About Time Beth Campbell Eats It AZBN

Beth Campbell finally has a loss in Superior Ct judges rules to unrevoke

I wonder if many others could file. Interesting case. AZBN plasters, again, unadjudicated docs, which is civil rights violation. AZBN treats police reports like they can redistribute whenever they like; across state lines which is a Federal Civil Rights violations. Elizabeth Campbell is a crooked AAG and should be disbarred. Beth is finally showing she is earning her keep and its in her face. The stress of the wicked.


19 thoughts on “About Time Beth Campbell Eats It AZBN

  1. This isn’t her ‘finally lost” she’s lost before . Campbell is used to ignoring all evidence and comments that are for the nurse. When a top notch attorney tells the BON, (morons who ONLY listened to stupid Campbell) “YOUR DA IS “CONFUSED” AND CANNOT INTERPRET LAW” . You would Think this would be something to check out , since Campbell is not a good atty , and tries many tricks , mostly because she is up against nurses who do not study law. How they hell this bitch got a law license is troubling, Lower standards with the BAR than the BON. for sure !

    1. Friday night go have another drink with Alister Adel, we know you can’t pass a BAR .
      Celebrate your losses and what loser’s you both are . She’ll be off work , and you are too. Find a new job yet ?
      p s , don’t even ask for reference !

    2. Above on the left side of the picture is AZ #2 lying lawyer in the state . # 1 in lying lawyers is EMMA LEHNER MAMALUY , and # 3 is Kathryn Busby .
      Plagues are being made to recognize them for their efforts. Busby can boat a beer even faster then Adel , another loser lawyer in AZ . , . but prefers the hard whiskey . Campbell’s done MJ in the past, but likes to drink wine while she WHINES .
      Let’s not forget , even though gone (a tie for second place Nikki Austin , another lying lard ass) . Get these ALL SINGLE , women (geez wonder why? ) together and you got a real wing ding or drinking contests. Mamaluy likes her beer boats with a PIG roast , and weiner’s , polish ones . She could win first place in a contest of eating dogs . FOOT LONG , like in deep throat, getting a visual of her taken it in ?

    3. However, her course defines others besides herself. Cohoots with them pimps of BOWWLAW. S. King! I hope he doesn’t cross my path ever again, they’ll end up bringing the EChair back to Florence on my behalf.

    4. Damn she is DISGUSTING dirty bitch . Just DISGuSTING .

      Wonder how many have ‘cut a rug ‘ with that skank !

  2. ANOTHER CASE OF RETALIATION . The Corrupt Board of nursing knows that they are but using their position to go along with the false allegations, and side with those willing to lie . Too many times this happens .

    1. OH yes BRNOVICH office sucks big time. NUMNUTS . in charge Bruce Lee wanna be . While his dumb dumb in licensing is a lawyer wanna be .
      Looks like she got her eyes on alj position , she can kiss that good bye !!
      “BETH ” doesn’t make a pimple on Perry Mason’s arce .

      1. Sore loser too , she went into exe session, to talk the stupid board members into voting to appeal . Take you losses , admit wrong doing , we know it will be the first time in your life so not holding our breath !
        March meeting agenda , aka secret society .
        Manuel Erineo Gonzales v. Arizona State Board of Nursing, Maricopa County Superior Court Case
        No. LC2021-000127-001 DT – Discussion and possible action, including potential appeal, following
        the Superior Court’s decision. The Board may hold an Executive Session for legal advice pursuant
        to A.R.S. § 38-431.03(3) and/or to discuss and consult with its attorneys in order to consider its
        position and instruct its attorneys regarding the Board’s position in pending or contemplated
        litigation pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431.03(4).

  3. Elizabeth Campbell , the queen of liars . Small town gossip spreader, and uses really small unrelated nasty to embarrass , humiliate the nurse, but it REFLECTS ON WHO SHE IS . (DIRT BAG! SKANK )
    Her retirement will be like Charles Ryan , heavy drinking and outside looking for those he screwed over to be coming around and getting revenge.
    The one who hides in the shadows , like the stinky fart that reeks but no one knows their name if EMMA MAMALUY ! Another high paid LIAR .

  4. where’s the whore’s lipstick and fish net hose , that is what she is now , a street hooker
    so is CAROLYN MCCORMIES , influencing the stupid to agreeing with her destroying nature , both sick minded in different ways.

  5. The skank made it to facebook, talk of the town . LOL !!!

    Carol S .
    Elizabeth Campbell comes off as being indifferent and not reading the cases because she knows the BON and the ALJ will go along with her. my experience with her she was sarcastic and heartless. After not being able to find a nursing job in over 7 years due to my probation status she said replied ” Well nobody is guaranteed a job. “


    The fact that Campbell knows your case was retaliation and had nothing to do with nursing, but was to knock off highest paid on the job . (working 34 yrs in one hospital YRMC, is telling in itself. ) The person who should not have a job is Elizabeth Campbell. She is just doing the ear minimum to collect a paycheck and get a retirement . She could not find a honest job, see how she likes it ! Even in her own law firm , she would fail , word is out how stupid , slimy, sinful she is . Prosecuting a good nurse , knowing it is all bull crap, is illegal . Prison time for Campbell !

    1. Indifferent is putting it kindly. One look at her and my atty said “what a MESS” .
      Pharmacy board knew she was a ‘risk’ ,
      Jokey Ridenour , is too stupid to know a stupid lawyer when she meets one. LOL !!

      1. I know her (Beth Campbell she goes by, a real suck butt to judges, but is really a mouthy bitch , a real YENTA !

      2. Beth or Elizabeth A Campbell , makes Allister Adel look competent , sane, and organized.
        No one trusts lawyers and certainly no one trusts prosecutors, how did this dirt bag get hooked up with nurses the most honest profession?
        Oh that’s right, cause the BON is NOT HONEST , TRUST WORTHY , OR CREDIBLE . They give good hard working nurses in the state a bad name .

  6. Never trust a female with no lips .
    ESPECIALLY this dirty bitch .
    Prosecute nurse when she knows it all made up . The nurse is innocent .
    takes a real low life to go along with this !
    ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL Is a much uglier version of the prosecutor Leah Askey in the true story of a psychopath , who is twin to Emma Mamaluy , wicked and evil PAM HUPP . (played by Renee Zellwinger)
    IN the dateline show THE THING ABOUT PAM .
    There is a THING , that is for sure !!

  7. And just like her boss Numbnuts smark, who is going to start killing people to get votes ! no kidding starting up death row executions . Black hearted bethy is the same kind of cruelness about her. Don’t forget AZ , Smarkie was using drugs UNAPPROVED for death row the last time . The country who sells the death drug would not sell it knowing what they were doing , killing humans. So Smarkie cooked up his own batch, like the last time he wanted to get elected . Read about how that went. 20/20 was doing a story on it. Barbaric . Anything from the AG office has no conscience , of course that is where EMMA MAMALUY came from. Joke Ridenour and her ‘clicked ‘ both evil.
    If a nurse tried cooking up her own combination of meds to give for pain control or what ever REVOKE but Smarkie just kept on getting paid for his ‘fax paus” .
    The last time Arizona used the death penalty was in July 2014, when Joseph Wood was given 15 doses of a two-drug combination over two hours in an execution that his lawyers said had been botched. (torture chamber by Smarkie Bornovich!

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