Open Letter K. Hobbs When You’re The Governor

The nature of the seriousness of the nursing situation in Az is defined clearly by the fact that Az has the lowest numbers of local working nurses in the country. How did this happen? Filling these billets with out of state travelers doubles costs.

The noteworthy event, only one here, and there are many cases of abuse and violence against nurses by the AZBN. It is well known but there is nothing like one case to tell the governor accurately how to win an election. Nurses vote and they want to be cut loose from regulations from the criminal AZBN.

The one of many hacks to nurses and pts. alike… Pt. gets discharged to home from northern Az rural hospital after surgeon put an endoscope through her esophagus, clean through. Told to drink fluids so the juice could properly pour out perforation & infect het chest cavity, which it did after sending her deeply near death. Reporting of case to social media caused 37 court appearances 40 day jail sentence 100,000$ civil suit from surgeon. His testimony was suborned by AAG Elizabeth A.Campbell The azbn supported this man who by the time he reached Az he had diagnosis of dementia and led around by a much younger, heavily lacquered with big, pert breasts and who now just retired with 2 mil Vegas Estates. The damages of physical harm and a neglecting felony for renuminations are personal for me.You must understand the politics of regs both followed and unfollowed are not creating safety…violence on nurses has gone wild with nurses at azbn by creating false narratives to protect bad systems. Ridenour has destroyed nursing and falls asleep on the job.

Sometimes not so attractive people can look so much better when they take of themselves. Your mirror image shows a person who is concerned about her health. You are physically in tune to have good health and look and sound marvelous. Your caring for yourself is a potent tool in assessing others. Take a close look at this Board. Why are these people so homely? Judging looks is poor Christian behaviors, I know, but so much evil must be clogging their vascular pump. You are the only one to clean out this criminal and layered organization. This crew is a horrible representative of people concerned with health as Jabba the Hut is their leader.

The police and nurses know everything. Violence is the nursing future in Arizona. …get ahead of the admin & regulatory curve with this group and learn how to protect your lic.

Peary A. Brown retired R.N.


3 thoughts on “Open Letter K. Hobbs When You’re The Governor

    1. the Governor is the only one who can terminate her. Ridenour is not what the present day image of what nursing in modern applications is. She is 80 yrs old and her husband owns adm. It’s unlikely KLake will be any different. But maybe.

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