Substance Use Discipline AZBN Who is Jenny?

“Don’t try to understand them, just rope, tie and brand them” Is the motto for the agency’s Cando program for substance addicted nurses. The concept of the nurse working while in substance rehab has secretly been a major source of cash flow for the enormous crowd of scavengers surrounding this monitoring program. The experienced nurse whose use of substances to reduce anxiety and pain is not only far from rare, but a very common practice which causes a bazillion social issues that has risen 25% in the covid era. Are we focusing on accurate and effective monitoring of the so called addict nurse?

Jenny a nurse has had methamphetamine addiction which she does not deny. The mental health illnesses associated with this are not mysterious and to effectively complete a complicated and expensive program to maintain license Jenny needs emotional support to make it work. Opinions vary on these points of treatment, and for governing plans attorneys have paper control. This is an endless ride on a wide political avenue with many hands and cards in the game. At Jenny’s bedside level exact mental functions to follow the yellow brick road are very disturbed. With poorly functional mental coping adjustments Jenny glows poorly because coworkers say so, as does Jenny’s urine. The events during her Cando stipulations failures define modern nursing not ever taught in any serious academic program.

The construction of a no knock warrant is not overly complicated, at least for law enforcement; have it or you don’t. The real world of law requires levels of requirements with responsible people standing, Jenny’s events from being arrested by AZBN opens another pandora’s box of violence against nurses. The lack of the ‘No Knock’ warrant to falsely and illegally commit her is Scottsdale Police abuse and violations. The argument for her defense is indefensible…the specific warrant does not exist..end run on that is always belonging to police acting via ‘exigent ‘ circumstances which goes to life or death and bingo Scottsdale PD are handcuffing Jenny on committed orders for psyche evaluation and off she goes to ER. The originally programmed demands are from Ridenour, the AZBN director.

The behaviors of the ER nurse which somewhat explains present day high violence stats of ERs. The events surrounding the violence against Jenny by ER nurse and Scottsdale PD are unethical and criminal. Their performances are rude, dehumanizing, violent and life threatening.

You are handcuffed and brought into ER because Ridenour says so, the behavior of the adm nurse specificly defines why ER nurses get beat up more than any other clinical position now commonly evident in nursing. “You will do exactly as we tell you and take all of your clothes off.In the mean time Jenny is in emotional crisis with sky high BP. Naturally, ‘We’ also has two male officers in the exam room who stay there while Jenny strips naked. Hold onto your hat….body cam on officers is recording with video being viewed by AZBN. If you can get past this as a nurse don’t ever talk to me again. Other details of tyrannical behaviors to this nurse, whose course was crooked, to herself only, the failure of her ownself sometimes goes with nursing. Substance use amongst nurses is far from rare. . with no clinical patient involvement. Her sometimes alleged social and civil behaviors are irrelevant to dehumanizing a colleague of collegiate level nursing . The grossest of their actions remains for the Nursing community to understand tyrannical power. If you are a nurse and self medicate b/c of depression you just maybe might see yourself on a video, somewhere. This nurse had zero pharmacy/Pt. connected issues. Her behavior is an adventure into amphetamines to which there is no law against ingesting it. Possession only. ….her psyche status evaluation leads no where except her getting hit with another bill an other bushels of horrors trying to survive herself . The demonstration of all behaviors in this case is a disgusting demonstration of the deterioration of modern nursing. A bureau of online magical degrees and sloth to abuse the clinical nurse. The stats on cases vs just the clinical nurses is the snake’s bulge. The violence against nurses takes many forms and so very often it’s by other nurses.

Transmission of a naked nurse via net is federal territory and I know it would raise FCC eyebrows upon details, another Az horror.

Get defense and experience

Well it is happening with the large volume of fucked over nurses connecting. Thks Zuck & FB for such open minded detailing.

Peary Brown RN

Open Letter K. Hobbs When You’re The Governor

The nature of the seriousness of the nursing situation in Az is defined clearly by the fact that Az has the lowest numbers of local working nurses in the country. How did this happen? Filling these billets with out of state travelers doubles costs.

The noteworthy event, only one here, and there are many cases of abuse and violence against nurses by the AZBN. It is well known but there is nothing like one case to tell the governor accurately how to win an election. Nurses vote and they want to be cut loose from regulations from the criminal AZBN.

