Riding W/ Hell’s Angels

to; RCobb R D5
Not a complaint that is ever to be expected to be at the vanguard of justice as most nurses in Az know that the injustice now found via the AZBN is already governed, on paper, by laws you write. We are a group of nurses who’ve now gone unmentioned but want you to know that those bills of regulartory change are useless as the AZBN and the the Attny General’s office and the Adm law Court and the oversight law bd and the ombudsmen are a farce and do what ever Ridenour and Beth A, Campbell tell them to do. The monster of their acts of illegal events against nurses is wide spread and gets laughed at in the legal theater you roam around in. I am not of the agenda of some of my colleagues whose goal is to create more laws of reducing the out of control behavior well established by this Bd. Although appreciate their work & passion for justice. You got a wonderful array of well written laws covering nursing, but are useless as the Bd ignores them thus creating a large dose of documentation expanding now in academia which helps define the whys of those now never ending horror covid stories. My goal is to get all I have with names and dates of those actions that are criminal against nurses and make it a part of permanent nursing history at an ,edu site. Although theres lots of info about this corruptness already, it needs to be easily accessed 25 yrs from now. And .edu can do this. Its that Brandeis state of mind when the general public is aware its their opinion that lasts. Experienced nurses are being needlessly lost by illegal acts by AAg and Bd of about 1500/yr. Not possible? Its happening. Thanks for what you do. Even though it is useless. Peary Brown


17 thoughts on “Riding W/ Hell’s Angels

  1. The real head of the snake is EMMA LEHNER MAMALUY , a real demon . Pathological liar . Like a stinky fart cut lose, reeks, and blames others , then she hides behind the scenes but does the most damage.
    There is no help for Elizabeth Campbell and her sneaky ways, Ridenour entire conspiracy gang of thieves has been exposed , with evidence . Unlike the Nursing Agency , doesn’t have evidence just bull shit stacked high .

    1. From a nurse in response to a case in AZ : “”Wow, this is really disturbing. Makes you wonder why you would want to be a nurse in AZ. I was thinking of moving to Scottsdale but will definitely reconsider. Wish you guys luck. You know, Pennsylvania is always looking for nurses (hint, hint).””

  2. This is what this corrupt board and dirty prosecutor did to a hard working woman , who did nothing wrong .

    Court Corruption becomes even worst…………….. Colors of the Law………..
    Serving by Posting in the Newspaper…?
    The person whispered when I phoned.
    It was denied because it involved the State……… and they could not write that reason…
    When you sue the State… The State Attorney General protects the State not the truth.
    Is this Justice? Or a Mockery of Justice, a Bias………. Corruption?

    I was NOTHING, inconsequential………… I was totally innocent, not guilty of anything.
    Look at the injustice and Corruption…………………

    The laws must change?
    The AZ State Attorney General will always protect a State Entity
    rather than entailing Justice and surfacing the truth……
    No one will ever win against the State Entity. It would take a costly Attorney.
    One told me…. If an Attorney ever went against the State, he’d never prevail in Court again…..

    luckily, my CNA had orininated in another state
    and with that one,
    I worked for some years.
    I briefly did Private Duty / Caregiving,
    worked a Nursing Home or two,
    and mostly worked in Hospitals.

    The stress I endured in Arizona was horrible.
    My life was detrimentally affected.
    What was done to me was UNCONSCIONABLE and CRIMINAL.

    Laws must change to protect people.

    No one should ever lose their Right to earn a living
    when they are not guilty of any wrongdoing.

      1. time for ACTION ! Sometimes it is a group of people , even if the group is 3 , that inform those who can act, that makes it happen. That is what is needed. Send in your story , free advise to those who ask , in the mean time stay involved . DO IT NOW

      2. What’s up with the Andrea Vasquez , ? telling those who have signed consents that she “will allow ONE CHANGE to the agreement ” excuse me bitch, but it is not up to YOU ! Wow Ridenour sure picks some winners doesn’t she .?

