The Scape Goats Selective Silencing of Pts. Advocates Kim Paradisis Unjust Registered Nurse Discipline

For those nurses who have thought they’re alone ….you are recognized in spite of the AZBN and what they have done to you. The above recent study done defines the horrors that this Az. state organization has done to you. I myself some how ended up as a participant of this massive study of the Unjust Nurse Discipline. This study is the foundation of which allows us to be granted financial support for other victimized nurses and ourselves; all of which will help us make the U.S. safer for all. I could go on forever about this study but the study does it for me. It is a massive undertaking revealing what and why the AZBN, Ombudsmen, AAG, & Adm Law CtC have done to nurses. Its about 200 pages explaining precisely why few know the names of the people who actually put our pts. in Potter’s field and the unjust discipline used by Az regulators to reveal a part of nursing that belongs in the book of revelations. Kim Paradisis has done a remarkable expose ito nursing adm failures and connecting the dots of registered nurse backrooms. I do not know each case of unjust registered nurse discipline but I know four and all of those are from AZBN. We here have not been kind in AZBN depictions although identifying them now as illegal motherfuckers is solidly confirmed. We can rejoice that these disturbing facts of the health care system now have digital permanence at .edu site and will ALWAYS be accessible from anywhere. The tentacles of corruption are grossly revealed although nurses in study are protected by codes. etirIf your a nurse, with the gift, you might want to rethink working in Az. If you stay DO NOT BE A PT.ADVOCATE. In Arizona ‘No good deed goes unpunished and if the physician says it is ok that pt’s head fell off…you best say ok. A GREAT ARTICLE FOR REGISTERD NURSES. THEN AND NOW