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The definitions of ethics are not always billed as laws on the books; as morality in basic law foundations are of character. Record keeping and management of nurses records on file force dings in desires to stay in nursing, very evident today. But epigrams here of real cases comes objectively and is republish able without fear of inaccuracies. Each nurse’s story is that we are interested in the ones of illegal behaviors by Adm, AKA AZBN A real nurse from Fla gets arrested more than 10 yrs prior to for domestic assault and assaults’ on police. Her Application to Az was conditioned with monitoring/probation to which she rejected. She had this side interest in the Grand Canyon and her dream job was working in both nursing and the Canyon. Her ability to get that done was gone as hiring was prohibitive b/c of probation. The significance is that not all cases of being arrested results in being charged and arraigned on that charge. In C.R.’s case the prosecutor did not put the case on the docket to be arraigned. Failure to prosecute is not uncommon in today’s mkt place. Although this case was 10 yrs ago. The only reason the case came up was because C.R. answered the question of arrests accurately, and stated its dismissal. C.R. was ignorant to the importance of filing. Further investigation of adm incompetence and probable ethical federal violations is that a case can not be dismissed when it was never filed, therefore only the police report remains. Publishing this on NCSBN is a civil rights violations. 100s of cases. The police report is available to public and is hearsay only not useable in any other case, or publishable. C.R. was hit again upon renewal of Fla lic. via warning, for Arizona’s denial of a case that truly never existed. The use of police reports by AZBN is passed throughout their system via NCSBN. Can you imagine seeing a health care doc on yourself revealing an abortion 25 yrs prior?? There is one of those. Buried deep but its there. Sometimes the borders of copied docs by keyboard jockeys reveal more than what was intended. Documentation is what these groups love as it performs credibility and allows for a paycheck. Accuracy in tyranny is irrelevant.

Become a nurse in Arizona and get disciplinary records, x2, on a case that does not exist.

Peary Brown retired R.N.


Subjective Journalism Limited AZBN

The identification of evidence carried here is unneeded as it is mostly direct evidence and black letter law violations. The reason only for now is that all posted here not in comments is direct evidence such as nurse L.Trujillo being revoke for breaking the confidentiality on a corpse. And retaliated upon by being listed as nurse imposter. The volume of incredible civil, well of criminal actions is way common considering the large number of listed cases disciplined, meaning 1000/yr lics go south?? Of course this not today the importance of known criminal acts inside the AZBN;confirmation is Nurse T’s case who meets new Nurse grad, 43 y.o. excop, male ; all clues In my world that in itself is a clue. They do not date but exchange online to her snapping and threatens Steven Gonos. He testifies to the truth, advanced practice Nurse dumps probation and loss of lic ×5yrs. The crime, at least in the real world, is putting a documented perjurious witness with a prior record for discipline and police officer job dismissal under oath Putting a known perjurious witness, with a record, under oath is only noncriminal when the witness is recorded as such. Creeps can legally testify as long as the court identifies as prior creep history. It doesn’t matter to the AZBN that Gonos had red flags stuck all over him. All behaviors in this case destroy social mores that send chills up nurse’s spine. The need for the Nursing board to pull power for a puke like Gonos is pure Satan. The relationship between police and nurses is a social more of major impact for our community to see the uselessness and social dangers of Director Ridenour. In this case Sunita Krishna was the blind pigeon. I’m easy to find. Peary Brown Retired RN

The Invaluable Use Of Power To Silence Selective Nurses

Chaotic Records & Statutes Violations AZBN Az Atty Gen Mark Brnovich Elizabeth A. Campbell

Peary Brown retired R.N.

The violations by AZBN & AZ Atty Gen of ARS 32-1263.02 is uneventful to locate these cases and their perpetrators against nurses and patients as well. The nature of chaotic documentation helps assist the violators hide that such laws protecting nurses does actually exist. Neither AZBN or Adm Law Court or NCSBN includes this bill in their unlawful prosecution, and documented events of nurses. The Gatekeeper presenting cases without public witness or complaint is a common violation. Hiding existing laws reflects the depth of their chaotic motives. Why is this law hiding only in state laws passed?

A vote for Mark Brnovich is a vote for nurse and patient failures.

