Workplace Violence & Nursing Boards

Is it at all in question that the state nursing boards are now in direct connection with some of our notorious health failures such as medical errors and workplace violence against nursing? When you think about the Nathan Southerland case the resounding question by all is how is it possible for a young woman to deliver to full term a child without a single notation of those ordinary noted events charted such as menstruation cycles. Gazing over the wall of silence we see the wall of silence created by the the wall of silence created by the wall of fear. Programing fear in nursing by disciplining nurses for doing their job disrupts pt. safety by interfering with pt. advocacy. The CNA, or anybody else, may even alter documentation that such & such even occurred or didn’t occur. Keeping the trail clear for undetected issues that do not make discovery. Academia now leading a charge against nursing regulatory agencies for excessive discipline against pts.’ advocates. Their curriculum title is selected silencing of advocates. Years ago it was common for nurses to get pelted with fists from a ill pt whose medicated brain didn’t get a rest as the E.R. nurse dealing with disrupted pts. Those standards are available by territory and are proprietary with the department and has been noted for decades. Silencing pts’ advocates with false narratives is violence against nursing. Mt. Everest rapid rise. The entire new curriculum of pt advocacy isn’t complete without the knowledge of the damages done to nursing and pts. because of unjust actions by nursing regulatory agencies. No new curriculum designates any nursing board by name, however is not shy defining that experience as nearly a psychological abortion known to equal a Roswell, N.M. taste of innocence ruled by corruption. If you want to nurse in Az. carry a copied Federal Constitution at work as there isn’t one in Arizona; Good Luck on Your Mission.

And to tag present curriculums with AZBN attached file off site?


17 thoughts on “Workplace Violence & Nursing Boards

  1. TV Cameras rolling and Moron !! RANDY QUINN , running that mouth just like a know it all know nothing ! jump on the band wagon of ‘we are protecting the public ‘ , making a statement “he will never hold a nursing license in AZ again” Like Quinn can make that rediculous statement ! Like Quinn is in charge of all nurses who has a license and who doesn’t for life. ? ?? He is one pompous asshole , no other word for it. Acting like he was the reason for him being caught !!! THEN THE MORON let the nurses in charge off of all responsiblity !!! (so we got three nurses who will think , the AZBON is ‘ok” . CHEATERS , it is not how you work it is who you are friends with . SICKENING QUINN !!! But here we go again given a kid at 5 a microphone and tell them they have to give their message in front of people. IT is Quinns weird weird weird upbringing , that makes him think superior or that he can be any kind of a leader in ANYTHING ! A complete FAILURE . Runs his mouth about ‘expert ” nurse anesthesist ” expert at making a fool of himself. Titles and money are all important to this A HOLE . A legend in his own sick mind , and the martyrs who think they needed a pair of testicles to run the show . SHAME ON ALL OF YOU GUTLESS WINCHES ! Going along with the brother quinn , your all out of your league and have no business judging anyong ! Crappy nurses , just all MOUTHS .

      1. Someone mentioned the moron queer one quinn could reapply, after awhile , which is just plain nuts ! felony or not reapply in 5 years , it is the fact that mighty mouth , trying to impress everyone he is going to make sure, is speaking for boards in the future . Like what he did was disgusting , when the entire cult is made up of dirty old men who want to diddle with young girls . That’s queer one quinn. just because the mormons give a kid a mic and make them speak in front of others , does not make them a leader or have ANY leadership ability at all. It is the garbage that spews from their mouths , that makes them morons in a world of people who were not raised in that mind control cult , would say , wth ? Just like queer quinn telling a nurse of 34 years, off the cuff remark, she passed all refresher practically taught the class, then he ‘s thinking what can I do to stall her give her another hoop to jump , can’t give her license back , she’s not mormon and the hospital could get in trouble… I KNOW Skills evaluation !!! Yea, motion for a skills eval , (stupid females 2nd the motion, of course the male has spoken) then queer quinn adds “You won’t pass it ” . WTF !! what a strange cutting remark , what a nasty dirt bag, what a fking asshole , We are telling you NO other word for this out of line creep . (btw queer quinn could not pass the skills, cause no one has and he knew that ) He is a loser , a dirty nasty type of likes to kick them when their down. Really messed up in the mind , no amount of rehabilitation could help him. remember if you let him or anyone get payment for anesthesia , you supporting these cult crud .

      2. a reply is requested , discussion is on the move , and reaching those you didn’t think was possible . A month ago, when a 37-year-old disciplined of a Singapore boarding arrest as contrasted with of people with notion disorders was diagnosed with a coronavirus, the directorate of the origin did not incense a panic. Overwhelming into account the specifics of the institution, all its mace and most of the small healthfulness inhabitants were vaccinated against Covid-19 as being at jeopardy succour in February-March. Anyway, lately in crate, the boarding devotees was closed an perspicacity to quarantine, and all employees, patients and other people who recently communicated with the psychotic little woman or her look into were quarantined and began to be regularly tested. Stimulating the next week, the virus was detected in three dozen people, including the 30-year-old baby in the earliest grade from the Philippines, as okay as four other employees of the boarding day-school and 26 of its stable residents. Most of those infected were fully vaccinated against Covid-19… You can eulogy to another article on this of inquest at this vinculum I’m sorry, but could you describe it in a little more detail?.Vanessa Snase

    1. you got that right on the idiot with glasses , monkey in the middle at the az board meetings, when i went there . heard he is gone . Very obvious the cases he was protecting those who are members of the cult he is in . Many cases he made first motion, and of course sister carolyn Joke Mccormies second or Sister Harrell or sister berringer , all martyrs . Liars all of them , took an oath. When quinn says he treated his fellow man with respect he is a LIAR ! That group doesn’t care , the entire cult is made up of lies .