The one of many hacks to nurses and pts. alike… Pt. gets discharged to home from northern Az rural hospital after surgeon put an endoscope through her esophagus, clean through. Told to drink fluids so the juice could properly pour out perforation & infect het chest cavity, which it did after sending her deeply near death. Reporting of case to social media caused 37 court appearances 40 day jail sentence 100,000$ civil suit from surgeon. His testimony was suborned by AAG Elizabeth A.Campbell The azbn supported this man who by the time he reached Az he had diagnosis of dementia and led around by a much younger, heavily lacquered with big, pert breasts and who now just retired with 2 mil Vegas Estates. The damages of physical harm and a neglecting felony for renuminations are personal for me.You must understand the politics of regs both followed and unfollowed are not creating safety…violence on nurses has gone wild with nurses at azbn by creating false narratives to protect bad systems. Ridenour has destroyed nursing and falls asleep on the job.

Sometimes not so attractive people can look so much better when they take of themselves. Your mirror image shows a person who is concerned about her health. You are physically in tune to have good health and look and sound marvelous. Your caring for yourself is a potent tool in assessing others. Take a close look at this Board. Why are these people so homely? Judging looks is poor Christian behaviors, I know, but so much evil must be clogging their vascular pump. You are the only one to clean out this criminal and layered organization. This crew is a horrible representative of people concerned with health as Jabba the Hut is their leader.

The police and nurses know everything. Violence is the nursing future in Arizona. …get ahead of the admin & regulatory curve with this group and learn how to protect your lic.

Peary A. Brown retired R.N.

Kari Lake…the one??

The conclusion that a nurse of critical care experience in Phoenix will cost you about 2000.00, per shift or more is a poignant reality of failure. The failure lies not in shortage but staffing that finding the truth is not told. Lies at nursing board are easily found via many avenues of power and money. I look at Kari Lake for doing what D.Ducey could not. It would be so good to see the look on new governor’s face, a woman who takes immaculate care of herself, the first time she meets Ridenour and her deputies. I know you can pelt these hacks away from real working nurses. Dedicated to the laws in place already are all that is asked for. Be wicked delicate in the offices of AG. The home of where smart people do stupid stuff.

Peary Brown retired R.N. 10/26/2022

About 5 yrs of azbn posts. 1900 comments on 109 posts big returns with names like Ridenour Quinn Campbell Milhasky Trujillo Brown ..Comments, if any, will appear at the bottom of searched article. Comments are not seo friendly and can not be searched. Although there is no review here of the pill mill scams that have contributed the the opioid crisis so evident prior to the open borders policy. Such as the Ore. Waterfall Rehab debacle by S.Krishna. The Public knows Krishna as a criminal of newbe status looking to get ahead. God Will Give Her Justice. .Will be for the nurse to find protection from unwanted prosecutions.

Workplace Violence AZBN

The American Nurse Association has a solid handle on what it’s like to be involved in workplace abuse of nurses which the A.N.A. is trying to bring forward as well as create interesting responses to bullying in the clinical areas. The stats on workplace violence has risen 25% since the pandemic. Their work has categorized violent behavior in a unique view for the public to see some of what is going on. The construction of “Mobbing” by health care workers and administration types is not an opinion, it is fact. “Mobbing” is a common occurrence perpetrators use to injure other nurses for motives that go well beyond the ignorance of those actors. The ANA has done extensive researching throughout the international community and defines these behavioral problems as a major factor in the limited staffing now causing shut downs all over.

Although “Mobbing” is only one category of violence initiatives, it presents itself throughout administration, where other episodes are logistical and exogenous centered; “Mobbing” is well designed and described in all studies directly connected to management and regulatory agencies.

The routine of this bullying almost always involves the nurses portraying as several nurses bullying and intimidating another nurse to cause termination.

Just one click to the left you’ll find the AZBN at the Arizona helm for “Mobbing” against nurses for convictions leading to the center point of what many experienced clinicians know as the Medical Mafia. This group is a group of klandestine career enders that do not wear signs. However, they are housed at places like “Bowwlaw”, with names like T.Scott King and Joey Ridenour from AZBN reside. Both are liars well known by many whose power to destroy nurses illegally is very common. The documentation of their horrors is cemented in documents placed nationwide via NCSBN where false documents fill mounded bushel baskets. The precise mechanisms for these files goes to Attorney General M.Brnovich as others shch as Elizabeth A.Campbell connected to the “largest cash register” in the world. The fabrication of many cases with perjury and suborning it, if not creating it. We are now at the point of origin of one of the major creative sources for workplace violence. Unfortunately violence is not distributed evenly and criminals are at the helm getting away with crimes against nurses. The long rant with confirming evidence of already public notoriety will not now reappear here, unless requested.

A social response to workplace violence follows the cultural and judicial line to communicate with others and passionately express outrage.The male subjects noted for strength in family unity has wandered off into a culture of family separation.Victor Hanson…The male role in familial protection and violence is a normal response, the creation of justice with violence is common. The reduced number of family orientation with male model leader is grossly diverse and misleading. A lack of response to violence is abnormal.

