Discretionary Damages AZBN

If we closely pay attention to some politicians we’ll not be blinded by what the government is doing. Getting bigger & bigger. The AZBN last meeting brought forward another case of clear violations to existing state statutes. Listening to ABF r.n. try to navigate through the land mine filled course created by the Bd highlighted precisely what is in the bowels of this regulatory agency. At the end of the Bd’s hearing, now Bd president McCormies, classified the miserable denial decision as ‘Bd’s Discretion’ and the ultimate point stands by itself. The obvious statute violations in this case are totally irrelevant and sets another precedence for nurses to come to the realization that years of solid nursing performance without complaints gets you nothing. The Bd does not follow its own rules & state laws whose action goes to severe social & economic damages. The double standard of this Bd’s actions, accompanying the Attorney General’s illegal actions has tentacles reaching awareness to the public when the horrors in health care are brought forward. Having a group control the largest working force in the world with simply discretionary delights and no laws is tyranny.

Focus brought to complaint stats sheds enormous light on just what this Bd does, or pretends to do. If you randomly view 100 complaints you’ll find about 3-6 actual patient’s complaints. The rest is adm actions and a huge portion of those are administratively processed whose legal motions are driven without a public complaint. Yeah, there is a law for that too; but its not followed.

Reviewing Bd schedules reads like a Washington, D.C. lawyer’s convention, not to mention the enormity of active Bd staffing. Trying to find a patient complaint, even an invalid one, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. With out administration’s actions there is little work. This agency is the Grand Central of the $ exchange where nurses routinely get tossed under the bus while many get away with felony endangerment, whose attorneys play roles in refueling the buses. For the outsider I would say if you find an attorney with their throat slashed in alley in Phoenix I would be honored if you came here first for suspects R/O.