How to Destroy Your Own Employees. AZBN

Az Senator S Borrelli Just So You Know

Turkey Politics Supports Pimp of Failure.
I would let you know, and only you that there is no concept that this motive for contacting you has any hope of justice being found. We are, or at least I am, believe true justice is found in the court of public opinion; a Brandeis state of mind that also harbors solid feelings for your work in law making even if large numbers of regulators ignore it. Such as the AZBN. This is a random note but gets repeated with a different episodic event centered around the bd of illegal depiction. A chuck full of files of horror should keep me writing until I am done and the addresses run out; and people like you exist. This event here probably isn’t illegal like many of the others but it defines the azbn like no other.
 I could give other felonies but they are soo routine and rebotic, although their existance will eventually end up in permanent .edu history of nursing. The production of evidence of names dates and times of felonies in the system will be for nurses to easily get 25 yrs from now. Later on all that jazz.
So I am scheduled for review by AZBN, this time, at their fondling home in the government ctr in Phoenix. Getting into one of these meetings is similar to traveling through safe passage training on Viet Cong held trail. This day was crawling with real cops. The meeting room is very large with multiple seating and I choose to sit in total solitude in the middle of nowhere. I am there no more than 30 seconds before an armed, Maricopa Sheriff with bullet proof vest, parks himself one seat away. Not too much longer I see a very pregnant woman, whom is well known to be the assistant AG prosecuting nurses. She is well documented in public performances for singing grossly out of tune and keeps on doing so in spite of opposing rhetoric. Not a big deal but defines a psychopathy trait, but more to come….she stumbles between rows of empty movable chairs with that soo-telling 3rd trimester gait of enormous pelvic displeasure. She eventually reaches me and is not 6 ft from me, I look into her eyes and ‘nurse bingo’ in the top row of fear and anxiety flashes . She stands there, without a word and just stares at me with her very dark complexion turning a whiter shade of pale. Thirty seconds later she stumbles off. This has more of the same that day, but once was plenty for you to get this. Nurses who’ve been rimracked by this crew with illegal processes have now seen the self destruction of their nemesis’s soul. As a court officer exposing herself to this unnecessary and dangerous behavior is one of many, many disturbing events produced by the AZBN that demoralizes its employees with apparent requirements of inflicting high stress on themselves, even if they are seriously pregnant. At least in this case. I think there is a term blind ambition but you can figure the rest out on you own. I wonder if Sunita Krishna is singing still? I was oddly soo ashamed for her and would say this event really bothered me a lot. It really did, PBrown

Also Arizona has the lowest numbers of active nurses in the U.S. The above is part of the reason.

20 thoughts on “How to Destroy Your Own Employees. AZBN


      1. Don’t think for one minute that Carolyn McCormies doesn’t know the outcome the “back room ” cowards want . Reading her bullshat , ” this isn’t a hearing “, but allowing 3 character ‘witnesses” who were witness to NOTHING , testify and run their mouths and what a great friend this pretend victim is ! For over 30 mins , oh yea McCormies let them talk w.o interruption , and then asked the BON members to vote ! VOTE ON WHAT ???? all nonsense , a VA SCANDAL of retaliation .

      1. Seems that every one of the cases with similar screw ups will have to be re tried. OR tried in the first place.
        Details to follow, patience . Involves the VA , retaliation, liars willing to lie, witnesses that saw or heard nothing, and a hurry up lets get this license before he has time to realize what a dirty conspiracy is going on . Hurry up before he gets a lawyer, over the holidays, cause Campbell loves to go to court with those not educated in the law, so she can pull out of her bag of tricks , which one to use. the real screw job of course is Emma Mamaluy who advertises her expertise is administrative law , but didn’t catch this. Like a nursing professor who is put in to take care of a patient on a vent, they are CLUELESS . Masters level means nothing , except how to staff short and save the ceo a hugh salary . patience all good things come to surface if you just watch and wait.

    1. LOSER CAMPBELL LEFT SIDE OF SCREEN . What a dumb ditz. Dumb and dumber cause the BON relied on this moron for legal advise . And MS Lying lawyer herself EMMA MAMALUY SAT ON HER A55 , and made no action to correct a wrong . JUST collecting a paycheck and wondering what is for lunch . INCOMPETENT ALL THE WAY AROUND !

