he History To Follow the Dollar Lies the…

he History To Follow the Dollar Lies the Truth.
The director speaks..

Core Competencies
Core competencies of legislative liaisons and lobbyists for a nurs-

ing board or other state agency include fluency and familiarity with

political strategies, such as the legislative process, the subject of

the proposed legislation, and its stakeholders. Joey Ridenour

Why is stakeholders plural? There should only be one. I beg you to someday tell us the influence of $$investments in public policy that you don’t follow anyway????

13 thoughts on “he History To Follow the Dollar Lies the…

  1. so far the only one passing laws, rules, statues are those that are part of the AZ BON or supports them AZNA , and no surprise they are all AGAINST the nurse !

      1. a case heard by the az corrupt bd a Rn falsely accused of many wild stories , her lawyer says “concocted ” we know the story liars and board buds in a conspiracy . wild story !! When is HILL going to see this is most of the cases !!! She doesn’t want people to read stuff on line and anonymously report another nurse , then STOP voting yes !!

  2. Get your nurse magazine ? , the board of nursing agency has ‘decided” to keep the nurses before the board names out of the magazine. WOW ! Now how is MCCORMIE going to say “consistent ???? Just one of the inconsistencies !
    Looking back it was Joke Ridenour who took her own survey of who knows who??? Her and Bill ? Her and Janeen ?? little pow wow entitled ‘screw the pooch”. That ” the only reason nurses read the magazine was to see those who had a case before the board”. So stopped putting those in their so no one will read it ??/
    Seems to me some of the ‘favored “ones got caught , got off easy but still went to the board meetings , because someone reported them . So if Joke is not carrying this in the magazine that smeared so many nurses , then we need to HIGHLIGHT THE NAMES of those who seemed to SKATE . Those who mistakes , patient safety issues were down played. And they mostly got Letters of no concern. Not to humiliate but to level the playing field . Show them this is what the board did to so many , and now some ‘friends ‘ of board members got caught, lets’ just not print it . Don’t worry , we’ll print it for you .
    Consistent ??? How many nurses reading this had their name, reputation, sent all over the state, to peers, mgrs, co workers ?? They did not deserve it either. And now that some of the mo mo’s got caught, a decision to stop the news from being printed. We can make our own news and big headlines that will remain for a long time to come if that’s what they want. McCorney the ditz , went from “pattern ” to “consistent’ . Lies all lies . nothing is fair or consistent with the Bd , not while the head chief is running the show . Making bad decisions all the time over and over. And this is where they get in trouble .

    1. Social Troubles they have….when I went before the Bd real cops with real guns followed me around.. they really did and I was an old angry white guy they needed to reduce the threat impression of. Fact is we don’t threaten anybody but the social problem arises when we don’t walk away from a patient threat. Abuse of nurses grossly burns patients. 🔥

      1. All part of Emma Mamaluy “the sky is falling ” and mixture of stupid cops willing to muddy their names and badge for a drama dip sh*t queen. They can also dirty your name with comments, if they are not ‘dangerous” or “they are so afraid ” more BS. It ‘s dangerous or crazy . When all they have to do is look in the mirror and see the real danger to the public .

      2. Very OLD Pattern of tricks, VERY OLD , and shows their shortcomings more than it does anyone else’s . The only ones they can convince are gullible stupid board members. Make them ot to be DANGEROUS, and UNSTABLE .

      3. oh yea, if you are against them you are dangerous . Stupid cops willing to go along with their nonsense . While real crimes and criminals cases are unsolved. Too busy chasing good nurses around the board of nursing , intimidation , threats, and Lying lawyers like Mamaluy “we had to have police presence ” . such a liar but new board members are too stupid just like the cops to think through what is REALLY GOING ON HERE !

      4. INCONSISTENT az bd of nursing Carolyn MCCormies lies !
        Take a couple of male nurses who worked at ALTEC, Kindred with me, Robert Murphy, and Sunny David. Now they both hung a unit of blood together . Two nurses sign for a blood unit. Tow nurses sign to hang. it Why did one get more punishment than the other ?? Blood Band unit per on call instructions , lab not there they (THEY FILLED IT OUT) . I’ll tell you why the AZ BON is Corrupt and liars , no consistency !
        Both got fired, but only one has a record you can see the only one was a one of the biggest problems of nursing –FAVORTISM ! The Bd on Az is INCONSISTENT .

    2. A favorite apparent tactic of Boards of Nursing is to deliberately draw out investigations and disciplinary processes. In most states when a nurse is innocent, (and we know a large percentage are) these contested cases take 2 to 3 years to conclude. Or more . These cases are the “contested” cases where the nurse has been falsely accused or the discipline is far too harsh to meet the crime.
      In Texas, 5000 nurses are investigated a year. Of these only 1400 have merit. Yet the Board will with impunity spend years attempting to railroad the nurse into accepting charges.
      Boards assume guilt. The process is geared towards denying any evidence of innocence and forcing the nurse to comply. Boards frankly “must-win”. This is more often than not acceptable to the nurse. Nurses feel they cannot sign charges that allege something they never did. When nurses fight back, Board’s dig in their heels and will delay, delay, and delay justice for years.

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