AZBN Drone From Glucose OverDose E .Mamaluy

My sister is a psychological therapist who claims that when you see a group of fat women wearing black, and in position of power, your future is dim. Nursing at the bedside is physically and mentally stressful. When I trained as a nurse you had to work and if you were fat you didn’t graduate. This women is after your blood; one of many who do anything to justify her meals from diabeticville ” You can not cover up diabetes by wearing black, it doesn’t make you look better.” Jack LaLane.

Learning how to lie, alter and document false evidence, study law but never learned to eat right?

“Why is it some people wear the same style, over & over & over, when they thought they last looked good? They never looked good.”

Can time tell us life’s battles and desires build strong soldiers or do the Emma Mamaluys of the world end up with diabetes, HTN, relationship horrors, and not really sure if that bedside nurse treating thrombosis is maybe the one wrongly disciplined?Remember the Christian Doctrine…”No matter how much we change we still must pay for the things we’ve done.”


49 thoughts on “AZBN Drone From Glucose OverDose E .Mamaluy

  1. You’ve seen the pillsbury dough boy? well this is the pillsbury dough girl in black . Only this one doesn’t giggle , she can’t too busy thinking of ways to twist nothing into a pretzel .

    1. Taught 3rd grade ? She was allowed around children ??? OMG SAVE THE CHILDREN !!!
      So she’s into the money , didn’t pay enough. figures . money = power and she is a power trip . Tries to play little bo peep, but is a real weasel when the mask comes off.

    2. Had run in with her, a walking cesspool .
      Don’t trust her , she will retract what was said and blame shift. A con type , or else she wouldn’t be working where she is .

    3. What would really top that picture off is to post what that security guard said to you , and then gave you a copy in writing . He “had to do what she told him” and what was that ? (this is the part that is so telling !) EMMA MAMALUY , you really do need to take better acting lessons, cause anyone can see right through your lying and denying , passive aggressive, and using fear . “if you can’t do this you won’t be working here anymore, you do have security training don’t you ? These people are dangerous, dangerous I’m telling you, and you need to be more aggressive, make it so they don’t want to come back . did I tell you that I AM THE CHIEF . ?
      Yes, but you forgot to tell the pour security guard that your the CHIEF BULLSHITTER in good standing .

      1. OMG too funny , those power hungry love those worthless titles !!
        Does her calling herself ‘chief counsel ” mean that she is in charge of Elizabeth Campbell? Is she Sunita Krishna boss ? That she is in charge of Michelle Coury (calls herself independent counsel, ) that she is over Carrie Smith’s ? That she in fact is not a superior to anyone there . OMG this is hilarious ! Generally someone who goes by chief is over others who are in the same arena , or have some type of authority over others , is she pretending she is Chief of police ? and over security ? Is she An Indian Chief , ? what exactly is this title except to try to impress or puff her authority . IT actually has the opposite effect , knowing she is titling her way to having some type of authority , but yet she is a loser . Lying loser . and yes CHIEF BULLSHITTER .

  2. This is EMMA MAMALUY manipulating people. She will use ANYONE who is dumb enough to act on her ‘wishes’ . She just keeps banging those lies into others ears who can’t think for themselves.

    1. EMMA (uh please do not name your baby this , nurses will want to puke ! ) MAMALUY is a control freak . Wants to control everyone , and if a Bd member goes against anything in her scheme plan, you won’t see that member for awhile , if at all again.

    2. I had med omissions. I’ve been an LPN for 22 years and now the board wants to suspend my license and put me on probation for a year. The reprimand is horrific and though I had omissions, I gave meds. The investigation is full of lies and holes and now my career is in danger. This is an outrage as my attorney has informed me if I go in front of the board, I take the chance of making it worse. The person they have created on paper is not who I am as a person or nurse. I think we have heavy duty egos and judgement rather than education, help, and promotion.
      (note , we all know what the liars put on paper is so untrue , they know it, but want to paint a horrible picture . Anyone who thinks that a bd would never do this is sadly mistaken .

