you reach out to them and ask? To be honest “Mike” your list reads a lot like hot air!


    • Marie, RN 5:58 am on November 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      wonder if they are going to discourage managers from bullying people like UCLA . ? Hero’s being fired. They have worked in a war zone and now are being escorted out by those paid to assist in firing nurses. The same ‘mind set’ the Bd of nursing has . Nazi’s nancy’s . https://rumble.com/vobqr3-ucla-uses-nazi-tactics-to-publicly-shame-their-own-doctors-and-nurses-who-r.html?fbclid=IwAR2w1tqFYXvRPWrnJgdmpeUg-pyjWGeHObEj_mN7LKHyW81tHp32R-o83uY


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:13 am on November 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Thks for posting


      • J D F , RN 8:14 am on November 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        same people who bad mouth nurses sticking up for medical freedom are the ones to avoid. They would kick a military vet hero in the back too . Hero’s one year zero’s next . Some people knew better than to trust this false flattery too . Now KUDOS to nursing students who are sticking up for medical freedom !
        2 nursing students sue over MCCCD vaccine requirement

        Alison Steinbach

        Arizona Republic USA TODAY NETWORK

        Two nursing students are suing Maricopa Community Colleges over a requirement they get vaccinated against COVID-19.

        Emily Thoms and Kamaleilani Moreno claim the community college district is violating their free exercise of religion by not helping them to graduate as scheduled or providing preferred accommodations since they are refusing to get vaccinated for religious reasons.

        Both students are getting their associate degrees in applied science in nursing, which makes them eligible to then apply for a registered nurse license.

        A federal judge heard arguments from both sides during a three-hour hearing Monday and is expected to rule this week on the students’ request the court bar the district from enforcing a vaccine requirement.

        Maricopa County Community College District, which graduates about 1,000 nurses a year, requires its students meet the strictest safety procedures of the clinical partners with whom they could be randomly matched.

        Some clinical partners are mandating vaccinations for anyone who works in their facilities.

        District officials argue the school itself does not have a vaccine mandate, but that students have to participate in hands-on medical rotations at places that may have vaccine requirements.

        This has become the sticking point between students declining the vaccine on religious grounds and the district saying it’s unable to switch their sites or allow online clinicals, meaning some can’t finish out their semester as scheduled.

        Attorneys for the district told the judge there’s no “irreparable harm” — no one is being forced to get vaccinated, kicked out of school or given a failing grade, but rather, at most, some will be slightly delayed in finishing the clinical part of their nursing program.

        But the students are not satisfied. “These students at every turn were given either no information, misinformation, threats, warnings, concerns about an F (failure) versus an I (incomplete), uncertainty about ever being able to get into clinicals,” their attorney Colleen Auer said during the hearing. “There are so many easy solutions available to the district to give these students what they paid for, what they deserve and what they’ve relied on for their future.”

        U.S. District Judge Steven Logan asked questions of attorneys from both sides and was expected to rule on the matter in the coming days.

        Issue over clinical placements

        Margi Schultz, director of the nursing program, testified that students who choose to withdraw are offered tuition refunds, or they can take an incomplete on the clinical portion and complete the rest of the semester, take the final exam and get their grade after finishing the clinical part during a future semester.

        The idea is that these students might be able to get matched with clinical partners that don’t require the vaccine or that allow religious exemptions next semester, but that it’s too late and difficult to make those changes this semester, according to the district.

        While the students suing asked for simulated clinical options, simulated clinic is not a good replacement for in-person experiences with real patients, district officials argued.

        “It is our responsibility to provide these students hands-on clinical so that they are competent when they graduate,” Schultz said. “There is no replacement for in-person, hands-on live clinical experience.”

        Thoms and Moreno are Christian and are opposed to the vaccines because they used “aborted fetus cell lines in their testing, development or production,” according to the lawsuit.

        Auer said students who are “unlucky souls” — matched with clinical providers that don’t allow vaccine exemptions — are facing the choice of sacrificing their religious beliefs or academic plans.

        Both students are in their fourth and final semesters of the nursing program at Mesa Community College. They were randomly assigned to a few shifts at Mayo Clinic, which Maricopa Community Colleges says does not allow for religious exemptions.

        Thoms and Moreno submitted accommodation forms with the district, but administrators told them they could not make accommodations to allow them to finish the clinical requirements without “undue hardship” on the district.

        The district also could not switch them to clinical locations that do not require vaccinations or that could give them a religious accommodation. Clinical placements have been limited this year because of the ongoing pandemic, with fewer facilities participating and a 15% reduction in spots for Maricopa Community Colleges nursing students from prior years, per the district.

