‘Rino’ Administration

Most experienced nurses have a solid understanding what the term ‘confidentiality’ means in relation to patient privacy without needing a 10 week course in relating to what the general public has access to. It is relatively simple, or was before the massive governmental regulations bored itself down on every comma, period and sentence ever printed on health records.

What about the nurse who gets investigated by the AZBN and submits themself to evaluations by providers and pays for that evaluation themselves. Being of sound mind and body the future of those records are guarded from release to the public, most of the time, depending upon the politics of the case and, more importantly, what that nurse agrees to on a consent agreement. The access to those evaluations, even for the nurse who bought and paid for an evaluation, is blocked by the attorney general, violating federal law. Siting some rinky dink state law sponsored by AZBN. As many Arizonians now are aware of the overburdened government is overburdened by the overburdened government. That isn’t a typo. Rules, laws, laws,rules and the continued monster growth of a government is so far removed from the Goldwater foundations there isn’t enough sky up there to float another bond to pay for this overburdened monster.

Any consent agreement you sign for the AZBN is about protecting the faults and errors of the AZBN and the attorney generals’ office. This process has zero to do with protecting the public. However, it does not over ride Federal law for access to those who have paid for an evaluation and the record can ALWAYS be made available to that person. In the ‘Rino’ state of Arizona you’ll need to file suit to get your own records that you paid for.

The predictable response from the most predictable AAG

From: “Cindy Rollins” <dr.cindy.rollins@gmail.com>
To: “lynnreichle” <lynnreichle@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wed, May 16, 2018 at 7:06 PM
Dear Ms. Lynn Reichle,
Please read the email below from Elizabeth Campbell, Assistant Attorney General assigned to the Arizona Board of Nursing, regarding your request to obtain materials used in the psychological evaluation conducted in September of 2015 which was requested by the Arizona Board of Nursing.
Cindy Rollins, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist #4220

1680 Iron Spring Road, Suite 103 Prescott AZ 86305

(928) 458-5817              www.drcindyrollins.org

Confidentiality Notice: This e-mail message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information exempt from disclosure under applicable law. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by e-mail and destroy all copies of the original message and attachments.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Campbell, Elizabeth<Elizabeth.Campbell@azag.gov>
Date: Wed, May 16, 2018 at 12:20 PM
Subject: Lynn Reichle
To: “dr.cindy.rollins@gmail.com” <dr.cindy.rollins@gmail.com>
Cc: “vsmith@azbn.gov” <vsmith@azbn.gov>

Dr. Rollins,


As you know, I am one of the Assistant Attorney Generals who represents the Arizona Board of Nursing.  Although I do represent the Board, please note that I do not represent you and cannot provide you with legal advice.  I understand that Ms. Reichle has requested documents from you related to the evaluation that you performed on behalf of the Board in September 2015.


In connection with your evaluation of Ms. Reichle in September 2015, Board staff sent you documents from the Board’s investigative file.  Under ARS 32-1664(M) and (N), documents received and maintained by the Board as a result of its investigation are confidential.  Because you were acting as a consultant for the Board in performing the evaluation, documents provided by the Board remain confidential in your possession.  Specific items from the Board’s investigative file are available to a respondent under ARS 32-3206, but that is only in connection with an administrative hearing, and those items would come from the Board (not the evaluator).


In this case, instead of pursuing an administrative hearing, Ms. Reichle resolved her Board case with a consent agreement in November 2015.  Ms. Reichle did not comply with the consent agreement and, pursuant to its terms, her RN license and AP certificate were revoked in January 2016.  Ms. Reichle’s Board case is closed and she is not now entitled to receive documents from the Board’s investigative file at this time.


If Ms. Reichle has requested documents not addressed in this e-mail, please let me know, and I will provide further information with regard to those specific requests.  Also, if Ms. Reichle were to take any legal action to obtain confidential documents, please let me know so that the Board can take appropriate action.




Elizabeth Campbell

Assistant Attorney General

Assigned to the Arizona Board of Nursing

(602) 771-7859

The roaring lion needs to go back to law school. Law allows provider to decide. Suppose to. The dedication of this post, and other posts, is in direct evaluation that the A.G. office is directly noted with obstructional actions. Can it be confused with being legally correct.  It is when you don’t have to answer to anybody. Confused about the legalities related to health care records?? If there is a law it doesn’t matter when you are with the A.G. .


