Workplace Violence & Nursing Boards

Is it at all in question that the state nursing boards are now in direct connection with some of our notorious health failures such as medical errors and workplace violence against nursing? When you think about the Nathan Southerland case the resounding question by all is how is it possible for a young woman to deliver to full term a child without a single notation of those ordinary noted events charted such as menstruation cycles. Gazing over the wall of silence we see the wall of silence created by the the wall of silence created by the wall of fear. Programing fear in nursing by disciplining nurses for doing their job disrupts pt. safety by interfering with pt. advocacy. The CNA, or anybody else, may even alter documentation that such & such even occurred or didn’t occur. Keeping the trail clear for undetected issues that do not make discovery. Academia now leading a charge against nursing regulatory agencies for excessive discipline against pts.’ advocates. Their curriculum title is selected silencing of advocates. Years ago it was common for nurses to get pelted with fists from a ill pt whose medicated brain didn’t get a rest as the E.R. nurse dealing with disrupted pts. Those standards are available by territory and are proprietary with the department and has been noted for decades. Silencing pts’ advocates with false narratives is violence against nursing. Mt. Everest rapid rise. The entire new curriculum of pt advocacy isn’t complete without the knowledge of the damages done to nursing and pts. because of unjust actions by nursing regulatory agencies. No new curriculum designates any nursing board by name, however is not shy defining that experience as nearly a psychological abortion known to equal a Roswell, N.M. taste of innocence ruled by corruption. If you want to nurse in Az. carry a copied Federal Constitution at work as there isn’t one in Arizona; Good Luck on Your Mission.

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