I like to repost the Columbian University study…

I like to repost the Columbian University study on unjust disciplinary actions every once and a while. I like to state the obvious and this study needs notice. The notice is to inform the students and expose the abuse.Paradisis_tc.columbia_0055E_10838

15 thoughts on “I like to repost the Columbian University study…

  1. OH yes, and why isn’t ASU doing a study of the corrupt AZ bd of nursing ? Oh William Ridenour , the greedy spouse of JOKEY Ridenour , is on the bd of regents. Remember when Billy Boy , was in charge of nursing grant money . And who was the decider of who got the money ? Let’s see what that fly on the wall heard. “And miss want a grant of money for free, would be be willing to be on the BON after you get those worthless initials behind your name and go along with what nonsense the bd pres suggests to the rest ?”

    1. board members on committees together , should never be . Carolyn McCormies calling Angela Fountain for 2 hours , should never be . Anyone think these two cohorts in crime are not talking about board cases ?? I call it BS , if they deny it . Fountain has a lot to lose and she doesn’t even know the con game McCormies is pulling her into . Recommended by ‘cousin’ brother Quinn. She’s another one needs to think of an excuse and exit left immediately .

  2. Maricopa former prosecutor dead at 45, ( I know your all wishing it was Elizabeth Campbell , sorry next time !) (Mamaluy’s eyes are bugging out right now, and wet her pants trying to turn this into a death threat, she loves to s t r e t c h , the truth) . Got ya !!! Rachel Mitchell is already trying to drum up more staff and blame everything on that . (Notice when a nurse before the BON mentions , short staffed the BD ignores it all, refuses to listen, you must be super nurse and no excuses ! So here is Rachel Mitchell who is running for this office, whining about short staffing , a post if comparison to BON , blaming all their problems and short comings on short staffing ! “” It happens when you have an office that is drastically low in staff and just overwhelmed by the numbers,” Rachel Mitchell, a top prosecutor at MCAO told Team 12’s, Brahm Resnik.
    Mitchell was recently appointed to replace Adel. Mitchell was also among the deputy chiefs at MCAO who called for Adel to resign in February.
    Mitchell confirms there’s also a large backlog of felony cases that haven’t been reviewed by prosecutors.
    “There needs to be a plan put into place to say, ‘We’ve got to address these shortages.’ You cannot continue to have more and more crime in a larger and larger county with fewer and fewer people and expect the work to get done,” Mitchell said
    (This is the same excuse that the Dir of the corrupt BON gives , short staff . Try taking care of too many critical patients . Short staff but they have time to manufacture cases, do investigations with as much man power as a murder trial , focusing on those who speak up about unsafe conditions , and bash them any way you can to take care of friends in mgt at hospitals . Maybe if they focused on their job , and actually prosecuting cases that they are mandated to prosecute , instead of filing false charges then making a case around it. That is what the BON does and appears the Cty Atty office does as well . Wasn’t Ms Mitchell involved in the Courtney Bisbee matter as well ? The public needs to be protected from these criminals.

      1. If this new TV show outrages the Mormon church, ‘they have themselves to blame’
        Under the Banner of Heaven , Don’t miss it !
        of course the cult members , aren’t “allowed” to watch it. Got to control the dummies minds ! Just like prosecutors , all atty’s at the BON do to BON members . Control their thoughts they are fed.

      2. crazy some of the things this bd does . just crazy . read some of the probation cases , over the top for sure . Someone licensed for over 30 years all of a sudden has to jump through the hoops that are over the top ! Flynn Carey is not a good lawyer for nurses, just talks the talk but doesn’t produce. Fined over 10k , that ‘s crazy . Of course it makes McCormies so happy to nail another nurse . She is so sick ! Remember the case if the NP got a doc she would lose her 100k grant money , well the bd members were between LOC and DOC and McCormies as wicked as she is , the black hearted cunt she really is, stomped her feet and kept repeating her BS until she got her way .

      3. Your right about Flynn Flam sham . Two atty’s gave his name but won’t anymore ! within 30 secs says ” you had due process”.. A real QUACK .
        most of the one who go to the BD all the time are only good at charging the nurse a over priced figure .

  3. last person on earth to vote for Gov .Karrin Taylor Robson . Putting out ads with Brewer , nasty ex Gov , and then putting in her ads MARK LAMB , of course another dirty mormon . He ‘s got his entire ‘church’ group working for him, that’s how he got in, he a huge swinger . It’s been posted a woman he hit on reported him to the sheriff’s office Pinal Cty . The was harassed by deputies, then she reported him to the Bishop , this woman is now dead. Car ‘accident” . Asking a group of former mormons , would he do this ? “They have killed people before ” . You decide . Lamb is a nut job with his reality tv shows, cowboy wanna be , Joke Arpaio is his mentor . Some real sick thinkers . Imagine what a democrat Gov would do to this dirty BON ! . hmmm .

      1. the bd members are appointed by the Gov, not voted like some states, the Dir is also appointed , with no term limits. It sure would help to have a Gov who knows what is going on and will make positive changes.who also made statements about douchbag ducey . The cult creeps tend to be repukans . this is where straight party is not wise.
        Even in national articles AZ is mention as one of the top 3 in punishment . Avoid AZ as a nurse ! “When I started digging, I was horrified, really,” said Aurora Kim Paradisis, EdD, RN, a law student whose 2018 doctoral dissertation was subtitled, “The Lived Experience of Unjust Discipline Among Registered Nurses.”