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    1. dont waste your money on nursing ! NP are saturated , and come out not knowing anything . AZ BON just allowed classes to be enlarged . oh yes water down the education . A set up for failure , then they can put you on probation . Save the head ache and make them go away . What if they had no nurses to discipline ? think about that one !

      1. It starts with who is appointed to the board , and by whom . Dirty from the get go . They can’t attack every nurse that would be too obvious , they just do a few and make examples of , the example is all lies . They have the louder voice , but putting in official documents but does not mean they aren’t lies. Nursing in AZ is the worst decision for anyone to make . Got 2 years pre requisites , so what ? change to something else , or your entire life can be ruined . Only the most corrupt will get on this board or work for the board of nursing agency , don’t forget that . ! Yes , even Miss Pam Millben , going to court talking bad on nurses . She needs to check out her humanity meter . And think what would the dead relative think of what she’s up to .

      2. they pretend to “protect the public” from nurses who have done nothing wrong or nothing that rises to probation. They pretend they are the great nurses , the ones everyone should be like , they pretend they are not corrupt and taking care of certain ones . Cheats and liars all of them !

  3. Brnovich message LAUGHABLE , like is he even aware of Elizabeth Campbell’s style of prosecution ???? SDT medical records of nurses illegally then take what a Dr wrote and put it on the www. NO HIPPA for nurses , anything in your medical record is up for the nosey Board of nursing to SDT , to see what they can find . Snoop dogs. ! Your STD will be headlines tomorrow. A direct line to the psych’s , just pick out something those quacks who are “on the list” write . QUACKERY .
    JOKE OF THE DAY ! “”Our office sent a letter to President Biden yesterday regarding indications that the feds have medical records revealing contact information for unvaccinated Americans. If true, this is a severe breach of privacy and I won’t tolerate such intrusions in AZ.”””
    Just like the BON he wants you to THINK he is protecting your rights when his own office is violating them.

    1. Nursing, a profession where when the canary in the coal mine dies, leaders just ask:
      “Why can’t we get more resilient canaries?

    2. KELLY ELY : Her name is KELLY ELY , mystery woman. She writes a letter for her ‘buddy” Paul Bushey (the spouse of Cindy Bushey who created all the problems in the housing. ) Why he went unnoticed for so long ? He was in the sack with Saveedra , the lying office felon , hired not once by twice by Yrmc.
      Now back to Kelly ELY , she worked as a nurse, Maricopa , stole morphine. Gets hired at YRMC, the desperate ones , then she is put on probation. Her probation would be very laid out do’s and don’t and one of those things is , on probation or not , you waste any narcotic with a witness. Not Kelly , she did it all on her own . Wasted ? well , sure looks like she just made off with it . A little for the patient and a little for herself.
      Before she was caught she did hook up with Bushey , the blowhard who ran the apts YRMC owns. Better known as the “UNEMPLOYED MALE “. Yup Cindy Bushey supported this trouble maker, he had time on his hands . Couldn’t keep his mouth shut or his pants zipped. Well when Bushey was getting nervous about his meal ticket might get booted from the Apts when a nurse who wasn’t taking Bushey’s bullying was reporting him to mgt , more than once. Only mgt at YRMC hires some really lack crooked people. Like Teri Norris .
      Now , we got Bushey who wants “witnesses “, so he can keep his bimbo working and supporting his stir the pot activities . He goes around and pesters everyone to ‘write something against her” . He threatened some nurses , who had to throw him out of their apt when he said “this is what friends do for each other”. Between Saavedra and Bushey they were keeping the residents pretty methed up . Ely who has a problem with drugs , wanted to remain ‘friends” with the drug lord, and wrote a very disturbing complaint on the target.
      The problem is the target had no idea who this person is , never met anyone named Kelly, read the letter like, wow this person is hallucinating like hell . And what drug does this ? Lds? Comments such as “she looked over her shoulder and said HERE THEY COME !!! ” . Who ? And who ‘meets “someone they have no clue who she is and tells her about a stalker and his gang ? Well druggie thief puss Kelly ELY , was certainly willing to lie and put it in writing. Her strange tales was presented to the BON , delivered directly from Bushey who had a ppo order and was told by cops to stay away from the target and just lost in court ! He faxed ,mailed and had multiple conversations with the AZ Bd of Nursing. ANd you thought they were professionals? ! Oh yea he is a star witness. What did he have to say on the witness stand ? That he contacted police that the target put up a security camera !!! No kidding , he called the cops they came to the apts, and ‘determined nothing could be done ” no shit , the cops went to look at the camera !~! Now YRMC has cameras up at the apts , did Bushey call the police to report security cameras? Yes your board of nursing and Blowhard Bushey are quite the team aren’t they ? Gathering ‘evidence ” , police report that was total bull shit , but they were SO proud of it .
      Oh but back to ELY, The board read her fairy tale, and was very gullible , we got to stop this person ! Zero common sense. But when it went to court , where in the hell is ELY ??? Oh that’s right they couldn’t use her and her line of crap because she was revoked by now . Someone recognized her name and said well give her line of bull to the board members but don’t tell them she is a druggie and a thief. Writing a letter against the target for a drug lord . This is so called ‘evidence ” . If you think the board of nursing has to have ‘evidence ‘ think again . Frame job . Run off a good nurse by thugs and lazy leadership payroll leeches, throw in a corrupt board , who will vote for anything ethical or not .

    3. Elizabeth Campbell , is one loser law person . Seems like someone must try to keep her there with money , like why else ?? Selling herself out , how is that different than a hooker , on the street ?

    4. Campbell is LAUGHABLE, joke of a law person. Daddy must have paid someone off to get her stinky butt a slot .

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