Radonda Vaught Opinion

Whatever the defense nurse Vaught had produced through her atty wasn’t enough to convince a jury to acquit her. The neglence of the case will be seen by many as a slam dunk which can easily undermine any intune atty to present evidence to demonstrate the many sources of distractions and systems failures that nursing must face; although you never hear about some human violations which play roles. But I would say criminal prosecution doesn’t always require intent, but should. There can be no absolute motive or intent to take this person’s life. I once knew a critical care nurse had a med error but zero results of injury and she told me this. “I was giving a med from not my usual unit and I was busy, I had not voided all morning had pms besides. I don’t know I just grabbed the wrong med in my distraction.” Not likely to be an acceptable defense to nursing bds but it is a very reasonable answer and is distrubing that a simplistic view of life in nursing was not focused upon. The concept of foul play here seems probable, like the Tn Health Bd cleared her initially only to revoke lic after charges filed? The message Tn sends in this case is very disturbing for all nurses, you can not be human. The reality of this is that if you gave Radonda her lic back tomorrow she would be the best.