      1. The mkt for nurses today is you’d be No problem getting work with that hx/resume’ . You can stand tall deny and tell the truth and still loose and perhaps more than if you accepted the deal. Denying and the thought that honesty and truth will help you flush it???The Bd weaves nurse honesty against them by saying this is a quote I heard myself from Bd witness “Respondent actually believes her honestly should be weighed in her behalf.

      2. these mentally sick unhumans , MAMALUY and CAMPBELL , and KRISHNA , know what they put on paper is all lies, but they write it the way they want it told.
        So if anyone looks to see why your license was acted on, they will agree with the liars, under the presumption , that no board is going to write lies . THINK AGAIN , no level to low for these mentally ill bitches won’t stoop . Right down in the dirt .

  3. This ‘woman is black ‘ needs more than a psychological analysis . Jokey Ridenour is one who is fooled , she thinks she is ‘taking care of things’ when she is making it way worse .
    a DARTH VADER , at the AZ bd of nursing .

  4. Typical COW sized TWAT, but look at the ant-sized security escorting Jo-mama around, all of us who are seasoned and skilled critical thinking nurses have the ability to assess the ant-man an tell he has mobility issues, (feet). Well we now have a face with the twats name Emma. Anyone ever noticed how 90% of the sows at az BON are blonde and whale sized. Jo-mama was a second grade teacher before with minimal math education, slimed right into law school, just shows how all dumb asses gravitate to law and power. Nurses we have a lot of mathematical education, and that’s a fact, jo-mama (dumb-ass) has the bear minimal.

      1. From one who saw the post and is in the know . Another victim of these sneaky dirty rotten lying lawyer . And his lawyer says . “”It’s true she is a problem also a problem is lobbying the legislature for their agenda we had identified the lobbyists in the past may need to look again. “”

    1. worked a lewis and roca and real scummy lawyer , as bad as working at the A G office . ambulance chaser types . Power hungry sociopaths .

  5. Makes A Fella Wonder if Pee Wee Herman heads home after da bell rang for quitting time, just so’s he can stands in front of da mirror and practice his quick draw until his peripheral neuropathy gets the best of him, then he heads to da recliner and pops a few cold ones.
    I wonder if PeeWee Herman’s mama don’t tells him, “when da sh!t hit da fan you betta haul a$$ and hind, and only after da smoke clears is you allowed to show ya self, cause I’s cain”t lives on your puny pension, I need your full paycheck”.
    Well anywhoo looks like the Amazon Emma is on her own.

    1. No matter what this women looks like, it is how her mind works . CRAZY , manipulator , sneaky . Corruption around every corner . When one lies you cannot believe a word they say from then on out . She is behind closed doors telling the board members why she picked the response they are to read out loud . Twisting and making up so called ‘facts’ . or she puts 2-3 choices but stars what she wants . Somehow they think that they are suppose to listen to her , and they will be all legal and no one can touch them . Sad. and Wrong ! Another follower of the wicked one is GARI CARROLL , secretary . She bowed down to MAMALUY , small minded who was impressed. Carroll ,suck butt . And it paid off . So now Carroll is an investigator. If that isn’t scary ! She is as qualified as Naira Kuterian who fell flat on her face in short order.

    2. Once of BRNOVICH’s liars , bag o tricks , type . They cannot practice law with any ethics , and get away with what ever , so why not try the ‘trick bag’ they are all stupid nurses who don’t know better and if they hire a lawyer Mamaluy has her own ‘tricks ‘ threats for them .
      When MAMALUY got hired at AG where all loser lawyers start out, she must have impressed stupid Joke Ridenour , who made her a cohort , going to save her corrupt butt .

      1. Cohorts of horror exist in our world as well. It’s a must to present this horror gone mad as well an to as many as possible, any just about anyway way. The time is now to open more up and can be more effective when we are more organized.

