The Perfect Storm Crushes Nursing

Many investigations now leading to nursing licensing scandals and many arrests directly r/t intentional fraud in educational institutions for nursing programs. It’s unlikely that the online programs of several Florida programs can instruct students to start IVs or take a b/p while at home in front of the computer. Not sure how any institution could get certified by any Nursing Board without actual clinical performances r/t hands on training? Nursing Administration investigations via federal involvement will exam how 7,000+ fake nursing degrees are allowed to sit for state boards licensing exams. Actually it’s very simple. If it’s one issue we learned from the Radonda Vaught investigation is that Nursing Boards are about money and politics and their constant pounding the public with ‘Protecting The Public’ only accentuates our views of who Bds really are. Any nurse who supports a regulatory nursing agency is a nurse who gets paid to do so.

Bedside nursing is exhausting work which also requires a formal education that involves pt. contact. How could several nurse training programs of Fla pass certification from nursing bd without clinical performances? This is basic curriculum? Each one of those students paid about $25,000 x 7000. Perfect motive in a corrupted profession.

The fall of the health care system is only known to pts and health care workers. Contemporary media avoids information to the public as the public might not spend the money if they knew the truth. NCSBN and nursing boards continue to destroy nursing for money. Total pt safety can only be gained through those with hands on experience via on site contact and not by nursing bds 200+ miles away. The pandemic has shown the public just how corrupt nurse regulators are as to follow the money. Students and graduates filter out across the country and yes…some nurses with fraudulent certificates have landed in Az. How many are there? Not far off somebody will flush an IV with bleach and nobody will ever know anything. This road, well traveled already, will also show a nurse whom focuses on quacks will get license revoked for ‘no good deed goes unpunished’, if it’s costing money. The flip side of capitalism.

Many young and up and comers will now not show up and will bankrupt adm morals of nurses. A truck full of money went where??

The social trained registered nurse at the bedside needs to be the main regulator and few others.

My condolences to the students and the security you lost. It’ll be a mass suit, please don’t quit your goals. To your own self be true.

Congratulations to those students who took the false credentials and applied themselves to passing their nursing exams. About 3500 students passed state boards. “If you’re not cheating, you’re just not trying.”


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