With the present trying times and the govn…”Their all guilty…so make them look that way.” JRidenour…former bd member

With the present trying times and the govn, now tagging conservative citizens ‘Truth creates violence’, the desire to work for AZBN as a member; I wouldnt walk across a Phoenix street unarmed. I really and seriously would not!

16 thoughts on “With the present trying times and the govn…”Their all guilty…so make them look that way.” JRidenour…former bd member

  1. Over the years a number of nurses who got caught by the traps set by the az bon , have mentioned several agencies or organizations they contacted in attempt to get some kind of help when the az bon will write blanks checks to prevail over a lone drowning in a pile of legal paperwork nurse . Don’t remember all of the ones they contacted who could have done something if they wanted to or took the time to take an interest but instead just took up their time. There are a few state agencies that have a duty to investigate but instead play the pass the buck song and dance. A column of those who turned out to be worthless would be very fitting to post the names of those who could have done the right thing but instead collect a paycheck and could care less . We will start :
    Community Legal Services inc. Managing atty AMANDA CALDWELL –
    (her business card says ‘EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL” )
    We have a nice plague for her desk “lies and excuses ” .
    She had the resources to do something , refer, do something , but instead was nothing but a waste of time.

      1. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how FOS Emma Mamaluy is . A case with Embry health , EM says “we’ll let the people from Embry speak since they are here” . OMG funny , what kind of a reason is that ? crazy . But Ms Atwood waited 3 hrs to speak and left. why didn’t she speak “Cause she was there ” . NUTS ! Then , if anyone knows Mumbully she says “we need guidance from the board” . OMG F G NO KIDDING she said, that !!!! hahahah too funny . The BON members know or should know that she rigs all the cases behind the scene , and tells them what to say. Pretending to get any input from the board is hysterical !!! They are the dumbest bunch of sheep baaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. two ‘professional board members , been on several boards , and know they are SECONDERS, any motion one of the bon members says SECOND IT . Ellis and Lockinar . hacks . They have been prompted , and are reading what MUMBULLY down loaded with Elizabeth Campbells ASSistance, and the bd members just read the crap out load . Yea say it again mamluBULLSH*Ter “we are looking for guidance from the board. You got to be a complete idiot to believe a word !!! poor Embry people think this whole thing has ANY fairness to it . SAD !!!

      2. So much nonsense with this board, feel it all coming to a head !! Oh yes, When the A G Numchunk Smarkie gets a DIVERSION AGREEMENT by the BAR , and has to do certain things. Cited . Hello ! When enough people start to figure out what’s really going on. ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL (the “a” is for ASSHOLE ) , or should we say “Beth”? Can we call you “BETH”? falling apart your dirty gig , Unraveling .

      3. UH Kyra Locnikar picture is on google with Ducey . Some people would hang around in skank to get a donation to political funds . Post the picture here if you can , Both fake people.

      4. Sad day for Arizona nurses . Board meeting for Jan election of officers. About 3 -4 new people , were all told Carolyn McCormies has been on the board, and do what she she suggests , the top 3 positions and top 4 listed are all mormons . Typical dirty mormons biased, take care of another mormon. Motion for McCORNEY (run that mouth , so it is basically a one person , who is judging every case , and the rest of the stupid sheep women going along ) A couple of board squatters who have been on many agencies , and why do they do this ? Like K Busby who was arrested how many times? a pay back! They are there to make it look all legal a quorum. Quorum or el quida . McCormies knows the corruption . The rest are clueless. Absolutely clueless . They think they are fair impartial . So you got mcNUT JOB , and her bff “angie my gal ” . Angie is a dirty board member too . willing to give a break to friends while she is willing to read what Mamaluy doctored up and downloaded into the computer , WOW how much thought process does that take !? Then Boyer , who is ‘secretary again. ”
        Do any of these puppets have any idea that being on the BON is a black mark on their record ? Of course they seem to think it is an honor . “Congratulations Ellis on being appointed to the Board of Nursing ” . (IS THIS some kind of thing anyone with any sense would think was something to be CONGRATULATED FOR ???? Scary !

      5. numnuts won’t win any election , he’ll be out in the primary . Guess that incompetent Elizabeth Campbell learned her sloppy tricks from the top , and you know shit rolls down hill . And to think “BETH” CAMPBELL trained Sunita , scary all of it !!!
        “”Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s opinion that Arizona is being invaded at the southern border and has a constitutional right to self-defense is stunningly sloppy.

