The New Norm AZBN

In the 21st century the Border Patrol is a travel agency and nurses must fail lie detector test before licenses issued. Attitudes towards health care finally being prodded by 2022 reports of health care suicides at all time high, trumpeted throughout SM; and takes frequent tows through the center of nursing boards. Seldom is it known that the cause of death, caused by those employed to protect life, could have been prevented as the dead had the ignored prior declaration of impending doom of suicide..The AZBN began a reactionary trail of creating evidence by trying to convince the stripped searched Jenny to declare herself the caller of the suicide scare, whose already disciplinary events of death claims led to stripped search and sent on male cam.The incredible tangled web woven amongst nurses truly does seem endless and with many actors and players of dubious witnessing creating poor public confidence. The struggling of nursing greatly effects pt. care.

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