So if you get all vaxs that are…

So if you get all vaxs that are trumpted, as most are…preventative rx..,become ill and perhaps die; it doesnt matter. If your child gets cardiac damages this doesn’t matter either.

16 thoughts on “So if you get all vaxs that are…

  1. Hilary Clinton wearing a nursing cap and hair do like Nurse Ratched , is seen walking into Ghislaine Maxwell’s prison cell with a syringe ; ” I got your booster shot Ghislaine ” . Not so far fetched , but just Jeffrey Epstein death; no one is sitting in prison for it. Everyone knows what happened and is ok with it . Just like the agencies above, the head of agencies , they do similar damage , everyone knows it but no one seems to care. UNTIL it affects them , that is 2022 goal . Bring the state salary tit suckers front and center , big spot light on them . Not only their wrong doings but doing what they are not suppose to do . The bigger they are the harder they fall and the bigger the headlines.

      1. Anyone read about that former Dir of Prisons in AZ? Just as predicted, they retire and start reflecting on all of their dirty work. The harsh , punitive, and illegal ways they did to good nurses and start thinking about things as they are on the down side of life and what will really happen at the pearly gaits . This is a New Year’s resolution to Joke Ridenour Dir of BON agency , to happen to her before she bows out or right after . Any New Year predictions !

      2. Pinal County Arizona is illegally using their criminal courts to COVER UP for their Government Corruption and their federal crimes committed by their Government Workers criminally violating Citizens of Pinal County
        Pinal County DA, Kent Volkmer, and his Prosecutors are liars and frauds who are intentionally filing fake and false criminal charges against innocent people who are VICTIMS to their corruption and their Federal Crimes committed by their Government Workers which includes Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb and his cesspool of corrupt lying Deputies.
        Wrongful incarcerations are going on in ARIZONA to cover up for their Government Corruption and to extort MONEY out of their Victims….
        Arizona Government Workers along with their Government Contractors ALL stick together to COVER UP for their Government Corruption and horrific federal crimes committed by Pinal County Sheriff and his cesspool of corrupt sneaky lying Deputies who are dangerous violent criminals.
        This is a fact.

      3. Ok this Director of Federal prisons is in hot water , lots of cases pending . So he decides to up and quit ! Can nurses do this , ? Murder , sexual assault, just turn in your badge. Oh no , the greedy board wants a piece of your A55 first Nurses working in prisons , better be careful . blame game for sure . Any accusations will do , who cares . Just call the BON and Hurtado will put words into the complainers mouth . !! Yes she does ! Any agency that is run by the state are all on the ‘as jeff put it ” the tit of the state suckers . Federal Bureau of Prisons Director Michael Carvajal is resigning in the wake of highly publicized allegations against BOP staff, including murder and sexual abuse. His successor will inherit an agency rife with corruption and a detention system where COVID has devastated prisoners and staff.

        The BOP, an agency under the Department of Justice (DOJ), oversees a national system of prisons and detention centers for people accused of or convicted on federal charges. More than 135,000 people are currently in BOP custody. The Trump administration appointed Carvajal director in 2020, and President Biden retained him in the role.

        In November 2021, the Associated Press reported widespread arrests and convictions among BOP staff, which the agency often did not investigate. The allegations included murder, coerced sex, bribery and smuggling illicit drugs and guns into BOP facilities.

        Carvajal spent three decades in the agency. He will remain director until a successor is in place, the timeline for which is unclear.

        Under Carvajal, the BOP has also faced Congressional investigation and lawsuits over COVID precautions. To date, BOP has reported 275 prisoners and seven staff members who have died from COVID. Nearly 42,000 prisoners and nearly 8,900 staff members have tested positive and recovered.

        “People in prison are really reluctant to file grievances because of a fear they’ll suffer retaliation from prison staff.”

        “We’ve heard problems from day one from family members about widespread outbreaks, not being quarantined, not being isolated, not getting the proper sanitation materials that they needed,” Molly Gill, vice president of policy at Families Against Mandatory Minimums, told Filter. “People sleeping next to people who were very, very ill and just waiting to get ill themselves.”

        During the pandemic, prisoners in BOP facilities have faced severe overcrowding with little or no ability to isolate, medical requests ignored for months and retaliation for protesting.

        “Each prison facility is its own sort of fiefdom,” Gill said. “There’s not a lot of consistency across the system about how facilities are run. People in prison are really reluctant to file grievances because of a fear they’ll suffer retaliation from prison staff.”