        “It’s really retaliatory,” she told MedPage Today. “People are scared because it’s their livelihood and they don’t want to get to the point where it gets to nursing boards because once they get you, they don’t let you go.”

        “To my knowledge they’re doing an excellent job. I know they are extraordinarily conscientious about their mission and their role,” said Maryann Alexander, PhD, chief officer of nursing regulation with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)
        NOTE here: Maryann Alexander is just plain NUTS . She is one way closed minded cannot see anything but what she has been brain washed to believe. A real sad soul that should never be at national council . She made laughing stock whack job at TAANA convention .

        But nursing advocates cited several states for egregious actions over several years, including California, Arizona, and Missouri.

      2. review by a nurse of a hospital near you , and the BON flaps their jaws about ‘best practice”. Well here it is . No phlebotomy. Night shift draws all the am labs. Yes all seven patients have am orders. In orientation you are told the PCT does them but they merely do vitals. If by some chance you have fallen into their good graces they might stick a patient for you once throughout your entire 13 wks. No, the rapid nurse does not help with hard sticks. The lab results will wait until a floor nurse can get them.
        Mostly the ratio is 6:1 but don’t be surprised by 7:1. It’s not as rare as the phone interview makes it sound. Most nights you’ll have one PCT to get your vitals. From midnight to 4 am the PCT will mysteriously disappear like a whimsical creature. Good luck finding help with your total care incontinent patients. No remote tele. You have to care for six to seven patients and listen out for your tele alarm.
        The bed alarms are 50/50 and if they do work they don’t ring through the call bell system you get to play Marco Polo while hoping your patient isn’t crawling on the floor looking for his marbles.
        Staff is almost nonexistent. Usually we get one staff nurse on the unit at night. Almost all of night shift are new grads waiting for their 16 month commitment to end so their suffering will end with it. Not traveler friendly. Be sure to do a head count of the patients at the beginning of the shift. If not you might have two while the staff nurse takes five so she won’t get any admissions. Or the unit will be full and she will then gives you seven while she takes four.
        Prepare to work long and hard. Pack your new Hokas by the end of your assignment those kitten heels will become flats. The acuity is as high as the ratios. Trachs, heparin drips, post op, post cath lab, AMS, psych that will attack unproved, you name it.
        Dietary sometimes forgets to bring trays, the trash isn’t picked up consistently, supplies are hard to find. Fruit flies roam the halls like dragonflies in a grassy meadow. The beds are from 1980s like the dinamap and tele boxes must be at least 45 to know how to operate.
        There is no ED to floor report. Hopefully transport brings the patient up in a stretcher that way you’ll here the locking of the wheels which will notifies you that an admission has come to the unit. Otherwise you’re likely to find a patient in an empty room you staring at him and him staring at you. Oh yeah did I mention double beds…😬.
        Airbnbs are expensive but there’s a hotel across the street from the hospital their rates went up when the pay went down…😳. The area is nice and the food is mediocre. havasu falls is beautiful and must see before you quit.
        This might be one of the best paying contracts available right now but it’s not for the faint of heart. Entire units of travelers (14, unit 14 beware) have quit. Travelers walk in see the assignment and literally walk right out before report.
        If your looking for a challenging assignment pls reach out to your nearest recruiter. Lace up those Hoka’s, tighten that Fanny pack and pull that surgical bonnet down low while remembering the famous words of William Wallace (Braveheart), “Run and you’ll live – at least awhile.”

  4. the number of cases of DUI”s, in Maricopa county over 180 were tossed due to negligence . So how many of those were nurses ? How many of them get a free ride . A dui cost about 12k plus classes plus wheel lock fee increased insurance , court fees sentences, but yet the BON , will nail a nurse , because they are so against alcohol , and coffee (weird ya we know they are very weird bunch! ) What about bankruptsy those getting divorced , those who have fetish’s , foot fetish . have sex with married people , gambling, Nope just what are the big no no’s according to some idiot making all the crazy rules .

  5. oh yes, Pinal Sheriff department up to no good again ! Thieves , low life thieves who steal from newlyweds! What a snake . But hey who isn’t at pinal Sheriff’s office ??
    LANDON RANKIN, oh yea , another mo mo , (remember the hit that bashed the mormons , “The Book of Mormon’s” , not at all flattering to the creeps ). Written/ prod by rankin, a kin to the other rankin’s ) .
    Well this Thief , dressed like a guest , waited until everyone was busy watching the couple get married and he hauled off with the gift envelopes). Hit about 11 weddings , sneaky cop , fit right in with the rest of the dirty cops at Pinal Cty. A former sheriff’s deputy has been arrested after police say he crashed weddings throughout the East Valley and stole thousands of dollars worth of cash gifts.

    Chandler police arrested former Pinal County Deputy Landon Rankin, who is accused of stealing up to $12,000 worth of gifts from a pair of weddings in April. Sgt. Jason McClimans says Rankin posed as a guest.

    “Really wasn’t a guest, was not invited, but dressed to appear as a guest,” McClimans said. “While at the businesses, Rankin stole the wedding card box.”

    McClimans says the investigation expanded beyond Chandler after Rankin was taken into custody.

    “After his arrest, we have connected him to a total of 11 wedding card box thefts here in the East Valley,” McClimans said. Authorities believe Rankin struck weddings in Mesa, Gilbert and Pinal County.

    In a press release, Chandler police say Rankin also possessed drugs and drug paraphernalia at the time of the arrest.

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