When The Jokes Write Themselves AZBN

There will be so often seen in tyrannical organizations a point at which the routine round about used to illegally control, and more, fetches up in its own system. Now present and circling college curriculums is the study of nursing board actions causing direct workplace violence as well as pt. harm. It wouldn’t be so ridiculously and painfully comical if the AZBN didn’t have to approve state collegiate curriculum depicting themselves as a threat to both pts. as well as health care staff itself…approve their own executioner…that’s a stretch even for them.


One thought on “When The Jokes Write Themselves AZBN

  1. IRONY , ‘protect the public” , so nurses are never a public person, just tool to screw over and make people think they are doing what they are suppose to be doing.
    Too bad Ducey did not do IQ tests on bd members , to see if they are smart enough to see through the hang woman on the top of the page.

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