      3. Every story be told should remain anonymous . Which means not one person. Break with one nurse who knows to well how the board retaliates and lose best supporter. Beware of fake friends . Too many sneaks out there , and actors .
        Remember Amanda wrote on her Fb “i have to go to the BON and get spanked today” and Valerie Smith was stalking her all over the place , the BON retaliated big time.
        They even contacted her college professor .
        Problem with that is the profs college is regulated by the BON so they are going to whore themselves out just the President of the board is doing , and has done in the past.

      4. Hopefully everyone gets together and says enough of this dirty board. Nurses demand the unclean hands get washed . fired, escorted out of the building . Where the hell is the DOJ in all of this ? Another worthless agency , not doing their job.

      5. It looks like not only incompetent McCormies needs to return to school to learn and take a refresher course , work bedside 12 hours taking a team of patients . but another BON member Mekoba-Hill , stating ‘she violated the 5 rights of medication administration. ” Hate to tell you Bd member , President of the AZ BON , both said this ignorant comment. There are up to NINE , medication checks , and reasons . also Hill THIS would be Best practice , since you seem to be stuck on everything being ‘best practice” . By saying this we know you stuck you head in a book , and learned nothing but how to say ‘best practice'” . Best practice is mgt pulling that chair out of their butts and working bedside ICU at least 4 times a month or your out dated. And dangerous as MCCormies.

      6. Gullible is what the nursing board agency is made up of ! Very gullible , they are used to it . When some nut job thinks they are super spiritual bishop from east coast a con man who put a stone in a hat and wrote a book, well you’ll believe anything ! And that special under garments will protect you . This is why CIA wanted these kult kreeps , they will do what they are told without question . That is what they want on the bon . “what we need you to do is vote on this to get it passed,” immediate Motion from obedient non thinkers and gets passed , what ever they want , never hear any objections just gullible yes yes stupid women .

      7. az republic story on the need for nurses in AZ . one of the places with the biggest shortages.. WE know why . Many travelers will not work in AZ due to the corrupt board of nursing.
        Too bad more nurses don’t get involved that have been burnt. They just want to separate away from them. Fight for yourself like you did for your patients.

  3. Maybe someone on here knows. My friend and I were talking, and ya know just hashing this around not sure but so many things point to this , can’t help but notice. Does anyone think that JOKEY Ridenour is a lesbian ? Who calls themselves JOEY ? Seriously , she sure had a lot around her and close to her . We all know it doesn’t matter if one is married or not .<Ed Smart got married to a man to lead his true life ,Eliz Smarts father , he knew he was gay and guess who told him to marry a woman and have lots of babies ? (they are mormons or he was) It sure was not something 60 years ago, when she was a teenager, she would tell anyone or even now . Don't bother us if she is or not but when you look at her choice of those close to her ,like in associate directors , and you don't get promoted in hollywood , unless your putting out for someone. ….. well just a thought , she may be the DIKE, and explains why she is so mean . NO offense to our friends who have come out and proud of who they are, but it is a life time of being different in her era .

      1. Valerie Smith is not an atty , she is just another low life who will sell their soul for money. She had a desk and computer , did nothing in nursing . She worked at County , Jokey was the DON, and could see that this person would do anything for mgt , anything . Report others . Cindy Mand too, burn unit . Lots of game players. Dawn. Slick willy. She Jokey brought her Judy B , with her , a gang of nurses she took to help her run the BON. But jokey never did run it, she let them run it , do what ever they wanted . While collecting money as Dir. Smith ‘retired ‘ like 3 times , go back for 5 yrs get another retirement , she living with one of the investigators in Tucson , another one you wouldn’t think would be a tongue and groove type. When you quit fighting they win , and the corruption is not exposed.

      2. Funny money hungry ponzi scheme mormon , screwed his mormon cult friends , and now they are trying to get that money from the LD$ tithing . LAUGHABLE to say the least. Using their tight connections and trust to fk over another garment wearing brain washed moron. Yup Brother Rust , heading to prison . Good luck getting that money back from those creeps. The same tight bond is evident with the BON members OBVIOUS which ones are the sister wives, quirky , just not normal any of them .

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