Discretionary Damages AZBN

If we closely pay attention to some politicians we’ll not be blinded by what the government is doing. Getting bigger & bigger. The AZBN last meeting brought forward another case of clear violations to existing state statutes. Listening to ABF r.n. try to navigate through the land mine filled course created by the Bd highlighted precisely what is in the bowels of this regulatory agency. At the end of the Bd’s hearing, now Bd president McCormies, classified the miserable denial decision as ‘Bd’s Discretion’ and the ultimate point stands by itself. The obvious statute violations in this case are totally irrelevant and sets another precedence for nurses to come to the realization that years of solid nursing performance without complaints gets you nothing. The Bd does not follow its own rules & state laws whose action goes to severe social & economic damages. The double standard of this Bd’s actions, accompanying the Attorney General’s illegal actions has tentacles reaching awareness to the public when the horrors in health care are brought forward. Having a group control the largest working force in the world with simply discretionary delights and no laws is tyranny.

Focus brought to complaint stats sheds enormous light on just what this Bd does, or pretends to do. If you randomly view 100 complaints you’ll find about 3-6 actual patient’s complaints. The rest is adm actions and a huge portion of those are administratively processed whose legal motions are driven without a public complaint. Yeah, there is a law for that too; but its not followed.

Reviewing Bd schedules reads like a Washington, D.C. lawyer’s convention, not to mention the enormity of active Bd staffing. Trying to find a patient complaint, even an invalid one, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. With out administration’s actions there is little work. This agency is the Grand Central of the $ exchange where nurses routinely get tossed under the bus while many get away with felony endangerment, whose attorneys play roles in refueling the buses. For the outsider I would say if you find an attorney with their throat slashed in alley in Phoenix I would be honored if you came here first for suspects R/O.


36 thoughts on “Discretionary Damages AZBN

  1. They just keep typing up a new policy , after the fact to cover them . INCONSISTENCY , a real mess .
    mcCORNY (good name 4 that thing from Safford , (berringer is from there too, SURPRISE ! and Randy the idiot Quinn THATCHER , brain washed from birth , diseased minds , there is no communication with that group . McCORNY loves to apple polish , well BROWN NOSER , in good standing. suck up to everyone as if they are doing the work for HER . Queen of fake .
    Did you catch that little hesitation in voting , ??? go back and listen to boyer talk about motion to deny , then McCornuts, getting super excited, want to make that motion, then ACTING like it kills her to do so . passive aggressive messed up mind, can see right thru her horse sh*t .

    1. It appears the dumbest person at the BON is Jokey Ridenour. She actually believes that having the atty working their is going to save her butt . That atty is emma mamaluy , prosecuted nurses , must be what attracted JOKE to her, how she can lie her head off and play sneaky tricks, oh yes this impressed the queen of corruption . Joke ‘s husband got her the job. You know the type of male this is, just like the nurse you work with who says her husband does her schedule and puts her on over time every week. Helpful husbands, club. Then she took all her comrades from County with her, cause she needed the gang back up , to speak for her . No one makes it in a leadership position with that speech impediment, NO ONE . no one would take her serious. no matter how much hair dye and sonobella wraps, and macy’s dresses , she is till a smirking nasty bitch. And guess who has ‘the greatest respect for her ?” Mccormies , of course that is her nose turning brown again. Suppose this clown bucking for director , GOD FORBID !

      1. remember that dtr of hers going to the board meeting pointing out to her SLC boyfriend , see there’s my mother see she’s on the board ! . A dtr who was also fooling everyone that her and the boy toy weren’t messing around , wearing those “im a virgin dresses ” like Carolyn, go to church , and acting like a “goodie two shoes ” girl . She has them fooled , that she became something. And she did , the worst nitemare for any nurse, the devil in disguise, the cold hearted dirt bag from Safford , the fake , miss limelight run that mouth , and make sure others talk, then discard what they say, but in the end it will be her decision that will be the final one, she has to get her way that is for sure . Stomp her feet get her way. No remorse , no guilt, no empathy a sociopath all the way. No dtr dearest you have NOTHING to be proud of with a mommy dearest like her.