        “The fact that they want to not allow me to continue my education when I only have three clinical shifts left is just detrimental to me,” Moreno said during the hearing.

        Auer said the district is depriving students of their educational rights and the program they paid for, worked for and expected to graduate from in December. It’s a “big if ” whether clinical spots will be available for these students next semester, she said.

        But attorneys for Maricopa Community Colleges argued that the students’ real grievance is with the vaccination requirements adopted by clinical partners, as the district itself has no vaccine mandate.

        Departures from nursing program

        Thoms and Moreno are still in the nursing program, but a handful of other students have already withdrawn.

        As of Oct. 19, 31 nursing students had left the program because of the vaccine requirement from clinical partners, administrators told the district’s governing board at a work session meeting.

        Sylvia Glynn, brought by Auer to testify, was in her last semester of the nursing program but quit after the requirement she get vaccinated. She, too, opposed the vaccine on religious grounds.

        “I’ve had to put my whole life on hold,” Glynn said, explaining how withdrawing from the program has impacted her financial, family and life plans.

        Another student, Claire Bellam, said she has months of in-person experience in hospitals, including in COVID-19 units, but is now stuck with four clinical shifts she may not be able to do, having applied for a religious accommodation to Mayo Clinic’s vaccine mandate and gotten denied.

        “These students are customers of a school, they paid for a service, they paid for an educational program, and they paid dearly for that program,” Auer said.

        “They complied with their end of the bargain, they fulfilled all the academic requirements, and the school as the service provider, their job is to help these students get through their programs and graduate on time.”

        Maricopa Community Colleges’ attorneys told the judge Auer did not meet the high bar needed for injunctive relief from a court, and that the students are not facing “irreparable injury” if they have to delay their clinical sessions by a few months.

        Reach the reporter at Alison.Steinbach@arizona republic.com or at 602-444-4282.

        “These students at every turn were given either no information, misinformation, threats, warnings, concerns about an F (failure) versus an I (incomplete), uncertainty about ever being able to get into clinicals … There are so many easy solutions available to the district to give these students what they paid for, what they deserve and what they’ve relied on for their future.”

        Colleen Auer, JD Students’ lawyer


    • NP 9:56 am on November 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      WOW licensed nurses certified aides ?? looks like a private session to keep the ones who really know what is going on away from the new crowd they want to control. Like they are going to “professionally talk and makes changes” . Just as we figured. Spin off AZNA .
      Help is needed for the Carol Schaeffer’s who can’t even be a volunteer at nurses funerals . Although losing a license is much like a death .
      Wonder what attorney they have retained , be interested to know. As far as helping those railroaded by BON, but not allowing them to join , is telling .


      • ACTNOW NURSE 4:09 pm on November 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        I suppose all of these nurses are throw away objects as well. Not worthy of anyone’s concern. IF nursing students only knew a small fraction of what can happen to their lives by getting a nursing license they would run as fast as they can to do ANYTHING else. No one listens because they don’t think it will happen to them . Senator Brown is introducing safe staffing laws as well . Why the board of nursing does not , but say over and over about protecting the public. Can’t have it both ways. Just shows you they are not for protecting any patients ! https://www.change.org/p/senator-sherrod-brown-modern-day-nurses-face-life-sentence-in-ohio?signed=true


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:22 am on November 3, 2021 Permalink

          Thks for posting!


        • No act 9:49 am on November 3, 2021 Permalink

          NNAA poses a question, people that are licensed nurses THINK they know, they do not know. And the ones who are a part of this will not give them full truth either . Using this platform to advertise themselves, but you cannot join them yourself w/o a license ? what’s the point ? A year from now we will ask what they accomplished to create bills and level the playing field.
          The lawyers know but prefer to work for the board , while the nurse is paying them to represent them . No attorney is going at them as a shark for the nurse , none of them . Sunita Krishna and Eliz Campbell and Emma Mamaluy suck up to them so they won’t go hard on them , just put on a poor acting skit .
          Nursing we at NNAA have a question for nurses. “”Are nurses aware of regulatory issues that affect their licensure? Do you truly understand what can happen to your nursing career when you get reported to a board of nursing?””