The AZBN has not experienced the violence equal to the nurses they abuse, now not working, because of the violence placed upon them by this agency. Arizona has the lowest number of working nurses, per captor, more than any other state. The AZBN is also the focal point for academic case reviews for curriculum to show the abuse of nurses ultimately causing patient harm. The mob has pushed as a mob in many mistreated cases therefore violent responses and or fallout will be normal behavior.

To protection of the nurses as the largest working group should not have to get violent to be normal. Nobody should, but it works for the AZBN.. normal for them. There is present day groups of experienced nurses to force honesty by way of bringing in the law. The greenhorn must feel comfortable to effectively learn these dangers and has what we all need to feel comfortable & free to do what we trained for. Acts of violence against board might be to inform LBK where that abortion document is as well to extend statute of limitations r/t previously unknown evidence in civil invasion of privacy filing. Another one of the many oddities of the AZBN. “, , Although deep within the closet” of many odd cases lies the hidden prescription for substance use, their blood presence is or isn’t. The police and nurses know everything , therefore the public is noted as knowledgeable. A.Fountain is a bad actor.

Peary Brown retired R.N. 22 October 2022




Ethics of Record AZBN.GOV

The definitions of ethics are not always billed as laws on the books; as morality in basic law foundations are of character. Record keeping and management of nurses records on file force dings in desires to stay in nursing, very evident today. But epigrams here of real cases comes objectively and is republish able without fear of inaccuracies. Each nurse’s story is that we are interested in the ones of illegal behaviors by Adm, AKA AZBN A real nurse from Fla gets arrested more than 10 yrs prior to for domestic assault and assaults’ on police. Her Application to Az was conditioned with monitoring/probation to which she rejected. She had this side interest in the Grand Canyon and her dream job was working in both nursing and the Canyon. Her ability to get that done was gone as hiring was prohibitive b/c of probation. The significance is that not all cases of being arrested results in being charged and arraigned on that charge. In C.R.’s case the prosecutor did not put the case on the docket to be arraigned. Failure to prosecute is not uncommon in today’s mkt place. Although this case was 10 yrs ago. The only reason the case came up was because C.R. answered the question of arrests accurately, and stated its dismissal. C.R. was ignorant to the importance of filing. Further investigation of adm incompetence and probable ethical federal violations is that a case can not be dismissed when it was never filed, therefore only the police report remains. Publishing this on NCSBN is a civil rights violations. 100s of cases. The police report is available to public and is hearsay only not useable in any other case, or publishable. C.R. was hit again upon renewal of Fla lic. via warning, for Arizona’s denial of a case that truly never existed. The use of police reports by AZBN is passed throughout their system via NCSBN. Can you imagine seeing a health care doc on yourself revealing an abortion 25 yrs prior?? There is one of those. Buried deep but its there. Sometimes the borders of copied docs by keyboard jockeys reveal more than what was intended. Documentation is what these groups love as it performs credibility and allows for a paycheck. Accuracy in tyranny is irrelevant.

Become a nurse in Arizona and get disciplinary records, x2, on a case that does not exist.

Peary Brown retired R.N.

Fear & Shock Hides the Truth AZBN @ Potter’s Field

There is this large bathroom public wall mentality here on this page b/c of retaliation fears openly initiated from the Nurse Trujillo case. However difficult to connect with many nurses here, their flip side is here, and you can connect through NNAA maintains support via professionals with experience and hosts legal connections. There is another N. Barto bill to pull appeals into another venue. Adm Law Cts powers are procedural violations of constitutional law. Adm Law CT is the Potter’s Field for nurses in Ridenour’s Tyrannical territory. I guess since she feels and looks cadaverous she might as well take a few down to prove her ungodly worth. The fear mongering of nurses is AZBN’s bread & butter. The jaws of the great white(AZBN) are the bread & butter of scavenger delightful characters whose coffers get cannon stuffed with nurses fees for monitoring. Nurses should be monitoring immoral people who injure so many digging for dollars.

Peary Brown retired R.N.


Crime Vs Ethical Decisions AZBN

If there can be a direct Avenue to education and academia and the student nurse or health care provider it can not be understated by the instructor that professional adjustments made against the working nurse must be addressed in detail. The student must know that regulations by regulatory agencies are supported by laws that get violated by agencies like the AZBN and specific individuals like Beth A. Campbell that represent institutions capable of revoking a license for breaking the confidentiality of and already dead person, supporting a physician whose advanced mental illness prevented him from articulation in remembrance of who the defendant was. A physician whose termination hinged on nurses’ testimony, which ultimately had the venture effect of attracting many incredulous laundry supported individuals. Another way of cleaning money through pts. has some queer roads of deceit to travel;they do travel the crime roads well but fear not. Their time is soon to an end.