    2. Remember when “A** hole Randy Quinn announced he is responsible for 4.5 million dollars budget. (of course equating himself with dollars !) jerk ! Well now McCormies , who wanted to be president of the board so bad , is in the hot seat. The only over sight the board has is this year. We have a special Nurses Week Gift , if comes in the way of advise , free too. MCCormies take all your clothes off , and “special undergarments’ bend way over forward, how take your hands and pull your butt cheeks apart and grunt real hard . This will give you good practice. ! When the guards are checking for contra band . And remember, we are only telling you this for your own good .

    3. This is what keeps a nurse who helps other nurses going :: HAPPY NURSES WEEK TO ALL OF YOU , you are great nurses and the corrupt board of nursing cannot take that away . Ever ! Maybe you cannot work in a hospital because of their stupidity , snf underhanded political greed, but you are in your hearts caring and good people, better than the dirty board , employees, and director will ever be !

      ” I contacted you back in 2017 because of a complaint made against my Fl nursing license. They made such a big deal threatening my nursing career and livelihood. Well they recently reconsidered my case and it was completely dismissed ! I am so overjoyed it has been erased from my record. All I had to do was wait and pray ! I also want to thank you for your support and advice during a low point in my life. I’ve have come so far since then. I truly appreciate you and just had to share the good news.”

    4. A Dr writes his own obituary and it makes headlines . What a great idea and exit, we know that Elizabeth A hole Campbell would not approve., just focus on negative . This is not a novel idea for her . The bd had a target and they were going to do some DEEEEEEEEP digging. When a nurse does it , the matter is brought up by a desperate prosecutor .
      What does the Board of Nursing have to do with obituaries, abortions, neighbors, ex spouses, religious gestures, a rape in nurses past, over 7 years ago dui, , being fired from a nursing job 20 yrs ago, taking narcotics in labor 31 yrs ago, what type of cancer you have, reading the nurses families obituaries, obtaining medical records illegally , patients complaints believed 100% police reports 100% true nurses all liars. Who would get a license in AZ for nursing ???
      A photo of Thomas Flanigan, MD

      “”In a move equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, Ohio surgeon Thomas Flanigan, MD, penned his own obituary prior to what he called a “shocking and unexpected, yet fabulous, exit.” ))))””

  2. McCormies is rather disgusting . to think that 3 of her kids are in nursing, UH. you know they are not going to do anything with patients just dictate to other nurses , how to act . So sad these kids actually think that Carolyn being pres of the bd makes her rise above everyone else, that it is some kind of ‘honor” , or she is really up there. When everyone knows the truth. She is NOT qualified , not a balanced person by any means . So sad these nurses who can’t figure out what they are thinking when , they are so wrapped up in their crazy cult minds , nothing can penetrate , or reason with them . Just abnormal all the way and now she has 3 who will be the next generation of protecting their own.

    1. I saw on here something awhile back about Yuma, I’m on staff now and very concerned , wonder if the BON will help since they want to protect the public ? Patients on other floors have covid, vre, mrsa, and we go back and forth. Very concerning for newborn and nicu .
      Ever since the number of covid cases and deliveries has dropped our staff has been consistently floated to other units to perform CNA duties or be a sitter. Staff has voiced its concerns, but we continue to be floated.

      1. There was some OB nurse from yuma , who gave a statement awhile ago, saying she called the Dr and he was there in less than one minute. If you believe that noise, you should join the gang at the board of nursing . They don’t believe it they just go along and do what they are told . They do look ridiculous , sitting there with all the crazy talk going on.

    2. HEY Arizona , come out of the DARK AGES . Look at Maine ! Send a message to Maine Med Nurses!

      On April 29, Maine Medical Center registered nurses made history when they voted by a huge 57 percent margin to form their first-ever union and join the Maine State Nurses Association/National Nurses United.