Angela Fountain AZBN The Evidence Speaks For Itself

If a time comes when the rubber screeches where it touches the world….this be that screech of ungodly sounds. Board Member Fountain does not live in the bedside critical care world when she praises Dr. Richmond in both negligent death c/c against his lic. We as victims of this AZBN know that Bd member Fountain has little experience in clinical anesthesia. In spite of her credentials anybody associated with anesthesia knows two deaths within a short period of one another should not generate a pass from the likes of this stumbling Bd member who seems to be THAT person who’d sway a vote for no monitoring of an anesthetist that can not regulate the flow of O2. I mean these people are suppose to be experts at airway management, which most anesthesiologists will tell you isn’t rocket science. That is only half of the story…like moving leinable assets before civil filings begin, NOW AINT THAT RICH. Where did they learn to title that big house in Scottsdale to a friend. , not to mention the 250,000 boat now in the hands of some heap big unrelated friend.

This is America and if you are not cheating then your not trying. Conflict of interests??? And way more. These people need to be stopped.

I like the part where Richmond becomes ‘Doctor’ after Bd processes.

Saving Nursing One Nurse At A Time

The Scape Goats Selective Silencing of Pts. Advocates Kim Paradisis Unjust Registered Nurse Discipline

For those nurses who have thought they’re alone ….you are recognized in spite of the AZBN and what they have done to you. The above recent study done defines the horrors that this Az. state organization has done to you. I myself some how ended up as a participant of this massive study of the Unjust Nurse Discipline. This study is the foundation of which allows us to be granted financial support for other victimized nurses and ourselves; all of which will help us make the U.S. safer for all. I could go on forever about this study but the study does it for me. It is a massive undertaking revealing what and why the AZBN, Ombudsmen, AAG, & Adm Law CtC have done to nurses. Its about 200 pages explaining precisely why few know the names of the people who actually put our pts. in Potter’s field and the unjust discipline used by Az regulators to reveal a part of nursing that belongs in the book of revelations. Kim Paradisis has done a remarkable expose ito nursing adm failures and connecting the dots of registered nurse backrooms. I do not know each case of unjust registered nurse discipline but I know four and all of those are from AZBN. We here have not been kind in AZBN depictions although identifying them now as illegal motherfuckers is solidly confirmed. We can rejoice that these disturbing facts of the health care system now have digital permanence at .edu site and will ALWAYS be accessible from anywhere. The tentacles of corruption are grossly revealed although nurses in study are protected by codes. etirIf your a nurse, with the gift, you might want to rethink working in Az. If you stay DO NOT BE A PT.ADVOCATE. In Arizona ‘No good deed goes unpunished and if the physician says it is ok that pt’s head fell off…you best say ok. A GREAT ARTICLE FOR REGISTERD NURSES. THEN AND NOW

Amanda Trujillo, R.N. & The AZBN or The Valerie Smith’s SDummies’s Course For How to Break Confidentiality of a Corpse.

Upon first interview with the then enamored nurse it was very apparent to those with a half a brain that this person had what it took to be a real nurse. What can that be a real nurse? The transition into today’s automated, robotic, milieu of dollars and cents from a caring and concerned foundation of yesteryear does not go easy for real nurses. Nurse Trujillo represents the true meaning of, “No good deed goes unpunished.” By the time the system got done with her, and she openly told the world, many experienced nurses would come to realize that nursing, as we know it, is dead. At least in Arizona. Objectively one could easily argue that a statement as profound as that can not be concluded from just one case. This page is loaded with many cases, and unfortunately not a single nurse, except Nurse Trujillo would allow her name to be openly used. The behind the facade of the seemingly public safety agency lies the miserable right wing of extremism of greed and power. In a town that supports big pricks like Arpaio you’ll not only get massive perjured events but unprecedented collisions driven by greed. Amanda Trujillo, R.N. was able to make this clear with her wonderful literary style of honesty. It was so cool viewing so many modern day over educated chameleons defending a corrupted agency when in fact there was many more Nurse Trujillos turned into zombies by this automated establishment. How can this be cool? Its when the whole room knows the truth and the witnesses are lying that stirs up that emotion well known to accompany the truth.

Thanks to all this political punishment the U.S. is left with the worse quality health care rating in the industrialized world. Can it be said that these nurse abuse cases represent the fall of safety which is now staring us all in the face? It is merely one aspect in combination with greed that is killing us. Those who place faith in this system will eventually find out they are no longer part of the great Kingdom that potentially exists. And some will lose their lives, and the lives of loved ones due to medical error, and not have a clue that the dose of Vanco was three times what it should have been. Not possible? Every hour 2 people die in the state of Arizona due to undocumented medical errors. Key word, ‘undocumented.’ Die with that. We don’t remember the AZBN bad tactics as much as remembering their silence in the damages to our loved ones. Nurse Trujillo is just one of the many loved ones.