So if a course curriculum for pt Nurse…

So if a course curriculum for pt./Nurse Advocacy crosses the need for approval or denial @ AZBN does the Bd deny this course from being taught in Az. nursing programs b/c it specifically focuses upon Bd’s involvement with medical errors as well as work place violence against nursing.


27 thoughts on “So if a course curriculum for pt Nurse…

  1. This should make the cult gang of money hungry shake in their protective undergarments . After all guess who is buying up all the assisted living, care homes ? AZ is so far behind New York and reality ! Can you believe that mandatory minimum staffing in nursing homes is now a law in New York? Interestingly, last year Governor Cuomo was exposed for requiring nursing homes to accept COVID-19 positive patients when New York hospitals were overflowing and then not being truthful about the number of deaths of nursing home residents.

    However, New York recently passed laws and Governor Cuomo signed legislation requiring safe staffing in nursing homes and hospitals. It requires that nursing homes be properly staffed with a minimum of 3.5 hours of nursing care per resident. I hope this does not mean CNAs and that it is hours of licensed nursing staff.

    With regard to the hospitals, they are required to seek input from nurses and other staff in creating staffing plans to include specific guidelines on how many patients each nurse is assigned. Requiring a committee to develop specific guidelines on how many patients each nurse is assigned causes me concern. When there is not an absolute minimum number of nurses to take care of patients, doesn’t that give you cause for concern when hospitals are allowed to create staffing guidelines?

    If hospitals were going to provide adequate staffing, they would have done so already. A law requiring them to have a committee to create their own standards and levels of staffing, it seems like the fox guarding the hen house.

    That is why I like California’s laws requiring mandatory minimum staffing. And remember, minimum staffing levels are for a minimum and hospitals can flex up with higher acuity. For if you don’t have the minimum number of staff it can be dangerous for patients. When hospitals are not properly staffed, it causes increased incidences of medical malpractice, decreases retention of nurses, and decreases nurse satisfaction.

    While I applaud New York for taking steps to ensure that its residents receive proper care, I am not sure this is the best resolution. I am glad nurses have a seat at the table but is this in name only? Is it someone in administration or someone working the floors?

    I would not be surprised if hospitals intimidate or strong-arm nurses to agree to lower staffing levels than is safe or necessary. This has been happening for years where nurses are put in dangerous positions for their license and well being.

  2. Think about members of the board of nursing drawing up what can and can’t be taught , well ya I guess we can visualize this , because what is being taught now isn’t working .
    Only this desk magnets will think NURSING DIAGNOSIS’s are a good thing to learn . What a WASTE of time. Nursing theory , now talk about a waste of time ! And then the all time stand by TEAM WORK !! Another joke. It is one gang against the other , bully bitches getting paid to do the wicked devils work .
    The AZ BON should be abolished , or locked up , they do not follow any purpose .

  3. This is what your board members do on their days off . And you think they are not mind controlled ?

    Never should allow these bad apples to ever make any decisions . Go crawl into your own little Island somewhere , stay away from “good” people, because you are filth , dirty , and corrupt !

    1. if you think this is non related, you need to study up . so many similarities , who knew they joined a state agency cult .
      Total control, no over sight , no safe opt out , no way to walk out , not with any dignity .
      Changing doctrines behind closed doors, changing the rules, without any public announcement. Oh yea you got emma “smith ” (lol) touching on something , no one can decipher , just “hinting” , which is very shady . Secretiveness , a second file kept meetings held before the board meeting. DECEPTION , that is the description of any group that is unethical . It is easy to try to blend in with a dishonest group and in your mind think it is ok , it’s NOT OK . Your responsible for your actions.

      1. Another “dirty ” mormon. a bishop , the part about one of his victims working hard all his life and it is all gone , rang so true to so many of the victims of the ‘ponzi scheme aka az board of nursing ” where the victims lost everything , due to the dirty mormons, judging , and being driven by the devil . Ripping off innocent people / ponzi scheme or at the board of nursing , same thing . Dirty all of them . Admitted Ponzi-schemer Shawn Merriman was sentenced Tuesday to 12½ years in prison during an emotion-filled hearing that included an appeal from his mother, one of his victims, to “make him pay.”

