Nurse Ratched

So often nurses pictured as battleaxes were created to enhance the social drama as Ratched’s creator, Ken Keasey, fessed up to his model for Ratched was in reality a small person with a mild personality with professional patience. The nurse in his story was needed to be evil to complete the personality picture of the mentally abused in a state organization. Another piece of liability tossed upon nursing for the dollar. Today, nurse abuse has reached monstrous heights of multi-level bleed outs throughout the systems revealing costs damaging lives all across the country. A NYC ER nurse can have 18 pts with no techs. A nurse can go to jail for calling a quack a quack, a nurse can loose a lic. for zero nursing issues, teaching a pt???, all and more over regs with zero oversight. Does Hollywood abuse the nurse like so many, many others do? The largest cash register in the world will have and need to demonstrate fraud in the ventures of greed and cover ups in laundering pts. The talking nurses from Arizona end up in a hell built by Mark Brnovich’s construction.

Nurses Please No Votes


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