National Counsel State Boards Over Regulation

The best way to describe over regulation without the thesis state mind and endless content is addressing the massive imbalance of nurses this band of cohorts gobbles up in staffing numbers. Estimates of 17% of the 500,000 admin personell in health care are nurses involved with nursing regulation. Reading the history of the origin of THE NCSBN you can count on not finding any of us. A bazillion chiefs forever.

The importance in point of over regulation is establishing fabricated charges and the documentation defining the regulators greed and needs for justifying their success in the discipline of nurses. The creation of violations is imperialism of injustice; Many examples.

The night supervisor, registered nurse, needs access to the printer for an admission but password doesn’t work. The nurse is aware of other supervisors passwords and uses one to complete the admission. After a few days off the nurse learns of termination because of supposed HIPPA records violation. The facility notifys nursing board who issues a warning although zero notices as to Hippa violation. The application for az nursing never asks for board warnings so nurse never mentions it. Nurse works Az for over 3 years before getting compliant for failure to report disciplinary actions. The ill tempered board nurse never conceded the error of the app not ever listed warnings as a reportable event but actually said that the next time it was imperative to answer all the questions? This is not over yet, and began simply by accessing a printer and remains in the graduating mode to registering the warning with the NCSBN as a HIPPA violations. Do these buffoons have any knowledge of what they’re doing?? They do not and should be ignored at every opportunity The astronomical imbalance of those nurse numbers in regulation is drowning the understaffed clinical nurse staffing which in today’s world is another major reason causing nurse shortages everywhere. You can not buy a nurse today without bribering somebody. Sign over AZBN downtown Phoenix entrance, “Do not even think of confusing us with the facts in the real world of nursing, our minds are made up.”


11 thoughts on “National Counsel State Boards Over Regulation

  1. If you ever watched NCSBN in video, or met one in person , you know they belong as guards in a death row prison somewhere . Just as callous as can be . No wonder the State board of nursing members following their barbaric ‘lead’ , and go along . UNLESS it ‘s not in their blood to be evil and do the nasty to others.

    1. Listened to my companion case and others involved Kingman AZ Out patient treatment center . Crazy , how the person on the board went on and one about consistent. in 2 of 3 cases the respondent nurse allowed to speak , many interruptions. Between lazy board members at home pouring coffee, washing dishes, hacking into the mic, the ones at the board throat clearing, snorting their snotty noses . Do JOKE Ridenour provide KLEENEX ??? for those pigs. ? From Boyer having to be told over and over and over , to speak into the mic, to those who cough loudly into the mics which sounds on purpose, because it is when the complainant or the nurse is trying to tell their side. What a bunch of rude pigs . Anyone taught them any manners at all . The Case with the Kingman Nurse Hopkins , McCormies wanted to give operating out of scope in the worst way . She got shot down , but argued over and over. Stating consistent , a big lie. Because the Rn got to not only speak over 30 mins but several times, when others are cut off and not allowed to add anything once the stupid board members who obviously have no clue what they are doing, and have no idea the laws, rule , or what goes on in the real world ! What a huge disappointment to be silenced , then companion cases come out differently , WEIRD real WEIRD !! One guy’s case from Winslow was FOUR YEARS OLD . These people need a real leader someone who can run an agency , and it sure isn’t who is now, or the assistant who had no real answers either just changed the subject. (just to let others know , who haven’t had this experience ! )

  2. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blkog that’s both educative and interesting, and without a
    doubt, you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is something that not enough men and women are speaking intelligentlyy about.
    Now i’m very happy I stumbled across this in my hunt for something
    concerning this.
    php patterns

    1. Got to watch what is posted , guess who gets paid salary and by the hour to read ? Lots of people know what’s up , just can’t trust them .
      think about it NO ONE on here trusts the board of nursing !
      Liars , about as bad as they can get. TY keep reading . PHP patterns .coming up .