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 12:15 pm on November 3, 2021 Permalink

          You can call yourself retired rn… join that way, but a good point as I would think students should be considered


        • todd 9:24 am on November 4, 2021 Permalink

          HI Hairstyles . Students are allowed in the NNAA, and retired , ‘in good standing’ , nope let’s see how they “help’ nurses . Un rig the system . Self advancement is top shelf . Starting with their ‘president ‘ and former azna “president . AZNA gave $5200 to AZNA pres who was running to political office , and lost . She is bff with many board members . IF they want to do good organize UNIONS in hospitals ! “oh no they want to keep them out ! WHY??? great question.


      • Ms Nightingale 9:26 am on November 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        society (law makers as appointed by society) decides punishments for crimes. society is responsible for following through with identified punishment. if punishment is being abused it is society’s responsibility to respond to that abuse. period. abuse of power/taking advantage of a vulnerable population (and YES targeted nurses can be a vulnerable though not very sympathetic by other nurses ) is no better than offender not being held accountable….maybe worse…because this abuse of power is being carried out under the flag of the authority of society/the courts. If you can’t see this objectively, only with apparent retribution then ask yourself, what kind of society do I want? do i want to be a part that violates the very constitution i profess to honor? I would submit that if these allegations are true? Then who’s job is it to monitor this sanction? WHAT IS THEIR NAME? WHAT IS THEIR JOB TITLE? accountability is for more than just the greedy it is also for the complacent and ineffectual.


    • A bunch of phonies here 2:08 pm on November 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      What a joke of an agency. The members are so afraid of azbon retaliation they cannot even list out their full names. Instead hide behind initials. Like how could you trust anything about this alliance or the individuals making it up? If you have passion and integrity you WANT to stand up behind your organization, in full view and recognition for the outstanding work you’re doing…Cmon this is as shady as every satanic Mormon cult squad member at the azbn.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:49 pm on November 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        The wolf pack we just might need? Great post!


      • Helen 5:01 am on November 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Excellent . They can’t find a retired nurse who has some guts to speak up ? Guess they know how the corrupt az board of nursing operates ! RETALIATION NURSING BOARD AND AGENCY


      • P 8:55 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Did you ever think perhaps they didn’t list last names for public safety? Hmm did that ever enter your thoughts? You should certainly understand when people put their names out there, they are concerned with OTHER people perhaps violating their privacy. Thinking it’s being “scared” of the board is someone who is NOT critically thinking as the organization was created to stop the abuse.


    • students against BON we're not stupid 8:47 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Time will tell . test the waters .


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:01 am on October 17, 2021 Permalink
    Tags: AZAG.GOV   

    The bubonic plagues of old can be dug up and define that its existence remained virile all while living on the coats of slime. This bug has shields and is an expert on free travel on.the backs of others. Its spite of its own blood borne power took 100% of all invaded victims. Public knowledge of its modes of slime is what stopped it. Join holding the light.

    • Hairstyles 9:40 am on October 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply

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      • Hilary 3:47 pm on October 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Yes , a good job and is read in many states and many circles .


      • Hairstyled too 9:53 am on November 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks Hairstyles,
        We know what will happen to the travel assignments , they will dump more patients on you . IN Mass and Ny , Ohio, MI , NEB where strikes are happening, people with fractured hips waiting in ambulances for hours . Guess the national guard can’t take the place of nurses . LOL ! cheap labor, and cheap staff to cause this . !


    • Hairstyles 12:06 pm on October 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Spot on with this write-up, I truly suppose this web site needs far more consideration. I抣l in all probability be again to read way more, thanks for that info.


    • FNP 5:56 pm on October 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Racism, is alive and well at the corrupt board of nursing . They are putting on a ‘show’ , with members of color on there . IT won’t last , they hate them deep down , about as much as they hate gays. Raised to be that way . Remember Auditor Gen in AZ run by Davenport ? another mo mo well the same name is in the news . Davenport said “god made me do it ,” she had a vision a calling’ to put children in juvenile prisons ? Mostly blacks. A money maker. a group of girls ages 8 or so, watched boys fighting , the girls were all arrested for not breaking it up . handcuffed and put in this Judge Davenports jail for a crime that doesn’t exist . Just like AZBON does , punishment with no crime no violation just using the taxpayers money to over power .
      (BTW Kathy SCOTT is back at the board, in another area , another mo mo) . “bad” people , if they are people !

      Black Children Were Jailed for a Crime That Doesn’t Exist. Almost Nothing Happened to the Adults in Charge.
      Judge Donna Scott Davenport oversees a juvenile justice system in Rutherford County, Tennessee, with a staggering history of jailing children. She said kids must face consequences, which rarely seem to apply to her or the other adults in charge.
      by Meribah Knight, Nashville Public Radio, and Ken Armstrong, ProPublica


    • Fashion Styles 8:05 am on October 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks on your marvelous posting! I certainly enjoyed reading it, you’re a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and may come back in the future. I want to encourage continue your great job, have a nice holiday weekend!


