24 thoughts on “The truth will cause them to fear you

  1. Fear you and do everything they can to spread misinformation to everyone they can . Shameful ! Are people that stupid that they don’t think it is the bon nasty nurses who write the statement put out there . Are members of the AZNA that stupid to read a biased statement , and one that is not true, biased, and illegal and believe it ? Appealing it and another crooked judge siding with another state agency (BD) makes them right ??? Really that stupid ? Even nurses who agree that the BON lies, and investigative reports are full of untrue statements, will read what the board wrote , NOT the judges , but what the BON staff wrote , making all of their lying witnesses ‘credible ” . Shameful those who do not know the process and are ignorant making silly statements. But really SHAMEFUL to those who do know that the BON is corrupt, but yet read ones case based on biased misinformation and outright lies. You make a horrible nurse if this is how you operate . Until you have heard both sides , from the horse’s mouth you cannot make an informed decision. Stop the abuse of nurses. It can happen to YOU.

  2. First case of COVID hit US on January 20th, 2020.
    The president at the time was Donald J. Trump.
    The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was Anthony Fauci.
    The highest daily COVID cases hit was 300,000 on January 8th of 2021.
    The last 5 days the lowest cases we’ve had in a single day was 704,000 and the highest has been 1,018,000.
    That’s more than 3x of cases during Trump.
    The current President is Joe Biden.
    The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases STILL IS Anthony Fauci.
    The only leader that’s been there during the entire pandemic for both administrations has been Anthony Fauci.
    It’s either time to impeach Fauci or hold his foot to the fire. EARN your job by having to make your case in front of opposing doctors who disagree with your handling of COVID.
    In corporate America he would’ve been fired a long time ago.
    Working for the government is more forgiving. It’s time for the government to step in and replace him with a new younger face that’s willing to work with both sides of the isle (DOCTORS/SCIENTISTS) and look for solutions.
    Something has to change.
    This is EXCEPTIONAL TRUE of the Board of Nursing . The situation with nurses has only gotten worse, the back log of cases, the revolving door of investigators , that are introduced to the job from those already there . They are so afraid of someone getting in that isn’t tainted in the thought process .

  3. Something very odd , wanting to make changes to the corrupt board of nursing of arizona , which is because they know the scam , dirty ways of the board. But do not show up for a meeting with law makers that can make a difference . VERY ODD .
    No one needs any prep time to tell them what you know now . Odd isn’t the word. Think about it , what’s really going on here .
    Some very critical thinking , board members are gullible , dumb and being used , who wants to be like THEM !

    1. well well Jokey Ridenour must have got tired of doing any kind of ‘work” and offered something really lucrative to “DR DON” you know the one who’s spot was VACANT ,Janeen Dahn and is now back on there . ??? Did Jokey get turned down by Valerie Smith(another he/she) to come back. ?? We KNOW she can’t just let anyone in there , that knows the real tricks of the tramps , so best to beg Dr Don to come back. Very strange set of circumstances to say the least. !!!
      Joke Ridenour telling the law makers that she was doing the work of THREE ( ROLL ON THE FLOOR LAUGH OUT LOUD
      Lets’ see who Jokey got to contact her to come back. “take a vacation Dr Don, and rest up you’ll rethink your decision , by then , have your GF rub your chest with vicks and get your hair curled , there there , now , found out too much for one person to handle and I like to read peary brown site all day so someone better do what ever work needs to be done and it wont be me !

      1. lots of comments on the loser ASSociate dir . It appears that she is back that the Board of Nursing. Looking at a few meeting since Carrie SMITH was there , a new person is taking her job seriously . Although we love Carrie for her comments about the board. She did not find the mistakes or correct them. Possibly why JOKEY sent her on a paid vacation . Be with her hick kin over the holidays. She’s back because she found out no one will hire her with her past of a PAY OUT LAWSUIT ! And can’t get malpractice insurance ! This is the type Joke Ridenour hires those she has dirt on .

  4. It would be worth it to go to the law makers to hear jokey lie about the time tables on the investigations ! “average 7 months ! ” . ANd to hear JOKEY RIDENOUR tell the law makers that SHE is doing the work of the ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS . that no longer work there . Let’s see Janeen “DOCTER DON”, CINDY MAND , from County , and Robert all ASSociates , gone . When things go south the rats start jumping ship. What happened to Dawna Cato , wanted to be pres AZNA but send the lobbyist who was ON THE BON , so you know what she will say ! The connections are amazing !

  5. We all know the slogan LET”S GO BRANDON which has a meaning , {{— “Let’s Go Brandon” is a political slogan that has been widely used as a minced oath for “Fuck Joe Biden” in reference to Joe Biden”” A slogan of “LEt’S Go BRANDY JO” meaning Fuk JO RIDENOUR , can really catch on . “If your tired of the board of nursing abuse of power “LETS GO BRANDY JO !!” IF your tired of lies being printed on the www “LET”S GO BRANDY JO ” If your tired of the AZ BON run by a corrupt Director “LET”S GO BRANDY JO !” IF your tired of dirty board destroying good nurses careers “LET”S GO BRANDY JO” . Get fired up , this is the year ! LET”S GO !! Dump JO !