      We are incredibly excited for this next chapter, and deeply grateful to the nurses who fought to make this a reality.

      As we celebrate this win and look forward to the next, will you send a message of congratulations, encouragement, or thanks to the nurses at Maine Medical Center? We’ll collect your responses to this form, and share them with the team.
      MASSACHUSETTES NURSES ARE GETTING UNEMPLOYMENT WHILE ON STRIKE . Stop the back wards AZ , a board who will take down nurses for the hospital is CORRUPT !!! Stop the madness !

      1. So the bd got a flood of licenses from Ohio , a bunch of new grads who couldn’t pass nclex. And giving them licenses. then the lies start rolling, when “don” contacted them they ‘lived in Fla” and “had no intention of coming to AZ ‘ . That is way more fishy than a flood of licenses from Ohio. First of All Fla is not a state that having a license will get you to az. And that hundreds would apply who had no intention of working or living in az. buying it ? nope. And what the hell is “don’ doing calling all these applicants . While someone is out there already working in az and doing some real crazy dangerous stuff . They take licenses of many years experienced nurses and give licenses to exam flunkie butts. Yep sounds about like them .a new batch of fresh meat . Hang up if you get a call !

      2. This Arizona Board is going down . Financial is not adding up , if only Robert Ellis would have listened . He will be first to be turned against, Just like Mekoba- Hill . You can’t trust them , they ONLY TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES ! You are outsiders . Should have got out.
        The new black is ORANGE . Sure they have your size. Your only hope is Fed prison .

  3. Reminded of Elizabeth A (A is for ______) yup ! Campbell , sitting there telling the board members ‘and he is writing about me ” . WAAAAA . (ROFLOL !!! OMG , like How old are you bitch ?? ? and Ever read the crap the board and you put on the web about nurses ??? Knowing what you do put out there is LIES, i read nurses final orders and wonder what part has ANY TRUTH TO IT ??? Campbell , we know without it being said , he is not writing ANYTHING flattering ! Your a MESS , a HOT MESS . so go tell anyone who will listen to your whining , WAAAAAAAA . Maybe Jokey will breast feed you and make you feel better, ‘there there “bethy” it will be ok, now take off that diaper and put on your big girls panties and get out there and revoke those licenses ! BURP ! .

    1. Nurse fired for not getting covid vaccine . Hope she doesn’t get a board complaint, because Tx Bd is almost as wacky as AZ BOn. They will bring up being fired, but leave off the rest of the story , just the dirt part. Very biased story tellers they are .
      Now since these license carrying non patient care , know it all’s on the bon, make sure you are fully vaccinated ! That includes rabies too ! rabid dogs that they are !

  4. in nursing “you screw up you move up ” how true , look at Janeen Dahn, and Joke Ridenour , and Elizabeth Campbell and Emma Mamaluy .and Cindy Mand all losers in my book.
    just means they will do the dirty , cause they got something on each one of them .

  5. Undeniably believe that which you stated. Your favorite justification appeared to be on the net the simplest thing to be awareof. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed while people consider worries thatthey plainly don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and alsodefined out the whole thing without having side-effects ,people can take a signal. Will probably be backto get more. Thanks

  6. “IF elected judge in November, I promise to treat every person who enters my courtroom in the same way: with kindness and respect. I will give each person my attention and focus to ensure their voice is heard. I will give each case the necessary time and consideration.
    I promise that, if elected, I will serve with dignity and respect. “”
    Maybe the Board of Nursing can take lessons from this politician. Especially Randy Quinn, a real dog . Telling nurses to “shut up” , I m ordering a skill evaluation and “YOU WON”T PASS IT ” . cant find a job on probation, “YOU DIDN’T TRY HARD ENOUGH ” . Treats women like second class citizens at every turn . A real dirt bag . Little pretend Judge, and pretend Dr. as sickening as Carolyn McCormies. Males paid not attention to McCormies , so now she takes the pulpit and in her sick mind thinks she is capable of deciding everyone’s future.

