Sovereign Tyrannical AZBN

In my part of town violations of state statutes are not complicated as if it’s knowingly committed and causes emotional, financial or physical damage it is a crime. Nursing Boards seldom follow adm law as this allows ignorance of adm code to AZBN; they do not need to which is why their web page lists laws and rules from the 1970s. Which makes perfect sense as why bother with laws and rules when their is zero accountability for what the legislature laws are. Like there is reason Senator Barto states,”The AZBN is out of control and the Dept head she is isn’t allow to fire the Bd. We are all aware in the field and struggle to find a way to protect nurses from Ridenour’s tyrannical strangle hold on nurses.

All encompassing times of events of nurse destruction for $ and bribery can only be presumed, although some of state and county titles of luxurious items can not be tracked to its source by me, but my guess the way the fed is roaming around and looking for domestic terrorism then they can find rimracked pts.directly connected to workplace violence by watching azbn.

Defining nursing boards as the source of violence against the public is the simple stretch made routinely by professors in today’s academia. Protect yourself with nurses who know how to help!


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