      1. July or Jan , geez guess it will be a S L O W movement . Not hard to talk about the problems if you know what they are . and if you don’t why start a new idea .
        Mark you calendar for 4/12 NCSBN (bon member sent this) and I like the comment “”it is on WACKER DRIVE , totally appropriate for a wacked out group of ‘regulators ” Or Radical Rude Raging Ruthless types like (CAROLYN MCCORMIES) . (HAHA She nailed it !! )

  6. Be interesting to see if the hot air crowd actually acts . great place to pick up new victims . Unless they are one of the very rare chosen ones , that get a slap on the nursing cap.
    Students clueless , and their professors are not going to say chit . Knowing how this corrupt board retaliates.

  7. For those of you who think the board of nursing has a public discussion and then comes up with a ‘result” for the nurse . Think again. The ‘investigator ” who may or may not be a nurse , or have any special talents to investigate cases, but in trained in witch hunting 101 . then the back room legal beagles and the ASSociate directors download what they want the ‘parrot ” board member to read out loud . For the first time in 10 years ONE BOARD MEMBER said, ‘these options are not appropriate and they did not download the right decision . WOW !!! A board member who speaks up , is not acting like a puppet and a “WHO CARES attitude ” . CAROLYN SPEARS . (Question authority and do not go along with what they think they can defend in court . ) Board members that have been on long enough to stop McCormies and her jaded ways, but do not speak , have NO RESPECT AT ALL . Those who are partners in crime with miss gotta have her way ” ANGELA FOUNTAIN ELIZABETH BOYER (puppets on a string and Mccormies is working the strings.
    GOOD FOR YOU CAROLYN SPEARS , tell them like it is , your not there to not read the paper work , just vote how morons did . Every case should have DISMISS as an option and as #1 ,not what Those not on the board want .


  9. It’s like running a code , when the rest of the team is killing the patient and do not know what is going on and the only one who is starting to catch on first is the patient.
    Lead , follow , do something or get the hell out of the way .
    Remember that crazy one Elizabeth Campbell , ? A nurse told me she said in court , that she could not find a job on probation and Campbell crud , said “no one is guaranteed a job ?” IS she from another planet? Are nurses guaranteed not to have a lying prosecutor?? What a weird ONEEEEEEEE Damn this board and the maggots they attract are so OUT THERE NUTS !

    1. Excellent ! I hear ya sista ! Shit or get off the thrown .
      Lead, follow, do something !
      the ones who are loudest at the actual innocent victims.

      1. You Mr. Brown have seen the light! Glad you caught on. The anger and insults do nothing. One must join the NNAA “pack” they are leading the way. Good ideas and plans take time. Remember patients IS A virtue. If one continues to spew then eventually they will erupt and it’s their health that will dearly pay.

      2. Psychologist with pen and paper to Fauci who is laying on the psychs couch , “and are these variants you speak of ; are they in the room with us now ??””
        a delusional figment . voices talking bad sh*t . nonsense . Is the team approach to watch for anyone who is working the same goal to bash those who use their own minds and don’t stall around .

  10. Oh they should fear….we all have our truths. They have all acted immoral, unethical, blatantly violated civil and due process rights, morphed stories from lies, coached witnesses into saying horrible, untrue lies about us even if it perjury. We have had tainted psych evals full of errors and omissions. Who pays for a substance abuse eval that mentions not one word of board ordered hair follicle test results, mentions no history of drug abuse or use, fails to mention never in legal or professional trouble with any substances, the fact the nurse doesn’t drink, smoke gamble, even no coffee…then recommends intensive out patient rehab, random drug testing 3x a week na meetings for nurse legally using state approved, certified medical cannabis for diabetic neuropathy? What board labels this practicing while impaired and suspends license in name of public safety? No history of legal or professional trouble ever over a 30 year career? Governor says civil rights violated get attorney but doesn’t realize no license no work no ability to earn. Crooked ombudsman who says oh everything was done right. These people may have zero integrity, zero conscience and lack moral compasses, but God knows all, sees all, and has your back. What they meant for evil and to harm you, He will prosper you for His glory..Amen ! And if any of these jezebel possessed people think they are seen in any measure of favor by God, I can only pray for their souls if they don’t repent, seek forgiveness and correct the wrongs they’ve done to others..Amen..God bless all the azbon victims..you are all in my daily prayers forever. Forgive them as this is for your peace only nothing for them.
    Love you all and God’s peace to all of you !
    Yeah, we all have our truths and rightfully they should fear.

    1. ARS 32-1263.02 New laws can not find anywhere in AZBN siteThe board shall not act on its own motion or on a complaint received by the board if the allegation of unprofessional conduct, unethical conduct or any other violation of this chapter against a professional who holds an Arizona license or certificate occurred more than six four years before the complaint is received by the board. The six‑year four‑year time limitation does not apply to:

      1. Medical malpractice settlements or judgments or allegations of sexual misconduct or if such incident or occurrence involved a felony, diversion oF a controlled substance or impairment while practicing by the licensee or certificate holder

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