The Scape Goats Selective Silencing of Pts. Advocates Kim Paradisis Unjust Registered Nurse Discipline

For those nurses who have thought they’re alone ….you are recognized in spite of the AZBN and what they have done to you. The above recent study done defines the horrors that this Az. state organization has done to you. I myself some how ended up as a participant of this massive study of the Unjust Nurse Discipline. This study is the foundation of which allows us to be granted financial support for other victimized nurses and ourselves; all of which will help us make the U.S. safer for all. I could go on forever about this study but the study does it for me. It is a massive undertaking revealing what and why the AZBN, Ombudsmen, AAG, & Adm Law CtC have done to nurses. Its about 200 pages explaining precisely why few know the names of the people who actually put our pts. in Potter’s field and the unjust discipline used by Az regulators to reveal a part of nursing that belongs in the book of revelations. Kim Paradisis has done a remarkable expose ito nursing adm failures and connecting the dots of registered nurse backrooms. I do not know each case of unjust registered nurse discipline but I know four and all of those are from AZBN. We here have not been kind in AZBN depictions although identifying them now as illegal motherfuckers is solidly confirmed. We can rejoice that these disturbing facts of the health care system now have digital permanence at .edu site and will ALWAYS be accessible from anywhere. The tentacles of corruption are grossly revealed although nurses in study are protected by codes. etirIf your a nurse, with the gift, you might want to rethink working in Az. If you stay DO NOT BE A PT.ADVOCATE. In Arizona ‘No good deed goes unpunished and if the physician says it is ok that pt’s head fell off…you best say ok. A GREAT ARTICLE FOR REGISTERD NURSES. THEN AND NOW


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  1. That’s a lot of lofty doctoral words to describe in statistical research study terminology that ” yeah, we are nurses that were unjustly screwed over, and we can no longer serve as innovators or advocates in the realm of patient safety, nor deliver quality patient care ever again.

    But the real unfortunate truth remains; this study does absolutely nothing to right the wrongs done to any of us, nor does it serve to hold any of the wretched Arizona board members accountable for destroying our lives and livelihoods.

    Additionally, this study does nothing to ameliorate the ptsd symptoms, anxiety or depression that comes with the destruction of one’s quality of life, the destruction of one’s personal and professional identity, and the destruction of one’s long and successful career. All of these built upon many years of hard work and dedication to serving and helping others.

    Instead we are left struggling to piece our lives back together and to find psychological, legal, moral, non self destructive, medicinal, and spiritual ways to cope with our new found, unjust pathetic reality. A life that often seems void of hope, purpose or meaning.

    I guess, in some minute way, the study puts into print, and into the history books, the plight that a few unfortunate nurses (us) have endured.

    But hey, thanks for sharing !

    1. the sense that a study can capture both emotions and statics by identiying the ‘lived through experience of the registered nurse’ is better than a ride with Hell’s Angels when you a first row seat to what adm do. I also liked her statical math when connecting factual stats common through many cases; therefore the consistency in behavior common lead to the holy grail of the roadmap to health care hell prompted by nurses.

      1. Psychologist to Chase McCormies : Do you have a family history of mental illness ?

        Chase MCCormies : Well, my mother thinks the Board of Nursing is for public safety .

      2. GOOD ONE !! here’s another . !

        psychologist to Chase McCormies : Does mental illness run in your family ?

        Chase McCormies : Well my mother Carolyn McCormies thinks that cops don’t lie .

      3. headlines tik tok : American Idol “David Archuleta just came out as an LGBTQIA+ Mormon.”
        Perfect example of the cult taking care of another one. This dude is not a good singer he won because the members all acted like gangs and voted him in . SO he would make $ on his records and send it on up to the freddy free loaders , “queers of 12” . OH yes this is how the operate and this is how they operate the AZ BON . think not !! think again !

      4. McCormies Obedient one will do anything she is told , and wants others to follow in her mindless trek going off the deep end . Because she has so much respect for the corrupt crew who is guiding her . And in return they recommend her to other positions. And if anyone thinks she is qualified or uses a non biased thinking in any decisions , you have got to get educated at how they really think and operate ! Here is just one quote from those in the know “”Mamaluy suggested to continue to follow the NPA with continuing focus on public protection.”” (LOL)
        yup just keep feeding the nurses that same old Bull sh*T line every time. I guess it is a little joke in their minds, they are the public they are ‘protecting’ . Liars all of them . Still waiting to get rid of Berringer , and see if these new ones drank their kook aid !

