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Avoiding personal information on evidence focusing is not always possible. These pages frequently report nurse failures and why.

The New Norm AZBN

In the 21st century the Border Patrol is a travel agency and nurses must fail lie detector test before licenses issued. Attitudes towards health care finally being prodded by 2022 reports of health care suicides at all time high, trumpeted throughout SM; and takes frequent tows through the center of nursing boards. Seldom is it…

Joey Ridenour

If you could un-invent something, what would it be? William Ridenour & Joey Ridenour All the right mixtures for the explosion in health care horrors that we now see.

Nurse Suicide Vapor Trail

In 2017 the stats on nurse suicide and or health care workers figures were less than half of what 2022 stats suggests. The term suggests is marginal accuracy as reports of professionals committing suicide is often clouded by social and cultural controls not seen on a death certificate. An assumed number of about 800 working…


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The picture in program not to avoid id but also tech stuff. I’m a retired R.N. and combat veteran that has investigated regulatory agencies and that are active in defending nurses from people like AZBN and other notorious malfeasance laden creeps nurses run into on their daily mission. I keep my group a distance from here b/c of security reasons, but can get spearchuckers of note when needed. Although we already have mountains of evidence we need to get ahead of their corruption, form will respond without name characters…xxx for security reasons works well. Stay Strong

Peary A. Brown retired R.N.; workplace violence takes many forms and is centered at the head of the snake.

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The MTGS in Phoenix of every other month r/t nurse regulations seems so much of a gathering of nurse scholars whose simply visual presence rating should demonstrate, at least, if coded during hearing you’d rapidly be resuscitated back to life quicker than if you coded downtown. CPR performers should be able to do this skill while victim on the floor. The pic of recent AZBN mtg may reveal for field nurses that bd members, particularly director Ridenour,would be highly questioned that successful and accurate cpr is not for the overweight and inflexible. Take a close look. Think: CRNA Richmond, the one the bd graciously cleared after two queer deaths and horrible airway management, and actually promoted his career by A.Fountain an AZBN member during her comments. If there is a bd R.N. capable of doing one person resuscitation they’re conclusively not here. You will die in a roomful of R.N.s who’ve fraudulently obtained certified cpr cards as there isn’t a single nurse that wouldn’t end up coding themselves during the event. Speculative comment for sure. You need to be in a reasonable solid state of physical strength to even be certified. If you think anyone of these R.N.s can save you then get your heads examined, or be kind and fill out Organ Donation app prior to hearing. Save another life, it just won’t your own.