Unprofessional Behavior AZBN

Many nurse comments here define that Boards should have a more categories to assist nurses in corrective behavior that doesn’t take their lives. We need help here.


To anonymously prophesize with the pen gives rise to many questions when the content seems not only accurate but targets unethical activities by governmental agencies. Articles and comments here have been almost totally anonymous which in spite of its apparent passions from posters still lacks the credibility needed in today’s world of ‘fake news’ to accurately focus in on the wasted activities of many regulatory agencies and give believability to content. We have many nurse stories of failure in their careers from civil and domestic activities and behaviors completely unrelated to clinical nursing. Not even to mention the spin the bottle routine of the useless psychological evaluation knee jerk response of an over regulated agency.

Writing credible content must be collaborated with evidence as well as the originator identifying responsibilities to promote a legal  course of action to sustain an attack for fraud and or slander. 

Sherry had asked us not to use her name, although her story posted here has little difficulty in identifying her as the victim of the AZBN malfeasance. Her story about the loss of her license remains the anchor for reform of government malfeasance. 

Tina was an advanced practice nurse who got socially involved with a newly licensed male nurse that spent 10 years as a police officer.  Steve Gonos was a bad police officer asked to leave police service for unethical actions. Now he is a nurse taking care of your young Johnny. Their relationship was not intimate, and had zip to do with nursing. Whatever fell apart between the two came to a head online with hurt feelings/threats by a fake web page. The AZBN seldom believes or identifies with nurses, and in this case offered Tina probationary status of her license. She, like many nurses, are subject to clinical probation for non clinical issues. Once you become a humane, dedicated nurse your drone abilities leave you and you become a target of the powerful agency which goes through enough staff in one year to staff a good size facility. That says a lot. The goal of the AZBN is to intimidate nurses into responses that the Board can additionally use against the nurse and eliminate them. This justifies themselves and with the help of prick AG Brnovich Colonel Custer stands a better chance at a walk than an honest nurse who had a bad day, out of the clinical area.

Although there are multiple cases of nurses, not unlike Tina’s case, the Board is so overwhelmed with regulatory responsibilities they must lie, manipulate and intimidate to stay abreast of their own legislature initiatives. However comma they DO NOT apply all the laws, which will hopefully reveal in the federal arena the footprints of corruption. 


“Protecting the Public” the Road To Reform AZBN

Petition is pointed at AZBNs’ over regulation and the pathetic presentations of corrupted charges against many nurses and nurses’ assistants. Be a part of the expose against agency over regulations.


As 2018 comes to a close the political arrangement made noteworthy in the  general public arena that reform in the regulatory agencies had success through the law makers and governor and was connected to protecting the public. Nurses being part of the public, and with the 2018 implementation of SB 1452 Chpt 191 revised statutes to not only regulate all health regulatory agencies who connect with a vulnerable public but with less witch hunt powers.  New laws restricting health boards’s powers by setting statute of limitations on prior licensees violations, term limits on board members as well as eliminating boards ability to file a compliant on its own motion. And more. As these are now laws, we can only expect the law to be followed. And if you believe that, I’ll tell you another one. Much has been documented in factual terms that represent the unnecessary, and in some cases illegal loss of nurses licenses where cause and effect for other catastrophic events has grossly broken the public’s’ image of the agencies. These documents are history & some are opined, and anonymity requested which tingles the fear nerve. In spite of injustice told they hide. Although many nurses have recently come forward with openness about their cases, many demanded anonymity. Key word is demanded?

Presently the Health Services Agencies have been centrally located on the Government Center near the state house. Getting all the agencies to abide by the new laws and adapt to the new environment maybe too much for them. A huge move. Getting evidence out of compounds surrounded by barbed evil won’t be easy. Thanks to so many who’ve come forward and created the avenue for reform through shear pain with no remorse.

All posts and comments are archived for further historical references. 

“Protecting The Public” AZBN

Help stop the madness sign petition for reform 


It hasn’t been too long since the azbn has moved downtown in the government center in an attempt to consolidate the regulatory agencies. A move which is evidently the creation of an administration wanting to reduce costs. Several new bills which deregulate the Board’s power have been signed by the governor. Protecting the public is a phrase so commonly heard at Board meetings as to say it over & over is believing it to be factual. You feel lucky today?

