For Every Bad,There Is A Worse; Nursing Regulatory Agencies

This page has been most commonly focused upon state regulation agencies that are involved with the prosecution of nurses and aids for alledged violations. The conceded feature of bad nursing practices truly is evident throughout the industry, and there is no speciality absence in doing bad. AZBN is far and away at the horror topping list but California’s Nursing Board gets top honors and nudges Arizona for the greediest and most obnoxious governmental agency known to be against nurses and their assistants.

DJ is Darin Johnson R.N. MSN level, critical care experienced a few flips to ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’. The new modern world of nursing ...where the underworld of bribery is arrogantly on the table…read on.

DJ has better than 20 yrs experience in critical care and most often works in ICU assignments in California.

As complicated as DJ’s charges are presented by the California Bd her actions are common in the ICU world. The predisposed nursing shortage and overloaded assignment is never mentioned. It is mentioned by DJ to termination. This common scenario is a general routine event presented by corporate to avoid legal pt. backlash. Not totally similar to the Radonda Vaught case but very good for the lack of nursing knowledge openly demonstrated by our leaders.

In Riverside California a pt enters a make shift step down icu with AFib at Riverside Community Hospital, prepandemic. The logistical environments are not mentioned by prosecution’s deposition of world wide postings. Ms.Castegnola is witness. DJ is charged with incompetence and neglect.

The documented ACSBN has posted which is entered by Calif. Bd gives b/p numbers only by an ignorant actor, and those who think Castegnola is believing herself for political reasons. Pts with Afib are commonly found in ICUs and getting pressures without an A Line is unreliable for reasons All icu nurses know. Giving home meds while in critical care is the nurse’s decision to understand home meds are directly r/t adm dx. Peripheral pressures drop although meds eventually converts to NSR.

Ms. Castegnola reports incompetence as DJ didn’t get physician prior order to adm. Peripheral pressure 70/40 during post med adm of alledged violations. No known deleterious symptoms.

Reviewing this case by any nurse of experience would easily allow themselves to not work in California. This case is the holy grail of Regulatory Fraud and avoiding nursing in California is a career move. You may think you’re bullet proof?

The case is an incredible journey through the tangled underworld of the California Nursing Bd.

I can not fully and accurately show the clinical intricacies the experienced ICU nurse who smoothly flows through what other nurses are clueless about. Nurses whom instruct and assists is a DJ forteu of long duration having routine experiences and treatment is often very basic. Having been in critical care myself collaborative confirmation is critical. If a pt in AFib is posting peripheral hypotension and can swallow meds ok the alert nurse strongly suspects pressures are not accurate. More importantly the ICU nurse knows Afib pressure accuracy requires an Aline. This is where straight and honest behavior should look at this clue. Ms Castegnola further contributes to her ignorant testimony that is shockingly absent of critical care knowledge., and of course critical thinking. First year nursing students knows more about arterial pressures than those creating political prisoners.

The source of nurse’s abuse by Califotnia Nursing Bd adds further to the ever growing knowledge that nurse bd corruption goes through the cash register on the other side of the corporate agenda. The nurse shortage so widely published is wrong. Getting out alive is the mode for the shortage, lots of goodbye nursing forever in the mix. The hazards for nurse career failures are pervasively known and often many roads to fraudelent charges are nearly endless. The destruction of dedicated nurses whose hxs of long standing positive care is now easily associated with$$. This case has histrionics for another disgusting journey well beyond what is already here.

$30,000.00 is what California charged DJ for investigation which allows her a revocation stay on probation. This story is now a must to get publically published so the Castegnola nurse types are identified as not nursing friends and grossly contributing to present day shortage.

To be continued

From the same California horrors of loss of life of nurses and their unknown anguish from a queer government looking for money.

Psyche evals can be found on website! I was one of 7 nurses to go to Sacramento April 2019 to ask if our probation could be removed. One of those nurses, a Nurse Practitioner, killed herself after being denied. They had published some very private details of her Psyc. Eval. on the CA BRN website. I made a copy of each of the 7 board orders that were extremely biased and violated everything I had believed in. Another of the 7 had a Pts. family come as a witness and they paid the balance of her costs of the BRN’s investigation. Thousands of $$$. She was one the approved. She got a letter of reprimand from the Tx BON but the CA. BRN gave her supervised probation preventing her from working. This meeting was held in a college auditorium full of nursing students. They saved me for last and cut my time to go on lunch. God forbid their lunch ran late. I had sold my washer and dryer to go to Sacramento for the hearing.

Peary Brown retired R.N.


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