On a lighter note, rumor has it Stormy Daniels is challenging Joe Arpaio for the vacant senate seat.



White Arizona= Blacks On Their Own

The black population of Az is one of the lowest in the U.S. Can an answer come to us why that is? Many states are equal or about 20% black, with Washington, D.C. the highest with better than 60%. Az is less than 3 %. So when a black male nurse starts working in Maricopa county he would be considered a big fish in a little pond. Willie, Raheem Mangum is a well seasoned black, male nurse from Penna. who was reported by a patient for abuse, filed report several weeks after incident, which didn’t occur. Police investigation tossed the complaint out. The complaint was further advanced due to Mangums’ unresponsiveness, as he fled the state before being hung. Two years after back working in Penna. he was notified by Penna. that Az had revoked his AZ. license. He would claim the day he left Az., after he bought a house in Maricopa County and working four years, was for the specific reason of investigator Blake telling him she didn’t like black nurses. Being labeled ‘disruptive’, at a Board mtg he was escorted out by security. Disruptive for the experienced generally means being clear headed and speaking the truth. He says he wasn’t disruptive.

Nurse Mangum went home that day, packed his bags, and went home to Penna. The Penna. Bd put him on unrestricted probation, he is still working as a nurse. Scared to return to Arizona. “Its been bad enough facing racism but I also got the feeling I needed to be a closet heterosexual just to survive.” Willie says. “If I was gay as well? Tar and feathering?


High Noon AZBN

There comes a time when there is a point which long term, deleterious public abuse will not be tolerated, this doesn’t want to apply to Arizona. 

Barry Scheck, who took enormous bad hits for being on the O.J. defensive team, went on to define greed, stupidity and neglection of duty in 100s of other cases. A brilliant investigator whose solid integrity never stumbled.  These levels of discrepancies rudely reign in and around the AZBN with demonstrations of false witnessing, witnesses with Alzheimer’s disease, imposters, and most importantly filtered through the corrupted attorney generals’ office. 

We, as nurses are the largest group of workers in the world. The only administrative positive is the highly mechanized ability of the AZBN to eliminate the constitution. That’s a positive? It is for the Board. No doubt our group has a huge potential of addiction and drug theft which, if we could eliminate, we could also get rid of the AZBN. 

The evidence of constitutional violations fills databanks but when the administration defines the power of the AZBN you just as well might fill out the paperwork long before the case has a chance with the truth. The stupidity of this paperwork is viewed with the genius of Bill Gates. The trail of corrupted governmental evidence is quite remarkable. How one has the balls to determine  the outcome of a case in advance is the academy award for arrogance.  How does Bill know this? He invented the technology in the back room, and the Bd is tracked through its own system. Easy to find. 

There will come a time when that victimized nurse will break the assembly line abuse of good nurses who report patient safety issues, and it maybe at a high price. Somebody’s got to be watching the clock that is rapidly advancing on 12 noon, and take the public concerns to the street for the duel of a lifetime. Somebody has to do it. Who is that nurse? You?

“The once honorable profession of law now fully functions as a bottom-line business, driven by greed and the pursuit of power and wealth, even shaping the laws of the United States outside the elected Congress and state legislatures.” Retired Az Judge John F. Malloy. 

Rebel With a Cause AZBN

There were zero surprises for those of us who’ve gone through the political process AZBN when this posting came online. Its annoying not knowing who it is.  Perhaps it would be brushed off as just another nurses’ rant about political nursing, The lastest bad evaluations for the AZBN in social media makes this post more potent in that it defines volume, how many more??

Post From Rebel Nurse

 OK guys and gals , anyone who has been to the crazy board of nursing office, and met with an “investigator” who pretends they don’t know what you are talking about, but has in their hands your statement ! Short term memory problems??? Ok so at the end of this waste of time, the ‘investigator ‘ says , do not talk about this to anyone, except an attorney that you have hired. I looked like , excuse me ? Looked as if I agreed, but got to thinking , this “investigator is talking with who ever they want, and I will talk to WHO EVER I WANT ABOUT ANY FACTS OF THIS NONSENSE THAT IS GOING ON AT THE BOARD OF NURSING ~!!!! How illegal !! Wow if that is a peek of what is to come, they sure think they can do what ever they want ! Rude awakening with this gal !