        The document is as much a political statement as a legal analysis. It places a harsh spotlight on the unseemly fusion that has occurred between Brnovich’s Attorney General’s Office and his U.S. Senate campaign.

        At issue are two provisions of the federal Constitution. Article IV, section 4 says that: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion.”

        Even if what is occurring at the border is regarded as an invasion, and even if the conclusion is reached that the federal government has failed in its obligation to protect Arizona against the invasion, there is nothing in this provision that authorizes the state to take action in its stead.

        That supposedly comes from Article 1, section 10. That says, in relevant part: “No state shall, without the Consent of Congress … engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”””

    1. These board members are so crazy , at least the “this is carolin McCormies president of the board’ someone said , ‘i have the phone number ” she jumps down their throats, yells, goes biserk, and acts like one of board members or people who work there phone numbers are top secret , like WHO THE FUK WOULD WANT TO CALL ANY ONE OF THEM !!!! No kidding, she’s like a paranoid weirdo . guess if you went for the jugular on every case , you should be looking over your shoulder. (this person always wants the worst for the cases , she is so nauseating , comes across like “little miss perfect” ‘little miss honest” ,when she got a lot of baggage ,lies her big head off . (have you seen her ??? twin to LURCH on monster family .

      1. Too funny ! seen the ‘father ‘ the deep deep set eyes and wide forehead , a distinct look but LURCH who was in the monsters “adams Family ” is right on . Some weird stuff going on in Safford too, JORDEN SIMMS , sure looks like she was killed after reporting sexual assault by deputies . (lurch jr husband works as deputy) and this is not the first female life to be ended by the ‘mob of temple trash in Pinal County . They can certainly falsify investigative reports just like the bored of nursing (to entertain themselves)

  2. Hey hey Was there long enough to hear that ditz president say , we can put Emma Mamaluy on tomorrow , then , not kidding folks , serious as a heart beat she said ‘I LOVE TO HEAR EMMA’S VOICE , I REALLY DO LOVE TO HEAR HER VOICE”. Little over the top , guess we got more pussy bumpers than we thought at the bd office.
    Glad I was there with my BF , or rumors would start . damn that was weird but so is she ! both she’s , if that is what they are !

    1. only McNUTTY would love that voice , of another moron who can’t even speak full sentences . Lots of babble talk . Chopped thoughts, mentally it is a diagnosis of those with spaced out mind thought control. mostly a few words that do not mesh with anything else, like hints without foundation .
      And if ANYONE thinks another atty complimenting mumabubblebutt bears ANY TRUTH , other than sucking up, to get her to bend her wicked ways, they are gullible !
      One of those is JOKE Ridenour .

      1. McCormies , Mcnutty McCorney , another one runs with the mouth like dirreahea spewing out the other end. blah blah BS blah .BS
        Saying she loves ….. desperate , she lost one life line , and now can’t function losing another . think about it ……. sucked up to ‘dr don ‘ for years . must be exhausting , having a new one to suck up to . Andrea appears to be a very gullible , believe anything anyone tells her , time will tell , certainly over her head . It may take her time to wake up appears slow , not exactly a self thinker .

  3. Capitol Times but the legislature will vote to continue this out of control hugely corrupt board. Write them and ask why are they doing what they do ? Self Serving , like the Bon members?
    Nursing board’s slow pace danger to public. WHAT IS THE AZNA DOING ABOUT THIS???? Or turn a blind eye and stand by the corruption. What a waste of money !

    By: Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services September 22, 2021

    a person holding a pen The State Board of Nursing is slow in handling complaints, according to a new state report, a practice it says that could endanger public safety.

    Auditor General Lindsey Perry said the policy of the board, which oversees everything from advanced practice registered nurses to certified nursing assistants, says complaint investigations should be completed within an overall average of 180 days from receipt.

    But Perry said of the 25 randomly selected closed complaints the board received in fiscal year 2020, 12 were not finished within that time frame. And of those, four were serious enough to result in nurses surrendering their licenses, two led to consent agreements involving probation and one ended with a letter of censure.

    Auditors also looked at 10 open complaints and found none resolved within that 180-day time frame.