  6. EMMA LEHNER MAMALUY cannot speak the truth , she is a habitual liar .
    She tells Joke Ridenour how she conned other lawyers who are going to fight, she does under the table deals. to Get them to sign. ‘we dont usually do this ” but tells the bd members to say they are ‘consistent ” always talking out of both sides of her big mouth.

    1. Which employees and board members are gullible to listen to Mamaluy’s lies ? exaggeration’s ? which ones ? Former investigator , has memo’s that are obviously attack lies . Looks like the guard is one , there’s more .
      Guess their mothers never told them “BELIEVE 1/2 of what you SEE and NONE of what you HEAR!”
      Cops calling BHC asking who , and know of anyone who is against these corrupt ones at the board , “oh hell ya i know about 30 ”
      well the number has risen .

  7. UH ! she is the one who talks in broken sentences, she does not make a statement only broken sentences of hints . weird actually . She really thinks she is “the boss’ which is a problem for jokey ridenour. You know that money gets slipped back and forth , all cash, tips ? haha .
    Really no one should listen to her entirely, because she is giving legal advise, but will deny it all . She is like a stinky silent fart that leaks out and she points to someone else, ‘who did it”. her husband left the state to get away from her , DENIS MAMALUY . pour guy has to deal with her .

  8. Here’s a real worthy one, UNTRUSTWORTHY that is .
    no morals , a real unscrupulous big bag of wind .
    She can only fool the stupid women at the board of nursing . just like Elizabeth Campbell, they gravitate towards the easy ones to “control” and get to “obey ” them .
    Ones who can’t afford lawyers and are not trained in law , so it makes them feel they are superior in some ways, a win by either one is like a very unfair fight .
    It strokes their sick ego’s , but look how many know what absolute wicked weasels they are .

    1. Maybe this is why this is in her future :
      “After carefully considering the findings, conclusions, recommendations and the American Bar Association standards for imposing lawyer sanctions, we find that respondent’s intolerable acts of deception warrant the severe sanction of disbarment.”
      Fitting , take away nurses license through deception to the Bd members and you lose your license, it’s called karma emma the lying machine.

  9. please tell me this fork tongued dirty dog didn’t reproduce !
    She tried to appear as little bo peep, but instead is a dead ringer for Pam Ruff , (the thing about pam) oh yea, Renee Zellwinger , knows the type . a real sociopath . Nothing will stop her , out of control . Just like Elizabeth Campbell she can’t run a law office , too much work . And who would she use as her puppets? Oh know they both have way too much fun , using the stupid dummies at the bd , as their puppets. Telling them what to do but making stupid board members think its their idea.
    MANIPULATORS , any one bucks them , just raise their voice and keep arguing .

  10. Unfortunately this Amazon sized cow did reproduce. Back when mama-luy worked at the az att gen office she & her hubby boarded a flight back to the Midwest, & as all passengers have to do is put their car seats in cargo area, not in the cockpit, we’ll mama-luy the cow did not want to follow rules so she made a scene at the airport and wrote a letter later with her signature attorney general behind it. Hmmm…ok, well cows will reproduce unfortunately but there she stands with those tree stump sized legs waiting for some wild animal to jump up her canyon and clean out the cobwebs since her hubby hauled a$$. Hopefully Ant-man knows well enough to keep a ten foot pole between he and her.

    1. LARGE AND IN CHARGE . Yes she uses this “chief’ to throw her weight around, literally speaking. So putting ag on her complaint , cause she knows she is just a stupid woman , and won’t get her anywhere . She is CHEESE HEAD . She follows Denis everywhere , he must be kicking himself everyday for getting involved . she ‘s a real gaslighter, abuser type. BRUISER is what college chums call her.

