Riding W/ Hell’s Angels

to; RCobb R D5
Not a complaint that is ever to be expected to be at the vanguard of justice as most nurses in Az know that the injustice now found via the AZBN is already governed, on paper, by laws you write. We are a group of nurses who’ve now gone unmentioned but want you to know that those bills of regulartory change are useless as the AZBN and the the Attny General’s office and the Adm law Court and the oversight law bd and the ombudsmen are a farce and do what ever Ridenour and Beth A, Campbell tell them to do. The monster of their acts of illegal events against nurses is wide spread and gets laughed at in the legal theater you roam around in. I am not of the agenda of some of my colleagues whose goal is to create more laws of reducing the out of control behavior well established by this Bd. Although appreciate their work & passion for justice. You got a wonderful array of well written laws covering nursing, but are useless as the Bd ignores them thus creating a large dose of documentation expanding now in academia which helps define the whys of those now never ending horror covid stories. My goal is to get all I have with names and dates of those actions that are criminal against nurses and make it a part of permanent nursing history at an ,edu site. Although theres lots of info about this corruptness already, it needs to be easily accessed 25 yrs from now. And .edu can do this. Its that Brandeis state of mind when the general public is aware its their opinion that lasts. Experienced nurses are being needlessly lost by illegal acts by AAg and Bd of about 1500/yr. Not possible? Its happening. Thanks for what you do. Even though it is useless. Peary Brown