National Nursing Advocacy Alliance

It’s fairly common for nurse advocacy organizations to promote patient quality care as their primary mission stated is often related directly to patient issues of care. A nurse in today’s market place can get into political hot water for being Dudley DoRight as often enough financial anchors keep bad health practices from floating to the surface of view. It’s that hot water NNAA wants to put under the big light and protect nurses from being abused for being good nurses. This helps the nurse to do a better job for patients. This organization will grow extensively in the near future.


4 thoughts on “National Nursing Advocacy Alliance

  1. Advocacy is needed! Nurses who are asymptomatic, COVID + are now being asked to go back to work in California! Nurses (licensed or not) must ban together to change this toxic environment! NNAA has given us this platform. Thanks for the post, it is very accurate!

      1. The staffing was 3:98 , DON sitting at home (joke ridenour was a dirty don) . YOU can bet the 3 will get blamed . And licenses acted on. Boards are not going after mgt.

        2 found dead at understaffed Thomasville nursing home during winter storm
        Police said just three staff members were caring for 98 residents at Pine Ridge Health & Rehabilitation Center when officers got there Sunday night.

        Does anyone think they got all the right meds , hs care, oral care ? or instead a grave.

      2. Hard to sit on the sidelines and watch your case get stale .
        miss talk committee , allow sb1234 get passed w/o objection, big election political year, you have candidates ears . Nursing shortage , hospitals headlines and ,micro manage , been here done that , or LET”S GO BRANDON . LETS” GO BRADY JO . AkA JO rid-of-her , fire the corrupt head of the snake .
        one who gives up names if U , duct tape time .
        LET”S GO BRANDY JO !!!!

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