Jenny P.S. Addiction

Jenny was the nurse that had been strip searched in a A SCOTTSDALE E.R. secondary to an order from director Ridenour of AZBN. The cam recorded file of that search was sent via male police cam.

All of the failures in this case continue on today as the foundation of drug addiction has no defense. If there is no success with methamphetamine do we need these kind of civil rights violations behaviors?

If there is a nurse whose momentary pain and or mental disorder doesn’t consider self medication, and does so, accepts themselves as the affected. At least for that moment will self medicate. There are no stats on this but many nurses will self medicate. Jenny and her case represents this fact as well as understanding how a school.of sharks pounce upon their own. When was random drug screening done last of those that run the Cando AZBN program?

The reminder of Supreme Court 1974 ruling that random drug screening is civil violation, and illegal. Jenny didn’t know who AZBN was when she handed her urine over that very first time. What if she said she couldn’t void and walked away? She is far from a falling down drunk. What if she didn’t return to work and in spite of anon complaints Bd demanded specimen?

Specimen accuracy should be considered before a nurse should ever submit. Signing waivers for employment should not be a detriment in random screening refusal. Wait til the end of shift and leave without submitting. This approach is when you wouldn’t trust the examiners; although their wagons will circle you. The defense shouldn’t have to be explained via Harvard Law…but it is the accurate evaluation that not all labs are equally accurate and many other factors effect accuracy. It is the blind and sober nurse who can test inaccurately that now defines a system that polices people first, Building a case against Jenny, who actually didn’t even have a parking ticket to start with, is a demonstration of the loss of the foundations of modern nursing. Toss the urine on the floor and walk away; or don’t be surprised if you test positive.

Peary Brown retired R.N.


8 thoughts on “Jenny P.S. Addiction

  1. Peary, Thank you so much for your years of hard work and exposing what is going on at AZBN. Ridenour ordering nurses “STRIPPED SEARCHED”, and then watching the videos is a telling sign of her sadistic sexual predatory personality. Ridenour stalking and following specific nurses via the web and using her staff to aid her sadistic sexual behaviors is repulsive, and criminal but her staff like mamalay knowing this is not normal but continues is assist her is aiding and abetting and is criminal activity.

  2. I have long thought there was something askew with that crazy old Ridenour and how she hyper-focuses on certain nurses, obsessed with the nurse’s every move. Ridenour having her staff call the nurses place of work, neighbors, homeowners association, apartment managers, and so on…is a telling sign. I agree if her staff is stupid enough to continue to aid Ridenour they too should be prosecuted.
    1st degree penetration rape is what happened to Jenny, and Deloris Hurtado making all the calls for Ridenour is another one with a long history of aiding Ridenour.

    1. RAPE, unlawful sexual activity, most often involving sexual intercourse, against the will of the victim through force or the threat of force or with an individual who is incapable of giving legal consent because of minor status, mental illness, mental deficiency, intoxication, unconsciousness, or deception. In many jurisdictions, the crime of rape has been subsumed under that of sexual assault.

  3. RAPE: note the definition piece, “Rape by DECEPTION”.
    Ridenour is one psychotic predator who abuses her position to RAPE Hard Working Nurses.

  4. Voyeurs (peeping Tom); are people who obtains sexual gratification from observing unsuspecting individuals who are partly undressed, naked, or engaged in sexual acts (raped), someone who habitually seeks sexual stimulation by visual means.

  5. Voyeurs (peeping Tom); are people who obtains sexual gratification from observing unsuspecting individuals who are partly undressed, naked, or engaged in sexual acts (raped), someone who habitually seeks sexual stimulation by visual means.
    That be you Ridenour, oh, you & mamalay subpoenaed my families medical records by deception (for your own personal gain). You are one stupid predator.

  6. No wonder the Peeping Tom (Ridenour) recommended that mentally ill Charlie Hover lll/Charlie Hoover lll in the liscening enforcement office at the AZ AZAG Office, so he would cover for her.
    I wonder how many subpoena’s Sunita Krishna will sign for the Peeping Tom against nurses?

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