        About 30 victims of the former Mormon bishop’s $20 million fraud packed a federal courtroom in downtown Denver for more than seven hours of testimony and arguments.

        Six victims spoke to the court, expressing anger and outrage.

        “He had me convinced he was an honest guy, that I could trust him. I put money in, and the rest is history. It’s all gone,” said Davis McCann of Parker, Colo., turning to Merriman. “I worked in construction for 20 years for $8 to $10 an hour. For every day I worked, you stole it from me. Every dime.”

        Merriman pleaded guilty in December to one count of mail fraud after surrendering to authorities in March 2009. He admitted to taking money from 67 investors and using it to fund a lavish lifestyle and to pay off initial investors with latter investors’ money.

  4. Well we shared an actual case before the corrupt board of nursing . A young male had a dui, then turned his life around , went to school and got his RN degree. Applied for a license . The AZ BON gave him a really hard time . Like your ‘goodie two shoes ” (self named , but are wicked women on a bad board ) . don’t make a mistake. Well when it comes to alcohol , zero tolerance, they don’t even drink coffee so this is really bad .
    At the BON meeting they told him psych eval (at his expense ) by the docs on THEIR list ONLY , and probation . Get hired on probation, MCCORNEY crazy knows that won’t happen so why set him up for failure ? His family was moving back to Calif , his entire support system, and he decided to go back as well. OF course untrusting as she is Carolyn McCormies, (bon) told him he had to get a letter that Calif knew about the DUI, he did , his investigator called too . Next meeting , ” Sister McCormies, “well I just dont trust you will tell them and just apply and all of our investigation will be lost ” . {AS IF AZ WON”T CONTACT CALIF BON, illegal oh well they do it anyways ! . (although McCormies , will also say “we have to trust our investigators ” . So Investigations are HONEST and NEVER CONTAIN EXAGGERATION OR LIES ??? yea right Carolyn , tongue twister . Then She further makes herself a complete idiot by saying , ‘what if you don’t go to Calif and you go skipping across the country to some other state and they never know about this DUI/ ‘ ? (loud scream here like the building just collapsed ) . Excuse me , but don’t all boards of nursing do background checks ???? And really quite frankly WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF HERS???? Does the AZ BON have the responsibility to hover over nurses in every state , ??? to make sure they are ‘Gawd forbid DRINKING ALCOHOL CAROLYN !!! ) So the next board meeting, now this young man who is not working as a nurse , is paying an atty to argue with crazy carolyn’s logic . So case was scheduled for 6/25/ 21. And Watchdogs are watching ADAM STONE to see if he is a soul seller too. BUT it appears that someone decided this was absurd and struck a deal with him . Guess we’ll have to wait until the next BON cruxifiction by McCormies who’s mouth and ignorance runs wild ! Where do BON’s get the idea they can treat nurses as criminals . A dui he spent at least 10k already through the courts . Very untrusting , guess they get that on Sundays, when they teach them to watch each other !
    Anyone would be crazy to get a license in AZ. If you have one retire it before the sun sets tonite . This BON has your career in their lunatic logic of limited thought process. They do not know how to treat others fairly . This won’t be the first person to be very sorry for applying for a nursing license in AZ and deeply regret it !

    1. I’m pretty sure when it was pointed out that this was JOKEY RIDENOUR’S decision , and she could not wipe her dirty buggers on the board on this one, she lost a night of sleep . Between her and her lying lawyer came up with a solution to climb out of the hole they dug. If you were there did anyone else hear them tell the obedient Carol McCormies CUT IT CLEAN , DENY LICENSE JUST CUT IT CLEAN . And of course Ms Obedient is going to do what ever she is told, she is programed for this and she started the vote and influence on the other board members. Such a horrible director, and a wicked bd . IS Jokey suppose to tell the Bd how to act on a case, is this a Dir decision, unauthorized ? Of course Jokey was in discussion with emma lehner mamaluy , making the decision what they board should do . INCONSISTENT IS THE WORD ! Are they worried about getting paid for the investigation , which was already paid for with license fees. They keep every record on every nurses for years why would this ‘get lost” . Just so many stupid people running this board, the students have no clue what is going on even if they are sitting right there . Who’s watching these chaotic unqualified making these decisions ? Geeezzzz .