Well Missy, You are well on your way to being immune to their tear gas. tytyhub@gmail.com


The Fascism Postings AZBN

The. first indication of the sexual exploitation of a minor in a recent sexual felony case against a nurse came through a complaint by a 17 year old male, the alleged victim. The nurse was criminally charged in Oct 2017. She was summarily suspended this month by the AZBN. The hard evidence maybe sexual texting, otherwise the courts still have the case which trial to begin in July 2018. No verdict as yet; although the sexual details of the nurses’ alleged actions are posted for the entire world to see. Brutality of the ‘innocent til proven guilty’ phrase. AKA TAINT THE JURY POOL.

The Bd this past Bd meeting brought forward the reasons for probation, monitoring and regulating the control of active nurses which is the routine answer of ‘public safety’ as well as stated by director Ridenour, ‘to reduce state liability from what a nurse might do’, which would allow a patient or their family to sue the Nursing Board. The rule in basic nurse training is you, and you alone are responsible for what you do. Even if you have a physician’s’ order you’re still liable as you should know what you are doing. Show us a case where family or a patient successfully sued azbn for a negligent act a nurse did and I’ll eat my shorts. Now if found not guilty of molestation, a defame case against azbn should be a slam dunk?

“The biggest problem with government is government. Libertarianism is not liberalism, unbridled liberalism will end up as fascism”  R. Reagan 1980 He was a head of his time.


AZBN Against All Odds


We want to believe our administration is there to help the public be safe. Believing in this secular Board is like living in a dream world. They simply have little understanding about nursing in the real world. The Agencies now are a mess and we really don’t specifically know why, although there is ample evidence in many cases of illegal activities. Many nurses are unnecessarily destroyed by this regulatory Board, and more importantly, many walk away and do nothing about it. 

History of AZBN Education Pamela Randolph

Sometime around the spring of 2011 a then Bd staff member Pamela Randolph R.N.(Amongst several other credentials) wrote on the Bds’ webpage the history of the AZBN education. The staff member mentions the Nightingale Model but concludes it could not be researched on the net. 

The founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale anonymously wrote ‘Notes on Nursing’ during her tending to veterans of the Crimean war during the 1860s. It was initially anonymously penned as nurse Nightingale didn’t want attention drawn to herself as she was a noble and the wealthy nobles did not work in nursing. This 75 page volume was the initial model for modern nursing. Many of its advice indices are still considered the foundations of nursing. A strong advocate for nurse education through hands on instruction. Much of her work was the foundation for the now outdated ‘diploma’ trained nurse programs which was the mainstay of training until the monopolized invasion of the for profit industry of health care in the early 1990s. From the 1930s through the 1980s the U.S. remained always in the top 10 of quality health care in the industrialized world. Today the U.S. is next to last. An Operating Room trained nurse under the Nightingale Model spent about six weeks in training, and once graduated could step into an operating room and immediately be a well trained part of the surgical team. By 2000 modern day for profit education programs allowed for 1 day observation. You can figure the rest out, which leads you to the cold facts that the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. is the health care system itself. Well documented and has now made it to Hollywood via “The Resident”; promoted by the book, “Unaccountable” by Surgeon Marty Makary of Johns’ Hopkins. Is the AZBN regulatory agency regulating public safety or something else?? A bizillion nurses will tell you the Board, “Knows Nothing”.

So Pamela Randolph your description and AZBN educational history represents a political and financial arrangement between big businesses and government that ultimately causes injury to the general public. The very people you were hired to protect. Nurse Florence Nightingale has rolled over in her grave many times since the for profit carpetbaggers and your kind took over. There are many more solidifying facts to support this but I do not want to confuse you with these facts as we know your mind is already made up for money.

P.S. There are many copies of ‘Notes on Nursing’, you just need to know where to look. We have one and would gladly send you one but are trying to avoid more retaliations.

PSA That Whirr you hear is Flo rolling over in her grave.