      5. One of the psych’s who is off “THE LIST ” , described Carolyn McCormies and Elizabeth Boyer’s strange connection as (Folie a’ Deux )
        RIGHT ON . No one can argue with that if they listen to the two brain washed from birth bimbos interactions.

    2. Someone who is trying will never get kicked down. Kim was a victim. She knows all to well the abuse of power. Accepting and doing nothing is saying what they did was at all fair , due process, or anything but political wicked women attacking one nurse and calling it a ‘win”.
      Never bash anyone trying , or you join the witches of the AZ Board of nursing .

      1. never discourage any nurse from fighting their cause ! a basic what this about page for someone new being directed here .
        What is this about ? A group of nurses who were abused by their board of nursing , and discovered just how corrupt they are . Starting with the Director , the shit rolls downhill . To Board members who are easily swayed by those who know the corruption model too well. NO integrity at all with AZ BON , who are out of control.

      2. When nurses are accused wrongly , they do not have the same rights as criminals . {{The Constitution, for better or worse, guarantees that right. “The Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right…to be confronted with the witnesses against him.” Generally, the right is to have a face-to-face confrontation with witnesses who are offering testimonial evidence against the accused in the form of cross-examination during a trial.”}}
        OAH (the kangaroo court joke system where nursing cases are held) allows in state so called “witnesses” to testify over the phone. Lie their heads off , very easy to testify on the phone, with many many “didn’t hear that ? ” “can you repeat that ” “what was that last part ?” over and over. IS the phone system that bad that the court room uses ? Or are they stalling , is their atty sitting next to them and feeding them the answers ? making hand gestures ? writing on a paper ? Taking up the courts times, the nurses time , jacking up the atty’s fee , while taxpayers foot the bill for this dog and pony show , to make it look like due process. The ALJ”s in on the ‘let’s play court today ” , I sit there and pretend to be judging the case , and the witnesses (over the phone !!! ) even thought the jack *ss judges signed what the board of nursing wrote . (which constitutes the “alj’s opinion ” . haha . Making everyone of their so called witnesses ‘credible” . But no one else is credible . Every felon is ‘credible ” too . amazing how that works . Nurses are lower than a convicted criminal , and no court appointed lawyer or speedy trial is guaranteed like criminal. (get a newspaper reporter to write about the shady ‘court” , ha ! They would rather pay them off .
        No wonder Elizabeth Campbell , does BON ‘cases” easy pickens . Sunita Krishna too . Paying others to raise the kids, while they are doing their dirty work , making a bad name for themselves .

      3. Falsely testifying while in court under oath is often a felony and a serious one. Suborning pejury is focusing a witness to create evidence that otherwise does not exist. Common events at ADM.Law Ct. Totalitarian delight.

    3. There are many reasons that someone who is a member of of the cult should never be on a board of nursing , never. You see one who is a know it all and hints to others how to vote . Then there are those back up ones who are gullible little cucks to illegitimate authority and lover to pretend they are heros. They are really good at taking orders without any question . Very ez to control. Do what authority tells them without question. They know how to keep secrets that is that they are all about secret society . Followers . Everything is black and white. Obey without question. They do not ask pesky ethical questions. Inventors of water boarding . Trained to be gullible . yes yes weak women. When a nurse hires a lawyer , this is not acceptable to them but can’t get around it. When a nurse asks , where did the investigator get this ??? they really get upset , questioning anyone or anything of authority , taboo.
      Even one on a board like this is a disaster , try ruling the world according to joseph smith and his whacked ways.
      No wonder jokey stacked the board with these dirty mormons , who are so brain washed they will do anything , and go with the program no matter how strange and crazy it sounds . The children are not ‘well behaved” they are threatened , poor things to sit for marathon meetings starting young brain washing . They seem to think they are “good’ people when they are some of the most damning dirty dogs on the face of this earth. Sticking with another sister wife is so evident , it come natural for these creeps . They have no idea how brain washed they are how messed up their minds are . Some nurses have no clue about the make up of the board, or exactly what it means . Being judged by one of these wicked mormon bitches is as low as you can go . Then there was that real kook aid drinker , randy quinn, who took over in charge of the bitches . And made himself a one man band stupid pretend judge with STRANGE ideas , based on his upbringing . SAD AZ , not every state is laced with cult members making career decisions about non cults members lives . SAD AZ !!

