National Council and nursing Boards x7 release Policy…

National Council and nursing Boards x7 release Policy referencing nurses giving misinformation about COVID.Check this statement out, “It is an expectation of the U.S. boards of nursing, the profession, and the public that nurses uphold the truth, the principles of the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses and highest scientific standards when disseminating information about COVID-19 or any other health-related condition or situation.


22 thoughts on “National Council and nursing Boards x7 release Policy…

  1. Classic example of “wokeism” in an organization. Super interested in pleasing the progressive democrats and not interested in true scientific facts or truths….just like how Coca Cola bent to the liberals over Georgia voting laws being racist which lead to the finals being moved to Denver (another state) way to go woke idiots…now how many local jobs were lost with that dumb move….like AOC losing all those NY Amazon jobs over her hee haw buck toothed backward ass liberal statements..they cut off their noses to spite their own faces..
    Hello fully vaccinated people have caught covid and transmitted it. Hello jab mandates are unconstitutional.

    There is not one truth about the AZBN…all lies, all corrupt..just like the demonrats..heck, I’d compare them to Hunter Biden and his laptop from hell.


    1. The voting on the ‘cases’ that are b s at the board , depends on which board members think democrat . (and until last year there NEVER WAS ONE !! )
      They do have their biases . Just like the person who asks if you got the jab, they want to know if you are democrat or republican .
      One nurse before the Board , wrote on line, ‘she didn’t want the poisen ” for that remark an ANONYMOUS POSTER , sent it in and she was before the a holes at az board .
      The BON has always been a little communistic cult crud but this is again over the top .
      While some nurse is hanging TWO insulin bags , with boluses and no flush bag/main bag in AZ . (true story , wasn’t caught until they reached ICU , and not reported outside facility .

    2. and guess who joined them RINO turncoat back stabbing Paul Boyer ! Can’t trust any of them .
      RINO Sen. Paul Boyer is all about the money – SAVES photo radar and red light cams in AZ
      272 views • Feb 15, 2021 • Senator Paul Boyer just voted to save photo radar and red light SCAMERAS in Arizona.

      In doing so, he admitted that it’s all about the money!

      Boyer was the deciding vote in the Senate Transportation and Technology committee and the only “Republican” to vote in favor of keeping the cash cow cameras. The bill failed 5-4, thanks to Boyer.

      Sen. Pace, Sen. Gray, Sen. Shope and Sen. Kerr were all Yes votes to BAN photo radar.

      Sen. Paul Boyer once again votes with the Democrat Caucus, cementing his status as a true RINO.

    3. Here’s another video , AZSCAM, and pretty much how the Board of Nursing, and OAH conspiracy cases will come to a halt. ! Only they will be not looked at as “mistakes” . Bribery of a public servant is illegal , and soon Ridenour and her partners in crime will find out exactly what that means. Jail is too good for these crooks.

      1. yup wake up one morning and read the headlines ! And on the FB feed sight. AZ SCAM , is AZ BON , OAH, AG , all combined into one big gang . Their tattos are in their name badges. a hidden mark of the devil , watch for secret handshakes . and a BOM on their book shelf . Elf on the shelf.

  2. Nursing boards uphold the truth ! Biggest lie ! They sit around discussing nurses , ‘possible integrity issue here” OMFG !!! look in the mirror !
    Which one would flunk the LIE DETECTOR !!! which ones !! All of them .
    Oh and McCormies lied AGAIN ! that is CAROLYN MCCORMIES , she told the board members as the president ” we have to do what the NCSBN says ” LIAR LIAR , In case this unqualified member of this board doesn’t know , NCSBN is a suggestion , they are calling a ‘model” to follow. STOP LYING !!! New members and old ones (boyer) are too stupid not to know the difference ! These board members may have alphabet behind their names but they have NO CLUE when it comes to knowing what the h*ll is going on ! NONE, so McCormies , stop lying to them , and if you do not know the truth keep your yap SHUT!

    1. NCSBN actually published one of Valerie Smith’s articles . (J R used to have a somewhat ok standing with them, but not now, ) They love those punitive nurses , the ones who trust no one , every nurse lies , every nurse is a drug addict and Valerie knows how to catch them . She had plenty of time at the board to study up on it ,just like dr “DON” is doing know. Witchy women on the hunt .
      dr “don’ the predator.

      1. I remember when she went after Amanda T and dragged up charting narc issues 2 yrs old that werent considered an error when they first happened but became an issue attached to this antidoctor charge. Very good asshole detector case.

      1. What do you think an early Christmas present that Ducey will give the nurses ? Pick your gift !
        1) Fire Jokey Ridenour , and send her dirty ways packing .
        2)pink slip Janeen Dahn , for picking the script for the dummy board members to just ‘read”, knowing she doesn’t have any evidence , hiding in the shadows.
        3)Nasty Nurse of year award, and the biggest liar . going to Carolyn MCCORMIES .
        4)least improved, follower , and dumbest current board member Elizabeth Boyer .
        5) All time ‘bad ‘ nurse award. Lori Gutierrez .
        6)The most corrupt associate cohort ELIZABETH CAMPBELL .
        7) the silent but stinky fart award; loves to spread rumors on anyone who is against the corrupt board of nursing. , Cindy Mand
        8)The one who can remain on the payroll the longest without ever really doing anything at all , belongs to Judith Bontrager.
        9) Most gullible goes to Andrea who gets an earful from dr “DON” . none of it any truth !
        10)Biggest Loser , most brain washed, mission minded , head of males r # 1, pompous a55hole Randy Quinn .
        Looking for ward to seeing your lists .

