The best parallels are the navy divers that…

The best parallels are the navy divers that had a great business raising sunken vessels, that is b/c they precisely knew what sank them.

3 thoughts on “The best parallels are the navy divers that…

  1. In case anyone does not know the board members , there is one , who is on staff at Banner (their king pin to getting their way with nurses , no matter how flimsy the accusation to mess them up ) . is ELIZABETH “BETH ” BOYER . A born and brain washed mormon . Why does that matter ? Because you cannot have that mind set when you are on a board making decisions about everyone !
    EX Mormon -votes most punitive choice
    Mormon- slap on the hand , IF IT GOES TO THE BOARD
    non mormon- they are considered not as “good’ as mormons , CNA RN throw the book at them NP let them slide , Banner uses them instead of Drs which is scary . saves money .
    I researched this , because in my matter this little bitch , said , “he gave his testimony” WHO the FUK talks like that ???? MORMONS . Keep your cult crap off of my case , out of the board of nursing, and go and get a shrink to clear out that stinkin thinkin , cause you cannot separate the two . Get off the Board, your stupid too , Dumb Boyer. ! Ducey did not one a favor by appointing this bimbo who is married to Paul Boyer , and loser at the Senate, like to be a turn coat just like all the other mormon’s . Flakey Romney. none of them can be trusted with the general population .
    “gave his testimony ” Kiss my non mormon ass bitch Boyer !! “He told his side of the story ” . (with many interruptions by rude cult creeps. )
    And case after mine , Dummie Boyer made a comment, then asked that other sickening mormon , “i don’t know , what do YOU think? ” Honestly , this woman who acts like a child is NOT qualified to be on a board that is making such important decisions . Undecided , just playing with peoples lives . Sad for AZ who is worse than Utah !

  2. We know what sinks nurses , not only loose lips and sinking ships, but a corrupted board. A board agency that will use anyone willing to be used . Infiltrate a group. They can’t do anything legally , they have tried over and over so , follow the way of the real sneaky . Send in an undercover. What better person is someone just like yourselves. except has a license. hmmmm . Get the groups focus on cowing down, focus them on accepting the bullsh*t the board flings , and move on . Be very careful, next thing you know watchdog will be dead, gone , disappear . power of suggestion. Never roll over on like minded. Quiet is all to beautiful , before the storm erupts . Silence is better yet before the deafening thunder clap.
    Just listen , to what the wild wind bag is promoting , is it the mission or a false front . Then ask , why are they really doing this , why now , what is the underlying current that is trying to sink this ship and what is it that will make it sink. Gullible writer , promise of false gifts, No one controls the navigation route or continue of its goal which has been so successful and education people as much as it has. To the point of getting attention , to a destroyer to murky the waters. We know how intelligent the captain is, and can put 2+2 together. Let them talk , answer nothing. A torpedo is about to be discharged. More than one, from all directions. You can see the minnows are desperate while the sharks are circling .

  3. So the “director” Mrs Hitler , the DICtator , aka Joke Ridenour , has made a decision to not put the nurses names in the AZ Nurse magazine. Hmmm. So Ok Carolyn (Consistent ) McCormies , is THIS CONSISTENT with what you have done in the past ??
    The names of those who had board complaints , mostly false accusations , names were put in the magazine many times over and over . Once when complaint went in , once when psych evaluation board ‘decision’ next when probation ordered, next when hearing scheduled , next when revoked . So you publicly and peer smeared names , but now J R , joke , takes that out . When ever this dirty dir makes a decision it is always the wrong one .
    Who are they protecting ? Certainly did not have a problem with it before . Guess we will have to focus on those nurses who they seem to be protecting and highlight their names . Like the “director from hell” did in the past . Take notes on how to be a narc . She’s got a big bag of ‘tricks’ .

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