      1. here are some tactics used by the cult , part of their brain washing .
        A lot of similarities in the cult and the BON. They love to play ‘little bishops ” and believe me they go to the bishop for EVERYTHING !! Women are second class always, it is the male that rules the roost . Women are forever called sluts , porn shoulders, liars , and trouble makers . The bishop of course if male and will always talk down to the femailes. A women gets hit, ‘what did you do to make him do this “? A woman get rapes “what were you wearing “? it is always HER FAULT . Keep those woman busy on committees and make them think they are important and they won’t think about leaving . This is what they teach them “The Mormon Church drills it into your head that you can’t live a fulfilling, happy life outside of the church. That is not only false, it is manipulative and it is a tactic that cults use to make you feel like you can’t leave. Detaching yourself from the LDS Church is very painful and exhausting. But it gets better! Life is more rich, authentic, and meaningful after you’ve allowed yourself time to heal. No organization, ideology, or person should be encouraging you to “doubt your doubts.” – It will take years of rehabilitation but eventually you will be healthy again . Your mind will think thought of your own not what you were told to say . The BON is like the cult dirty old men, not a cult member , don’t let them in, BON not a mormon take their license , protect those who are mormons that is why your on the BON!

      2. This is a person who is hurting by being in thiscult/ corruption. When there is a connection between the BON and mormons so strong, and now another reason and the same pattern, (see if you can catch the line , answer at bottom) .
        In a family meeting last night I told my family I am done with the corrupt organization that is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
        The most disturbing thing of the disturbing things that were said when I asked “would you kill me if the prophet asked you to?”
        In other words, my family basically said they would do anything up to and including lull me if they believed the prophet asked them to.
        I want to get a microphone and interview LDS members at the next general conference. The question being, “where would you draw the line? What would you be prepared to say ‘no’ to if asked by the prophet?”
        Also, it is imperative for us intelligent individuals to feel good and proud of ourselves. The programmed shame/potential for self fulfilling prophecy TSCC gives a person might ruin a life even if you make it out! We have to be the best we can be for our own well being as well as being watched by church members who, I believe, want us not to succeed hoping to say “I told you so.”
        I feel lighter and more productive than I ever have. It feels so nice to be upfront and honest! There was a lot of gaslighting and it was not easy. However I finally said “I think this is a corrupt organization and I am not associated with it” to my family
        answer : MIGHT RUIN A LIFE , EVEN IF YOU MAKE IT OUT ! . The same with the BON ruins nurses lives, careers in other fields for life. Do not allow a mormon to judge you , they think this is normal !!
        You cannot even surrender your license and get the Fuk away from them without long term lifetime problems . Although a nursing school can get out of being disciplined but just going out of business , start up under a new name . Think about this connection and stop this cult from DICtating your life and destroying your good name based on bullshit and lies.

  2. Don’t forget the AZNA was in on it too . ANA , all unethical , hiding behind the scenes . Robin Schaefer ‘retired” haha can’t keep her dirty finders out of the corruption.

    1. Kathleen Harrington has left the board of nursing . The associate director of the alternate to discipline program . (aka Hidden Heroin Helga’s) So now it is Brent Sutter . How he ever got a job at the board with his FELONY . Whether reduced/ hidden or not . We also have a former girlfriend who the felon told when nurses fax in their weekly reports signed by mgr’s or faxed in results of documents to comply that Brett “puts them in the shredder ” And added “HAHAHHA” Yep a real joke isn’t it BRENT SUTTER . (which happens to be a very mo mo name . ) so the law breaker couldn’t get a job anywhere else so he is a pay back . Given a second chance he is still a fuk up. Males with control over the little women , your a sick dude that can say with a straight face “no we did’n’t get it ” send it again , shred it again , who would know ? Then play your game over and over . If they don’t kiss you butt do it more and more . Your a creep !

      1. IS going through the cases ‘fast ” or with speed ‘ something that should take place when it comes to someone’s career . Absolutely not, but the members of the BON mostly Jokey Ridenour thinks so , then tries to back peddle “well not too fast ” . yep alway CYA , what a dirty low life pair . Like their friend mccain , changed in many ways over the years went to his head. Then lost quit a few followers. Jokey , we could say hang up the stethescope but they way you have to be incontrol, of the dirty political part, you never owned one . You need a lot of help lady to under your corruption !