      2. Someone wrote about that corrupted pros ti tutor elizabeth campbell . Well she is a hot mess. ! And yes she deserves anything you write about her including that ‘rug” . She had the nerve to say over and repeat multiple time , “REENGAGED” . what does that mean?, is that when “andy ” comes back to the thick rug for sloppy seconds ? reengage ? Remember nurses when confronted , everything is a one way street , ONE WAY .

  3. As of this writing, we can no longer endorse Michael Goldberg as an attorney who will represent nurses with the “best practice” . His office showed some traits that nurses would find appealing , offering a flat fee. stating he wrote some of the bills , laws, policies. But in recent cases , with witnesses on the stand, he could have showed the judge . at least got on the record , some real evidence to base a ‘dismiss ‘ the matter on , but failed to do so . He is not the only one who pulls these ;’stunts ” that is , not bringing up matters that would make the so called “witneses ” for the board , liars . But instead , drags it on to play along with “beth” Campbell , and the ALJ . Many attorneys are pulling a stunt called , “the nurse pays me to help the BON win ” . Ta DA ! NOPE , not paying you to lose for the lazy AG , aag “Beth” , and go easy on her witnesses so that the case will be an ez ‘win” don’t point out the lies by the so called “witnesses” , which is withholding exculpatory evidence . The only question asked of someone with extensive criminal history, has nothing to do with their record NOTHING, it’s called character , history ! We also call that INEFFECTIVE ASSISTANCE OF COUNSEL . No nurse wants an atty who plays “let’s play court hearing and pretend to be lawyers , the court is kangaroo, the ALJ is one sided thinking already so we’ll just “play court room , me and Bethie , and take up the entire time frame with BULL SHIT and irrelevance ! ” The BAR wont care they are crooked too ! Nurses are much better off with out attorneys, but Campbell likes this too either way lazy stinky Campbell without a lot of rules to follow has a easy ‘win” even if it is with corruption , underhanded tactics, and plain cheating . Campbell is a CHEATER . Low life CHEATER. “Cheats nurses out of licenses and their careers. Her boss is oblivious to all of it . Ridenour knows this is going on which makes it worse for her in the end. She can’t say she does not know. !

      1. Hi, ! Any nurses working Banner ? They sure like playing games don’t they ? Especially with wages. ! Travelers come and then get pay changes. what’s up with that ? Banners are not all the same, west side here. One more thing out of here.

    1. These attorney’s had better re read what it means when one signs and oath and law that is a big no no and that is ATTORNEY -CLIENT PRIVILEGE . !
      It does not say Attorney – Nurse Client – Board investigator and board employee Emma Mamaluy !!
      These attorney’s need to do what they are hired to so and stop playing ‘monkey in the middle ” there is NO middle ground , you do the best you can for your client .
      What are the , untold threats these lawyers are told if they go against a nurse . Not bringing out all the dirt on the ‘witnesses ” is called 1/2 a55 lazy lawyer . Beth Campbell does it, not that she isn’t lazy that why she loves the admin law , not many rules to follow and has the judge in her pocket by putting a males name on all the documents . She’s just a stupid messenger. Glorified whack job that would get called , objection every time she opens her unrelated mouth. ! Krishna was outspoken but appears to be so depressed she can hardly function.
      Ironically , a NP she railed out of her license with her “bridge ‘ comments and a whacked Dr who was too ball-less to show his face in court, but repeated himself over and over and over . BON will side with a Dr over a nurse anyday . At this point the former NP is nothing but enjoying life, outside hiking , smiling , involved in nature and living a peaceful life, confident that things will turn around and she wants no part of the negativity.

  4. One thing I’ve noticed is there are plenty of common myths regarding the banks intentions whenever talking about property foreclosures. One delusion in particular is always that the bank needs to have your house. Your banker wants your hard earned cash, not your property. They want the cash they loaned you with interest. Averting the bank will undoubtedly draw some sort of foreclosed realization. Thanks for your write-up.

    1. A major donor to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints very publicly declared that he’s leaving the church because he believes that they are “doing harm to the world.” YES ! and the mormon controlled board of nursing in AZ is doing harm to the state !

  5. board members are not getting vaccinated, or just an excuse to do the board meeting in their bath robes. Taking many breaks , having to repeat everything twice, losing sound, just plain lazy . Vaccines should be mandated for all board members . All A G employees . All board of nursing staff . No one is exempt . This is happening in non direct patient care jobs. No one who proclaims to be a “leader” or ‘best practice example” should not be vaccinated and be sitting at home . Across the board , no exemptions. Here is my story “”My employer told me 11/30 I would be fired if I didn’t have the first shot by 12/6 and all the boosters after that.
    I do MATH from home ?!? Are they kidding me!
    I never seen a patient in 25 years however My value is very different from a nurse or Doctor.
    I bring in over 50 MILLION a month and no one knows how to do my job!
    They turned down my religious exemption and now I am on DBL and NO ONE can do my work. Guess they should have thought this through a little more before they played the role of Dictator. Karma is a b-“”

    Of course they fired me and gone, so you can either comply or be charged with your “not consistent ” , fallout .

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