    1. Mass exodus ,some people are able to separate the bs lies from the truth , and get out ! Just like nurses who can see a case and separate the bs from the truth . And see what they are really up to . I hope this man gives it to the people who really need it , and it sure isn’t to send a steady supply to the church to pay off politicians ! RESIGNING: Utah native Jeff T. Green, believed to be the wealthiest person from the Beehive State, pledged last month to give away 90% of his wealth. But the former LDS missionary and BYU graduate won’t be giving any of his money to the state’s largest nonprofit: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    2. What a messed up outfit this is . Just heard like 2 cases before mine , the girl in the front sobbing for the one telling her story. board members cold as ice , the only one worse was (you’re right) that Elizabeth Campbell , like a robot . Wearing full mental jacket . It is possible they don’t know how strange they are ? So abnormal ? I’m serious if anyone can shed some light on this .

    3. Young man Excellent work history , dedicated . A woman too tired to drive back for her shot to build her up , so he went to her . She was driving and pulled into a safe parking lot . Which it clearly says in the record. So why did the lying board members change it up verbally LISA SMITH : You can’t just go give meds ‘IN A TREE ” McCormies , back up liar ” OR UNDER A BRIDGE ” . Are they trying to be FUNNY ? This is fraud , making up their own agenda , making up stories , and extreme exaggeration , this may be a laughing matter to these two , cheap entertainment is what they really are . BTW this is NOT out of scope, McCormies is an idiot and thinks she knows law , she makes a fool of herself. What if the patient came back ? out of scope NO!!! There was an ORDER , and a ROUTE of administration , It did not specify location . Do these incompetent board members think when a nurse goes into a home that it is OUT OF SCOPE ?? The only violation , if policy was not scanning before admin. BUT then , you can bypass the scanner if it doesn’t work , or other situations Like this one. When are board members going to stop LYING . Ridiculing , and stop destroying a nurses career ?? Show me the pattern McCormies who has changed her constant line to “CONSISTENT ” . Still trying to ride that dead horse to the ground on “public safety ” .
      Legally : would the patient be better off with or without the medication is the question . As if this would ever happen again , and no harm was done . Stop ruining nurses careers .

  3. And right under that sign , should be written , “WHAT MINDS ?”
    can’t say enough how corrupt this crazy board is , and how different from other states . all over the place ! just all over the place, no direction, just some kook running that mouth . And the dummies doing what ever she tells them to do .

    1. Hey , haven’t seen any good posts on “RUG” CAMPBELL (AKA ELIZABETH CAMPBELL ) still laughing ! when you see her , well , “rug” comes to mind !
      Did she really think that nurses cannot do to her what she did to them . (NOW that part is funnier that the first part ! I do know the man who said it the first time, a bust a gut laugh over it ! Throw head back , snorting, tears running down face , feels good .

  4. AMAZING that Ducey can replace the entire board of massage therapy, but tells nurses , he has no authority to do anything about this out of control AZ BON ! (That he appointed !!! )
    The Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy took emergency action Monday to suspend the licenses of two massage therapists after allegations they sexually abused women during massages.

    The unanimous action means both therapists are prohibited from working as massage therapists while they await formal hearings before the state regulatory board on potential violations of state laws governing massage therapy.

    The licensing board, whose five members were all replaced in September with new ones by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey after an investigation by The Arizona Republic, took the action after reviewing complaints from two women at a meeting Monday.

    One woman alleged therapist Adrian Hernandez digitally penetrated her and touched her breasts. Another woman alleged therapist Charles Peck fondled her vagina toward the end of the massage.

    This is the third time in two months that the massage board has summarily suspended licenses following accusations of sexual abuse. In October, the board suspended the license of Flagstaff therapist Timothy A. Williams after allegations he failed to report a recent sexual abuse charge and falsified his application for a massage therapy license.

    The previous board rarely, if ever, used emergency suspension measures when dealing with complaints of sexual abuse. The measures are used when the board believes there is an imminent threat to health and safety.

    A Republic investigation published in September found that the massage board routinely gave many therapists second chances when they were accused of fondling or sexually abusing their clients. This puts customers in danger, and there is very little they can do to protect themselves. The governor replaced the board less than two weeks after the stories published, saying “it’s critical the State Board of Massage Therapy protects massage clients, especially those who are in a vulnerable position.”