    • S Z 8:48 am on October 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Stop Signing those Consent Agreements ! Take them to court ! Probation’s of 3 years , making money off your back . Plea “deals” AKA Consent Agreements , are finely crafted contracts from decades of corrupt writers, that are tighter than any other, and include several sections getting the defendant to relinquish any and all rights as well as comprehension that they fully understand that and they lose all rights to a trial and appeal, if they find out later they have been duped by the state/ the BON , and their lawyer. They will not tell you this. Like any sales shakedown, they accentuate the positive without revealing the negative.


      • PHD 8:54 am on October 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Notice during board meetings when they say “we have a signed consent agreement ” . They jump on it to vote to accept it . Oh yes they know they got their asses covered , high and low and wide . Many did not know they can add to it , and require many many things . No end ! Once they own you and have control . Does 12 month probation mean 12 months ? Does 36 months probation , say if you can’t find an employer to hire you , that is ok or do they just move on to revoke . Did you lawyer tell you , you can’t appeal ? They try this when they have put pressure on you from all angles . DONT SIGN THOSE CONSENT AGREEMENTS !


        • AZ ! 9:49 am on October 19, 2021 Permalink

          Anyone see the video of Brnobitch numnuts ? a good laugh ! Although Bruce Lee cried in his grave , watching his antics . Some comments , about his ‘performance’ besides WTF, and “is this our AG?” this one particularly interesting : Best comment :

          “”Guys who brandish those things
          tend to focus on not hitting
          themselves. So, when they
          swing to the back, just push
          em really hard on the chest.
          It’s almost like cow tipping.
          The difference is that I have
          empathy for cows.””



        • Small World . . 7:04 am on October 26, 2021 Permalink

          It’s a small world. Imagine working in long term care , during dining room lunch and one older lady , you never dreamed was a nurse’s mother . Or would have a clue what was really going on , started talking about the az board of nursing , and her observation of what happened to her daughter . Then she mentioned the president of the bd Carolyn McCormies, (by name!) and said she is : “Abusive and elusive. Just enough charm towards those who keep her in power; abusive and toxic enough to ruin a number of careers, and sly enough not to get caught yet. “Yet” being the key word.
          Uses God as a mask. Vicious chameleon. ”
          You want to fall out of your chair ! Wow ! Like OMG , she nailed it !


      • Nurse paralegal statement 10:59 am on October 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Funny , when my lawyer ‘s paralegal who handled my case asking about and referred to the name JOEY , as a male , young male juvenile, when he was told the real situation , his reply : Alot of people who do dirt use nick names, and actually get upset if you use their real name, prisons are one place where the nick name thing is all too common, and sometimes the guys have two nick names besides his real name… alias in a way . They go by the nick names so when they do dirt to somebody, that injured person doesn’t know their real name… it allows then to escape responsibility/accountability for their actions and get away with doing others wrong… It hides The illegal and criminal actions they do….. In this case, yes, they feel they have to use their nick names!!! However there is the innocent person who was called a nick name like joey when she was a kid and she likes it, but to hold on to such a kids name in her mid or late life yes is very unusual indeed…. And I can’t think of any logical reason why a person would want to hold onto their childhood nick name when they are in the fall of life… Doesn’t make sense, UNLESS, its to evade the wrongs she causes others…. to lessen her liabilities..tries to hide the court cases filed against her and WILLIAM , In JR’s case, I firmly believe she uses her nick name to evade her wrong she inflicts on others/reduce her liability… Slimy Person….

        Oh don’t we know what a slime “joey ” aka JO’ AKA JOKEY !


    • Fashion Styles 10:27 am on October 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Hello there, You have done an incredible job. I will certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this site.


    • refused too many icu patients 4:45 pm on October 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      As I sat today during my deposition for my case against HCA, I couldn’t help but think about the thousands of nurses feeling helpless at the bedside. Except for an isolated few, we choose this job because we care. We care for humans coming to us in their most vulnerable time. Often we are not equipped with enough nurses to provide the care needed. We are forced to believe “doing our best and pray for no one to die” is acceptable. It’s not. We support professional organizations, unions, and politicians hoping for change. Promises are all we get. Hushed into silence, we remain quiet. The fear of retaliation we have is real. Just like holding the hand of a dying patient fighting back tears, we go to work each day with our bravest face on. The inner strength keeps us going because our patients need us. We live in the richest country in the world, yet beg for help as though we are an underdeveloped nation. What would Florence think? This bedside is not what I signed up for. Some (not all) hospitals thrive off of our giving nature. They use us until we have little of our soul remaining. They count on us to cower in defeat. I can’t, I shouldn’t, I won’t give in.


