Ridenour's Queen & Her Court

For quite some time, which is specific of law in 2018, laws have been passed to assist in nurses getting reasonable justice in this new bill. This particular bill is in hiding from the general public and is not listed anywhere on AZBON website. Looks like Ridenour posted ancient laws probably in the 70s. Bringing this bill forward for nurse safety just does not strike Ridenour as important. The list of additional violations is more common than legal righteous moves. Making this evident is the same Ole same Ole whose violations in evidence listed on these many pages here. My point to notify the group now circling it’s wagons that remaining diligent to the course planned by NNAA is an absolute must. I would ask those of opposition to back off and wait for us to get bigger. Everybody, everybody is well tuned to these criminal acts well documented which the Advocacy group will advance upon. Whatever opposition we face should not be from our own kind. The crossroads to justice to eliminate Ridenour does connect with the opposition and any attempt to oppose us is shooting yourself in the foot. I understand the failures of the past but if you remember nothing, remember this, we know our failures therefore the success from nurse abuse from Ridenour is eminent. We need everybody on board, to prevent Ridenour from dying in office. Eliminating her and her Court which kisses her wrists, she shows no fear which in theory is pathological. Routine Racketeering without emotion is an act Freud considered sociopathic.