    Current board member Myriah Mhoon, who was appointed following The Republic’s stories, called the allegations an emergency and something that cannot be tolerated.

    “We should be taking emergency action,” she said.

    Florida attorney Adam Horowitz, who is not involved in the Arizona cases but represents victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault, called the emergency actions a positive development for public safety.
    Florida attorney Adam Horowitz, who represents victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault, recommends women choose a female therapist for massages. Males account for the vast majority of sexual misconduct complaints, he said.

    “In the past, it took so long to get to a final hearing that massage therapists and other health care providers would continue to have access to patients for months or years even if the therapists had multiple complaints against them,” he said.

    Emergency suspensions strike a fair balance between public safety and due process, he said.

    This is the second time Hernandez has faced a sexual complaint before the massage board, according to a discipline database maintained by The Republic. Hernandez is accused of sexual misconduct and improper draping while working at a Massage Envy location in 2018.

    A female client accused Hernandez of placing his hand on her breast without explanation during a 2018 massage, which made her uncomfortable. The way he draped her leg made her feel exposed as well. The woman asked that he not work on her chest. But he did so anyway, stating during a hearing with the board that he had forgotten about her request.

    After the complaint, Hernandez was terminated from the Massage Envy. But he stated during the 2018 hearing he had started work at an Elements Massage. He also said he’d taken classes to improve his draping skills. The board issued him a nondisciplinary order, which included eight hours of communication education.

    On Monday, board members were told that Hernandez on Oct. 29 was accused of digitally penetrating the vagina of a woman, touching her breasts and making an inappropriate comment. He was working at an Elements Massage at the time, although the location was not disclosed in the public meeting. Board members were told that Hernandez admitted to digitally penetrating her.

    The client, identified at B.H., reported the incident to the Mesa Police Department, who investigated and has submitted the case to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for review.

    The woman told board members on Monday that she has been getting trauma therapy and is taking daily medications.

    “I am currently no longer working because I let my job know what was going on and I wasn’t given really any time off,” she said, her voice choked with emotion. “I did want the board to understand how much this has affected me, and I hope the appropriate actions are taken.”

    Hernandez, who was at the board meeting, said the information board members had before them on Monday was “up to date” and “true.” Later in the meeting, he said he was open to questions to clarify what happened, adding that he wanted to show how “I can be a great value to public safety and how I can continue to help people.”

    But board members had no further questions and moved forward with summarily suspending his massage license. A formal hearing on the allegations likely will take place in February.

    After Hernandez, the board dealt with allegations against therapist Charles Peck. A detective at the Southwest Family Advocacy Center made the board aware of a client, identified as B.H., who said she fell asleep on the massage table and awoke to find Peck’s hands between her legs “in a sexual way.”

    Peck told the board Monday the touch was accidental. He had been working the inside of the woman’s upper leg when he shifted too far to the left, and his hand contacted her vagina. He said the area was draped — which means covered with a sheet — at the time.

    “I feel very bad about this and immediately told her I was sorry,” he said.

    He said he had been seeing the client for massages for about five years.
    Massage board suspends licenses of 2 massage therapists after allegations of sexual abuse
    Federal investigation launched into monkey farm run by University of Washington
    Tempe to discuss ‘options’ for land where Arizona Coyotes propose new arena
    Ethics investigation of Brnovich could alter election laws in Arizona

    Board Chair Angela Reiter, a licensed massage therapist for nearly three decades, said she has never accidentally come into contact with someone’s genitals while massaging.

    “I personally don’t see how that’s possible as a massage therapist,” she said. “I’m not saying it’s impossible. But in my almost 30 years I’ve not had that.”

    She said massage therapists have to be aware of proper draping, especially when working in vulnerable areas.

    The board voted unanimously to summarily suspend Peck’s license. A formal hearing date has not been set.

    Williams, the Flagstaff therapist accused of failing to report a recent sexual abuse charge and falsifying his application for a massage therapy license, was scheduled to have a formal hearing before the board Monday.

    But the board postponed the hearing until Jan. 24 because Williams has been recovering from an illness.

    Reach the reporter at or 602-444-8072. Follow her on Twitter @anneryman.

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