    2. Are these new board members going to be pure puppets ? Are they going to figure lying Eliz Campbell out and SOOONee ta Krishna ? How long will it take them to figure out the investigators are lying , giving half statements , ? Putting words in reports just pulled out of thin air. Mccornie again; never disappoints , she always has a really stupid statement . ‘we have to trust our investigators “? even when the nurse disproves them with strong evidence , hard evidence . OF course this is same moron who said she doesn’t think cops would lie !!! (ROFLOL !!!) Stop while your ahead, you got the old faithfuls to get rid of Hill for you and now you got the thrown, until the rest catch on to your lies. As much as this dirty whore , will lie her head off, and insinuate every nurse before them is lying, but have to trust investigators , when some are cops ! known to be full time liars.
      Also new board members , do not follow the motion person try THINKING for yourself ! You will notice mcCORNY will dismiss against a nurse any complaint by a prisoner . NO MATTER WHAT THE INCOMPETENCE WAS ! So CORNY is judging they are not worthy because they are a prisoner , that every nurse who works at the jail or prison knows what they are doing ? SAD for you, and illegal , violation .

      1. One of the psych’s who is off “THE LIST ” , described Carolyn McCormies and Elizabeth Boyer’s strange connection as (Folie a’ Deux )
        RIGHT ON . No one can argue with that if they listen to the two brain washed from birth bimbos interactions.

      2. The first comment says it all . If the AZ BON isn’t run like a perverted bishop court . They want DETAILS ! Private affairs are made public, the rest of those find out (nursing magazine) Shame and blame. BON bringing up unrelated , nonsense just being nosy . The First comment says it ALL ! It is like live porn to these dirty old men . For Randy Quinn it was degrading the women, acting like a bishop judging others when you know him and donelle did ‘docking ” , (they don’t consider that sex outside of marriage) . LOL !!
        (When I was 21 I met my husband, he was a mormon since childhood too. We planned to marry in the summer of 1979. Because we spent maybe too much time together we had premarital sex which led us to Bishop’s court. My husband said it was the only way to truly repent is to confess to the Bishop. Our first meeting was not officially the court hearing but to give us advice to move up our wedding date, so we did , now it will take place in Feb 1979. I thought at first that was all we had to do, WRONG, we had to go thru Bishopric Court confessing in detail about our intimate night. When I had my meeting I sat down in front of 4 men ( the Bishopric and secretary of the ward). I felt very intimidated, scared, shameful, I was shaking and felt low as low as one can feel. They started asking me questions , easy ones until they asked for more details about the sex part. They brought out my teenage rebellious side of me and thats when I told them I’m not going to share my intimate details for their perverted minds and I erupted my self up and left the room, balling my eyes out. The final decision was my husband and I were dis-fellowship, that means no callings, no part take of the sacrament. It didn’t take long for everyone in the ward found out . We went ahead got married on Feb, a civil wedding. Part of our dis- fellowship is to have counseling with the bishop once a month. I should of walked away from the church then but no too brainwashed, instead repent for a year, attended all my meetings, a lot of scripture reading and after a year we got our membership back to normal and the craziest thing we went to the temple the same year to seal our marriage for eternally . I guess I like torture.—and so do nurses who sign probation, the hoops these crazy brain washed nut jobs think up if unreal !!

        “”So crazy how much they infantilize adult people.””

        Micro managers . do not get a nursing license in Arizona , it is whacked out what takes place but the managers of the license . Really crazy stuff ! The shame should be with this creepy cult and the BON not the nurse or the person

    3. So many dots connect back to the dreaded zion curtain curtailed in their thinking types. Put together , gov brewer , who son was in wm ridenours office , then sen fannin , some names never clear out, then goldwater sandal, john arnold , hints 5 children and byu grad, not hard to figure out where his mind is . Some people like initials behind their names, titles, and others like associations. But it always comes to a point where , separating when the heat is one is always best. Like Bernie Madoff surely his funeral was unattended, but few years earlier, he would have had many false friends . Rub shoulders with people who have high positions, using one another . Know when to bail out / separate .

