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Destroying Nursing One Nurse At A Time

Att.Gen Az Mark Brnovich Training For  Suborned Perjurious Cases 101

Two sets of orders..One set from the people & legislature …Another set for Brnovich Campbell and Diane Milhasky .Bowwlaw bagman T.Scott King.
If you’re a nurse, or nurse’s aid, and want to work in beautiful Az…remember the most important priority
is Banner’s money train and the physicians who make it. Nothing else matters. Many ‘Howevers’ not
stop yourself from’s fearfully loaded…confront these become strong..


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  1. Roadrunner
    6:00 am on May 28, 2022

    White cracker Emma & Taco queen Deloris was involved in calling my place of employment and getting me fired too, Diane Milhaski was also involved. Every time a nurses in ARIZONA secures a job after a complaint goes in on us, the ARIZONA BOARD OF NURSING CALLS our place of employment and we get terminated.
So what have I been doing to expose the corruption at the ARIZONA BOARD OF NURSING, I have been sending out that so called “investigative report” to federal & other state agencies with evidence showing how ARIZONA BOARD OF NURSING lies & submits altered, & false documents into courts. Maggot dooky Sunita Krishna is involved in the corruption too.

    1. Wow reading these stories of how this board agency operates is someone needs to stand up to the plate. So nice to hear that someone is exposing them . And why doesn’t the board of nursing send them a letter ? easier to lie verbally and deny all of it. By saying “we need to check references” “we need to verify dates’ . They may as well say , ‘we’re just trying to catch the nurse in a small lie doesn’t matter then we can write integrity , fraud on their name ‘.
      the general clown will never make senator . haven’t met a nurse who knows the a g prosecutes nurses .

    2. This all started when the bon LOST in court and said they would appeal vigorously , (all talk ! ) when Judge Bass ruled they could not put under a nurses name as soon as a complaint went in. “UNDER INVESTIGATION” . This put nurses out of work immediately . Keep them from earning money and they will sign the lies . So now they just call every body and their sister hospitals , to spread the bad word and ‘add their lies” . Hurtado lies alot ! her bonus is her reward . dirty dog . So does mamaluy lies her freak head off , lies just roll out .
      Hopefully retirement sucks for Diane Milhasky , another dirt bag . biased alj, (notice alj are just high paid liars biased a holes for the state ?? ALL of them , including CLIFTON ! or spiffy cliffy .

    3. Nice to know someone is doing something. Have a nice Memorial week end to all the men and women who served for their country . And to hell with those mormon’s who think they are do gooder’s ‘serving ‘ a mission . Fast talking poor unsuspecting people about a cult , they know is not at all good for anyone , except the one who collects all the brain washed morons money they are stupid enough to support .
      Same with the one ‘s on the board who think they are serving anyone but themselves.

  2. Dang is Brnovich UGLY , a demon , he is responsible for all of it so is Joke Ridenour ., the other demon.
    paid as directors , it is their watch . Joke made big mistake not getting out when she was eligible for soc sec , THIRTEEN years ago . even 10 yrs would have escaped her wrath .

    1. You think he’s ugly look at demon ELIZABETH CAMPBELL , and every word that comes out of her stupid face . She’s a real joke as a ASSistent prosecutor , a great pretender. This is a post by another , but fits for sure !!!
      This is outrageous what goes on in Arizona along with their Court Corruption & Court Case Rigging that is all going on in Arizona to protect their corrupt Government Workers.
      Government Workers in Arizona all the way up the line to even the DAs, County Attorneys, the Governor Doug Ducey and the Arizona Attorney General MARK BRNOVICH all stick together to COVER UP crimes and gross misconduct committed by their Government Workers.
      Government Workers scramble like cockroaches to cover up their federal crimes committed by their Government Workers.

  3. real puke face , termed out (why can’t we get rid of Jokey Ridenour , by termed out ??? she is the head of the snake for sure , two headed snake .
    (and for those nurses who think sour grapes , when you find out how this corrupt board agency operates you will know , until then you know nothing !!! The amount of people who think because they are a ‘nurse’ know how it is operated, they know swat !