      1. How about the one from bhc, if she got LOC , she’s ok, is she got DOC she lost $100,000. scholarship . This was Carolyn McCormies decision , insisting to the rest of the BON she get DOC . Berringer will side with gang style sister wife. And she can do this and have no guilt at all . Lose the 100k and not finish school, hurts public/ patient safety , especially since the other providers dumped these patients on her , and she took them on so they would not be without a provider. Shame on this wicked woman CAROLYN MCCORMIES , and walk away from it saying she has to be fair , when she is a LIAR !! biased bitch .
        Molly Mormon Mean girls club , they just are wicked as can be . “” The Mormon Mean Girls won’t quit. Lonely, betrayed, and isolated women keep showing up to my Utah based maternal mental health practice bereft over their toxic interactions with rejecting and unkind Mormon women. The behavior sounds like teenagers of bullying Mean Girls fame. But the actors are adults. Why is this happening to grown up women? “” Seems to b inbreed with these bitches.

      2. Why do adults engage in these adolescent antics? The bullying behavior of relational aggression is fueled by feelings of inferiority and powerlessness in humans regardless of age. It is common in work places, particularly in occupations that lack power within a hierarchy, such as nursing.

        Mormons are especially prone to relational aggression because of the hierarchy of priesthood power and how that power is expressed. A hierarchy of leaders determine worthiness and belonging through subjective judgement or discernment. A criminal can be called as a leader. The Molly Mean Mormon Girls club , are vampires and will suck the living blood out of a person their soul , money and time .
        They are not just on the BON but are intertwined in this agency . They need to keep there ways to themselves and stop with their bias. And stop lying , twisting words and making statements only i certain cases .
        Take brain washed sister Harrell, who says “he is doing ok on his current job ” OF FOUR MONTHS ! WHOPPPEEE why don’t we put everyone on FOUR MONTHS probation . ? Nothing like hinting to others , where your going with this !

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  6. certainly like your web site but you have to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very bothersome to tell the truth nevertheless I will definitely come back again.

    It does exist:

    MORMONS & the FBI & CIA:
    They are full of the new recruits:

    Cannot win a case in AZ if your are a nurse who blows the whistle, all Judges are corrupt:

    Arizona is the most corrupt state in America:
    Two bit cunt Ducey was involved in the voter fraud, One America News Network report on Tuesday 6/22/2021 How Liberal Corporations are funding GOP Governors Association. Ducey’s face was pictured many times during the reporting of the information.
    Mitt the scum Romney, Jeff skank Flake are in the middle of taking out righteous citizens to cover up their evil deeds.

    Cindi Mccain: DRUG WHORE & RADICAL LIB:

  8. soooo i am so confused. i am an RN who was was charged with a misdemeanor last year, not convicted (thank you diversion). never self reported because ANXIETY and knowing how the BON functions. spent a year working, knowing when license renewal time came i’d have to admit to my charge. filled out the application, selected the “charged with a crime” box, submitted the police report and diversion agreement and a written statement explaining my dumbassness, and submitted the application. knowing that i probably would not get my license renewed, lose my job, and come under investigation. well my application was approved and i have my license renewed. i’m just like……what………….probably will still come under investigation but w/e. but i was really thinking they wouldn’t renew my license. just shocked tbh. i was applying at the grocery store!

    1. you won’t be the only one who ‘s report is buried , but’ it’s ugly head will rear up , just like ‘fast meetings ‘ mccormies showing up at board meetings. like the world will come to and end without the mouth their . A lot like dick head randy queen, So busy trying to manufacture cases out of nothing, they back burner real cases. Disorganized, inconsistent , biased, and dirty dogs all of them . The take these stories back to the coop to tell young people , that the satan worshippers are out there and bad influence to the “goodie 2 shoes ‘ mo mo’s who are really BAD influence on anyone ! ANYONE !