    4. just when you think az for nurses can’t get any worse, Just remember that Dignity Health fought to the supreme court to make sure they are not legally required to make sure the pension is fully funded nor are they required to show how much money is currently in the fund. They are also not required to insure the fund up to 85 percent if they default on it since it is considered a church pension plan. ERISA protection does not apply to their pension plan so be careful in your retirement planning.
      They sell you on a pension and don’t have to pay it . !UH! California nurses are in for a BIG surprise , think they will move here save a buck , then the BON in AZ is the worst in the entire nation !!

    5. Every dog has their day and the bigger they are the harder they fall !

      “”KUTV) — James Huntsman, the brother of former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., is suing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints alleging it fraudulently spent millions of dollars in tithing meant for charity on commercial purposes.

      The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California on Tuesday. The Washington Post was the first to report it.

      Huntsman said in the complaint that he wants millions of dollars of his donations back and plans to give the money to “organizations and communities whose members have been marginalized by the Church’s teachings and doctrines, including by donating to charities supporting LGBTQ, African-American, and women’s rights.”

      This comes 16 months after a former high-level investment manager with the Church filed a whistleblower complaint to the IRS, alleging the Church collected $100 billion in accounts intended for charitable uses and misled members by amassing surplus donations. “”

    6. Interesting , this judge in tx LYNN HUGHES, is siding with the hospital against nurses who do not want to be mandated to take an experimental vaccine . The nurses fired, filed suit . Now we all know that the dirty corrupt board of nursing in az , will side with hospitals and so will judges. Amazing the people who have not been harmed by these crooks, know what is going on by the comments . (hope he loses his pension, putting his own personal believes out there , shame on him ! Just like the ALJ’s , and corrupt prosecutors at OAH , dirty ! People do know what is really going on.

      Looks like US District Judge Lynn Hughes is a bought and paid for dick. What a dishonorable and deplorable man.

      NB June 14, 2021 at 1:17 pm – Reply

      A “proud look” is one of the things God hates (Proverbs CH 6 vss 16-17). The judge will get his comeuppance from The Judge.

      DYL June 14, 2021 at 12:20 pm – Reply

      NUREMBERG 2.0

      Brian-Admin June 14, 2021 at 12:26 pm – Reply

      It’s a nice thought, but I am not holding my breath. The world is a very different place today than it was for Nuremberg I.

      DD June 14, 2021 at 11:43 am – Reply

      SHAME on that corrupt judge!!! He needs to be disrobed! You can see the corruption in that mouth — a sneer. I’ve seen that same type of mouth of so many corrupt one wearing suits and ties.

  3. Note the mother fucker ridenour (W. G. Ridenour) is on all 3 Bars in AZ, (State Bar of AZ, AZ bar Foundation, & AZ Bar Association). ORGANIZED CRIME IS WHAT ITS CALLED.
    • Board of Directors, University of Arizona Foundation
    • Board of Directors, University of Arizona Alumni Association
    • Member, Arizona Board of Regents, 8 year term, 2014-2021
    • Judge Pro Tem, Maricopa County Superior Court
    • General Counsel, Arizona Banker’s Association
    • Board of Directors, Hope and A Future
    • Board of Directors, Arizona Nurses Foundation
    • Board of Directors, Arizona Bar Foundation
    • Governor’s Task Force on Human Trafficking
    • Member, State Bar of Arizona
    • Member, Arizona Bar Association
    • Board of Directors, Arizona March of Dimes
    • Board of Directors, Heard Museum
    • Board of Directors, Scottsdale Museum of the West
    • Board of Directors, Old Tucson Foundation
    • Board of Directors, Park Western

      1. We all know this is a figure of speech but Mamaluy is going through reams of papers, creating files , trying to turn this into a death threat right now ! Oh yea that is HER STYLE, give her a crump and you got a whopper of a tale.
        A tail as big as hers !

    1. Funny how Ridenour is also on the AZ bakers ASSOCIATION! Nurses if you think Ridenour & his hoe want look into your bank accounts in AZ you better think again, AZ HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION, AZ ATTORNEY GEN. & AZ NURSING BOARD have many ties to other AZ groups that committ organized crimes against nurses.