    1. They even put a SECOND BLACK PERSON ON THE BON ! . Wonder if she knows what they are taught on Sundays about blacks ?
      Is this to take the attention off of them being racist again ? won’t work.
      The mormon tabernacle choir has ONE . didn’t work for them either.

  7. Three new ones on the BON , let ‘s hope that they do not start acting like Mccormies and think at all her statements and actions are at all normal , that this is they way a board behave.
    They seem to check them out on committees, and invite them to join them . Too bad the entire board is not cleaned out Ridenour first .
    Notice how Boyer is acting like McCorny, such a dumb ditty , reading off the computer without any thought to any of it . Always pointing out the worst . Nurse of the year, Fuk you, means nothing. But when A HOLE Quinn or Joe Ky get March of Dimes award , it is a big part of their resume. THEY ONLY TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES !!
    One can only hope that Ducey appointed unrelated , disconnected individuals, independent thinkers , not like Boyer BAAAA . Give them the benefit of the doubt, but when the obvious erupts it ugly head, make them famous !

    1. In breaking news Minn nurse wins ! Fired from hospital filed law suit, hospital turned him over to the BON (just like az) BON ‘decided ” not to move forward, job reinstated . While AZ nurses too chicken to stick up for themselves and the AZNA is going against nurses . Weird , backwards as ever . https://www.medpagetoday.com/special-reports/exclusives/92406?xid=nl_mpt_investigative2021-05-05&eun=g1640853d0r&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=InvestigativeMD_050521&utm_term=NL_Gen_Int_InvestigateMD_Active

    2. Isn’t this the real reason they put CRNA’s on the board, to protect their own.? We can see Angela Fountain , protecting bff randy moron quinn . With all of the bad decisions he made on the board , lenient AND harsh, he cannot have common sense on the job. Surely it would be covered up and tell the patient , ‘you were dreaming ” . And order a ‘free ‘ psychological counseling ” haha . Only a fool would fall for that . They have even done that for nurses who worked long term , scared of a law suit , ‘we’ll pay for a psych eval ” Very sad what is happening selectively with certain ones , the same problems that are on the job , favoritism.
      Patient during surgery . HR and B/p shot up . That should have been more than enough warning that something was likely wrong with the anesthetic.

      He said the story he’s gathered so far is that Caswell was brought into the operating room and given the paralytic agent. Either the anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist put the mask for the inhalational anesthetic on him, but then the surgeon asked to see the lipoma before starting.

      The mask was taken off and Caswell was turned over so the surgeon could see the lipoma. He was then returned to supine positioning, and the mask was put back on, but the sevoflurane was never turned on, Vuylsteke said.

      Hospital records include a “Significant Event Note” that acknowledges that a “review of the anesthetic record demonstrates a delay in initiating inhalational anesthetic after induction of anesthesia.”

      The note indicates that Caswell and his mother were “immediately informed regarding the delay in initiating the inhaled anesthetic agent until after the start of the surgical procedure.” The hospital “provided emotional support and discussed our intention to ensure his pain and anxiety over the event were well controlled in the immediate term.” The hospital also recommended a psychology consult for which they would cover the cost.

      Caswell charges that he’s suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and panic attacks because of the experience.

      He’s suing anesthesiologist Bruce Weber, MD, and nurse anesthetist Kathleen O’Leary, CRNA, as well as their employer, Washington University in St. Louis.

      “I would have rather died on that table,” he told KCTV.

  8. To the new board members , consider this A seasoned nurse all of a sudden losing their license .
    Take a lifetime Nurse, have him/her get a license in AZ , Then turn some lights on, we expose the Nursing Agency , to other agencies , and be denied a license their abuse of power . Victims of lies by the BON members who want to discredit anything you say. Tell everyone your crazy, but hey we figured them out !
    If you refer to yourself as a person who speaks up , you lose, if you are obedient and belong to a ward, no need to worry . When asked to be on the BON, they are asking you to be their bitch. You are to sit down and believe the lies they are feeding you, you are to promote the puppets that their masters paid for, and you are not to question any change of policies that they are bringing forth. If people like me had sat back and not exposed the Corrupt AZ BON , no information would be out there, closed door regulations placed upon nurses , AZNA is watching and helping the corrupt AZBON. The bought and paid for BON members see people like us as the enemy, and do not like anyone looking over their shoulder.

