Peary Brown AZBN The Bottoms

Its a true literate failure to keep sending messages about one’s own self, but the evidence , or the absence of it, must be garnished by actual hands in the activity . The activity of AZBN during open meetings are performed by those formerly called nurses.

It wasn’t until much later in life that I realized my mother was right that my ability to bring out the worst in people was natural. The navy tuned that trait for themselves and are often unescapable training triggers when being attacked. Do not tell the truth as a nurse if you see quackery with injuries evident. “WHAT did I say??”

The halls of alledged justice for nurses is the government center in downtown Phoenix whose surgical security devotion on stated day in 2018 defined their fear or demonstrate their power..both. I can not focus on security until I focus on fear.

The Central Highland mission, we’re simply on surveillance, and avoid contact. Decades ago it was. I got to micterate in the moist night time. I step into a faint trail not far from our camouflaged place of comfort, my only weapon is my KBAR & worn properly. I micterate and can view a figure slowly maneuvering the trail and headed my way. He finally is close enough to see the whites of my eyes. He has an AK which is shouldered. The darkness belayed all of common ability simply poor vision not present by night vision training….ie special glasses worn in day time to improve night vision. The figure in front of me was a young male of small stature, frozen fixed stare now upon me. My KBar knife now attached to my hand, but still sheathed. To this day I still think I can see skin blanching in his young face even at this moment decades post event. His eyes fell to canyon bottom and within seconds he fled like an Olympian runner. This image remains as the body language of fear to which I would see many times in many eyes., not always related to me. The worst in me got lucky.

It was not the physician who drove a scope through my wife’s esophagus and told no-one that bottomed me. It really wasn’t judge PPsareus of Bullhead City who bottomed me when he unwittingly supported the quack whom nearly killed her. I wasn’t bottomed even when Elizabeth A. Campbell suborned perjury from the same man wearing a foolish looking wig. I was close to bottom when immoral Judge Adm Law Court Diane Milhasky had the balls to squawk constitution. Of all potential bottoms in my life the one that really was a bullsye bottom was in 2018 when Sunita Krishna, Ast Atty Gen. stood in front of me with an initial attempted expression of sturdy potency but soon falls grossly to canyon bottom of fear. This event occurring at Bd Mtg was a very unique demonstration of the well founded AZBN sub culture of nurse abuse. The picture is a 40 y.o. woman, in her third trimester of pregnancy, whose approach on my space is heralded by swat sitting one seat away from me. And for no particual reason to approach me?Her fall from grace seen in her face, blanching with doomed eyes looking down is perfect for whom this government agency is. The one part of my downtown Phoenix cultural exploration that did actually hit my bottom. Nursing should know the instability of some emotions are more fragile in the 3rd trimester that the two of us felt. My presence?The AZBN did teach her failure which is now tactfully absent. This abuse of its own employees during pregnancy demonstrates Ridenour as a private actor and a federal violator. Welcome to Az. There are millions of these kinds of AZBN stories.

Peary Brown retired R.N.


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