    2. When they are all feeding from the same trough , getting paid to play games, abusing authority and their purpose , it is not an easy task to pull the sow’s tit out of their mouths . Resorting to even lower tactics . And anyone with any authority to intervene has been paid off now for sure got the goods on them . To them it is like filing a false insurance claim who will notice . The real problem is when ONE PERSON is aware of what they are doing besides the wrong doers . ONE person. Jokey got some ready cash in the drawers for this , some call it HUSH $.

    3. Heard Museum , hmmm. NP said ” bet they go after them native american’s with a hatchet” , you would think so, since they only want “white and delightsome” So he was told “actually no they seem to favor them ,” if you have noticed. Of course they want to align with them take there copper ,children put em in cult communes, land, and tell them what to do . Lawyer friend said “bill” ridenour, asked him to join his firm he told him NO ! hahahaa, Then he said , last he knew billy boy was going all over the state and country with his kachina dolls. :somehow now I wish I would have asked more cause I think there is a little more to this ! Think about it ! .

  4. Those two dirty dogs ! The Ridenours . ! Jokey has not brains what so ever. William had to be on AZ FOUNDATION FOR NURSES to watch over the financial.
    Robin Schaefer or ROB THEM , schaefer , knows what’s up . Betting if you look she is on the pay roll for the BON. Her little ‘trick’ showing up at the BON like she all pissed off at them and how incompetent they didn’t get her article in the magazine on time and wanted to be paid . A stupid pety dog and pony show !! Who was fooled ? ?

  5. omg too funny MARCH OF DIMES Again, William you dog , no wonder A HOLE Randy Quinn got the award , and the ‘little mo, wifey got it years back ” talk about low lives. Judge pro tem , par for the course in AZ where corruption is #1 . but the HOPE FOR THE FUTURE !???? really sad and sickening ! Anyone here impressed with ANY of these boards this bonnie and clyde couple belong to !!!?????

  6. It is understandable that someone who has seen and felt the wrath of the wicked board of nursing agency will resort to swearing . Calling them what the really are FIFTH. Jo Ridenour you are FIFTH , and dirty player , you spread your hatred through out the organization , but that is your motive ! Some with no brains of their own will allow your witch thought process to enter their mind set and even repeat some of the lies you are spreading . Don’t damn others , they are the truth tellers .
    Anyone who goes against or exposes this dirty board is part of their ‘back room talks ” that does not reflect anything accurate . The board members such as Berringer who back up mccormies is FILTH , Lori Gutierrez FILTH , Carolyn McCormies is not only dirty , she is paranoid of being exposed , and will get the year end award of MS FAKE BITCH PUT ON of the year.
    There are more they just are not on the board anymore , Dirty dogs will be long remembered .
    Surely someone who is really GUILTY has gotten to the new bd members. BE CAREFUL !!

  7. Just as suspected they bring the nurses to be on committees and ‘feel them out ” see if they are “like them” and then invite them to put in an application with the Gov’s office. While these newbies , think oh hey , the Gov appointed me , I must be good, and now I can play little judge and rule over other nurses . Ok this can’t be too hard . <it's not hard , if Carolyn McCorney can be on the board , Ducey will appoint anyone, and "Theresa (terri) Berringan , " i mean she is a simpleton, " She should not be on the board , termed out long ago !!! (good bye , dum dum ! ) Just put Brookdale / Mesa / together and you'll figure out what was her 'credentials " certainly wasn't anything critical care ! Yes it's easy did they tell you , who ever makes a motion do say what they said. (if you want to be as despised and disrepected as they are !! )
    Dr. Lawanda Mann, DNP, APRN, FNP-C
    Board Member

    Dr. Mann graduated with her Doctor of Nursing Practice in 2021 from Frontier Nursing University. Prior to receiving her doctorate, she received her Masters of Science in Nursing/FNP from the University of Phoenix in 2015. She received her BSN from Grand Canyon University in 2011.

    Dr. Mann’s areas of expertise and clinical interest over the past 10 years includes advanced practice nurse as an Family Nurse Practitioner, providing care for the underserved populations and emergency management

    No Photo
    Carolyn Spano, RN, MS, RAC-CT
    Board Member

    Ms. Spano graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2011 with her Masters Science Nursing Education. She received her Associate Degree in 1994 from State University at Farmingdale, New York. Prior to entering nursing, Ms. Spano earned a BS Accounting degree in 1984 from Long Island University, CW Post Campus, Brookville, New York.

