National Counsel State Boards Over Regulation

The best way to describe over regulation without the thesis state mind and endless content is addressing the massive imbalance of nurses this band of cohorts gobbles up in staffing numbers. Estimates of 17% of the 500,000 admin personell in health care are nurses involved with nursing regulation. Reading the history of the origin of THE NCSBN you can count on not finding any of us. A bazillion chiefs forever.

The importance in point of over regulation is establishing fabricated charges and the documentation defining the regulators greed and needs for justifying their success in the discipline of nurses. The creation of violations is imperialism of injustice; Many examples.

The night supervisor, registered nurse, needs access to the printer for an admission but password doesn’t work. The nurse is aware of other supervisors passwords and uses one to complete the admission. After a few days off the nurse learns of termination because of supposed HIPPA records violation. The facility notifys nursing board who issues a warning although zero notices as to Hippa violation. The application for az nursing never asks for board warnings so nurse never mentions it. Nurse works Az for over 3 years before getting compliant for failure to report disciplinary actions. The ill tempered board nurse never conceded the error of the app not ever listed warnings as a reportable event but actually said that the next time it was imperative to answer all the questions? This is not over yet, and began simply by accessing a printer and remains in the graduating mode to registering the warning with the NCSBN as a HIPPA violations. Do these buffoons have any knowledge of what they’re doing?? They do not and should be ignored at every opportunity The astronomical imbalance of those nurse numbers in regulation is drowning the understaffed clinical nurse staffing which in today’s world is another major reason causing nurse shortages everywhere. You can not buy a nurse today without bribering somebody. Sign over AZBN downtown Phoenix entrance, “Do not even think of confusing us with the facts in the real world of nursing, our minds are made up.”