    1. Lets never forget about the filthy Human Trafficker PAUL D. PETERSEN who tried to hide behind the so called Mormon church while trafficking young girls and young women to this country so he could steal their babies and sale them. Petersen’s father was just as scummy, “David Petersen”. Runs in the family, & remember Sunita Krishna m’s old dirty man RAM KRISHNA who sat on medical board handing out favors to his buddies. Why is Sunita Krishna laying low? Hopefully she not stupid enough to try and run for a political office, I am following her like stink on dooky.

      1. Oh yes Paul Petersen the baby seller , and the lies he told the pregnant women they could stay have a better life , then threatened to turn them in, have a baby in a foreign country and put on a plane. Petersen’s mind set , the woman are all breeders . Good for making babies and then put them in their place.
        Oh yes , when these dirty creeps figure out “taking care of your friends” is not part of your job . A little louder for ear wax plugged JOKE RIDENOUR , !

      2. Seems like some laws need to be passed to stop this mess . In AZ the Alcohol commission , 7 members, can serve THREE years , no repeat , az bon 5yrs repeat 5 WAY the h*ll too long. Then you end up with McCormies and her side kicks. CORRUPTION , liars and scum of the state .
        The State Liquor Board is independent from the Director and the Department. No members can have connections to each other . AZBON is one big gossiping girl session , all sit and feed their faces , eat together , have meetings together , unrecorded , and back room deals.
        This is just one agency , be careful who you vote for GOV !!! Appointed by Gov .
        Robson is a dangerous one who will cater to the creeps .

      3. RAM of course is in with the yuma scam of corruption. look at the azhha board , past and now . lot’s of scum suckers. Duche bag connected with “lines ‘ the same scum town , along with krishna , home boys .

      4. Paul Petersen was caught before , went to court Laurie Roberts sister on the supreme ct ‘found NOTHING WRONG”. And many nurses who worked in labor and delivery reported them lying about being citizens so the taxpayers have to pay for the delivery , and were fired. Mgt at these hospitals mostly mormons were protecting another mormon. And now that Paul the baby seller , is in prison his wife (mormon ) who lied she had NO IDEA he owned two unwed mothers homes , he was flying women over from Marshall Ils, and he was not going to work but made a ton of money , is a LIAR . Of course the corrupt cult found her a mormon male to come in and take over being the ruler of the kids and wife , make sure they stay in the cult and be as brain washed as the rest of them

      5. Assessor office , but only showed up about 7 days a year . Like Adele , not there . Do you see nurses keeping their jobs while in rehab ? His wife is lying , no surprise. He should be in a regular prison not Fed, which is what he wanted . Keep reading that bom , thief .
        unfit to practice , just like a lot of them , crooks .

  4. If you want to hear the most disorgandized bunch of self proclaimed “educated” bunch of waste of taxpayers money . It took these complete asses to come up with a letter of concern in over hours time. Just jacking up the nurses lawyers fee . Nut cases running a bd . Listen to lst case J une 3rd first case. Be prepared it is a bunch of crazies “GUESSING” . But making sure something goes on the nop record. Oh and it should be available by MOn but an out of control bd is checking the content and making corrections .

    1. So unorganized , McCormies pulls the Randy (Weird one moron) Quinn “i have down LOC” this should never be, hinting to others how to vote . “others ‘ lie about reading any of it, reading cases , transcripts , so they go along with her poor judging of others . Always biased towards mormons.
      She is SHANK SLIMY DIRTY BUTT , witch. nasty what she can do to another human being , just a nasty bitch . BUT protect , others . It is all decided behind the scenes .
      BON members need to have some kind of INDEPENDENT THOUGHT PROCESS , but most are too lazy to think for themselves, and think that MCCormies , the nut job, knows what she is doing . NOTHING is father from the truth . And pretending she is not making the final call if just SICKENING like her

  5. killing off one inmate at a time. BRNOBITCH . like AZ hasn’t had wrongful convictions . Prosecutors would never admit it , never .

  6. damn that is one ugly looking , person? i guess he is in human race but , not really . him and monkey butt ELIZABETH CAMPBELL are both inhumane mind a likes.
    A VOTE OF “NO” on this creep who can’t do the job paid to do , neither can “bethy “.

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