    Her area of expertise is long term care, education of nursing assistants and clinical development in long term care. She is a member of the Arizona Health Care Association-Convention and Education Committee. She also has served on the Arizona State Board of Nursing NA and CMA Test Advisory Panel. Professional membership in the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination.

    No Photo
    Shareedah Z. Al-Hark, LPN
    Board Member

    Ms. Al-Hark has been an LPN for over 11 years and graduated from Erie 2 Boces in 2010. She has experience in long term care and has been an Assisted Living Manager. She graduated from the Assisted Living Training School in 2020. Ms. Al-Hark completed a program in wound care from the Wound Care Educational Institute in 2021.

  8. Sure sums up what the board of nursing does to nurses . Quote from another victim {{the wonderful kicker in all this is it doesn’t just destroy a person’s long-earned nursing career, but any potential career after that. How? Because many state BON’s publically post literally EVERYTHING about a person’s case, and complaints, regardless of if certain complaints have irrefutable evidence against it to combat its legitimacy. And, they will post every last detail of a Nurse’s medical/psychiatric/mental health history, down to their Suicide attempts, the method used (down to listing all meds/dosages used to attempt to overdose), their mental health and medical diagnoses, and any personal thing in their life that is completely irrelevant to patient care.
    So, basically Nurses should know going in that they are essentially forfeiting their HIPPA/confidentiality rights to be a Nurse. If anyone makes a false/retaliatory complaint against them, chances are they will receive the greatest punishment and humiliation. This includes every lie and detail about their medical/mental health/personal lives being posted publicly and indefinitely for anyone, or any potential employer, to see. It’s criminal to me that lives can be destroyed in this way- for what?? This isn’t protecting the public- and by the way, once a Nurse has their license disciplined (meaning they can’t find work anyway) or revoked- they ARE then a part of the public, and not a Nurse. So, where are the protections for disciplined Nurses? Criminals are treated far better. At least there are programs and rehabilitation organizations to help criminals with housing, job training, and re-integrating to the community. But, what do Nurses have? Nurses are losing their livelihood and LIVES over archaic witch-hunts and primeval policies which afford us no rights, no due process, no requirement of “burden of proof” on a complainant, no assuming innocence until proven guilty, no HIPPA/mental health confidentiality, and no assistance or resources after the fact when a license is disciplined or revoked. I will never understand this, and we have to fight this. !!}}
    NOTE : And to think that the Board / incompetent director, assistant directors, investigators , the prosecutors ELIZ CAMPBELL , SUNITA CARIO, the staff at the board all know this is what they are doing , but continue to do it anyways if just plain wicked work of the devil disquised as a state agency “protecting the public” .

  9. Elizabeth Campbell aag will lose any election that brnovich decides to run for . Ignoring her shabby work , illegal, dirty tricks and down right ‘set up ‘ in the rigged court court rooms.
    Nurses need to know the prosecutors at the AG will take ANY matter the BON wants to retaliate against . ANY matter ! And Campbell and Krishna will do and say what ever it takes .
    Now would be a good time to exit left.

  10. Nurses who are similar circumstances have joined forces and are trying to get the word out . Obstacles 1 is AZNA, who are a joke for nurses . And have added groups who are for fair and due process to their ‘watch list’ . (watch this Robin Schaefer ! oh yea she ‘retired ‘ tee hee hee LOL ! )
    Studying increasing infringement of nurses due process rights through abuse of administrative regulatory procedures and misuse of corrupt investigators and ‘witnesses” and fitness for duty assessments.
    We’ve heard hundreds of nurses stories about having their careers irreparably harmed by wrongful disciplinary proceedings in nursing licensing board, dirty docs , and the rigged OAH . Innocent hard working nurses were being subjected to unwarranted investigations, ordered to attend costly privately-owned evaluation and treatment programs and disciplined without justification or recourse. The breadth of the abuse, career derailment and lack of legal remedy was shocking.
    We also discovered how quickly one becomes immersed in a costly, drawn out process at which one’s very career is at stake. Neither physicians nor in many cases their counsel were aware that while these entities wield tremendous power with state-granted immunity , they operate entirely free of government oversight.
    How many nurses are aware of the “process” , and still think you must have done something really wrong to be named on the discipline list ? A whole lot , and AZNA is sticking their political nose in, ‘assisting ‘ the corrupt AZ BON.

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