        The BOP also has no dedicated independent watchdog agency. The DOJ’s Office of Inspector General (OIG DOJ) is responsible for investigating the BOP, but it’s also busy with other agencies like the FBI and the DEA.

        “What really needs to happen is independent oversight of this agency,” said Gill. A new entity needs to be established, with “the power to walk into a facility at any time and do an inspection.”

        “They are married to a culture that is corrupt and tainted and needs to be changed.”

        Kara Gotsch, deputy director at The Sentencing Project, noted the BOP has routinely failed to comply with investigations by both OIG DOJ and Congress, which also oversees it. The abuses didn’t start with Carvajal, and won’t end after he’s gone.

        “The BOP hires and promotes from within,” Gotsch told Filter. “Those are folks who literally grew up in that agency and have worked there almost their entire careers. That, to me, is part of the problem—they are married to a culture that is corrupt and tainted and needs to be changed.”

        She hopes that Carvajal’s successor will have a track records of improving conditions for prisoners. She identified the highest priority as reducing the prison population.

        “With legislation we can do a lot,” she said. “Ending mandatory minimums, capping sentences at 20 years, second look at 10 years—there are a lot of legislative opportunities that Congress absolutely could enact.”

      4. Need a star board for lawyers starting with Zero stars . (or syringes , what ever 0-shitty 1=could improve 2= would not recommend 3=middle of the road 4=better than nothing 5=worked my case, knew it well and was a fighter in court and said what needed to be said. (you get the idea) .
        Name , # of stars , recommend or not , not recommend and why .
        ( A Second nurse got a shitty deal from MIKE GOLDBERG . Ineffective , more like a socializer in court . ) More on this later ! And if Goldberg is interested he will get an answer. Hint :: You do not work FOR the board .
        BTW that one on here ELIZABETH CAMPBELL looks like a -0 LOSER !!!! LIAR!!! remember your tax dollars wasted on the witch .

      5. AZ Board had an audit , 2021 . the auditor general contacted the AZNA for concerns . A real joke for sure . Maybe when your group gets bigger , like it has been growing you will get the phone call . When you look at who is doing the audit at the AUDITOR GEN , don’t hold your breath ! Then AZNA sends in Kathy Busby . a lobbyist for the AZNA , no one thought her being on the BON was a conflict .

      6. Control freaks labeling those who have a right to be exposing this corrupt board , stay in your lane . “”Once Ridenour leaves a reform will appear. “” sounds like we’ll just sit by and wait and see when she decides to leave , instead of giving her the shove out the door . Getting those in power to ACT ! Ducey got rid of DOC dir, and border Dir home land security . California Gov fired the entire board . Now we’re talking clean house . ! Who’s contacting to get rid of JOKE Ridenour ?? Let the wind blow you which ever way and sit by and watch, is not being an advocate . Everyone is used to it, get screwed and do nothing about it . Loser attitudes for sure. what is the name of the strainer of posters ?

    1. Mgt are liars , this is why smart nurses get out , and smarter nurses won’t even apply or better yet think about nursing as a ‘career” . It is who can fool the newbies , who can lie the most .
      They are lying to you. Long term care advertises that they are hiring, but they don’t hire. As long as they say they are looking and no one is applying. Then they can’t get in trouble for being short staffed. They are following a manufacturing protocol called lean manufacturing run everything with less people you have more money. Also hospitals got PPE loans and they won’t have to be paid back if they are short staffed/

      I called the health department board on a Friday night . I was the only RN in the house down 2 LPN and 4 stna according to their formula. The sign they stick out front in the lobby to let family know how many workers are on duty. The health department came in at 4 am she got count residents to staff. Obviously short staffed. Nursing manager came in took her up to the office and it all was smoothed over. Nothing happened. Soon after I left I knew we all were being played.

      1. Right ?! First thing I thought of was JOKEY RIDENOUR , crooked old hag , director of the corrupt board of nursing . If she self inflicts , will they blame Bill? surely it will be a pill over dose , just save up what’s in the bottle , and take at once. Contact partner in crime Valerie Smith, she sat on her butt for years looking up drugs and alcohol . Rattled off stats she copied and impressed those too dumb to know she did not do any research or write anything constructive . Smith just had free rein to do what she wanted. Jokey directs NOTHING .
        Headlines , Police at former director of the Board of Nursing Paradise Valley home , ………..fill in your New Years Wish !!
        TEMPE, AZ — Former Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry Director Charles Ryan is expected to face criminal charges following an incident at a home in Tempe Thursday night.

