15,000 Walking Away And NOT For The Money

Minneapolis maybe the first city in the history of modern nursing to join forces and say ‘Enough’.. of short staffing and security issues that is a rapid political assault on an already failing health care system. The Nursing staffing shortage is finally getting national media attention which can easily advance to an national emergency and so many services unavailable .Is it possible that as many as 15 ,000 nurses bail from work on the same day? They want more staff and increase in security issues. The volume of this move in a single area such as the Twin Cities will have ripple effects to make high level government shake. How do you fix out of control regulations greatly impoundment of potentially good nurses with restrictions. The need for less regulations has been evident by the push from Academia that nursing boards are directly connected to workplace violence which reflects upon pt. safety. Nursing Boards spend millions serving useless Vendettas upon nurses, it’s sooo marvelous seeing nursing serve Vendettas as well. In the mean time good luck with one person cpr.

Pearyb@yahoo.com Peary Brown retired R.N.


One thought on “15,000 Walking Away And NOT For The Money

  1. The general public is now more on heightened alert about fraud in our regulatory system. There is rumor even from inside bd that they’re being investigated/

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