Wild Dogs AZBN

Do you ever see wild animals?

I hike near BLM IN Az high desert area that allows public access with reasonable limits that aren’t unlike local environmental ordinances specific to flood washes & maintenance by Fed. I hike and not far off of end of El Camino Rd BHC…Not long before I see a man unloading 8 dogs, at least. A very obese woman was on the opposite side of a suv. Immediately the dogs see me approaching and speed run towards me.. The lead mutt is pit bull and growls. The pack is not far behind. The man is yelling to call off mutts. I am quick with my Italian Frog Sticker blade and implement rules of engagement to advance on mutts now. The dogs sense of fears is held at bay with my displaying my blade with vigor. Moving forward a man is yelling something at the dogs and is circulating in their mix, claiming.”They won’t bite you, they’re afraid of you!” Dogs are still wildly circling me; I continue to advance still on the trail and still brandishing the Stiletto by now the woman is off my path 10 ft.and screaming obscenities and I’m still waving the dogs off with the blade. The man reappears from around the truck with a handgun, I’m not 3 ft now from his wife with the blade open. He stops. ” Get these mutts out of my way, there’s a leash law here.” I say.

The woman is insane by now…I walk away and would say as I’m pointing to camera on a large pole with solar. ” That’s a camera the Fed monitors as this wash, because it’s part of the flood plan which you’re not suppose to drive in it.” The camera sees your lic vehicle plate. ” The woman is unchanged and screaming fighting words.

Its fair to claim people love their dogs and for some reason can not accept the fact that pit bulls barking and growling at strangers and not on a leash, is illegal. The sign defines this wash as not to drive in. As I left & my mind shifted to thinking this attitude is so common of violations when the law suits them or doesn’t suit their needs Like AZBN …bunch of unleashed wild pit bulls illegally abusing everyday nurses. Protect yourself from these wild mutts.


do not ever underestimate the ability of this bd to lie in open court, and break state laws.


3 thoughts on “Wild Dogs AZBN

  1. When criminals are not prosecuted for the crimes the commit in the dark, they then commit them boldfaced in bright day light. Look at the cheating KATIE HOBBS.
    People stop watching main stream media, read Twitter, Defending the Republic, and Judicial Watch, you will see the corruption in AZ is deep seeded.

  2. Oh yes the corruption is deep seated . Many people moving to AZ from other states . How many of them know the mormon mafia has a kkkult member placed at many angles to take care of themselves only . The mormon mafia is wicked. people say trump is a cult people do what he wants , nothing can be as obedient as the mormon mafia . What other so called religion gets others into Government positions like the mormon mafia . Never joined that group and will not be judged and told what to do by their sick minded thoughts straight from the zion mission creeps. A couple of board members haven’t got the drift yet , somethings not right . something is ODD , and not just Carolyn McCormies . Or her weird side kick Angela Fountain who reputation went south since joining the corrupt bd of nursing.

  3. You can trust a pit bull as much as you can anyone who works at the nursing board . That is why some towns in other states have banned them . the AZ BON has made so many mistakes, some not mistakes they should be banned. Someone suggest one Fed BON. Anything but what is in their now . They love to play their games . bag of tricks is running low . Call em on it !

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