Security is seldom a concern of the honest, I’m not a terrorist and really don’t know anybody that is even close to that definition. You know how that goes. So at the new Board Home the entrance is guarded by armed guards with a personnel metal detector. You feel safe going into the building. Although you notice in the long line waiting for entrance @ 8 am people are emptying their pockets and putting personal items through scanner. The lady in front of you has a fairly large metal necklace and the next person has a metal belt; no bells or whistles sound. Another administrative convenience bypass to avoid big delays. You feel lucky today?

Protecting the public starts with the laws put out by the legislative structure. Getting the legislature to understand that their orders are ignored may not equate rapidly enough to protect anybody except azbn staff. One of the major goals of this group here is to get the word to the executive branch that the Board is ignoring their orders. Many nurse interviews focus around ‘self will run riot’ at azbn. The Board does whatever it wants and the so called public protection laws are manipulated for Board convenience. New revised statutes  are ignored. What law? There is no law, just Randy Quinn & Joey Ridenour’s law. 

Tracking the law on AZBN website is ineffective as listed revised statutes are not up to date. DO NOT assume statutes listed are the end all of current laws. There is an entire new bill missing. A bill many nurses and law makers & governor spent three years getting into law. These new orders are anti lynching orders which the Board & Attorney General IGNORE.

If your going through the weird process of the AZBN investigations. Read the new law and don’t share too much information.


Its a long read but could save your career. What is very apparent is the Bd has all the power within their Venue to do whatever they want irregardless of what the law is. Getting your case away from them & in another venue is your only hope in establishing the rule of law.

Join The Truth Keep Nancy Barto

The truth always surfaces; watch this video and have a clue. Whenever the dept. chair of all the agencies comes out and makes this statement, all nurses should pay attention and this is more related to N.P.s so you advanced practice types pay attenton a little more!


Trust yourself and stop the madness; Stand up and be heard. Nurses please sign petition promoting honesty.


To the one who saves a nurse, saves the world!

Nancy Barto is always in working for nurses. Lets Keep her there.




Government doesn’t create prosperity – you do.   But too much government can impede economic growth.  Low tax and regulatory environments attract investment, creating the jobs that enable families to thrive and provide stable state revenues for education, public safety and infrastructure.  Nancy’s record speaks for itself.

  • Arizona Free Enterprise Club – A+ 2017-2018 average
  • Arizona Technology Council 2018 endorsement
  • Americans for Prosperity “Friend of the Taxpayer”
  • National Federation of Independent Business’ 2016 “Guardian of Small Business” – More endorsements here
  • Her continued legislative grind to perfection those dangers threatening all health care providers. SB 1452 has many revised statutes to help shield providers from lynchings.

The Phone Call From Hell AZBN

Interview with an old nurse.

I first started nursing with not a lot of civilian experience as much of my prior medical experience was in the military. There is a big difference by way of who does the monitoring, but most important was the ability of military training to incorporate teams to work together. Civilian medicine was effective in team organization when working in the field but management was a total loss when it came to hands on bedside nursing. Be that as it may, I would frequently call nursing boards to get advice on issues I was unsure of which was generously given with pleasure. This was in the 1980s. By the 1990s I was clinically tuned up and my only connection with nursing boards was reading nurse practice acts which over the years grew like bamboo.  I once was given a warning by a nursing board for allegedly accessing computer info that I shouldn’t have.  Fifteen years later when I applied for Arizona nursing license the questionnaire asked about any disciplinary actions in other states. The list of choices for declaration didn’t list warning as a requirement. This was in 1998. In 2002 I get a notice that I needed to contact the AZBN at a designated time, they would call me between such and such a time.The phone call from hell was on time and from the start I knew the bitch was a bitch, whose tone reminded me of a drill sergeant; she asked me why I didn’t declare the disciplinary action 3 years earlier. I simply said the questionnaire never asked for warnings and it wasn’t a disciplinary action. To this day the bitch at the AZBN remains in the top ten, and number one, of the most stupidest conversations I’ve had anywhere in my long life.  She said, “Don’t be so arrogant and next time answer all the questions properly.” Tax payers money hard at idiocy. One of our fearless leaders.

Fight corruption and the crazy AZBN Please sign petition


The Best Defense AZBN

Lorie Brown is an experienced nurse attorney whom can give you some very good advice to prepare yourself if you need to appear before a nursing board.


Lorie Brown discusses the 5 Fatal Mistakes that Nurses make when they appear before the Nursing Board or talk to investigators without legal representation. The Fatal Mistakes include oversharing, not knowing how to object, what evidence you need to present, not knowing or understanding the ramifications of any settlement you agree to, and how to possibly mitigate discipline on your nursing license.

