The focus here for politics is the issue…

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12 thoughts on “The focus here for politics is the issue…

  1. Someone having a problem with truth in politics. As the saying goes..if you’re not a Democrat liberal by age 25 you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative Republican by 40 you have no brains.

  2. The politics are mentioned to discuss how these colleges and universities have liberal educators that are indoctrinating students with wokeism mentality. This dysfunctional teaching leads to dysfunctional, political mandates. The jab is unconstitutional, as was forcing Americans to buy health insurance under Obama care or ger a $1000 fine. The FACTS remain…fully vaccinated people have caught covid and covid omicron variant AND have transmitted covid and civil omicron variant …Natural immunity is totally REAL and more effective than any vaccine or booster or mask combo…but this crap released by nbscn is politics in action…zero to do with science or individual liberties. When I see people with masks on..I think first how dumb can you f*ckin be, secondly, what happened to common sense, thirdly, how effective the government is at controlling people and convincing them it is for their protection and the protection of others…really follow the REAL science..NOT political science. Either you didn’t pay attention enough in the respiratory portion of you nursing education or you are a person that believes that anything and everything on the internet is true…I really feel sorry for you. This belief that the government knows best is the first step in the brainwashing for end times… mark my words…in the end ” what is EVIL will be called GOOD ( abortion) and what is GOOD will be called EVIL” ( JUDEO- Christian values….what our country and constitution are founded on)….please use your brains people….name one country that proves socialism is a good thing… can’t…and that is exactly where this current administration is taking us towards.

  3. Mitch McConnell acts just like the Arizona Board of Nursing, and we, the Watchdogs are just like FoxNews

  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of the nurses who have been and are now victims of this vicious board , the agency , the Dir , the ‘investigators ” who are all willing to do nasty reporting, and investigations of someone’s underwear than, any facts , or evidence of anything. ! Be careful nurses , when you fill out applications, anything and everything can end up on the www. One NP application was subpoenaed she named her father her emergency contact . Writing down honestly his name and information. In case something happened to her at work . You can no longer do this ! You must make up a name and put your own phone number, this application is property of hospitals but are working with the illegal board. The whack job investigators at the BON , see this as a contact to call and ask nosy personal questions. What a shame that you have to lie , and watch what you write , because tomorrow it can be under some witches microscope.
    I hope the victim nurses , can get together and have a cup of cheer , gather with those who know only too well the draconian ways of the board , the employees, the associate directors, the director . Let them gather as fake friends , and have their laughs , and tricks exchanged . Who knew a state agency acted like this would ever work in AZ as a nurse ! No one !

    1. Yes ! a huge lump of coal to the fake bitches and the pussy males at the board . Who is willing to go along with the ways of the board ? who ?
      well Stacy Ridenour Grohall , NP at PCH, Jokey’s daughter, she will stand by mommie dearest, she wants to inherit her money why rock the boat?
      sounds invasion of family members , guess where we learned it from . Kristi Hunter , the head hunter of nurses, another nasty NP , who is not at the BON anymore but certainly put bodies and ripped out hearts and souls of nurses , on her record.
      Along with help from Tammy Eigenheer , the Jezebel Judge , an impudent, shameless, or morally unrestrained woman.

      1. a large class of new grads from ASU , they are young . What people will think :
        Janeen Dahn : look at the revenue we will collect from them getting licenses (ASSsuming they would be dumb enough to get a license in AZ )
        Joke Ridenour: I wonder how many of those back ground checks will come up clean (and we can punish them to start their careers .
        Carol MCCormies: Not of one of them will be as good as nurse as the ones from my school, and they love me ! not ASu profs they LOVE ME , I know their back grounds and they are good sister wives . We will be so proud when they get married to a mission boy and pop out a baby in 9 months , like my daughter did , there are not only nurses they are breeders .
        Elizabeth Campbell : I like those who are so young and naive they think they have any rights ! Wait until they get a license in AZ in Nursing, we can Fuk up the rest of their lives and put their most embarrassing moment on the internet.
        Cindy Mand: I will spy on every one of them , or get my friends to .
        Beth Boyer : “Fresh Meat ” , let them even try to get a UNION in at Banner and they are in big trouble , I am lifetime trained to rat them out , that’s why mgt loves me.

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  6. Soon it will be the BORED of nursing , no one wants to do it anymore . The only reason a few are left is because of high pay, but not for long.
    This is what we are hoping to find something other than sucky nursing . Think you get the idea,

      1. This is the committee members 2008, notice some of them still around destroying lives. There is not a person on here that can be trusted or you would want as a friend, or anywhere near you !
        Denise G. Link, DNSc, WHCNP Chair
        Susan K. Bohnenkamp, RN MS CCM APRN-BC
        Janice L. Bovee, CNM
        Jennifer Brodie, MS, CPNP
        Martha Carey-Lee, MS, FNP-C
        Nancy Denke, MSN, FNP
        Carol E. Feingold, MS APRN PMHNP BC
        Elizabeth Gilbert, RNC, MS, FNP
        Julia Griffin, RN MS AOCNS
        Carol Harrigan, MSN, NP
        Jacqueline A. Keuth, RN MS CCNS CCRN
        Anita Martinez, RN MS CNM
        Marianne McCarthy, PhD, RN
        James Mitchell, MS, MBA, Psych/MHNP
        Rodney Moffett, CRNA MS
        Claretta Munger, BSN, MSN, CPNP
        Agnes Oblas, MSN, ANP
        Janeen Dahn, Advanced Practice Consultant
        Karen Grady, Advanced Practice Consultant
        Karen Gilliland, Board Staff
        It is the ones who figured out the actions of the board are corrupt and down right wrong that left or separated from them . But what did they do ? ?
        No wonder whistle blower laws always get shot down .

      2. The very interesting present issue is clinically absence of bedside nurses. The volume of regulation types who I guess would easily give pts vercuronium instead of versed and walk away eating popcorn, is the DreamWorks of this group who make millions.YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO BUY A BEDSIDE NURSE IN TODAY’S MKT. Now in regulation you have a degree in STUPIDITY & GREED.

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