Alicia Cardone

The nurse who left the profession shortly after completing at least a 7 year ride through the AZBON is worth publishing.

Alicia was initially from Calif. and moved to Az. in 1990. Attractive and ambitious she got her 2 yr R.N. AD from a local community college and began working at Western Arizona Regional Medical Ctr as a staff nurse in 1995. She was stable and diligent and wasn’t long before circulating the cardiac cath lab; a premier nursing position with good opportunity for learning and advancement. I first met Alicia there as I would often circulate and then having extra hands was common to have codes especially when the physician requested and or anticipated it. Seemed at that time there was quite a rash of resuscitation events, to which I was a very seasoned nurse at the time. Although Alicia was not a nurse for very long her emergent abilities were excellent. 

Alicia soon began working on her advanced practice degree and graduated to working in a clinic not far from where I first met her. Although I seldom worked with her I would sometimes see her visiting patients as an NP for a well known local physician, whom I personally knew as a womanizer. 

Early in 2004 Alicia was embroiled with the Nursing Board for a complaint allegedly improper narcotic prescribing to her husband to which the womanizing physician would not cover, although he had previously done so several times before. Alicia herself had pain management issues but had a legal prescription. Although fessing up to being an active alcoholic she had no impairment complaints, or any patient care issues. Oddly Alicias’ affair with the physician, yes that same physician, ended shortly before his complaint of which the Board revoked her licenses and certifications for 5 years. Her psychological testing results, as she told me was mislabeled and not recovered for six months. She went through all the rehab hoops, got back to a probationary status, and miraculously worked through it to get off probation and make it to good standing eight years later. She left the profession soon after claiming lies and stupidity and creeps through-out the entire system. The physician had long since left Bullhead City after destroying several other marriages and careers and nobody ever questioned his behavior.  The Alicia I knew was a fine nurse we lost because of a greedy physician. So never be sick in bed with a doctor. A career doomsday.

Alicia Cardone is not her real name as she requested her real name not be used as to avoid destroying her currant career.

Word Press Lives

In appreciation to the admin of word press for allowing nurses to vent their frustrations as well as get what they believe the truth to their community. Thanks again for the use of a super software program and if there is a way to be ahead of any curves please give us a call.

Having personal knowledge of the following case has created the concept in many that those who continue to pursue justice and integrity in nursing, via this case, are crazy and obsessed. The author has OKed its republishing and informs us it has circulated throughout Australia and Great Britain for many views.


A Rainy Day In Bullhead City/Senate Evidentuary Committee
Peary Brown·Saturday, April 9, 2016

The vetoing of SB1443 confirms what many health care workers have known for a long time, there are criminals, of all types, in our system. If you, as a young governor live long enough to use the Az health care system, as is now in place, you too, will eventually get harmed; or perhaps someone very close to you. Had you passed the SB1443 it would have, at least, reduced the horrible display of cronyism that simply harms & kills people. All you guys look good in your fancy clothes surrounded by the sweet looking assistants. I wonder how you’d look in a body bag lying in a cold hospital morgue. Its not a stretch. But I am sure that is what it will take before you get it.
There isn’t a lot of authorities, in this state of Az, that get information about what is happening to people in the field. You being one of the well respected law makers would be privy to things that happen in your Dept, State. So you’ve heard, “Just So You Know” before as it means that the information coming to you has little anticipation that justice, as we openly know it, will be served. The following is a post, on social media and I am sorry to say it is true.
Red; I did like your story. Alcohol & Drugs can destroy lives. Did you hear the one where the girl was told to drink water after being discharged from WARMC, in Bullhead City, Az. when the Dr put a 1X2″ hole in her esophsgus.? She now has a Tattoo near the massive scars from repair surgeries that says,”Welcome To Bullhead”. True Story.
I think the importance of this post defines what health care has become.