Jelly Spines of Politics AZBN

For many nurses who have run afoul of the AZBN the knowledge held within their cases, by them, is remarkably corrupted to adhere to a political structure that has very little connection with the actual field of nursing. Meaning there can be connections outside clinical practices designed to eliminate the nurse from practising and done so without substantial or legitimate evidence. When this happens it is a known entity of fabricated evidence for political favors. This of course has in many cases interfered with public safety. And if you think that the deaths of many patients from undocumented and unnecessary actions isn’t 100x more than the now fashionable mass shootings you’re ignorant. The following letter informs many and defines this principle.  A nurse of many years with a good record gets toasted to a crisp by nothing but pure politics and revenge from an incredulous process.

Favoritism Is The AZBN Middle Name Ann Totsch Imposter


Sort of like Joe Arpaio, House of Cards. The Ducey Adm you don’t know about. In a real non-fascist adm the following evidence would immediately make Totsch’s testimony incredulous. In Phoenix these kinds of carcasses rot in plain site and nobody cares. The carcasses are all over, stinking.


TO Governor Ducey,

State of AZ

RE: Compliant AZ Board of Nursing


I gave the AZ Board of Nursing “BON” , a complaint in person to “sue “,  at the desk during one of their meetings April 2017 (right after discovery ) , concerning an individual named Ann Totsch. And by mail along with others since the SOL is 4 years now instead of 6 .                       Ann Totsch,  presented herself as a “RN” , signed her name RN, signed an affidavit she is a “nurse paralegal ” . Testified; under oath ,  that she is a “registered nurse ” “nurse paralegal ” .  That is the part that concerns the AZ BON.  Ann Totsch does not have a license as a nurse in AZ . Nor has she ever had.   She is/was employed at Yuma Regional Medical Center for 13 years in risk mgt dept signing all memos/ letters  with “RN” “nurse paralegal” .   She earned wages.  This constitutes a class 6 felony.  She must be licensed IN THE STATE OF AZ, and current. Totsch has an expired license in Missouri, and current one in Illinois. Neither state “compact ” agreement.  The AZ BON did nothing . No action was taken.

I contacted the Dept of Licensing, they wrote back , not their interest to contact the AZBON.

I filled out online complaint with the ATTY Gen office, who wrote back , “why not file a medicare fraud complaint “?   I wrote back and suggested why not just do your  job? As if the AZ BON referred the complaint to them. 1)cease and desist 2) prosecute and fine her 3) notify other states 4) put her name on the nurse imposter list.  Nothing has been done .  The two agencies responsible have not acted .

I contacted Illinois, approx,  DOH / BON , I recieved a call on Jan 23, 2018 from the investigator who got the complaint stating they do not have jurisdiction until AZ acts “contact them ” . I explained the situation, they were not doing anything and the entire matter about this woman Ann Totsch, who has told many lies one being  she worked for the DEA and  was a DEA agent. To which she had to admit she never worked for the DEA, when asked if she ever recieved a pay check . “No” .


The AZ BON state agency is in existence to protect the public , they maintain a “nurse imposter ” list on their web site .  The AZ BON has put peoples names on the list for just using RN, or a CNA stating they are a nurse.  The ATTy GEN office has fined two nurses for earning money while impersonating a nurse.

I would like some action to be taken on this person , and be informed what if any has taken place.  Absurd that two states agencies are ignoring felony violations , and not taking any action to stop this practice ! Filed this in good faith,

cc: multiple , DOH State of Illinois

This fact of incredulous witnessing is the results of years of doing the same in many cases. The arrogance gained by repeat felonious testimonies is allowed to sit comfortably with this adm because of its outer veneer of power. In order for the power to be accepted one must have the courage to not be faulted by anything. The only demonstration of real power and courage in my locker is the 19 y.o. Marine who douses himself with diesel fuel, lights himself on fire to draw fire away from the rest of the platoon. If Sully knew these peckerwoods were pissing on his grave by abusing the rights for which he died for, he would haunt them over & over&over.

