Ethics AZBN

The mission now for AZBN is to convince the public of their value for the public exists in the world of medicine. Post pandemic health care remains the people’s top fearful living dangers of U.S.;presently staffing issues are huge and difficult to get relief without costing huge amts. Access to quality health care has taken enormous delays in many areas, who can we blame?

Nursing in the critical care or any nursing service requiring hands on detailing of life is the focus of the person making the assessment. Outside influence in this territory is not always warranted and is the source for most damages in the health care systems. Most common for the direct care providers in COVID ERA is the abrupt ineptitude of regulations to let reality get in their way of educational memos from the cash flow. However, ethically violated cases are incredibly common. Shoring up this belief can be placed into corrupt hall of fame in one of many cases in one sentence. Nurse lost lic. b/c she violated the confidentiality of a person who was dead. ‘What did I say’?? it’s been a while since AZBN’s Valerie Smith at Lucia Trujillo’s revocation hearing openly charged her with breaking pt confidentiality b/c Lucia statements made on social media, which was argumentative, All probabtive if the pt. wasn’t dead. It’s hard to wrap around that dead people have equal confidentiality rights as live pts. The law of rules agrees. If you’re the AZBN’s Val Smith a law degree must have stains all over it. Ethical violations abounding to and about connections to cause further ethical and moral behaviors supporting themselves. Contralateral responses to injustice is queer as every other dept in the system has a red dot on the chart. Fortunately nurses are very much like police, they know everything, their failures become successes if noted injuries occur within a system of its own making. We are now circling the wagons, or many new nursing affordable defenses cooking all over the country by publicaly supporting nurses to reduce discipline. There is good results to azbn’s Arpaio like behaviors; that good results is SM power and many know and forming groups of experience and teams working on actions to stop Ridenour.

Not long after Ridenour civilly destroyed Amanda Trujillo (illegally) she was knighted by NCSBN soon after as SM disciplinary queen and spoke at annual conversations NCSBN(on our way to world regs).

Although the Lucia Trujillo case did not make the academic cut for only logistical reasons it remains the foundation in nursing history for historical workplace violence against nurses. The Nursing World must unite with the law to follow less insurrectionary contralateral opponents of unnecessary regulations. Intended retaliated actions against nurses by the Ridenours can easy be found in other parts of ncsbn’s documented hearings of Trujillo’s case. There are many other cases being studied by students that also know about the other cases of direct abuse and criminal actions against nurses. The regulatory agency is source of more of the same.

Peary Brown retired R.N. 16 Aug. 2022


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