        At approximately 9:30 p.m. Thursday, Tempe officers arrived at a home near Rural and Warner roads for reports of a possible self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to the Tempe Police Department.
        Authors note : Charles Ryan never rehabilitated anyone or let anyone out for reentry into society before their sentence was complete.
        Authors note : Jokey Ridenour , never protected the public from any nurse, it is all a big farce , big front to rake millions of taxpayers money with future predictions based on hyped up and false statements.

      2. Does this sound familiar ? HOPE all you pre nursing students are LISTENING !!! Research , do not shadow anyone in nursing , research how getting a license in AZ can ruin your entire life .
        Just a warning for all of you who may be on BON probation or are close to getting off soon…99.9% of places will not hire you even off probation. I had high hopes that once I finished that it wouldn’t be much of an issue. It is. Most won’t even look your way no matter how long it has been. There is no difference of being on probation as opposed to being off of probation. I’m working on an alternative career right now. It just irks me that a field that is supposed to be understanding and non- judgemental is one of the most judgemental fields when it comes to their own. Honestly, I regret ever choosing this career. Sorry for the rant.

  2. Shame on Mayo. Phoenix nurse fired from Mayo Clinic for being unvaccinated says process was unfair.{GUESS SHE HASN”T DEALTH WITH THIS CORRUPT , UNFAIR , UNETHICAL BOARD OF NURSING !!

    One of the most prestigious hospitals in the country is firing its employees if they are not vaccinated. The Mayo Clinic gave its employees until Monday to comply with its mandate and now some workers are out of a job.

    PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — One of the most prestigious hospitals in the country is firing its employees if they are not vaccinated. The Mayo Clinic gave its employees until Monday to comply with its mandate and now some workers are out of a job.

    Kaitlin Elcock has been a nurse for roughly three years and has been in the medical field for six years. On Monday, she was fired because she wasn’t vaccinated.

    “On Monday, Jan. 3, I worked my shift and was terminated after that, which was so surreal,” Elcock said.
    Mayo Clinic fires 700 unvaccinated employees, including in Arizona
    Mayo Clinic fires 700 unvaccinated employees, including in Arizona

    Mayo Clinic said that employees were required to comply with its mandatory COVID-19 vaccination program by the Jan. 3 deadline.

    Elcock was one of roughly 700 Mayo Clinic workers fired for failing to comply with the company’s vaccine mandate. “I worked really hard to get to where I was,” Elcock said.

    In July, the hospital announced the mandate. Since then, workers have been able to apply for religious or medical exemptions. Elcock said she did apply but was ultimately denied. “It is a personal decision and what’s best for us,” Elcock said.

    The Mayo Clinic says the roughly 700 workers let go make up 1% of its staff. “It was really weird saying goodbye to my patients and knowing I wasn’t going to come back,” Elcock said.

    Elcock said throughout the pandemic, she has been working in a COVID-19 unit at the Mayo Clinic. “This past Christmas, I worked, so I missed my son’s first Christmas. To then be terminated was really upsetting,” Elcock said.

    The hospital said the mandate is crucial to keeping everyone safe. “The whole process just doesn’t seem fair,” Elcock said.
    Phoenix area hospitals pause non-emergency surgeries

    In Elcock’s eyes, she hopes this doesn’t keep her from her passion. “I joined nursing because I genuinely love caring for people,” she said.

    The Mayo Clinic sent the following statement to Arizona’s Family on the firings.

    “Because employees are making a new decision to become vaccinated this week, we don’t have a final answer to your question. Overall, we don’t plan to break the numbers down for each of our sites. While it’s clear we don’t want to lose a single team member, we anticipate the number in Arizona not in compliance with our vaccine policy will be less than 1 percent of employees.”
    (SAME BULLSHIT THE CORRUPT BOARD OF NURSING PUTS OUT THERE !!! LOL!!! < ! % OF ALL NURSES GET DISCIPLINED , if your into gambling get a license and work in Arizona , it's a real CRAP shoot !

  3. Anyone look at the AZ BON page , under staff , hardly recognize the new names , lots of newbies but more importantly , both ASSociate Directors Janeen Dahn , Cindy Mand (gone , vacant ) the rats are jumping a sinking ship . 2 gone (recent) , is a start , plenty have left, clean house.

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