For all those who sat at nursing board…

For all those who sat at nursing board yesterday and today you learned just how image conscious AZBN\Ridenour is. Don’t they sound so profoundly professional and that is the one of the many modes of how political corruption operates. The uninformed view these posh laden whatever as the forever right crew. Your looking at marvelously successful criminal organization.


12 thoughts on “For all those who sat at nursing board…

  1. Sonobello can only do so much. Hair salon for fresh dye job, and macy’s stretches only so far . When a face mask is an improvement , time for the purse string lift. Janeen Dahn is replaced by Andrea Vasquez the one Dr DON hired 2 months ago and was so thrilled she was there , betcha she didn’t know it was her REPLACEMENT . Cindy Mand ,from the old Cty Hospital gone, she does move around a lot , very willing to give the dirtest looks possible , so unprofessional , Diane Caruso, replaced that spot. tells you a lot about her as an investigator , and real live snoop dog. Kathy Malloch former BD president , still pulling the dirty stunts. psych evals on profs . And Mr Steroid junky “jethro” is gone , sure didn’t last long , maybe 1 or 2 months . A real case of cushing syndrome all in one dough boy .

    1. SOMEONE knows what is going on . Brnovich is slammed almost daily. Even Canadian nurses were affected and post . Don’t forget about his charges by AZ BAR . CAMPBELL is next .
      Your office is suppose to have a section to watch what the dirty prosecutors are doing , Who is WATCHING ELIZABETH CAMPBELL ??? MARC H HARRIS is asleep. Campbell is OUT OF CONTROL.

  2. And for those who try calling that unprofessional board of nursing agency. you will be on hold over 10- 15 minutes , then it will hang up ! Unprofessionals running an agency . All in the break room . It is called incompetent , and all SUPPOSE to be run by goofy herself JOKE RIDENOUR ! Remember GOOFY on the cartoons , go to the bd of nuts agency and you can see the real deal GOOFY ! Slang. ridiculous; silly; wacky; nutty: a goofy little azzhat .

    1. Just when you think that change is happening , the board had a vote on Pres, V Pres and Sec , sad day for az nurses that is for sure !
      They just all voted for each other , the new ones clueless as to what is going on . a bunch of like you say seconders , human props , dummies, with mouths , too many attending from home, a nurse has the right to face the ones who are making these decisions ! And not look at a screen while lazy butts are doing dishes , going to the bathroom, putting on make up , pouring coffee , and can never hear the proceedings. all too strange. unprofessional’s ! all of them

  3. Wow you guys are talking the talk. We cannot afford to be tortured by this out of control bdsm again . So keep talking. Posting. You speak for many of us. Never in a million years thought so many stupid people aka SHEEP gather on one board at once. Wth do they find such brain washed YES women ..?. U R nurses real hero’s and U R the only ones protecting the public.

      1. One thing I noticed at the board of nursing meeting, was the inconsistency of cases . Years ago in nursing school the cases were the same situation and now the end result is 180 degree , what happened ? Also the one who is the president is such a low grade , unprofessional for that position. I think it was Scott or Malloch before , this new one McCornies , is really kinda of a joke and insult to nurses who have to deal with her . Rude and distracted , she makes a ton of mistakes , like a air head . Nursing has sure gone down hill , even board members . a big disappointment !

  4. It was not long ago that a board member was making statements publicly about muslims and mexicans. This is not good for someone who is in a position to do . J Ridenour did not get rid of the GOP bigot . Why not ???? The Gov did not get rid of the nut job why not ? She was another plug in who was there as a SECONDER , just like Cristina Ellis and KYRA LOCNIKAR .< she has no degree in anything except MRS degree married to an addict , does this give her authority on addiction ? Ridenour used BRANDON DALE, another P V resident for this reason but he get the hell out of dodge when he saw what they were doing and how his reputation would go down the tubes.He doesn't think too much of the old goat, in fact didn't even resign , wants nothing to do with her , Joekeys first appearances , you don't see the real nasty soul less bitch she really is . It's there , His wife grabbed him and running out of the board meeting , chanting LET"S GO BRANDON! Never to be seen again .

    1. Check out the picture of Ducey and Kyra Locnikar . Her husband has headlines in many papers about his huge complex drug habit. Admitting to doing cocaine before surgeries . He is free to practice and NO drug tests .
      Would you trust someone like this to do surgery on you or your loved one ? Would Ducey ?
      A addict , needs to be watched . UDS . No one changes that much. Notice Kyra Locnikar does not explain her vote does not voice any opinion just as much a puppet as Anderson. She is there to cast a vote . That is all . SHAMEFUL what AZ has in such important areas. SHAMEFUL !!

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