Substance Use Discipline AZBN Who is Jenny?

“Don’t try to understand them, just rope, tie and brand them” Is the motto for the agency’s Cando program for substance addicted nurses. The concept of the nurse working while in substance rehab has secretly been a major source of cash flow for the enormous crowd of scavengers surrounding this monitoring program. The experienced nurse whose use of substances to reduce anxiety and pain is not only far from rare, but a very common practice which causes a bazillion social issues that has risen 25% in the covid era. Are we focusing on accurate and effective monitoring of the so called addict nurse?

Jenny a nurse has had methamphetamine addiction which she does not deny. The mental health illnesses associated with this are not mysterious and to effectively complete a complicated and expensive program to maintain license Jenny needs emotional support to make it work. Opinions vary on these points of treatment, and for governing plans attorneys have paper control. This is an endless ride on a wide political avenue with many hands and cards in the game. At Jenny’s bedside level exact mental functions to follow the yellow brick road are very disturbed. With poorly functional mental coping adjustments Jenny glows poorly because coworkers say so, as does Jenny’s urine. The events during her Cando stipulations failures define modern nursing not ever taught in any serious academic program.

The construction of a no knock warrant is not overly complicated, at least for law enforcement; have it or you don’t. The real world of law requires levels of requirements with responsible people standing, Jenny’s events from being arrested by AZBN opens another pandora’s box of violence against nurses. The lack of the ‘No Knock’ warrant to falsely and illegally commit her is Scottsdale Police abuse and violations. The argument for her defense is indefensible…the specific warrant does not exist..end run on that is always belonging to police acting via ‘exigent ‘ circumstances which goes to life or death and bingo Scottsdale PD are handcuffing Jenny on committed orders for psyche evaluation and off she goes to ER. The originally programmed demands are from Ridenour, the AZBN director.

The behaviors of the ER nurse which somewhat explains present day high violence stats of ERs. The events surrounding the violence against Jenny by ER nurse and Scottsdale PD are unethical and criminal. Their performances are rude, dehumanizing, violent and life threatening.

You are handcuffed and brought into ER because Ridenour says so, the behavior of the adm nurse specificly defines why ER nurses get beat up more than any other clinical position now commonly evident in nursing. “You will do exactly as we tell you and take all of your clothes off.In the mean time Jenny is in emotional crisis with sky high BP. Naturally, ‘We’ also has two male officers in the exam room who stay there while Jenny strips naked. Hold onto your hat….body cam on officers is recording with video being viewed by AZBN. If you can get past this as a nurse don’t ever talk to me again. Other details of tyrannical behaviors to this nurse, whose course was crooked, to herself only, the failure of her ownself sometimes goes with nursing. Substance use amongst nurses is far from rare. . with no clinical patient involvement. Her sometimes alleged social and civil behaviors are irrelevant to dehumanizing a colleague of collegiate level nursing . The grossest of their actions remains for the Nursing community to understand tyrannical power. If you are a nurse and self medicate b/c of depression you just maybe might see yourself on a video, somewhere. This nurse had zero pharmacy/Pt. connected issues. Her behavior is an adventure into amphetamines to which there is no law against ingesting it. Possession only. ….her psyche status evaluation leads no where except her getting hit with another bill an other bushels of horrors trying to survive herself . The demonstration of all behaviors in this case is a disgusting demonstration of the deterioration of modern nursing. A bureau of online magical degrees and sloth to abuse the clinical nurse. The stats on cases vs just the clinical nurses is the snake’s bulge. The violence against nurses takes many forms and so very often it’s by other nurses.

Transmission of a naked nurse via net is federal territory and I know it would raise FCC eyebrows upon details, another Az horror.

Get defense and experience

Well it is happening with the large volume of fucked over nurses connecting. Thks Zuck & FB for such open minded detailing.

Peary Brown RN


2 thoughts on “Substance Use Discipline AZBN Who is Jenny?

  1. Kidnapping, Rape is just the tip of the ice berg for Ridenour who thinks she’s got it all figured out, or she thinks she’s covered from all sides by her scabby trashy associates like mr. Fine who is the banner head cock. Has anyone noticed that the head cock of maricopa courts has a last name of fine as well, Hmmmm.
    Banged up ole Ridenour into watching pornography, gettin her licks off watching the police videos of FEMALE NURSES STRIPE SEARCHED. I have the names of many nurses who have been victimized by the skanky cunt Ridenour.
    Katie Hobbs was not righteously elected AZ GOV., she plans on keeping the cash flow to the az hospital association like skanky Ducey. Hobbs is Soros’s little whore just like McCain.

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