The following is a copy of a bill…

The following is a copy of a bill passed after vetoed in 2017. It favors nurses for specifics which the Az Bd violates time and time again. This order can not be found but in state’s legisative orders and IS NOT posted on AZBN site.

A.R.S 32-1263.02. The board shall not act on its own motion or on a complaint received by the board if the allegation of unprofessional conduct, unethical conduct or any other violation of this chapter against a professional who holds an Arizona license or certificate occurred more than six four years before the complaint is received by the board. The six‑year four‑year time limitation does not apply to:

1. Medical malpractice settlements or judgments or allegations of sexual misconduct or if such incident or occurrence involved a felony, diversion oF a controlled substance or impairment while practicing by the licensee or certificate holder


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