      1. “Life inside mormonism is like living in a meat grinder….it seems benign until you take a misstep and the “Authorities” turn the power on….then let the carnage begin…” former member of the cult . Isn’t this exactly how your nursing career goes . Years of working and not ever having a ‘bd complaint’ and not really thinking about the BON, how they operate , but if ever a problem rises they would have common sense and know that this nurse is hard working, and things happen. Someone always wants to get someone in trouble. Then when that someone does, just making up lies to open a board complaint to give them reason to turn over every paper , every word every application , witch hunt . Then the meat grinder is turned on in nursing . Power turned on, or abuse of power . It is getting the newbies to recognize that this is a possibility with them , until it happens to them they do not ‘get it ” .

  9. Looks like Elizabeth Campbell is up to her dirty tricks again. Her shady ways in nurses being notified of their hearing . Something says James Allen Wilson(licensed since jan 2006) bhc address and north dakota , will show up at the Board meeting stating he was not notified of the hearing , a common compliant the board just looks around , no answers, they know but say nothing what really happened. The hearing has board employee AMY WINKLER HEISTAND who campbell introduces as SENIOR Investigator, but comes off asking campbell to figure out how long she’s been a nurse, then giggles about it , to the judge . Using fake titles to gain credibility ) . She gives wrong information that ANY NURSE would know . stating fentanyl is a schedule FOUR drug multiple times, when campbell keeps saying REALLY, hinting for her to change her story. Then stated that it is an analgesic , but cannot pronounce the word to save her butt, she has a speech problem similar to jokey ridenour. Then campbell shows off her ignorance by not being about to figure out military times. that she has to ‘do the math” . an insult to anyone who works in healthcare . Two morons stating ignorance. Campbell even changes the title of the ‘hospital” warmc to say lets call it western hospital . So ICU nurse , they say !! (by did not say who stated this !! , wandering confused in the parking lot. talking to himself. sent to ER tested according to campbell, for opiods but not fentanyl ! Who is watching these clowns ? who is in charge of this mess? who is paying these fools to make the ‘nurse leaders” of az the laughing stock of the world ! Amy has to admit she never spoke to the hospital ! Since when are nurses medical records confidential ? request to make Mr Wilson (of course they make a big deal he goes by JIM !!! WHAT a JAMES known as JIM wholly Fuk , he must be a imposter ! slow speech , looking for car in parking lot campbell wants her to say signs of drug abuse , nothing about being EXHAUSTED AND TIRED .
    Be careful what you write on the investigative report, they will read your words. (of course the way the lie who really knows what happened. then ‘to the best of your knowledge ” (WHAT KNOWLEDGE ?? ) is this report accurate . ?
    In closing campbell adds DISORIENTED , anything else you can just pull out of your butt Campbell . come on more adjectives . Of course Campbell wants revocation, although the two holding the hearing are as confused , disorientated, as the one they are persecuting.

    1. interesting cases , all over the place with this out of control board . Lori Gutierrez looks like she is gone , bet the terrible lawyer Elizabeth Campbell glad about that . Campbell will not speak certain things (mostly her instructions to the board members ) she waves her arms mouths her answers, does acrobats getting there attention when Lori said HEY BETH CAMPBELL IF YOU WANT TO SAY SOMETHING WHY DON’T YOU JUST SAY IT ” ?? someone told lori shut up then Lori the dense one “WELL SHE’ S WAVING HER ARMS FRANTICALLY AND TRYING TO SAY SOMETHING WITH OUT SAYING IT “. Dirty Campbell does this in the court room too tells her lying witnesses what to say by signals . She’ d be thrown out of any gambling hall in Vegas arrested and thrown in jail and not asked back . Why is she constantly CHEATING ???? Illegal ,she is not suppose to give the answer she wants for the record. DIRTY DOG , cheat scoundrol , a nasty ’rug’ on that whore herself out for a paycheck . CHEATER ! She is ruining this country and what it stands for , a communistic destroy what legal protections people have . No wonder RID OF HER wants her there.

    2. Campbell in her screwed up mind set will brush her dirty deeds . Unnecessary bully bitch ways as “”just doing my job ” only we all know better and what ever judge allows this in a court room . Is. Just as dirty.

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