I am a retired R.N. of 40 yrs, started my nursing care in 1966 and served as a hospital corpsman for the marine corps. I was also a special forces diver. I served eight yrs. I spent 10 years, in Boston, getting my nursing education and was mentored by nurses who had shaken the hand of the great one. Back when nurses wrote social services consult orders and it was honored. If I come to a decision that something isn’t quite right, chances are I am right.
I came to Bullhead City, Az., in 1999, with a clean record and worked at the area hospitals of WARMC & Valley View Medical Ctr, both in Mohave Cty, Az.
My wife,had spinal surgery @ WARMC by Dr Isaac M. Thapedi. She was scheduled for her third redo in Oct of 09 for two previous failures. An upper endoscopy showed a 1X2″ perforation of her esophagus, although that finding was never mentioned. The case was cancelled and she was scheduled for an ENT consult, Dr Robert Wang, in Las Vegas in about ten days. Dr Wang requested a G-Tube with supplemental replacements. The patient, Karla Lee Davis was discharged home. At that time the mentioning of the perforation was a never event. Her discharge orders allowed her to drink clear fluids.
On, or about, the third day I began to notice changes in respiratory efficiency, skin color, mentation with an elevated core temperature. I called Dr Wangs’ office who said to either call 911 or bring her to his location ASAP. On the way to Las Vegas I needed to stop several times to help Karla breath. She was admitted to UMC Las Vegas and spent 3 Mos in ICU. To this day she has zero remembrance of the ride to Las Vehas. She survived after spending about three years in and out of surgeries, totaling 13 general anesthesia surgeries. Countless endoscopic procedures..
When Dr Wang made the perforation discovery he was not made aware of that until he initially did surgery to essentially place drains to reduce the swelling from the infection. The idea that the pt. was drinking fluids that carried oral microbes, the worst in the world, down the esophagus and ending up in the chest cavity was appalling. Although he only expressed that to the pt when he wanted to know why she was drinking fluids? “Because Dr Thapedi told me to” , was the answer he got.
Review of the medical record from WARMC made no mention, other than esophageal excoriation, of any perforation. Eventually a radiology report of the endoscopy performed that day by Dr Leroy Smith made the perforation clear by photos, as well as the notation that Dr Thapedi was aware of the perforation. Obtaining that evidence was done by James Bond.
Complaints to Barry Schneider, the then CEO of WARMC were ignored. Complaints to the medical board were dismissed. I was served with injunction orders after being fired for, they said, “Threatening the life of a physician”.
I was arrested for violation of that injunction order after allegedly contacting the hospital by USPS. I spent 40 days in Kingman jail and they found some marijuana after a search of my home. I’ve had prescriptions many times over, never tested positive and never accused of impairment.
The physician testified at an ADM Law Ct hearing, as did his much younger, well lacquered, very big breasted girl friend that I stalked them and threatened them. Beth A. Campbell was the prosecutor who changed evidence more times than a rattle snake sheds skin.
His testimony was never corroborated and I was never prosecuted by the police for any complaint he filed. He was awarded by Judge Jantzen of Kingman, Az., 85,000.00 for defame. If it walks like a duck. I surrendered my nursing license and you know what they can do with their probation. This is your system. Just So You Know. The documentation we talked about is in Trudys’ possession, and her anonymous location you already know about.

Degree of Censure For Largest Nursing School in Az Grand Canyon University

Although the dean of the GCU belittled the complaints of a parent of a nursing student, Melanie Logue (who has another name tag for all her degrees), the end results are that 25 out of 100 nursing students at GGU failed the national exam required before being registered in the state as a nurse. Melanie Logue hears the complaints and openly brushes it off as she, of course, is a AZBON member. No big deal, we want to discipline nurses like nurse Trujillo as no good deed goes unpunished. There are many more. The for profit university claims $1,300.00 annual lose per nursing student? AS Dean and Board member how much does Melanie Logue make? So when your sitting watching your wife drink water, not long after surgery, and you notice the water pouring out of her neck, later to develop a septic infection you’ll then get the connection on just where the money is counted. Or how about uncle Bernie treated for a fem;pop bypass and spends 10 extra days on life support for etoh withdrawal. Bernie doesn’t drink. You think these are made up? 30 years ago the U.S. was in the top ten rated health care systems in the world. In the industrialized world we are now not quite at the bottom, yet. Its called greed, and name tags addressing degrees with zero working knowledge. Its all about the money.

Melanies’ Delight Check this out.