      • SAD 4 U 5:00 pm on October 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Then this crazy board of nursing is nit picking because a hospice nurse did not read the entire chart and inform the spouse that the form has to be signed and checked off only one way. other wise medicare won’t pay. And Bd member MANN thinks that this was ‘cold’ in hospice we need to be more caring and of course she is an expert because she worked hospice. Was she caring to a nurse who did the best she could ? Who has time to read the entire Fking chart, maybe case mgt , but then this would not be before the BON, they are considered mgt . But this was case mgt job to focus on the after care , directions are carried out . Has anyone of these who can sit on their butts and tear apart a chart and take the time to scrutinize every word , ever told a patient , if you leave ama your entire visit may be denied reimbursement . ? Happens all the time . If you can’t think of a good reason to give a DOC and if you can’t think of how to write it , and if you can’t think of what your trying to get across and that “it just doesn’t set right ” in not a reason . You sound more incompetent then i do . Imagine doing this in the patient setting !! Phones ringing, interruptions, medication times , routes checking allergies, amount, double checking insulin. well you got your DOC, don’t break your arm Mann congratulating yourself, you just ruined someone record because some spouse wants to chew out someone’s ass and not even sure he knew what he was talking about. Give someone power of atty, guardianship and they think they have a argument . Then blame it on the dead women ‘would have wanted it “. Would she want you to ruin someone’s career ? Well maybe now she and you can RIP , and have the satisfaction that Mann got out of it . Sad for all of you .


    • Boards are obsolete 7:36 am on October 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      What is with these board members . They do not believe in the vaccine ? They are too lazy to drive to the board meeting ? They cannot properly see the nurse , the demeanor , and the nurse cannot see them . If you want o add to your resume ‘served on the az bon , what you think is a feather in your hat, then at least show up for the board meeting . One person wrote what slobs the board members are ,they may or may not be who knows . But they sure have no manners , not speaking into the mic , and having to be reminded , EXCEPT when they are coughing , are they that stupid now to cover the mic ? no manners OR is it meant to be heard by other members of the board , signaling each with , with pre arranged coughing , clearing the throat which boyer please get a ENT and get checked out you are abnormally clearing the throat in excess, sinus problems or signaling others . IF anyone hasn’t attended one of these board meetings , they are run by amateurs for sure . lots of time on those too lasy to get dressed and be on time , can you hear us , If you can’t go this 6 times a year, then your not serving anyone but yourselves.


    • AZ last in everything . 8:31 pm on October 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      well Grant Woods died , former A G of AZ , during the 90’s so that means him and Jokey had a shared prosecute (selectively ) mentality . like in “any nurse you want prosecuted , we aim to please and we never lose , cause the ALJ”s know that they must side with us or they won’t be working at oah long “. Yes nurses your director in charge has been running a corrupt outfit for a long time, too long . Grant Woods, a mormon republican turned democrat . Geez these mormons (Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney, Kirsten Sinema get elected as Republicans then flip on their supporters , elected democrat they turn Republican, elected Republican they turn democrat . They just cannot stand to have someone like Trump flaunt it. Stay humble , conservative, and dress like a 17th century munk . While only taking care of another mormon , always and never put anyone else first . They think they are the only ones , the only ones who should rule others , judge others and everyone should do and be like them . STOP ELECTING these dirty dudes in ANY capacity !


    • LNA 5:45 pm on October 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      PHOENIX CHILDREN”S is getting sued ! LOL !! Sending out employees names on a “list’ to everyone . This was NO MISTAKE !!! Don’t believe it ! Purposely trying the shame and blame technique , amongst their peers . This is the technique the dirty gurdies at the board of nursing use . PHC has some real strange mgt there too . Don’t forget when an excellent RN-NP was doing a great job as a NP, UNTIL PHX CHILDREN”S Drs went to their mgt and reported her for criminal reasons . ! Arrested on charges that did not hold up ,they had to drop them. And nasty BON who does not focus on the complaint but instead goes on a witch hunt . To assist hospitals !! (like they can’t get ANYONE on charting ) . Makes complete sense that Jokey’s Ridenours Daughter works at PHX Childrens hospital , she would fit in for sure with their ways if she is anything like her unethical mother . STACY J Grohall, NP . Would it surprise anyone if it was her idea to turn her in ??? How would we know if STACY J Grohall , has a board complaint , (PCH would not turn her in , they want Jokey SR to partner with them , but a complaint by a parent ??? It would be swept right under the carpet . Janeen Dahn would bury it .