Much research and interviews with nurses in Arizona has made it fairly clear that Colonel Custer stands a better chance at a walk than a nurse with the AZBN.

The best one is the nurse whom upon calling the AZBN “Crazy” at a hearing is escorted out. The nurse immediately left Arizona and went back to his home state and started working there. He worked for two years before getting revoked by AZBN. Penna. put him on unrestricted probation and he was able to continue at the same job. Their over regulation has caused enormous delays and errors for the incompetent to lead the unwilling to do the unnecessary.

Help stopped the evil sign the petition.


Most Arizona residents don’t have a clue to the corruptors governing their lives. The attorney general is a liar. Being a crook is a job requirement.



Phoenix Fraud AG

If I know fraud, work with fraud, touch fraud and don’t say fraud then I am a fraud. You just entered ground zero of the Attny General’s office. Many here are well aware that these behaviors of lying and tampering with evidence and suborning perjury proves that evil exists and the devil is real. Its on the record and many know.

Wouldn’t consider signing an active petition if you know about nurse victimization? Like don’t be part of the fraud.

To the one who saves a nurse, you save the world.


Wasted Tax Payers Dollars.AZBN

A woman who spent her life dedicated to nursing and delivery of compassion to those in need, AKA Giah Cruz. The system used to eliminate her from delivering nursing care was and is corrupted by people with a bankrupted moral compass who’ve got little knowledge of active nursing and are ruling this nurse unfavorably out of pure political arrangements whose agenda is related to $$. This nurse was under the anonymous online persona of Giah Cruz instead of her real name Carol Schaeffer; trying to stay safe from the AZBN who is well established in filing motions on its on complaints about on line personas. So if you ladies are showing too much leg, or tell a pimp off==beware the AZBN will find a way of backstabbing you after laying down a welcome map.    

Some viewers may need to left click on video and click on speaker icon

The $$ Dreamworld of Nurse Management/ Kathy Malloch AZBN

Malloch, K

Petition about lying.


There is little or no doubt that the huge gap of professionalism and colegial respect is seldom bridged between the career bedside nurse and upper nurse management. As early as we can remember there have been political horrors between management and direct care nurses which remains continual as well as pervasive. Bedside nursing requires a constant flow of concerns that doesn’t wane away from the side of the patient. Management has a constant flow away from the bedside of the patient.

Management jobs have long been noted as more $$ with seemingly less physical work; bedside nursing requires you use your head as well as your body. The huge growth of nurse regulation seen in the 80s could easily be considered $$ generated when one considers the careers of that management when assessed against the value of U.S. health care compared to the rest of the world which is almost useless. 

The career of Kathy Malloch defines uselessness at a high cost. Nurse Malloch and her career spans 4 decades of achieving one academic success after another. The concept of authoring academia texts, and some are required by academic institutions, whose costs are simply outrageous, and represent some of the worst student reviews ever seen. There must be something in the water at the AZBN bubbler as when you listen to these Ta-Ta educated mouthpieces you get educated in just how many words can be used to say very little; and in some cases nothing. When you sit and listen to AZBN staff, and the likes of Kathy Malloch, it is so easy to see the horrors facing the governor trying to eliminate pissing money against the wall. Good luck mister governor. “Show me a rich politician, and I’ll show you a crook”, Abe Lincoln. He said that long before McCain flew around the countryside in one of Charles Keating’s private jets. How many millions did that cost the U.S. tax payer? But he was a great man, of course. How much does a nurse student pay for academic leadership instruction that doesn’t have a clue of what  the real world of nursing is about? 

Amazon Reviews;

worst book ever!! Hard to understand what she wants to say… going in circles , unnecessary ,fogy sentences…
12 people found this helpful

Couldn’t tell you what the book was about. Bought it for my graduate call and never even need to open it. Go figure. I guess they have to have a required book for each class.

The student reviews are on fire with displeasure for not only contents, but publishing woes or poor organization. In her early works Nighingale defines the need for specific individuality of each patient’s needs, most being different. The wordy world of Administrative paths, ‘one size fits all style’ , fails many.


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Link is petition identifying activities of AZBN felt to be perjurious and has caused many nurses to fall prey to collisions between hospital adm and Board to eliminate nurse activists. Please Sign



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It is important to grasp the confidentially issue when you contact any legal advice counselors trained to represent you. This organization is focusing on some modern day nursing challenges that all information is only for the union of only those in this legal unity. The organization networks with many in this unity for search of justice. `

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