How to Destroy Your Own Employees. AZBN

Az Senator S Borrelli Just So You Know

Turkey Politics Supports Pimp of Failure.
I would let you know, and only you that there is no concept that this motive for contacting you has any hope of justice being found. We are, or at least I am, believe true justice is found in the court of public opinion; a Brandeis state of mind that also harbors solid feelings for your work in law making even if large numbers of regulators ignore it. Such as the AZBN. This is a random note but gets repeated with a different episodic event centered around the bd of illegal depiction. A chuck full of files of horror should keep me writing until I am done and the addresses run out; and people like you exist. This event here probably isn’t illegal like many of the others but it defines the azbn like no other.
 I could give other felonies but they are soo routine and rebotic, although their existance will eventually end up in permanent .edu history of nursing. The production of evidence of names dates and times of felonies in the system will be for nurses to easily get 25 yrs from now. Later on all that jazz.
So I am scheduled for review by AZBN, this time, at their fondling home in the government ctr in Phoenix. Getting into one of these meetings is similar to traveling through safe passage training on Viet Cong held trail. This day was crawling with real cops. The meeting room is very large with multiple seating and I choose to sit in total solitude in the middle of nowhere. I am there no more than 30 seconds before an armed, Maricopa Sheriff with bullet proof vest, parks himself one seat away. Not too much longer I see a very pregnant woman, whom is well known to be the assistant AG prosecuting nurses. She is well documented in public performances for singing grossly out of tune and keeps on doing so in spite of opposing rhetoric. Not a big deal but defines a psychopathy trait, but more to come….she stumbles between rows of empty movable chairs with that soo-telling 3rd trimester gait of enormous pelvic displeasure. She eventually reaches me and is not 6 ft from me, I look into her eyes and ‘nurse bingo’ in the top row of fear and anxiety flashes . She stands there, without a word and just stares at me with her very dark complexion turning a whiter shade of pale. Thirty seconds later she stumbles off. This has more of the same that day, but once was plenty for you to get this. Nurses who’ve been rimracked by this crew with illegal processes have now seen the self destruction of their nemesis’s soul. As a court officer exposing herself to this unnecessary and dangerous behavior is one of many, many disturbing events produced by the AZBN that demoralizes its employees with apparent requirements of inflicting high stress on themselves, even if they are seriously pregnant. At least in this case. I think there is a term blind ambition but you can figure the rest out on you own. I wonder if Sunita Krishna is singing still? I was oddly soo ashamed for her and would say this event really bothered me a lot. It really did, PBrown

Also Arizona has the lowest numbers of active nurses in the U.S. The above is part of the reason.