    “Untimely complaint resolution may negatively impact patient safety when delays allow licensees and certificate holders alleged to have violated board statutes and rules to continue to practice while under investigation even though they may be unfit to do so,” Perry wrote.

    She specifically cited one complaint that alleged the nurse failed to recognize and manage postpartum complications, including hemorrhaging. The result was a delay in getting the patient to a higher level of care.

    That ultimately resulted in suspension of the nurse’s license until she completed required continuing education care, followed by a 24-month probation.
    Lindsey Perry

    Lindsey Perry

    “Despite this action, the board took 301 days to resolve this complaint, during which time the nurse continued to practice without restriction,” the report states.

    Perry said the board said the investigation was delayed because the allegations required an investigator with specialized knowledge, but that the board’s investigator with this knowledge was on extended personal leave for longer than anticipated.

    The auditor general noted, however, this isn’t the first time her agency has seen this problem.

    As far back as 2001 auditors concluded the board had “excessive investigation time frames and many open investigations.” She said the board implemented some recommendations made at that time.

    Yet a decade later Perry said more than half the complaints still were taking more than 180 days to resolve. That, she said, resulted in the nursing board implementing new policies with that 180 goal, including some interim deadlines.

    Yet the new report shows problems still exist.

    In a formal response, Joey Ridenour, the board’s executive director, said she agrees with the findings of the report.

    One issue the board cited is an increase in the number of both complaints and licensure investigations opened each year, with the figure more than doubling between 2011 and 2021. And the number of people holding licenses increased by 20%, to 130,690 in 2021.

    The result was that the average caseload was 87 per investigator. That compares with what the board believes would be the ideal number of 60, a number that would allow resolution within that 180-day deadline.

    What may help is that the board did seek – and the Legislature granted – an additional 3.5 investigative positions for the current fiscal year.

    Perry said her staffers also found that the board and its staff were not good in responding to inquiries from the public.

    The staff placed three anonymous phone calls to board offices earlier this year, requesting information about licensees with varying disciplinary histories. And in all three cases, the board “provided some accurate information about the licensees.”

    But Perry said the board provided “insufficient information.”

    In two of the cases, she said the board staff did not disclose that both nurses had a dismissed complaint or inform the callers that the board could provide general information about the nurse, such as license status and any nondisciplinary actions.

    Perry said the board did refer the callers to Nursys, a national database used to verify the licensure, discipline and practice privilege for nurses for states that participate. But state law prohibits the board from including dismissed complaints on that website.

    In all three cases, Perry said board staffers referred people to Nursys when callers asked how they can obtain additional information about specific licensees. But here too, she said, they did not tell the callers that the system doesn’t include things like dismissed complaints or nondisciplinary actions.

    Perry said that while the audit was pending, the board developed new policies and procedures to address the issues.

  4. PAUL BOYER IS A MORON ! Teachers from all over the state are coming to speak for the children. He made a decision to only allow 5 . IF THEY SHOW UP AND TRAVEL EVERYONE OF THEM SHOULD BE HEARD !!!
    (Boyer;s wife ELIZABETH is struggling on the BON after a couple of years she just does NOT catch on. Makes stupid statements then says “i don’t know, what do you think”? She may as well say “what do you think I should think ?” Dumb blonde for sure ! . Damn she is dumb ! She even ordered a psych eval on a women who has admitted a problem and been in treatment for years !!! BOYER hasn’t a clue WTF she is doing . The rest had to tell her , “hey dummy , a psych eval is to see if their is a problem . although aZ is over the top ordering them . Boyer doesn’t even question it neither does Hill, just keeps reading the BULLSHIT that Don Campbell and Mamaluy downloaded. {PUPPETS , ) only one questioned what was in the computer to down load. ONLY one. a THINKER on the BOARD ! A new NP , !
    Here is what teachers think of Paul Puke .
    {25-30 parents & teachers from around the state are here to testify against #SB1657 voucher expansion, but Chairman Boyer is only allowing 5 ppl to speak. This is anti-democracy, anti-parent & anti-educator }
    (Boyer’s brethren got millions remember with the charters schools. MILLIONS stole from children , and then lookie who owns these charters. )
    The good news is , boyer is not running again , T Y JESUS ! got his money , and helped another brethren, he can get his island of women in the after life.

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