    • HK 6:37 pm on October 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for informing the public that a real advocacy organization like this National Nursing Advocacy Alliance is coming to help nurses!


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:28 am on October 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Don’t turn your back on anybody just yet, but it’s now legit on record and missions are centered on shielding nurses and aides.


        • H E 6:51 am on October 28, 2021 Permalink

          Clean house , completely , eradicate the ones at the board agency , only way to make change , of course AZNA is not interested in that because they are in bed with the ones there .
          Talking ! talk to a door !
          Advocating for the current board members is unconscionable. I’d like to say shame on these board members past and present , but instead I will be sure to celebrate and send praise to the heavens on your last earthly day.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:29 pm on October 28, 2021 Permalink

          Strong words!!


    • Susan D. RN 7:46 am on October 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Nice way of saying, “i will piss on your grave” , and not miss your soulless being, for all the pain and heartache you have inflicted on my friends . Who did NOTHING to deserve your constant punishment. So go ahead rejoice pointing out the smallest weakness, demanding your trust, while remaining indifferent to everything except your thirst for power. Power to order the lives of other nurses to console themselves for their own insufficiencies , and lack of humanity.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 11:47 am on October 14, 2021 Permalink  

    Women Against Women AZBN 

    The stats on Latino/Spanish population % in Az is better than 32% and nearly 50% in Maricopa County. This should dictate that some of those should work at Bd? You need an ethnic Geiger counter to find anything but 1-2 resembling that ethnic group. This racist fact is well confirmed by the peril results of many Latino nurses whom fall prey to this Bd as well as the do nothing Doucy Adm whose well known avoidance of monitoring the AZBN is well known to us. Well established milieu of avoidance of this devil’s den actually is easily understood by the, ‘hell has no fury’ mentality of learned scholars and politicians to give these poltical, wild, mean beasts a wide beam.

    My close connections with Bd facts and victims defines behaviors of jealousy, racism and multiple state vilolation; such as…The Latino nurse of 30 yrs. whose unjust disciplinary case is one of the curriculum publications can be viewed from the reality of envy. If you’re a Latino nurse who looks very good in inexpensive clothes being judged by a group of all but 1 white Bd member, who look horrible in expensive clothes, your future is very dim. It is about the body, not the clothes. Take a close look at the out of shape and overweight judges who truly are green with envy as they also know you can put monkeys in silk but still are monkeys.

    The h

    Innocent Cemetery

    • Mike Gardner 2:30 pm on October 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply


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      • the good ones 8:43 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        GARDNER ?? go back to the temple . not to be trusted !


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:53 am on October 10, 2021 Permalink  

    Prior nursing advocacy links posted here will not be reposted for 60 days. Applogies for deleted comments.

    • Sketchy 5:08 pm on October 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      What is this all about?
      Did the bon cancel you and this website?
      Is nursing advocacy no longer needed or relevant?


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:48 pm on October 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Quite the contrary…legal issues totally unrelated to azbn later…keep a low profile


      • Katelin 2:09 pm on October 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        “”Nearly half of Kaiser nurses consider leaving profession as contract deadline looms.”” Update: 10 day strike notice STRIKE NOTICE GIVEN , 96% signed to STRIKE !
        What is wrong with nurses in Arizona ? No Guts no glory and no wage increase or better conditions. Get rid of AZNA too, they would fight against a union , your only lifeline NO ONE ELSE IS FIGHTING FOR NURSES , and that includes AZNA especially !
        Oregon wont have to worry about firing them, or taking licenses , when you look at what they have to return to . AZNA has no clue, a bunch of mgt suck *sses , teaching nursing to those who don’t know they are old school and can’t teach them anything. But will take their money in nursing schools and keep pumping out newbies , who have no idea what the AZBON really operates .