    2. Well said .!!! Surely she has fooled some of the board members that are highly influenced by others. Carolyn McCormies at bd meeting “i LOVE to hear your voice Emma” . really , who the Fk talks like that , ? people are going to wonder, is mcCormies attracted to women / ? and her stranger comment “Angie my girl “. (sounds like “Angie ‘ is obedient towards McCormies and “ANGIE MY GIRL is , willing to be a follower .
      Maybe weird Carolyn can record mama-lays voice to listen to when she can’t sleep , or just lay in the same bed and breast feed one another . While Mama- luy strokes her hair , there there now Carolyn , you just keep doing what your doing and MAMA will take care of you , “we’re professionals you know , and I can get Ridenour to do what ever I want ! ‘

    3. Mamaluy thinks she is untouchable , anyone who screws over that many nurses , over the years thinks that no one notices ? No one talks about what a corrupt agency . Her being a huge part of the corruption . The double think behind understanding consequences and acting despite them. must be some kind of a ‘thrill’ to pull one over on someone new to the game unsuspecting , trusting in the system , not with EMMA MAMALUY around !
      A certain psychic drunkenness may also come into play. Narcissists are hooked on public adoration they will take fake flattery . There’s a driving-while-impaired quality to their decision-making powers when they’re on this kind of high, and their judgment just flies out the window. “This need for getting adored creates a myopia,” says psychologist Aaron Pincus of Penn State University. “They’re not thinking in the long term. . And they usually will get the boot , but Ridenour is just as crooked , (and guess who she is going to blame it all on !)

      1. You have heard of Lehner and Rowe ? Well this is Lehner and HOE , all in one big rolled up lying lawyer .
        She can rip one off faster than lightening . just rolls off the tongue .
        Of course most lawyers do not have a good reputation, she is rotten to the core. do not trust her , is right ! Nurses talk , public talks and the word is out .
        A nurse is committing career suicide talking to this dirty girdie. Question her lying answer, and you will NOT get a response .

      2. “It is rare to see a court forcefully and thoroughly shame a prosecutor; even in instances of egregious misconduct, courts often avoid naming the lawyers responsible, silently observing an unspoken code that has long shielded prosecutors from meaningful scrutiny.”
        It should not be RARE !
        if nurses lied like these dogs they would not have a license .
        WAKE UP !
        Don’t ever get a nursing license in AZ !

      3. Between Denis Mamaluy and “Chad” or is it ANDREW Campbell this week ? not sure which one should be the most embarrassed to be hooked up with the stupid state lawyers, who couldn’t run a law office if they tried . have to work for salary jobs . state tit suckers . Well Denis separated , got out so probably Elizabeth “BETH” Campbell’s other half . It’s not like Gosar where people listen to stupid family members , these two Denis and “Chad/ Andrew willingly hooked up with these two nut jobs quacks . Choose dummy to have their children, poor judgement poor planning and should be very embarrassed at the disgrace they bring to themselves .

  11. Is this what is called perfoessional courtesy , letting these prosecutors , do what ever, a rigged event , the judge knows they need to side with the corrupt board of nursing.
    BETHY CAMPBELL came walking in just as ridiculous as Mamaluy looks in this photo only BETHY who towered over the guard , acting like she needed to be protected !
    every nurse is dangerous , they will make you out to be , and get those at the bd office to THINK something is going on .
    There is BETHY and EMMA wild IMAGINATION and LIARS !

  12. Someone would have to have some degree of a mental disorder to live this kind of life , and self talk themselves (lying ) that what they are doing , anyone is better for it . Except a paycheck and retirement , if that is the only reason for staying to doing the unthinkable , some really sick minds that can do this. Nurses are such caring , and helping individuals, it is hard to even fathom trying to stick it to someone who is working so hard , so many hours, no breaks . They cannot empathize, with anyone what is on their plate , which makes them sociopathic misfits , narcissistic cold hearted ‘things’ no human , just a “THING” , that breaths.

  13. It appears that when Thunder Thighs (EMMA) hauls A$$ she has to make two loads, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE THIGHS, WOW, JUST WOW HOLLYWOOD STYLE.
    Let’s not forget about blowfish looking C-/t Sunita Krishna, she is another incompetent psychotic bag of nuts with a law license.
    What is so F’in funny is these lard a$$ HOE’s can’t do one thing about American citizens expressing our self here, and EXPOSING this incompetent az bon for what they have illegally done to hard working nurses.