Joey Ridenour’s website picture is 30 years old. You’d not recognize her if you fell over her. Loosing morality.

The student nurse must be aware that any attorney associated with the AZBN wants your license as your demise in the contents of this page is to reduced liability for his client. Any way they can get it, which when denied, is executed by Campbell and her half blind scribes. The transcribing of false legal documents which cause harm to anybody can be easily considered felonies and its volume is routine large. By court officers is here. The AZBN revocates about a thousand licenses per year, and so many of us are wondering just how many are legal? Since so many are illegal. Although the working nurse is probably well tuned into these facts it is going to have to be up to the student’s future career to change this, be a apart of nurses protecting nurses. Not be greedy corrupted nurses like Therese Rowan to perjury of nurses. All for the dollar.

TThe Valkyrie created here for following evil and reporting to nursing world will continue yo hover over Campbell “Violations here, come and go, depending upon who you are.” Tammy G a short term employed nurse investigator. Very short term. . Peary A. Brown retired R.N.

Love this post from another hate azbn site. “learned yrs ago that Although bedside was hard work and full of stress I maintained stability via education and physical endurance. Point…nursing on the critical units of today is hard work and it’s my opinion Ridenour’s only penchant is showing us she is the one who you face slap before administration of cpr just to he she is dead. It works for me.

Subjective Journalism Limited AZBN

The identification of evidence carried here is unneeded as it is mostly direct evidence and black letter law violations. The reason only for now is that all posted here not in comments is direct evidence such as nurse L.Trujillo being revoke for breaking the confidentiality on a corpse. And retaliated upon by being listed as nurse imposter. The volume of incredible civil, well of criminal actions is way common considering the large number of listed cases disciplined, meaning 1000/yr lics go south?? Of course this not today the importance of known criminal acts inside the AZBN;confirmation is Nurse T’s case who meets new Nurse grad, 43 y.o. excop, male ; all clues In my world that in itself is a clue. They do not date but exchange online to her snapping and threatens Steven Gonos. He testifies to the truth, advanced practice Nurse dumps probation and loss of lic ×5yrs. The crime, at least in the real world, is putting a documented perjurious witness with a prior record for discipline and police officer job dismissal under oath Putting a known perjurious witness, with a record, under oath is only noncriminal when the witness is recorded as such. Creeps can legally testify as long as the court identifies as prior creep history. It doesn’t matter to the AZBN that Gonos had red flags stuck all over him. All behaviors in this case destroy social mores that send chills up nurse’s spine. The need for the Nursing board to pull power for a puke like Gonos is pure Satan. The relationship between police and nurses is a social more of major impact for our community to see the uselessness and social dangers of Director Ridenour. In this case Sunita Krishna was the blind pigeon. I’m easy to find. Peary Brown Retired RN

The Invaluable Use Of Power To Silence Selective Nurses

The Death of Nursing AZBN

The failure of main stream media to fully appreciate the value of events occurring in our health care systems is supported by local governments not pursing dangerous and criminal violations; only to become a part of those crimes. The events presently being observed by those looking at our health care systems is some good but the horrors of nursing is burning down the house. The importance of describing AZBN actions here is the definition of violations of all in print. It is absolutely necessary to place these activities in general public view. I know the fed is busy but could have a field over here. Staying away from downtown Phoenix is the same as staying out of jail. And I now must follow that rule. The FB page of ten yrs is FB’s soul as content specific to what effects public. The specifics in this story have many other horror spinoffs showing Lincoln was right, corruption over here shows up over there. The death of nursing deviously covered up through the power of politics . These are The Vendetta recipients. Mark Brnovich. Joey Ridenour ,Elizabeth A. Campbell and Sunita Krishna; Also another court officer noted for filing false docs T.Scott King of Bowwlaw in Phoenix..the collusion factor gets the smoke signals from afar.

Nurse protection comes from getting rid of the useless lard in the system which is now well known to live off nurse unjust disciplines. The ground the Bd lives on must be leveled. The pic below will represent you against bd complaint but successfully will illegally protect surgeon in neglected manslaughter. The innocent nurse is ALWAYS found guilty and the guilty surgeon is found innocent. I can tell you where a lot of the money is but offshore accounts are the fed territories. Its our job to level where they live.

There are 8 million stories in the naked city, and this is only one one of them. Peary Brown Retired RN

And evil walks closely agmonst us.