Nursing students BEWARE OF AZBN

One of the many evals by students. Experienced nurses at azbn ??

had to log into the reviews to make sure I wasn’t going crazy today about their customer service and I read a review that said: “they are so condescending.” YES— they ARE! I’m not the only one going through this! I processed my application on November 17, 2021 and have called at least 5 times for an update to make sure portal is reflecting the current status on my fingerprints, buuuut that’s not the point though. Only 1 of those calls did I get helped by this wonderful, most PATIENT woman(I wish I remembered her name). I asked for her direct phone line but said that wasn’t possible due to the calls going to random callers in their offices and could not decide and choose who would help me. The rest of the staff was just… their attitude just amazes me. They are so rude and expect you to answer your own questions. See, keep in mind I’ve worked with Radiology test taking students and have to 100% ENSURE every student gets the best customer service possible. I mean, they are afterall professional test-takers and have studied for years to be where they are. I mean, of course they deserve our attention and respect and I wish AZBN would train their staff the same way. It is nerve-wrecking enough to RENEW our licenses and hope it actually gets approved so we dont have to pay twice– I don’t think we should get nervous to not know who will be on the other side of the phone when calling AZBN customer service. HORRIBLE customer service.

Student is of Latino ethnicity…


One thought on “Nursing students BEWARE OF AZBN

  1. And the nasty ones on the BON , reading reports , says “and she was rude to the employee here at the BON. ” Like only nurses who work there and staff can be rude but no one else. Smart mouths a lot of them. Kirk Olson likes to talk down to women, that’s just his upbringing , not far removed from Masonic disordered individuals. Gari Carroll is another smart mouthy one . Naira Kutnerian is another . Who is in charge of all these smart mouths ? Who’s watching how they treat the public ?

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