    1. For a very long time the nasty bd and it’s employees, had the market on defaming others , posting lies , exaggerations, and things that are just Bizarre that a BON would be involved in . No other state does it like this a hole az .
      Jokey Ridenour, says , “now we have to deal with social media ” . YES deal with it bitch ! two can play your sneaky little game , bitch. So anyone with a license is hauled before that bd that has an opinion on anything. including Vaccines. DISINFORMATION. and what group has the biggest amount of DISINFORMATION , aka LIES , than those who write the opinion . And the investigative report of all non fiction. BON members too dumb to know the difference or just corrupt as the authors .
      Worst thing about this woman at the top is her constantly lying !!

    2. Once you talk to this monster and really hear how her mind operates, the hate , retaliation, got to make as much trouble for a nurse as possible, you can only see a really ugly face . Her hate and nasty sneaky ways, are showing on her exterior . Don’t care how good looking anyone is once you learn what they are doing to another human being, you see ugly . in her disposition and face. One thing for certain :::


    3. I was before the bon, long story, when talking to this Emma Mamaluy , she asked where i was working . (she got me fired ! ) So I said I am suppose to start , and have been accepted at _____. The next thing I know , she had contacted them and told them , there is a substantial board complaint on me , (no there was not ) and told them OH NO NOT AT YOUR FACILITY NOT YET !! so they withdrew the hire me offer !! When I told her on the phone, knowing what she did , she said , “Oh I was hoping that wouldn’t happen”. Lying sack of shit, she did it intentionally . Cut the nurse off from making money and they will settle . Keep them out of work, stave them dry , make them bleed and spread their name around with a spin on it. That is why this column is so appropriate , that people air what this dirty bitch did to each one . Not slick lawyer tricks outsmart with law, just down and dirty un necessary harassment , cost the nurse money and spread a reputation around that doesn’t exist . After all it was the AZBON who contacted them, they wouldn’t do something like THIS !! (sarcasm ) . This is ALL they do !
      do not tell her any place your working in fact don’t talk to her she is not your investigator she’s just causing trouble , that’s what TROUBLE MAKERS DO !

      1. White cracker Emma & Taco queen Deloris was involved in calling my place of employment and getting me fired too, Diane Milhaski was also involved. Every time a nurses in ARIZONA secures a job after a complaint goes in on us, the ARIZONA BOARD OF NURSING CALLS our place of employment and we get terminated.
        So what have I been doing to expose the corruption at the ARIZONA BOARD OF NURSING, I have been sending out that so called “investigative report” to federal & other state agencies with evidence showing how ARIZONA BOARD OF NURSING lies & submits altered, & false documents into courts. Maggot dooky Sunita Krishna is involved in the corruption too.

  14. It ‘s a learned behavior to be devious . You know that someone in their circle is another snake lawyer . No Jiva. It is even hard to think of them as humans .
    Actually many many laws need to be written and passed to stop this bs. But when the AZNA with their devious lobbyist, is passing laws against nurses who is watching ?
    yep daddy do do , taught them

      1. Those running against him , would love to have more details.
        And what is the legislative intent , the bon mission ? use this office as a guillotine for nurses heads. ?

      2. Liability bus gets nurse for shield. Although some are not. This is only turned fully over by family. Loosing collegiate level critical care nurses; two in one week they must rest in peace.

  15. They inherited from their parents or who ever raised these thieves the tendency to do this . Then they started getting away with it , no one wanted to be a target so they kept quiet . Until the messed with the wrong ones. Just like the Duke case and the prosecutor going to jail , Nifong, he got away with it for years until he didn’t. And that will happen to them . They cannot hold their head up high, they have a reason to be ashamed ! They know what they are doing and will do it for Joke Ridenour , and guess who will turn on the lying lawyers then !!!

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