      • IF you can copy just picture 3:39 pm on October 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        This link goes with copy of woman with plastic bag over her head, apparently this is hospital policy to do this if no mask . Caution! Emma “Drama queen lying cunt ” Mamaluy , narcisstic sociopath likes to put a real spin on these kinds of posts .
        This is a REAL and apparently common practice at an Odessa Texas hospital. They claim it is CDC approved “draping” for patients refusing to wear a mask. Problem is this 17 year old child has a mask on and looks to be completely compliant. A N95 would have sufficed. A face shield would have been sufficient and not risked asphyxiation from the plastic equipment bag. And, she does not have a pulse Ox on.
        I suggest this may well be criminal conduct. It is physical assault and over restraint. It must be a terrifying experience for the patient. Apparently, she was complaining of not being able to breath. We have asked to speak to hospital administration about this. This picture has been freely posted on social media and covered by the news. It would not be a HIPPA violation if posted by parents or those legally responsible for patient.
        Unapologetic Medical Center Continues Bagging Patients Amid Controversy
        So, I stated in a post yesterday that I had unfairly posted a story about a bag being placed on a ladies head without giving Medical Center Hospital the opportunity to look in to or defend the matter. Medical Center Hospital spoke to the girls family and stated that patient care was their top priority. They also stated that she was confused, exaggerated the situation and that they would continue to put bags over peoples heads as they felt that it was the best way to protect everyone concerned.
        The fact is the young lady had on a mask, a mid 80’s SAT level, couldn’t breath and they put a bag over her head. They put a nasal cannula on her but failed to hook the hose up to oxygen. She was in this state for about 30 minutes and repeatedly stated that she was struggling to breath. When her mother asked if this was necessary they told her it was protocol. The mother was under duress due to the condition of her daughter and did not feel she had time to shop for another place and believed that her daughters life depended on the people at MCH.
        Today I had an EMT reach out to me. As she told me her story she became very emotional and overwhelmed. She stated that it was one of the most inhumane things she has had to do in her job so far. She was called to Medical Center Hospital to transport an 80 year old patient back to the nursing home. She was handed a plastic bag that read, “equipment cover”, just like the one in the photo below and told to place it over the patients head. She said, “no way!” The nurse told her that if she did not place the bag over the patients head that she would be reported and not allowed to do the transport. Reluctantly she complied and got the elderly patient outdoors and removed the bag as quickly as she possibly could. She stated that this took roughly 7-10 minutes. She further stated that she found MCH’s statement to the press to be inaccurate. The patient was not hooked to oxygen and she had on a mask yet was required to have a bag placed over her head.
        Has anyone seen this, “draping” of Covid patients????


    • Fashion Styles 4:56 am on October 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      We are a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with valuable info to work on. You’ve done an impressive job and our whole community will be grateful to you.


      • Blessed with His peace 7:48 pm on October 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Info to work on?? Means nothing unless you are referring to dismantling this evil, corrupt, unjust board of Satan worshipping Mormon cultists. Oh, and bringing the guilty hags to justice with lengthy prison sentences and making right all the wrongs that were done. Hopefully your scheme will do more than the big nothing sunset review did…oh, and that was a big nothing. AZ government is chock full of corrupt officials and board members who are interested in nothing but power grabs, a paycheck, and getting reappointed. They have zero integrity ( they don’t do the right thing even when nobody is looking ) and have no conscience over their lies and extremely punitive discipline of some ( yeah, not all, only certain ones).

        But rest assured, God sees all, knows all, and will be the final judge over those who injustly persecute the innocent…I am to forgive them and pray they find Jesus and repent, so they may receive salvation and eternal life

        All I can say is ” God have mercy on them for they know not what they do”.


        • Keen 10:56 am on October 17, 2021 Permalink

          Looks like there is a new watchdog in town, MONIQUE K COUDY , from ag office . If Elizabeth Campbell thinks COUDY is there to watch open meeting violations or is in any way an expert in this area, she is dumber than she was given credit for . COUDY is watching all of them, NOTE : Mark Numnuts Bronovich is running for another power position and needs to get elected . Will he allow a female like unclean hands Campbell to muddy the waters ? She will learn she is as disposable as those nurses she just throws out like used material . Carrie Smith was nice to her , we’ll see what kind of a foundation that COUDY is made of .Baffled by Emma Mamaluy’s sucking up, ‘work together” or see through her fake front ?


      • Ron 9:43 am on October 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        yes the corrupt arizona board of nursing has a way of getting others to ‘act’ . intimidation, scare tactics. never waiver never roll over on any one, keep them in the dark like they have nurses for years . Answer nothing . Sites mission is to expose AZ BON corruption , bias, and put anyone’s experience out there . Much to Joke Ridenour’s dismay ! She is on thin ice, but a real dirty dame.


