Open Letter Elizabeth A. Campbell Phoenix Court Officer. Atty General

First to E.Campbell is to give thanks for your work at the vanguard of nurse prosecution via the AZBN as your actions have allowed soo many nurses of all types to see how Arizona regulations of licenses work. Without your work being brought to the national academia level the entire nursing committee would have no idea who you are.

Your lack of shame r/t S.Krishna training during her pregnancy to manipulative acts of what is now being noted as work place violence truly defines how political pigeons keep other pigeons in the mist of danger. The flock of pigeons there have caused much public damage to nurses and patients alike. The cohorted academia study now circulating has connected you and your flock to a source of workplace violence; although your name isn’t mentioned all cases are known to be in Arizona.

The future holds only rumor and mystery to which many nurses wait and watch workplace violence whose occurrence stats are shocking. When you’re part of the violence now seen by a third trimester pregnant young woman in the public environment you are seen as a psychological failure b/c Krishna would not do this on her own. Her emotional instability commonly known at this level of pregnancy was manipulated by you, a Machiavellion psychopath who is now being stalked. The abuse of your own I suspect has notorious histories documented…it does .Trampoling Krishna shows the disregard for your own vein of existence. You will not be forgotten and with EMusk in our world you’ll need to change your name . “Riverboat Beth” .It’s an old time A.Lincoln epigram about known corruption. Until we meet again keep doing what you are doing so we can tell the world about how you trample on the sacred ground of humanity.

Yes it is rumored you’re on the move…are you headed for the ‘RiverBoat’ wheelhouse of the Adm Law Court??

Very Truly Yours, Dec 2022

Peary Brown retired R.N.


5 thoughts on “Open Letter Elizabeth A. Campbell Phoenix Court Officer. Atty General

  1. No, there will be no hope with Hobbs. She is part of the cancel culture group who caters to big government and big tech. She was illegally put in as governor to keep the corruption covered up in AZ just like Ducey.
    Elon Musk is exposing the pedophile Biden, the terrorist obama, and the rest of the monsters from the deep state.
    “The Great Meltdown” is here, and exposing the sadistics like Campbell, Krishna, & Ridenour are rising up out of the swamp too.

    Oh and remember pungent faced Ridenour and him on the sex trafficking task force, yeah, ok sure, like Paul D. Petersen the Maricopa county assessor a good Christian, Petersen’s human trafficking pregnant woman from the Marshall Islands, taking their visa so they could not leave, then taking their babies and selling them was a prime character of the AZ deep state.
    Fine, Ridenour, Krishna, Campbell, ect……

  2. Could give you a ton of established laws not being followed . but then that would give the deranged a heads up . And time to cover it up . Will the Auditor General office always do illegal ignore to assist the crooks. Auditor CHAPMAN mormon and His little corrupt buddy have left. The one in charge is silent

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