PTSD Pyscho-Babble Excuses Emily Bashah

Many of us at this end of the AZBN victimization list are very well aware that this syndrome of PTSD is fairly routine for life in America. For some of us who’ve starred down the muzzle of an AK-47,  held by a teenage Vietnamese yellow child, can get a little nervous. For all those symptoms the psychological community wants to attach isn’t new for many Americans. Some of us had already been jumped by the Catholic priest for sex, watching your mother jump through a window after being raped by those paid to take care of her, having to listen to perjury by a demented physician covering up his crimes, laying in a punchi pit with bamboo shoots impaled through both extremities and unable to yell, and last, but certainly not least, watching the AZBN treat hard working nurses like trash because Banner Health needs the money train uninterrupted. So Emily Bashah you are a babe in the jungle of experience. We don’t need you to tell us what is wrong with us, we are Americans who have survived and been good to our fellow Americans. Go away, we do not need you. Psychological evaluations are useless and not accurate. 

If for a nanosecond an outsider looking at any regulatory agency, after reading the following events taken directly from an a recent active meeting, could have zero doubts that politics won’t save lives. If you think government can govern men you live in a dream world and have probably only survived because you avoided any one of these regulatory agencies. The following is an account of the AZBN Jan 2018. 


/25/2018 AZ BON  meeting is always interesting, non informative and somewhat entertaining, as the board members are so  darn  dangerous it isn’t funny and they have never let me down.
take the nurse who worked for a long time at a rural clinic knows all the patients, families habits , has been doing routine, new person comes in doesn’t know anything but in charge of another with knowledge . if the person hired that is in charge was smart they would see what they do in Rome, but instead wanted to get rid of one making her look incompetent. routine to give depo, you don’t want a teen getting pregnant , and they surely wont listen to stop what they are doing.  . it is common practice to give 5 a year at interval . the nurse rightly so should not have given technically without current order . It is like when you know your doc and he will sign his usual when he comes in. happens all the time , ER nurses drawing extra labs not ordered knowing dr will order, on this patient; save patient a stick , common sense, but when it comes to this board , not only not seeing the routine is not kosher, they do have the Nurse practice on their side, but when the nurse said, the newbie is retaliating by turning her into the board. NO harm done, in fact probably stopped an unwanted pregnancy but hey, the board of nursing has the TROPHY when it comes to retaliation. So this is not something they are going to put any weight on FOR the nurse .
Then Preston who THINKS she a lawyer know, and demands answers , the way she wants them answered, demanding voice like she’s Jaun Martinez doing a theatrical show. Then Preston who THINKS she has knowledge of a nurse went on the say, “you can hold a medication if it is ordered but you cannot give on” OH MY GOD !! This educated idiot said that ! NO F’ing way ! really !! in front of students !! THEN , she actually looked at (janine ) {you know the one on the board who has a nursing license but insists that she be called DOCTOR DAWN . }(even the bd members roll their eyes on this one!!)
“isnt that right DOCTOR DAWN ?” with that DOCTOR DAWN says “YES” !! wow now you have the students hear verification of this ! not one board member said a word (where is logue) . Ok folks , you heard it from your ‘leaders” (tongue in cheek ) . IF you have ordered a beta blocker and YOU think the blood pressure is a ‘little low ” HOLD IT , if you have lactolose ordered and patients have the poops HOLD IT .
If you have an order for antibiotics , psych meds ordered , don’t bother tapering, just stop it by holding it! , or basically anything , you are ok to just hold it circle it mark it not given, and your covered. I think all Drs (real medical doctors ) should just order everything and let the nurse decide if it good to give. Every patient is different, just like the board likes you to believe every case is different there . Every drug has a side effect so if you do not want to deal with any of those just hold everything. IF pain med is ordered q 6 hours , round the clock not prn , and pateint is a bell ringer hold it, its ok . Drs only order this stuff to show off anyways. Nurses can practice medicine. Preston is attempting to practice nursing , but is showing her incompetance , and never lets us down.
Now can’t you just hear her, “i didnt say that ” “i didnt mean that” NO and DOCTOR DAWN didnt either !! haha. or “well I didnt eleborate we have a alot of cases and need to get through them” (LOL) “of course I did nt say that , look at all of these initials behind my name ! , ” ROFLOL
Careful , nurses changing their stories or what they say , is Preston forte’ , more like a a mistrusting , everyone is lying , do not trust anyone kind of shroud  really digging into every detail mostly unrelated ., as another observer states, makes you wonder what kind of upbringing or past this one has , that is for sure ! I said what do you mean ?< knowing full well> , “wearing those leather lace up shoes that she outgrew 40 years ago makes you wonder where is her whip. (I was amazed at this newbies insight ) .

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