  9. So here is a message for nurses to join in . The AZNA is going to make a page of nurses who have died. What did they do for them while there were alive ??? To make working conditions bearable ??? The AZNA is run by a bunch of political / bon think tank warped minds.
    Loss of a license by a board agency of retaliation is a death to many . A loss . What association if there for the nurse ?? Want to help front lines nurses , stop the madness the corruption at the board level . Let nurses speak without being ordered a psychological evaluation , at their expense . (IT was the AZNA who had input into this decision to give the bd some traction to make this law . SHAME ON ROBIN SCAEFER. we know what you did .
    Here is the message by someone who obviously has not clue this association is pretty much worthless. Honoring the dead , is not helpful. By your lack of working FOR nurses , many died for speaking up about PPE , and got infected. But just like the dirty bd the AZNA is for hospitals / profit / all about money they can post “touching” all day long . They have touched many nurses pockets books paying thousands for psychological evaluations because some deranged person’s on the BD thinks everyone needs one (except her , right McCormies and Boyer ) .
    “”Nurses, need your help. The Arizona State Nurses Association (AZNA) is doing a tribute to our nurse colleagues who have died. If you know of a nurse or health care worker who had died (or any cause) in the last couple of years, please pm me. We will have a ceremony on Facebook live during nurses’ week and read their names and a couple of short sentences about them. It will be a very touching ceremony. Please, pm me. I need some names to honor, where they worked, how long they were a nurse….thank you.”” A little too late ,

  10. Shakeel Mustafa is a Middle East sand flea who gets information on nurses and post the fraudulent information on his web, the sand flea gets his information from the third world country sand flea whore SUNITA KRISHNA CAIRO.

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    1. PORN , well guess what state is # 1 for PORN .
      Ever wonder about someone before the board who watches PORN what the BON would do ?

  13. So many nurses are not wanting to work in nursing anymore . At least the ones who actually do work . Front line workers. Of course the reasons are pretty much the same.
    Short staffing, no respect. Mgt that acts like board members .
    When you search there back grounds , there is no getting through to them, they are so warped in the mind.
    Who raised these people, and why did they buy a nursing license ???? Nurses are known for being sensitive , and caring , shame on all of them !!

  14. Three new board members
    1) SHAREEDAH Z. Al-HARK lpn
    Disappointing that one has only worked as a case mgr. (The BD does NOT need another Berringer !! ANd hope the hell she is gone, a nasty witch for such . McCormies back up singer .
    Nurses who go before this board, know that 1 or 2 make the decisions, and the Assoc Dirs/ along with prosecutors / download what they are to read. (like parrots ) idiots . Nothing is a bd decision, but the new ones can not vote they way of the dirty current bd members !
    These nurses are on the board because of WHY???
    This will either add to their resume or ruin their names . (notice how Dale GTHO)
    May the good lord take a likening to them should they decide to act like former/ current board members . Morons Anderson , Guiterrez, Machesky, Boyer, McCormies, Berringer, and Lokinar . It would be nice to have some self thinkers and not cave in to punitive puke McCormies and psychological evaluation ordering Boyer . TIME WILL TELL !!

  15. Speaking of fleas and bugs the real rodent of AZ is PAUL BOYER . He will do anything to act like his brethren “idiot s” Flake, Romney. Typical , see the state turn blue so they will switch gears , none of them stand for anything but the queers of 12.
    Calling his party “idiots ” , he can either look in the mirror or at his IDIOT MORON wife BETH “dumber than a box of rocks ” who is on the BRN . Between the two sister wives McCormies and Boyer , it is like watching dumb and dumber . Only it is no joke . Seriously Ducey you messed up , neither qualified and haven’t learned a thing. !

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