Workplace Violence AZBN

The American Nurse Association has a solid handle on what it’s like to be involved in workplace abuse of nurses which the A.N.A. is trying to bring forward as well as create interesting responses to bullying in the clinical areas. The stats on workplace violence has risen 25% since the pandemic. Their work has categorized violent behavior in a unique view for the public to see some of what is going on. The construction of “Mobbing” by health care workers and administration types is not an opinion, it is fact. “Mobbing” is a common occurrence perpetrators use to injure other nurses for motives that go well beyond the ignorance of those actors. The ANA has done extensive researching throughout the international community and defines these behavioral problems as a major factor in the limited staffing now causing shut downs all over.

Although “Mobbing” is only one category of violence initiatives, it presents itself throughout administration, where other episodes are logistical and exogenous centered; “Mobbing” is well designed and described in all studies directly connected to management and regulatory agencies.

The routine of this bullying almost always involves the nurses portraying as several nurses bullying and intimidating another nurse to cause termination.

Just one click to the left you’ll find the AZBN at the Arizona helm for “Mobbing” against nurses for convictions leading to the center point of what many experienced clinicians know as the Medical Mafia. This group is a group of klandestine career enders that do not wear signs. However, they are housed at places like “Bowwlaw”, with names like T.Scott King and Joey Ridenour from AZBN reside. Both are liars well known by many whose power to destroy nurses illegally is very common. The documentation of their horrors is cemented in documents placed nationwide via NCSBN where false documents fill mounded bushel baskets. The precise mechanisms for these files goes to Attorney General M.Brnovich as others shch as Elizabeth A.Campbell connected to the “largest cash register” in the world. The fabrication of many cases with perjury and suborning it, if not creating it. We are now at the point of origin of one of the major creative sources for workplace violence. Unfortunately violence is not distributed evenly and criminals are at the helm getting away with crimes against nurses. The long rant with confirming evidence of already public notoriety will not now reappear here, unless requested.

A social response to workplace violence follows the cultural and judicial line to communicate with others and passionately express outrage.The male subjects noted for strength in family unity has wandered off into a culture of family separation.Victor Hanson…The male role in familial protection and violence is a normal response, the creation of justice with violence is common. The reduced number of family orientation with male model leader is grossly diverse and misleading. A lack of response to violence is abnormal.

The AZBN has not experienced the violence equal to the nurses they abuse, now not working, because of the violence placed upon them by this agency. Arizona has the lowest number of working nurses, per captor, more than any other state. The AZBN is also the focal point for academic case reviews for curriculum to show the abuse of nurses ultimately causing patient harm. The mob has pushed as a mob in many mistreated cases therefore violent responses and or fallout will be normal behavior.

To protection of the nurses as the largest working group should not have to get violent to be normal. Nobody should, but it works for the AZBN.. normal for them. There is present day groups of experienced nurses to force honesty by way of bringing in the law. The greenhorn must feel comfortable to effectively learn these dangers and has what we all need to feel comfortable & free to do what we trained for. Acts of violence against board might be to inform LBK where that abortion document is as well to extend statute of limitations r/t previously unknown evidence in civil invasion of privacy filing. Another one of the many oddities of the AZBN. “, , Although deep within the closet” of many odd cases lies the hidden prescription for substance use, their blood presence is or isn’t. The police and nurses know everything , therefore the public is noted as knowledgeable. A.Fountain is a bad actor.

Peary Brown retired R.N. 22 October 2022





4 thoughts on “Workplace Violence AZBN

  1. You cannot fight RIDENOUR & RIDENOUR in AZ, you must take them to another state where you have the possibility of untainted judges.
    Prepare for the trial by fire Ridenour, it’s coming very soon.

    1. Ridenour is 80 yrs old and looks 90. The image of the top nurse in the state doesn’t need to look like JLo but should not have to be asked to leave a code b/c she is incapable of performing CPR. She is embarrassing.

    2. picture of the bon far right is that “player ” kirk olsen willing to do what ever the group wants . Including following attendees of open meetings outside . When caught he turned and almost RAN back in the building like a dog with his tail between his legs. COWARD ! Then is Caruso the husband stealer , fking married Drs, then homely E Campbell , then Smith who is texting , not paying attn just keeping citations away from GCU, then the show in , who is doing dirty work for the state so her druggie husband or ex can keep his license, then long stringy hair Angela Fountain who mouths what ever words corrupt Carolyn Mccormies tells her too , although she is figuring her b s out too. The two black people are not Makoba – Hill the lazy one who can’t make it to the meetings and if she ever did was late. Then the lpn is sitting at home too, both complain the audio doesn’t work . Of course it doesn’t Emma Mamaluy tells them to make it so people can’t hear. And thinks that no one knows this ! The monitors sent email with her name so try it again lying lawyer ! Oh yes a f k up bd for sure Jokey is ready for halloween, really learning just how stupid she is ! and incompetent for the job !

  2. R & R aren’t as big as they think they are . outside the metro area is far enough . Some judges are fair and impartial but not willy winky . Can’t wait to watch the trial by fire ! You will have a lot of people on your side of the argument believe me. Jokey can show up in the most expensive outfit and still stutter and say stupid nonsensical things like she always does. As long as they figure she is not your typical grandmother type but instead a wicked witch . Make sure she brings her clown lying lawyer , it will be FUN !

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