Interviews From The Inside

Most nurses with disciplinary actions could probably review their cases and say,”Well, I just wish I had not done that, I just wish I had not said that.” Of course there are those experienced nurses who know the differences between nurse decisions and professional mismanagement which can lead them to AZBON actions. However comma the accuracy in recent times can not be understated by supposition coming strictly from the disciplined nurse. That would be halfheartedly expressing a biased view. And we agree here that that is what we’ve got here. What about the truth from the other side of the isle? Is it possible for a turncoat to tell us what really goes on behind the closed doors of the AZBON? Most of us already know but, it is nice to put it to print. 

If the legal counsel working for the AZBON leaves that position, and decides to move out of state, after serving only for a short time, it would be curious for some of us to know the inside movements of, perhaps, the Nurse Trujillo case. If counsel is upset with her former employer and is willing to speak off of the record and say the director pushed and pushed counsel to discipline Trujillo it demonstrates professional bias and leads one to sense civil rights violations? Like its the only case where complaints to the Ducey office merely spews out,”Get a civil rights lawyer?” Now we know precisely how Broadway Joe was able to get away with his evil ways for so long. A criminal organization with what kind of dress code??  

Elizabeth Boyer Welcome To AZBON


Many of us nurses here have all the same opinion that Bd members, at least the ones we communicate with are very very stressed and would conclude that although being openly just plain ‘mean’, it doesn’t agree with them. You will be exposed to cases that are definitely requiring immediate attention of regulation, but as one who has done lots of time in the field you know many have floated through the cracks; However comma you are now entering a field where political correctness is the most important decision you make, it doesn’t matter if the patients’ head fell off; the doctor said it was OK so its OK. Remember, the evil one is the unseen Valkyrie in the room.

Steve Gonos Ex-Cop Turned Nurse

We are not fully sure of what makes an inexperienced nurse think they can become a noteworthy person by bringing down another much more experienced nurse. Whomever would testify against a nurse for online threats because a failed relationship has additionally tainted their already pompous life, divorced abused wives,  tampering with evidence, forced out of police career and stalking a weaker individual for self serving pleasures becomes a concern for local Rangers. As one Ranger said, “Just can not believe a State Nursing Board would support this coward.”  As a former cop my guess is he’ll be carrying, however, when you meet a Ranger it is always too late. The epilogue is generally highlighted by an Ungodly Scream. Nagging doubts? Bring Sherri forward. 

After the rude little prick testified against the colleague who rejected him he stood outside the law court and leered at the now victim of his back stabbing ways. 

We the people wish to create a more perfect union. 


Arizona Reality of The Ducey Adm

The ability to get the ISP addresses on posts here is the great work of the WordPress Crew, Thanks Gang for a super job and promoting community information!!

I’ve got little knowledge of the following person who wrote this, except that it is electronically and socially spot on. Think twice about coming to Arizona and working as nurse. Especially think twice if you are a patient safety care advocate. Read this.

Well Well well did you get the Merry Christmas message from Ducey? he recognized first responders , not nurses, who work every holiday, grave yard shifts, and military. and thanks those that have had a significant meaningful impact on peoples lives.
I think many here can attest to that, significant impact : did the AZ BON / Attorney General’s office, / the ADMIN LAW court / crooked judges/ appellate court/ all have significant impact on your life this past year or YEARS?
Let me see, car repossessed, house in foreclosure, no money for food or gifts, no money for gas, loss of identity , career, family destroyed , friends lost they hate hearing the negative of the BON, gone from working productive , caring for sick and surgical patients to homelessness and wondering when a job will come along as it affects so much. Food stamps denied, electric shut off , threatening letters and foreclosure, had dog put down couldn’t afford the vet bill. Credit cards maxed . Selling anything of value to survive. Unemployment ran out. Yea we can say the AZ BON had an impact , meaningful., well we are such better people, all around, none of us could do the evil work that these people did . I would rather be in a pine box than to do something unworthy as they did . So Merry Christmas Ducey , we can take the high road, knowing that you are attempting to bring in ‘business ” to AZ , but ignoring the negative aspects of the state, things you have control over but choose not to . Lets hope that 2017 brings some justice once and for all and that people start to do their job and actually do some over sight .

Thank You R Parkman  Or whomever you are!!