        • IF you can copy just picture 3:35 pm on October 19, 2021 Permalink

        • NuR 10:43 am on October 20, 2021 Permalink

          Another out of state case, obvious because the AZ BON would NEVER admit wrong doing NEVER . And they just cannot seem to recognize retaliation, need higher i q on the BD!
          I was employed by a health organization to provide services to clients for assistance with well being, reducing stress, and improving resilience. Subsequently they hired a NP as their medical director who immediately had an issue with me personally and with what I was doing. I repeatedly tried to engage her and she refused. Ultimately, she notified the board and accused me of diagnosing, which was a lie (I was somehow a threat to her, her authority, and this was an act of malice. She actually implied that I worked under her license). As soon as I became aware that she called the board (it came from her mouth) I immediately resigned. I live in one of those right to work states so I was able to do that without notice. I went on a practice call with the board and said NP. A week later I received a cease and desist, and a summons to a board hearing to defend my license and tell them why they shouldn’t proceed with revocation.. What I was doing was in the SOP in the state, for a RN without an advanced practice license. Between the time of the practice call and the day I received the summons, they had arbitrarily changed the scope, restricting what I was doing, without notifying me or making a formal addendum to the SOP. This left me outside the SOP for a period of 14 days. They also reported me to Nursys and the national database without due process. There were multiple similar areas cited in my request for reconsideration showing lack of good faith. Two weeks after I submitted the letter, I received a letter from the board retracting everything and telling me I was free to resume what I was doing. No restrictions on my license. It’s just evidence of what they will stoop to. When I consulted an attorney specializing in board issues he informed me that “You can’t sue the sovereign.” That is a quote. I wasn’t sure why I needed to sue anyone when they had clearly violated their own rules.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:23 pm on October 20, 2021 Permalink

          Illegal…so sorry thks for listing actions of unnecessary involvement.


        • Ex marine 12:06 pm on October 21, 2021 Permalink

          maybe this is why this site is up , “don’t mess around” with law breakers . and pussy mormons.


      • Ms Ohio 12:16 pm on October 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        This site is getting well known. A book review on amazon , tells they bought the OR book but the corrupt board of nursing blocked it. and quoted “AZ STATE BOARD OF NURSING BOARD WATCHDOGS ” just thought i’d let you guys and gals know since i don’t live there. Here is link class
        2 reviews
        Verified Purchase
        Er to OR , good outline
        well laid out. Rns going to the Or should benefit from this . I took the class but the AZBN made it impossible ARIZONA STATE BOARD OF NURSING CORRUPTION WATCHDOGS
        Verified Purchase
        I have not used this book yet. My classes do not start until January
        It will most likely be a great learning tool once I start using it for my Surgical Tech class studies.


      • IF you can copy just picture 3:35 pm on October 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

    • Megan 9:50 am on October 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      sounds like another case of taking a license , making working in the OR impossible , working anywhere using your degree . yes the AZ BON is one big cess pool , shit rolls down hill. starting with jokey, fire the bitch, then Janeen Dahn , and Cindy Mand , want to put initials out there but resort to be low life gossipers and liars !


    • G. t 1:50 pm on October 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Another new member of AZ State Board of Watchdogs, Monique K Coady , if appears she is there to have her eye on ELIZABETH CAMPBELL , both aag’s . IF Campbell doesn’t see the hand writing on the wall she never will . It is ASTONDING how she thinks she will get away with her antics forever !


    • UH ! 10:17 am on October 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Here is the one in charge of his employees , what happens under his watch he is responsible for that includes incompetent dirty dog ELIZABETH CAMPBELL ,


    • NuRseY34 10:41 am on October 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      hopefully Coady will be watching mamaluy’s nasty tricks . Her and Joey Ridenour need the BOOT ! .


    • We see it 3:38 pm on October 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      oh yes you can see this when that 4 eyed goon Randy Quinn or is it Randi Queer Odd Ball , smart mouth , thinks he can talk to women , and run a board of stupid women in a female dominated career . Thanks Harris , you dirty lobbying lawyer who got pulled , and no more lobbyists for the board. Now he’s over at BEUS” law school , setting up friends to be judges. the dirt of AZ ! These mormons only take care of themselves, a business model cult for creeps.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:31 am on October 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Cab I be one to know one??


        • students against BON we're not stupid 8:46 am on November 6, 2021 Permalink

          know this the BON is back using lobby liars like Harris , JOKEY RIDENOUR IS DESPERATE !!!


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