Desperate Measures of Over Nurse Regs AZBN

Most nurse disciplinary actions are a rife of Bernie Maddoff types of discoveries. Jenny, the nurse whose strip search by Glendale PD was sent over net to AZBN via male operated cams, has meth issues but absolutely zip clinical issues. Not trying to make meth use minor. The report of her emotions from AZBN pressures defines what our colleagues sometimes go through. And why.

Jenny not real name

I asked my mom to email the board and tell them I died. I needed them to stop contacting me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had a total breakdown. My mom isn’t crazy so of course she said no. So I made an email address similar to her real one and emailed them myself. Said I killed myself. They didn’t even reply until they couldn’t locate the death certificate months later. I started making a fake death certificate and remembered the board saying they want their nurses to be truthful at board meetings. I called the head honcho of CANDO at this time it was Tiffany. I told her the truth. I was then told if I didn’t sign a voluntary surrender my punishment would be much worse. I regret surrendering every day. I worked so hard to be a nurse. I’m broken and lost. All I know in my heart is that how azbn treats nurses is wrong. I never meant to hurt anyone. I just wanted to not be depressed. It
was the first time since I can remember that I wasn’t depressed when I used meth. I tried all the antidepressants. They didn’t work. I see now that meth isn’t a solution, I was insane. My depression today is 100 times what it was before I tried drugs. Thanks to AZBN. They enjoyed watching me suffer and worry. They didn’t even respond to my fake email notifying them I killed myself. It was effective tho, it was months I didn’t have to hear from them. I should have made a fake death certificate. Could be in law school if I wasn’t on the practitioner database. Please figure out a way to fix the board.

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