  1. Wonder what Chad or is it Andrew or is it ANDY Campbell thinks of his wifey now ? or is she ex wife yet? HAHA , No wonder he likes to go by CHAD Campbell in one state and ANDREW Campbell in another . Got to bring in the family we learned it from ELIZABETH (LYING LAWYER ) CAMPBELL herself. Now don’t lie “BETH” CAMPBELL you know you searched from abortions to obituaries looking for dirt .

      1. LAWSUIT ! And yet her ONLY job ,looks like telling the BON members on every case to go by initials on patients . What a complete idiot ! There is only one word for this dirty bitch . They put a nurses paper work on line , with her ssan, when it was exposed on this site it came down within 6 hours, think they read this site??? No wonder they are so far behind reading fb and AZ BOARD OF NURSING WATCHDOG page. !!

  2. Has anyone considered this : let’s use your imagination. JOKE RIDENOUR , makes a pretty good buck , and pays no taxes at her age, for over 5 years ! , and of course is getting money from those she is helping illegally , maybe maybe not. Just hashing around some thoughts . IF she isn’t why is she still pretending she is an experienced nurse, and protecting the public and going to the state owned building ? She needs to money ! She has bought off , if you think about it , many lawyers ! Why would a lawyer not work for their client , hmmm , paid off. and would JOKE do the actual transaction , or is Mamaluy pushing that stack of cash across the table . Should be a poll on here how much would a lawyer take to do the dirty to a nurse , how much. What’s the going rate Emma ?? You do know what we are talking about, instead of an auditor , looking at the boards books (WHICH WERE SHORT over 400k. ) maybe look at JOKE”S personal banking , oh that would be too easy , she’s routing the money somewhere. The one she has in their now DODD , maybe he knows . Harris should left in short order. IN fact many have left. Like rats jumping ship. yes , JOKE needs the dough, money talks. and we know slimy lawyers will drop their drawers for a buck .

      1. Joke Ridenour is not running the nursing agency , not capable. She wasn’t called on the carpet , to put and end to her trick show. JOKE, is just ignoring those who have taken over and run it , sitting back and watching . she has her back up singers , willing to lie . likes to be surrounded by those who know the corruption and will lie to deny it .
        If nurses worked together there would be outcries of injustice in some ‘targeted ” nurses cases and outcries of injustice of those who got nothing who are a real danger to the patients . Nurses are weak , can’t get it together or in a this case which isn’t going away there would be mob justice . Like the teachers, and blacks when one gets a severe injustice ! Instead they would rather show you their initials and talk about best practice . IS corruption BEST PRACTICE ?

  3. Between the AZNA and the Nurse Anesthesia groups , not sure which one is the most wicked. Nurses in these groups , bashing nurses trying to make it better for all . Nurses in these groups bullying nurses who are not afraid to tell others what was done to them. You don’t see cops fighting other cops, firefighters fighting other firefighters , just the most female gossipy types . Low lives that spread gossip or bad mouth another nurse . This is why nurses never advance, it takes really stupid people to join in and run down the one who is fighting a fight . Shame on them. Takes a really stupid nurse to believe what one person told her , a one sided story , really stupid. They are ignored for now, but I guarantee you it will happen to them or someone they know . Nasty Nurses . Should never be allowed near a patient , anyone who can treat another nurse with this amount of disrespect , and not even try to understand the real problem . Your in the ring with the most corrupt dirty nurses, on the BON, and staff .

    1. Anesthesia groups seem to think they rule the government . A bunch of nurses giving anesthesia is scary . Trained ? but Not like a medical Dr.
      Then one giving a talk Jacen Knowlton, says ‘keep aa’s out of arizona’ typical mormons , get into government and rule the world . First of all “Jacen ‘ is from SLC , moves here and wants to keep others out !! Keep the mormons out of AZ ! alot of the corruption would end .
      Takes Quinn’s shoe in who is going to take care of other crna, Angela Fountain, and McCormies cohort in crime.
      Any of these crna’s treated like the RN they are ? they can’t say , “im a nurse” oh know they have to run off the entire crna , to separate them from the nurses . They sure like to get a pac going , why doesn’t med surg nurses do this ? or ER nurses ?
      You know anyone of them would go crazy to lose their license over “politics” .

  4. Borrelli is part of the problem children , wouldn’t trust him for sure .
    in ‘r’s are siding with Ducey ‘s picks, the worth less ones of corruption .

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